Happy New Year! … and almost happy new hockey season!


L’Shana Tova to all our friends who celebrate the holiday!

In case you missed it, Yahoo.com’s Nick Cotsonika had an excellent story on Marc Staal’s recovery from that hideous eye injury yesterday. In it, Staal said he (and his new shield) will be ready to go from Day 1 this season. Unfortunately, for some reason, I am unable to link to it … you can easily find it, though.

I might actually get a chance to get to the rink today to see the boys skating there in unofficial workouts. Maybe. Camp begins in less than a week, next Wednesday.

The Traverse City prospects tournament begins today, and my understanding is that it will not be televised anywhere, or at least not around here.

The Rangers’ web site will NOT stream the tournament, but will cover it with stories and tweets, etc.

Photo by Scott Levy/Getty Images.


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  1. I saw that article on Staal, lots of people are saying he is a lock for the Canadian Olympic team. That is so awesome.

    I looked forward to watching that prospects tournament on-line at night… oh well. There is some hockey going on… that is good.

  2. I read that one too. Now I understand why he couldnt go in game 4, even though he looked OK in game 3. Will be good to see him back in full flight and hopefully logging 20+ minutes a night.

  3. Looks like you won’t be getting many Boneheads saying Hi this season Carp (quote from Zip):

    For those of you who stopped by the Garden press box in Section 126 to say hello during intermissions, forget that this season. The media is being moved to one of the two sky bridges overlooking the ice.

  4. Morning boys…can’t wait to get going here! Although it’s hard to wait, at least we know WHEN the season will start this year.

  5. Czechthemout!!! on

    Hockey’s back!!! Well sort of, and so am I.


    Thanks for the holiday wishes.

    First question for you this morning is, do you think the players are tuning out AV already? ;)

  6. According to what i read Traverse will not be on any network, not be streamed online and only offical NYR highlights and recaps will be available. So other than a few seconds of goal clips we won’t have much of a clue about any of the youngsters. More waiting for hockey!!

  7. MSG televised the Traverse City tournament a few years back. I watched every game. found it slow and boring. the highlights will be fine for me.

  8. @wyshynski

    Just wanted to reiterate that the guy Calgary is about to hire is the guy who wanted to fight the Oilers president in a barn. #ILoveHockey


  9. Czechthemout!!! on


    Was it Andy Cohen that Avery brought to the lockeroom along with mom that actually set Torts off?

    You can tell us.

  10. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    AV should be cautious when dealing with Staal. Marc said himself that the eye will never be as it was. Also he’ll be adjusting to wearing a visor. Although he wasn’t shot-blocking when his eye was hit, it’ll definitely make him and others around him think twice. So, Staal should be playing low minutes until he adjusts.

  11. With a healthy Staal, a maturing back line, and McD (and maybe Moore) being given a bit more -Leetch- leash on offense, we might have ourselves an interesting D this season.

  12. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    Also to all our Yankee fans (or Papa John lovers), don’t forget that the Yankees scored over 5 runs and won last night!

    1/2 off Papa Johns pizza today. Promo code: YANKEES6

  13. Jeff in South Dakota on

    CCCP really Papa Johns when you have Keste Pizza? We don’t have anything like real pizza out here in the land of Paha Sapa.

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