Thinking cold thoughts … at Yankee Stadium


After a week spent at least a little bit writing about Alex Rodriguez* I will be writing hockey today from Yankee Stadium.

The Yankees, the NHL, the Rangers, the Devils and the Islanders are hosting an 11 a.m. joint presser at the Big ATM in the Bronx to promote the upcoming Super Bowl week series of outdoor games at the Stadium.

I hope to have some video, some audio, maybe some pictures and a story from there today. Jeff Gorton, Ryan Callahan and Dan Girardi are expected to attend.

Photo by Getty Images.

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  1. eddie 3X in Monterey says his Rolex is three hours fast and the jewelers can’t fix it. I told him to move back to NY.

  2. Management has directed its attention to all our hundreds of point shots that go over or go wide of the net. They’re reinforcing the glass.

  3. If The Undertaker is ready, jettison DelZ for some offensive talent. After this year, he’ll be looking for a McDonagh contract in dollars and length. Ludicrous.

  4. We’re getting closer!

    Here’s a tidbit I found pretty interesting. Dan Girardi has only missed four games since his first full season in 07/08. He may not be flashy but he sure is steady.

  5. Considering he’s blocked 726 shots and laid 686 hits in the last 4 seasons whilst playing 24-26 minutes a night against other teams top lines that’s quite an impressive resume

  6. Didn’t the Rangers go after Girardi after that whole “J. Ross Robertson Cup winning OHL (London Knights) season while playing with a broken hand” thing?

  7. Remember when the NHL had one really special outdoor game a season and then they decided to ruin it by having 6 per season?

  8. Impressive indeed UK, nice stats!!

    I didn’t know that Manny, it sounds likely. He drove us nuts in his early seasons, that I remember.

  9. Rob in Beantown on

    I would love if they moved the Olympics to Vancouver. That would mean the games would get played at a reasonable hour instead of 10 am or something.

  10. UK you winning Cigar is still in my humidor on my desk. I’m thinking Manny could get us tickets so we can all sit together :)

    Who else is in?

    It would be a Siouxper weekend to watch some old time hockey!!!

    Kristo – Rangers
    Nelson – Fishsticks
    Zajac – Debbies

  11. I’ll make sure to buy my lottery tickets – probably the only way i can get to see the Rangers this year!

  12. Not a fan of the additional games. I like being 1-0 in outdoor games(can’t count Vegas). Now the perfect record is in jeopardy and we can’t rely on the outdoor scoring prowess of the Ruppster.

  13. Rob in Beantown on

    I really want to go to one of these games, but between getting married next year and school I don’t know if it will be possible. I’m sure they will be ridiculously expensive.

  14. _Manny is there such a thing as a good seat in an outdoor game?_

    YES! On a couch home in front of your HUGE screen TV!

  15. I can here the “Cheap Seats” playing in the background!

    3 big winners for the $425M, and 1 ticket sold in MN, just not mine :(

    Looks like I’ll have to bank on the poker skills instead this weekend. If I win then I could afford the first few rounds, the hot dogs, and the “stouts” post game party :)

  16. No, Lake Placid, NY. It was Tarkenton that sucked me in as a kid and lead me to a lifetime of almost.

  17. Lake Placid! Scene of the miracle! Played the LP Golf Club and the nearby little Ausable some years past.

  18. Still some great courses here Coos, and this week at the scene of the miracle is the USA hockey camp, including two Ranger prospects that I won’t get a chance to see.

  19. Sioux, no, the games were day games and unable to get over there, all three blocks away.

  20. Foghorn Leghorn on

    If Dan, I say, Dan Girardi is as skilled with a baseball as he is, I say, as he is with a hockey stick, there’s a great chance he drops that doggone sphere before he even has a chance to chuck it! Throw the pitch, that is.

  21. Rangers center Derek Stepan is a restricted free agent this season, which starts in less than two months, and Sather’s top priority right now is most likely to get Stepan under contract before the other three. Signing Stepan needs to come first not only because of his current status, but since the Rangers only have a little over $2 million in cap space to spend, Sather will have to work on some deals to free up space, like moving players such as Brian Boyle or Taylor Pyatt, in order to even give Stepan a new contract

    I didn’t realize we have to move a contract to sign Step. Really?

  22. Sather will have to buyout Richards to get Lundqvist, Callahan, & Girardi contracts extended.

    My question is – Can they do that before Richards money is available? It should be as long as Richards doesn’t get hurt correct?

  23. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    SPM, did you make the Day 3 Main Event telecast? I saw they mentioned the married couple, but I don’t think they showed the 3 way all-in.

  24. Rob in Beantown on

    I stopped reading at “make the nets bigger” which is a terrible idea that somehow has a decent amount of support.

  25. Sioux, I think they can extend any of those contracts because they don’t run out until next season. Extend now figure out how to pay for it later ( Richards money, cap increase etc.)

  26. How about instead of re-designing the next concession stand, the Garden figures out how to grow ice that doesn’t perform like a pond? Soon, there’ll be twigs sticking out of it and frogs.

  27. I cannot stand the bigger nets idea. Also, I hate the idea of any new icing rules. I also hate the idea of not getting rid of the instigator rule, which has to go.

    Also, the NHL isn’t broken. IT rules.

  28. Coos, I thought part of the new renovation was a new ice plant. I did see some pictures online but I could be mistaken. They may have addressed your concern, and promptly, only took a few decades.

  29. Also, this guys idea to get rid of enforcers is stupid. Enforcers are being weeded out as the NHL gets more skilled. But penalizing people for fighting more than 10 times a season is just stupid.

  30. Nice video Carp. Didn’t realize Robert Blake was paroled and given a job as a beat writer for us now.

    Callahan still talking about going through the process post- Torts era…maybe the process IS Musky?

  31. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    I actually do agree with most of the changes in Part I. And seriously, how can every game not be worth the same amount of points?

  32. Manny, basically all he’s got as ammunition is a bunch of proposed rule changes that GMs have muttered when they gather for their annual meetings and a few opinion based views of what he’d like to see.

  33. Also, his idea of eliminating the additional penalty for instigating a fight while wearing a shield makes me want to punch him in his unshielded face.

  34. Maybe I sound like a cave man, but I’m not really that concerned about player safety. I think it is what it is and it should be up to the highly paid individual to determine his own level of safety and his role on the ice.

  35. My problem with making the nets bigger, and most ideas to increase the offense, is that they do not increase the offense, but rather, increase the number of goals scored. Not all goals are exciting or fun. The only way to increase the Offense is to increase the ice size giving the players more surface on which to create offense.

  36. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    I think icing is either leave it as is or automatic. I did like the idea of flipping the puck over the glass resulting in a defensive faceoff with no line change.

  37. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Good distinction Manny. Like eliminating the two line pass rule increase offensive chances, but not necessarily goals.

  38. I know how it always sounds when someone says this but, that is the idea I have been presenting. ALL delay of game penalties are stupid, including gloving the puck, laying on the puck, using your hand on a faceoff and flipping it over the glass. The only solution, in my mind, is to treat them exactly like the most classic delay of game, ICING. So in all those situations it should be a defensive zone faceoff and no line change.

  39. Rob in Beantown on

    I like longer overtimes and getting rid of offsetting embellishment penalties. I agree, if you dive it should wipe out the actual penalty.

  40. Rob in Beantown on

    I think any proposed solution that creates some sort of “meta stat” like “number of fights this season until suspension” or “number of wins since elimination” is overly complicated, and therefore a bad idea.

  41. Rob in Beantown on

    The goal should be to get rid of dumb complexity, e.g. the OTL column in the standings

  42. The draft idea is really intriguing. The problem is that it forces teams to try to tank and then try to turn it around immediately to win. As you said, Rob, it’s “overly complicated, and therefore a bad idea.” We could just change the draft to a complete lottery or we could just reward good teams by giving the top pick to the last eliminated team before the Stanley Cup Final with the most points. Or something like that…

  43. I guess the Rangers couldn’t drag Slats off the golf course to attend the presser at the Stadium. Very Interesting that it is Asst GM Jeff Gorton representing the Rangers. I guess we know who has the edge in replacing Sather when/if Slats ever decides to hang up his GM cigar.

  44. Gravy – I made day 3, and played half the day. I was surprised they didn’t show that hand. I’m thinking the only shot you will see of me is when Daniel Negreanu gets knock out. My table was right next to his on day 2. So when he gets up – he walks right by me.

    That’s me in the Sioux Jersey and hat. My wife made it in more ESPN frames than I did, watching from the rail.

  45. One rule/penalty should be changed, and that’s the 2 minute penalty for throwing the puck over the glass when you’re simply trying to clear it.

    This penalty should not decide who wins the game in overtime in a playoff. Keep them on the ice, and have a faceoff.

  46. Rob in Beantown on

    Agree Sioux. It should just be a regular delay of game, defensive zone faceoff with no line change for the offending team.

  47. Hmmmm….cold, windy, freezing rain & sleet….the diehard boneheads will show up. Problem with these extravaganzas is that they really need to be flash-mob type events at the last minute according to the weather forecast that week…and large venues like Yankee Stadium are not willing to take that chance, even though they take a chance with the weather every time they schedule a baseball game. Their minds are still mired in the age of ticket stubs.

  48. hey Carp!

    just finished up jpg’s family reunion
    those who did show up were happy to be there
    and that’s all that mattered
    see ya when more news comes around.
    hope you’re having a good summer……actually, everyone around here.

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