A behind-the-scenes Rangers great retires; IHIH charity event today at Quaker Ridge


Outside of Rod Gilbert, there aren’t many people who have been continuously around the Rangers longer than me and Sam Rosen. One of the few is Bobby Lewis, whom you very likely don’t know, except that he was a major reason MSG Network’s Rangers coverage was the industry standard for so long.

Lewis, who was the director of those game productions since 1982 and began working Rangers, Knicks and various other broadcasts at the Garden in ‘72 – when Bill Chadwick and Sal Marchiano were in the booth, before Jim Gordon returned – is retiring.

As I said, the guy’s been around, from Steve Vickers’ rookie season, through 23 different coaches and some of those (Emile Francis, Phil Esposito, Craig Patrick and John Tortorella) more than once.

While I know the quality of his work, the thing I’ll always remember most was long nights post-game on the road, trying to find a late supper and then close establishments mere hours before morning flights. Actually I spent a lot more time with Bobby Lewis and Joe Whelan and the MSG crew on stools after road games, and in airports waiting out delays and cancelations, than I ever did at the arena.

Before I stopped traveling in 2002, those were the more pleasant times on the beat. Pre-twitter, pre-blog, newspaper story filed, work night over. It was always good to kick back with those guys.

Good luck, buddy.


ihihSpeaking of people who do good work, today is the annual Ice Hockey In Harlem golf and tennis outing at Quaker Ridge Golf Club in Scarsdale, one of the great golf courses in the country.

Great event for a great cause, and kudos to the players and hockey people who make it happen every year.

Ice Hockey In Harlem, in its 26th year, works to improve the social and academic well-being of boys and girls from the Harlem community. According to the organization, thousands of kids have participated in the program, many of whom are now adults and raising their own children in Harlem.


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  1. Oops, can’t hide behind that icon at 7 AM! I started a different post at 6 AM, and automatic re-boot cross checked me, guess the day is starting off that way.

    Nice piece about Bobby Lewis and Joe Whelan and life on the road.

    Nice cause for IHH, though I haven’t played a hole of golf in my life and afraid I never will (no regrets whatsoever!) Will probably raise more than any of my hikathons ever did for environmental causes. Three cheers for them. I remember passing the rink near 110th street when living on the Upper West Side and biking/running around Central Park on weekends and thinking about that.

  2. Good morning, boneheads!

    Nice cause, indeed! Some of those kids would never get a chance. This is one of the ways to help.

    Nice picture, Carp!

  3. Cool story carp. It’s true that the camraderie and friendships are what we recall years later . That’s what makes the world go round..and sometimes the stool too -)

  4. I heard Stepan wants money but the Rangers want to give him less money so they’re not finished signing him yet but that sometime soon it will happen probably and then he’ll be signed and playing hockey for us again yay!

  5. It shows he’s a BAD TEAMMATE who cares more about MONEY than WINNING and I think he should be traded.

  6. I thought Kristo was going to be at WeFest this year, but looks like he didn’t make it up with the rest of the boys.

    Spent the weekend camping next to Fighting Sioux Alumi hockey players, makes for great campfire stories.

    Even a quick pick with TJ Oshie. Got to love how down to earth hockey players are.

  7. Welcome back CCCP! We missed you. How was Ukraine? Weak?

    Miami, where have you been, you talentless dogs-breakfast clown?

    Good morning, Sally!

  8. If Richards gets hurt and it costs us Girardi, does Sather only get a 5 year extension?

  9. Carp – Why are the Rangers so slow with Stepan next contract? Also, don’t you think they should have Hank’s extension done before the start of the season. Or do they need Richards contract to be bought out to get it done?

  10. to be clear, the Richards contract is the problem … the reason the Rangers can’t go market value on Stepan, and the reason they can’t re-sign Lundqvist yet.

    but Stepan’s contract likely was going to drag on anyway. That’s the nature of the restricted free-agent/no arbitration beast. The kid has no leverage, but deserves more than they can afford to pay him based on comparables. It figured to go right up to training camp, if not beyond, no matter what.

  11. Yup, just terrible cap management. We also have like 15 forwards that are theoretically at or near NHL level. Depth is great, but when you’re signing a low upside guy like Pouliet, who in theory you’re hoping gets replaced by a kid outplaying him, it just makes no sense. Add his $1.3MM back onto the cap and we can have Stepan done on a long term deal already. I’ve gone from hating Sather to defending Sather, but I’m pretty much sick of him again.

  12. What’s going to happen if Richards gets hurt mid way through the season and can’t finish it, and Lundqvist, Callahan, & Girardi are not extended?

    When can Richards be bought out? IF healthy?

  13. D – I’m thinking Pouliet could score 30 points for us this year. I’m pretty excited to see what Kristo and Pouliet can do. Not so much what Richards can do.

    I would rather have Hank, Cally, & Girardi tied up with Richards dollars than roll the dice with him. This could blow up on the Rangers if it doesn’t work out.

  14. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Oh boy, here we go with Pouliot and his 1.3 mil being the problem with the rangers.

    The problem certainly isn’t b-rich and his (s)

    With how soft and smallish this roster looks, we really might need monster mash!!!

  15. ARod – sounds like he’s done for a couple of years.

    My favorite Yank – Roger Maris :)

    He hit 61 home runs on hot dogs and lucky strikes. The “other” boys all had to cheat to win.

  16. _Oh boy, here we go with Pouliot and his 1.3 mil being the problem with the rangers._

    Not *the* problem, its the problem that compounded the original problem.

  17. (Basically, Richards being the biggest and most obvious problem doesn’t mean he’s the only problem. Once he was locked in, Pouliet was a “luxury” that made necessities potentially unaffordable.)

  18. Same thing we’ve talked about in the past, Carp. That era was littered with amphetamines, although I’m not sure if Maris ever disclosed one way or another.

    (However, if I’m properly following the modern baseball writer’s process, umbrella guilt for the entire era is assigned ex post facto (except on the guy who was presiding over the era itself). So yes, Maris hitting more HRs than any player in a single season is “proof” he used greenies.)

  19. Rob in Beantown on

    I was in the city over the weekend and I bought one of those jersey t-shirts at the Modells right outside of Grand Central. I got Stepan, so if he doesn’t sign now for some reason, it’s totally my fault.

  20. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Could it be that they’re looking to make a deal to free up some more space?

  21. I was at Grand Central too, Rob. Did you see a white dude, about 5’10, with a beard and a checkered shirt?

  22. Foghorn Leghorn on

    If, I say, if ya were wearin’ such accoutrements last night, Mister D, then I definitely, I say definitely saw ya! The doctor, that is.

  23. By the way, theoretically, Richards’ contract doesn’t prevent them from extending Hank, Callahan, and Girardi any time during this season. According to CBA, all they need to show is they have enough space starting next season. And they do.

  24. Wow. Quaker Ridge. Played there a couple three times some years past. OUTstanding, a Winged Foot comparable. It stays relatively unknown because the members want it unknown. Carp, you couldn’t get a playing/coverage gig? :(

  25. From the “How can so many, be so wrong?” department.

    Last nights pre season football HOF game had higher ratings than game six (the highest rated game) of the Stanley Cup Final.

  26. Carp – Maris smoked a lot, up to 3 packs a day when he was under the pressure of breaking Ruth’s record. He also liked Hot Dogs, I’ve read they have good ones over there.

    Personally, if you cheated the game, you should not hold the record for anything. Home Runs or Pitching Stats.
    But that’s just me.

  27. correct, carp. the most significant benefit of peds is to recover from injuries faster and assist in playing through injuries. there are definitely hockey players on peds.

  28. smoke and mirrors article. title should read “no reason to believe NHL’s strong PED record is legit”

  29. What’s with Boyle last season who, (according to cryptic remarks by Joe Micheletti) couldn’t sleep?

  30. Bad news in Phoenix. I was really hoping the team would move to Seattle.

    Any word on Stepan? Rumor has it he’s leaving the NHL to raise alpacas in Okmulgee, OK. Anybody else hear about this?

  31. Hi Carp, would love to see an interview with Bobby Lewis posted someday. The game has changed so much over the period of his tenure with MSG and as you noted, the media and how sporting events and sports news is delivered has drastically changed as well. I am sure that there would be more than a few memorable anecdotes as well!! Guys you and him could probably put together a great book as well with the multitude of broadcast colleagues, coaches and players that you dealt with and the changes that you saw over time.

  32. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Mister D
    Ah, ok. Furthering the problem then is obviously stralman’s and mza’s and del zotto’s contracts as well, so I agree.

  33. “Ball Four” by Jim Bouton mentions a lot about players of the 50’s & 60’s being on “greenies” including quotes from players themselves. Greenies being amphetamines, meaning enhanced concentration, energy, focus – not necessaarily the muscle building HGH and Steroids of the Canseco/Bonds/A-Rod era.

    Drugs are a problem in all sports, those with the best testing systems catch the most (cycling, athletics) those with the worst catch almost none (hockey, baseball, soccer, NFL). To assume the NHL is clean would be very naive, history shows players in all sports will do almost anything to get an edge and some will take it right up to or beyond the limits of the testing in their relative sports.

  34. Morning all…carp I must say I really was thinking the same as joetex post last night…offseason seems like a perfect time to reminisce a little , especially from you guys that have seen so much..

  35. Rob in Beantown on

    Henrik Lundqvist @HLundqvist30
    After new league rules my pads are now a little shorter. Not sure how it will affect my game.… instagram.com/p/cq17Emirfs/

    We’re doomed!!

  36. Ranger West re: 8:26 PM.

    The rumor I heard was Stepan had fallen in love with Ddolly, the former Ranger prospect and Llama, they recently eloped and were to settle in the Andes, where they planned to raise a family.

  37. I can’t even begin to think of any appropriate for public consumption type thing to say about that picture. Wow.

  38. Wang is on a vacation far away
    Lookin’ for a place to relocate
    So many things that he wants to say
    You know Wang likes his ice-girls a little bit younger
    I just want your team to lose….tonight
    I just want your team to lose….tonights

  39. Rob in Beantown on

    Who wants to play Fantasy Football with Roberto Luongo?

    Strombone @strombone1
    I have 10 spots left for my yahoo fantasy football league. If you want in let me know why I should pick you. I’m looking for serious players

  40. Torts loves Jay Beagle, Joe Cocker, The Pointer Sisters, Barbara Boxer, Brad Pitt, and a good Shih, Tzu.

  41. He shoots! He scooores! Brian Boyle!! It’s a power play goal! His 45th of the season and we are not even 20 games in!!

  42. Drunk at 230pm on a Tuesday CCCP? lol

    Manny you must have misread. Tort is ON fire.

    And Coos- My bride to be (2 months from today) wants a Beagle. Maybe we’ll name it musky

  43. That would be great, James (re: the Beagle situation). At least we will finally know where Musky is.

  44. Hey Carp – This was in the comments on the Yankees blog. Is this guy referring to you?

    This loser reporter for the New York Rangers once compared Bernie Williams to a guy the Rangers used to have named Artem Anisimov.

    Artem Anisimov is an average to below average player in the NHL. The crux of his comparison was that Bernie Williams never lived up to his potential like Artem Anisimov.

  45. I don’t really care, Tom.

    I recall the comment. I was not comparing Anisimov to Williams. It was. a tiny part of their games.

  46. They all have their panties in a bunch over there arguing over A-Roid. We really need training camp to start soon

  47. i searched google and found the original remark. “I’m not sure why, but Artem Anisimov reminds me of Bernie Williams. Maybe it’s all those tools but at times something’s lacking.” foolish comparison. how many tools does AA have? how many all star games has AA made?

  48. The big hole in the Rangers farm system is obviously defense. We need to sign a few more defenseman.

    At least this one shoots Right Handed and is 6’2″, 200lbs.

  49. Hey Carp, remember that time you said something informally during a discussion on the blog and prefaced it with a disclaimer like, “I don’t know why, but,” and then everybody decided to twist your words and call you out on it two years later? You’re such a lucky guy. Getting to put all that work into this blog and being appreciated so much.

  50. bull dog line on

    have not done line combos for awhile. thought I would do some with Rangers that I have seen play, 1st game I went to was in 1973. so here goes.

    Graves, Messier, Hedberg.
    Hadfield, Ratelle, Gilbert.
    Vickers, Tkachuk, Cally.
    Don Maloney, Esposito, Gartner.
    Leetch, Beukeboom.
    Park, Greschner.
    Beck, Patrick.
    took Gartner instead of Jagr because I liked him better with Esposito.

  51. bull dog line on

    thought about having a tough guy 4th line of Fotiu, Allison, and Kocur. but with Graves, Hadfield, Beck, and Beukeboom on the team, you really don’t need them.

  52. bull dog line on

    thought about it CCCP, but Avery is really in a league of his own. plus I think Beck would kill him if they were on the same team.

  53. Great lines Bull Dog though not so sure about that Hadfield, Ratelle, Gilbert line.
    Eh, maybe they could Give it A Go.

  54. Would have paid to be in a fourth dimension locker room when Avery called Barry Beck, Kocur, or Fotiu sloppy.

  55. Kharlamov, Petrov, Mikhailov

    Krutov, Larionov, Makarov

    Mogilny, Fedorov, Bure

    Kamensky, Malkin, Ovechkin


    Fetisov, Kasatonov

    Zubov, Konstantinov

    Vasiliev, Gonchar


    Tretiak, Konovalenko


  56. Good evening all! I’ve been sadly out of the RR life lately, but am always here.

    RR fans, now is the time to show your support…just do it. Trust mama….


    P.S. I posted a while ago about my visit to the HHoF…would love to read your thoughts….I was with a local Canuck so I can say this…too much Canuck-centric? Prust asking….

  57. bull dog, if Keenan’s coaching, Patrick, Gartner, probably Greschner, Hedberg, Espo, Ratelle and Gilbert aren’t. At least not after the trade deadline. :)

  58. C3 is being cranky cause he just came from mama home….And I don’t mean me, but the CCCP….

  59. i am not cranky… mama land was amazing! i wish i could stay there! the girls in Odessa are outta this world! literally!

  60. my Odessa stories don’t really fit the blog format, unfortunately… but i am writing a book about my trip…maybe i’ll donate few copies as prizes for one of those sucky contests that we have during season

  61. C3, I’m sure they don’t…but want to hear them in person…would also make a good sucky prize :)



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