Mats Zuccarello, Rangers avoid arbitration


The Little Italian Kid by Way of Norway reportedly gets a one-year, $1.15 million deal. That leaves RFA center Derek Stepan as the Rangers’ last unsigned player, with approximately $4M worth of cap space left, barring other moves.

Here’s the official release on Zuccarello, courtesy of the Rangers:

NEW YORK, July 30, 2013 New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has agreed to terms with restricted free agent forward Mats Zuccarello on a new contract.

Zuccarello, 25, registered three goals and five assists in 15 games last season after signing with the Rangers on March 28. He tallied six points (three goals, three assists) in the final seven games of the season, including a two-goal effort on April 18 against Florida. Zuccarello finished the season tied for fifth on the team with a career-high, plus-10 rating. He also ranked second on the team with career-highs in playoff assists (six) and playoff points (seven) while skating in 12 postseason contests.

Zuccarello has skated in 67 career regular season contests over three seasons with the Rangers, registering 11 goals and 23 assists for 34 points, along with 18 penalty minutes and a plus-13 rating. He originally signed with the team as an undrafted free agent on May 26, 2010. In 2010-11, Zuccarello tied for the team lead and tied for fourth among NHL rookies with nine power play assists. He also tied for fifth in the league with five shootout goals and second with three game-deciding goals in the shootout that season.

The 5-7, 179-pounder has also skated in 73 career regular season games over two seasons with the Connecticut Whale of the American Hockey League (AHL), registering 25 goals and 40 assists for 65 points, along with 38 penalty minutes. Zuccarello made his North American debut with Connecticut on October 9, 2010, against Charlotte.

The Oslo, Norway native began last season with Magnitogorsk Metallurg of the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL), registering 11 goals and 17 assists for 28 points, along with 30 penalty minutes in 44 games. He tied for fifth on Metallurg in goals, and ranked sixth on the team in points and assists. He also tied for second on the team in playoff goals (two), third in playoff points (four), and fourth in playoff assists (two) in seven postseason contests.

Zuccarello previously skated in two seasons with MODO of the Swedish Elite League (SEL), registering 35 goals and 69 assists for 104 points, along with 100 penalty minutes in 90 career regular season games. In 2009-10, he captured the Guldhjälmen award as the league’s Most Valuable Player after leading the SEL in scoring with 64 points in 55 games. Zuccarello has also represented Norway in several international tournaments, including at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, British Columbia.


Photo credit: Paul Bereswill/Getty Images

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  1. Glad he’s back as I’m sure the power play is. but I’ll say it once more. When this roster is playing well enough to result in our third line being Brassard between Zucc and Pouliot petite we’ll be in good shape. If he’s top 6 on this team we are in the the usual..

  2. @HLundqvist30
    First tough skate of the summer today. Great summer so far but now the excitement for next season slowly starts to sink in.. #BackToWork

    First tough skate? What has he been *focusing* on for the last two months?

  3. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    According to capgeek, they have about $2.1M left to sign Stepan after the MZA signing. That number includes $1M each for Powe and Asham, so they should have closer to $3.9M (if I understand the new CBA correctly). Bring it down to $3M even, assuming they need a rookie to fill in while Hags/Cally are out.



  4. Foghorn Leghorn on

    Gravy, I say, Gravy, I do, I say, I do very much so enjoy the manner of your recent comments. Postin’ method, that is.

  5. King with no Ring on

    Lundqvist has not been celebrating with the Stanley Cup for the past 2 months.

    He had his quest stampeded by the Bruins.


  6. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Foghorn, I say, Foghorn. It’s conta.., I say, it’s conta.., it’s catchy that is.

  7. Yosemite Sam on

    This sad excuse for a blog has some of the dumbest, meanest, I say the baddest dern trolls around. I am gonna get to countin’ and when I get to 10 I am gonna start shooting these here six shooters right in your keister!

  8. Could be worse guys. We could have “aha aha i like it aha aha” back around here.

  9. King with no Ring on

    When will Lundqvist’s excitement for upcoming seasons dissipate, after his team has either missed the playoffs or been stampeded out of the playoffs for the next 8 years?

  10. Just curious TiKing, do you have cowardly tasteless remarks teed up within minutes for each of the scores of people who make reference to the longstanding Lundqvist/focus meme from time to time, or am I just that special and unique?

  11. So once Callahan and Hagelin are healthy, we have 13 forwards (and that’s not including Kristo and/or Miller). Who is the logical 13th?

  12. Yeah, that’s the other thing, Dorsett is going to be doing his best Prust-without-Rupp impression this coming season. Could get gross for his hands.

  13. I guess it is Pyatt since he’s so one dimensional. But who really knows once the system changes. Hard to tell.

  14. Foghorn Leghorn on

    Are you, I say, are you callin’ me a, I dare say, a troll? Rapscallion, that is.

  15. Yet another one of our prospects has completely lost his *focus*

    @BradySkjei Hooters is having a golf tournament right now… Might be a good day to just hangout on my deck

  16. Feel like there are a lot of extra pieces on this team. Just not sure of the who, what, how if a trade takes place. I like the D anchored by Hank. If Falk and McIlrath can play third pair minutes and not be a liability:


    This would make the d a lot bigger and a lot tougher. Just not sure if the third pairing can hold it together for an entire NHL season.

    If one or both of the third pair cannot play NHL minutes there’s MDZ, Stralman, Johnson, et al. Then again what if Allen or Huges have a great camp? Or somehow Valentenko comes to camp. Seems like they are stocked for a trade to improve their forwards. Maybe?

  17. I doubt he is, Carp. But if he can play those third pair minutes and not be a liability, are the other two tradeable to a team with forward depth and not a lot on the back end?

  18. King with no Ring on

    Rangers West:

    A healthy and effective Staal does give the Rangers excellent defense depth.

    That makes Stralman or Zotto trade-able for the right return.

  19. Manny way late on the fresh post. now you have to *do a barrel roll* Doooo it DO it.

    Hanging out with girls from Hooters will only cause *fatigue*

  20. _Feel like there are a lot of extra pieces on this team._

    It does, like we have 16 forwards and 9 defensemen who would conceivably play. What worries me is the guys I’d be first to knock out of the lineup are ones without much value. Hopefully that doesn’t lead to a “trade X rather than release Y” type of decision.

  21. SKJEITO sees the girls walk by in summer clothes. he has to turn his head until the darkness goes…

  22. I really like MDZ and Hags, but in terms of what they could get in return, what they need and who can be replaced, it seems like those two would be their best option for a trade package. Kristo, Miller, Fast, and now MZA make it possible to trade Hags. Moore makes it possible to trade MDZ. It would just depend on what they could get in return.

  23. Carp 2 legit first liners is easy and does not take 14 players. just two packages made up of Asham Powe Del Zotto a 4th rounder a 4rd rounder and Kristo.

  24. Zuc’s signing is my 2nd B.Day gift today. Unlike Eric, I like little Hobbit, he is fun to watch,was underutilized and treated unfairly during Torts rein, IMO.

  25. I’d say this was the Stepan holdup. Now they know exactly how much money they have to work with and it’s up to Stepan whether he wants to accept a bridge contract for a bit less and wait out his payday or sign on longer for the security but maybe for less money than he would get on the other side of the bridge.

  26. I hate being right up at the cap; just kills our ability to make a deadline move of consequence. I can’t decide if that makes me mad at the Pouliot deal for being seemingly unnecessary or the Richards contract for still being in my face.

  27. For what it’s worth, since only coos sussed out the secret to my post last night, I’m gonna say this and repost. It’s a pathway to enlightenment for any willing to follow:

    So I needed to get to the airport and tried to grab a cab but Minnie was mooching all up and down the street so you could absolutely count on a taxi wardance breaking out. Decided to duke it out on the A-train but some guy strongarmed me to the St. James Infirmary which is obviously miles from where I wanted to be so I started walkin’ when this weird monk shows up and tells me to meet him ’round midnight. So I meet him and he gives me the bird and some salt peanuts, now I’m so dizzy that you could have told me it was night and I was in Tunisia and to top it off some guy cannonballs into me and all I can do is ask for mercy. I did that 3 times and and finally caught the trane and I tell you it was my favorite thing to finally be flying home to Illinois.

    The first step on the path:

    And yes, I’m prosletyzing

  28. I’m all for THE LITTLE ENGINE THAT COULD! I like rooting for the underdog, the guy that has to outplay everyone because of his size, say what you want he was the 2nd highest scorer in the playoffs last year for the Rangers.

    Just imagine what AV can do with a talent like this!

    Put some Kristo in his line and we will really be cooking :)

  29. Gravy I think right now I would keep our three over Gaborik.

    Really excited to see Moore develop this year, I think he is the steal in the trade. Brassard took Nash’s responsibility in the playoffs and lead the Rangers in points, and we haven’t even seen what a Healthy Dorsett can do for us.

    That said I wish Gaborik the best of luck, he has always been one of my favorite players. Time to retire his Jersey and get a Kristo one :)

  30. So Zucc gets 150,000 K more than I thought he would, and a chance to play the whole year to earn another one. Those are the best kind of deals if you ask me :)

  31. Cross Check Charlie on

    ” can’t decide if that makes me mad at the Pouliot deal for being seemingly unnecessary”

    I don’t understand the signing of Pouliot. They have a bunch of youngsters that could possibly take his roster spot and if none of them work out, it’s not like guys like him aren’t available for trade or on waivers.

  32. I worry that we need a bit more toughness somewhere to go along with Dorsett. Am I wrong?

  33. Carp
    nobody would be dumb enough to trade a 40-goal scorer for that pile of mediocrity, Gravy. (s)

    ^ Glad you said it so I didn’t have to.

  34. If he wants any consideration for the Olympic team, his fitness will be a factor.

  35. bull dog line on

    still going strong about the Gabby trade, I see. you guys really have a hard time admitting you are wrong about that trade.

  36. we’ll see when they’re scoring their usual 1.6 goals a game this season, bull dog. and I’m not insisting I’m right. But my opinion is they gave up a 40-goal scorer for a 16-goal scorer, a goon and a third-pair d-man.

  37. bull dog line on

    very simplistic view Carp. Moore looks like he may be a little more than a 3rd pair D. Brassard is a number 2 center, and Dorsett is a better version of Prust. I could argue that the Rangers got more value for Gabby, then the Jackets got for Nash. I like Brassard better than Anisimov. I like Moore way better than Erixon.

  38. I think if that trade is going to be tipped in the Rangers’ favor, it will be Moore who tips it. I don’t consider Brassard as a better player than Anisimov at this point. I like Dorsett.

    I think they could desperately miss Gaborik since they have nobody like that, other than possibly Nash. Good teams tend to have more than one of those guys.

  39. Foghorn, took me a second, but I got it. :)

    As stated above and before do need a banger to go along with Dorsett, who else can drop them?

    We need “stiffness”.

  40. bull dog line on

    Brassard is a much better player than Anisimov. Anisimov at best is a 3rd liner who can chip in on O. he vanishes for long stretches. he will never be a true top 6 player because of that.

  41. Yea. Carp is right. Some people are way too high on Brassard. Kid has been criticized for never living up to his pick or his contract. He disappears for long stretches and has attitude problems.

  42. bull dog line on

    my answer to you is going to be an excuse. Brassard has played on crap teams. thats how it is different.

  43. The Rangers aren’t a crap team? It’s a lot of the same guys he played with in ‘Lumbus.

  44. So long as they are properly paired, I think we’ll see a lot more of McD, Moore, and MDZ in the offensive zone than we are used to.

  45. bull dog line on

    no Manny, the Rangers are not a crap team. they have been in the playoffs 6 of the last 7 years. can’t say that for the Jackets.

  46. You guys may be right about Brassard but he delivered for us at the end of the season and the playoffs, so as of now he gets a pass on his “history” . If his past shows up while in a Rangers sweater, then I’ll despise him and demand his trade.

  47. Gabby’s one of my favorite players, but if he has an off year with 20-20 40pt season. He doesn’t set the bar very high to replace him.

    I think Moore is going to be a top 4 Defensemen, with extra time on the power play.

    Brassard looks like he loves being a Ranger. Lets see how he does in a full season before we get down on him. He was our point leader in the playoffs! Just imagine if Nash could have put up the same number of points along side of him.

    Dorsett will be the Prust we were missing, plus put up 20 pts on the 4th line. Lots more than we got out of Powe or Rupper last year.

  48. _Yea. Carp is right. Some people are way too high on Brassard. Kid has been criticized for never living up to his pick or his contract. He disappears for long stretches and has attitude problems._

    I don’t think its fair to pin a player vs organization dispute on the player until he shows a pattern. Equally possible our new asst coach deserves the blame or Howson / management was overly hard on Brassard because of his draft status or any number of things. If he dogs or turns malcontent in NY, fine, label sticks.

  49. I would have liked to see Brassard in a full season under Tortarella. Now we will see how Brassard likes playing on a team with 18 million coaches, two speech pathologists, a sleep doctor, two neurosurgeons, one entamologist, an archaeologist, three zooligists and five biologists.

  50. My gut tells me the sum of all the parts is worth more to this team than Gabby for one more year.

    That’s what makes this game fun. Brassard doesn’t have the “Gaborik / Nash” name playing in Columbus.

    But if he outscores them on paper & on the ice, he wins the deal outright all by himself. He did last year as a Ranger.

    Just Saying…..

    No I have NOT been drinking……yet.

  51. bull dog line on

    do the Rangers have the cap space to sign Stepan? or does someone need to go?

  52. they have approx. $4M left, bull dog. They might need to make a move anyway because of the sheer number of players (mostly third- and fourth-liners) they have (s).

  53. I’m a huge fan of Players that just want to Play.

    I pull for the Zucc’s in hockey. I like when someone has the goods on a bad team and we don’t know about them. Sather gives them a chance and BAM, they are playing on Broadway.

    Zucc, Brassard, Moore, Dorsett, Kristo, Pouliout, & Dominic Moore all get a new “lease on life” in the NHL. The Storylines really don’t get much better than this…..especially if they go all the way!

  54. of course, if old Slats had listened to his advisors and pretty much everybody around him, Richards would be gone and they’d have plenty of space, enough to even add another player.

  55. and, though I’m no cap-ologist, I imagine they can’t re-do Lundqvist’s contract during the coming season thanks to Richards staying.

  56. I guess I forgot Richards on that list.

    I really didn’t think he would be on this team next year.

    What if…… I dare say …… he has a 90pt season, and returns as a 1’st line Center.

  57. Then they have the option of keeping him or trading him instead of buying him out.

  58. But Sioux, how long do you wait before bumping him down to third line or putting him in a suit? Not too long IMO.

  59. You can never have enough players. Maybe Vigneault will just make the extra guys coaches.

  60. they can run back and forth with computer info on how to get Richards more offensive-zone shifts. lmao.

  61. Anthony's Weiner on

    I got a rocket in my pocket
    And I’m ready to go
    I’m talk’in tic toc time bomb
    ready to blow

  62. That’s a great idea, Carp. Not even Asst. Coaches. Just make the extra guys “Interns”

  63. with asham and powe waved that should leave the rangers with 4.1 million left to sign Stepan.

  64. If you are suspended, you should have to wear suspenders. That’s what our founding fathers would want.

  65. Brooks is saying it’s just over $3M left, but I keep hearing it’s more than that, and ilb (aka chopped liver) said so, too. and obviously I trust ilb more than Brooks.

  66. So, if Powe or Ash are brought up in December, their million dollar salaries don’t count against the cap?

  67. You know what I love about capgeek? When I go to the Rangers page and I see they have one player signed for 2019-20, and that player is Brad Richards.

  68. So Zucc gets 1 million, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. He probably banks the mil- one and lives off the 50. Barbers get none of it.

  69. Richie caught by Post photographer eating cobbed corn through chain link fence.

  70. Visions of BRich skating on MSG ice in the 19/20 season, valiantly defending one 5-on-1 break after another against the emerging Brooklyn Wangers, as the newly-installed Amtrak platforms on the overhead bridges spill another few hundred commuters directly into the waiting arms of Dolan’s $250 prime rib sandwich vendors…

  71. speaking of which, I sure hope A-Roid has banked some of that $400-$500 million he has made thus far in his career.

  72. That’s tough, Carp. I hear that once you start making that much money, like A-Roid, your lifestyle becomes very expensive. Thus, it’s a vicious cycle. He might be broke….

  73. @NYRangersZone #NYR Glen Sather reported that Ryan Callahan separated his shoulder “eight or nine times last season”


    That is not the kind of scientific specificity with which Mr. Vigneault runs his team.

  74. Visions of Slats actually unwittingly watching the replay of Callahan separating his shoulder once eight or nine times…

  75. Carp – I agree 1000% on Richards.

    On the same thought….. letting Gaborik go with one year was also a smart move, knowing that the Rangers were NOT going to resign him. Time will only tell.

    Torts needed a Dman, a center to replace Richards, and more grit, for the playoff push.

    Now all 3 of them are gone. Clowe, Gaborik, & Torts.

    Are we a “better” team?

  76. I have no way of knowing about that kind of lifestyle, Manny.

    also, I was mocked by some people in the NYR organization (and elsewhere) when I mentioned Barry Beck’s recurring injury after hearing Callahan suffered a subluxation in his slap fight with Talbot. And there you have it. The shoulder kept popping out, a la Bubba. Hopefully science and medicine have been able to fix Callahan’s wing better than they could fix Beck’s.

  77. Holmgren is banking on that set of used snow tires being his #1 goalie, so I doubt trading for them would come cheap.

  78. And they shall mock you no more, Carp! He who mocks will now be subject to mockery.

  79. Coos – Zucc might have to roll with more than 50K this season. His “card” could get pulled out of the hat for dinner :)

    How high can that get with a night out with the boys?

  80. _Are we a “better” team?_

    I think we’re in better position to be a better team, if that makes sense. Dorsett takes the Prust role (which was needed), Moore looks to be a solid, cost controlled 3rd pair D and Brassard should fill a 2/3C role. We had a gross roster before the deadline, the trade helped make it less gross, especially in the longer term.

  81. I think we are a better team this year than what we ended with last year.

    New coach – could lead to more offense & better power play.

    New Players – Pouliot & Kristo could be a Siouxper find this year.

    Healthy Players – Staal, Dorsett to start the year healthy.

    Deeper Depth – on D, at Center, and younger wingers in the wings ready to make the jump.

    Every position will be challenged, except the KINGS.

  82. LMGO, LW!

    Carp, LB is counting Danny Kristo as an NHL contract. He, however, has been promptly assigned to AHL and doesn’t count against the cap, including summer cap.

  83. Man, I bet they could have used a speech pathologist when Tikkanen was part of the team…

  84. Basic Rangers fans logic. If Gaborik does nothing next season no one will mention him again. if he scores 35-40 goals you’ll hear his name after every loss in which Brassard and friends didn’t play stellar. Although people will have to pace themselves to discuss the Stastny and Vanek trade watches from October til March.

  85. LW lol, surprisingly the Flyer fans, at least the ones I’ve asked, think their set with goaltending and Mason in particular. Maybe they are? Maybe we’re spoiled.

  86. Are we a better team today?

    I’m watching a replay against Carolina from late April. Powe with Kreider and Gilroy as our fourth line. We have to be a better team today when compared to that dross.

  87. IMO, this could be a better team IF Brassard is a legit second-line center, IF Marc Staal is healthy, and most important, IF at least two of the young guys step up and play as legit NHLers — Kreider, Miller, Kristo, McIlrath, whomever.

    Not big IFs, but IFs nonetheless.

  88. CraigWeather on

    Zucca zucca’s back… I, for one think he’s a great falking addition.. To those who disagree, go falk yourselves…

  89. I do think D.Moore and Pouliot are upgrades on the bottom six … but I thought the same for Halpern and Pyatt last year and was wrong.

  90. Pysie was held back by Torts. This year he’ll be a Screamin’ Demon Scoring Machine! :)

  91. The Sedins should switch positions and see how long it takes for Tortorella to get wise. Guess: late January

  92. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I finally locked the lil woman in a closet. Lord spare my soul. I be tired.

  93. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – knee a bit torn up…after swelling chills MRI time. Thx to those who’ve asked.

  94. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The most freakiest injury ever. She is walking along a fallen tree when she slipped. Foot turned one way, knee the other. She heard a pop and a rip. I had to lug her quite a way. But could be worse. It could’ve been my knee :)

  95. Ironic. Backpacking. I remember when Gary Carter, who survived a career of home plate collisions, threw out his back underhand tossing with his little kids.

  96. Hagerstown Md Rangers Fan on

    With the current dismal cap situation that the NYR now face how in the world are they going to find the fishnegals to sign King Henrik? And I did not find it encouraging when during a post playoff interview the man said that he “had a blast in NY” Had according to my dear old 7th grade English teacher is past tense. That can’t be good folks.

  97. For one thing, Richards’ money will come off the table. God forbid he gets hurt before it happens.

  98. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Oh we’d be sitting pretty right now with gabby’s contract (s)

    Course maybe we would have complianced b rich.

    Dorsett is NOT a goon. Oliwa was a goon. Langdon was a goon. Grimson was a goon. Dorsett is NOT a goon.

    It is an absolute no brainer IMHO to trade 2 of our starting d men not named Moore or mcdonut for picks or a top 6 forward before the season.

    Unless we add some size and playable toughness to the forward ranks before the season, Falk and mcilrath are no brainer locks to the lineup IMHO.

  99. Hagerstown Md Rangers Fan on

    Coos I hope Richards does not get hurt either. They should have scrapped him when opportunity knocked. It was hard to watch him play last season. It seemed that he suddenly aged in dog years or something.

  100. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Staal and mza to the canes for ruutu and westgarth.

    Then trade Stralman or mdz plus one of the bottom line forwards for picks.

    Trade skjel to the devils for matteau’s kid.

    Sign the bahama bomba just because I like typing bahama bomba.

    Drop the freaking puck and hope b rich doesn’t get hurt

  101. Charlie's Wang on

    Anthony, I got the biggest Weiner in Brooklyn. dont cross the border,,,,,,stay in Queens where guys with little Weiner’s belong.

  102. I think this team will be better because our 4th line will be the shutdown line(Dorsett, Moore, Boyle) and the 3rd line will include the kids and get more minutes.
    It will also be better because Staal gives us 3 top pair D-men and takes a bit of pressure off from DZ, Moore and Stralman and means they will play against weaker forwards.

  103. …and now back to your regular programming of the “Waiting for Derek” show…..

    Episode 1, Mikey goes to a wedding
    Episode 2, Brad goes fishing
    Episode 3, Carl eats pickled herring
    Episode 4, Dominic raises some money for charidee
    Episode 5………

  104. “What do I think of his performance? What do I think of his x&^%#*ing performance? Is that what you’re asking me, what do I ^%$#(*#ing think of his &^#(*^ing performance?

  105. In 2011 Hagelin & Miller played as Prospects, and the Rangers played in the Final game.

    You would think that Miller, Kristo, Fast, Lindberg, & McIlrath would all play this year?

  106. The last Traverse City Tournament was in 2011 and the Rangers announced their roster in mid-August so I would expect a similar announcement this year.

  107. Rob in Beantown on

    Kreider must be happy. He won’t have to log so many miles when he bounces back and forth between the big team and the little one.

  108. The Amtrak Special, right from Penn Station to Hartford. Can’t get any more convenient than that. Don’t even have to leave the building.

  109. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    My Gaborik post was followed by an (s), though I did hate the trade last year. That being said, the Rangers won that deal last season. It remains to be seen if they won it this season.

    There is an argument to be made that the Rangers would be a better team if they kept Gaborik, bought out Richards, and had three other players/prospects.

  110. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    I agree with Carp that Moore is the linchpin in that deal. If he can help run the PP, then it will have been worth it.

  111. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    What ever happened to that pashnin kid that everyone in the organization was raving about a couple of pre seasons ago?

  112. They will probably change their name yet again, ilb. -Hartford Wolfpack- to -CT Whale- to -Hartford Wolfpack- to “Long Island Long John Silver’s brought to you by Staples, where 3M reigns supreme”

  113. As a person that hails from, and still identifies as, a Connecticut-person (no better word for that), it’s very sad to see the state possibly lose yet another hockey team from the Hartford Area.

  114. iWisky,
    …”What ever happened to that pashnin kid…”
    He is playing in KHL since his draft by Rangers in 2009
    (by#200 overall), first for Red Army club, then from 2011 2 seasons for Lokomotiv (Yaroslavl)- remember,the club, tragically lost the whole team. Playing in style reminiscent that of Kasparaitis,considered one of the best to using bodychecks. Nothing spectacular in offence and scoreboard for sure, but is trusted to play constantly in United National Junior Team.
    Chances to come to NHL between 0 and nil.

  115. Pavel Buchnevich is the only Russian in the system that has a chance to make the Blueshirts in the future.

    Pashnin & Valenteko can’t even make the Hartford team.

  116. “They call it Stormy Monday
    But Tuesday’s just as bad.
    They call it Stormy Monday
    But Tuesday’s just as bad.
    Lord, and Wednesday’s worse.”

  117. Foghorn Leghorn on

    What, I say, what’s the big commotion about the day? Everyday’s great for bashin’ Manny over the head. The fresh post warden, that is.

  118. I thought you’d typed that wrong, Sioux, but he really is called Klarc Wilson.

    Must be an Irish name, from Korc, or something.

  119. “Another day in the park
    People dancing, people laughing
    A man selling ice cream
    Singing Italian songs
    Can you dig it?
    Yes, I can
    And I’ve been waiting such a long time
    For Saturday.”

  120. I liked Artie & Feds, but really, the Rangers haven’t had to much luck lately with prospects/draft picks from Russia.

    Hopefully Buchnevich develops into strong prospect for the Rangers.

  121. I think so, very much like they held Zucc’s when he was off to the KHL.

    He’s still on the “In the System” list. But I’m sure they make more money playing in the KHL, less taxes, living at Home, no language barrier. Can’t blame a player for playing at home, if they are not going to make the NHL in the states. Or you could be like Kovy and make $10M more in 4 years than you can playing for the Devils. ouch!

  122. Wednesday feels like Friday over here Coos.

    70,000 fans off to a country music festival, starting tonight. Looking forward to being hung over for the next 4 days :)

  123. Foghorn Leghorn on

    Did, I say, did you, I say, did you say, I say, did you say I’m, I say, did you say I’m stupid? Stupid, that is.

  124. Listen, Foghorn. You Back off, OK? I got friends too, son. And I will sick them on you.

  125. iWicky

    as much as i agree with you about
    needing a crease-clearing defenseman
    and even needing a BIG forward with some
    degree of skill
    i don’t understand the talk of McIlrath
    coming in to take a spot
    last i read from Gordie Clark he talked about his
    development was hampered due to knee injury and not
    playing a full season in Hartford.
    i hope i’m wrong and he gets it together and joins
    the Big Club.
    that would be great!
    but i don’t see anything that says he’s ready.

  126. Sioux – We don’t smoke marijuana in Muskogee.
    White Lightnin’s still the thrill.

  127. Our scouts should go to a Chinese laundry and find someone who can clear the crease.

  128. Rob in Beantown on

    Khol Drogo remains the mean crease clearing D-man the Rangers need. Sign the horse lord!! You can teach him to skate backwards later

  129. Send Richards down to ARod and see if Alex can recommend some little thing to perk him up a bit.

  130. Laugh all you want but that Gomez signing today makes Florida a legit contender.

    Said, no one ever.

  131. We could use a couple of accounts receivable guys from Genovese Industries in front of the net.

  132. I’m thinking its going to take 5.5 to 6 myn over 5 or 6 years to sign Stepan. Just look at some of the contracts bei1ng signed around the lague. Locking up young players for long term deals.

  133. Gomez: ‘Has anyone ever told you, you have the softest brown eyes?’
    Morticia: ‘No. Besides, my eyes are blue.’
    Gomez: ‘No wonder nobody ever told you!’

  134. I bet the Mandlebaum’s are going to be pissed about Hagelins tweet today. #bestdadintheworld

  135. _I’m thinking its going to take 5.5 to 6 myn over 5 or 6 years to sign Stepan. Just look at some of the contracts bei1ng signed around the lague. Locking up young players for long term deals._

    These guys are all further along into RFA than Stepan. Pavelski, Brown and Wheeler are non-comps.

  136. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Thanks for the pashnin update everyone.

    Obviously if mcilrath isn’t healthy enough to play, then he shouldn’t. But similar to the kreider debates here, let him work out his growing pains on the big club.

  137. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    At this point with the current salary cap situation and roster configuration my six starting d men this fall would be (in no particular order)…Falk, OPG, the mad bomber, mcdonut, mcilrath, and Moore.

  138. So if Lindberg, Miller, Brassard, Stepan, Boyle and D. Moore all have great camps, what do they do with Richie? Does he sit in the press box all season? I imagine they are not going to be able to trade him.

    Maybe he can be an Ice Boy for the Islanders?

  139. Foghorn Leghorn on

    Rangers, I say, Rangers West, the Fishsticks utilize, I say, utilize ice girls. Bradley, I say, Bradley will be an even better fit than you thought! Snug, that is.

  140. Fishsticks would be a fine new name for the CT Whale / Hartford Wolfpack should they move to L.I.

  141. Olga Folkyerself on

    Dolan is interested in the Mausoleum as a backup plan for when the MSG lease runs out in 10 years. It will put pressure on NYC to build him a new MSG in Manhattan.

    Otherwise, Hello, Long Island Rangers!

    Have I said “FIRE SATHER” lately?

    Chicago Black Hawks 2013 Stanley Cup Champions! All that needs happen is a crappy owner drops dead, and the Cups come rolling in.

  142. Olga Folkyerself on

    Listening to Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond.

    Where it began,
    I can’t begin to knowin’
    But then I know it’s growing strong

    Was in the spring
    And spring became the summer
    Who’d have believed you’d come along.

    Hands, touchin’ hands
    Reachin’ out, touchin’ me, touchin’ you

    Sweet Caroline
    Good times never seemed so good

    Reminds me of a bunch of loveable losers…

  143. Olga Folkyerself on

    Monday morning feels so bad,
    Ev’rybody seems to nag me
    Coming tuesday I feel better,
    Even my old man looks good,
    Wednesday just don’t go,
    Thursday goes too slow,
    I’ve got Friday on my mind

    Gonna have fun in the city,
    Be with my girl she’s so pretty,
    She looks fine tonight,
    She is out of sight to me,
    Tonight….I spend my bread,
    Tonight…I lose my head,
    Tonight…I got to get tonight
    Monday I have Friday on my mind.

    Do the five day drag once more,
    Know of nothing else that bugs me
    More than working for the rich man,
    Hey I’ll change that scene one day,
    Today I might be mad,
    Tomorrow I’ll be glad,
    I’ve got Friday on my mind,

  144. If you guys haven’t seen this….HOLY CRAP it’s funny

    @NationRangers 6m

    Someone messed up… pretty badly

  145. 19 years old, 6’7, 185 D man. Sounds like Zucc without the height. Who is 6’7, 185? Maybe with this contract, he can afford to eat. NYR Asst GMs are stockpiling, probably a good idea.

  146. Gimme a hockey story, with ice and snow! Norway is under the midnight sun this time of year…could be Zuc is suffering from sun stroke, but I think that $1.1M is a fair one year price, given his history and potential. Those Norwegians party late, you can’t tell what time it is in the early morning hours. Anyone have an inkling of how Sather will shed payroll before the season starts…not another DZ trade wish, but a realistic scenario?

  147. Come on already, Drop The Puck!!!

    Congrats Manny on “hitting” Powerball. I’ve seen what money can do to some folks, don’t let it change you.

  148. I won’t let it, C-Dubs. I did already quit my job and I told off a few people I work with. Oddly enough it was the ones I liked. Oh well. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE! $4 Windfall!

  149. Hey, Manny, did I drop the ball on Paul Mara contest prizes? I still haven’t mailed out the first-round playoff prediction prizes. I am such a procrastinator …

    Good afternoon, Sally!

  150. I was supposed to maile out Nasty’s amazing Grand Prize. I found a box, taped it up and wrote his address on it. Hard to walk it to the post office though. It’s almost a block away.

  151. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    Hey Manny there was no winner on powerball take your BIG winnings & reinvest it for the next drawing! Hey you never know. Don’t forget who gave you this when you win that BIG prize! ;-)

  152. If the Rangers sign Byfuglien and move into the Post Office, does he get his own zip code?

  153. Rob in Beantown on

    New York Rangers @NYRangers
    OFFICIAL NEWS: #NYR Agree to terms with Defenseman Troy Donnay (@TroyDonnay).


  154. Just spoke spoke to a friend in Oslo. She says many NHL fans there have switched allegiances and root for the Rangers because of little Zucc.

  155. Rob in Beantown on

    Whoa, your 8:56. 6’7, 185 lbs? He sounds like quite the engineering marvel

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