Updated Stanley Cup odds … Rangers 20-1 to win the silver


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The latest Stanley Cup odds, after free agency. Your boys are now listed at 20-1 to win the Cup and 11-1 to win the Eastern Conference.

What does that mean in terms of reality? I have no idea.

Courtesy of Bovada, (www.Bovada.lv, Twitter: @BovadaLV). 

Odds to win the 2014 Stanley Cup
Chicago Blackhawks                 6/1
Pittsburgh Penguins                  13/2
Boston Bruins                           10/1
Los Angeles Kings                    12/1
St. Louis Blues                          12/1
Detroit Red Wings                     16/1
Vancouver Canucks                   16/1
San Jose Sharks                       18/1
Edmonton Oilers                       20/1
Minnesota Wild                         20/1
New York Rangers                     20/1
Anaheim Ducks                         22/1
Montreal Canadiens                   25/1
Toronto Maple Leafs                  25/1
Washington Capitals                  25/1
Philadelphia Flyers                    28/1
New York Islanders                    33/1
Ottawa Senators                        33/1
Carolina Hurricanes                    40/1
Colorado Avalanche                  40/1
Columbus Blue Jackets             40/1
Dallas Stars                              40/1
New Jersey Devils                     40/1
Nashville Predators                   50/1
Tampa Bay Lightning                 50/1
Winnipeg Jets                           50/1
Phoenix Coyotes                       66/1
Buffalo Sabres                          100/1
Calgary Flames                         100/1
Florida Panthers                        150/1 

Odds to Win the 2014 Eastern Conference          
Pittsburgh Penguins                  5/2
Boston Bruins                           19/4
Detroit Red Wings                     17/2
New York Rangers                     11/1
Washington Capitals                  12/1
Montreal Canadiens                   14/1
Toronto Maple Leafs                  14/1
Philadelphia Flyers                    15/1
New York Islanders                    16/1
Ottawa Senators                        16/1
Carolina Hurricanes                    22/1
Columbus Blue Jackets             22/1
New Jersey Devils                     22/1
Tampa Bay Lightning                 22/1
Buffalo Sabres                          40/1
Florida Panthers                        75/1

Odds to Win the 2014 Western Conference          
Chicago Blackhawks                 5/2
Los Angeles Kings                    6/1
St. Louis Blues                          6/1
Vancouver Canucks                   8/1
San Jose Sharks                       17/2
Minnesota Wild                         10/1
Anaheim Ducks                         12/1
Edmonton Oilers                       12/1
Dallas Stars                              18/1
Colorado Avalanche                  25/1
Nashville Predators                   25/1
Winnipeg Jets                           25/1
Phoenix Coyotes                       33/1
Calgary Flames                         40/1


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  1. Thank you for your critique, mothman, er, gbrs.

    FYI, this isn’t my full-time gig. And there really isn’t much going on.

    There are a whole bunch of other blogs listed on the right … please feel free to visit them.

  2. It is fresh! It has yet to be soiled by the internet trolls of the worst blog on the internets.

  3. Well, therein lies the issue, ilb. These people never offer solutions. Only critique.

  4. Carp 20-1. It’s been 20 years since we won the last one, and 20 more before we win another?????

    So 20-1.

    Or…… it will only cost you $500 to win your main event seat for next year.

  5. I watched two episodes on MeTV the other night, Rob. Hence the new avatar. That show is way too clever for kids.

  6. Hey St Louis may be really short but there’s no reason to call him a troll! If you’re really a man drop the gloves with him and he will uppercut you in the knee cap!

  7. Martin St. Louis isn’t even tall enough to be a troll. You can see his sneakers in his driver’s license photo. Torts eats apples off his head.

  8. Trollin’
    On a Monday Afternoon –
    blabbermouthing like a loon –
    I can’t imagine anything that’s better
    The world is mine, my bed is even wetter –
    There ain’t no place I’d rather be than
    On a Monday Afternoon.

  9. The trolls are picking up their game – some can now spell Carpiniello correctly.

  10. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Carped of course…

    iWicky “Frag Out!!!”
    Summer sucks!!

    E x 3
    Sorry about the mrs, hope all is well!

    July 29th, 2013 at 5:31 PM

  11. Anthony's Weiner on

    Not sure why, but lately, I haven’t been invited to ‘hang out’ anymore………

    My peter, she’s a no longer a tweeter………

  12. guest bloggers really do suck on

    Manny “Well, therein lies the issue, ilb. These people never offer solutions. Only critique.”

    Another lazy post. Copy and pasting odds.

    I offered solutions. Carpiniello, tell us about the Rangers AHL players. Tell us which players can make the jump to the Rangers next season and why. Tell us which players can help the Rangers in the distant future and why. Tell us which players are AHL roster filler. That is what you write about when “there really isn’t much going on”

    I am not employed by Gannett. It is not my responsibility to write about the Rangers as it is the responsibility of Carpiniello.

    How is this not the full time gig of Carpiniello? He is not covering another professional team. What is the other “gig”

  13. guest bloggers really do suck on

    That is what your writing amounts to.

    Blah, blah, blah, blah.

    Succinctly put, Carpiniello.

  14. also, before I forget, thank you for all the additional comments, page views and visits. For somebody who hates this place, you sure are helping me out.

  15. guest bloggers really do suck on

    You are not getting a raise in salary because of my page views and comments.

    The Journal News will be contracted in the future and you will be out on your kiester.

  16. guest bloggers really do suck on

    I want Rangers news and Rangers insight. I do not want to read words copy and pasted from your email or a betting website.

    Tell us how Alain Vigneault is going to impact the Rangers.

    Share insight on the Rangers. That is your job.

  17. With a fair amount of certainty, I can say that Alain Vigneault will be considerably taller and friendlier than John Tortorella.

    That is my analysis thus far. At this stage of the summer, I don’t really give a rodent’s hind quarters about any impact he might or might not have.

  18. ” I will never understand why jackasses who hate it here still visit here ” BECAUSE THEY ARE JACKASSES!!! On a serious note- Im of a mind that Boston won’t be back to the finals again this year.

  19. I move that RHQ be added to the often used acronyms of the blog. . Rodents hind quarters, love it.

  20. Same odds as Edmonton, I’m certainly biased but I think our boys are closer than the Oilers?

  21. Hagerstown MD Rangers Fan on

    For the record I like it here. Also as Carp has written
    at this time of summer there is absolutely nothing going on. It is hockey hibernation season.
    One question I do have however is did the NYR re-sign Stepan as of yet?

  22. Effective, Cost-Efficient Home Security System

    1. Outside front door, leave a copy of Guns and Ammo Magazine.

    2. Leave note on door that reads:

    Duke, Bubba and me went for more ammo and beer. Back in an hour. Don’t mess with the pit bulls; they attacked the mailman this morning and messed him up pretty good. I don’t think Killer took part, but it was hard to tell with all the blood. Anyway, I locked four of them in the house, better wait outside.

  23. E3 difficult to tell when you’re serious…or just having fun playing with words…if your partner hurt herself hiking the TRT, sorry to hear that and hope she’s doing ok. Couldn’t happen in a more beautiful setting.

  24. Rob in Beantown on

    I too am an equal fan of both the Rangers and the Capitals, which is why I choose to watch the game on a Rangers blog, constantly praise the Capitals, and cheer when the Capitals score. Not the Rangers so much. Such is the equality of _my_fandom

  25. wild, I was going to get hurricane insurance, but I don’t even know how to start a hurricane. :)

  26. lmao, you guys.

    Hagerstown, no, not yet.

    and there is some news coming!!!!!! The Little Italian Kid from Norway’s arbitration hearing is Wednesday, I believe.

  27. Anthony's Zuccini on

    The zucchini can reach nearly a meter in length, but is usually harvested at half that size or less.

  28. So I needed to get to the airport and tried to grab a cab but Minnie was mooching all up and down the street so you could absolutely count on a taxi wardance breaking out. Decided to duke it out on the A-train but some guy strongarmed me to the St. James Infirmary which is obviously miles from where I wanted to be so I started walkin’ when this weird monk shows up and tells me to meet him ’round midnight. So I meet him and he gives me the bird and some salt peanuts, now I’m so dizzy that you could have told me it was night and I was in Tunisia and to top it off some guy cannonballs into me and all I can do is ask for mercy. I did that 3 times and and finally caught the trane and I tell you it was my favorite thing to finally be flying home to Illinois.

  29. Coos – can’t really apply that insurance policy over here, it would sound like this:

    1. Leave a copy of Horse and Hound on the doorstep
    2. A note saying: “Tamsin darling, be careful going inside, one’s locked the Corgi’s in, they bothered the postman a bit this morning and ripped his socks. Daddy, Hugo and I have nipped to the supermarket for more Pimms. TTFN”

  30. At least Vegas thinks we have a better chance than Columbus. That whole team should start wearing JD moustaches.

    Carp confided in me that he likes the Batman uni best of all because the shorts are so snug

  31. It has been so hot in Vancouver that Tortsy has been seen going down water slides in his long underwear like Napoleon in the first Bill and Ted movie

  32. Talk about making it hard to follow the puck from the stands! They’ll have to use one of the old orange Burger King pucks

  33. Where has cmnsnse been? I think he set up a one man picket line on Dolan’s front lawn.

    “Occupy Boneheads” is sure to pick up steam as Dolan boxes up his desk and gets evicted from MSG

  34. The US sports attitude to advertising is a bit confusing to us Europånsies.

    Ads on uniforms or the playing surface would be absolute sacrilege, but messing with the integrity of the actual event by having numerous TV timeouts (admittedly far less intrusive in the NHL than other sports) is basically accepted practice.

  35. Guessing, from some of the ads, that rink is in Finland, ilb. Unfettered socialism with a capitalistic bent?

  36. Anyone old enough to remember the NHL when ads weren’t allowed on sideboards? Hint: Wasn’t that long ago.

  37. Hockey theme on a personal level: appropriately enough – just got my first birthday present from my younger son – Nash’s authentic home jersey(should be moronistically(?) expensive)and humorous condolences card about my age and hockey offseason boredom. Something to brag about?

  38. @NYRangersZone 1m

    #NYR Mats Zuccarello arbitration hearing scheduled for this Wednesday.

  39. Mine actually is, Fat Guy. Never thought of that before. But yea, my Avatar is an Advertisement (spelled the same but pronounced differently than Europånsies).

  40. DelZaster Homage to Vacation Mate:

    Ev’ry kiss, every hug
    Seems to act just like a drug;
    You’re getting to be a hobbit with me.
    Let me stay in your arms,
    I’m addicted to your charms;
    You’re getting to be a hobbit with me.

  41. Carp, noticed in US Open, the amateur who played so well, (think his name was Spieth, wore all kinds of advertisement logos on his hat/shirt. If golf amateurs are not allowed to accept prize $ or endorsement $, why would he wear this stuff?

  42. My avatar must then be changed to a bottle of knob creek bourbon , a twelve pack of Stella Artois and a nice cabernet- for after lunch

  43. Manny I’m gonna be the first to put Carp down today:

    Carp- you’re short
    Your belly button sticks out too much and you’re a terrible burden on your poor mother! (S)

  44. Fat guy, AMC actually pays me 500 bucks a month to promote the concluding season of Breaking Bad via my avatar ;)

  45. Rob in Beantown on

    Advertisements on sweaters/jerseys would be an abomination. Sadly, they will probably happen sooner or later. The NBA is already experimenting with it. How long can it be before the other sports follow suit? Too much greed for it to be too long.

  46. ?@WharnsbyCBC 10m

    #Leafs D Mark Fraser has avoided salary arbitration, agreeing to 1 yr deal worth $1,275M.

  47. The New York Rangers have officially changed their name to the “H&H Bagels brought to you by Sony, funded by GM.” Remember folks, the H&H Bagels run on Dunkin.

  48. Joe: “Sam, those folks who run H&H Bagels are a wonderful, wonderful group.”

    Sam: “That they are, Joe.”

  49. I remember when MLB tried to put advertisements for the Spiderman movie on the bases. That drew a lot of anger from the fans.

  50. ‘The Oxford Insurance Opening One.’
    ‘The Foxwoods Final Five.’

    ‘This icing was brought to you by Pillsbury.’
    ‘The Chase Bank Check of the Game’
    ‘This Power Play brought to you by Pepsodent.’
    ‘That Save sponsored by Homeland Security, the Vigilant People Who Keep the Wolf from your door.’

  51. I think it wasn’t that long ago, C-Dubs. I think it’s like late 70’s. Ice ads appeared in about, 1994 or something like that.

  52. “Tonight’s Tort post game press conference has been brought to you by Fox’s Anger Management 2, starring Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler”

  53. Even better idea. Google the question!


    1978-1979 Season for Boards.
    1990 for Ice.

  54. …and then there was just the little Norwegian Hobbit stood all on his own with Darth Sather on the other side of the room telling him he’s too short to earn a million bucks a year

  55. Rob in Beantown on

    My *smart* phone just told me the Rangers signed a 1-year deal with MZA for $1.15 mil, avoiding arbitration

  56. LOL. Zucc must have grown a bit in the off-season as Darth gave him $1.15m!

    Now to that Stepan contract and Lunqvist extension Slats!!

  57. 1.15 for zucc for my taking is too much however when you hear the rumors he you hear numbers like 1.7-2.3 he wanted i will take it at 1.15.

    i am not a lover of zucc and prob wont ever be.

  58. by the way i just got back from vegas on sunday after being there for 4 days for my company 50th anniversary. i wish i had these odds from up top on the two future bets i made on winning the cup.

    i got 12-1 on the wings

    i got 10-1 on the blues.

    i love the blues this year especially with realigment in there divsion. i know hawks are there but i dont see repeats happening and the blues could easily be in west conf final vs either kings ducks sharks or canucks from other west div.

    i clearly are banking on both the blues and wings to be in conf final because of relaligment and i will take my chances from there.

    hawks and bruins step back

  59. Rob in Beantown on

    This might be a dumb question, but how are Powe and Asham’s contracts off the books? I thought you couldn’t bury contracts in the minors anymore.

  60. I am not sure how the new CBA will affect Lundqvist’s new deal. With the previous CBA, there were advantages to waiting until after January 1 to extend deals – not sure if that is still the case.

    If it is, it might mean a few months of speculation unless the team and Hank can “agree in principle” and not sign the extension until the new year.

  61. There’s still some sort of penalty system Rob – but because they are “only” $1m per the charge is about $100k each.

    Formula is: Cap Hit – (minimum salary + $325k).

    Current min salary is $575 i think.

  62. Its the Redden rule.

    Powe is $1.067m, Asham $1m so the total cap hit after being waived to the minors (i think) is $267k rather than the full $2m.

  63. Rob- the new CBA allows contracts to be buried in AHL using this formula:

    For one way contracts you can bury up to minimum salary ( $550K this year) plus $375K= $925K

  64. Lol! Numbers are slightly different but you get the idea though Rob?

    p.s. i’d go with ilb’s he seems more certain than my guesstimates

  65. This is minimum salary graph from new CBA:


    2012-13: $525,000
    2013-14: $550,000
    2014-15: $550,000
    2015-16: $575,000
    2016-17: $575,000
    2017-18: $650,000
    2018-19: $650,000
    2019-20: $700,000
    2020-21: $700,000
    2021-22: $750,000

  66. Given that Stepan is going to probably eat all our remaining cap room (and maybe more after those Bogosian and Wheeler deals) the fact that Lindberg and Fast are $800k or less against the cap should worry the likes of Boyle and Pyatt immensely.

  67. I think Zucc’s last salary total was about 980, before last year’s lockout. Surprised he settled for 1.1 when arbitration tomorrow would most likely have given him a another couple hundred grand at least. ?

  68. Something to consider: MZA first contract was for 2 years at $1.75M per, though it was a two-way deal. He keeps coming back for less money. He really wants to play in NHL, no doubt he can make more in Europe.

  69. Rob in Beantown on

    That’s an interesting point, ilb. I don’t know enough about the differences in the style of play, but I’ve also heard people say he could do better on the bigger European-style ice than on the NHL ice. It’s interesting that he keeps wanting to come back.

  70. I wouldn’t go as far as saying ads on jerseys were *a good thing* but it’s been about 35 years since it first happened in the Anglopansysoccerpansyliga, so it just seems unusual (if commendable) that US sports still haven’t gone down that route (rhymes with root not doubt) given you advertise the hell out of everything else.

  71. And there are plenty of Europansy sports teams – though only really in lower profile sports – that have sponsors incorporated into the team name. Most of the Czechopansy hockey teams seem to be that way.

    I’d hate for the New York Red Bulls or other famous US teams to go that way.

  72. Zuc’s signing is my 2nd B.-Day gift today – unlike Eric, I like little Hobbit, he is fun to watch, was underutilized and treated unfairly during Torts rein, IMO.

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