Dominic Moore’s Smashfest! a smashing success


Click here for a story by my buddy Mike Brophy, written for, about Dominic Moore, who hosted the charity event.

From the NHLPA:


…Second annual charity Ping-Pong event included 25 current and former NHL players participating 

TORONTO (July 26, 2013) – NHL player Dominic Moore is pleased to announce that this year’s Smashfest! charity ping-pong event raised over $100,000, which will go towards concussion research through various brain-injury/concussion foundations, as well as research and advocacy for rare cancers through the Katie Moore Foundation, which was established in 2013 after the passing of Dominic’s wife, Katie.

“Smashfest 2013 was an epic night. I truly am proud and grateful that this year’s event raised over $100,000, which will go to concussion research and will help rare cancers through the Katie Moore Foundation,” said Dominic Moore, New York Rangers forward and Smashfest! host. “I would like to thank my fellow players, sponsors, NHLPA staff, and all our guests for an amazing evening.”

For the second annual Smashfest! event, 25 current and former NHL players – including Martin St. Louis, Phil Kessel, David Clarkson, Logan Couture, George Parros, Stephane Veilleux, Matt Stajan, Joel Ward, T.J. Galiardi and Jeff Skinner – came together with fans and ping-pong enthusiasts alike for some fun while raising awareness and much needed research funds for rare cancers and concussions.

“Smashfest was a great event. I was thrilled to be part of it with so many other NHL players,” said David Clarkson, Toronto Maple Leafs forward and Smashfest! participant. “It was a ton of fun, and it’s great to see that the event raised significant funds for two great causes.”

Those in attendance had the opportunity to square off at the ping-pong table against NHL players, and were also able to bid on one-of-a-kind items through both live and silent auctions, helping raise money for charity.

“It was a real pleasure to travel to Toronto for this unique event hosted by Dominic,” said Martin St. Louis, Tampa Bay Lightning forward and Smashfest! participant. “Smashfest was a hit for both hockey fans and NHL players in attendance.”

Veilleux, Minnesota Wild forward, lived up to his reputation as an outstanding ping-pong player by winning both tournaments, defeating St. Louis in the singles tournament final to be crowned the 2013 Smashfest! champion.

More than 600 people attended (Thursday) night’s event at the Steam Whistle Brewery in Toronto, Ontario.


Photo by Getty Images.


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  1. Tell me – are the hockey people at large the best when it comes to the participation in the charity programs and works of any kind, or it’s just because I follow everything hockey closer than rest sports?

  2. carp—off the subject……have you ever seen or heard about guys like gillies(hof) and hospodar getting together to talk about the old days? I wonder how boxcar thinks about that episode….he was over the top and he went looking for gillies(hof) but ole clarkie was snarling and itching to go..thnx

  3. Carp you’re right about there being plenty of good, giving people in all sports . The hockey community though, as a whole, is head and shoulders above all others in their commitment to give back. IMHO…

  4. I’ll join you, Carp. You and Sally. Providing Anthony doesn’t mind of course :-)

  5. Right, ilb re: Stepan. But, his top buddy McDonuts just got large long term and I would expect for security, Step’s agent wants similar.

  6. 86 with some inconsiderate soporific sad sack slackers in front of us who held up the whole golf course. Tempted to put one or two over their bow but one of them was a young 6’6 Delta Force looking guy with a buzzcut who was teaching his wife or his girl friend how to “play.” I let discretion be the better part of valor. Nuts!

  7. Carp, you have Sally and an MD so far. All you need now is an attorney and Father Monturo of St. Anthony’s and you’re good to go golden.

  8. I happen to know some attorneys, coos.

    Ps, good choice on the golf course discretion. We really should play.

  9. Carp, we’ll have to tee it up before we drag the snow roof rakes out of the garage.

    P.S. The old time Irish always wanted one son to be a doctor, one a lawyer, and one a Priest so the family had all their bases covered in this life and the next. They always forgot the hedge fund guy. :)

  10. Foghorn Leghorn on

    I’ll join, I say, join as long as Rose doesn’t turn me into no chicken parmagiana for supper. Dinner, that is.

  11. That can be miserable Coos, sounds like you kept it together.

    ilb, thanks for your reply in the previous post.

  12. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    I have been in California for 3 weeks…. absolutely Zero Hockey news. NHL, world, Olympic…. nothing.

  13. Thanks ILB!! Interesting article…I remember the father’s all sitting together at the rangers games . Never realized torts had cancelled the practice. I suppose he would let the players bring their dogs instead:-)

  14. Don’t we need to sign Stepan by Wed. or end up in arbitration for a 1 or 2 year contract?

  15. It is interesting that there hasn’t been a PED scandal in the NHL perhaps hockey players are indeed super heros, they don’t need or use PEDs.
    My wish however( and I say it only as a joke) is that 19 made ample use of then this off season.

  16. Incredible that Byfuglien wasn’t invited to join USA Olympics. They say they’re going to evaluate his play first couple months of the season and see. What a waste of what could have been a super career because of lack of discipline.

  17. “Dustin the fat boy, Dustin the fat boy
    Isn’t he round? Isn’t he round?
    What do he weigh, folks?
    Can you guess what he weigh?
    It’s only a quarter,
    Win a teddy bear for the girlfriend
    Or something for the wife
    You got to let this fat boy in your life.”

  18. Coos and ilb broke it down for me, I wasn’t sure either.

    Poor Byfuglien, done in by the she devil temptress, Little Debbie.

  19. Rob in Beantown on

    They can let Stepan wait until a few days before camp where he’ll be forced to sign a deal because he has no other options, right? Isn’t that what they did with DZ last year?

  20. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    All I can say is if all of you and capt. chopped liver are going to visit Anthony in Arizona, there better be a stop further north as well.

  21. SeeeDub, my guess would be that there sure has been some PED use, especially amongst the goons, but that the NHL’s testing, if there even is any, is prehistoric.

    Baseball has a strong testing program and only catches a fraction of the cheaters.

    Good afternoon, Sally!

  22. ‘P.S. The old time Irish always wanted one son to be a doctor, one a lawyer, and one a Priest so the family had all their bases covered in this life and the next. They always forgot the hedge fund guy.’

    Sure the priest, but I think you meant shebeen keeper and cop for the other two. Better for your health and keeping on the right side of the law.

  23. Wife to Henrik at Lover’s Lane: “Hurry up and get out of the car before I get out of the mood.”

    Henrik: “I can’t get out of the car until I get out of the mood.”

  24. I assume MDZ will be doing the best man’s speech at his brother’s wedding in solely tweet form. #strippers #notthatkindofhaircut

  25. Get rid of DelZ while the gettin’s good. He’ll be looking for McDonagh money after this season and he can’t play defense. We’re also loaded with left handers on D. We could use a 2nd line wing with punch.

  26. Good evening all! Just returned home from a fabulous weekend in the Great White North, which included a bucket list trip to the HHoF!

    Had an absolute blast, except for the start…I swear, first things I see are a Crybaby jersey, Fatty’s picture, and Stan Fischler on a video….I said to my friends, so far, this place is just pissing me off :)

    So, what’s happening?

  27. welcome back to the lower 48, Mama. Been watching the golf North of the border this weekend. Brandt Sneeedeker won! TGO’s future son-in-law blew it with a triple bogey on the 71st hole.

  28. ps, I’ve never been to the HHOF … at TGO’s induction the media had to be horded into a nearby hotel ballroom. Almost as hard to believe as I’ve never seen Slapshot in its entirety.

  29. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Anyone ever go on a backpacking trip in Lake Tahoe where your wife tears cartilage in her knee? If not, you must. An experience I’d highly recommend!!!

  30. Cross Check Charlie on

    Unfortunately, I’ve been to the HHOF and didn’t come away too impressed. They have quite a few items of “memorabilia” from unknowns or career minor leaguers. WTB? Who wants to see the jersey of some guy that played 20 games in the NHL in his career? The plaques are really nothing special.

    The interactive stuff, shooting a puck and playing goalie were OK.

    Otherwise, after seeing a bunch of jerseys and sticks and old skates it was pretty boring.

    Hope you enjoyed it better than I did, mama.

  31. Morning all.
    Its arbitration week! Only 3 left: Fraser, Zucc, Bogosian.

    Of the 3 i reckon only one will go the distance

    I’m betting Zucc and Slats settle on 2yrs at $1.5m per deal on Wednesday morning.

  32. Fraser will probably be the one to go to arbitration. He wants $2m, the Leafs want to pay $855k. The rumours on Zucc are that there is only $250-500k difference and possible difference over a 2 or 3 yr deal – not an insurmountable gap.

    Anyone else thinking Grabo to the Debbies?

  33. Ilb how about dormant ? Idle ? Comatose? Asleep at the wheel ? I’d be ecstatic just to watch some preseason games at this point …

  34. Comatose is the closest, dc. If you have last year’s subscription to the NHL Gamecenter you can watch 2011-2012 season in in its entirety.

  35. So…evolutionarily speaking, going bald must be superior to not going bald since you are probably better able to regulate your body temperature in the hotter months.

  36. ilb – i didnt know we still had access to all those games!! I’m on it like Chunk on a Baby Ruth tonight!

  37. Yup, UK. I’ve doing it often right after my little lady goes to bed. I strongly recommend rewatching all games against Philadelphia. Start with 2/5/12 and go all the way back. Then repeat from October:-)

  38. Way to go Mr. Moore!!! Nice event for a great cause.

    I’ve always had a blast when Cullen puts his on here in Fargo.

    Then there was a night of having to much fun, and a drunken whistle cost me $1,500. One must be extra careful when whistling at a auction. Whoops.

    One can always use another “Jersey Chair” for their office right?????

  39. Sounds good to me ilb – nothing like a bit of Flyer bashin’ to keep the spirits up.

  40. I am not going bald, ilb. You have met me. This thick, luscious mop of hair just makes me very hot in the summer!

  41. Good thing I had won a tournament and was recently cashed up :)

    His charity is Kids with Cancer. So it went to a good cause.

    Besides I’ve gotten several miles out of it at work. Except for the people that think it is a Dale Earnhardt Jr Red #8.

  42. Steiner selling collection of all Powe sticks used during 12-13 season. Plenty of goals and assists still latent within. None used. $9.99 for the entire package plus shipping.

  43. Rob in Beantown on

    Mathematics can’t even express the increases in offensive production you will see from Powe

  44. Read somewhere that Kreider’s ankle and Miller’s wrist still not 100%, though both say they could play tomorrow. League still hasn’t notified goalies about new pad rules which will be in effect for ’13-’14.

  45. eddie 3X – read your last evening post. Sorry to hear about your wife’s injury and best wishes for a happy outcome.

  46. Coos – nothing against Powe, the other team hardly ever scored on the 4th line. But Torts never played the 4th line. When the game was on the line.

    To win the Stanley Cup you need a 4th line players like Chicago, and Boston for that matter, that can score 15-20 point a year.

    They have to pitch in during the playoffs, when the top line is shut down. Devils did it to us 2 years ago, and Boston last year, you can’t play 3 lines when the other team is rolling 4, and expect to win in overtime.

    AV could make a difference with this alone, well then….there is that power play issue we had last year.

  47. Derek Stepan with his best impression of Jake Fratelli from Goonies:


  48. Grabbed the last of the boxes from my old place today. one was Rangers memorabilia that contained a yellowing newspaper article of yours truly being interviewed during the series against Atlanta by none other than Josh Thompson. Who was 26 years old at the time.

  49. Justin Falk:

    Philippians 3:13-14

    13 Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, 14 I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.


    Looks like we replaced Rupp with a new born again.

  50. I was reading about how to install a ceiling fan last night, Coos. Let me know if you need any help. I will need to borrow your impact driver though.

  51. Mannu, just treated myself to a Milwaukee Power drill set the week before moving into the house. I may marry IT instead of my fiance.

  52. Manny, you’re welcome to borrow my driver, a 9.5 Cobra that comes equipped with an occasional nasty hook. Haven’t tried it on the ceiling fans yet.

  53. lol my apologies to Josh, Carp. I’m guessing editor’s nightmare when fans are interviewed?

  54. Details, James. I am obsessed with the M18 impact driver. I heard you can get hexagonal drill bits to squeeze in there and use it as a multi purpose. I need the high torque for crappy Brooklyn Plaster walls.

  55. sorry for the brown-out.

    james, editors actually do love those stories. it’s the writers who hate them … have to scour the stadium for local folks who want to talk and are willing to give their real names and hometowns. LOL.

  56. LOL nice, Carp. I remember Sam W asked any fans who were attending to just shoot him their seat location Josh came up after the first period and hung out for like 10 minutes. Wrote a really nice article about the fans and how they were stoked to have playoff hockey back at MSG

  57. guest bloggers really do suck on


    You are the laziest writer.

    One blog post every three days.

    Copy and paste emails from the organization.

    Clean slate blog posts.

    What is the matter with you?

    You shame all real writers.

    Write an analysis of the Rangers AHL talent.

    Write about a charity that a Rangers player is involved with.

    Write about players the Rangers could become interested in as this upcoming season progresses.

    You are so lazy.

  58. FYI – I’ve enjoyed other fans guest blogs. Some more than others, but it’s pretty tuff to beat unshaven clown of a Pimp’s dog breakfast of a blog post.

  59. Cross Check Charlie on

    guest bloggers really do suck – Then you must suck even worse if you hate the blogger and the guest bloggers, but come to this site to read it. Just go away.

  60. To guest, who really do suck,
    I don’t know what did you suck this afternoon, but your barking is really hyper…Why wouldn’t you write something useful and exemplary, just for change, on any of mentioned subjects, even in a short post, instead of your usual slops. Show YOUR real knowledge, talent and style. Or your guts and brain are from the same matter?

  61. guest bloggers really do suck on

    I am not employed by a newspaper to write about the Rangers.

    Carpiniello is.

    Mockery of a writer.

  62. OK, moron,
    Carp suck, guest bloggers suck, worst site on the internet. The ONLY medicine – DO NOT READ! Explain that.Do all mankind and yourself a favor – don’t come here, where you’re not ,or take strychnine.

  63. Thank you for your critique, mothman, er, gbrs.

    FYI, this isn’t my full-time gig. And there really isn’t much going on.

    There are a whole bunch of other blogs listed on the right … please feel free to visit them.

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