Still a lot of barking in the “dog days” of summer


So, you guys need a new thread.

Here it is. (you’re welcome, James).

And while we’re on the topic of slow times and slower news, if anybody’s interested in filling a day or more with a guest blog, please drop me an email at

Guess you all saw the news this weekend that A) Dan Lacroix, one-time Ranger, will be the third assistant coach on Alain Vigneault’s coaching staff and B) Jaromir Jagr is trying to out-do Arron Asham in the number of different NHL uniforms he wears, trying out Devils red this coming season … or at least until he’s moved at the trade deadline to some contending team that hasn’t really been watching how he now skates (or doesn’t).

Also, that Ryan Callahan, Ryan McDonagh and Derek Stepan (USA), Carl Hagelin, Henrik Lundqvist and Oscar Lindberg (Sweden), Rick Nash and Marc Staal (Canada) were all invited to their country’s Olympic training camps.

And that John Tortorella (USA) was not named to the coaching staff. Speaking of barking.



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  1. is it me or are the devils starting to resemble the rangers of many years ago signing over the hill once upon a time good players?

  2. Denied by Sioux!

    Curious to see how they play Tommy. Brodeur got snubbed by team Canada

  3. Great, now if we could get that torts video up again, that would be great. Winky face

  4. Good to see Brad Richards is taking his time to get caught up to date on American Literature this off season —————————–>

  5. Rob in Beantown on

    What the eff Brad, all that time reading could be spent preparing to not stink next season. Why do we even bother?

  6. Richie’s new book, ‘Power Play.’ Nothing to do with 1 man advantage, rather his contractual dealings with Sather.

  7. It depends on who is on the other workout equipment in the gym, Sioux. Often times I am just pretending to read while breaking the gym rules and gawking at other gym goers on the nearby machines. Usually the stairmaster…

  8. Richie bench pressing paperback copy of ‘Catcher in the Rye.’ 2 sets of 3 reps.

  9. Did Brodeur snub Team Canada or declare himself unavailable due to the Russian cuisine and portion sizes?

  10. I don’t have room for the Baby Buffalo Bonehead … but I’d be happy to post the photo in the next thread if I have your permission, Sioux.

  11. Manny – I have a tendency to watch blond “pony tails” in front of me. I didn’t know I was breaking any rules, if that was the case they should outlaw yoga pants.

  12. It might not be at your gym, Sioux. At my gym they have signs running on the televisions, “PLEASE DO NOT GAWK AT FELLOW GYM GOERS”

    I assume it’s my fault.

  13. Usually when running i focus on the road in 5-10m in front of me, when on the treadmill on the gym i tend to focus on a nicely toned female derriere 5m or so in front of me – it helps motivate me!

  14. Manny the last marathon I ran, I had 3 hot hot hot blondes -in pony tails – pass me, with the names Bunny, Bean, & Britches name on the rear end of their yoga shorts. It was enough motivation to follow them for 20+ miles.

  15. So Kreider is eligible but Miller is not, do to the 25 game rule.

    So we could have 2 players chasing the Calder this year.

    Kristo & Kreider.

    I say put Stepan in the middle and let them run wide open!!!

  16. Had he not played in the playoffs he would have had a full 3 years. Not a problem Sather will resign him. Time to break out and have a 40+ point season.

  17. He could. But 23 games last year and only 3 points. Kind of makes me scratch my head a little…… is it all hype or hope?

    Part of me thinks Kristo could jump in right away and out score him, if given the shot at cracking the line up this year, which I think he will have with Cally and Hags rehabbing their shoulders.

  18. Its a win/win situation for sure.

    Lets hope the new blood and new coach can ramp up the scoring. Hank doesn’t need a lot to win a game, but 1 more always helps.

  19. Rob in Beantown on

    If AV has a longer leash with the kids than Torts, it will probably be good for their development, especially Kreider and DZ. Maybe Kreider especially will do better if he doesn’t feel Torts’ hot stare on him constantly.

  20. Foghorn Leghorn on

    Bark, I say, barking? Dog days of summer? Now that old hound dog is an awful pest. He barks so much I get no rest. Homely as an old mud fence, that old hound dog just got no sense. Oh doggy, you’re gonna get your lumps. Oh doggy, you’re gonna get some bumps. Oh doggy…

  21. Interesting that a Blackhawks blog has Callahan favourite to be Captain America ahead of Parise and Suter (and Chris Evans!)

    Of course they pick Toews for Captain Canada too

  22. Rob in Beantown on

    You like Miller over Quick for number one goaltender? I think given his lights out performance in the playoffs I’d give Quick the benefit of the doubt and assume him to be my number one unless he shows he doesn’t deserve it. But I guess you’re right Miller hasn’t had a good team in front of him for awhile.

  23. I love the idea of giving Miller, Kreider and Del Zaster a longer leash. Throw Kristo in the mix. Maybe Lindberg. Get some size and playable toughenss and this team is raring to go. I mean, imagine what Nash is capable of.

  24. Foghorn Leghorn on

    Pär, I say, Pär Mårts thinks Lindberg ready enough to play in the Olympics. Sochi, that is. Do ya think Frenchie, I say, Frenchie will give him a fightin’ chance in camp?

  25. Oscar will get his chances as soon as he adapts to the smaller ice. But what Center will come out Stepan, Brassard, Richards, Boyle? You really think Oscar will center the 4th line?

    I think the 4th will be all Bangers & Mash!

  26. Kreider, Kristo, & Miller will be the bubble boys this year, but they might all get the start do to the shoulders in Hagelin and Callahan.

    60 Dog Days left.

  27. Thanks carp ! Sioux, I’ve only seen kristo on YouTube highlights,but he seems to play with an edge that we desperately need….

  28. Asham and Powe cleared waivers so they may not even have a spot on the Rangers roster come game day.

    You would think they would have some value. Would you?

  29. I would have thought, Sioux, but if they cleared waivers I don’t know who would want to give up assets for them now. Unless you wait until the deadline.

    Powe was _really_ injured last year.

  30. Rob in Beantown on

    Asham was pretty chronically injured too if I remember right. He probably doesn’t have much time left unfortunately

  31. You’ll like him DC. Let’s see how his game looks in the big leagues. He has his own style.

    He can hit you like Oshie, but he has a way to will the puck into the net like Parise, and plays a solid two way game, if you hesitate he will steal the puck from you like Toews. Now I’m compairing his game to Oshie, Parise, Toews college game – just so we are on the same page.

    He will be a MSG fan favorite in time. I can’t promise it will be right away, but he has a heart of a Callahan, and just has a way to dial his game up to the highest level when it counts.

  32. Powe and Ash cost us next to nothing when with Hartford. They will open up there, but will be available.

  33. Oscar playing well enough to replace Richards would be dreamy.
    #19 can watch from upstairs. Doubt it will happen but I’d like it.

  34. Here’s hoping he starts his NHL Career off like Stepan with a hat trick, and the Rangers won’t be able to send him down to the wolfpack.

    If I could predict his first game as a Ranger. He will hit someone hard, steal the puck, and dish it to someone for a goal. Then score one on a rush, by getting the goalie to move left, as he snipes the right corner.

    Stepan & Kreider will make him comfortable right away, so hopefully he doesn’t put to much pressure on himself.

  35. I agree Dubb, but if he plays 90% of what Richards gives us this year, it will make it A LOT easier to buy him out when you have a kid with skills ready to go.

    He’s going to push someone at center this year. I’m a huge fan of how Sweden plays the game. If he’s the MVP of the play offs last year on the Champion of Sweden league. He’s got to have the goods don’t you think?

  36. Thanks Sioux- I agree that knowing some of the young guys will help him…I sure hope AV gives these kids a chance and they respond !!

  37. Manny I’m pulling for Moore. I like the idea he has something to prove, and I wish him the best of luck after the year he had last year. Who wouldn’t want to see him succeed.

  38. I’m thinking AV going to have 3 scoring lines, and a solid 4th line with Dorsett-Moore-Boyle that can score on you and hit you in the mouth.

    The 3rd could be a youth energy line, Kristo has the speed and the skill to score, but then so does Hagelin and Krieder. Maybe we get lucky and have Step Center them. Have the hottest line earn the scoring minutes at the end of the game. The could give Nash’s line a run for their money :)

  39. We all had HIGH expectations last year with Nash joining Gaborik and Richards. This was going to be “year” we go all the way. Who knew it was going to be an “off” year for both Richards and Gaborik, and Nash didn’t exactly shine in the playoffs.

    This year – new coach, new young blood knocking on the door. The youth could surprise us, and this team could go farther than last years, but lets face it – only 4 teams went farther than the Rangers did last year.

    Expectations are in check. But I still like our odds at 20-1 :)

    Especially if we are cooking with Kristo.

  40. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    Today being the day of my birth I get Jagr signing with the Devils UGH. I liked last year’s gift of Nash on this day much more. And yes i’m “26” again!

  41. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Happy birth celebration day Rita! Only one day off from the 3rd in line for the throne of GB!

  42. *SIZE* and *JAM* and *GRIT* and other things that Tort told everyone we needed but never got the chance to assemble.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY RIA! Now Pipe Down! You’re supposed to be silent! (S)

  43. Yosemite Sam on

    You all no good laughable laughing stocks better wish Ria a mighty happy Birthday! She’s the quietest Bonehead this side the Rio Grand-E and you no good stinkers don’t stand a chance at being good enough to be in the same planet as her!

    Now get yerselves to wishin’ before I start fullin’ every dern one of you full o’ lead!

  44. “I wont let the worst season of my career ruin my summer reading”

    Now Richards will struggle and everyone will say his eyes are *”fatigued”*

  45. If you could ask Jagr to bring you over ONE delicious Czech sweet desert which one would it be? #AskBrodeur

  46. Happy 26th., Ria!

    Note to NHL players: once you’re offered a “games played bonus” time to start playing golf. Permanently.

  47. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    Thank you for the “birth” wishes everyone :-). My daughter I say my daughter is making me dinner YUMMY. I so luv this blog “worst”on the internet. Hey foghorn PLEASE don’t listen when certain posters ask you to leave your one of the best poster’s here. Off to celebrate ;-)) P.S. I may be silent but i’m always here reading & LMAO Carp.

  48. Manny, I’m sure by mid November Jagr and Marty will have a celebration routine known as the “kolache bump”

  49. Fatso to Jagr after Ranger breakout – ‘You don’t understand, you go down THERE. I’m the only one who stays here.’

  50. Foghorn Leghorn on

    Those posters, I say, those posters raisin’ an issue with this ol’ rooster are flatter than a gander’s arch. Real flat, that is.

  51. My avatar was attacked by a atarav and tried to give it a virus, but I poured some beer and a thin slice of garlic into the slot on the side of my screen and it worked but now the whole room smells like a Pizza and Brew. What do I do now, Manny?


  52. leetchhalloffame on

    With Marty & Jagr together now the Devs team bus will have to stop at every weigh-in station in the road.

  53. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Apparently team USA consulted hank on their coaches just like slats did lol

  54. Morning boys ..girls…and roosters! This month can’t end quick enough for me…..classic comment Coos

  55. Rob in Beantown on

    ilb, really interesting list. The Devils have debt worth 112% of their whole value… the next highest level of debt is 69%. Yikes.

    Also, it’s cool how the Original Six teams are also the six most valuable.

  56. Rob in Beantown on

    The Rangers are probably a cash cow, but it seems like 90% of sports teams would be a terrible investment for anybody to make from a business perspective. I never understood why anybody would buy a team, unless it’s just the glamour of being an owner.

  57. Also, even though the Rangers spend up to the max, they had the highest wins to players cost ratio among the highest spending teams by a wide margin last year. This year’s numbers aren’t out yet.

  58. Rob, Dolan is making money on this team every year. And it isn’t a pocket change either. That’s why Sather is here until he decides to retire. Also, that is the reason why I believe not buying Richards out this year was more hockey decision than financial. Big risk, no doubt. I also think that they didn’t announce their decision on Richards for awhile because they wanted to evaluate Clowe’s medical situation more carefully.

  59. Perhaps Dolan and Jagr are in it for the same reason, “the love of the game”

    Thanks for the article Rob, interesting but not all that surprising that Dubinsky is “captain material”, he already wears the A. I think they will be a tough out this season.

  60. Rob in Beantown on

    Is Hank’s agent still meeting with Sather? What’s the deal on that? Haven’t heard anything in weeks.

  61. Rob in Beantown on

    It’s going to be a *distraction* if the season starts and Lundqvist doesn’t have a new contract.

  62. Rob in Beantown on

    Lundqvist really should sign now. It’s virtually impossible his value will be higher at the end of next season, and far more likely it will be lower.

  63. Yes. Sign now. Sign Stepan. Sign Zuccarello. Sign Bel Biv Deveaux. Recall Bickel. Trade for Kyle Clifford. IMMEDIATELY.

  64. @Herman_NYRBlog Some team is going to be hanging a “Metropolitan Division Champions” banner at the end of the season. Just think about that.

  65. Rob in Beantown on

    Manny, hopefully it won’t be the Rangers. What a dumb banner that would be.

  66. thats not true, Rob. his value should be higher at the end of the season, given the ability of other teams to bid on his services.

  67. His value will be mostly decided on the number of contending teams that need goaltending and have cap space … but I think the Rangers will re-sign him before he gets to UFA.

    Good morning, Sally!

  68. Rob in Beantown on

    Tiki, I was assuming that fact is priced in to his value now as an incentive for the Rangers to sign him before he hits the market. But you’re probably right. Also I just can’t see another team, who can’t offer him as many years, being able to give him a better contract than the Rangers.

  69. any team without a high-paid, clear number one goalie would love to build their franchise around Henrik. there are many teams that fit the criteria. cap should be going up next offseason. a team could blow his agents out of the water with a Parise $$ deal w less years. that’s why the rangers should sign him to an extension in the next couple months. but given this org’s tendency to do the wrong thing, an extension before the season is not a guarantee.

  70. I really don’t think Hank is out for the money as his #1 priority. I would worry more about a team that has a real chance to win a few Cups and him splitting to that team.

    But I assume we lock him up and he’s a Ranger for life.

  71. Rob in Beantown on

    Which team is so close to a Cup but only needs a goalie? Pittsburgh maybe? But they have no cap space and can you imagine Hank living in Pittsburgh?

  72. Torts was right carp you are a hot dog :-) I was sure the new avatar was going to be a picture of you with a television over your head!

  73. Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike … what day is it Mike?

    Yes, Nanny. They make their own special recipe mustard/relish.
    It’s what puts the Magic in Magic Pan.

  74. bull dog line on

    read the Torts comment about not being a defensive coach. Torts is full of crap.

  75. bull dog line on

    Dale Weiss, another crappy 4th liner the Rangers let get away. boy you guys sure love your 4th liners here. don’t the Rangers already have enough lousy 4th liners.

  76. It’s just that Vancouver wanted to TRADE for Dale Weiss and instead the Rangers just waived him.

  77. bull dog line on

    as for the golden child Hank,
    if is not signed before season starts, send him to Anaheim for Hiller, Gibson, Lindholm, and Vatanen. you get your goalie of the present (Hiller), goalie of the future (Gibson), and 2 very good young Dmen.

  78. Bull Dog, it’s crazy isn’t it. I think Tort’s may be part Egyptian, living in da Nile.

  79. Probably a draft pick. Maybe a 4th rounder. Which would be one more draft pick we could have traded away.

  80. bull dog line on

    do really think if they offered a 4th rounder for Weiss, Sather would say no?

  81. I have a wedding question..why do colors take on new names when you plan a wedding? It’s like having to speak in nautical terms while on some dude’s yacht. Picked my tuxes last night and apparently “Red” and “gold” have to be addressed as “champagne” and “wine”..I just stood there confused and thirsty

  82. Oh man. Wedding Colors. That’s a big thing for generations previous to us.

    Yes I do, Bull Dog.

  83. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    I like that we’re getting closer to hockey season, but we’re also getting closer to the end of summer. Such a conundrum.

  84. If the Summer Temp is going to be in the upper 90’s then I am ready to say goodbye to summer. Immediately.

  85. That’s right, they can’t walk away, he’s a Ranger for at least this year. Think they’ll sign him before arbitration ? (7/31

  86. I would have thought they would have it done before 7/31. Who knows maybe he made more money in the KHL.

    I just don’t see his numbers worth more than $1.5. Do you?

  87. Canucks to retire pavel Bure number this year. I hope they remember to show Richter stoning him on that penalty shot in ’94

  88. His contract was $700,000 last year for a short year, and only a playoff run. A rookie minimum is $1M. So I’m thinking he will come in at about $1.5M. I don’t see anything out there that would give him more than that. Now with the salary cap going down, don’t you think the arbitration numbers will go down as well?

    $1.5M for a year. That’s my guess. Seems fair. Zucc gets a one way deal in the NHL.

  89. I think what may hurt the Rangers is the pro rated contract he signed for 700K in March, 20 games or so. He probably thinks that should be multiplied by 4, 82 game season. Since 20 games was half a “season”, the Rangers want to multiply by two.

  90. I’d say you’re about right Sioux because of it potentially going to arbitration and while I like the kid, I agree with Coos that 1.5 is generous.
    Once signed, perhaps he could be dealt? Montreal seems to love his type.

  91. His total salary for the whole season was 700K, SeeeDubb. Prorated for the games he played, so he got much less. His QO was $735K, 5% over his salary

  92. bull dog line on

    Stepan’s contract will be for 2 years. and how in the world do you think Zucc is going to get 1.5, and the player that lead the team and scoring only 2. the Rangers have Stepan under there control for the next 4 seasons. 4 year deal brings him to UFA status, the Rangers will not want a 4 year deal. they will want 2, or 6. 6 allows them to buy 2 of his UFA years.

  93. You have to note he was the 2nd highest scorer for the Rangers in the Playoffs. He will win some “extra” points for us in the shootouts.

    He averages .5pts a game. So he could score 35 -40 points.

  94. Makes sense Bull dog. I was thinking Step in the 2.2 -2.5 range.

    Not sure on Zucc. Maybe he will come in for a little less. I guess we will find out on 7/31.

  95. I didn’t realize Benoit Pouliot was a 1’st round draft pick, 4th overall in 2005.

    Looks to be a 30+ point guy at 26 yrs old.

    I don’t know much about him. But it looks like he will put more points on the board than Powe,& Asham did. Looking back he outscored Pyatt, Boyle, Kreider, Miller, Clowe.

    He’s more than just a depth guy for the 4th line.

  96. That’s pretty great, Sioux. Too bad the Rangers don’t have that kind of Work Ethic.

  97. They tried to roast Weiner today, but he promised to keep his head up, and stick it out.

  98. Can you guys believe that his wife stayed with him? Imagine if Anthony Weiner was a woman? Her husband would have left her in a heartbeat and her political career would be OVER. She would have to resort to making adult films based on her infidelities.

  99. Carlos Danger and Sydney Leather! How embarrassing that your husband is sxting with some woman named SYDNEY LEATHER!

  100. I noticed, on Twitter, that Domonic Moore and George Parros were talking. So I interjected…

    @MrManager5 2m Hey @mooredom Can you please talk @GeorgeParros into demanding a trade to the @NYRangers PLEASE? Pretty Please?

  101. I can’t believe we are hearing the Weiner news all the way over here. I’m driving to work thinking, YOUR life is OVER, time to get out of politics, and get a real job….. or does the wife just take his phone away :)

  102. Rick Nash and Marc Staal to Camp Canada. LMFAO. Does anybody watch the games anymore?

  103. Foghorn Leghorn on

    That Weiner, I say, that Weiner is stuck up higher than a light pole and talks with his tongue out of his shoe. Shoe that, is.

  104. Papa – That’s why Richards isn’t on the list.

    Nash could still be one of Canada’s top 12 forwards.

    It would be nice if he was one of the Rangers top forwards in the playoffs.

    But I get what you are saying!!!

  105. Pyatt will probably prove to be superfluous. DelZ is now probably sixth on the D chart. Richards shouldn’t be here. He was obviously injury free last year and though Pollyannas have conjured up multiple excuses, has no excuse.

  106. Re: Spitzer – Guess that Ashley Dupree wasn’t enough woman to knock his socks off.

  107. Anthony the Politician on

    Oh, I’d love to be an Oscar Mayer wiener.
    That is what I’d truly like to be.
    ‘Cause if I were an Oscar Mayer wiener,
    Everyone would be in love with me.

  108. I like my foot long weiner grilled on the barbie well done, served on a soft and fluffy bun and topped with a mix of Heinz Ketchup and Gulden’s Spicy Brown Mustard.

  109. My wife says the mustard / ketchup combo on a my Weiner makes me a “jersey boy”. Not really sure what she means by that.

  110. ‘Cause tonight I’m gonna take that ride
    ‘Cross the river to the Jersey side…

  111. Almost picked up a package of Turkey Wieners at the market recently but I wasn’t sure where to put the stuffing.

  112. You guys just wrote tonight’s late shows monologue, nice.

    Rangers v Caps all night on NHL network.

    Relive the glory.

  113. Mr. Weiner with life advice to his young son Anthony:

    “Remeber Anthony, try and keep it in your pants. But if you find that you can’t keep it in your pants, never post a picture of it on your twitter account.”

  114. Weiner blames incident on Republican congressman.
    Boehner denies responsibility.

  115. Pardon the politics, but Boehner has been really hard-on Obama and the democrats.

  116. Bill Clinton was asked what he would do if he were caught in a situation like Weiner’s :

    “Well, I wouldn’t be surprised.”

  117. No Coos, Bill was asked what he would do if Hillary were caught in a situation like Weiner’s and he responded that he wouldn’t be surprised. ;)

  118. Ghost of Ben Franklin on the current Weiner scandal.

    “Really now, what is all this fuss about? In my day, I often drew my large member and would send the sketch via pony express to my many mistresses. I found it kept them longing and quite randy.”

  119. I just KNEW my Weiner comment would have everyone hanging out!! Good to see papa bear back at it…

  120. Carcillo’s Concerto:

    ‘Rollin’ down Imperial Highway
    With a big nasty redhead at my side,
    Santa Anna winds blowin’ hot from the north,
    Man, we was born to ride.’

    I LOVE LA!

  121. Weiner to drop the puck at the first home game along with his pants. it will now be an exhibition game.

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