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From the Rangers:


Team Opens 88th Season on October 3 at Phoenix; Home Opener on October 28 against Montreal

NEW YORK, July 19, 2013 – The New York Rangers will begin the 2013-14 season on Thursday, October 3 at Phoenix. This will mark the sixth consecutive season the Rangers open on the road, and the 12th time in the last 14 seasons.

The Blueshirts will play the first nine games of the season on the road, beginning with the season opener against Phoenix and concluding on October 26 at Detroit. This will be the longest road trip to start the season in franchise history, and the first time New York has played nine consecutive road games since the 1955-56 season. The Rangers will open their home schedule on Monday, October 28, with an Original Six matchup against the Montreal Canadiens.

The Rangers’ 82-game schedule will follow the NHL’s newly realigned, four division format, and is highlighted by outdoor contests against local rivals, the New Jersey Devils and New York Islanders, on Sunday, January 26 and Wednesday, January 29 at Yankee Stadium as part of the 2014 Coors Light NHL Stadium Series. Under the new format, the Blueshirts will play 30 games against divisional opponents, and 24 games against Conference opponents outside of division. In addition, New York will have a home and away game against all Western Conference opponents in the Pacific and Central Divisions.

New York will face divisional opponents in the newly formed Metropolitan Division, which includes Carolina, Columbus, New Jersey, NY Islanders, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Washington, four times each. The Rangers will also face New Jersey and NY Islanders one extra time each in the Stadium Series.

The Rangers will face Atlantic Division opponents three times. New York will host Boston, Buffalo, Detroit, and Toronto two times each. Meanwhile, New York will travel to Florida, Montreal, Ottawa, and Tampa Bay twice.

The schedule features 13 back-to-back sets during the season. The team’s longest homestand will be nine games, from December 7 against New Jersey to December 23 against Toronto. The stretch will be the longest homestand in franchise history. The busiest month on the Blueshirts’ schedule is March, with 16 contests (six at MSG). The busiest day on the Rangers’ home schedule is Sunday, with 11 contests at MSG. In addition, the Rangers will play six home games on Mondays, seven on Tuesdays, four on Wednesdays, seven on Thursdays, two on Fridays, and four on Saturdays. Following the Olympic break, the Rangers will finish the season with 23 contests in 47 days. Eleven of the team’s final 17 contests are away from MSG, including eight out of their last 13. Rick Nash will make his return to Columbus for the first time as an opposing player on November 7.

Starting times for all games at MSG will be 7:00 PM, except for the following 13 dates: Monday, Oct. 28 vs. MTL (7:30 PM); Monday, Nov. 4 vs. ANA (7:30 PM); Wednesday, Nov. 6 vs. PIT (7:30 PM); Tuesday, Nov. 19 vs. BOS (7:30 PM); Saturday, Nov. 30 vs. VAN (2:00 PM); Saturday, Dec. 7 vs. NJ (7:30 PM); Tuesday, Dec. 10 vs. NSH (7:30 PM); Wednesday, December 18 vs. PIT (8:00 PM); Sunday, Dec. 22 vs. MIN (7:30 PM); Sunday, Jan. 19 vs. WSH (7:30 PM); Sunday, Mar. 9 vs. DET (7:30 PM); Sunday, Mar. 16 vs. SJS (4:00 PM); Wednesday, Mar. 26 vs. PHI (8:00 PM).

The schedule:

Thu.Oct. 3 at PHX 10:00 PM
Mon.Oct. 7 at LAK 10:30 PM
Tue.Oct. 8 at SJS 10:30 PM
Thu.Oct. 10 at ANA 10:00 PM
Sat.Oct. 12 at STL 8:00 PM
Wed.Oct. 16 at WSH 7:30 PM
Sat.Oct. 19 at NJD 7:00 PM
Thu.Oct. 24 at PHI 7:00 PM
Sat.Oct. 26 at DET 7:00 PM
Mon.Oct. 28 MTL 7:30 PM
Tue.Oct. 29 at NYI 7:00 PM
Thu.Oct. 31 BUF 7:00 PM
Sat.Nov. 2 CAR 7:00 PM
Mon.Nov. 4 ANA 7:30 PM
Wed.Nov. 6 PIT 7:30 PM
Thu.Nov. 7 at CBJ 7:00 PM
Sun.Nov. 10 FLA 7:00 PM
Tue.Nov. 12 NJD 7:00 PM
Sat.Nov. 16 at MTL 7:00 PM
Sun.Nov. 17 LAK 7:00 PM
Tue.Nov. 19 BOS 7:30 PM
Thu.Nov. 21 at DAL 8:30 PM
Sat.Nov. 23 at NSH 8:00 PM
Mon.Nov. 25 at TBL 7:30 PM
Wed.Nov. 27 at FLA 7:30 PM
Fri.Nov. 29 at BOS 1:00 PM
Sat.Nov. 30 VAN 2:00 PM
Mon.Dec. 2 WPG 7:00 PM
Thu.Dec. 5 at BUF 7:00 PM
Sat.Dec. 7 NJD 7:30 PM
Sun.Dec. 8 WSH 7:00 PM
Tue.Dec. 10 NSH 7:30 PM
Thu.Dec. 12 CBJ 7:00 PM
Sun.Dec. 15 CGY 7:00 PM
Wed.Dec. 18 PIT 8:00 PM
Fri.Dec. 20 NYI 7:00 PM
Sun.Dec. 22 MIN 7:30 PM
Mon.Dec. 23 TOR 7:00 PM
Fri. Dec. 27 at WSH 7:00 PM
Sun.Dec. 29 at TBL 7:00 PM
Tue.Dec. 31 at FLA 5:00 PM
Fri.Jan. 3 at PIT 7:00 PM
Sat.Jan. 4 at TOR 7:00 PM
Mon.Jan. 6 CBJ 7:00 PM
Wed.Jan. 8 at CHI 8:00 PM
Fri.Jan. 10 DAL 7:00 PM
Sun.Jan. 12 PHI 7:00 PM
Tue.Jan. 14 TBL 7:00 PM
Thu.Jan. 16 DET 7:00 PM
Sat. Jan. 18 at OTT 2:00 PM
Sun.Jan. 19 WSH 7:30 PM
Tue.Jan. 21 NYI 7:00 PM
Thu.Jan. 23 STL 7:00 PM
Sun.Jan. 26 at NJD 12:30 PM
Wed.Jan. 29 at NYI 7:00 PM
Fri.Jan. 31 NYI 7:00 PM
Tue.Feb. 4 COL 7:00 PM
Thu.Feb. 6 EDM 7:00 PM
Fri.Feb. 7 at PIT 7:00 PM
Thu.Feb. 27 CHI 7:00 PM
Sat.Mar. 1 at PHI 1:00 PM
Sun.Mar. 2 BOS 7:00 PM
Wed.Mar. 5 TOR 7:00 PM
Fri.Mar. 7 at CAR 7:00 PM
Sun.Mar. 9 DET 7:30 PM
Tue.Mar. 11 at CAR 7:00 PM
Thu.Mar. 13 at MIN 8:00 PM
Fri.Mar. 14 at WPG 8:00 PM
Sun.Mar. 16 SJS 4:00 PM
Tue.Mar. 18 at OTT 7:30 PM
Fri.Mar. 21 at CBJ 7:00 PM
Sat.Mar. 22 at NJD 7:00 PM
Mon.Mar. 24 PHX 7:00 PM
Wed.Mar. 26 PHI 8:00 PM
Fri.Mar. 28 at CGY 9:00 PM
Sun.Mar. 30 at EDM 8:00 PM
Tue.Apr. 1 at VAN 10:00 PM
Thu.Apr. 3 at COL 9:00 PM
Sat.Apr. 5 OTT 7:00 PM
Tue.Apr. 8 CAR 7:00 PM
Thu.Apr. 10 BUF 7:00 PM
Sat.Apr. 12 at MTL 7:00 PM


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  1. Rob in Beantown on

    Carolina, which isn’t even named for a state, let alone a metropolis, is in the Metropolitan division.

  2. I’ll take 5th.
    If they survive this schedule, they will probably live long after and maybe even get in POs

  3. Larry Brooks ?@NYP_Brooksie 10m

    Rangers have 12 back-to-backs, Islanders have 17, Devils play 22…22!

  4. I sense an extreme *fatigue* by the end of October. Followed by negative *body language*, and AV being *outcoached*. :-)

  5. Really nothing to be shocked about the fact that they’re starting 9 games on the road. Was expected. Then will have a 9 game homestand I believe.

    Probably should be grateful actually that they have relatively few back to backs when looking at the Devils schedule. Not that I feel sorry for them…

  6. Yosemite Sam on

    I say I am the meanest, the baddest man you ever messed with. All you no good, yeller-bellied jackwagons better get on out of here before I start firing!

  7. Foghorn Leghorn on

    Why, that no good love thief Yosemite Sam! Get your hands, I say, get your hands off of this here blog, ya interlopin’ snake in the grass! This blog loves me!

  8. Yosemite Sam on

    This here blog just ain’t big enough fer the two of us! I am the doggone meanestest, tootennest, rootenness man that ever crossed the Rio Grand-E. You no good galloot! You better get out of here before I start shootin’!

  9. So, for hockey statistic lovers: on the first road trip Rangers will play a 0ne game every 2.55 days, or 0.4 game every day. Really tough.
    (Pseudo statistic – like average patient’s temperature in hospital).

  10. first of there is a error above. the rangers play 10 sunday games at home not 11 as above. the 11th mentioned above is a yankee stadium game which is away vs the devs jan 26th.

    they also play 3 home games on friday not 2 as mentioned above. who put this press release out. morons. do the math correct.

    monday 6 home games
    tuesday 7 home games
    wednesday 4 home games
    thursday 7 home games
    friday 3 home games
    saturday 4 home games ( 1 afternoon game vs torts thanskgivng weekend)
    sunday 10 games (1 afternoon home game in march.

  11. Foghorn Leghorn on

    I got me a mind, I say, I got me a mind to make that doggone mustachioed countenance a’yours go whamadoodle with this here plank a’wood!

  12. Yosemite Sam on

    Well then go ahead and do it you lame livered, no good cheatin’, coward talkin’, weak willed Shenanigan! You take that there yellow beak of yours and I’ll break it off right in your key hole! I am the roughest, toughest man you ever laid eyes on!

  13. email me at baum27@aol.com if you want tickets

    section 214 row 4 aisle seats rangers shoot 2x.

    face is 76 per seat 152 for pair.

    i will send out list of games to you i am selling. i do have some people taking multiple games already.

  14. What did I miss while I was at the gym? Did the Looney Tunes Looney Bin let out in here?

  15. Metropolitan Division > John A. Ziegler Division or Gil Stein Division. Not as good as Northeast Division or Patrick Division. Or Gretzky, Howe, Orr, Lemieux divisions.

  16. Where’s Miami Pimp when you need him? Finally a time and place for Cookie Monster and he’s blowing it.

  17. realignment is just the worst and has ruined the schedule… we’ll play just two games within our division during the last ten games of the season, what a mess.

  18. tf, and those Rangers-Dallas games and Rangers-Flames and even better, Panthers-Flames games, are going to put hockey on the map. God-awful, no-emotion, no-passion games.

  19. I rode the bike to the street fair last night. Come across this tent selling all Bison products mostly wallets, billfolds, & purses.

    So how much for the bonehead?

    I had to send you a picture. LOL.

    Long story short it came home with me, but not on the bike. I had to buy a buddy a couple of pints in the irish bar, he dropped it off at my office today :)

  20. Yosemite Sam on

    You ain’t anything more than a joke character! The jokiest, lamest, least tough, most annoyingest character there ever crossed the Mississippi river. You no good, lying, cheat! Why I oughta!

  21. @darenmillard 1m

    3 yrs ago today, lya Kovalchuk agrees to 17-year/$102M contract with NJ, longest contract in NHL history.
    The contract is rejected by the NHL the next day on the grounds that it circumvented the salary cap.
    The NHL eventually approved a new 15-year/$100M contract for Kovalchuk on September 4th, 2010.

  22. Jeff in South Dakota on

    The 101st division, 82nd division, 4th infantry and the 1st infantry division.

  23. Metropolitan Division? Seriously? That is awful. Bring back the Patrick Division.

  24. Foghorn leghorn, Yosemite sam, road runner, and bugs bunny division. Classic stuff today thanks for the laughs.As for the schedule I kinda like getting the big road trip outta the way early

  25. A group of second graders could have done better picking the division names. Thank God hockey is such a great game because the people running the league are doing their damndest to ruin it

  26. So it’s going to be the Mets Division for short.

    Anybody ever think these things out.

  27. How about Cleavage instead of Division? It will help the fans keep a breast of the situation.

  28. I’m split on this Division stuff. Sounds divisive to me. Why can’t we devise divisions devoted to being less diverse?

  29. Paul in sunrise on

    The New York mets are so good the NHL named a division after them.

    I prefer the Gotham division

  30. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Division of Labor, Division of Motor Vehicles, Division of Fractions

  31. The A&P divisions are well stocked. Lots of bread. They’ll milk it for all it’s worth.

  32. Foghorn Leghorn on

    Janmes, I say, Janmes, what’s the, I say, what’s the gag, son? Gag, that is.

  33. Cross Check Charlie on

    After what Asham said, do you not think that there was a little player revolt against Torts?

    “He’s very intense and he wants to get the most out of his players,” said Asham. “He does a decent job of doing that, but when you’re in the same spot for a certain amount of years and you have the same players, the guys seem to get fed up with all the screaming and stuff.”

  34. Are all RR bloggers busy watching last season’s Montreal vs. Isledorks game on TV? C’mon guys!

  35. Can we change the Metropolitan Division name to the Jagr division? He played for half the teams in it!

  36. Something mysterious going on on this blog! I wish I understood without a Goosebumps and rising hair…

  37. Metropolitan

    Sounds like an ice cream I used to like.

    At least this isn’t the middle northeast division. I like metropolitan. it will catch on.

  38. don’t mention alcohol. this austere place who publishes gun owner’s addresses won’t allow it.

  39. Up early to catch some British Open. When we won the War of 1812, we should have insisted that they adjust their clocks to our convenience.

  40. Looks like I outsmarted myself. They’re not showing any Third Round until 7 AM.

  41. The First Division
    The Early Middle Division
    The Middle Division
    The Sunset Division

  42. Coos…you know what happens when we slow down the earth’s rotation to accommodate you…all the pucks and players and fans and rinks will fly out into outer space!

  43. wildplaces, then would we be the Galaxy Division? Or the Universal Division? Or the Kevin Spacey Division? :)

  44. Hoping Miguel Jimenez stays in contention, he is an inspiration. Pot belly, cigar smoking yet he is always in the hunt at majors.

    I think he might have been B Rich’s trainer during the lockout.

  45. He is the most interesting man in the world. His mother has a tattoo that says, “Son.”

  46. 1. Division Division
    2. Unite Division
    3. Divide or Unite Division
    4. Divide and Concur Division
    “All Hockey people of the World, United!”

  47. Good morning, boneheads!

    What are all talking about? Golf? Well, enjoy the British Open. May be one day I get into golf. I may have to, lol.

    Birthday Party for my little ilbster today. With a couple of boneheads in attendance.

  48. Jagr to Devils. He’s the worst. I can’t wait to root against that money grubbing jerk.

  49. Jerk store.

    I think he’ll kick in a few and score some of those goals Clarkson would have.

  50. Foghorn Leghorn on

    Good mor- I say, good morning, ‘heads. Jaromir, that egg-suckin’ dog! And lastly happy, I say, happy birthday once more to the sprout. Sprout, that is.

  51. best baby girl in the world. future tennis star, ill be in her box at all the grand slam events as she’s piling up grand slam titles! and it’s the Open Championship, ilb. Only idiot Americans call it the British Open. :)

  52. Good morning all! What the hartnell is this Metropolitan carcillo?? Double and triple byfuglien.

  53. this schedule really is silly and along with the dreadful “metropolitan” division and putting a team from Michigan in the “atlantic” division, proof (yet again) that Gary Bettman hasn’t a clue what he’s doing.

    5 of the last 10 games against Western Conference teams, hardly any games down the stretch against historical rivals, and one trip to the Nassau Coliseum the whole season. well done, Empty Suit.

  54. Yosemite Sam on

    I swear, you no good yellow bellied lame-a-trons couldn’t comment your way out of a bear cave if that bear was about to eat your backside!

  55. Yosemite Sam on

    I see I scared you little wimps back into your holes. You all know I’m the baddest mother to ever cross the rio grande and I got a fist full of pistols and I ain’t afraid to use ’em!

  56. Too bad we didn’t get that Faulk in the trade. Our Falk is not better than their Faulk.

  57. Foghorn Leghorn on

    Somebody, I say, somebody whack this cowboy over the bazooka! Noggin, that is.

  58. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JR – “if you win your division, good chance you come in either first or second”

  59. bull dog line on

    I got a little chuckle at foghorn leghorn in the beginning. now, its please go away.

  60. Jose Sam, you ain’t n’air sein a bar, or yud a knowd to smish a fuh pots un pans together to scere im ohf.

  61. ‘Young Man, there’s no need to feel down,
    I say, Young Man, pick yourself off the ground…”

  62. “I got a little chuckle at foghorn leghorn in the beginning. now, its please go away.”

    As a lurker I find this blog to be more unreadable every day. To have to sift through a bunch of nonsense just to get to any reasonable discussions isn’t worth it. I don’t care if you discuss the economy, world affairs, other sports or hockey, but all the song lyrics and now the cartoon stuff – too much nonsense.

  63. “Those unwicky crowds suck ;)”

    Indeed!!!! Happy 26th jpg’s sister!!!!!! and to Gilly!!!

  64. Rick…it’s the end of July….you want Syria talk? We’re an odd family here…Find me better breaking hockey news and funnier chatter….

  65. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The Dow is over 15000.

    Nights in white Satin, never reaching the end….

  66. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Devil Dave?

    Islander Irv?

    Flyer Frank?

    Bruin Bob?

    Sabre Steve?

    Blackhawk Bill?

  67. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I see the girls walk by in their summer clothes
    I have to turn my head till my darkness goes….

  68. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I see a line of cars and they’re all painted black

    Ok enough nonsense

    Who wants to do line combos?

  69. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    October 8, 2013, the 57th anniversary of Don Larsen’s perfect game:

    Rangers 4
    Sharks 2

    Ranger shots 31
    Sharks 28

    GWG – crisco kid

  70. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Mama –

    In Candy’s room, there are pictures of her heroes on the wall,
    But to get to Candy’s room, you’ve got to walk the darkness of Candy’s hall. Strangers from the city…..

    (Max tapping furiously on the skins)

  71. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    We kiss. My heart’s pumping to my brain.
    The blood rushes in my veins when I touch Candy’s Lips…

  72. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Unemployment figures looking promising. 30 year fixed rates may be inching up.

  73. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    S-a-t-u-r-d-a-y night

    The Bay city rollers: the greatest rock band this world has ever seen.

  74. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Wild thing. You make my heart sing. You make everything -groovy. Wild thing.

  75. No more lyrics?? What is this ? The day the music died ? Are them good ole boys drinking whiskey and rye? Helter skelter in a summer swelter …

  76. Anthony:

    Monday, Sept. 16 — at New Jersey , 7 PM
    Tuesday, Sept. 17 – at Philadelphia, 7 PM
    Monday, Sept. 23 — at Calgary, TBD
    Tuesday, Sept. 24 — at Edmonton , 9:30 PM
    Thursday, Sept. 26 — at Vancouver, 10 PM
    Friday, Sept. 27 — vs. Los Angeles at Las Vegas, 10 PM

  77. Brodeur’s nutritionist gives him some advice:

    Call any vegetable call it by name
    Call one today when you get off the train
    Call any vegetable and the chances are good
    The vegetable will respond to you

  78. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    I mean, seriously…Metropolitan Division? How does that name even make sense with geographic realignment?

  79. Ole Ranger Rick
    Was kinda thick
    Not a lot to say.
    Overland hauler,
    First time caller,
    Disgruntled worker,
    Long time lurker.

  80. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Couldn’t they have just called it the Northeast? Edmonton and Calgary are in the Pacific, so…

  81. Cosmopolitan means sophisticated. The New York Sophisticates. That’s even better than Knickerbockers. As opposed to the Rube Division and the Hayseed Division.

  82. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Jordan Divsion
    Marc Division
    Eric Division
    Jared Division

    They’re brothers you know?

  83. Within 20 years, teams will be selling their names to the highest bidder. The New York Goldman Sachs. The Buffalo Wild Wings. The Omaha Berkshire Hathaways. The Boston Big Macs. The Minnesota Microsofts. The Detroit Bailout.

  84. Coos, it’s the best post so far, while I am watching the “Tour de France” 2013… just for kicks ! Many inane stories from these “stages”, the rural spectators are insane, considering the fleetingness of the experience, do they go home afterwards and get drunk? I feel like I am forever in the “peloton”, unable to break out of it, just a bad dream, there is not enough privacy to give myself a quick blood transfusion, even though I have the tools.

  85. Peloton! Keep ridin’, Bear. I have to be up at 6AM. Catch you on the rebound.

  86. cap whats going on nere? this awful division name metropolitan? what genius came up with this idea? let me guess gary Bettman since he arrived here on the scene in 92 he has ruined our game with a cancelled season bad owners notably john spano higher ticket prices please carp start the campaign to fire this jerk Bring back the Patrick adams smythe and the norris division and rid ourselves of this cancer Bettman!!!!

  87. Cross Check Charlie on

    The Metropolitan Division is a really stupid name, but come on guys, it doesn’t ruin the sport. Lockouts? That ruins the sport.

  88. Lockouts do ruin the sport and as far as I can tell, quite pointless. What was the reason for the lockout again?

    First ten games of the year are going to be huge, hope they can get it going right out of the gate. How many points are needed to be considered a decent start?. I think I’d be happy with ten.

  89. bull dog line on

    have seen a few Toronto games on replay lately, and I must say that I really like Grabovsky. he is a dogged player. I would take a shot with him. sign him to a 1 year deal.

  90. Interesting link Rob. Funny that Winnipeg will actually travel more miles playing in the west. Guess that realignment is really working out.

  91. Foghorn Leghorn on

    Grabov – I say, Grabovski? Dogged? I need, I say, I need a pointer, and that dog’s got just the head for it. Pointed, that is.

  92. “Well those were two big games and this team was exposed for what they really are in those losses”

  93. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    First of all I think foghorn is a blast, well done mr leghorn!

    I think the divisions should have been…

    Skipper division
    Kowalski division
    Rico division
    Private division

  94. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I liked antropov when he was here before, might be worth a shot…might. Him or morrow.

  95. Antropov was an utter dog the first time around and is yet another huge man who plays like a teenage girl

    no thanks

  96. Cross Check Charlie on

    If they can get 10-12 points in the first 10 games I think I would be satisfied with that. Then comes an extended home stand.

    Even if they don’t come out too well at first I won’t panic. I might complain, but I won’t panic.

  97. There are (As the team stands now) a lot of ifs. This team could do really well as is or could get a high draft pick in 2014. A lot will depend on if they get some great play from some of the yutes like Kreider, Miller, McIlrath, etc. Will Richy show that last year was not a fluke? How will Brassard and J. Moore progress? Should/Could be interesting.

  98. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    One more cup of coffee before I go – to the valley below. Your daddy is an outlaw, a wanderer by trade…

  99. ‘Well, I’m the type of guy that likes to roam around
    I’m never in one place, I roam from town to town
    And when I find myself fallin’ for some girl
    I hop right into that car of mine and ride around the world

    Yeah I’m the wanderer
    Yeah, the wanderer
    I roam around, around, around.”

  100. Aren’t we supposed to be discussing exciting topics like the economy or world affairs??
    Turn out the lights
    The party’s over
    they say that all
    good things must end
    Turn out the lights
    The party’s over
    And tomorrow starts
    the same old game again

  101. “Only a living entity can have goals or can originate them. And it is only a living organism that has the capacity for self-generated, goal-directed action.” Ayn Rand

    Are you listening, #19?

  102. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Metropolitan Division doesn’t ruin the sport, but raising the Metropolitan Division winner banner is kind of, well, Avery.

  103. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    WBM (c)

    1) Metropolitan Division
    2) Atlantic Division
    3) Pacific Division
    4) Central Division

  104. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    While I don’t disagree with you that he could use his size more, he was always good for a couple of hits a game and I think I remember him giving lucic a pretty good shot at centre ice one game.

    I also don’t think he was anywhere close to being a dog with 7 goals and 13 points in 18 games for us, perhaps you and I have a different versions of what an NHL dog is.

  105. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Watching game 7 between flames and ning from 04, love clement and thorne calling the game, my favorite all time announcing duo by far

  106. Good morning, boneheads!

    UK- you will have plenty of early morning games to start the season though. There is nothing better than watching NY win just before your morning commute :-)

  107. True ilb. That first week and end of March i’m going to be up and watching at 3-4am! Early nights for me those weeks!

  108. 7th-27th Feb – i will need to reverse my hockey body clock:
    NYC -5 hours
    Sochi +3 hours

  109. Gagner: Three years 14.4M. This contract along with Duchene’s 6M per year makes it virtually impossible to sign Stepan for less than 5M per, I would think.

  110. The Sean Couturier contract surely helps a bit?

    I think Taylor Pyatt and Bryan Boyle will need to keep a suitcase packed come training camp

  111. Daniel Lacroix to be named as AV’s third assistant coach according to the twitter/sny.

  112. Manny – you still have to give Jagr some respect for his career. He is still the active leading points scorer. How he can play in his 40’s is beyond me. But not scum.

  113. Jagr is out for the MONEY. Dude left to play in Russia. I’m done with him. Too much jetting for the highest dollar. Not into it. He’s a great player. So is Kovalchuk. So was A-Rod. Don’t care for them though.

  114. how many assistants is av gonna have? he might as well let them coach and he can hang with slats upstairs during games

  115. Devils had better have some speedy guys at the offensive blue line who know how to skate backwards if they have Jagr on the PP.

  116. Manny its only a year. Can’t blame the guy. He should be retired with honor, but a team still wants to pay him. Better Jagr than Kovy :) It’s not like the Devils are going to give us problems this year. Jagr and Clowe are old and slow, they have Zajac and that’s about it.

  117. Lets focus on the Positive….

    KRISTO for Calder!!! It could happen :)

    Not since 1989 – Leetch have the Ranger had a winner. This could be the year Boys! We have a Fighting Chance!!!

  118. If Kristo gets 10 games to start, and can score on pace with Stepan, he could keep the spot for the whole year.

    50pts could get him there. 20 goals + 30 assists. I don’t see that as unrealistic for him.

  119. It’s not only a year. It’s jetting off to Russia post Rangers. Then Phlyers. Then Stars. Then Boston. Now Devils.

  120. @TGfireandice 10s

    First time Martin Brodeur was not invited to Canada’s camp since NHL players started participating in Olympics in 1998.

  121. Rob in Beantown on

    Andrew Gross @AGrossRecord
    Marc Staal and Rick Nash are the Rangers invited to Canada orientation camp for Olympics.

    Is getting an invitation to olympic camp kind of like getting an invitation to Hogwarts?

  122. I’m with ya Manny. I’m just not going to call the guy scum. I have too much respect for a guy that has 1887 points in the NHL. 8th all time right now. Maybe he just wants to pass Mario this year.

  123. is kristo the guy who we traded thomas for? think so, but some people said we fleeced the habs again with that trade? is he at least avg size or a smurf?

  124. Manny
    Jagr is out for the MONEY. Dude left to play in Russia. I’m done with him. Too much jetting for the highest dollar. Not into it. He’s a great player. So is Kovalchuk. So was A-Rod. Don’t care for them though.

    Sounds like someone has a personal vendetta w Jags. ; )

  125. Not really personal. I just find it depressing that someone with so much talent would destroy their legacy in that manner.

  126. Can someone answer this unrelated question: Why can baseball players not play with a strained muscle? Is it really that big of a deal? It seems to me like it’s just some sort of pampering.

  127. Congrats to Jaromir. still a wealth of talent at 41 yo. and still playing for love of the game. Going to an org. that has 3 cups in the last 20 years. Go Devils!! sorry ilb :)

  128. Manny, I agree. Highly sarcastic post above. At least he doesn’t give some stupid speech about how that’s where he’s always wanted to play etc. He makes it known he’s about the money.

  129. Absolutely. And I hate to be so harsh on the guy but, COME ON. It’s absurd how he pimps himself out to any team that believes he still has something left in the tank. If he loved the game he never would have split for Russia. He would have stayed here and shoved his way into the top 5 of all time in Points. But he didn’t care about that or anything else.

    Guess the Czech dudes are enigmatic too.

  130. “If you love something — doesn’t matter what it is, if you love your job, you love someone personally — you just want to be with that all the time. To me, I love this game, and as long as I can play it, I’m going to play it. That’s the reason I’m playing — because I love it.”

  131. If that’s true, next stop – Schenectady Water Hogs at $600 per week. Stay tuned.

  132. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If you love money, set it free. If it blows away, it wasn’t meant to be yours…

  133. Cross Check Charlie on

    Manny, I agree with you, but I don’t know if I would call him scum. If my memory serves me correctly, he left the Rangers for Russia because he wanted to be the highest paid player on the team – something like he couldn’t command respect if he wasn’t.

    He’s all about the money, but how many of these athletes aren’t?

  134. Cross Check Charlie on

    Whenever a pro athlete says that he plays because of love of the game I cringe. Some 50-year old that pays a couple hundred bucks to play in a recreation league plays for love of the game. A guy getting paid 4 million bucks? Gimme a break.

  135. Cross Check Charlie on

    As Gil Perrault put it, the 3 most important parts of the game: Fore check, Back check and Pay check.

  136. “I’ve got flu, rickets and parasites.”

    “I’ve got two chickens to paralyze.”

  137. Cally, Step, Mc D, Hank, Hags, Lindberg, Nash and Stall all might be off to the Olympics. That’s a pretty high percentage of our roster representing the best in the world.

    Funny, you would think we would be better.

  138. Rob in Beantown on

    At the risk of sounding like VinceA, I love that we have so many great, young ‘Murican players on the roster. And it’s great that we’ll hopefully get to watch a lot of them in the olympics.

  139. USA is pretty deep. Who makes this team this year.

    Goaltender: Miller, Quick, & Howard

    Forwards: Parise, Kane, Oshie, Wheeler, Ryan, Brown, Backes, Stepan, Callahan, Kesler, and two more?????

    Defense: Suter, Shattenkirk, Orpick, McDonagh, Yandle, Johnson, Byfuglien seriously tuff list to cut from.

    Thoughts for USA – who should be on the list?

  140. Foghorn Leghorn on

    Sioux, I say, Sioux-per-man, I’m thinking Kessel and Pacioretty for the forward positions. Wings, that is.

  141. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Well, that’s the end of the film. Now, here’s the meaning of life.

  142. …My grief is lightsome, what a shame
    and it is Jagr, who to blame.
    Faust of our days, he is much more successful though in selling his soul. He sold it again now, to Devils, at undisclosed amount of silver (oh, sorry – it was Judas).
    At 245lb. he become the heaviest player on this team, easily beating even, our heavyweight hero – Marty, who is now only fifth and have to work on that for the rest of summer. Good luck Mr.Michelin.

  143. leetchhalloffame on

    Can’t wait to see Jagr & Clowe on NJ Satans this season. They could call their line “Slowe & Clowe.” They could be the 2 slowest skaters in the NHL this year.

  144. Foghorn Leghorn on

    Bryan Mc-, I say, Bryan McCabe is still skatin’ on over to the bench, leetch.

  145. JR: “Richards forgot how to play hockey, maybe he needs some Ghekko Balboa.”

  146. JR: “My friend is an Optimist, an eye doctor, for those not familiar with the specialty.”

  147. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JR – “brad Richards has forgotten more hockey than most people have ever known”

  148. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Friend – I love French food

    Jeffery – I like italian the most?

    Friend – pasta and gravy?

    Jeffery – no, Tony and Paulie

  149. JR: “Ranger management is hoping against hope to see an energized bunny out there this year from #19.”

  150. JR: “Tortorells finally got a bit Tired of rolling Richards out there. I think he started to get rubbered the wrong way.”

  151. Good evening all!

    Sioux, I believe that’s up to Latona

    4ever, I miss you!

    Jagr a Devil…oy vey. Pre- pre-season is already making me thirsty.

  152. “I don’t always drink herbal liqueur, but when I do, I drink Jagermeister.”

  153. Good evening Blogmama and respective ‘Heads! Is there ice yet? Stupid summer, thinks it’s so great.

  154. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – I, like Tom Hagen, am a Mick Kraut. But I love a good red sauce….

  155. The student loans keep them (you know who) in a jocular pop-culture stasis. No hope or incentive for personal betterment. Werd (sic), no?
    As JR said once: We learned from the Gospels – when they asked Jesus what is Truth, He did not reply….

  156. Guest bloggers stink on

    Can we get a guest blogger please? Maybe Foghorn or Sam. That would be interesting.

  157. We need a NEW POST!! This one is as outdated, slow, and over the hill as Jagr …or Richards

  158. Guess the characteristic of millenials that I heard a a conference out West last week is accurate…they are interested in results, not so much in good deeds. That would appear to be one reason we are seeing professional athletes in an Olympics. As a child of the ’60s, I find it appalling. Let’s give the young, untested athletes their moment in the arctic sun…how many professional athletes from the U.S. participated in the “miracle on ice” and would we attach the same significance and excitement to that victory if we had been fielding a team of professional NHL skaters to play the Russians, who were professionals for all intensive purposes? This is an action that really brings hockey down to the lowest commercial common denominator. I’m headed for Bettman’s tent…

  159. I think we are in desperate need of a *new post* Carp. It takes me like 4 hours to do this on mobile.

  160. You’ll have to wait at least until the Devils announce the Jagr signing before a NEW POST…this is the time of the black hole of hockey news…late July. Hit the rink! Anyone guessing what Sather’s trade will be to clear cap room? Richie for 1 first rounder and a couple of 2nd rounders?

  161. coos that was an old song by the Monkees. “I’m gonna buy me a dog! because I need a friend now!”

  162. Yosemite Sam on

    There ain’t no such thing as friendship. You pansy waisted, no good, cheatin’, lyin’, stealin’, cavorting sons of cows better get out from behind the curtain and face reality or else I will start shootin’ each and every dern one of you until you start to realize the truth!

  163. wildplaces, I agree wholeheartedly about the Olympics. In days past, CCCP always sent pro’s posing as amateurs which instigated the situation. Everyone knew it. We shouldn’t have caved.

  164. “What would you think if I sang out of tune?
    Would you stand up and walk out on me?
    Lend me your ears and I’ll sing you a song
    And I’ll try not to sing out of key.
    Oh I get by with a little help from my friends

  165. Does anyone besides me think that the Richards contract is hampering the signing Steps?

  166. I know it’s not a fair comparison, what with arbitration rights and the “unfortunately you have to live in Winnipeg” premium involved, but if Brian Little is getting what he’s getting, Stepan can probably ask for $7m per with a straight face.

    (Before agreeing to a one-year $2.5m deal towards the end of training camp.)

  167. Big earners (athletes) are clobbered in NY State and even worse, NYC taxes. California’s no better. That’s why Tiger (and many other pro golfers) moved to Florida and Texas.

  168. I’m really glad the Rangers decided to wait until Stepan was invited to Olympic Camp before signing him.

  169. Maybe Sather has to wait until the Zucc’s arbitration is done to see how much he has left to sign him. It’s not like he is going anywhere. Easy boys.

  170. I see Oscar Lindberg made the list for team Sweden, along with Hagelin and Lundqvist.

    We could have a 3rd line full of young talent that can score this year. Can’t wait to see him play this year, do you think he jumps over Miller in the depth chart at Center?

  171. Too funny Coos.

    Funny, I had to deliver my first child. It took 5.5 minutes start to finish, the Dr. couldn’t get to the hospital in time. But I still got the bill, and I didn’t even get an assist on that one :/

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