Rangers pre-season schedule


From the NYR:

Blueshirts to play six road games in 11 days

NEW YORK, July 16, 2013 – The New York Rangers have announced their 2013 preseason schedule today, which includes a total of six games, one of which will be held on neutral ice.

The Rangers 2013 preseason schedule opens on Monday, September 16, against the Devils at Prudential Center. The Rangers will then face-off against the Philadelphia Flyers at Wells Fargo Center on Tuesday, September 17. Following their game against the Flyers, the Blueshirts will then head west for three games in Canada. They will travel to Calgary on Monday, September 23 to play the Flames at Saddledome, before facing the Edmonton Oilers the next day at Rexall Place. They will then travel to Vancouver to play the Canucks on September 26 at Rogers Arena. Following their Canadian campaign, the Blueshirts will take on the Los Angeles Kings on Friday, September 27 on neutral ice in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The 2013 New York Rangers training camp begins with players reporting to Madison Square Garden Training Center on Wednesday, September 11.

Monday, Sept. 16  — at New Jersey , 7 PM
Tuesday, Sept. 17 – at Philadelphia, 7 PM
Monday, Sept. 23 —  at Calgary, TBD
Tuesday, Sept. 24  — at Edmonton , 9:30 PM
Thursday, Sept. 26  — at Vancouver, 10 PM
Friday, Sept. 27 — vs. Los Angeles at Las Vegas, 10 PM
*** All times are Eastern Daylight Time



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  1. Rob in Beantown on

    Playing the Canucks in a preseason game kind of sucks a lot of the drama out of that first meeting of the two teams

  2. Rob in Beantown on

    A highly competitive rivalry game played under the least competitive of circumstances

  3. Carp, I was teaching writing and lit at a (local) college when Jeffrey came back to finish his degree. I prayed nightly that he wouldn’t be in one of my classes because if worse came to worst and I had to fail him, I would have had to leave town – fast!

  4. I knew he wouldn’t choose James Joyce and the Modern Novel, or The Romantic Poets, but I thought he might try Creative Writing since every athlete thinks he has a book somewhere inside him. All’s well that ends well.

  5. So theyre finally gonna do the NY-LA game in Vegas and it’s a preseason game…and the league wonders why theyre not making more money..

  6. I might have to take in the Calgary game Knight for the flames vs Kristo for the Rangers. They were one H$ll of a duo for the Sioux. Two bad we didn’t grab night for a 4th round pick like Calgary did. That was a steal if there EVER was one.

  7. James – they are thinking of doing a 4 team “Holiday Tournament” for college. They’ve already talked about the Sioux being the invite. They need to fill the seats and that would bring about 3,500 faithful Sioux fans to Vegas.

  8. How tough will it be to spend the pre season and the first month of the season on the road? Let’s hope they fare well enough to take advantage of the home ice later in the year.

  9. No doubt Gravy, no doubt. Let’s hope they come out of it the same way that team did.

  10. A proud night for New York…nice to see a few classy athletes in Wright and Mariano as opposed to….well , I won’t go there tonight.

  11. Not that they started that year with a great record but I remember them talking about how it was a positive team building experience. We need some of that it seems.

  12. lol listening to Buck and McCarver talking about pitch count after Harvey threw eight pitches.

  13. Bob Gibson to McCarver as he approached the mound: “What do YOU want? Get back where you came from. The only thing you know about good pitching is that you can’t hit it.” True story.

  14. Good thing they couldn’t fit more than 3 sets of back-to-backs in 6 games. They’ll look *fatigued* before the regular season starts this year.

  15. Carp, despite my humorous Ruland reminiscences, the guy, as you said, was a factor. In those days, NBA rookies were hounded and bashed to test their toughness. Futile and vain methodology with Jeff. (Just checking in before snoozers.) :)

  16. Sorry to all for all the baseball and etc. but it IS mid July!
    Go Rangers. Still the best sport extant.

  17. Vegas to watch the Rangers would be a good way to celebrate my 40th (erm…i mean 26th!)

  18. Good morning all! Whoo hooo!!! It’s July and we have a hockey schedule!!!

    Happy 26th birthday Tiki!

  19. Stop it! Tiki is much younger than 26. So, Happy Birthday, youngster! Wish you continues restlessness in never ending pursuit of Love, Happiness and your irrevocable hatred for everything Boston. Be good!

  20. Gordie are you out there…… watch for Ryan Gropp. 16 year old just committed to the Sioux. HUGE get for the Sioux, and the Rangers can’t even draft him for 2 years.

    You heard it hear first boys.

  21. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    I’ve used my powers of deductive reasoning to determine that SPM is a fan of the Sioux.

  22. Manny, your comment made me recall into memory an episode of Little House on the Prairie in which a former Rutgers football player moves back to Walnut Grove and begins coaching the team.. driving the players, including his son, and parents into the ground in a quest to vicariously reclaim his former glory.

  23. Trade MDZ and Richards for Ryan Miller…then trade Miller to Washington for Ovechkin!

  24. Game day for a Sioux fan. Click on my name, go to my twitter, and play the video on the top left.

    It will give you an idea of what its like to go to a Sioux game.

    Then let me know if you get a feel for it.

  25. Now imagine taking your son to watch the future stars like Toews, Parisie, Kristo, before they are famous. They are just kids playing hockey in college, some have tons of skill at the age of 18, you can’t help but to cheer for them.

    You will see. Now that we have a draft pick getting stronger there, and the leading scorer coming here this year.

    It’s all about being a fan. If any of you are ever in ND, let me know I’ll take you to a game. It truly is a place you have to visit once in a lifetime.

    Nothing against MSG, but in the The Wall Street Journal named the Ralph Engelstad the most opulent hockey arena in the United States.

  26. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    SPM, I don’t think Vegas is in the cards this year ;)

    Do you play in AC?

  27. I only found this blog mid season so you Boneheads may have covered this already. It was released back in February but I just saw it last night. It’s a spoof on the hangover with The Kreider, it’s awful but worth a watch, or maybe not.



  28. Jeff Ruland was traded for Moses Malone! Not many people can say that. His personal choices have been head-scratchers but he did improve the Iona ballers

  29. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Carcillo to the kings. Hopefully they will make king or Nolan available and we can get one of them.

  30. Recently Dustin Byfuglien gained 30 lbs _during_ a hockey season. Have you ever gained _less_ than 30 lbs during a hockey season? #AskBrodeur

  31. “How do the Angels get to sleep When the Devil leaves the porch light on?” – (Tom Waits)

  32. I have a buddy that played against him growing up. He was never to impressed with him. But you have to respect what he has done with his game, I’m just not sure how long he will last.

  33. “There’s so much competition
    but the best
    Don’t always win
    I’m doing pretty good
    for the shape I’m in.”

  34. I would hope this means the Rangers will start the regular season somewhere in the East since they will probably want to return home after that trip.

    Remember, there will be two regular season games against LA this season, so don’t freak out about Vegas.

    Remember when every preseason consisted of home-and-homes with the Devils, Islanders, and Flyers or Bruins? Back to that next season?

  35. Buff gets drafted in the 7the round by Chicago. The scouts were at a game in Canada to watch a player from a different team, and Buff was the one man wrecking ball playing against them. They had NO ONE on their list to pick, the scouts are on the phone, and the one scout shouts out his name, no one else spoke up and that was their last pick. Great Story by the Blackhawks Scouting report. And look at him now. A Stanley Cup Champion.

  36. czechthemout!!! on

    You think MDZ is one happy guy about not having to play Tort’s “system” ? Read what he said on SNY or watch it on the team web site. The comnents are very telling and give an insight into what most of the players probably think. I think MDZ maybe the one who benefits most by not having Torts around anymore.

  37. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Anyone else think the rangers are waiting to do Stepan’s contract until after a trade to clear some cap space is complete?

    Or is it wishful thinking on my part?

  38. That yellow ice is disgusting. Haven’t they ever listened to Zappa? Let’s just hope its for preseason or something like that.

  39. I thought that, Wicky. But also, who wants the garbage we have in our starting lineup?

  40. LMGO, C-Dubs. You think they are going to throw on Zappa, make all the prospects get high on acid and then play a scrimmage?

  41. Oh my good heavens. Nashville is cracked out. are the fans going to be required to chant pee pee wee wee! clap clap clap-clap-clap!! ???

  42. For Llatona: @OMGFactsAnimals 30s

    Fewer than 12 aardvarks are born in captivity in North America each year.

  43. “Alex where do you go when you want good Veal Parmigiana? I just can’t seem to find a place that doesn’t burn the cheese”

  44. Jeff in South Dakota on


  45. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Penner signed for $2 MM; and to think guys like the Rocket and Gordie had to take summer jobs.

  46. It’s hard to believe he gets that kind of coin. He’s an epic post season performer but ends up scratched so often in the regular season. But he’s *SO* funny on Twitter.

  47. When is that post-season blow out clearance sale at MSG? I need to pick up a few child sized Roman Hamrlik T-Shirts.

  48. Ah, this is weak, man. Frank’s trying not to pay me for the beatdown I just gave him in the skins game. Shankapottomus!

  49. hey Carp!
    i was at Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls, Ontario
    earlier today and saw that the deli
    had a prime rib sandwich for only $13.95
    with the exchange rate that would make it
    something like $13.61 America (or something)
    just thought you’d like to know
    you could just do the buffet
    like me

  50. Thanks for the birthday wishes, especially 4ever!!

    Happy 1st Birthday to the best, most beautiful baby girl in the universe, baby ilb, and congratulations to her amazing, inspiring parents. I cant wait to spend quality time w her in 2 days.

  51. I keep reading “Rangers hit a snag in Stepan talks” – i think the snag is quite natural given that im sure they are trying to sort the deals for Zucc and Stepan at roughly the same time with the arbitration hearing looming as a soft deadline, and (i hope) talks with Lundqvist are on the agenda too. Not to mention Slats diary is no doubt full of golf, fishing and cigar smoking already.

  52. Ranger ticket-holder bumps into GM after game:

    “No offense, Mister Sather.”


  53. Sloooooowww days…the dog days of summer, and the offseason are upon us….hopefully all the kids are maturing rapidly !

  54. Let’s come up with a subject to discuss. Maybe something controversial? That will help

  55. How about we talk about WHICH Enforcer the Rangers need to trade for ASAP. I vote for bringing up Bickel to play 4th line Minutes (about 7 per game) or trading for George Parros IMMEDIATELY.

  56. I need, I say, I need a pointer, and Manny’s got just the head for it. Pointed, that is.

  57. You’re makin’ more noise than a couple a’skeletons throwin’ a fit on a tin roof.

  58. You remi- I say, you remind me of Paul Revere’s ride. A little light in the belfry.


    Many things have been consumed out of the bowl of the Stanley Cup: Champagne, beer, cereal, probably some of Chelios’s chili.

    Popcorn? Why yes. To the surprise of no one, New Jersey Devils goalie Martin Brodeur ate buttery popcorn out of the Cup while watching the terrible Bruce Willis movie “The Kid.”


  60. It sure, I say, it’s sure quiet around here. You could hear a caterpillar sneakin’ across a moss bed in tennis shoes. Sneakers, that is.

  61. Do I sense some sorta, I say, some sorta belligerence? Belligerence, that is. You’re as cold as a nudist on an iceberg!

  62. There are so many things that I want to say right now about that Tumblr, Rob. I think it’s best if I just keep them to myself.

  63. No, no. I appreciate you bringing it to my attention! It’s the off season. The baker’s dozen of us that hang out here can talk about anything we want.

  64. I like how someone suggests KESHA instead of Marc Anthony. Aren’t those people aware that Puerto Rico is an American Territory. And currently suffers taxation without representation (that whole thing we fought for back in the 18th century).

  65. Rob, that Tumblr is more disturbing than Nashville’s yellow ice. People are so ignorant. I mean, he’s no Kate Smith but he did a good job.

  66. So you’re, I say, you’re who’s responsible for this unwarranted attack on my person! That Manny’s got a mouth like an outboard motor.

  67. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Happy birthday ilbster!!!

    Didn’t the Habs just trade for parros?

    I like Bickel and he is tough as nails, not sure if he can go with some of the heavies though, doesn’t defend that well.

    Nolan or king from LA would be good.

  68. I thought Deveaux did pretty well against Parros in 2011. Where is he, anyway?

    Thanks, guys. Can’t believe the little lady is one already! And she promptly walked first time last night.

  69. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    Hi Carp! BTW it’s little miss ilb’s Birthday not our captain. Don’t think he wants to see her turn “26” just yet. LOL HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAY little miss ilb!! :-)

  70. Deveaux would be fine with me. Personally I like how Bickel can absolutely lay people out. And I think he needs to be a 4th line Forward because he can’t skate enough for Defense. But who knows about the Vigneault system. But yea, Bickel takes a licking.

  71. Kristo and Stepan are best friends? Aaron Johnson is Rick Nash’s best friend? SLEEPOVER ALERT

  72. @TheWrage now

    RT @reporterchris: Dustin Brown has agreed to an eight-year extension with the #LAKings with an AAV of a little over $5.75M.

    There is the figure. Let’s call it 8 years at a $6M cap hit.

  73. I say this everytime someone signs a contract but…that’s a bunch of money and years for a physical, small player. I know he’s your captain and all but….Wow.

  74. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Happy birthday baby ilb!

    That Brown contract should set the mark for Callahan next year.

  75. brown the heart and soul of the kings. 5.75 cap hit too high though. he should be a 5 mil at max. but hes there captain. callahan will get that next year now

  76. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    eric, what kind of scam is this? Selling tickets before the schedule is out? ;)

  77. Agreed, eric. About $5M is fine with me. Callahan can get about that. But he’s injured a lot. I am just afraid of contract in general I guess.

  78. Rob in Beantown on

    Yeah, Callahan deserves the cap hit in the short term, but he’s going to want the years too. That’s where things get dicey. It’s going to be risky

  79. i want to see dubi arty and gabby and tyutin all in starting lineup vs rangers. nash brassard dorsett moore and johnson for rangers. that would be classic

  80. The typeface on those papers, I say, papers looks like chickenscratch. Chickenscratch, that is.

  81. Janmes, I say, Janmes, there’s gonna be more confusion in that stomach a’yours than a mouse’d cause at a burlesque show.

  82. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I’d take the bahama bomba back in a heartbeat as our “muscle”. He’s a free agent I believe

  83. He is, Wick. He was a Panther last year making a whopping Two-Way $700K, NHL/$160K, AHL contract.

  84. Matt Duchene’s 5 year 30 million dollar has likely pushed Stepan’s price way way up. Same age, same stats last year.

  85. I see the contract now, and no he wasn’t a UFA. So, yeah, it could definitely affect the Stepan negotiations.

  86. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Then from inside the bolt lightning cries
    Swiftly crushed the final, muffled sighs
    Needles and sins, sins and needles
    He’s gasping for air in the wishing well

    Dust to rust, ashes on gashes
    Hand around the killing jar
    Hand around the killing jar.

  87. good remedial reading for the offseason.

    Sometimes it is good to remember the bad so we appreciate the present.

    Top 5 Reasons New York Rangers’ Coach John Tortorella Got Fired
    May 30, 2013 9:52 am EDT by Adam Braunstein
    Read more at http://www.rantsports.com/nhl/2013/05/30/top-5-reasons-new-york-rangers-coach-john-tortorella-got-fired/#zsPDybElUOO7QA1z.99

    It is official. Coach John Tortorella of the New York Rangers has been relieved of his duties. A lot of people assumed that Tortorella could be on the hot seat midway through the regular season because of his failure to utilize the immense talent on the Rangers’ frontline.

    After the trade of star Marian Gaborik for John Moore, Derek Brassard and Derek Dorsett, the team seemed to find its hard-nosed identity that defined their Eastern Conference Finals run in 2012. Unfortunately for Tortorella and the Rangers, once playoff time rolled around, the offense went dark again and it was a rare sight for the boys in blue to light the lamp more than twice a game. The Rangers only scored more than two goals four times in 12 playoff games and although Henrik Lundqvist was phenomenal, he wasn’t perfect enough to win every game single-handedly.

    The offensive failures were just a footnote, though, as the bigger problem seemed to be taking place off the ice with the players themselves. Where Tortorella’s tough love method of coaching seemed to resonate with last season’s team, this year it clearly looked like the players grew restless of the constant criticisms of their coach and their play often reflected it. Who can blame them though?

    When your coach has you blocking shots every single night and focuses on hitting the other team rather than scoring on them, the energy of the players is sure to be a little lax from time to time. It looked like Tortorella didn’t know how to find the balance of constructive criticism and positive reinforcement, and that’s why he got the boot.

    5. Misuse of Rick Nash
    The Rangers went out and got Nash last offseason hoping he would pair up with Gaborik to become the most dangerous duo of wingers in the league. Instead, Nash flourished and Gaborik did not, and eventually it became Nash’s show. The problem in the playoffs was that Tortorella could not find ways to create offense for the star power forward. Tortorellas dump and chase approach to the offense was in direct contradiction to Nash’s style of using his skating ability to weave throughout a defense in order to find openings for him and his teammates. Tortorella seemed hesitant to run his offense through Nash and that was a huge reason the star couldn’t get going in the playoffs.

    4. Reliance On Brad Richards
    Richards was just off this season. Whether it was poor offseason work ethic or an undisclosed injury, the center was unable to do anything really productive the entire season. He couldn’t score, he constantly turned the puck over and he was at the helm of one of the most powerless power plays ever conceived. The problem for Tortorella was that Richards was his guy in Tampa Bay when won the cup, so he wasn’t going to bench him as fast as he would’ve for any other player. The problem came to a head in the playoffs when he finally benched Richards as a healthy scratch in a Game 4 win against the Boston Bruins only to realize it was too little too late. Tortorella needed to pull the plug on Richards after Game 1 and that’s a big reason he’s no longer manning the Rangers’ bench.

    3. Poor Handling Of Chris Kreider
    Kreider was pegged to be a star after his impressive 2012 Postseason. Unfortunately, this past season Kreider had a rough time adjusting to everyday NHL life and often looked lost on the ice. Instead of trying to groom the top prospect, Tortorella instead opted to have Kreider sent down not once, but twice this season. When he was on the ice, he was often paired with players on the fourth line who he had little to no chance of having success with and was rarely given time to get the feel for the game. Kreider seemed to respond poorly to Tortorella’s tough love and I think the Rangers ‘higher ups were none too happy seeing their prized prospect treated so poorly.

    2. Too Much Defense, Not Enough Offense
    Defense is all well and good, but there comes a time when you need to light the lamp and the Rangers were simply dreadful at it once it came to the playoffs. The offensive system relied solely on the dump and chase technique and that’s okay when it’s against less physical teams than the Rangers, but when it’s against the Bruins, who outsize you that badly, adjustments in the game plan had to be made. Tortorella was too stubborn to make these adjustments and the result was a putrid amount of puck possession and little to no offensive pressure against a goalie in Tuukka Rask, who was shaky at best throughout the entire series. Tortorella’s refusal to let his players skate the puck into the zone allowed the Bruins to easily disrupt any kind of offensive flow that they attempted to gain and the result was restlessness and frustration on the ice for the Rangers at a time they needed to be focused and hungry.

    1. The Powerless Power Play
    Hard to watch. That’s the only phrase that comes to mind when you think of the New York Rangers’ power play this past season. It was abysmal from the start of the season, but it seemed to get a little better once the Gaborik trade happened. This was very short-lived, though, as once the playoffs came, the lamp stayed dark for an insane three out of 40 times. This had a crippling effect on the team as it usually sapped momentum from them at a time where it usually gives a team a momentum boost. Part of this problem was having Brad Richards at the point on the power play over Derek Brassard or Derek Stepan. Once Richards got scratched, the power play actually came to life a little bit, scoring twice in the final two games against the Bruins. Tortorella made the decision on Richards far too late, though, as the players looked lost so often on the power play that the other team had the better scoring chances during them.

  88. ilb.,
    I’m almost late, but Happy 26 (days) to princess – Lady Ilb!(I know she is One).Heart melting girl…Mazel Tov/Bueno Ventura. Que Dios le bendiga to Mrs.

  89. BTW, could someone give me this link for avatar we use, please. Thank you in advance.

  90. Tomb, I don’t think it was as much that Tortorella grated on the players, as that he grated on el Slather. the final straw was his “I’m not the GM” statement…

  91. Carp,

    Any of them…I know you write some other articles in the LoHud. What are the other jobs…

    Mets AAA Manager???
    Glen Sather’s Cigar Supplier???
    Soylent Green Producer???

  92. The hardest thing i found about watching us last year was that too much hockey was played along the boards. It was rare to see our forwards blasting up the ice through traffic or tic-tac-toe passes – its like Torts had told them not to deviate more than 1m away from the glass. That kind of puck possession strategy is fine when you are 2 goals up, but when you are behind we needed to be a little more adventurous.

    I loved the blue-collar work ethic he instilled in the team, but the lack of offensive creativity and stifling of guys like Kreider, Gaby and Nash were holding us back

  93. Mike, no, my real job is to write columns, mostly on local sports. I’m only doing the blog temporarily in my spare time while they figure out how to replace Sam Weinman … Since 2009. LOL.

    Good morning, Sally!

  94. That’s not ‘well, over the hump,” but rather ‘well over the hump.’ Commas rule.

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