Guest blogger: Manny … results of the Paul Mara Playoff Beard contest


Editor’s note(s): Manny — a.k.a. Mannu, a.k.a. Nanny — sent along the following notice about the allegedly rigged Paul Mara Playoff Beard extravaganza, picnic and parade. The Journal News, and Carp are not affiliated with Manny, Mannu or Nanny in any way, and Carp — me — is not responsible for the results or the rigged nature of the ballot-box stuffing or lack thereof, or for the crapiness of the secondary prizes or the swiftness, or lack thereof, of their delivery. Well, OK, Carp might be responsible for the crapiness of some the crappy prizes.

Also, when Manny asks for information such as date of birth and social security numbers, remember that he really doesn’t want or need such information, and probably needs not much more than your name and snail-mail address so that  you can receive the prize you earned or stole.

Finally, the first prize is the actual Borsalino (located, obtained and photographed by Manny), and as you can see it actually says “Borsalino” inside the Borsalino.

Without further ado, from Manny:



Another season of hockey has come and gone.  The Rangers once again made the Playoffs, defeated the Capitals to advance and then “collapsed slowly like a flan in the cupboard.”  You, as fans, supported them from the first puck drop.  Intensely watched each game.  Each period.  Each minute.  Threw things at the wall.  Broke furniture.  Cried.  Forgot to shower.  Called out sick.  Ruined friendships in favor of hockey.  Ruined relationships in favor of hockey.  But ultimately, you grew a big, stinky beard to support the team you love.  And that team let you down, once again, by losing in almost embarrassing fashion.

The results are in, and although the contest appears to have been RIGGED by Nasty, it was yet another successful endeavor in the world of Boneheads growing beards.  Much thanks to Carp for putting up with all this.  Much thanks to Sally for letting me temporarily take over her duties as Lord of the Beard.  If you haven’t had a chance to check out the beard contest pictures, both before and after, you can do so here:

This year, in my role as Temporary/Provisional Acting Lord of the Beard I chose to hand out three awards to three separate Boneheads.  While all the entries brought me to tears (the good kind) with their beauty and dedication to the cause, I don’t have enough money/time to award everyone at the level which they deserve.

WINNER of the The 4th Sometimes-Annual, 2012-2013, Lockout Shortened, Paul Mara Playoff Beard Contest is, NastyHe may not have had the best beard.  He may not have had the best entry.  He may not have even made the best effort.  But Nasty understands American Capitalism at its best.  He used his devastating good looks to get people (presumably women) to come to the website and vote for him.  Which they did.  In droves.   As CCCP would say, he RIGGED the contest.  So, for the second straight year, Nasty is your champion.  All Boneheads must now bow down to his follicle eliteness.borsalino2

The Second prize, devised entirely for this contest, is Grossest Entry Ever.  I don’t think many people looked at this entry without hurling the bits of their most recently eaten meal (hard to tell which meal with people like Fat Guy) all over their computer, iPhone, iPad, Palm Pilot or other technologically superior device.  So, the winner of Grossest Entry Ever is, without a doubt, Gravy.

The Third prize, also devised by me in my role as Temporary/Provisional Acting Lord of the Beard will henceforth be known as The Sally.  This award is given out to the Bonehead that I choose based on no other factor than who I currently like a lot.  This award is not Rigged but it is completely unfair, biased and random.  This year, I choose to do a barrel roll and fire the award to the one and only, Latona (a/k/a Llatona, Llatonaardvark).

Summary for the Lazy Boneheads

Winner: Nasty

Grossest Entry Ever: Gravy

“The Sally” (award randomly awarded to a Bonehead of my choosing whom I just like): Latona/Llatona/Llatonaardvark

If you see your name above, well, Cogratulations, Mazel Tov, Felicitaciones, Gong Xi, Gelukwens, Mubarak Ho, Badhai Ho and Glückwünsche you won a prize.  Please e-mail me your personal information (Name, DOB, Social Security Number, Address, Measurements and list of current illnesses) at the official contest e-mail:   

Special “shoutouts” to everyone who competed: Carp (who showed his true colors), NYR-Fan (Vibin’ forever), LW3H (the sun never sets on his internet empire), Wicky (please don’t shoot me), CCCP (please don’t beat me up), Sioux-Per-Man (kick butt at the WSOP, brother!),  Ilb (blog captain and resident medical expert),  Paul (CCCP’s nephew who we know nothing about), Doodie (who is a large, large man), Papa Bear (who is smooth as a baby’s bottom), Sally (who essentially threw in the towel much like the Rangers) and @hockeyandthefam and Fun Dad, who I don’t think post often or ever but hung out nonetheless.


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  1. Well done Manny!! Congrats to all the winners. I’m hoping next years winner isn’t determined until mid August, and the winner can shave in his reflection of the Stanley Cup!

  2. *RIGGED*

    This contest should be called “I win because i have the largest twitter following”… i dont think its fair but whatever. This was my last time participating.

  3. I feel so left out and betrayed at the moment. Probably because I didn’t grow squat for the playoffs and yet currently look like grizzly Adams after 10 days of studying, packing, and moving.

  4. I would accept the late entry, James…..

    Great job by everybody that competed. Great job by those that didn’t compete. Kitsch is the denial of all unpleasant truths. Remember that.

  5. If that were true, CCCP, then Carp would have been the hands down winner. That also would have been the winner if I didn’t figure out how to get an awesome prize to give out.

  6. i dont care about prizes, tho… i care about fairness. I had the best and longest beard. fact.

    i mean, i am like an idiot growing my beard…risk getting kicked out of the clinical practice because i look like a freaking neandertal with uncontrollably wild bush on my face… for what reason? Like i said… my last time “playing” :)

  7. Next year you can win the “Comrade Commie” prize. Everyone will pool their resources, submit them to Carp, who will keep an undisclosed amount as a Tax and then redistribute the remaining prizes among the contestants.

  8. LOL, accept entry after the contest is over. Now I feel the love! Thanks manny. In seriousness, great job

  9. I like that not one winner has arrived to claim their prize and bask in their glory.

    Thanks, James!

  10. CCCP – are you really pulling the, “I’m taking my beard and going home?” tactic on us?

  11. Manny, based on that before pic, I’m willing to bet everything I own that you listen to Vampire Weeekend. Maybe even while that pic was taken.

  12. Kovalchuk leaving was the rare “everybody wins”. He gets more money and gets to go home, Devils get out from under that contract without paying a buyout and Brodeur is sad because it Fs up his final season.

  13. The dirties, greediest, imbecilic king in a snakes kingdom. In short – Kovy. His Russia, he did it for is a vast country in Swiss Bank between Dollars and Euros.

  14. Quote from Kovy’s sister said he would like to be back playing in the NHL in 3 years time. This after he signs a 4 year contract with the KHL?

    Just says it all about his respect for signed kontracts!

  15. Rob in Beantown on

    I started growing a playoff beard, but it was getting itchy and I like to look respectable, so I shaved it immediately after the Washington series. In *hindsight* that was a bad choice

  16. It definitely was, Rob. I enjoy your Avatar and your posting so you had a real shot to win. In *hindsight* I should have chosen more arbitrarily so CCCP doesn’t quit the blog.

  17. I already have a beard so a playoff beard wouldn’t do much. Maybe next season I’ll go from scratch then let B-Rich lead me on a 2 month journey of facial hair.

  18. You could have submitted those pictures, The Doctor. As a hipster (which you pointed out in a round about way) I always have some level of facial hair above a #4 on an electric razor.

  19. In a strange way, Kovy’s departure kind of reduced a degree of my irrevocable hatred toward Debbies. Can’t help.

  20. Really, 4ever? He was one of the few I sort of liked, atleast from the standpoint of “man, this dude is awesome”. Clarkson leaving will certainly take it down a notch.

  21. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Wow! This is the first playoff beard contest that I’ve ever won -on the interblogs-!

    I would like to thank Manny for running this; Carp for his contest support; my fellow boneheads for the challenging entries; Adam Graves for my screen name inspiration; and last but not least, Marty for bringing gravy, and all edible things, to new heights (or depths depending on your point of view).

    I am truly honored.

  22. We could have a “tight jean shorts” contest, The Doctor. That might be up our alley. Or perhaps you would appreciate, “more broken in sneakers”

  23. Congrats, Gravy! You’re the first person to show up and claim your prize. As such, you will receive a *BONUS* prize.

  24. Lets count how many intersecting lines we have in our closet. Winner is the one who finishes before dying.

  25. @DPLennon 15m

    Can confirm that Matt Harvey will start tomorrow night’s All-Star Game at Citi Field. #mets

  26. I wish Richards would go back to Prince Edward Island and say he was doing it for Canada.

  27. eddie eddie eddie on

    Manny – hey, where are all the beards for me to judge??

    jeffery – in the freezer!

    Manny – why?

    Jeffery – that’s where their heads are

  28. I was going to award you a prize, LW but the international shipping rates discouraged any such award.

  29. @ChrisBottaNHL 1m

    Heckuva deal for Joshua. Gives up 3 UFA years, NHL best is 35 pts. RT @KatieStrangESPN Bailey’s 5-year deal worth $16.5 million

  30. eddie eddie eddie on

    Manny – oh saw them….i think you missed jeffery dahmer’s comments…

  31. Also, LW. That percentage isn’t that bad. We had 444 people vote. That means you got close to 20 people to vote for you. Or a certain number of people voting from 20 separate IP addresses.

  32. Ralph from N.M. on

    last post you stated that it was hotter than a snakes belly in a wagon rut. that’s great
    were you in my back yard ?

  33. Chris Cristie is standing in front of a Post Office in Newark and people are shoving mail down his throat.

  34. eddie eddie eddie on

    WHO memo: Global warming threat minimized by orders of magnitude if chris christie shies away from gaseous food.

  35. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Well done bro, well done!

    Happy 26th!!!

    Taking your beard and going home is a smart move, if you have no honor lol ;)

    Congrats you rigging bastage! I still say you have more shoes than Imelda Marcos.

  36. eddie eddie eddie on

    In golden Hannibal Carthage days, marching on to Rome,
    Knocking on the door and finding nobody home there.
    Rome she cut our armies down and left them in the snow,
    So now I go to where I come from,
    Now I go home to the sun.

    When the earth moves again,
    When the earth moves again my friend,
    Let the lady ride on through,
    When the earth moves again.

    Egyptian kings they sing of gods and pyramids of stone,
    And they left the deserts clean, and they left the deserts golden,
    And shinin’ as a beacon for those that need a road.
    (I do)
    Into the day and through the night,
    We go and find our way home.

    When the earth moves again,
    My love to all the people I leave behind.
    Search out the new ground around you,
    When the earth moves again.

    Your head can pull your body around ‘n you can
    Leave whenever you can find the ground.
    Take what you find on the ground,
    Sea foam glass is sand.

    If you’ve only lived on earth (If you haven’t lived in heaven),
    you’ve never seen the sun,
    Or the promise of a thousand other suns that glow beyond here,
    And if you care to see the future, just look into the eyes
    Of your young, dancing children;
    Don’t be afraid of our ways.

    When the earth moves again,
    When the earth moves again,
    Watch the lady ride and sigh,
    When the earth moves again.

    Moses, Moses, the Red Sea closes
    Over you when you least expect it to,
    When the earth moves again,
    When the earth moves again.

  37. eddie eddie eddie on

    Got a little song called Milk train that we cooked up….and Grace, composed the words to this….

  38. It’s better than last year when Nasty sat in a dark room repeatedly voting for himself.

  39. Doodie Machetto on

    I could have just won my way, by picking up one of those rocks, hiding behind a boulder, and in a few minutes when Nasty came running around the bend, the minute his head was in view, I would hit it with the rock. But my way is not very sportsmanlike.

  40. It might not work out well for you, Doodie. I think you’re used to fighting so many men at once that one, quick man would give you trouble.

  41. eddie eddie eddie on

    and the red queen is “off with her head”….remember what the door mouse said…..feed the head….feed the head

  42. eddie eddie eddie on

    aaron hernandez, ray lewis, and george zimmerman walk into a bar…….

  43. I was once on an airplane with Jefferson. He said that his brother-in-law told him that Clowe is fine.

  44. My advanced stats tell me 0.45% of 444 is 2 votes, Månnu.

    I blame the pitiful response on people not coming out prepared to vote and/or voting scared.

  45. Can someone tell me what again is the rule about giving up ufa years like Bailey and Mcdonagh gave up in there newest contracts.

  46. eddie eddie eddie on

    My sister sat on a plane next to a guy who knows someone whose cousin ate oatmeal for breakfast this morning.

  47. “I must have put a decimal point in the wrong place or something. [Cooke], I always do that. I always mess up some mundane detail.” – Michael Bolton

  48. Doodie Machetto on

    Oh well. I guess I’ll just try to sleep well and dream of large women.

  49. McDonagh’s agent: Ryan, seems as tough I put the decimal point in the wrong place. That’s not 28 mil over six, but 2.8 mil. and they’re holding us to it. Screwed that one up, babes, but in 2020, we’ll play hardball.”

  50. Don think there’s any rule, eric. Just means you’d expect the team to have to pay a little extra on this contract if it delays UFA status.

  51. Kraft to Hernandez: “Sign this.”

    “What is it?”

    “It’s a sanity clause.”

    “I’m too smart for that; there is no Sanity Clause.”

  52. McDonald’s employee: “No, Mr Brodeur. I assure you that the decimal point is in the correct place. It reads 0.25 lbs.”

  53. McDonagh could have been a UFA in three years, eric. So the Rangers paid a little more to get him signed for six.

  54. Doodie Machetto on

    I take solace in knowing that I was voted to be three times the man that Manny is, and about six times the man that Sally is.

  55. very little more, it seems. The kid is set, but he could have squeezed or signed only up to the UFA year. IMO

  56. Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: “I AM a senator’s son. Am I to assume that this causes some of you a problem?”

  57. _so, basically, you’re saying you didn’t want it badly enough, Doodie_

    Nasty – jam – balls = Doodie

  58. Coos, agree about McD. His contract seems like a gift. For some reason I can’t quite figure, the kid wants to be a Ranger.

  59. _Coos, agree about McD. His contract seems like a gift. For some reason I can’t quite figure, the kid wants to be a Ranger._

    Stability. Unless you’re coming from money (Gerrit Cole, to cross sports for an example), $10MM now is better than a gamble on future $20MM or $2MM.

  60. Good point Mister D and your probably right. I’m sticking with my romantic image of McD however.

  61. Rob in Beantown on

    _And I imagine having Sauer as a teammate only enforces that sort of thinking._

    That was actually my thinking too. Life is too unpredictable to take big chances, and $4.7M is still a lot of money for most people. Not for me, but for most people.

  62. That kinda drives home Mister D’s point.

    Poor kid, he was set to own that town.

  63. THE CHAMP IS HERE!!!!!! #Repeat Heave Ho, Two in a Row! Heave Ho, Two in a Row!!!!

  64. I would like to thank Manny for making this all possible. My wife and kids for putting up with the itchy scratchy kisses and skin burn. All of my twitter friends and followers for helping me rig the contest a second year in a row. Thanks to gravy for making me vomit and make my fighting weight, because of his nasty disgusting pictures. Thanks you to all the other contestants. You guys and gals are great, and I say this with a Carcillo eaten grin, in the great words of the late Omar Little, “You come at the king, you best not miss.”

  65. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    Congratulations to Nashty and all the other winners. Nice job, Mannu!!

  66. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    The fact that Kovie’s sister is saying that he will be back in 3 years (despite signing a 4 year deal in Russia)pretty much nails it that he wanted out of NJ.

    In 3 years, he can go to whomever he wants.

    Nice. Nice.

  67. DelZ will probably ask for 3 years at 4 mil. If he’s an effective D-Man, over that span, he’ll surpass McD for the next 3 even though he’s unlikely to ever have McD’s instincts and certainly not his speed. Different strokes for different folks.

  68. Sioux-per-man on

    Nasty win!!!

    Just got back to reality!!!

    My horse died on day 3, but there is a good chance you will see the Sioux hockey jersey on TV. . . Just not the final table :(

    Good thing I still have my day job :)

  69. so when Kovalchuk comes back to the NHL, he’ll be 34-years old and perfect for Sather to sign to a longterm deal. I’ll buy my jersey now.

  70. eddie eddie eddie on

    I can see her lying back in her satin dress
    in a room where you do what you don’t confess
    Sundown, you better take care
    If i find you been creeping round my backstairs

  71. Good afternoon all! Most excellent Manfreid!!! I am particularly enamored of The Sally. That is a keeper. Congrats to all and Happy 26th Birthday to Grabby!!

  72. Until he turns 35, Kovalchuk is considered to be on voluntary retired list and has to obtain approval from the Devils to return to NHL. After that, he is free to return. That info was obtained by Larry Brooks directly from Bill Daly

  73. Ron Hextall was named assistant GM for the Flyers. That’s the best goaltending solution they’ve attempted to make since…well, his retirement.

  74. “The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
    Things fall apart; the center cannot hold;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.”

  75. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    I hate to say it but I like what Garth Snow is doing with the Fishsticks (then again, as a NYR fan, I don’t). Some smart moves.

    Bailey is good and he likely will be underpriced in a couple of years. Tavares is an ABSOLUTE steal at $5.5M till 2018,

    Visnoyvsky is a good d-man, fair price. Nabakov, for another year is a fair price, just a matter of what’s playing in front of him.

    Hamonik, well, I’m not sure there, but he plays his butt off every game. That’s a long contract, though.

    I don’t get why they didn’t go after FA’s, but they do have kids to bring up, too.

    This is a low payroll with lot’s of cap space.

    Perhaps they’d like a leader, like a …..Brad Richards???? He’s fit right in……….

  76. eddie eddie eddie on

    i wanna, i wanna, i wannna, i wanna, i wanna, i gotta, i gotta, i gotta be adored

  77. I like the way you’re thinking Matty, i know we both would hate to see him go but he would fit right in there.
    Maybe those Brooklyn neighbors are saving up to pay a Swedish goaler who’s contract is up next year?

  78. Rangers/ Leafs replay from April on MSG + right now. I know you all will love this game, I think it’s a shoot out win.

  79. eddie eddie eddie on

    Many people tell you that they are your friend
    You heed them, you need them watch them around the river bend
    make sure that your receiving the signals they send
    cause brother, you only got two hand to lend

    ooooooooo, ya better watch out for the skin deep

  80. eddie eddie eddie on

    this could be the first trumpet
    might as well be the last….

    things are not the way they’re supposed to be….

  81. Hextall signs deal with Flyers. Expected to challenge Mason/Emery in camp for no. 1 slot.

  82. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Whoooooooo ooooooooo is Mr. Brown?
    Mr. Brown is a clown who drives thru town in a coffin.

  83. Watched that Toronto April re-play Shootout win. If Boyle can play like that every night, he could be useful.

  84. “I’m Henry the Eighth I am,
    Henry, the VIII, I am, I am.
    I got married to the widow next door
    She’s been married seven times before
    And every one was an Henry (Henry)
    She wouldn’t have a Willy or a Sam
    I’m her Eighth old man, I’m Henry
    Henry, the VIII, I am”

  85. Ilb,
    is it your daughter in the beard contest? – she is absolutely gorgeous cutie with a startling resemblance of your lovely wife.

  86. Hey, look, not like you’re bad looking yourself (no contest, however with Mrs.,sorry), but for girls it’s important, agree…My best to them both, please.

  87. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Manny, *e-mail*

    The message will self destruct in 60 seconds.

    P.S. I only provided 2 credit card numbers.

  88. So Mama runs and gets a hat for a friend of mine, Nagreanu signs it for him, then he was gone. He ran his AK into 10 10, no more autographs from him.

  89. On Day 3 Olivier Busquet was at my table. He lives in New York. If you don’t know him he was on Poker after dark for a couple of years, and announced the 1 Drop for ESPN last year. Outside of winning $5M playing poker.

  90. Rob in Beantown on

    You know, maybe Richards will actually be decent next season. I mean, I don’t expect him to be worth his cap hit, and he’ll still need to be bought out, but maybe he’ll be serviceable second line center and this won’t be a disaster. He can’t actually be worse than last season can he?

  91. Here is a picture of Brad working hard:

    @BRichards_1991 11 Jul

    Thanks to Andrew @ Integrated Exercise Therapy in Bridgehampton

  92. Manny – Day 2 was the best day.

    A couple gets married on Saturday. Flies to Vegas for their honeymoon. They wanted to play the Main Event, so they pay their way in and play on day 1c on Monday. They both bag chips at the end of the day. What are the odds they draw the same table on day 2? Someone crunch these numbers 6,532 to 2,500 to the same table on day two.

    So Norman Chad walks by our table and I ask him this question? Ridiculous! was the answer, but before you know it they had cameras all around the table for most of the day following them.

    Then my all in moment with the two of them. Scott is 1’st to act and he goes all in with QJ, I go all in with AK, Lisa the wife calls both of us with 77. A 10 flops on the board, a King on the turn put me in the lead, with an A on the river, gives Scott broadway. ugh I needed that triple up. I wouldn’t be surprised if this hand makes it on ESPN. We all bagged chips at the end of the day. Me with a few less than I wished for.

  93. Exactly what Rob said. I expect him to be much better. I expect him to produce. I just also think he needs to be bought out ASAP.

  94. I was in Vegas over the weekend for by buddy’s bachelor party. At a steak place on Friday PK Subban was eating dinner with some buddies a table over from my group. Subban and his friends were drinking from the Norris Trophy. Ugh

  95. Rob in Beantown on

    To the victor go the spoils. People drink from the Stanley Cup all the time. What’s so wrong with it?

  96. Diggler I was at Caesars for 10 days. Floyd Mayweather had a store shut down for him and his posse. Seen Jerry Rice at a store signing footballs on Friday in the Forum shops.

  97. Cullen brought the Stanley Cup home for his day with the Stanley Cup. He had it out for his Charity Event. We all ate ice cream from the cup :)

    Better yet they had a wiffle ball game in the backyard. The winner wins the Stanley Cup, and they drank champagne from it.

    Fun times.

  98. Clark Gilles let his dog eat out of the Stanley Cup. That’s what makes the Cup so awesome. It’s yours for a day when you win. It’s AWESOME.

  99. Rob in Beantown on

    Ed Olczyk fed the Kentucky Derby winner out of the Stanley Cup. Somebody else had their kid baptized in it.

  100. It’s what makes the Stanley Cup the greatest trophy on earth. It’s living history of those who won it.

    The only thing you can do with a World Series trophy is drag it behind your car when attempting to get fired by the New York Yankees so you can take over as head scout for the New York Mets.

  101. Rob in Beantown on

    _Better yet they had a wiffle ball game in the backyard. The winner wins the Stanley Cup, and they drank champagne from it._

    That’s the coolest thing I’ve *ever* heard

  102. Maybe we should do that with The 4th Sometimes-Annual, 2012-2013, Lockout Shortened, Paul Mara Playoff Beard Contest prize. Make the winner keep it, then give it to the next winner and so on and so forth.

  103. Sioux – glad you had a good run.

    Classic reference Manny.

    I too am hoping Richards can bring something more this season. I think he will be better by just not having the stigma of being Tort’s favorite. Given a diminished role, maybe could be a positive team member and leader.

    And maybe if I keep saying it, I will start to believe it.

  104. Rob in Beantown on

    Hey, check this out: Lou Gehrig’s pants. Not a bad fit. Hey, you don’t think that nerve disease of his was contagious, do you? Uh, I better take ’em off. I’m too important to this team. Big Stein can’t be flopping and twitching.

  105. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    _Then my all in moment with the two of them. Scott is 1’st to act and he goes all in with QJ, I go all in with AK, Lisa the wife calls both of us with 77_

    So she called two all-ins with 77? And one was her new husband?

  106. The Devils and Islanders are broadcasting the scrimmages at their prospect camp. But the Rangers are not. Is that true?

  107. Don’t get me wrong, I applaud the guy. Its just a small bout of me wishing he was on the Rangers…

  108. Is there any bonehead gathering this summer that I should know about? I don’t want to miss it. I don’t want to miss an opportunity to have you all bow to me and buy me drinks and drink from my trophy. You can all touch it, drink from it, marvel it. I will be hiring transportation to get me there. Not a car, not a taxi, or even a limo. I will be hiring a driver to drive me in the only thing that would be appropriate given the circumstances in which I slayed my competition. I will be driven to the location in a great big filthy stinking RIG!!! That’s right, a RIG!!!

  109. Yes Gravy. She could have knocked us both out.

    I win the side pot, so I get a discount on the loss. But I really needed the triple up for day 3 starting stack.

    I’m sure you will see this hand on ESPN, as a Day 2 story. So there is a chance you will see the Fighting Sioux Jersey :)

    Another cool side story to this day, seated to the right of me was one of the minority owners to the Boston Celtics. We had a good chat. Now here’s a question for you. When his team won the championship he had 4 seats on the floor. Would you sell them for $50K each?

  110. Most of my friends are Devils fans. Aside from 94, the amount of carcillo I got from them was infinite. It sort of makes me laugh because even though this year with Clowe and the ridiculous contract Lou gave him, the signing of Kovy was very very un Lou like. Watching it come back are really bite him in the rear sort of makes me laugh. There is no doubt about it that Lou is one of the best GMs in not only how he runs his team, but how he lets talent develop. He is also one of the best at keeping his decisions and moves extremely secretive. The organization will benefit from the dollars they will save, but the team is going to hurt because of it. I always say to never count out the devils, because they have showed us time and time again that they find a way, but this year I am not expecting a thing from them. They will not make the playoffs and the Isles will be a much much better team than they are. The Isles, with a strong goalie performance, will probably give us one hell of a run for our money this year. Making the playoffs is going to be tough with the realignment. I expect us to make it, but it is definitely not a given.

  111. Rob they had Cullen on one team and Commadore on the other. So they were guaranteed to have someone lift the cup on the “winning” team. Good times had by all.

    Then we had a golf tournament during the day, a silent auction, and they hired the Zambonies to fly into town and play for the dance. I think Cully’s Kids raised $250,000 that day for Kids with Cancer.

    I still wish we had Cullen as a Center. Nashville signed him for 2 years.

  112. Cullen. I liked him too. I was at the playoff game against Buffalo when he scored that goal that hit the crossbar and went straight back down not even an inch behind the line and back out and they had to review it for a while. I think he was the one that wanted to leave us though. There was a lot of reports of him not being happy in NYC. Was the game against Buffalo or Atlanta? I forget now. I was at all the home playoff games that year.

  113. Wow, Nasty. Maybe you should organize a picnic and make yourself the star of said picnic?

  114. If you need a big rig, Nasty, you should talk to Sioux. He can get you a good deal. Maybe fran can be your driver?

  115. Gosh Nasty, with all this gloating I just hope your “prize” doesn’t get lost in the mail. You know how unreliable the United States Postal Service can be with guys like Newman out there walking the streets……

  116. Nasty – Cullen loved New York, just not the way Renny was playing him. He’s a class act he would never say playing behind Gomez and Drury bothered him. He just never got as much ice time as in Carolina, and playing the point on the power play – where he helped win the Stanley Cup.

  117. But you can’t blame him for signing in MN. His hometown state wanted him, he had a some great years in MN. Even got to meet Marc’s Brother Eric last year at his charity event.

    MN could NOT resign him do to Danny Heatley being injured, and they couldn’t buy him out. (Possible Ranger/Richards nightmare)

    He’ll do well in Nashville.

  118. All over the road, and when I stop to arm wrestle I flip my cap around and go over the top.

  119. Rob in Beantown on

    “What do the judges look for?

    Knowledge of the Boston Bruins
    Physically fit appearance”

    In that order, obviously.

  120. I was waiting for people to make some obligatory, “Del Zaster trades himself to the Bruins to judge the entries” type joke.

  121. They don’t even require skating, Sioux. And the person judging your “non-returnable photos” that you submit is a GUY. Sounds totally safe!

  122. Rob in Beantown on

    It sounds like Boston wouldn’t be a conducive environment for Del Zaster to *focus*

  123. “Sorry Coach, eh. One of the darn Ice Girls forgot to set my alarm this morning before she left. Stupid Turkey even wanted cab fare. American girls, eh?” – Tyler Seguin

  124. can they please announce this olympic crap already so we could get on with the schedule release.

    i want to know when we play columbus.

    heard tomorrow for schedule release based upon league annoucing players headed to sochi. probably delayed now since no announcement.

  125. Knowledge of the Boston Bruins
    Physically fit

    Hmm. Richards qualifies in all but two requirements, #’s 4 and 6.

  126. Even if Glennie is correct about Richie (and I hope that he is) an injury could severely hamstring this franchise for years.

  127. Coos don’t go there! Think Positive. 90pts. Dishing out power play goals, and one timers. Maybe the new coach can save his career, for at least another year. IF not we will all be crying in our beer :)

  128. Richie will make us all forget about this past season.

    He will have renewed energy and vigor, he will be a role model for young players, he will be an important piece of the puzzle.

    If you say it enough, you too will believe.

  129. Seee, Sioux and Glennie are serious and inveterate poker players, after all is said and done. May they both prosper for everyone’s sake.

  130. Relative to Rob’s 8:11 re: Matt Harvey – years ago I was enjoying an after work beer in a local pub with a pal and I noticed the hulking figure of Jeff Ruland standing right behind us, ready to order drinks for a table. The Knicks/Bullets taped game from the previous day was on the TV, and my friend said loudly and unwittingly, “this guy Ruland sux.” I thought we both were dead.

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