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Just because you guys have been so well behaved, and because there are too many comments on the last thread, here’s a new one for your viewing and g(j)ibberish pleasure.

The End.

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  1. Good morning, boneheads!

    Yes, Happy Bastille Day!

    Enjoy yoyr crêpes, éclairs, and fromages!
    Speaking of crêpes, where is Izzy?

  2. Bastille Day, great Rush song!
    Rush = Canadian
    Canada = Hockey
    Hockey = Rangers

    Let’s Go Rangers !!!

  3. Carp, sometimes the “gibberish” relieves the boredom currently rampant in Rangerland.

    The only problem one might have is when Coos and Eddie with the occasional assist by Bear get going, most of us lesser literate lights need a handbook to decipher many of the gems.

    Perhaps as a writer you might arrange for a pamphlet or two with your publisher? ;)

  4. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I’m singing this note cause it fits in well with the chords I’m playing…

  5. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    There’s a symphony that I hear in my heart that keeps my head from reeling….

    I’m in tune, right in tune.

  6. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Happy Bastille Day to all!

    This roster needs some serious playable toughness!!

  7. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    There is an All Points Bulletin on a white male, described as a ranger fan of many years, that goes by the name Jimbo from woodside. Consider him armed and legged.

  8. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Wicky – we need more undersized non physical forwards and D men. That is how you lose games, bottom out, and get good draft positioning. That or you trade Hank, Hags, and MDZ for Rask, and Lucic and a #2.

  9. Adirondacks are great, but not for cell and Wi-Fi services ..still catching up on all the recent player moves …which seems to tie in with the’ gibberish ‘. E3- good idea about Hernandez on penalty kill, and play execution :-)

  10. Hey guys what songs should be on Del Zaster’s Rangers playlist? “Land of Confusion” by Genesis comes to mind, to get the crowd pumped up for the Power Play.

  11. Manny !!

    Yergs, staying with Phil Collins, I think he could add ” I Missed Again”.

  12. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    MDZ to MZA from Genesis’ Seconds Out – “you got to get in to get out ….”

  13. eddie eddie eddie on

    Nothing to say, nothing to hear, nothing to see. Each sensation makes a note in my symphony.

  14. eddie eddie eddie on

    MDZ shoots and it’s “in the air tonight” because it surely isnt in the net

  15. eddie eddie eddie on

    Car seat – “find that ******* torts. He left me the **** hanging by the ******* side of the ******* roadside.”

  16. eddie eddie eddie on

    police – “we have a car seat here in need of an emergency seamstress. Issue an APB on a 50 something white male, 4 ft 11, 120 lbs, goes by the nickname Musky. He is foul mouthed and considered terrible on the PP”

  17. eddie eddie eddie on

    Bogey – two bogies @ 5 O’Clock….no….make that four bogies, 2 pairs…..

  18. Carp – Interesting take on Kovalchuk. Here’s an interesting side thought though. I disagree about former future-Rangers Parise, just because I don’t think he wanted to go anywhere except Minnesota. But in today’s cap word, there’s a very real chance he’s bought out next year, unless the Wild envision paying some pretty stupid cash to a 40-year-old down the road. So isn’t it conceivable this ‘retirement’ could ultimately end up ushering in a new era of Parise on the Devils? I think the Kovalchuk retirement hurts them this year and this year only. By next year, Devils fans are going to be doing the happy dance about him leaving.

  19. eddie eddie eddie on

    I married Isis on the 5th day of May. But I could not hold on to her very long.

  20. eddie eddie eddie on

    A man in the corner approached me for a match, I knew right away he was not ordinary.

  21. Gift of GAB-orik-Ohio-O-Clowe-Oh No! on

    Hey all! Is it hockey season yet? The pebble is going to be and interesting place without Kovy.

  22. Phil- using your logic one can assume Minnesota will be buying out 2 contracts next year since they are identical and both players are 28 years of age. That means they will have to pay over $98M to remove two marquee players from their roster.

  23. Rob in Beantown on

    I am curious too. My next stop after I finish grad school will probably be somewhere in northern NJ

  24. Janmes calls me Llantona, and I call him Janmes. Sorry to ruin your edit there, Greg.

  25. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Man – my friend call me one eyed jack, for obvious reasons.

    Jeffery – well, soon you be known as headless jack.

  26. Torts opened a head shop on Granville island, which backs up into a shelter for three legged dogs who only answer to commands spoken in Canadian

  27. A Canadian opened a shelter in a head shop on Granville Island where Torts answers commands only from three legged dogs.

  28. James Taylor’s voice does NOT age. Pär Mårts would have had him perform in the locker room to soothe spirits after a loss, but Frenchie isn’t insightful enough to do anything like that.

  29. Ralph from N.M. on

    hotter than a snakes belly in a wagon rut. That’s great
    are you in my back yard ?

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