Hall of Fame Day and an interesting class


Some automatics on the ballot — if there even is a ballot, or is it just a discussion behind closed doors; nobody seems to know how the hell the Hockey Hall of Fame committee selects its inductees.

But also some borderliners up for election/selection this year. The announcement is expected this afternoon at 3 p.m.

Dan Rosen at NHL.com lists three locks: Chris Chelios, Scott Niedermayer and Brendan Shanahan. Then he says there are a bunch more for one final spot, including Eric Lindros, Rob Blake, Alexander Mogilny, Jeremy Roenick, Keith Tkachuk, and outside-chancers including Theo Fleury, Dave Andreychuk, Kevin Lowe, Phil Housley, Paul Kariya and others.

IMO, all of them are Hall of Famers since Clark Gillies is in the Hall.

You can read Dan Rosen’s story here.

Photo by Getty Images.

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  1. Dan Rosen at NHL.com lists four locks: Chris Chelios, Scott Niedermayer and Brendan Shanahan.

  2. Shanahan is obviously getting in twice. Once as a player, the other for inconsistency in suspensions.

  3. As a prelude to HOF status, Avery will help to announce the winners…envelope please! [Avery envelopes!]

  4. Good morning, boneheads!

    LMGO @ Clark Gillies comment! I bet you just summoned that Islanders troll whom we haven’t seen for awhile.

  5. Cross Check Charlie on

    There are three kinds of people – those that can count and those that can’t.

  6. I think Roenick is the 4th. That man could single-handedly take over any Sega Genesis NHL ’93 game.

  7. First tussle in first Ranger/Devils game.

    Janssen vs Dorsett, and the winner is?

  8. Rob in Beantown on

    If you needed more evidence the Rangers are too soft, they are talking amongst themselves about the movie _Pitch Perfect_ on twitter

  9. I think they should leave Shanny out for a year and explain to him that someone reviewed footage of his career and there was no blatant intent to achieve hall of fame status when he played.

    In seriousness though he’s one of my all time favs. Glad to see him go. Can Chelios actually get in while still trying to make it back onto an NHL roster though?

  10. _If you needed more evidence the Rangers are too soft, they are talking amongst themselves about the movie Pitch Perfect on twitter_

    Its all to antagonize, and I love it and those two are two of my favorites, but then I think about how I’m definitely not what I’d want in a hockey player, so it all starts to make sense.

  11. _I’m just kidding, I love that movie_

    I’ve never seen it and I bet I’d hate it, but I think I finally solved the “why do people hate Boyle and MDZ so much” conundrum. What I see as young dudes having fun like people in their situation should others don’t. If I were a Ranger and acted exactly like I do now, I’d top the whipping boy list easy.

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    I’d put in the big three plus Andreychuk.

    For the builders, Shero and Burns are long overdue.

  13. Me too, Mister D. I don’t get why people hate them so much. But people will constantly attempt to claim Boyle, a 4th line Center, is the problem with the team. I think you’re spot on about Del Zaster. He has too much fun! Fun means he isn’t focused (to a fan). God forbid these guys have lives like the rest of us.

    If they put in the effort that we all put into our jobs, they would SUCK at hockey. But fans expect the players to be machines.

  14. _If they put in the effort that we all put into our jobs, they would SUCK at hockey._

    This should be the new banner for the website.

  15. Sure, and there’s plenty of talk that Marchand was his right-hand man, but Marchand won’t have a word spoken about him because he’s not out the door. Its all stupid. Young, rich people go out and do stuff and have fun. That’s the point of being young and rich.

  16. Yes. Yes it is, The Doctor. The point of life, at least for men (whether straight, bisexual or homosexual) is to get laid. You get good at things so you can get laid. You make money so you can get laid. At their age, these are prime “getting laid” years. So enjoy it boys…

  17. Rob in Beantown on

    _Young, rich people go out and do stuff and have fun. That’s the point of being young and rich._


  18. Chelios is so old his social security number is 1.

    Also, I doubt Shanny really has much of a say in the disciplinary rulings. He seems more like a talking head that provides a presence of respect over the biased and sometimes comical rulings of the leagues disciplinary board.

    RE Seguin, he better grow up quick, remember where they sent Avery? Wonder how long till Seguin’s run out of town down there and we pick him up on the cheap as a restoration project.

  19. Following the Rangers Danny Kristo acquisition of Danny Kristo, for Christian Thomas, Leslie Treff of Hockey’s Future tweeted that the Rangers continue to take the Montreal Canadians to the cleaners.

    Julie Robenhymer writes that that the Rangers “stole” Kristo from Montreal and that he will enter a locker room with players that he knows which will lead to a comfortable situation for him. She notes that a comfortable Kristo is a “confident Kristo and a confident Kristo is a successful Kristo.”

    She says that this deal is a “huge win” for the Rangers.

    Robenhymer writes that a reputation for maturity issues has followed Kristo since his early days at North Dakota but that after an issue with frostbite in 2011, he cleaned up his act and improved his focus on the ice.

    Larry Brooks writes in the NY Post that the Rangers feel they “absolutely stole” Kristo from Montreal.

    Adam Rotter: From almost all accounts the Rangers seemed to “win” this trade as people who cover prospects seem very high on Kristo and not nearly as high on Thomas. I like Thomas, but needs more time to develop, while Kristo seems like he is NHL ready. There was thought to be a chance he would play for Montreal when his season at North Dakota ended, he played in the AHL instead, but he seems like a guy who has the skill set to push for a spot in training camp.

  20. If Danny Kristo and Ryan McDonagh lead the Rangers to a Stanley Cup, Montreal may sink into the river and never be heard from again.

  21. Seguin seems to be doing just fine growing up at his pace. 16 and 16 in a short season at 21 is pretty ok to me.

  22. Marty St. Louis is the reason Christian Thomas was able to return a legit prospect.

  23. CARP, you have outdone yourself. “Dan Rosen at NHL.com lists four locks: Chris Chelios, Scott Niedermayer and Brendan Shanahan.”

  24. I wasn’t referring to Seguin’s stats, just his attitude, and his charming tweets.

  25. Uncle Daddy married his sister-in-law when he was 35/36. Does that make him immature too?

  26. _I wasn’t referring to Seguin’s stats, just his attitude, and his charming tweets._

    His tweets are stupid. His attitude is what happens when Boston sportswriters are told to go after you. He’s not some unique partying NHL kid, he’s just an NHL kid who gets exposed when a team and complicit beat reporters team up.

  27. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    No offense, Eric. Not so sure Kristo and MacD are THAT good to make up for all the inadequacies of the other players.

    Hope Kristo is the real deal. MacD, sure is.

  28. Rob in Beantown on

    Is it true Springsteen was inspired to write the album “Wrecking Ball” after seeing a picture of you in the arena during a show in Newark? #AskBrodeur

  29. Rob in Beantown on

    Is it really true that the U.S. geological survey requires governor Christie and you to be on opposite ends of the state at all times? #AskBrodeur

  30. Do you ever wish your “waffle board blocker” was just, a waffle? #AskBrodeur

  31. Is it true that the NHL Draft was shown on broadcast delay so that the draft announcer calling Anthony Brodeur your nephew could be edited out? #AskBrodeur

  32. Doodie Machetto on

    Is it true that the blur of your midsection on the NHL 14 cover was caused by the camera being unable to capture its rapid expansion? #AskBrodeur

  33. Doodie Machetto on

    When you saw the Brodeur cake at the draft, how did it feel to see a version of yourself that contained less cake and icing than you? #AskBrodeur

  34. I heard through the remnants of the grapevine which you ate that you once mistook the puck in a lengthy multiple overtime game for an ice cream sandwich and attempted to eat that as well. Fact or fiction? #AskBrodeur

  35. Doodie Machetto on

    Is there any truth to the rumors that you got the number 30 because you order 6 #5 Extra Value Meals from McDonald’s before every game? #AskBrodeur

  36. Is it true you orchestrated your own benching during the 2010 Olympics just so you could spend more time restaurant hopping in the Olympic Village? #AskBrodeur

  37. Were the tears after Game 7 of the 1994 Eastern Conference Semifinals in response to the loss or the fact that MSG’s public address announcer mentioned that the arena had run out of hot dogs? #AskBrodeur

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    Were the mustard shortages at MSG in the first games after its initial transformation caused by your pregame hot dog eating session?

  39. Rob in Beantown on

    When you fly Southwest is it embarrassing having to explain that yes, these three seats _are_ occupied? #AskBrodeur

  40. Is it true that the NHL forces you to use a bigger net proportional to how much larger you are than other goaltender? #AskBrodeur

  41. Did Lou Lamoriello instruct you to turn down the role ultimately filled by John Pinette as the overweight mugging victim in Seinfeld’s finale? #AskBrodeur

  42. Doodie Machetto on

    Which number is larger, your number of victories or your weight in kilograms? #AskBrodeur

  43. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    Sorry, but for my $$$$$, Eric Lindros is NOT a Hall of Fame player. He had a couple of years where he scored over 100 points, I believe, but he never won the cup. He was the ‘great messiah’ coming into the league and never lived up to the expectations. He was selfish and, in general, not a team player.

    Nope. His name was bigger than the career. Not HOF material, Prust saying.

  44. Do you ever give your weight in “Stone” because you’re embarrassed of the poundage? #AskBrodeur

  45. Doodie Machetto on

    Matty, Lindros’ legacy was larger than his career. He became a “type.”

    I don’t think he should get in this year with so many guys in front of him that are more deserving, but next year is a pretty weak new class (most notable guy is Mike Modano). I think maybe he should get in then.

  46. Both Freddy the Fog and Pat Burns should’ve been in a while ago. For the non-locks Andreychuk or Housley!

  47. Any truth in, that List of food and female relatives you’re NOT salivated for, came empty?…#AskBrodeur.

  48. Doodie Machetto on

    I rank the currently eligible players as follows:

    1) Chelios
    2) Shanahan
    3) Niedermayer
    4) Andreychuk
    5) Blake
    6) Housley
    7) Lindros
    8) Verbeek
    9) Lowe
    10) Mogilny
    11) Makarov (for international play)
    12) Lemieux (for playoff performance/redefining “pest” role)

    All other players, to me, are not qualified for induction.

  49. Sather Must Go! on

    Last game, when Brodeur backed into his net, beeping was heard #AskBrodeur

  50. Is it true that your last name used to be “Bro” but once your jersey size got so large you extended your name to fill out the back? #AskBrodeur

  51. Rob in Beantown on

    How did it feel getting to draft your nephew into the NHL as a Devil? #AskBrodeur

  52. How pleased are you that there isn’t a three-year waiting period to be inducted into the IHOP? #Ask Brodeur

  53. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    _Dan Rosen at NHL.com lists four locks: Chris Chelios, Scott Niedermayer and Brendan Shanahan_

    Hope AV uses this equation when creating his forward lines.

  54. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    If a blind squirrel sometimes finds nuts, does a blind Brodeur always find bacon? #AskBrodeur

  55. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    If you could bring three things with you to a desert island, would they all be gravy? #AskBrodeur

  56. You know that “Whole Wheat” doesn’t mean you have to eat the “whole” thing, right? #AskBrodeur

  57. Marty checks off box on driver’s license to donate two spare tires to Zamboni,

  58. Rob in Beantown on

    How much of the Devils’ financial problems would you say is attributable to additional fuel costs incurred by your being on team charter flights? #AskBrodeur

  59. Would you be OK if I opened up a concession stand in the Prudential Center selling deep-fried food, called “Marty’s Batter?” #AskBrodeur

  60. How soon did you storm out of the movie theater in disgust when you went to see Life of Pi? #AskBrodeur

  61. Rob in Beantown on

    Have you ever tried to obtain a special dialing wand by mashing your phone’s keypad with your palm? #AskBrodeur

  62. Rob in Beantown on

    Did you know you’re my favorite player so much that I voted for you to be on the cover of NHL 14 over 200 times?! #AskBroduer

  63. What’s the craziest thing you have ever filled your bathtub with? #AskBrodeur

  64. Rob in Beantown on

    Do you ever wistfully imagine the family members you could have attracted had you Henrik’s good looks? #AskBrodeur

  65. Have you ever been able to view your own private parts without the use of a refracting mirror? #AskBrodeur

  66. Rob in Beantown on

    Why didn’t you copy Roberto Luongo and make your twitter handle @Hambone? #AskBrodeur

  67. How hungry do you get during a game and how do you fulfill your relentless food cravings while on the ice? #AskBrodeur

  68. Rob in Beantown on

    Were you upset John Candy never got to portray you in a movie? #AskBrodeur

  69. You guys are hilarious with the Brodeur j(g)ibberish today.

    Gravy, my math has always been bad, but that’s the first time I was unable to count to three, I think.

    CTB, email.

    Agree, Lindros didn’t do enough long enough to be a HOF. IMO, Fleury before him — given what Theo had to go through in his life. I think Kevin Lowe is a HOF and hope that people see past stats to put him in one day.

  70. King with no Ring on

    Mister D — —

    I do not care what a player does in his spare time. I do not like Boyle or Del Zotto because neither are good. They both suck offensively and are liabilities defensively.

    Boyle is not a problem, but neither is he a solution.

  71. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Well, that’s the first I’ve heard of Boyle being a defensive liability. I can see the offensive liability argument, if you’re one of those “only goals matter” type of people. But, I’m not really sure how you can make that statement.

  72. How excited are you to play the titular character in the upcoming James Gandolfini biopic? #AskBrodeur

  73. King with no Ring on

    Gravy, Just Gravy — —

    On the flip side, I am never sure how others can claim Boyle is excellent defensively. The reason I think that Boyle is a defensive liability is because he consistently loses his man on the cycle in the defensive zone.

  74. Just curious, but is there an argument for LaFontaine and Cam Neely but against Lindros or are those against Lindros also against the other two? Lindros compares pretty favorably to both.

  75. Don’t think it should count against him, but Neely and Lafontaine were both just about point-a-game players at the point their careers ended, while Lindros had a couple of part years at the end where he was nowhere near his previous level.

    Suppose the perception might be (incorrectly) that injuries didn’t rob him as much as the other two. Probably more to do with his reputation though.

  76. That seems crappy, esp given Neely’s PPG average being so far below Lindros’ (and in a more favorable era).

  77. Did you get paid for your portrayal of “Fat Guy Exploding” in Monty Python’s _The Meaning of Life_ ? #AskBrodeur

  78. I would like to asky Marty if his dual with Avery reminded him of ‘Slaphot’ when Reg Dunlop enraged Hanrahan…and, if so, does he feel that life imitates art or vice versa…


  79. Follow-up question; is there any truth to the rumor that he first got involved in hockey because he heard about “Icing” and thought there was cake involved…


  80. In retirement will you Persue movie roles normally reserved for John Lovitz? #ask Brodeur

  81. Have you ever had your jaw broken and, if not, would you prefer death to having to eat everything through a straw? #AskBrodeur

  82. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever tasted and, as a follow up, did you finish it anyways, and as a follow up, how long did it take you to finish said item (we know you did)? #AskBrodeur

  83. Harry Carey via satellite : “If you were a hot dog and you were starvin’ to death, would ya eat yourself?!” #Ask Brodeur

  84. In Hartford tonight (go Whalers!) to see the Black Keys. Can you say PSYCHED?!?!? : D

  85. If careers all ended today, among current goalies who would have a shot at the hall?

    Obviously Brodeur. Perhaps Lundqvist? Any others?

    Kipprusoff? Rinne? Miller? Backstrom? Ward?

    There really aren’t even a lot of goalies who have held a starting job for more than a few years. Guess we better get Hank a new deal soon.

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