Audio: Ray Shero talks about his father’s induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame today


Here is Pittsburgh GM Ray Shero on a conference call about his late dad, former Rangers coach Fred “The Fog” Shero being inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame today.

The Fog was primarily despised by Rangers fans during his Broad Street Bullies days, winning two Stanley Cups for Mr. Snider’s team, but he did come to New York and lead the Rangers to the Stanley Cup final in 1978-79 (which happened to be my first year covering the team).

Courtesy of the Pittsburgh Penguins:


Photo by Getty Images.

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  1. Ah, the days of Scotty Bowman calling Brad Park a “sneaky, dirty player,” and a Boston head coach (“Grapes”) fired for one too many men on the ice penalty.

  2. Shero to Clarke: “Take a good look at our goalie. You might not see another good one here for the next 40 years.”

  3. “While GM of the Rangers Shero traded for Cam Connor believing it was Colin Campbell. Upon his arrival Conner had to explain that he was a winger and not a defenceman.”

  4. I remember when he coached us into the Stanley Cup finals and losing to the Canadiens. To make it worse, the next year the Isles won their first of four. Too bad Pat Burns has to wait some more!

  5. Read a story long ago about Casey Stengel walking up to a uniformed kid seated in the Yankee or Met dugout, mesmerized by the big stadium, hours before a game, and said, ‘How you doin’, kid?” then sat down next to him.
    The kid was flattered that Casey recognized him and they talked baseball for about ten minutes. Stengel finally said, “they’re sending some kid up here but I don’t think he can help.” The kid realized that he was the kid being discussed and Casey had no clue. :)

  6. Carp
    in honor of Shero going into the HOF
    is the Empire State Building going to be lit up
    in orange and black?

  7. Good morning all! About time Chelios got in. Wasn’t he on the ballot the year the Hall opened?

  8. “Congrats on your dad’s induction. We’d like to send you another gift.” – Dallas Stars

  9. _Amazing, Carp. Hard to imagine that type of thing happening these days!_

    Why? Two years ago Sather signed Brad Richards thinking he was the same Brad Richards from the previous decade.

  10. Wasn’t it reported/rumoured that Sather traded for Boyle in part because he said he shutdown somebody or other in the AHL playoffs, when Boyle and this other player had never in fact faced each other in the AHL playoffs?

  11. Sioux-per-man on

    I survived day one. My day 2 starts in 4 hours. I have 33 Big Blinds. So I will new a couple of double ups and I should be right back into the mix of things :)

  12. @KatieStrangESPN

    #NYR Second RFA signing this week as Carl Hagelin agrees to terms on a two-year deal. Deal is worth $4.5 million total, $2.25 AAV

  13. iPhone 5. Had a 4S but burned my upgrade because I got it for free + a Target gift card for like $150 for trading in the old one.

  14. @KatieStrangESPN

    #YR Breakdown of Hagelin’s contract: $2.1M in Year 1, $2.4M in Year 2

  15. Seems like the right deal for Hagelin. I forget who was complaining about long term deals not working out, but this is probably the guy you wait on rather than look to buy out a UFA seasons. Stepan we can go 6 like McD I’ll be cool with it.

  16. I thought Hagelin should get something like $1.8M – $2.2M for 3-4 years. I’m totally fine with this deal.

  17. Rob in Beantown on

    When I first read it I thought it meant $4.5M annually, and I thought that was CRAZY. But $2.25 is not a bad deal.

  18. bull dog line on

    they are going to do a 2 year bridge contract with Stepan. let him have a year or 2 of producing like a first line center, before you pay him like a first line center. you don’t want to make the same mistake as they made with Dubi.

  19. Eventually, I think a third line with Lindberg, Hagelin, and someone else would be cool.

  20. I think Stepan should be around $3.2M -$3.5M for about 4 years. Pay the guy like a 2nd line Center.

  21. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    SPM, this is the WSOP Main Event you’re in, correct? Sit with any known players?

  22. Sioux-per-man on

    I will start the day with 16,250 chips. I took a hit on a hand late. I look down at AQ diamonds. With A raise ahead of me from one of the top pros at my table. He’s been play to many hands. So I reraise him in the big blind to 2,100.

    It started the hand with 43,000 and at the time I was chip leader for my table. I flop an A. I bet he calls. I turn a Q. With top top I make a pot size bet to take the pot but he came over the top of me. I call. So on the river I check he goes all in. I can’t through down top 2 pair so I call. And he shows me a sleeping set of 6’s whoops. I win that pot and im over 65,000.

    So today I will start with 16,250. Plenty of time to double up. 2 all ins and wins and I will be where I want to be.

  23. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Can’t complain about the Hagelin contract. If he turns into more than a 3rd line forward, you deal with it in 2 years.

  24. _they are going to do a 2 year bridge contract with Stepan. let him have a year or 2 of producing like a first line center, before you pay him like a first line center. you don’t want to make the same mistake as they made with Dubi._

    That’s exactly how you end up with a $6MM player rather than a $4MM player long term. Besides, he was 32nd in points among ( listed) C last year, 11th this year. He’s on the right path.

  25. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Sounds like you were pot committed, and top 2 is almost like having a set yourself. Sounds like a cooler.

  26. Stepan has no leverage as he is not arbitration eligible. He’ll get a 2 year deal around $3.5M/ yr.

  27. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Stepan has no leverage, but he was arguably their best, most consistent forward last year.

    He’s twice the player Dubinsky was. I think $3.5 would be very fair for the Rangers if they could do that for 4 years. More likely it would take $4M per.

  28. Sioux-per-man on

    Gravy I won another qualifier on Sunday night. I played a 1,000 qualifier. With 1060 players 101 won the 10,200 entry fee.

    I was on a table with Doyle Brunson’s daughter Pam. Super fun listening to the stories she was telling us of her Father. I watched her get a straight flush holding the 6 of clubs.

    I played with a top Russian pro. For most of the night. Sergie something. He played 13 events. And finished in the top 1% in three of them.

    I caught Jamie Gold coming out of the women’s bathroom, but I don’t blame him. 3500 people on break and they had 2 places to stand in line. Not much fun when they only give you a 10 minute break.

    ALOT of the players started day 1c. So I said hi to a few of them.

    If you want to follow updates I’ll post some on twitter. My handle is Sioux_per_man.

    Have a Sioux-per Day

    UK – I didn’t get a chance to get your bonehead cigar out to you. But I will when I get back. Congrats on winning it. You’ll have to email carp of a picture of you smoking it :)

  29. ThisYearsModel on

    The Rangers should extend Stepan the way they did McD, if they can. Pay a little more to buy UFA years. The salary will be cap friendly in a couple years. He is a keeper.

  30. The alternative would be to give him the same deal as McDonagh yeah. But Stepan is going to be an All-Star next season and most likely the #1 center for Team USA in the 2014 Olympics.

  31. _Stepan has no leverage as he is not arbitration eligible. He’ll get a 2 year deal around $3.5M/ yr._

    Rangers having leverage is exactly why you want the years to go longer. The closer a player gets to full UFA status, the more they cost, so why not get ahead? Its not like he’s a flash, he was a 2nd round pick who’s made steady progress every year.

  32. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Sounds like a good time SPM. Congrats on winning the qualifier! Mrs. Gravy and I have always talked about the “what ifs” playing in the ME…it’s just cost prohibitive at the moment. Will definitely give a follow on Twitter…good luck!

  33. bull dog line on

    Mister D,
    you are right that is how you end up with a 6 mill player, but your way is how you end up with a Dubi type contract. I am Stepan fan, and I think he is going to be well worth what they sign him for. I just think they need to careful before giving him 4mill, and a lot of years.

  34. Stepan will become an UFA in 4 years. So, in his case, 2-3 year bridge contract is more feasible, and makes more sense, if they want to save money and sign MZA and Falk. After his contract expires they will still have his rights even though he will be arbitration eligible. If they want to buy his UFA years, they may have to pay him more ( 5-7 year contract). 4 year contract makes less sense since he will become an UFA.

  35. Steps rooms with McD, buddies from college. Best Man at McD’s upcoming wedding. Peas in a pod, birds of a feather. Each getting better, love the game. I’d go long.

  36. Jeff in South Dakota on

    TSN is reporting:

    The New York Rangers have agreed to terms with restricted free agent forward Carl Hagelin on a two-year contract, according to Katie Strang of

    The deal is worth reportedly worth $2.25 million a season.

  37. Gravy a buddy paid the $1,000, I was his back up plan. If he didn’t win it on his own, he had one last shot with me playing in it. It took 10.5 hours, but I won it for him :)

    You should give it a go.

  38. Thanks boys. I put in the twitter link on the name.

    Have a Siouxper Day!

    Lets hope we are cooking with KRISTO today!!!

    I wish I had my Danny Kristo Rangers Jersey to wear today :)

  39. Yes. I’m with The Doctor. Give Stepan 6 years. Just like McDonagh but a bit less money.

  40. I don’t even want to know what Del Zaster says to ruin Liam Traynor’s maturation…


    RT @sledhockeyboy: Best surprise my buddy @MichaelDelZotto came by to hang with me. The best day ever!!

  41. Manny – it’s like this. You and I fly to Vegas and play a qualifier, It cost us each $1,040 to enter. 1060 player paid and played, the top 101 won the $10,200 enter fee to the main event.

    My buddy paid for both entries. I had already won my main event seat. So I was playing to win another one.
    He busted out like the 3rd level. I ran it out and finished in the top 101. Now I have 2 entries.

    I would do the same for you :)

  42. You guys are lazy so here’s the article:

    *A-Rod Shows Minor Leaguers Proper Way To Put Down Teammates*

    TAMPA, FL—A week into his rehabilitation stint with the minor league Tampa Yankees, third baseman Alex Rodriguez reportedly impressed his new teammates Wednesday by sharing valuable tips about proper technique for putting each other down. “To alienate players at a major league level, you have to be active and aggressive about creating hostility toward them with a wide variety of disparaging remarks,” Rodriguez said to the dugout full of wide-eyed minor leaguers eagerly absorbing every word of his advice. “Stay focused on escalating pointless, petty squabbles as much as you can, and pretty soon you’ll see yourself getting involved in longer, more vicious disputes. The most important thing is that, deep down, you’re a bitter and hateful person. That’s something you can’t coach.” Tampa catcher Tyson Blaser confirmed that after practice, Rodriguez offered to take everyone except pitcher Rafael De Paula out to dinner and explain some subtle tactics for starting feuds.

  43. _you are right that is how you end up with a 6 mill player, but your way is how you end up with a Dubi type contract_

    But you’re proving my point. Dubinsky had about as off a year a $4MM young player could have … and he was still tradeable as a partial-asset. Its not like we had to attach Kreider to him or buy him out, he was still worth a chance for another team. Upside far trumps downside right now, which is the flip of playing around with UFAs.

  44. @AGrossRecord

    Told #NYR could finalize a deal today with D Justin Falk, which would avoid Falk filing for arbitration.

  45. I’d like to think they originally offered $875K, then bumped it up another $100K if he’d learn to play righty.

  46. Thanks for the updates Manny and everyone. Today is the arbitration deadline ?

  47. bull dog line on

    Dub’s contract was a mistake, and they were fortunate Columbus took him off there hands. I am also a Dubi fan, in case anybody thinks I may have an agenda. there is no reason to overpay Stepan right now. he is in Ranger control for 4 years.

  48. _there is no reason to overpay Stepan right now. he is in Ranger control for 4 years._

    Its not overpaying, its betting on your player and your scouting to a huge long term benefit. Guys like JVR and Pacioretty got similar deals and both are looking like long term steals in terms of cap hit and control. You’re risking like $1MM or $1.5MM up front to save double that in trailing years.

  49. bull dog line on

    so are you recommending a 7 or 8 year deal? 4 years brings him right to UFA. to make it worthwhile for the Rangers it would have to 7 or 8 years. this way you buy a few UFA years. I’m good with your reasoning Mister D. it makes a lot of sense.

  50. So we officially have $3.3M left in Cap Space. With Powe and Asham off we have another $2.06M giving up $5.36M in total cap space without bleeding into Summer cap space.

    Stepan and Zucc seem that they will be re-signed.

    Toeing the line…

  51. I would give Stepan as many years as he will sign for at a reasonable figure. He just turned 23 on June 18. 8 years will take him until he’s 31. If you can get him until then at under $4M you have to do it.

  52. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    I still think if they resign the ^Hobbit Wizard^ that Pyatt or Boyle are gone.

  53. I love how Del Zaster isn’t even letting Liam participate. It looks like he just went over to his house to play his video games.


    Me and @MichaelDelZotto hanging out
    Retweeted by Adam Rotter

  54. What Manny said. For a certain level of player (Step, McD yes, Hags no), I’d take as many years as they’ll give. Wish we’d done that with Callahan back when he signed.

    (Granted, I could have advocated the same with Dubinsky and wouldn’t have with Girardi, which is obviously backwards, but the bigger point is these are the right kinds of risk to take. The wins outweigh the losses, and by a good margin. And if you look even younger, to guys like Kreider and Miller and Moore, you have a chance to possible get major steals if you’re willing to bet on your guys. Even MDZ and Brassard are probably worth a look knowing a good year is going to just start tacking on millions.)

  55. Well said, The Doctor. You have to take calculated risks. Some will pay off and some won’t. It’s all about balancing out the good with the bad.

    I’m sure Sioux can teach us about balancing risk/reward since he’s an ACE Poker player.

  56. I bet all those kids are better skaters than Boyle and tougher and would play better defense hahahaha fart

  57. Mockery of the group here that, if you gave them 10 positive qualities an NHL player could have, would argue Boyle has the opposite of all 10.

  58. Remember when Boyle completely dumped Chara? And scored a few goals in the playoffs? What a loser!

  59. _Remember when Boyle completely dumped Chara? And scored a few goals in the playoffs? What a loser!_

    Pick any center in the AHL and he would have double-dumped Chara.

  60. Funny Rob, your commentary sets that video up nicely. Of course, I thank you.

    I think Boyle’s fine in his role, fourth line and pk. As others have said if Boyle centering our fourth line is our biggest problem, we’ll be fine.

    Huuuump Day!!!

  61. did anyone know that Grossberger from Stir Crazy was Dynamo from The Running Man?

  62. Yea. Boyle? He’s garbage. What a terrible skater.

    I love how that’s the knock on him. The guy that sucked it up and took FIGURE SKATING lessons to become a better skater. In a sport where you could get made fun of for life over that. And, in my opinion, he’s a pretty darn good skater now. You have to be a good skater to be on the PK and get offensive opportunities

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