Rangers re-sign Ryan McDonagh … so exhale


It’s now official. The Rangers have announced that they have re-signed 24-year-old first-pair defenseman Ryan McDonagh.

The deal is reportedly for six years, worth $4.7 million a year, and with it Glen Sather buys threeof McDonagh’s potential unrestricted free agency seasons.

That leaves the Rangers with three key restricted free agents unsigned: Derek Stepan, Carl Hagelin and Mats Zuccarello, plus newly acquired defenseman Justin Falk, with only about $7 million left to spend.

Zuccarello may not be in the team’s plans because of salary cap restrictions.

Here is the official announcement from the NYR:


NEW YORK, July 8, 2013 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has agreed to terms with restricted free agent defenseman Ryan McDonagh on a new contract.

McDonagh, 24, registered four goals and 15 assists for 19 points, along with 22 penalty minutes in 46 games last season.  McDonagh tied for first among team defensemen in goals, and ranked second in assists and points. He also ranked second on the team in blocked shots (78), third in average ice time (24:21), and fourth in plus/minus rating (plus-13). The Rangers posted a 13-1-1 record in games when he registered a point. In addition, McDonagh registered four points (one goal, three assists) in 12 playoff contests. He led team defensemen in assists, and tied for first in points during the postseason. McDonagh notched his first career NHL playoff goal on May 16 at Boston in Game 1 of their Eastern Conference Semifinal series.

In 2011-12, McDonagh established career-highs in several statistical categories, including games played (82), goals (seven), assists (25), points (32), plus/minus rating (plus-25), penalty minutes (44), hits (118), blocked shots (182), and shots on goal (123). He ranked 11th in the NHL and fifth among all defensemen with a team-high, plus-25 rating, ranked 15th in the NHL in average ice time (24:44), and eighth in blocked shots. McDonagh was one of seven Rangers who skated in all 82 games, and finished the season ranked second among team defensemen in goals, assists, and points.

The 6-1, 215-pounder has skated in 169 career regular season games over three seasons, registering 12 goals and 48 assists for 60 points, along with 80 penalty minutes and a plus-54 rating. He skated in his 100th career NHL contest on February 25, 2012, against Buffalo. McDonagh made his NHL debut on January 7, 2011, at Dallas, and tallied his first career point with an assist on January 20, 2011, at Carolina. He finished the 2010-11 season ranked second on the team and sixth among NHL rookies with a plus-16 rating.

Internationally, McDonagh has represented the United States at several tournaments, including at the 2011 World Championship in Slovakia.

The St. Paul, Minnesota native was acquired by the Rangers, along with Chris Higgins and Pavel Valentenko, from the Montreal Canadiens in exchange for Scott Gomez, Tom Pyatt and Mike Busto on June 30, 2009. McDonagh, who was named 2007 Minnesota “Mr. Hockey,” was originally selected by Montreal as a first round choice, 12th overall, in the 2007 NHL Entry Draft.

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    How much fun can we have with that?

  3. I would tweet some of these things but I just started a new Twitter account (@mrmanager5) and I don’t want to get banned from Twitter yet again…

  4. Hope capgeek updates us soon with the savings from the Powe/Asham waivers.

    At the moment its $6.555m, plus whatever the savings are from those 2. $2m?

  5. Shout out to Dinasour BBQ for another great Brisket. finished the whole thing in 25 minutes this time! #Marty vs Food

  6. Carp, judging by comments it seems like Moore is well liked amongst analysts and writers. If only one of the 9 GMs he played for felt that way…

  7. _Good read on Dominic Moore_

    Through Hell And Back, Moore’s Return Will Be Applauded By All Of Hockey”

    (… except for on the internet, where everyone is terrible)

  8. Why did you choose your sister-in-law when you travel to at least twenty cities a year? #AskBrodeur

  9. rangers better get stepan signed soon. The year he had last year and with centers a premium, there might be a team out there that will throw stepan a offer sheet.

  10. How many hot dogs from Walter’s could your wife get with that $9m? #askbrodeur

  11. How long (in hours) does it take you to eat the amount of Calories that Michale Phelps eats in a day, while training? #AskBrodeur

  12. Capgeek says we have $8.4 million in cap space after burrying Asham (hold only $75,000) and Powe (hold only $141,666)

    lots of room for Step, hags, and even zucc and falk

  13. I think $3m for Stepan is fair, depending on contract length and how much of his UFA years they try and buy

  14. Is it true that you take ice cream baths as opposed to ice baths after a game? #AskBrodeur

  15. I thought I heard that Step, Hags, and Zucc all recieved offers already. So, it’s a matter of who will accept what to stay. Zucc may very well be NYR soon.

    …but what do we do with the 3 top 2 Centers? None of Step, Brad, or Brass are gonna play #3 center. There are only 2 RW right now…Trade inevitable.

  16. _but what do we do with the 3 top 2 Centers? None of Step, Brad, or Brass are gonna play #3 center._

    Why? Pitt used to run out a #3 better than any of those guys.

  17. well, nobody’s trading for Richards … the Rangers aren’t trading Stepan. And they kinda have to keep Brassard since Richards will be departing in June.

  18. cw – they just made qualifying offers to avoid losing them as UFA’s. All but Step are arbitration eligible i think so they will receive a salary commensurate with their peers

  19. With moore signed, and assumingly capable of handling the 4th line centre duties, it would seem Boyle is the odd man out.

  20. Sather’s insanity re BRis coming home to roost. From a hockey erspective only BR is not woth all the baggage that comes with his contract…not even if he were to score 30 goals a season. The money saved can be spent more wisely and make up the difference in goals.
    Only one other GM tops Sather’s stupidity…abd that’s Lou Lamoriello signing Ryan Clowe for close to $5Mill per for 5 years…these 2 GM’s must be doing some heavy duty stuff.

  21. Carp,
    I have yet to think of the lines going into next season, but how do they sort the RW situation out? They only have Nash & Dorsett healthy. I was shocked that the NYR didn’t buyout Richards but after the madness of the UFA signings, Brad’s deal isn’t as crazy as I thought. I think Richard$ is tradable. Tho it would be remote chance. Brassard/Step are both prime trade candidates IMO.

  22. Carp, I think it’s 3 years of free agency, not 2. He turns 27 on 6/13/2016 with 3 years left on his contract. LB made a mistake, I believe.

  23. I won’t really quit, but trading Stepan because we kept Richards would get me about as close to quitting as an hockey decision could possibly get me.

  24. I am *NOT* advocating this, but I would like to know the answer: Anybody know what kind of leverage the Rangers would have if they wanted to trade the rights to Stepan? Is that even possible under the new CBA?

  25. Sather is doing a great job if you ask me. Keeping Brad seems insane but not so much if you realize Clowne got $5mil a yr. for long term. Mac D signed, trading for Moore, Brassard, and Dorsett (which I thought was dumb at first), and hiring a new coach all point to Sather doing the right thing.

  26. cw, how is Richards’ contract tradeable? It’s hideous and crippling once the amnesty buyout period ends.

  27. _Me too, The Doctor. We will be choosing a new team to root for together._

    I’m going to be like 20 miles from Newark but I still don’t think that’s an option. Maybe the new Seattle team?

  28. Seriously, CAN the Rangers trade Stepan? Wouldn’t they only be trading his rights? Is he still an RFA if that happens?

  29. yes, they would be trading his rights at this point, which means the team that acquired him would be required to sign him, or entitled to compensation if another team signed him.

  30. Carp,
    I blew a gasket when I heard that Richards wasn’t being bought out. Seemed like a no-brainer. But Clowne just got his deal for 3 friggin goals last year, Clarkson got a deal that will leave him a pariah in Toronto the last 3 yrs., Weiss, Vinny L., they got deals that seem crazy to me now. How bad is the Richards deal in comparison? I did say remote, but looking around the GMs must know something that we don’t. Those salaries were the whole reason we had a lockout, no?

  31. Richards’ deal much worse because it’s designed for him to retire before the last three years, so the Rangers would be hit with the recapture penalties and a huge cap hit through 2020.

  32. Carp,
    Difficult to say how long Clarkson can play that kind of game. Those physical guys usually don’t last as long as guys like Richards. Trading Brad is a longshot. I know that. But does anyone else see how we have no RW and too many Centers? We also have no policeman. Unless McIlrath makes the team. Typically, D men do not assume that role.

  33. What’s the deal with Grabovski? Is he going to be affordable? Because I would actually like the guy on our squad. Aside from his Coach hating him, he’s a good player.

  34. The Rangers would be willing (or should be) to trade Brad Richards for Tom Sestito if they could. The problem is they can’t trade him.

  35. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I know I am In the minority here, but I think the mcdonut contract is a bit high per year (not bad considering some if the contracts given out the past few days) but the length is good.

    I am glad he is locked up though and it isn’t an all out terrible contract by any means.

    I would hope mza is gone now even though I like him.

    Must get rid of Stralman and one of Staal/OPG/mad bomber before training camp to get some toughness on D.

    Also really need to address size and toughness of top 6 since the clowe departure before the season starts.

    Pouliot should slot in ideally on a 3rd line. If he is on our top line we are in trouble or he is having a miraculous season!

  36. @IgorEronko

    #Jets F Alexander Burmistrov signed 2-year contract with #AkBars of #KHL

  37. _Richards to Colorado for Stastny!_

    I would drive to MSG and kiss Sather on the mouth.

  38. If Clarkson plays one year he has more years left than what Richards showed last year.

    The toughness issue is difficult to address. Rangers could add a goon. but that doesn’t address the actual problem if the guy can’t play. And why not just play Bickel if that’s the case?

    Richards’ cap hit of 6.67M per through 2020, plus likelihood of recapture penalties at the end make his contract much more toxic than Clarkson’s.

  39. Wicky, if it was a 3 year bridge deal, or even 4, it would’ve been similar to what Marc Staal signed, just below $4M. Considering that they bought 3 years of his FA, and he is signed until he is 30, I think it’s a very good deal for the club.

    Who can they get to address size and toughness, and play top 6 at the moment?

  40. If Richards were traded this offseason and retired before the 1st $1MM year, his recapture would “only” be a bit north of $2.5MM. Its not good, but its not a super-death-killer either.

  41. that’s a damn good signing. have to lock McDonagh up and I think that’ll start looking like a might affordable price in another year or so when this guy is an elite defenseman.

  42. Nash, Dorsett, Kreider, and/or a couple of left wingers/centers. It’s too small a chunk of the season until Callahan comes back to make a panic deal or to be a major concern.

  43. also, wrt Benoit Poulliot, yet another 1st round bust, and one who can’t stay healthy. not a fan.

  44. MisterD- I think it’s a bit higher than that. As of today, the Rangers “benefited” from his contract $10.67M, it will have to be payed over the last 3 years. Also, the team he is traded to will have to pay close $7M recapture.

  45. I wanna see it before i believe it, too, Lloyd. But probably better than most of the bottom six guys last year because he can kick one in now and again.

  46. Carp, that’s the number if you use capgeek and put a trade in. I think just over $4MM annual to get to $17MM total, Rangers would be hooked for that $17MM minus the $6MM to the new team, so $11MM over 4.

  47. OK, I officially don’t completely understand the recapture clause and have now officially stopped caring. because somebody with the Rangers told me it’s north of $5.6M per if he retires toward the end of the deal. and he’s not being traded.

  48. Poulliet is the type of guy you should forget is in the league until some bad team comes to play your team.

  49. That is true, Carp. If he isn’t traded, their total benefit ( salary above cap hit) will be full $17M, divided over 3 year- $5.6M. If he is traded while his salary is still above the cap hit, the other team takes on whatever the benefit they get.

  50. Always good to sign your contract with a photo of Keith Ballard in the background.

  51. Carp, you’re right. I think I used the 2016 offseason and should have used 2017 to get “before the 7th year”. So mine took 4 years rather than 3. Traded this offseason, its 3 years of $3.5MM per to us and a bit over $2MM to the next team.

  52. _Which begs the question “why would anyone trade for him?”_

    Because he’s a GDMF winner, Doodie. You know that.

  53. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    The Rangers sign MZA and then buy out (non-amnesty) Pyatt, since Boyle can play the wing.

  54. the other Peter on

    UK Ranger

    You can only bury upto $925 per contract, so those two save $1.85mil

    There is 10% overage permitted during the summer, so can go over the cap to get everyone signed but will need to sort it out before the season starts.

  55. Sather Must Go! on

    Looking at the roster/salaries after the McD signing and the remaining RFAs AND Lundqvist, it is SO obvious that BRich shld have been bought out – to the point, I cant figure out why it didn’t happen..

    Carp (others), Is it possible that Dolan said “NO” to the buy-out? i.e. “Glen, You know I I love you, but we already paid out Redden, Drury, Brashear, Asham, Powe, Torts, etc.. I am tired of paying for your mistakes, sleep in the bed you made with Richards and get your @ss back in the GM game”?

  56. REALLY late to the party, I know (hey, it was a long weekend)… but Carp, that story on Moore is incredible. I had no idea all of that was going on. You know, I really like that signing (even before I read the CBS article). I’ve always liked Moore, glad he’s back.

    Hey Marty, do you like apples? #AskBrodeur

  57. the other Peter on


    Buying out Pyatt leaves a cap hit of $450k this season and $550k next season. Better off trying to get a 6th rounder for him.

  58. If you waive Pyatt someone will claim him. The guy is a legitimate 4th liner on many teams. Hopefully not this one. I bet Tortarella leans on Vancouver to pick him up.

  59. Carp – how much will the Rangers pay Richards in the buyout after next season as compared to if they did it this year? Is it possible that Dolan said to Sather “This is your mess, and though I’m going to have to pay for it, I’m going to pay less for it next year.”

  60. The dollars paid difference between this year and next on Richards is $3MM. So basically they could have dropped him now, gone into free agency with more cap space but no good options and replaced him at C. Or they could keep him, lose $3MM more and then replace next offseason. Economics are sound enough if you’re the one paying the bills.

  61. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    The Other Peter, would make sense to trade him if there were takers, but it would probably have to happen soon. Not sure what the market will be if they re-sign MZA and are forced to move him. Also not sure if MZA is still in the plans.

  62. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    I highly doubt that Dolan said that. I’m pretty sure if there was no cap, the payroll would be over $100M.

  63. Resigning McDonagh is the best thing that’s happened so far in the post season. The contract length isn’t insanely long and the money is right IMHO. It’s much less than if we had to match an offer sheet anyways…

  64. Sorry Sather Must Go – didn’t see that above – apologies…but, obviously, I agree with you.

  65. Sather Must Go! on

    Yeah, I agree, Gravy.. It’s just so silly to have kept Richards, with the risk of injury looming.

    Pouliot + MZA at $2.5mm > BRich at $6.6mm

  66. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Re Pouliot
    He isn’t nearly as bad as some of you seem to think, but he isn’t anywhere close to a savior either. Like I said, 3rd line and 30 to 40 points per season, figure 3 scraps, +/- in single digits one way or another.

    I’m not sure re top 6 toughness. Seems like a trade most logical option.

    I quite honestly would look at the bahama bomba again. Not top 6 material, but skates well for a 240 pounder and held his own against everyone. Has enough skill to be not just a goon.

    I’d also maybe look at Nolan or king from LA

  67. Sather Must Go! on

    buster, didn’t mean it nasty; I just tght it was funny to think of the same point at the same time!

  68. the other Peter on

    Pouliot is here because good ol’ Dougie Risebrough was the one who blew the 4th overall on him.

  69. Sather Must Go! on

    btw, isn’t poulloit who Redden fought when Torts asked LBrooks, if he had ever been in a fight?

  70. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    SMG, agree on Richards. So far, it hasn’t hindered (or maybe hindered enough to prevent a mistake) them signing anyone. MZA might be the first casualty.

    As for Pouliot, if he is the biggest problem next year, then they’re going to be fine. Maybe not the best out there, but only tied to him for one year.

  71. very doubtful Dolan said no to the buyout. He would pay Richards less on a buyout than if he keeps him (2/3rds) and gets his team a potential competitive edge by gaining the cap space.

    More likely, Sather — who likes a good gamble — is willing to bet that Richards will be better than the player they could have gotten to replace him (probably) against the risk that he will be injured when next June rolls around. He will have to be bought out then, no question, and that after taking another $8.5M of Jimmy D’s money this season.

  72. New season starts in early October. Is that sufficient time for you to eat Cory Schneider? #askBrodeur

  73. Did your wife/sister-in-law get confused when you asked for 40 birthday cakes on your candle? #askBrodeur

  74. I like that move, Wicky. Bel Biv Deveaux could be a fine addition pickup if he isn’t still suspended.

    Personally, I get Stu Bickel up here for the 4th line. He can throw bows with the best of ’em.

  75. Can we send that Broadway hat out of town with Richards next season too? Two years in…time for a new ritual.

  76. _As for Pouliot, if he is the biggest problem next year, then they’re going to be fine._

    This depends on what line he’s on. If Pouliot is sitting on the 2nd line, that could be our biggest problem and be a big problem.

  77. Sather Must Go! on

    Actually, I think Pouliot is a pretty good signing..it doesn’t solve the toughness prob, but, at least, he is a bigger body..

    I tght they could have kept Asham, Im a not a big Pyatt fan..

  78. Was draft day the first time you had sat at a large table and called out your son’s name without adding “Pass me another bowl of ham and butterscotch doughnuts, skinny boy”? #askBrodeur

  79. @stevezipay

    “@FlaPanthers have signed center Jon Matsumoto and d-man *Matt Gilroy* to one-year, two-way contracts.” Gilly back in Sunshine State

  80. Sather Must Go! on

    Jeez, BRich salary is $8.5mm in real dollars (not cap)… Even if he puts up 65 pts (ie. a “good” season), he isn’t worth that much…and, I can almost feel the hit coming that takes him out in the second to last game of the season..

  81. Matt Gilroy, boy if he can’t stay on the ice in Florida, he probably should consider another profession.

  82. _and, I can almost feel the hit coming that takes him out in the second to last game of the season.._

    In the opposite of a perfect world, we’ve already been eliminated from the playoffs and everyone on here is screaming for him to be a safety scratch and he isn’t.

  83. Did NHL Central Registry ever provide a full explanation as to why your original draft selection of Chris P. Criem of the Drummondville Voltigeurs was rejected? #askBrodeur

  84. Doodie Machetto on

    If there was no cap, Redden would have never been sent to the minors.

  85. We’ve had high summer temperatures in the UK for the last few days. Would you mind turning your barbecue round 180 degrees? #askBrodeur

  86. Guys, there must be something in the CBA that we don’t know about. Because the truth is that EVERY TEAM that has one of these Richards-like contracts on the books should be buying out those guys right now, this summer, regardless of whether that player was good last year or not, because eventually, via the recapture penalties and the unavoidable process of aging, every one of those guys will become a huge nightmare for their teams down the road if they are injured at buyout time next year. Obviously Richards was terrible this year. But in theory, the Devils should buy out Kovalchuk, the Blackhawks Hossa, the Canucks Luongo, the Kings Carter and Richards, and any others I am forgetting. Everyone is losing their mind over the Richards thing because he had a bad year,, but it is clearly not the thinking around the NHL that all of these guys need to be bought out right away.

  87. I wish the Devils would Buyout Kovalchuk. I would love a shot at owning him. I bet they can’t afford to buy him out.

  88. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    I think Hossa being injured prevented the Blackhawks from being able to buy him out.

  89. Do you think Carolina would be interested in Staal? I’d ask for Faulk OR Tlusty for him and see what they say? You would have to think Marc is going to consider going there in 2 years when his contract is up. Why not ask Carolina now while we can get something back of value and also help free up cap space this year. I’d throw it out there and see what happens.

  90. Falk and Faulk!? Moore and Moore!? This team would have too many doubles!

    Also, if trading Staal to Carolina we have to ask for Westgarth. We are desperate for toughness. Even if he did get his face completely broken by John Scott.

  91. Peter: The guys you cite all have prohibitive long term deals but are good for this coming year. Thats why Richards is the sore thumb; he’s not worth it this year or into the later years. Next year there are going to be buyouts all over the place.

  92. Llatonaardvark on

    Is it true that NHL 14 will be packaged in a 16x12x12 cardboard box to accommodate you being on the cover? #AskBrodeur

  93. Great news! Now, let’s sign Steps, Zucc, Hagy, and buyout B-Rich and call it a successful summer!

  94. Rob in Beantown on

    Peter, the CBA is online as a pdf, you can read the whole thing, all 500+ pages of it, if you want to (and if you hate yourself)

  95. on the other hand, $4.7 million is way too much money for a player who couldn’t even crack top 20 US National team roster spot! ;)

  96. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    When you’re in Spain, does the rain fall mainly on you? #AskBrodeur

  97. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    If a priest, a rabbi, your wife, and your sister-in-law are drowning, which one do you save first? #AskBordeur

  98. 7/8/13, what has happened to date in this off season to suggest fans be more enthused about the upcoming season?

    Another overpaid FA remains because “Mistake Man” thinks (oxymoron) he will be motivated to be better!

    There are no discernible D targets of the horizon who will add the ingredients we lack.

    Rw as pointed out remains a void.

    Posters actually “deciding” to trade our best center.

    No can’t miss prospect to serve youth.

    And the reign of error continues with King Sappy at the helm.

  99. anyone else surprised that Rangers don;t seem interested din a Jagr reunion? He’d instantly improve our boardplay and powerplay for the 10 minutes a game that he could skate without his heart popping out of his chest.

    Stupid Father Time

  100. As with that one pro golfer who was allowed to ride around in a cart, Jagr should be assigned a Zamboni so he can jump into plays when the situation arises.

  101. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Unless they take someone off the roster, they can’t afford Jagr.

  102. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    If Boyle is the ‘odd man out’ , that leaves us with 4 centers (Step, Richards, Brassard, Moore), that are 190-200 lbs.

    Not that Boyle plays with any grit until the playoff’s, but does anyone wonder if we’ll get pushed around a bit?

  103. At Happy Jack’s drive up window: “That’ll be $227.17. Family picnic?”

    “Nope, just me.”

  104. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    If you trade a d man like Staal or OPG, you can not get a d man back unless the one coming back plays a bit of a tougher game (bieksa/buff/Wweber).

    You have to get a top 6 forward back preferably with some toughness to their game.

    Westgarth would be nice, but ishe playable toughness?

    Again, d trade for d trade only works if you get tough d back making both Falk and mcilrath not necessary for toughness in the upcoming season.

    You only have 4 other d spots available after Falk and mcilrath IMHO.

  105. All you gents with the Brodeur humor seem to forget the most important thing.

    He is arguably the best goalie of all time, and one must wonder if all the sexual innuendo is simply projection…..literally! ;)

    I mean if Warren Beatty could play wing and score 30 goals!!!

  106. Mertonian Norm on

    Brodeur “humor”? That’s what that is? Bunch of adolescents on this site, part of its appeal. Wait until one of the wits finally ties in Richards’ teeth with Brodeur’s appetite. My sides are already aching.

  107. When Richards put a tooth under his pillow as a kid, a quarter showed up that night and left a fairy godmother.
    How’s that one work for you, Norm?

  108. Westgarth is barely playable. He’s also pretty easy to beat up. But he’s tough.

    Zenon Konopka anyone?

    I agree, Wicky. We have the guys for D. I trust Vigneault with a full roster of 6 D-Men more than I trusted Tort. Thus, I think Mcllrath and Falk have to be on the squad.

  109. Being a great goalie and being a chubby dude who nails your sister-in-law aren’t mutually exclusive.

  110. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    I’m always skeptical of long term ranger contracts.. they usually have a way of backfiring..

    3 maybe 4 years tops would be fine ,.maybe..

  111. In 3 years, you’d be furious Sather didn’t go to 6+ with McDonagh when he had the chance.

  112. And you’d be double furious when McDonagh got $6.5MM per rather than the discounted rate he just got. This is exactly how you build a long term roster.

  113. We can still do adolescent jokes about Tyler Kennedy and Brad Marchand, right?

    Otherwise I’m outta here. [Spontaneous blog cheer breaks out]

  114. Have a beer Norm, oh, and Vera left a check with Sam. She said stay there, you’re boring.

  115. Cross Check Charlie on

    Onecup – If he was 30 I would agree with you, but McD is only 24. At the end of this contract he’ll still be in his prime.

  116. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    Thats his loss , not mine , McDonagh IF his play is at his current level or better would have benefited from signing a short deal say 3 yrs.
    And why would I care about the money?

    I guess you want Hank signed for 4 plus years too..

  117. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    I’m just saying that historically the rangers get burned on these deals.. most players become fat cats in love with NYC

  118. I guess we’ll learn more next summer, but it wouldn’t surprise me if more than a few players on deals with the cap recapture penalty risk still don’t get bought out simply because some GMs are either too stubborn to be seen to have made a mistake, see it as someone else’s problem to fix in several years (or one that they’d prefer not to think about until later, or they are fishing in Banff and copious cigar-chewing has stunted their mental capacity to consider the consequences.

  119. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    5 mill a year seemed to be the average for 4 years plus..last friday

  120. _I’m just saying that historically the rangers get burned on these deals.. most players become fat cats in love with NYC_

    3 of our last 4 deals like this, 4+ years, have worked out really well. Staal, Girardi, Henrik and Dubinsky.

  121. Yeah, I was going to amend that. Dubinsky made too much, but he wasn’t a zero and only cost like $1MM more than the average for a roster slot. That’s why these deals are necessities; relative to chasing UFAs the risk-reward is so much more in the team’s favor.

  122. After agreeing to his new deal @RMcDonagh27: “Negotiations could not have gone any better…both sides were committed to one another. That the #NYR have shown this much confidence in me, and committed to me for this long, means so much to me. It’s such a great city play in, a unique opportunity, and such great fans, and we have a winning atmosphere here”

  123. Exactly, The Doctor. Imagine what you can get for McDonagh with a $4Mish cap hit in 4 years. He’s a humungous asset. Now if he just develops some more offensive upside….

  124. Not that they’re much of a major issue, but since they cleared waivers and now cost us next to nothing against the CAP, can Ash and Powe be brought up and down at will with CAP immunity?

  125. Carp and all:

    What do you think the odds are of their being a New York Vancouver trade in the future? If it happens, will it be a major deal for a Kesler type player or an exchange of AHL’ers?

  126. Happy for McD, he deserves the pay day. I’m even happier for us, we deserve to see him in a Ranger sweater for at least a few more years.

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