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  1. REPO

    Carp said long ago that if you want a long-term sweater, buy McDonut’s.

  2. It’s got great trade proposals like: Boyle and/or Pyatt, Del Zotto and the rights to Zuccarello for Evander Kane……..

  3. so another “we’ll give up all the crap we don’t like for somebody else’s star player” conversation?

  4. Pouliot’s advanced numbers are actually pretty decent. Perhaps I’m doing the old analyze-against-former-expectations-rather-than-on-performance.

  5. That’s the one, Carp. Here’s my response:

    _So Del Zotto, the rights to Zuccarello and Boyle and/or Pyatt. Yea….That package isn’t even close. Kane is an elite 30+ goal scorer. They don’t grow on trees and DAVID CLARKSON just got 7 years at $6M per. Evander Kane is about 2 tiers better than Clarkson.

    Sorry, but any package for Kane begins at Kreider, Stepan and Del Zotto. Your package isn’t close._

  6. As you see, I think the package begins at Kreider and Del Zotto and they argue for, I don’t know, Stepan or McDonagh instead of Del Zotto?

    Evander Kane is legit. How much better is he than David Freaking Clarkson and he makes LESS. It’s nuts.

  7. The phone call would go like this…

    Sather: “Hey Kev, I have a few players I think you might like.”

    Kevin Cheveldayoff: “Really, Glen? What you got?”

    Sather: “Well we are really interested in Evander Kane and I heard he’s having some attitude issues with your staff up there.”

    Kevin Cheveldayoff: “Well, I guess we could talk about that. We could really use a Top pair D-Man since moving Byfuglien to forward and losing Burmistrov. How is Marc Staal’s eye? Obviously we need a top 3 scorer since we would lose Kane. What were you thinking for the *package* ?”

    Sather: “Are you sitting down? This *package* might blow you away. Ready? Ok. Here it goes: Boyle and/or Pyatt, the rights to sign a tiny Hobbit Looking Norwegian *and* Michael Del Zotto! Hello? Hello? Kev? Kev?”

    _Dial Tone_

    End Scene

  8. Probably right Manny, they’ll need some more but Kreider and Stepan, not so much. Kreider, MDZ and a prospect swap then by all means pull the trigger.

  9. CTBlueshirt on

    I wouldn’t exactly compare Kane’s RFA deal to Clarkson’s UFA deal though.

  10. Yea that sounds about right, C-Dubs. Honestly, I would drive Kreider and Del Zaster along with unnamed prospect (Bjork? Lindberg? Hrivik?) up there the way an owner drives a dog to the vet to be put down.

    “You guys want ice cream!? We’re headed north! Best Ice Cream ever! Come on, boys. Get in the car. Come on! Who’s a good boy!”

  11. I bet I wouldn’t include Stepan simply because you’d be closing one major hole while opening another almost as major plus more expensive hole. Like I’m aware Kane is better, I just think the cost to replace Stepan would be prohibitive.

  12. Brassard, Del Zotto, Syvret, rights for Zucc, and a second in 2016 for Kane and Bogosian

  13. However, I would trade Richards and risk opening a hole at 3C. Give to get, right?

  14. Syvret is the new Rupp. Every team needs a guy that excels in the Winter Classic.

  15. the jets are not going to trade Evander Kane. If they do they might as well fold up the organization.

  16. Tommy, I’ll take a gentleman’s bet that Kane is traded in the next 24 months.

  17. Mister D, if the jets trade kane because of the money than Buttman should close them down for good.

  18. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If Marty ate Hernandez years ago, hundreds more would be alive today…

  19. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Also I just heard Hernandez fired his attorney today….. Literally, 6 shots….

  20. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If Hernandez were on the ranger PP, and the garden screamed SHOOT…. There would be a lot of dead bodies on the ice…

    # natural born killer

  21. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Norm – I just popped something, but it wasnt a pimple….care to see. #eruption

  22. Jets problemos with Kane have not to do with his contract. His recent ‘indiscretions’ were a harmless un- PC tweet for which he needlessly apologized under pressure, and taking his girlfriend on the road. Six other guys are at the bar at 2AM looking for strange and he’s in his room. They’re lucky to have him.

  23. I heard the same, Llatona. I’m hoping Glen finds the pieces to get that done. It would be magical.

  24. Wow, Coos. I am in love with you right now for your use of the term “Strange”

    Flabbergasted. Kudos.

  25. bull dog line on

    Kane has had 1 big season ( 30 goals). I agree that Boyle Mdz and Zucc is laughable, but so is Kreider, Stepan, and McD. that is way to much for a very unproven player. something in between would work.

  26. And he was only on pace for 29 this year, Bull Dog. I mean, c’mon, you’re already 21, lets get going!

  27. bull dog line on

    your right Mister D,
    its not enough. maybe toss in Nash, because Kane is that friggin good. i’m glad you guys aren’t the GM. because if you were, all those guys would already be gone in the Nash trade.

  28. If you want to put your strawman back in the barn, you’ll note I said I wouldn’t even move Stepan for Kane. Just argue with what people say, not what you need to prop up for an easier knockdown.

  29. well, anyway you look at it, if the rangers organization wants to win a cup there going to have to be creative and witty to pull off a few trades to bring in talent and toughness somewhat like Neil smith did in the early 90’s leading up to 1994 stanely cup team because lundqvist isn’t getting any younger and the way the team is built right now it isn’t happening.

  30. Good idea. Toss in Nash and McDonagh along with Kreider, MDz, Stepan, Boyle, Brassard, the rights to Zucc, and two first rounders. This way we can have Kane and Richards and Hamrlik.

  31. CTBlueshirt on

    Too bad the GM that traded Smith a lot of players that helped with the Cup run in 94 is currently running the Rangers.

  32. If the Jets thought Kane’s “indiscretions” were insurmountable, they could do worse than grabbing Nash. I’d like to see them both here, but I don’t see the chips.

  33. I would drive Nash to the airport myself then wait for Kane and drive him back and I totally wouldn’t even care if his plane was delayed an hour or two.

  34. eddie, if parted, they could still Skype. What are you wearing, Mike from Winnipeg?

  35. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hi mike in Winnipeg. I’m wearing a lavender top and chartreuse shorts. Both snug and tight. Mats in NYC

  36. czechthemout!!! on

    As with any trade chatter, some blog poster onthis blog always comes up with the rediculous” Stepan, Kreider, McD” just to start crap. Kane has had one nice season. Yet Bobby Ryan, who has scored 30+ a bunch of times and is 26 just went for the equivalent of a bunch of pucks and a #1. But Kane’s price demands Stepan, McD and Kreider? I would not trade Stepan straight up for Kane!

  37. In all seriousness, if we are wheeling and dealing for Evander, we have to be careful.

    You want to have a real first line. So, by trading away Nash for Kane, you are still a first liner short.

    I would definitely package Kreider and MZA, or, MZA and a 1st for Kane…

    Then, your legit 1st line is:



  38. i wouldn’t either, czech. and definitely not Nash for Kane. Or McDonagh for Kane. Maybe Kreider — but like everybody else, I hate Kreider(s).

    But Boyle or Pyatt and Del Zotto and Zuccarello aren’t getting it done, either.

  39. It’s time for the Kreider to make his presence felt. He should finally get some ice.

  40. Brassard, MDZ, Syvret, and 2nd in 2016 for Kane. Throw in MZA’s rights and St. Croix or Bourque for Bogosian.

  41. If I get the greasy Broadway hat the day after Boyle wore it, I’m declining the honor.

  42. bull dog line on

    by the way, McD’s deal seems to be a very fair one for both. I would argue that McD left some money on the table. I bet Hank takes every last penny.

  43. When Italians say Holyfield’s got some body, they mean he has a girl friend, as in some body to go to the dance with. :))

  44. Ryan’s as happy as a muddy pig in Old McDonagh’s farm. I was wondering if he had teeth until I saw that huge grin on his face that Carp posted.

  45. I don’t think it would take a huge haul to land Kane but I’d think twice before comparing trading for him to trading for Ryan…

    The thing aboot Bobby Ryan is that the Quacks had been trying to move him for 2 years before Friday…

    Why did it take so long?

    Ducks practically gave him away. He seemed to have issues there with a few different coaches…Just sayin’ that may be why the price was a discount…

  46. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    The Sens gave up the equivalent of Kreider, JT Miller, and a 1st for Bobby Ryan.

  47. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    Great job on the MacD signing. Seems to be fair for both sides AND I like the length.

    He is a terrific talent and, if he continues to work his butt off, could be one of the better d-men in the sport.

    It was a slick move to get him here in the first place.

    When he does well, I’ll stand on line and pat him on the back. Nice job, Mr. Sather!

  48. i see we’re trading for Kane today…nice! Boyle and MDZ for Kane? Not bad! where do i sign up for that trade? :)

  49. Yeah, they tried to do Powe and Pyatt, but couldn’t get it done. offered to throw in Hamrlik or Gilroy, but not both.

  50. czechthemout!!! on

    No, the Sens gave up the equivalent of JT Miller, Mcilrath and a first. Kane is worth no more than MDZ and a first or JT Miller and a first. Anything else would be robbery. Ryan’s issues are similar to Kane’s. Both have a lack of discipline and maturity, but Ryan has done more and therefore is worth more.

  51. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    For the record, I would offer Boyle, Pyatt, the rights to MZA, Hagelin, MDZ, and a GIANT SIZED GARBAGE PAIL to:

    1. Chicago for Toews
    2. Chicago for Kane
    3. Boston for Lucic
    4. Islanders for Tavares
    or 5. Jets for Kane

    If they didn’t take it, they’d be crazy.

  52. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    Rob, very cool. Someone just bought me a Callie. Might have to exchange it for MacD. Agreed.

    Glad he’s locked up. Special talent. Stay healthy dude.

  53. Richards contract can be traded easily and the best part is, it would give Bettman a stroke.

    Here’s the deal

    Deadline day, the Rangers trade Richards to a team that wants that extra piece for the cup run, the return is a sliding scale, 1st if they win the cup, 2nd if they get to the finals, etc., etc.

    The day after the Cup is awarded, Richards gets traded back to the Rangers for future considerations.

    July 1, Rangers buy out Richards.

    July 1 – 5 minutes later, Bettman has his stroke.

    Everybody’s happy.

  54. LMGO at all the Canadian guy trying to hook him, C3. Would have been 12 minutes worth of minors today. Like the CCCP jerseys, especially the one with the K in front.

  55. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    BARGAIN: Tavares is earning $5.5M per until 2018.

  56. LOL, Carp! He skated right through all of those Canadians like knife through butter! Datsyuk plays a lot like Kharlamov.

    Mikhailov is your favorite Kapitan? :)

  57. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I found this blurb by whyshnski about sweet Lou of the swamp hilarious

    When Lou is bad, it’s usually in reaction to someone leaving the Devils: When Niedermayer left, it was Malakhov and McGillis. When Clarkson left on Friday, it was 5 years and $24.25 million for Ryane Clowe, a player I believe is sliding on the downside of his career like a snowboarder trying to avoid an avalanche.

  58. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Wicky, that Lou comment is pretty funny. I keep on thinking what does he know that others don’t???? After all, he has put together a team that’s been pretty good for 15 or so years, built a great organization. But….

    two concussions in a few months, and he is SO slow.

    Then again, he is a force when he is healthy.

    Then again, 5 years??????

    Then again, Clarkson got 7.

    Then again, he’s so much better than Clarkson.

    Then again, no way he lasts 5 years.

    Dunno…..maybe Lou knows something we all don’t. I don’t get the Clowe signing.

  59. CCCP,
    As great as he was in puck handling and general offence, Kharlamov however,never was a two-way,complete player as Datsyuk is.Not even close.(In manner of puck handling, I agree, resemblance is startling).

  60. Grabovski, Brunner, Mueller and Boyes are interesting UFA choices. If one of them would sign for a low end 1 or 2 year deal, it might be worth the gamble. Murray on D is another interesting option. Still scratching my head over not buying out Richards.

  61. …but again, nobody was asking him to do it. Not Tarasov, not Chernyshov. All he was asked was to use his creativity and score or deliver puck to offensive zone. The rest aspects was up to Petrov, as a power forward and Mihailov with defensive functions.

  62. Still fuming Grabovsky would be excellent addition, indeed.He is not your proverbial “lazy Russian” (he is from Belarus, btw),spilling his guts every shift,for what he quickly became Toronto fans favorite. Skills, skate, speed and descent shot is his. But, show me the money…

  63. LOL Carp… I’ll take 7 Olympic Gold Medals over one loss any day! ;)

    Note: The team’s (CCCP) Olympic record was 62–6–2 (win-loss-tie) through 1956–1992. They scored 467 goals and gave up 127 goals. *That averaged 6.67 goals per game and 1.81 goals given up*

    Per Wiki


  64. 4everanger

    I agree with you… Kharlamov’s job was to score goals! And he did what he did best! Third on the all time list among Soviet players with 193 goals…only 14 goals behind Mikhailov (207) and 20 behind all time goal scoring leader Maltsev (213)

    Bet, if he played for Torts, he’d be girding up the boards! ;P

  65. Stranger Nation on

    PK more offensive…McD more defensive. Both need to develop more though PK gets the press because he is offensively focused save for slew footing…

  66. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    PK can also duke it out pretty well, if he needs to. He is tougher.

    However, I like MacD’s drive. I’m ok keeping him.

    Imagine those two together on the same D, with Montreal’s other 4/5. Nice drafting there.

    Thanks, Mr. Gainey!!!!!

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