It’s Go Time! … Free agency edition


Welcome to free agency day, the day most responsible for amnesty buyouts and lockouts … the day where, annually, more teams harm their chances than enhance them.

Because of the new format this year — where teams could negotiate with free agents the last few days — there could be a ton of activity right around the noon opening bell.

Or not.

But this year’s class is obviously ultra-thin, which is why a guy like whiny David Clarkson is going to be the poster boy and get a Bobby Holik-type of payday. And why people like Dominic Moore are being lured out of retirement. And why Ryane Clowe is going to hit Powerball despite two concussions in a couple of weeks.

Again, I suspect it’s possible that your boys will do something today or in the coming weeks, probably via trade, but they don’t have the usual cash to throw around like drunken sailors … which could be a good thing this year.

One more thing, beware of hijacked or fake twitter reports. I’ve been fooled once already — last week when a Bob McKenzie troll posted a Bobby Ryan-to-Philly trade.

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  1. You think these free agents are tough? I’ll show you tough. Pick anything in this room I’ll lift it over my head!

  2. It IS a good thing Carp. There’s nobody available now who is worth throwing big $$$ at even assuming we had the cap space.

    Also, only 2 mega-$$$ UFAs signed under the previous CBA significantly contributed to their teams the Cup- Chara and Hossa (2 of them). Everyone else who got big money was a bust.

  3. That would be wonderful for McD to be locked up long term.

    Why didn’t you tell me it was bolted down?

  4. The bad news about McD signing is that now Sather will have no fear of offer sheet and may spend right up to imaginary summer cap :-)

  5. King with no Ring on

    The Rangers might have to pay a little extra to buy a few of McDonagh’s UFA years, but only the UFA years.

    OTOH, they may not have to, as McDonagh could be interested in gaining long-term security.

  6. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Carped already

    iWicky “Frag Out!!!”
    Lapierre over Moore is a no brainer

    Do not like the move of arniel as asst coach, did not get along with brassard with Columbus, now going to have problems whim here?

    July 5th, 2013 at 12:02 PM

  7. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I hope mcdonut isn’t getting more than 3.5 to 4 mil per, anything over that is a bit high IMHO

  8. ThisYearsModel on

    Go time. I love Go Time! It will be boring for us with no cap room, but whatever.

  9. Wicky I’m going to go out on a limb and say Brassard is not going to be here more than a year and a half

  10. James – the only thing Id trade Brassard for is ….. You guessed it, a D-Man with a rocket from the point.

  11. if anyone is intersted go to the yahoo chatterbox with about 20 writers. on home page of yahoo sports

  12. If that is true James then how do you still call the Gaborik trade “fantastic”? Because Moore looked good for 15 games as a Ranger after being the 8th dman in Columbus?

  13. ThisYearsModel on

    Maybe Ulanov and Tim Bothwell can make comebacks to add to the Rangers depth on D.

  14. Afredsson in a different uniform is just weird. Some guys are meant to be with one team their full careers. Usually it’s the classiest of the bunch that get that honor.

  15. Carp trying to convince Linda to come back on the regular is like trying to convince Torts that Richards shouldn’t be on the point on the PP

  16. My God, Ference signed through age 38. Ridiculous. Good thing the Rangers don’t have any money today.

  17. Carp trading Leetch was justified. He wanted a no movement clause. And we know Sather doesn’t waste those on just anybody. Excuse me while I go vomit in my mouth now.

  18. Greg Wyshynski ?@wyshynski 3m
    Ference is a great signing for Oilers. Exactly what they need on back end and a ring in the room. Only problem: it’s for four years.


    All those rings in their front office obviously not cutting it huh?

  19. Teddy Roosevelt extended three years in Ottowa. Pubs schedule Bull Moose parties.

  20. _If that is true James then how do you still call the Gaborik trade “fantastic”? Because Moore looked good for 15 games as a Ranger after being the 8th dman in Columbus?_

    C’mon, a really young player not lighting up until his 2nd or 3rd stop is anything but unique. Not saying Moore is a lock as a top 4, but hanging onto his (or even Brassard’s) past is pointless. Some guys need a new team, system, coach, whatever to reach their projected upside.

  21. Flyers will probably roll goalies 1a and 1b in Emery and Mason. Neither is really a #1 but Flyers did get the best available in Emery.

  22. #NYRangers and McDonagh have agreed to a contract extension. The deal is done and will be annouced shortly.
    Retweeted by Rangers Report

  23. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I think James g is referring to the arniel hiring and the problems he and brassard had in Columbus

  24. Yeah but that’s more of an email convo, Carp. I think I should just plea the fifth anyhow or I may sleep with the fishes.

  25. That’s exactly what I was talking about Wicky. I wish there was a message board style quoting system here sometimes so I don’t sound completely random or clueless

  26. Moore is 6’3, tough, speedy, 22 years old, costs 800 grand, and some people have him in the crypt, dead and buried.

  27. I actually love Emery for the Flyers. Mentally tough as poop to come back from what he did is probably exactly what they need back there. Anti-Mason/Bryz.

  28. ‘When I go to sleep, I never count sheep, I count all the charms about Linda.’

  29. Whoa . Hang on-

    1- I never called the Gaborik trade fantastic. In fact I said that it may haunt them in a year.

    2- The comment about Brassard was regarding the choice for the assistant coach

  30. I thought they tried Emery in Philly already.

    He’s more competent as a backup, once he starts playing half a season or more things don’t work out so well.

  31. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    You may be right, not to mention he is worthless against the bruins

  32. You are right, it was DJK not you who called the trade “fantastic”. Sorry about that

  33. Too hot to mow the lawn. Good excuse to be getting work done on the IMac were it not for hockey jones. Oh, well. Shoot the puck, Barry!

  34. _What do you think the mcdonut annual salary will be?_

    I’ll take a shot. $4MM over 4 years, add ~$0.5MM with each year tacked on.

  35. Yes the Gaborik trade got us into the playoffs by dealing away a guy who was doing nothing to get us there this season and would have done even less had he got in, and wouldn’t be re-signed after 2014. What we got for him was excellent.

  36. Also, Clowe at 5Y/$25MM means that Clarkson is asking for more term or dollars or both. Oh man.

  37. Marty Brodeur just awoke from his post-lunch, pre-pre-dinner meal when he heard somebody mention 22 million ribs.

  38. _If it doesn’t work out in NJ, they can always amnesty him next summer, right?_

    I thought you could only amnesty deals existing when the new CBA was signed.

  39. I wouldn’t have done 5 years for Clowe with a gun to my head. For those of you that disagree all I can do is shake my head in disgust.

  40. _Wowzers. Clowe hit the lottery with a bankrupt team._

    Right? Columbus, NJ and league owned Phoenix set the pace on UFA day. Totally needed that lockout.

  41. King with no Ring on

    LouLam must be intoxicated, because Ryan Clowe’s contract will trample the Devil’s cap flexibility.

  42. That’s a lot of moolah to throw at a guy coming off two back to back concussions, as well as a subpar season!

  43. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I love clowe, the way he plays and what he brings to the team. I absolutely think he brings a style to the team that we desperately need.

    Not at that contract with his concussion issues.

    5 years ago, all over him at that deal.

    He will be a nightmare against us though.

  44. Reported that Horton is only at $5.3MM per. If so, that’s your first bargain this offseason (in relative terms, of course).

  45. horton getting 30 of 37 mil in first 5 yrs. front loaded thats what makes cap hit 5.3

  46. _horton getting 30 of 37 mil in first 5 yrs. front loaded thats what makes cap hit 5.3_

    I know, but who cares? He’s going to make a million less than Clarkson, possibly on the same term, and he’s younger and better.

  47. clowe is 1 hit away from missing at least half the season. I guess lou figured since he was losing Clarkson he needed somebody to replaced Clarkson but at age 31, not going to get faster and with multiple concussions that contract will become brutal, good luck devil fans, bwahhhhhhh!!!!

  48. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    AV smartly distancing himself from the not buying out of brich.

  49. There’s a joke in “I haven’t seen him play in 2 years” but I’m not crafting it right in my head to make it worthwhile.

  50. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Pens might have to trade d man with scuderi signing…hmmm I’d go for engelland or orpik

  51. i’ll give it to about 4pm then I expect to hear Sather signed some fourth liner. Then I can sleep tonight. These contracts are scary.

  52. As much as I disliked Rozsival when he was here, it seemed he found his game again in Chicago…

  53. yes rozival is. much better player as a number 4 or 5 dman then top 2 when he was with rangers. i would have liked him back in bottom six role

  54. Kinda glad the Rangers have no money to waste, err, spend on this godawful cast of FAs. I think you’ll not have to go too far into the future to see a lot of these guys end up as compliance buyouts. The Clowe contract is one of the most insane I’ve ever seen. 5 yrs/$25 mil for a guy who suffered potentially THREE concussions this year with rapidly deteriorating speed going to what already was a slow team? See ya Ryane. And funny to hear to hear Pierre ripping the Lecavalier contract on NHLN just now – that’s the first talking head I’ve seen slam that crazy contract, saying it’s going to kill the Flyers for years to come. Philly blogs are talking them up as the Cup favorite. Bwahahaha.

  55. Clowe didn’t get that money and those years without competitive bidding. Some boneheads who opine here thought he was worth one year at 2 million, maybe. Lamoriello presumably knows more hockey than we do. Good luck to Clowe, but not when on our ice.

  56. People forget that Rozsival had 2 hip surgeries and a knee surgery when he was here too. Yet he gutted it out and had some pretty good seasons in a Rangers uniform.

    All those hits he took to move the puck finally caught up to him and like eric said, now he’s better suited as a 4 or 5. When he first got here though, he was pretty damn good for us.

  57. Roszival was jekyll and hyde as a Ranger. mostly hyde. but when he was jekyll he was tolerable. It was those times he’d have someone against the boards in his zone with his back turned he’d throw a blind back pass through the slot that made me want to strangle him

  58. And I don’t get all the Ribeiro hate. Guy has been a 70-80 point player for the last 6-7 years. He had a better season than our best player last year and makes less money too.

  59. Llatonaardvark on

    Actually, CARP, assuming Komisarek wears eight in Carolina, Rozsival is four times the player he is.

  60. Even before he left here, Rozsival was a better defenseman than most of the guys who have played third pair since he was dealt. But the Rangers did get a lot out of Woofski.

  61. Rangers Report @rangersreport
    ps, those who fear Clowe will be a “Rangers killer” w NJ, he can’t be any more of that than Clarkson was.


    Replying to my post, Carp? :)

  62. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    One of my all time favorite graphics is the tsn phone when they are on the phone with someone

  63. Typing too fast. Leafs waiting on word from Clarkson on 7 year deal. Interested in AAV…sounds like less than $6 mil per. We’ll see.


  64. Looking at some of these contracts, if I were McDonagh’s agent, I’d negate the agreement, whatever it was.

  65. ?@rangersreport 10s

    Will say this, even before Richards decision took away the $$, NYR didn’t plan on being big spenders this year. Next year, different story.

  66. I think that’s why they decided to keep Richards. Worth the risk this year since the FA class was so weak. No #1 centers out there anyway (unless you consider Ribeiro one but not sure I trust him in NYC since he couldn’t handle Montreal).

    If Richards sucks, you buy him out next summer. If he’s finds his game again, you still buy him out but actually get something out of him (could possibly trade as well).

  67. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Wow, dorsett is going to be one busy guy in the east, he needs some help badly on out soft team

  68. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Rolling the dice on Richards getting more palatable with every signing.

  69. Dorsett is always willing but not the best scrapper in the league for sure! Carcillo kicked the Carcillo out of him once!

  70. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Who are the “big names” out there that make next years free agent crop so desirable?

  71. Lloyd Braun on

    I’d take Clarkson over Clowe any day of the week but 7 years? damn

    then again, Ryan Clowe looks like he’s barely got 2 years in him and he got 5 from the Devils. good luck with that.

  72. “Lou Lam is really good so even though this Clowe signing looks really bad it must be really good” isn’t a very strong defense.

  73. ThisYearsModel on

    I would happily take Matt Hendricks to play opposite Dorsett with Boyle in the middle of the 4th line.

  74. Next year would be amazingly fun if even half of the top of that UFA list actually makes it out.

  75. Sather Must Go! on

    Wow, just stepped back from following FAs and looked at the current roster; it isn’t very impressive and EXTREMELY soft. So much for that “identity” that was molded for the past five years.

  76. So is Raymond or Filppula the guy who is going to sit back and have the 3 or 4 teams that wanted to make a move but didn’t bid like mad?

  77. Dorsett gave up two inches and 20 pounds and held his own with Carcillo, never tired, went on and on snd on, actually dropped him at one point. (2008) Carcillo did not play one minute in the Stanley Cup Final.

  78. Dorsett much more of a heavyweight than Clarkson … and doesn’t avoid opponents’ heavyweights, as Clarkson does.

  79. If the Rangers bring Jagr back here again, I start following the Professional Bowlers Association.

  80. Lloyd Braun on

    Clarkson is a much better player than Dorsett so apples and oranges there

    but that he got that kind of a contract off a fairly lackluster season is very surprising even if Toronto has a ton of cap space

  81. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    In 2020, the players should just agree to the first owners proposal because it always winds up working out for them anyway.

  82. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Mr D

    I would look into iggy or morrow on a 1 or 2 yr deal cheap

    Agree bad deal on clarkson

  83. Paul Bissonnette ?@BizNasty2point0 3m

    There are 2 rules when playing with me Mike Ribeiro. Rule #1: Get me the puck. Rule #2: Don’t forget rule #1. #FreeAgentFrenzy

  84. I’m glad to see teams signing bad contracts are the same teams that I always see fans on tsn knocking the rangers about and now there jumping for joy. What a bunch of hypocrites.

  85. Dorsett never jumped 6 inches off the ground to hit Dubinsky in the head, either. I hate Clarkson forever and hope he sucks in Toronto and they suck.

  86. _I’m glad to see teams signing bad contracts are the same teams that I always see fans on tsn knocking the rangers about and now there jumping for joy. What a bunch of hypocrites._

    I just don’t see how you can be happy to be a buyer in this market. Out of the entire $4MM+ group, the only guy whose deal I’m going to like even a little will probably be Weiss. The rest I’m thrilled to sit out.

  87. Not only would Jar lose that race, they’d have to have the Zamboni tow him back to the starting line for the second heat.

  88. How many players can you put in the sentence “Man, can you just imagine if _______ were a free agent this year”? Like 100? 200? That’s a good sign this class sucks.

  89. Lloyd Braun on

    They say that it was so hot in the city today, grown men were walking up to cops on street corners begging them to shoot them.

  90. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Man it’s hot. It’s like Africa hot. Tarzan couldn’t take this kind of hot.

  91. Ah, dammit. Weiss is a great signing south of $5MM per. Real nice 2C, durable as hell (wrist a fluke) and coming into an inflated market. Wings are good.

  92. Tom Foolery on

    It seems more important than ever to either lock up (or trade) your better players before they hit the market, get a ridiculous contract, and leave you with nothing

  93. czechthemout!!! on

    So far so good. No damage done by Sather, and no obstacles created to stop the many good young forwards , as AV called them from getting a real good chance to contribute.

  94. If I were Colton Orr, I would slap Clarkson and his 36 million dollars silly first time he stepped out of the shower.

  95. Rob at the Jersey Shore on

    Clowe’s contract is INSANE. I like the guy and wanted him back, but wow.

  96. ThisYearsModel on

    Hendricks gone. Anyone else out there like him that is worth it? We need some more grit.

  97. Lloyd Braun on

    Katie Strang said Rangers expressed no interest Hendricks

    good to be all in on Brad Richards huh

  98. 1.85 per year for hendricks in nash i would have done that in heartbeat for rangers

  99. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Hendricks only got $1.85M per…can’t imagine the money was an obstacle. Maybe more focus on the RFA’s.

  100. Llatonaardvark on

    If NYR can get Kreider to hit with regularity in a similar crushing manner to those he laid on Seidenberg, Kleenex Boyle to start asserting himself physically, and some other players like Hagelin and Stepan to stop shying away from contact, they’ll be okay. DET is a very physical team but other than Kronwall and Tootoo they don’t necessarily have any punishers – but the entire roster is pretty much willing to play the body, and I think that’s what NYR need. Miller seems comfortable playing the physical game, and if Falk and McIlrath are on the blueline, that will go a long way. Wish Sauer were here. Anyone know if the Swedish kids take the body?

  101. Tom Foolery on

    I think the most dangerous part of these deals are the length not the dollars

  102. czechthemout!!! on


    Lindberg definitely takes the body. It is part of his overall game and what makes him the most NHL ready player we have in the system.

  103. Everyone is tougher than we are. Only snarlers left here are Dorsett and Richards.

  104. Boyle would have been 9th among forwards on Detroit in TOI and led them in hits by almost +1 per game. This “BRIAN SUX AND HE’S ALSO SIMILAR TO PAPER MACHE HUH HUH HUH!!!” stuff is as inaccurate as it is redundant.

  105. czechthemout!!! on

    So does Kristo by the way. I really feel Kristo will be a nice addition that might turn out to be as big a steal as McD.

  106. Tom Foolery on

    So can we say that Richards is already the official 2013-14 MSG whipping boy?

  107. King with no Ring on

    Yes, Boyle still sucks at $1.7m. $1.7m for a 4th line center whose only ability is to win faceoffs is not cost efficient.

  108. Hendricks is 3.5 years older than Boyle and no better. Boyle’s getting like 4Y/$10MM in this market sooooooo easily.

  109. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    And kill penalties. But, still better to have Boyle for 1 year at $1.7M than Hendricks for 4 at $1.85M.

  110. Manny, considering Stralman is apparently indispensable @ 1.6 Mill I’m going to say Boyle doesnt suck. but trade him anyway

  111. Llatonaardvark on

    I never said he sucks, and I compared him to a tissue. I want him on our fourth line – he’s more than adequate for that role. But I feel he needs to have much more of a physical impact on the game than he does.

  112. King with no Ring on

    Boyle would be 9th in TOI because Tortorella played him too much.

    The Red Wings have a more balanced team with players more deserving of TOI.

    Boyle would have led the Red Wings in hits by +1 per game. Hand Mr. Boyle the Hart Trophy. There’s a statistic that wins hockey games…

  113. Llatonaardvark on

    And I’m not even necessarily talking about statistical hits when I mean physical play. Just putting your body up against somebody along the boards instead of reaching in with your stick is what I’m talking about.

  114. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Stralman is a bargain in this market and, sadly, probably the 2nd or 3rd best offensive D-man they have.

  115. What were we paying Betts his last year here? won 57% of his draws and our PK was at 87%.

  116. King with no Ring on

    The two terms that you are not accounting for are roster construction and cost efficiency.

    Can the Rangers replace what Brian Boyle produces for less than $1.7m annually? Yes.

  117. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Betts was making $615k and was signed by Philly for $550k, but that was 3 years ago.

  118. Dan Cleary still out there unsigned? can we get him for 1.6? The way todays going he’s probably gonna sign like a 5 year 6 million per contract with someone

  119. Boyle’s hair looks the same when he’s wearing a tux or when he’s being interviewed after the third period. Take a damned shower once in a while!

  120. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    They can replace him for less than $1.7M when a worse player is getting $1.85?

  121. _Boyle would have led the Red Wings in hits by +1 per game. Hand Mr. Boyle the Hart Trophy. There’s a statistic that wins hockey games_

    You know that was a direct retort and not something I just decided to post, right?

  122. Rob at the Jersey Shore on

    I know I’m about a decade late on this one, but I’ve been reading _Moneyball_ at the beach. It really is a great book. Do you think Sather or any of these GMs have ever read it? I know it’s a different sport, but I’m sure there is a lot in it that is applicable to any sport. Namely the folly of old timers relying on their senses and gut feelings about players. The result is what you see now, these ridiculous contracts. The owners literally need to be protected from themselves. They are their own worst enemies. I can’t wait for them to cry poor in 7 years and have another lockout.

  123. King with no Ring on

    Any minor league center can produce what Brian Boyle produces at a fraction of the cost.

  124. Boyle grew up with about a dozen brothers and sisters and one bath room. No wonder he never got the shower thing down.

  125. Every once in a while King says something I agree with, and its usually unpopular sentiment which is nice as a change of pace, but the other 90% of the time he’s just the worst part of the internet. Everything is awesome / sucks binary and there’s no nuance. Every player in the AHL can replace Boyle. Blah blah blah.

  126. My only complaint about Boyle is that he looks too much like Eddie Cahill who looks nothing like Jim Craig who is probably finalizing a 2 year 12 million dollar contract with Paul Holmgren as we speak.

  127. King with no Ring on

    Michael Handzus of the champions just signed a $1m deal to be their 3rd line center.

    Boyle is here for his grit and toughness. Any minor league center can provide the Rangers with grit and toughness, at a fraction of the cost, probably with better skating ability, more speed, and better hands.

  128. With some people (no names mentioned), the more they type, the more apparent it becomes how little they know.

  129. lol yes Lyova I have an agenda re: Stralman. are you gonna fire me and make me go live in Vancouver now? : p

  130. Carp, Lyova said I have to go live in Vancouver. and I don’t want to. Though maybe to get out of this heat for a little while.

  131. King with no Ring on

    Put it this way, the less money Sather spends on a 4th line center with minimal ability is more money that can be spent on players that can do what King Lundqvist is so fond of stating he cannot do, “score goals.”

  132. Rob: I’d love to know this as well but I can imagine it being really hard to implement given the dearth of UFA talent over the last few offseasons. The more flooded the market, the better a GM seeking arbitrage opportunities is going to be able to do work. Its pretty much all relying on trades which can be tough, especially if you’re inheriting an asset-less team.

    (There are times where I’ve wondered if NY has had someone behind the scenes with this knack given the pickups of Boyle and Prust and a couple other less valued contributors. Not Sather (obviously) or even a high assistant, but just a dude who can get deep into the numbers and find the right kind of throw-in or immaterial trade target.)

  133. Llant- Cleary would be affordable and a decent addition since we don’t have the money to sign anyone with legitimate offensive skills

  134. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    If the Rangers waive Pyatt, and use two rookies to fill the Asham/Powe spots, would they conceivably have enough to sign Iginla?

  135. “Boyle is only here for toughness and grit and that’s why he led the team in defensive zone starts and ZZZZZZZ …”

  136. bull dog line on

    Boyle a better player than Hendricks. I think we see why they kept Richards. Clowe probably told them what he was looking for and the Rangers moved on. I wanted to keep Clowe, but at that price, it was smart to let him go. Clarkson’s contract is laughable. I think he has hit 40 pts once.

  137. LOL yeah you probably don’t get to say that too often Lyova. I am sitting in front of an a/c in my office and I still feel like I want to puke it’s so hot.

  138. Scene: 15 NHL GMs go to the store.

    Store Employee: “I’m sorry, we’re restocking today, we only have limited items for sale.”

    NHL GMs: “That’s ok. We have a lot of money and we intend to spend it all no matter the value.”


  139. It’s fine, Carp. Ill be back in the States for 3 weeks in August. Then im gone again. Can donate it to Richards if you want.

  140. Fair to ask is he better than Brassard at all, isn’t it? That’s an upside buy on a dude who’s almost 30.

  141. Actually Carp I never made it to either. We decided to go up to her mother’s house on Greenwood Lake and just hang out away from the crazies.

  142. Yeah no Dom Moore please. RE: Brassard- Really hoping to see him flourish here. WOuld suck if he was this year’s whipping boy when the proverbial sky begins to fall

  143. Looks like Jesse Spector is riding the Weiss train as well. Yay!

    Agreed James. Brassard and MDZ are the two guys I’m most excited to see move into a more open, offensive system. Could be a lot of fun.

  144. King with no Ring on

    You want to pay Lundqvist.

    You want to pay McDonagh.

    You want Del Zotto at his cap hit.

    You have to sacrifice somewhere if you want scoring.

    What better place to sacrifice than 4th line center?

  145. Mertonian Norm on

    Brassard will be fine as long as expectations are met — 15 goals, 45 points, thereabouts.

  146. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Even at 1 mil, Dom Moore makes zero sense to me, especially with lapierre out there

  147. Sources say Senators have acquired Bobby Ryan. Details coming. #Sens

    ryan to ottawa for silverberg number 1 and prospect

  148. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    So if I was a GM and pulled the crap that sather does., how long would it be before I’m fired?

  149. bummed that we didn’t get Hendricks or Bobby Ryan

    happy to have D. Moore again
    hope he’s doing alright

  150. In 29 other franchises, you’d be out on your can, OneCup.

    In most, you would have never been hired in the first place.

  151. Dom Moore ?? Hopefully they signed him to keep 19 company in the press box.

  152. hey Carp
    here’s a possibly headline for your column on
    today’s UFA signings

    UFA signing frenzy brought to you by the number 5

    majority of contracts either 5 mil and/or 5 years

    what lockout?

  153. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Didn’t lapierre play for AV in mtl and Vancouver?

    Why wouldn’t we sign him?

  154. love that move for ottawa. ryan replaces alfie who had a year left. heal the wounds in ottawa from this morning

  155. Ottawa blogs have a bit of bipolar disorder right now. Depression over Alfredsson and suddenly joy over Ryan.

  156. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Moore essntially replaces Powe by moving Boyle to the wing…not that big of a deal. Fourth line is now Boyle-Moore-Dorsett.

    Of course, as predicted by yours truly, D. Moore is already on the WBM (c).

  157. Ryan Jones ?@jonesry28 7m

    “@DarrenDreger: Dominic Moore has signed a 1 year deal with Rangers.” Happy to see this guy back playing!!
    View conversation
    Logan Couture Logan Couture ?@Logancouture 8m

    “@NYP_Brooksie: Rangers have signed Dominic Moore. $1m.” So happy for Moorsey!

  158. well, it’s official, old platter puss is back running the rangers, domenic moore, i’m about to vomit.

  159. I’m going to go ahead and argue that the Dom Moore signing is exactly what Sather was trying to do last year with Halpern. If he’s 12/13, I’m really happy.

  160. Mertonian Norm on

    Classy, the Rangers signing Moore. Horrible circumstances for that young man, hope he finds a good new beginning.

  161. Leetchhalloffame on

    Between draft & today NYR has done nothing to improve. No way are they currently Cup contenders. FIRE SATHER!

  162. guys dom moore at 1 yr 1 mil is not a big deal. replaces powe that simple. nothing to get giddy or nuts over

  163. Honestly have no problem with Moore right now if he replaces Powe. Think there is a lot of overreaction.

  164. I agree. Just saying there will be a lot of people here all over him when he’s got three goals in December.

  165. my question is for sather what would have been the rangers package to get ryan after seeing ottawa package. just curious to see

  166. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    WBM (c)

    0) Boyle
    1) Richards
    2) MDZ
    3) *Dominic Moore*
    4) Stralman
    5) Pyatt

  167. Dom Moore? Alrighty then…

    I guess we should expect the Jagr announcement any minute now…

    Sather is atrocious…

  168. Victor Hedman ?@heds77 19s

    “@DarrenDreger: Dominic Moore has signed a 1 year deal with Rangers.” #welcomeback

    3 guys from 3 different teams happy to see the guy back. Classy.

  169. bull dog line on

    Moore is there to be the 4th line center. Richards, Stepan, Brassard and Moore. he is not a replacement for Powe. he is a replacement for Boyle.

  170. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Pyatt will be gone before Boyle, if we’re talking waivers. I could see Boyle getting traded.

  171. If Moore becomes a whipping boy, we have some crappy people on here. He’s basically an impossible guy to root against at this point.

  172. King, just passing by and happened to notice your usual brilliant and insightful analyses of Rangerland.

    What I have difficulty understanding is why people seem to think your comments are “out of touch” when most of theirs have little factual basis let alone are logical.

    I think it’s the “clique thing”, but no matter how many people make sappy comments, they’re still sappy comments!

    I believe you should proceed on the premise that some people just enjoy pain……….and you are merely enabling them! ;)

  173. Mister D

    If Moore becomes a whipping boy, we have some crappy people on here. He’s basically an impossible guy to root against at this point.
    July 5th, 2013 at 3:46 PM

    Amen. One of the reasons I wont ever call for Pyatt to be shipped out of town. Rooting for the kid. And for Mooresy.

  174. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Pyatt lost his fiancée and is still a whipping boy about 50% of the time.

  175. I’d like to see the Rangers sign Kyle Palmieri (Ducks) to an offer sheet.

    What do they have to lose? Who cares if the Ducks match?

    Guy played with Stepan, Kreider, Kristo, and Bourque for team USA juniors.

  176. Lyova: Same on Pyatt, good call. I get sports fans are supposed to act like stupid, unaccountable idiots but maybe there should be a line.

  177. Lloyd Braun on

    if the Dominic Moore signing means the end of Brian Boyle playing top-6 minutes, I’m all for it

  178. And to echo and slightly modify Carp from a day or two ago, if the biggest issue with this team is a 10-13 of Boyle, Dorsett, Pyatt and Moore (total ~$5.5MM), we don’t have issues.

  179. Travis Hamonic 7 years with New York Islanders at 27M total #TSN



  180. King with no Ring on

    Comnsnse — —

    It is a pleasure to see you around here again. I have missed your wit and brilliance.

    Some people cannot see past their hero worship to determine the true value of certain players.

    Boyle is a nice player and might be helpful on a contending hockey club that, with other skill players on the roster, could afford to utilize his experience and grit at $1.7m.

    A team like the Rangers cannot afford to use cap space on players like Boyle and Pyatt when they have pressing needs at so many other skill positions.

  181. bull dog line on

    Boyle is getting traded. 1.6 mil for Hendricks. would think for him to get that there was more than on team in on him. Boyle 1.7, a better player than Hendricks, and under team control for at least 2 more seasons. Boyle is a RFA after this year. you don’t think there may be good value in Boyle? if Sather were smart he would strike now on Boyle.

  182. _A team like the Rangers cannot afford to use cap space on players like Boyle and Pyatt when they have pressing needs at so many other skill positions._

    So who are you acquiring to add scoring for that $3MM saved?

  183. King with no Ring on

    “So who are you acquiring to add scoring for that $3MM saved?”

    A player that can score goals that would accept a $3m offer.

  184. Llatonaardvark on

    Hamonic got 7 years for $27 million. Think we could lock up McD to the same term for something like $32 million? I’d be so groovy with that.

  185. I see a love fest going on, birds with the same feathers flock together, how sweet.

  186. _A player that can score goals that would accept a $3m offer._

    Oh, then I want a player who can score goals and would accept $800K. But I can’t name one either. :(

  187. I think you will see Boyle and Del Zotto packaged together for the defenseman we need.

  188. Wowza. Alright well Boyle’s definitely on the move or something is up. Otherwise Sather just waived Powe and Asham to sign Moore.

    Shocked about Ryan. Ballsy move by Ottawa. I like it.

  189. I think this signing could mean the end of the road for Boyle or Pyatt, with Vigneault likely to want his guys to hug the walls considerably less then those 2 are less valuable

  190. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Perhaps our GM is hoping to put together three (3) fourth lines this year. This team, as it stands now, will not score but will get beaten up.

    Is there any direction?????

    Like setting sail with no map, trying to go around the world. Good luck!!


  191. I thought I read where with the Moore signing the combined weight of Richards, Brassard, Stepan and Moore is less than Lucic.

    Singer’s midgets are back for the Sather follies!

    Another run at the bottom 6, but isn’t the need size and toughness?

  192. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    keep Richards, he is one heck of a center, whatever line you want to throw him on. Useful. Terrific. Great price. No risk.

    Perfect move. 2 years ago and now. Bless you, Glen.

    Dom Moor, my hero. Perfect signing.

    Hank will want to stay here, for sure. Let’s sign him for 8 years and $10M, and be done with this team already.


  193. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    What I like is that this team now has IDENTITY. Not sure what it is, but it has some.


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