Free agency day: Will the Rangers really be silent?


The free-agent signing period opens at noon.

I know, the Rangers don’t have much cap space at all because they decided to keep Brad Richards rather than buy him out.

They still have a whole bunch of RFAs to re-sign, especially Ryan McDonagh, Derek Stepan, Carl Hagelin and probably Mats Zuccarello and Justin Falk, with an eye on a new deal for Henrik Lundqvist.

The Rangers, because of the Richards decision, are more likely to lose free agents today, i.e. Ryane Clowe — not sure they’d be bringing him back anyway after two concussions in a short period of time, the expected long-term, high-priced deal it would take to retain him, and the higher draft pick they’d have to give San Jose if they do re-sign him.

So it looks as if the Rangers are going to be spectators today.

Yet something, just a gut feel maybe, or a guess, tells me Glen Sather will do something of significance, that he isn’t going to go into next season with a new coach and virtually the same cast of players who were eliminated in Boston on May 25.

We’ll be here all day long for discussion, of course.

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  1. I don’t think that anyone in the East got significantly better (yet) so I don’t think there is an urgency for Slats to do anything big. The Asham and Powe waivers may indicate a minor role player but overall I think these are our 2013-14 New York Rangers.

  2. We look a bit thin when it comes to top 6 wingers, but havent got the cap room and outside of oldies Jagr, Alfie, Iginla, Selanne and the younger but slightly fragile Horton there is a bit of a drop off.
    Viktor Stalberg may be an option, not a huge scorer and plays mostly LW but would come cheap and is only 27.

    Can’t help thinking Slats will try and pull something off, even if its a big signing that takes us over the cap, don’t forget he has a 10% cushion over the summer!

  3. King with no Ring on

    Nobody on the roster aside from the Ring-less King is untouchable cooscoos.

    The last time that the Bruins moved a good young player, Kessel, to free up cap space and and acquire prospects, they won the Cup.

    Seguin, like Kessel, did not fit the Bruins mold, neither are the type of player for the style they play. That is the reason Seguin struggled after one good season.

    Seguin is still a great talent and could develop into a special player if he screws his head on right.

    OTOH the Bruins get another two-way banger with scoring touch that will score 25-30 goals, easily replacing Horton. They free up cap space wich will enable them to sign a good FA and Rask. Their shelf is stacked with Soderberg, Hamilton, Knight, Caron + 3 new players they acquired.

    Chiarelli is a top two GM in the league. IMHO Boston will be solid for many years, Seguin will be a star in Dallas.

    A win-win trade.

    That is an objective take on the trade Matteau.

  4. Happy Birthday to my son Marc….who several years ago introduced me to this blog, addicted me Carp’s insighful thoughts and superb analysis and in the process turned me into a bonehead! May I also say he just finished his Neuro residency up in Boston…where he will spend another year working on his fellowship….rootingfor his Rangers..especially when they visit TD Center…..and of course faithfully reading this blog.

  5. >>Will the Rangers really be silent?

    Well then, I suppose we’ll just have to Enjoy The Silence.

  6. Good morning, boneheads!

    Congrats, rangerjhw! You should be proud of your son. EEG fellowship, I’m guessing?

    We will have to wait see what happens today. As unpredictable as this can be, I don’t get anxious about things I have very little control over.

  7. Cross Check Charlie on

    “that he isn’t going to go into next season with a new coach and virtually the same cast of players who were eliminated in Boston on”

    Theoretically, if Sather thought that the problem was the coach then changing the coach solved the problem so there should be little tinkering of the roster.

    However, we know from past experience that Sather doesn’t use a whole lot of logic when acquiring players.

  8. Mr. Brooks seems to think that Dominic Moore is on the Rangers radar. If they are able to sign him he thinks Boyle could be on the move. Boyle off this team is a step in right direction.

  9. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    Trying to stay behind the compettion is tough to do , lots of smoke and mirrors , Sather is the best GM doing this.

  10. Czechthemout!!! on

    Rob L

    That would be a stupid move if that is what Sather is indeed focusing on. Dominic the gypsy Moore is a step down from Boyle at this point. The right move is to go after Max Lapiere if you are dumping Boyle.

  11. Lapiere would be a good fit as well. Dumping Boyle is the key for me. He’s the softest big man I have ever seen.

  12. Waiving Powe and Asham saves them $1.85M in cap space once they sent down in September. Nothing to write home about, but is more than enough to sign Lapiere. Moving Boyle just to save another $1.7M isn’t smart.

  13. If Sather wanted to change his approach, and do what should be done in this cap world, he’d sign McD to 8 year deal, and not to 3-4 year bridge contract. The avearge cap hit may seem high now, but it will become a bargain down the road. Once McD hits an UFA status, the numbers may go too high.

  14. Czechthemout!!! on

    Rob L

    Agreed on Boyle.


    Maybe. But moving him create cap space to sign one of the RFA’s or even if it is just to recoup a draft pick for the near certainty of Boyle’s exit next year as an UFA does make some sense. It will also create some space for another kid to make an impact.

  15. What are you getting for Boyle, CTO? If he is a part of a package, sure. But just dumping him isn’t a smart move, IMO. If any of the kids prove to be better than him, they can do in September. Remember, they’re going into season without Callahan and Hags, removing another serviceable player isn’t going to help the team.

  16. I think you can package Boyle and Del Zotto together. They’re BFF’s. Maybe for Alex Edler or Dustin Byfuglien. Then you sign Max Lapierre.

  17. Czechthemout!!! on

    I would also move Pyatt for another 1.5 million in savings. That would give us about 6-7 million after the Rfa’s are signed. Sign Lapiere for 1. 5 , still leaving over 5 million to play with.

    By the way, love that video of Danny Kristo leading Team USA victory chear in the locker room after the 2010 WJC win! Awesome! The kid has a bunch of character. I repeat that he will become MCD 2.0!

  18. Czechthemout!!! on


    They can probably get a 3 round pick for him. Next year’s draft is just as good as this year’s was. First round talent into the tail end of the third round. And of course a package deal with MDZ for Buff would be ideal. Even at 300 lbs, he is better than MDZ. Although I guarantee that he will be down to 250lbs before the start of next season.

  19. I dont think moving Boyle is the answer, he is slated to play 4th line C with Pyatt and Dorsett in my book if kids like Lindberg, Fast and Miller are going to be given a shot at the 3rd line this camp. Don’t forget that Hags and Cally are possibly going to miss the first few weeks of the season (depending on recovery time) so some of the younger guys will get a shot on the 2nd/3rd lines to start the season.

  20. No-one is giving up a 3rd round pick for Boyle, i think Carp said earlier in the week, we’d be lucky to get a 4th or 5th round pick for him.

  21. Czechthemout!!! on


    Just because Carp thinks we will can get only a 4-5 round pick for him , does not make it so. I have seen lesser players bring 2nd round picks. That said, I would rather dump Pyatt than Boyle.

  22. In the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that the Rangers have been talking with Dominic Moore about bringing him back to the Rangers.

    He would become the Rangers fourth line center and allow the Rangers to either move Brian Boyle to the wing or make him available for trade.

    Moore, 33, sat out this past season after his wife passed, who had a rare form of cancer, passed away.

    Brooks writes that the Rangers had interest and held “extensive” talks with Moore prior to the lockout and says that he likely would have signed if his wife’s condition had allowed.

    Moore was with the Rangers in 2005-06 and starred with Ryan Hollweg and Jed Ortmeyer on the fourth line.

    In a poll asked last summer, 59% of readers thought the Rangers should bring back Moore.

    Under Tom Renney in 2005-06, Moore had nine goals, nine assists and spent 3:34 on the PK.

    Moore has been well over 50% on faceoffs since leaving the Rangers after the 05-06 season.

    Brooks notes that if the Rangers do not sign Moore, they could look at Max Lapierre who was the fourth line center for Alain Vigneault in Vancouver.

  23. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    Moore is less.. why go back ??

    another move to setback the team

  24. King with no Ring on

    Boyle is not going to net the Rangers anything but a late round draft pick. He has little value, if any, at his cap hit. $1.7m to win faceoffs is not cost efficient.

    If the Rangers could find a team willing to take Boyle, then find a replacement that can win faceoffs and PK for half of Boyle’s salary, it would be a step in the right direction.

  25. czech – lots of players on the market this summer thanks to dwindling cap and buyouts, why give up a 3rd round pick for a 4th line center when you can pick up one from a free agent pool for less than Boyle is paid in exchange for no assets? Post 20-goal season he would fetch that but not after the last 2 seasons.
    Moore and Lapierre are prime examples. I could see Boyle being moved as part of a package but stand alone he has little value.

  26. Czechthemout!!! on

    Adding Moore would be yet another stupid move that just eats cap space and does nothing for the team. Sather does this crap every season. Just brings in scrubs which become obstacles in terms of cap space and opportunity for kids. I would rather sign Lapiere for what may only be 1.2 million per. He is younger, grittier,bigger, can drop the gloves and is very good on faceoffs. Moore’s ship has sailed a long time ago.

  27. King with no Ring on

    If the Rangers roster at the beginning of the season is similar to its current construction, the Rangers should have the philosophy this season of giving their youth a real opportunity to sink or swim, to grow up while in the NHL, rather than guaranteeing retreads like Boyle a roster spot over a kid.

  28. On the other hand Dregs is reporting Clarkson could get 7 yrs at $6m per – i presume he means Kelly Clarkson signing with Caesars Palace, not David Clarkson with an NHL team – thats f’ing mental!!! (reminds me of the Holik signing all those years ago!)

  29. now it’s official that Sather is back running the show. Domenic Moore, are you frigging kidding me. The dude didn’t play last year and is 33 years old. Good old platter puss and his retreads, unbelievable.

  30. So we lost Clowe. If that deal is reasonable and the Rangers could have afforded him (after their moronic decision to *not* buy out Rad Brichards)that will be a HUGE mistake.

    We need Stu Bickel up here STAT. And Mcllrath. This team is 100% Vanilla. It’s a disaster.

  31. Czechthemout!!! on

    Someone is actually stupid enough to pay Clarkson that kind of money until he is 37 years old? That is insane. Lou is not stupid.


    I agree. That is why adding another mid 30’s scrub is stupid.

  32. Agree, Czech. The Devils organization is almost never stupid though. They always make good decisions and compete. It makes me angry.

  33. Manny – i think Bickel is now #10 on the depth chart behind new boys Syvret and Falk, plus McIlrath maybe (once Mack Truck re-signs)

  34. King with no Ring on

    I could not agree more Czechthemout. Moore is another retread. Sather doing his best to keep the Rangers in neutral.

  35. I know, UK. But we need toughness. Get Bickel up here to play 4th line LW over Pyatt. We need someone that is TOUGH.

  36. Falk also better be on the squad out of camp. He has to be the #6 D-Man paired with the speedy wheels of John Moore. Falk doesn’t win a lot of fights but he’s a big body and we really need that.

  37. Czechthemout!!! on

    The smarter move would be to dump Boyle and Pyatt after Powe and Asham and offer Clowe a 3 year 10 million deal. Leaving enough to sign Lapiere and room to sign bring some kids into the lineup. But who said Sather is smart?

  38. You simply cannot afford to dump Boyle. You need an effective 4th line Center, which Boyle is.

    I also don’t get dumping Asham…what’s the issue there? Is is his lower back that much of a problem?

  39. Sather’s decision to keep Richards on the roster this season has already doomed us to failure.

    No point in thinking it’ll be anything but. Keeping Brad Richards on the team went against any single solitary intelligent thought regarding how to field a competitive hockey team in 2013-2014.

    Horse teeth continues to be the single worst free agent signing of Glen Sather’s tenure with the Rangers. And that’s saying ALOT considering Drury, Gomez, Redden, Holik, etc

  40. Well now I feel like a dummy for seeing the Moore report and thinking “eh, not a bad little depth signing”. Especially if he’s cool being a 12/13 kinda guy.

  41. I hope Clowe does “haunt us” while eating $4MM over 4 years in NJ. Let him and Pyatt jab at each other 5 strides behind the play while the rest go 4 on 4.

  42. King with no Ring on

    Keeping Brad Richards for this season indicates that Sather thinks the Rangers have a legitimate chance to win the Cup next season with Richards performing closer to his career averages. This means Sather will also sign another retread or two today, like Moore.

  43. Isn’t today supposed to be about signing retreads to no obligation deals? Best case is some amazing trade, I guess, but worst case is some terrible 2Y/$12MM deal with Iginla or something that necessitates a bad followup. Avoid the worst case. Survive the day. Don’t sign a puncher.

  44. Manny – i think getting Dorsett in the Gaby trade was the death knell to Asham’s tenure in Ranger blue

  45. _Keeping Brad Richards on the team went against any single solitary intelligent thought regarding how to field a competitive hockey team in 2013-2014._

    I’m super pro amnesty this offseason, but this isn’t really true. Wiping out the injury risk and only looking at a competitive 2013-14, its Richards for $3MM-ish in cash (the diff b/w buyout now versus play this year then buyout). Some other team signing a post-amnesty Richards to a 1Y/$3MM deal would be viewed as making a low risk, high reward move, right? Granted our risk is mulitples higher because of injury, but just in roster terms, there is a logic.

  46. I have a feeling that Boyle is suffering from PCS after he was concussed in the 2012 playoffs…read stories about his having sleep problems, which is a sign of brain trauma. Have known people personally who described similar problems to me. He may not be able to clear the physical at this point in time. I would count on having Boyle on board next season.

  47. Early indication this morn is Alfredsson #Senators doesn’t look very good at all and a real possibly he may move. #RedWings frontrunners

    i thought alfie was a lifer in ottawa maybe not

  48. not saying i would sign clowe because i wouldnt just dont want to see him 6 times a year playing for a rival. go west clowe or to canada

  49. The Oilers traded Shawn Horcoff to the Stars for a minor league defenseman and a 7th. Finally they’re rid of his contract.

  50. As always here, panic just by rumors, judging unexecuted deeds. Please, don’t crash each other in this stampede on the way out of Rangers fandom.

  51. _As always here, panic just by rumors, judging unexecuted deeds. Please, don’t crash each other in this stampede on the way out of Rangers fandom._

    The sports portion of the internet needs some sort of tracking metric in place for times a poster trades player X or times they quit on the team mid-game and stuff like that.

  52. King with no Ring on

    It is almost time to get intoxicated before the stampede of the free agency riot begins.

  53. With a clear, pre-signing head, I’d like to get this on record: When I call David Clarkson’s deal “the worst UFA signing I can remember”, its not going to be hyperbole. Its going to be very, very real. I really wish “goals scored off something other than a player’s stick” were a kept stat.

  54. It’s really becoming embarrassing how legitimate reporters get caught up in this twitter game of attempting to report stuff asap and increasingly make mistakes/get fooled.

    Having legitimate sources and have them make mistakes OCCASIONALLY is acceptable but there’s no one else to blame but yourself when things like what just happened with Gross happen.

  55. orr

    gross eating too much popcorn. for those that dont know my seats are next to press box and gross who sits few seats away from carp eats like 2-3 boxes per game.

  56. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Is it fair to say that anyone the Rangers sign or trade for today will instantly be on the WBM (c)?

  57. you could go above the cap by 10% over summer. so sather can sign higher priced guy and worry about getting down to 64.3 mil later in summer. prob unlikely

  58. $70.73M isn’t much considering he has to sign McD, Stepan and Co. Asham and Powe count against the summer cap, unless claimed. Don’t see him taking chances on any high priced FA.

  59. In a post twitter, Bob McKenzie wondered if teams will start sending out offer sheets to RFAs since the salary cap has gone down and teams are no longer able to hide players cap hits in the minors.

    Darren Dreger tweeted and said that there is some buzz among organizations that players such as Alex Pietrangelo, Zach Bogosian, Bryan Little, Adam Henrique and the Islanders Travis Hamonic and Josh Bailey.

    In the NY Post yesterday, Larry Brooks wrote that he feels the chances of Ryan McDonagh getting an offer sheet are “remote” but wonders what would happen if the Islanders, who need to spend money to get to the cap floor, decide to take a run at McDonagh with the hope of either signing him or giving the Rangers more of a headache.

    In terms of compensation for RFAs, the latest CBA has this chart

    $1,110,249 or below—- None
    Over $1,110,249 to $1,682,194—– Third Round
    Over $1,682,194 to $3,364,391—- Second Round
    Over $3,364,391 to $5,046,585—- First Round Pick and Third Round Pick
    Over $5,046,585 to $6,728,781 —- First Round Pick, Second Round Pick, Third Round Pick
    Over $6,728,781 to $8,410,976—– Two First Round Picks, Second Round Pick and Third Round Pick
    Over $8,410,976—- Four First Round Picks

  60. “Signing a higher priced guy” is pretty much our nightmare scenario. Not a single player out there worth even considering at real numbers, even before you consider the RFA risk.

  61. Multiple sources suggesting Daniel Alfredsson not likely to return OTT. DET appears to be frontrunner. Stay tuned to see where this one goes

    Alfredsson informed the Sens late last night to give Ottawa ample time to put together a plan for Clarkson ,etc. #TSN

  62. agree about not signing higher priced guy. just stating sather can if he really wanted to but as ilb said not likely either

  63. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Alfredsson leaving Ottawa, and people still think Hank will give a hometown discount. Players will go where they perceive they can get the most money and/or win a Cup.

  64. _Alfredsson leaving Ottawa, and people still think Hank will give a hometown discount. Players will go where they perceive they can get the most money and/or win a Cup._

    … just like they logically should.

  65. Good morning, Sally!

    Lundqvist won’t be giving any discounts, either. But the Rangers can give him a bigger contract than other clubs can.

  66. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    _Darren Dreger ?@DarrenDreger_
    _I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Clowe lures a 5 year term_

    Obviously speculation on DD’s part, but this is why they can’t sign him.

  67. Yup, that’s good news that he can’t overpay this year.

    Eric, there is a twist in the new CBA regarding offer sheets. Any offer sheet for the contract over 5 years, for the purpose of draft picks compensation, will count as 5 year deal. For example, if someone gives McD offer sheet at $6.1M for 7 years, it will count as $8.54M average value and will require 4 first rounders.

  68. Revisiting Scuderi tweet from earlier. Now hearing he’s likely going back to Pittsburgh. 3-4 years has been discussed. Around $3 mil per

    i hope not. really like scuderi

  69. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Sorry, Carp. I started a new job two weeks ago and am trying to be good :)

    That said, almost no one is in the office today, so I’ll try to give live WBM (c) updates if any moves are made.

  70. The positive approach. Richards will be a solid contributor in a third line center role. Kept to his shifts and used sparingly on the pp. A role player. I will try an convince myself of this.

    However I fully expect to want to gouge my eyes out watching him this fall.

  71. And anything that goes wrong will be pointed at Richards (unless its Boyle or MDZ). That won’t be fun.

  72. Gravy, I think Boyle has clinched the top spot in perpetuity the last few days. Maybe when he leaves we can call it the Boyle-o-meter.

    We’ll have a Go Time post shortly before the festivities begin at noon.

    Ryane Clowe at five years = 20-foot pole. Rich Chere is tweeting that the Devils may not be interested at all.

  73. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    _And anything that goes wrong will be pointed at Richards (unless its Boyle or MDZ). That won’t be fun_

    Hence, their positions on the WBM (c).

  74. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    I have a feeling that Boyle will be leaving before this season.

    Can these guys on Twitter really say that players have “signed”, being that they can’t sign until 12PM?

  75. I would be shocked if clowe got 5 years. What dopey team would give clowe 5 years but than if the flyers weren’t capped strapped I could see holmgren doing it.

  76. Untouchable:

    (probably) Dorsett (our only toughness, 26 yrs. old, 1.4 mil salary
    John Moore (22 years old, 800M salary)
    You can probably throw Nash and Kreider in there.

  77. mcdoanagh and hank untouchable.

    carp disagree in the east now the red wings closer to a cup now then ottawa.

  78. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    _Pat Leonard ?@NYDNRangers_
    _Expect @RMcDonagh27 to re-sign next day or two. It will benefit #NYR to avoid outside offer sheet for top-pair D-man_

    Not sure if he’s telling us to expect it will happen, but hopefully. He said comparable deals are in the 6-7 year range at about $4M per.

  79. Good late morning all! Happy 26th birthday to your son rangerj!

    I kind of don’t want to look up until this hoo ha is done with….

  80. Untouchable is such a tough label. Does it mean “not for Stamkos straight up” or not in a reasonable trade? Either way, I’d consider McDonagh the only guy we simply can’t replace in terms of age + production + upside + cost. Even a better version of him, like Pietrangelo or whoever, would cost like $2MM more per year so its not worth it. Henrik is close but you’re paying way into the future for production now, at a position you can’t ever hide (like center, ahem ahem). Scary. Moore you trade in a second for a big upgrade, even if taking on salary. Dorsett the same, you can find toughness just like we found Dorsett to replace Prust. Kreider intrigues the hell out of me and I’d hate to see him go. Nash I’d move for a lesser player at a better cost. Stepan is higher than a bunch of those guys for me. Maybe even Miller too just because I love his type.

  81. Sather mails Gaby to the midwest, keeps Richards, effectively loses Clowe, was stripped of draft picks, and after one truncated season, he’s going to get rid of Nash? Grip up.

  82. King with no Ring on

    When a person labels John Moore untouchable, that person must be intoxicated.

  83. When Abe Lincoln was approached with complaints that US Grant was drinking in the field, he replied, “Find out what General Grant is drinking and send a case to all my Generals. He’s the only one who gets anything done.”

  84. carp

    nhl network has the tsn feed coming on at 12 or 2 pm. i saw conflicting reports as to when they will start on nhl network. the guide on tv says 2pm the commercials i saw were 12pm.

    no nbc sports network

  85. tsn2 up in canada is on from 12-2 then tsn takes over at 2pm.

    im not sure if nhl network picks up coverage of tsn2.

  86. Elliott Ness was untouchable, Carp. Just can’t remember what position he played.

  87. lmgo, coos.

    I wish Honda had a Presidents’ Day sale during the Fourth of July weekend. I see you Abey.

  88. Can’t blame Alfredsson for leaving Ottawa. I had a feeling that may happen. Just didn’t think it’d be for Detroit.
    For him to go out without a Cup would be sadder than Mike Gartner never winning one

  89. _They’d have to pay more to buy a few years of his free agency._

    Totally. If you say 7 or 8 years, I’m expecting $5.5MM as a floor. And I’m not complaining.

  90. Re: Honda – as advertising legend Jerry Della Femina said: “From those Wonderful Folks who gave you Pearl Harbor…” I should talk; I have one.

  91. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Lapierre over Moore is a no brainer

    Do not like the move of arniel as asst coach, did not get along with brassard with Columbus, now going to have problems whim here?

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