Rangers figure to be quiet in free agency, but here’s a scary thought …


Starting last night at midnight, teams could begin speaking with free agents — though they cannot be signed until Friday afternoon.

I just had this thought that could scare the hell out of you. The Rangers don’t believe it would or could happen, and honestly neither can I believe it.

But what if some GM with the guts of a burglar and loads of cap space takes a look at the Rangers’ cap situation, with the non-buyout of Brad Richards’ contract leaving them with barely enough money to re-sign their own restricted free agents, and sees them as vulnerable?

What if that GM doesn’t care about poking the bear, doesn’t care at all, and gives a gigantic offer sheet to Ryan McDonagh?

The Rangers surely would match up to $6M per year somehow, even if they might have to get rid of players they’d like to keep. But what if the one GM decides to go to $7M per, or more? Decides to go to a point where the Rangers can’t match because they decided to keep Richards?

Because once Thursday evening arrives, the Rangers can’t buy out Richards until next spring, and once he is officially kept, the Rangers just might be vulnerable to an offer sheet for McDonagh. They are already up against the cap to a degree where they probably can’t re-sign Ryane Clowe, if they were so inclined despite his health concerns, or any other significant free agents on Friday. GM Glen Sather has never been in this kind of position before.

It would take incredible, um, nerves for a rival GM to make such an offer. It would tick off the entire NHL fraternity, and the contract would have to be pretty gigantic; as good as he is, McDonagh would have to be, let’s face it, very much overpaid.

Plus the wrath of the Rangers next year, when they do have cap space, might not be something that GM is willing to suffer. The Rangers could surely strike back in the future.

And they’d get a ton of compensation for McDonagh signing elsewhere.

As I said, I doubt very much it could happen, and so do the Rangers.

But what if …?

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  1. “oh lets give Brad another year. what could go wrong?”

    Some questionable hockey decisions are being made around Gotham.

  2. Fatso Fogerty on

    a contract that large would bring us a couple of first rounders right? If we draft well that might be a good thing. But that is a big IF with Sather in charge…

  3. Don’t forget though, if those 1st rounders did come back it would be dependent on where the team signing him finished. If it was, say Detroit, we’d only be getting a couple of #16-25 1st rounders back – no guarantees.

    Slats needs to get Mack and Stepan re-signed as a priority then see what he has left to offer Zuke and Hags (and Falk?)

  4. For lack of confusion with Justin Falk/Faulk. Our Justin Falk should be hereafter referred to as “Columbo” – and i hope he see straighter than the real one!

  5. Anyone else looked at the Flyers roster? They have Steve Mason as their only goalie and are $320k over the cap already! I presume they will get LTIR relief on Pronger, so could be $4.6m under it, but no #1 goaltender – and none of note on the UFA market (Chris Mason, Nabokov, Emery are the best of a bad bunch)


  6. Good morning, boneheads!

    If it’s that high, they’ll take the compensation. They should, even if they had enough cap space. Also, he’s arbitration eligible. If he files, no team can sign him to an offer sheet.

  7. Just looking on hockeys future, have to question whether we are really tackling the farm system through the draft in the right way?


    Potential power forwards
    Defensive and two-way defensemen in system
    Depth in potential third/fourth line players


    No future number one netminder in system
    No purely offensive defensemen in system

  8. Greetings from France! Fountainbleau! Seriously! Dont worry about carp’s negativity. He knows who roots for these guys. Not that he does.

  9. Paul in sunrise on

    If any of the RFA seek arbitration then there is a second buyout window in August after arbitration. That way the team does not get penalized for being over the cap after large arbitration awards. But if you are going to buy out Richards in August rather than now then why? Maybe to keep Richards away from the July 5 rush to sign.

    Also the rangers could buy out Richards anytime and accept a cap hit around $2-3M in the future.

    I could be wrong

  10. Hi Boreale, does Fountainbleau still have a music conservatory/summer program for gifted muisicians?

    I think Slather is working on some more moves…but team chemistry will be important in this transition year with new coaches and a new system. I hope the snow angels are watching over them this coming season!

  11. From the previous thread:

    It seems like the reasons Montreal moved Kristo was
    1) He apparently has a poor work ethic and some character issues.
    2) He was not very impressive during his cameo in the AHL last season
    3) He didn’t want to play in Montreal.

    Then again he did play in every game for the Bronze Medal winning 2013 USA WC team, so he must be highly thought of…

  12. He can’t be serious – doesn’t Fogerty know that this blog is only big enough for one fat guy? He is either going to have to leave, change his handle or go on a diet.

    Oh- and why do we need the Count of Danny Christo?

  13. Paul, I believe compliance buyouts are only permitted during a ordinary course and not outside the regular period. Today is the last day they can change their mind, not tomorrow. Because of his NMC he doesn’t have to through waivers, however, he needs to be offered that option. It has to be today, because if he wants to go on waivers, they’ll have to wait for 24 hours.

  14. This is the current compensation table:

    $1,110,249 or below – No Compensation
    Over $1,110,249 to $1,682,194 – 3rd round pick
    Over $1,682,194 to $3,364,391 – 2nd round pick
    Over $3,364,391 to $5,046,585 – 1st round pick, 3rd
    Over $5,046,585 to $6,728,781 – 1st round pick, 2nd, 3rd
    Over $6,728,781 To $8,410,976 – Two 1st Round Picks, 2nd, 3rd
    Over $8,410,976 – Four 1st Round Picks

  15. Sioux-per-man on

    The count of monte Kristo!

    We will all be smoking Cigars after this Sather Steal, and it cost us an AHL player in Thomas ………….MwHahaha!

  16. TheRealMikeyNJ on


    Sather, quiet, offseason? Please.

    Haha yeah right.

    Not gonna happen, even with richie staying and barely any gap room.

    Del zoto, Boyle, and basically the entire bottom 6 are up for grabs as far as I’m concerned.

    And as stupid as this sounds I have a sickening feels staal might not be safe.

    Sather is a mad scientist in the offseason

  17. Sioux-per-man on

    Oleo – he was the hardest working guy on the team last year. Oh and the character issue. Your in college and you were at a party before school started in August.

    Seriously put aside they are treated like Gods on Campus. Stay and go to summer school and work out at the Ralph all summer and your character is in question because you had a beer when you are 22.


  18. I do not want to give you a headache with some new CBA twists, but this is the thing. In a nutshell, if someone offers him, say, 7 years at $6.5M per year, the actual compensation will be 4 first rounders, not 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Because the new CBA, when it comes to offer sheets, requires that the average annual value be counted over 5 years even though the contract is offered at 7. ( CBA 10.4 Draft Choice Compensation for Restricted Free Agents)

  19. Sioux-per-man on

    When I was in college Belfour made me a drink and neither one of us where 21. There goes our character right out the window. now those where the good ol days when the Hircus Circus played for the Sioux. Belfour in net. Championship #6.

  20. I read it as compliance buyouts being permitted in the post-arbitration period, ilb. But you obviously need an arbitration case for that to be a possibility, which is relatively rare (most cases filed get settled before the hearing).

    Anyway, offer sheet=not happening…

  21. McBusto – 0 Stanley Cups
    Corey Crawford – 1 Stanley Cup

    I think that’s how the analysis works.

  22. Wild places I have no idea if this place has the gifted musician program anymore but it does have a lot of teenagers hanging around by the carousel near the chateau. With completely nothing to do. No one has ever heard of the New York rangers yet remarkably the 15 year olds west Chicago black hawk hats like they are from any urban area in the states. I saw a dude on a bike with a bruins t shirt on yesterday tho. He wasn’t wearing man capris so I doubt he was a native

  23. Hey, ORR. Great to have you back. How is your recovery from Ben & Jerry’s addiction going?

  24. King with no Ring on

    With that information, no team is going to sacrifice four 1st rounders for Ryan McDonagh. That would stampede on any sense of rationality.

  25. King with no Ring on

    May someone please answer the following question?

    Who was the last Stanley Cup winning goalie, in your opinion, to have a lengthy, successful career, a career that is comparable to the Ring-less King?

  26. Paul in sunrise on

    I think brooksie noted the post arbitration buyout ability. But still why would you wait until then and keep yourself out of the ufa market by waiting.

  27. Am I wrong in thinking that King with no Ring has been recently let go by the Flyers organization after serving as their goaltending adviser for a few decades?

  28. bull dog line on

    the Flyers have had a lot more play off success than the Rangers, despite there goaltender issues. can’t even remember the names of the guys who were in goal for them during there run to the finals a few years ago.

  29. bull dog line on

    if the best player on your team is the goalie, winning the cup is a long shot. skill wins.

  30. On a positive front, this year I can fully participate and share your anxiety during UFA day since it isn’t July 1st. On the other positive note, the Rangers are unlikely to do much.

  31. bull dog line on

    the Rangers will be active in the trade market once the free agency settles down. teams that were looking for a certain player, and don’t get that player, will be looking to trade. look for the Rangers to make a trade by July 10th.

  32. King with no Ring on

    bull dog line — —

    That is why the Rangers should not dedicate more than 12.5% of the salary cap to Lundqvist. They should stand firm at a reasonable annual salary.

    Lundqvist’s marketability is greater playing for the Rangers than with any other hockey team.

    The lifestyle that Lundqvist is accustomed to can only be had in New York or Los Angeles. Los Angeles has Quick.

  33. I wonder if the Rangers will re-sign Benn Ferreiro since the Wild didn’t QO him.

  34. I think Hank will stay – but its going to be for $7.5 – 8m per year, but in 2-3 years time when the cap is at $80m+ will seem like somewhat of a steal.
    There’s already talk of the cap rising to over $70m for 2014/15 – which i think is why Ed Snider is throwing money and multi-year deals around like Monty Brewster.

  35. Rob in Beantown on

    Compensatory picks come from the team that extends the offer sheet? Then this scenario doesn’t make a lot of sense. So much money and so many picks for McDonagh, great though he is, probably won’t happen

  36. So the Flyers buyout Briere and Bryz only the bring in Lecavalier and Streit and use Sieve Mason as their goalie?

  37. I’d like to see a list of teams that have the feasible cap space and their own picks to start offer sheeting McDonagh at a salary and cap hit the Rangers don’t match.

  38. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I still think something is afoot, there is no reasonable way this is the team we are going with, no way!!!


    And who is the daily trade victim? I say bjork!

  39. I still think something is afoot, there is no reasonable way this is the team we are going with, no way!!!



    Ok, they’ll bring Christensen and Christian Backman back.

  40. The rangers will offer Mac salary arbitration so that will protect them against an offer sheet !!

  41. Cross Check Charlie on

    “Ok, they’ll bring Christensen and Christian Backman back.”

    Stop it!! You’re bringing back nightmares!

  42. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    They can technically still buy out Richards in the next 2 days correct? They said they wouldn’t, but theoretically they can change their minds and still do it, right?

  43. This ought to be fun.

    Brassard’s Agent Slams Arniel

    Blue Jackets center Derick Brassard is expected to be a healthy scratch for the seventh time in 10 games tonight when the Jackets face the Calgary Flames in Saddledome. This has not sat well with Brassard, but he has said all the right things and declined to air his frustration with the media.
    His agent, Allan Walsh, reached the boiling point today, however. He issued a scathing statement directed at Blue Jackets coach Scott Arniel.
    The message:
    “While I have tremendous respect for (general manager) Scott Howson and the rest of Columbus’ management team, the situation regarding Derick Brassard has become untenable. The coach has a history of burying players and using them as scapegoats to mask his own lack of success on the ice. Derick has been singled out, almost from the very beginning of the season, to be the fall guy in case things don’t go well. The Columbus organization cares about Derick and has been good to him, but at some point, one has to say, enough is enough.”
    Walsh would not answer further questions from The Dispatch after the missive was sent, although he did make it clear that he is not requesting that Brassard be traded by the Blue Jackets.
    Brassard directed all questions to Walsh.
    Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson was not immediately available for comment.
    Arniel met with the media this after the morning skate, before Walsh’s statement was released. It was not immediately known if he’d be available for comment before the Blue Jackets face the Flames tonight.
    In previous interviews, however, Arniel said that Brassard would have to earn his way back into the top six by his play, that the R.J. Umberger – Mark Letestu – Ryan Johansen line has done well as his second unit. On Tuesday in Vancouver, when Brassard did dress on the fourth line, Arniel said he would look for ways to give him more playing time. He played only 10:44.
    Brassard, 24, was the No. 6 overall pick in the 2006 NHL entry draft. He had 17 goals, 30 assists and 47 points last season, all career-highs.
    In 17 games this season, Brassard has 2 goals, 2 assists and a minus-11 rating. When Brassard has dressed during the last month, he has seen mostly fourth-line duty, alternating with Cody Bass into the lineup at left wing.
    — Aaron Portzline

  44. the rangers are a mess right now. all becuase richy is still here.

    they hire an assistant who clashes with a player in brasard before. wonder what nash thinks of arniel.

    we have zero money to address the this anemic offense especially the pp.

  45. King with no Ring on

    eric — —

    With the new alignment and the current roster construction, the Rangers will be lucky to qualify for the playoffs.

  46. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    So it’s a for sure thing. We are keeping Richards?

    Unless Sather changes his mind – he has to go through waivers before they buy him out, so they have to do it before 5:00 pm on the 4th?

  47. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    As long as he doesn’t get hurt next year we should be fine.

    We can still buy him out next year, and spend the money on the UFA in ’14.

    THAT list is deep with players.

  48. Doodie Machetto on

    “Kristo has WAY more upside. It’s like getting another Kreider only Kristo will lay a hit on you.”

    Sioux, you said this yesterday, and I just have to disagree. Kristo ain’t no Kreider and he does not have Thomas’ offensive upside. Kristo is a much closer comparable to Chris Kunitz. A perfectly fine hockey player. Thomas has 1st line offensive upside. Sure, it’s a remote chance he reaches that kind of potential, but we don’t need more “meh” wingers. We need legitimate scoring threats. I don’t think Kristo has that upside, and while Thomas has an equal chance of being an AHL lifer as he does of being an NHL 1st liner, I’d rather take the high risk/reward than the average sure thing.

  49. Doodie Machetto on

    Sioux, they would have to put him on unconditional $100 waivers today by 5 PM.

  50. predicted order of finish as of right now under new realignment playoff scenario top 3 of 8 guaranteed then next 2 best records in each division

    pitt bost
    wash detroit
    phil ottawa

    columbus toronto
    rangers montreal
    isles tampa
    devils buffalo
    carolina florida

    columbus rangers toronto and montreal battle for two spots

  51. Doodie Machetto on

    eric, philly? Who is playing defense and goal? They are going to get smoked this year. If the Islanders can get a decent goaltender, I’m putting Philly at the bottom of the division.

  52. Doodie Machetto on

    I also have a hard time picturing the Capitals doing better than the Rangers in the regular season now that they’re in the same division. Without 30% of their games coming against the Southleast, their record is going to take a siginificant dip.

  53. I agree, flyers are not going to be good at all. They still have a weak defense and now there goaltending is even worse than last year, especially if Mason is there #1 guy. The flyers haven’t address there problems that has plague them for a few years now.

  54. doodie

    its ok to have diff views i just think over an 82 game season the capitals and flyers will be more consistent and score enough to win games. 5-4 4-3 playoff suceess is a diffent matter and i dont see either winning a cup.

    i do agree i could flip flop the isles and phil possibly. i dont know yet about the blueline for isles

  55. again agree, rangers have beaten the caps 2 years in a row now and the caps won’t be playing in the weak southeast division. Rangers will get the 2nd or third spot.

  56. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m not saying the Rangers are definitely in, I’m just saying that unless they make some significant moves, the Islanders and Flyers are definitely out.

    I happen to think the Fkyers are going to trade Matt Read for some defense.

  57. doodie, that’s true, as of right now, that’s my feeling but it’s early, teams will make moves before the season starts so it’s hard to predict today what the final spots will look like.

  58. flyers are 320k over the cap but once they take pronger 4.9 and put on Long term injury they will be back to about 4.5 under but still need to sign 4 roster spots one being a goalie and that will leave them no flexibility cap wise

  59. Carp-

    Do you think its possible the NYR could move Dan “I’m on my knees for 95% of my playing time, Joe” Girardi? Torts loved him but maybe AV wants something different on the blueline.

    It could be time to sell high onhim and although they would lose the righty shot, leadership and toughness it could open up some more money on the cap and get back an asset.

    Just an outside the box thought?

  60. also, I think some teams benefited from the shortened season last year and aren’t as good as you might think.

  61. Doodie Machetto on

    Stay. Nothing worth upgrading to when I checked and I couldn’t be as vigilant to watch the upgrades as you were.

    I’m cool with our seats for now. I like the 2nd row benefits and locationally it works for us because we’re right outside the men’s room and the stairs (for quick exits). I just wish we were on the 8th avenue side of the ice.

  62. Doodie Machetto on

    Sid, as one of our only right handed defensemen, Girardi isn’t going anywhere.

  63. @FriedgeHNIC

    Hearing that Rask extension — although not done yet — will be in the 8 year/$56M range.

  64. if the rangers are going to trade a defensemen, I would think staal is the guy they would try and move.

  65. Sid, I don’t see trading a top-pair D-man for the sake of selling high, creating cap space or getting an asset that might or might not ever improve your team.

    If they wanted to create cap space, No. 19 gave them a free shot, and they declined.

  66. Girardi? That’s what we’re going to shed? The thing that should be shed is BRAD RICHARDS.

  67. I have a feeling the 2014 FA list will start to look like the 2013 FA list once teams are done figuring out extensions. Remember when people were thinking Perry and Getzlaf were going to be the big FA fish for this year’s class? Or even in the context of 2014, remember when people were wondering how much Malkin could get if he hit the market?

  68. NHL owners are predicting a rise in cap based on the amount of revenue generated by this shortened season and then projected, with similar increase/inflation, over the entirety of next season’s 82 game schedule + Playoffs.

  69. get hank signed to an extension please like other teams are doing.

    rangers open prob 8-9 game roadtrip to start year and come home november 1st at 2-6-1 and hank is UFA and starts to wonder. avoid this please

  70. I still can’t get over it that they didn’t buy out Richards. Why do I have this feeling that sather didn’t do it because he didn’t want Richards to go and sign with the Canucks and play for tortarella. What ever the reason was, it’s asinine.

  71. Carp, last reports suggested that the NHL will collect around 72% of last year’s revenue, while playing only 58% schedule, *and* no preseason games. Not sure about $70M, but $68M is more than possible.

  72. King with no Ring on

    They could trade a defenseman to acquire scoring. Have to give something to get something.

    The Maple Leafs are only going to get better.

    IMHO, the Bruins, Red Wings, Senators, Maple Leafs and Penguins are locks for the playoffs.

    The final 3 spots will come down to the Flyers, Canadiens, Rangers, Blue Jackets, Capitals and Islanders.

  73. 2014-2015 season

    penguins have 9 players signed to 48 mil dollars right now

    malkin 9.5
    crosby 8.7
    letang 7.25
    neal 5.0
    martin 5.0
    fleury 5.0
    kunitz 3.8
    dupuis 3.75

    if the cap goes to 68 mil they would still need to sign 14 players with 20 mil cap space left assuming most teams carry 23 roster players 13 forwards 8 def 2 goalies

  74. what kind of scoring are you getting for Girardi? another third-liner? A borderline second-liner? You’re not getting a 40-goal guy (unless you’re dealing with the Rangers, who give them away).

    anyway, the Rangers shouldn’t be interested in winning as long as the King is their goalie :)

  75. I understand guys, like I said outside the box idea. I love Girardi, and as a righty dman he’s huge for the team.

    Carp- Understand the Richards point of view and completely agree. They screwed the pooch on that. Golden opportunity to get out of the contract without risk and they let it slide.

    Interesting situation: Rangers are 1 point out of 8th seed, headed into last game of regular season. Richards has just come back a couple weeks earlier due to a concussion (remember, he’s has issues with this). Do you play him?

    Richards situation will be a must watch all year.

  76. as ranger fans we need to hope the cap goes from 64.3 to 70 mil to accomodate hank big deal

  77. King with no Ring on

    If I were to believe everything I read on this forum, Dan Girardi is a premier defenseman in the NHL. Why would he not fetch a top line forward?

    Rask is at $7m annually. Your math is wrong Doodie Machetto.

    Lundqvist should not receive much more annually than Rask IMHO

  78. Glen Sather on not buying out Brad Richards now: “He’s been a good player; he had an off year. Think he’ll have a better year.”

  79. Sather says negotiations with Henrik Lundqvist and agent Don Meehan are continuing

    Sather says Rangers have options on UFAs, but doesn’t want to “shut the door” on some youngsters

    what options we have no money

  80. Doodie Machetto on

    Yes, I already noticed my terrible and embarrassing math error.

    However, I think he is entitled to much more money than Rask. Rask had one great year. Lundqvist has been the backbone of the team for the better half of a decade. It’s hard to reward past performance in a cap world, but they really don’t have a choice here. If the Rangers don’t pony up, Lundqvist knows someone else will.

    Imagine if he hits the UFA market? Philly would pay him all of the money.

  81. Cross Check Charlie on

    Tommy – “because he didn’t want Richards to go and sign with the Canucks and play for tortarella”

    As stupid as Sather is, I don’t think he would give a hoot where a player goes after he’s let go. Why do some people think that this sort of reasoning is how management makes decisions.

  82. Eric, the only problem is that he was holding a piece of paper with Jari Kurri’s stats from 86-87 when he was talking about Richards.

  83. All kidding aside RE: Hank- Sather’s on a roll lately. Don’t automatically assume he’ll just sit down and say “name your price” because the guy is essential to this team. We’re talking about the guy that traded Wayne Gretzky in his prime. He’s just older and grumpier now.

  84. Doodie Machetto on


    I think where a guy goes is definitely a consideration, I just don’t think Vancouver would be a concern. New Jersey, Philly, Washington, Columbus, etc. Those would be concerns.

  85. Lundqvist will get more than Rask for multiple reasons. First, he’s “better” in that he’s more established than Rask. Second, he’s just a better flipping goaltender than anyone on earth. Third, the Rangers will throw as much money at him as he wants because they know he’s crucial to their success.

    As I have said, I am not a fan of the “pay a goaltender more than anyone in the league” theory but I don’t see where we go without Hank so pay him and win a cup.

  86. carp, could you see a scenario where it’s obvious Richards is done during the up and coming season where the rangers decide to sit him and not play him anymore so he doesn’t get injured so they can buy him out.

  87. Doodie Machetto on

    James, he’s on a roll? Richards’ contract and not buying him out are not exactly the best moves ever made.

  88. Exactly Doodie- Wasn’t saying “on a roll” as a good thing. Just meant he’s been quite Sather-ish :)

  89. it sure looks like lundqvist will be getting 8.5-9.5 mil a year, it’s inevitable.

  90. Sather’s decision making as it pertains to anyone else’s opinion on this planet: “Im Glen Sather and you’re not”

  91. It should not take more than 8m per for 8 years to tie up Hank. Another team , limited to 7 years, would have to pay him 9.5m to match the NY oppty. Hank would have to play this year risking injury to turn down the 8 for 8. I don’t see it.

  92. Probably the first words out of Sather’s mouth: “Hank wants to get paid but he also wants to win. I can’t pay him to the extent that we cannot build a team around him” Negotiating tactic 101.

    Years ago I interviewed Cam Hope for a sports management assignment thing. Had the privilege of reading Sather’s arbitration report for Tom Poti at the time. To sum it up “we don’t care what you think you’re worth. this is what you’re worth to ME”

  93. unfortunately sather will be the rangers GM to the end of time. They will roll him in and out of MSG in a wheel chair until he ceases to exist on this planet.

  94. Cross Check Charlie on

    Doodie -“I think where a guy goes is definitely a consideration”

    I disagree. If you don’t think the player is very good why would you care if he goes to a competitor? A GM has to figure what is the best situation for his own team. He can’t be worried who the guy might eventually sign with.

  95. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Doodie – side bet my old friend.

    “Sioux, you said this yesterday, and I just have to disagree. Kristo ain’t no Kreider and he does not have Thomas’ offensive upside”

    How much would you like to bet that who has a better year NHL/AHL Thomas or Kristo? I get Danny Boy!

  96. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    We’ll let Manny hold it in a sealed envelope until the end of the season :)

  97. Rob in Beantown on

    Rask getting $7M per is the best thing that could have happened to the Lundqvist negotiating team. You have to figure Hank’s deal can be no less than $8M and probably a good deal more

  98. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    We’ll call it the Hot Dog fund.

    Or we can buy MonteKristo’s and smoke them together :)

    I know deep down in my nuggets I’m going to win.

  99. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Hank makes WAY more in endorsements playing in New York.

    He isn’t going anywhere.

    It’s the Kings Court!!!

  100. 8m for 8 years makes sense for both sides. If Sather feeling generous he’ll make it 8.5. But he shouldn’t need to, have to compare what other teams can/will pay and Hank’s risk of playing this year without the new contract. I say this as Hank’s biggest fan.

  101. “Still some work to be done before a deal is made.” -agent Ben Hankinson on talks with #NYR re impending Group II Ryan McDonagh. this accordin to BROOKSIE

  102. King with no Ring on

    The Rangers could reward Lundqvist in terms of annual salary with a shorter contract. In comparison to Rask, they could offer 5 years at $12m annually.

  103. Sather’s a good GM when it comes to managing the small things. (e.g. which tie knot to select, which Cigar goes best with this season.)

  104. King with no Ring on

    Rob in Beantown — —
    Not according to the salary cap projections indicated several days ago by forum poster ilb2001.

    If the Rangers sign Lundqvist to a Richards-like contract, they will be hamstrung in the same fashion that they will be if Richards is hurt during the compliance buyout period next offseason.

  105. 8 for 8. I’m with Matteau! Throw in another Maseratti for him to play with and some hair products. That should get it done.

  106. Doodie Machetto on

    ” If you don’t think the player is very good why would you care if he goes to a competitor? ”

    The flaw in your argument is that he thinks Richards is going to be very good. He’s said so. I’m not even saying Richards can’t be good (although I tend to think he won’t be). Being much worse than your contract doesn’t mean you can’t be a valuable contributor under a different one. For example, look at Redden, Gomez, hell even Michal Rozsival.

    Richards has the possibility of helping a team. That team could be a divisional rival. If we had bought out Richards before Tampa had bought out Vinny, it could have been Richards that just signed with Philly instead of Vinny.

    Unless you think a guy is done done (i.e., Leafs with Komisarek), then where he could end up is absolutely a consideration.

  107. Doodie Machetto on

    Sioux, NHL year, I’d give to Kristo just because Thomas isn’t there yet, physically. AHL year, I think Thomas does better.

  108. Rob in Beantown on

    $8M for 8 is good. Another team would have to offer Hank $9.2M for 7 to be able to match in total dollars

  109. Doodie Machetto on

    Remember my point, Sioux. Kristo is more of a high floor, low ceiling player. It’s like comparing JT Miller and Chris Kreider. I think Miller has the better chance next season to have a meaningful NHL contribution, but if you ask me which guy has the potential to score 20 goals next year, it’s Kreider.

  110. I”ve only read a few of the first comments, but “Paul in sunrise” had an interesting take, He may have hit the proverbial nail on the head.
    I have an alternate scenario…Brad Richards
    for Alex Edler.
    It’s well known the Canucks are looking to move him.Both he and BR have contracts of the same length or darn close to the same. Canucks can buyout BR next year if they wish.
    The deal can be constructed to include the ever popular “future considerations”

  111. Doodie Machetto on

    Edler and Richards both have NMCs. Part of the reason Richards picked NY when he signed was so his dad in PEI could watch his games. Vancouver is the opposite of that.

    Edler’s contract just kicked in, why would he OK a move somewhere else, especially so far away?

  112. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Put Kreider and Kristo on the same line, put Stepan in the middle – I say you have GOLD right there!!!

    Kristo Kreider – Tomato Tomato they WILL play together in a rink near you!

    Sather = Brilliant! As I hold my Guinness in the air!

  113. Rob 9.2 is just to match. Then factor in (1) NY and (2) playing this year with the risk of poor performance or injury.

    iib we’ve been through this before, 8 for 8 is not a home discount. Paying him more is bad cap mgmt. Again I say this as a fan of Hank.

  114. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Doodie I don’t care what team you put Kristo on. AHL vs Thomas on his AHL team. I’ll still take Kristo. We have to compare numbers in the same league.

    If Kristo makes the Rangers, we can’t compare with Thomas AHL numbers.

    But then Kristo would win since he would be playing in the show!

    I think he will start for Hartford, and will have to prove his worth down their first. But it wont take long for Miller, Kreider, & Kristo to make a difference for the Rangers. The young guns are ready to shine.

  115. Matteau- I am not advocating to pay him $9.5M, I just think it is what he will realistically get. And if you don’t think someone offers him over $10M in 2014, think again. Especially if the cap goes up to $70M.

  116. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Ok back to work for me.

    This site is like crack!

    You all have a SIOUXPER holiday, each and everyone of you.

    When you hear “Proud to be an American” just think of Kreider-Stepan-Kristo wearing gold around their neck.

    Happy 4th!

  117. Doodie Machetto on

    I’ll take Kristo AHL vs Thomas AHL. Absolutely.

    Some of it is going to depend on linemates. From what I understand of Hamilton, their team stinks. But I still think Thomas excels.

    And remember, Kristo has two years on Thomas.

    That said, AHL Thomas > AHL Kristo.

  118. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    ….but I’ve never tried crack!

    Kristo …. hand me a beer.

    Please :)

  119. Just to mention a few teams- the Flyers, especially if they do not make the playoffs with Mason in their net. How about Mr.Wang? Just before moving to Brooklyn he may decide to invest and sell some tickets for a change.

  120. I’d love Richards to go to a competitor. Hey, Devils, Flyers, feel free to sign him at $5 for 5. All yours

  121. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    …. or 20 pints at stouts :)

    we must share with the other Boneheads!!!!

  122. Hanks deal should already be done. Only a moron GM would be playing games.

    Oh, sorry……forgot .

  123. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    But Thomas has a full AHL/NHL year on Kristo.

    I’m the one shooting in the dark here.

    I just have too much Sioux Pride not to pick my boy!!!

  124. Doodie Machetto on

    I’ll make my logo the Fighting Sioux logo for all of 2014-2015. You have to make yours the Golden Gopher’s.

  125. Rob in Beantown on

    I love Hank but I don’t think another team will offer him $10M on the open market. It would be too risky a signing for any other GM. Too much and too many years. Which team needs goaltending so badly and has $10M in cap space to pay him?

  126. _I’d like to see a list of teams that have the feasible cap space and their own picks to start offer sheeting McDonagh at a salary and cap hit the Rangers don’t match._

    Assuming an offer sheet in the range where a 1st, 2nd and 3rd are needed for compensation (realistically, it’s probably the band above that which the Rangers would only start considering not matching), these teams are out of contention from lack of 2014 picks:


    Detailed cap analysis you can do yourself, CTB, as I’m too lazy, but of teams who appear to have lots of cap space and the financial ability and will to go down the bloated offer sheet route, you maybe get:

    Red Wings
    Maple Leafs

  127. The one thing the Rangers have in their favor in regards to Lundqvist is this:

    What exactly has Henrik Lundqvist won again?

  128. Hank is 31. 8 years takes him until he’s essentially 40. Come on. We’re going to pay a guy $9.5M when he’s 39-40? That’s fine with me if it comes with a few cups beforehand but Hank’s AAV Cap Hit better be more like $8M.

    I’m sure the guy understands that money spent on him, eve $1M more, is money that cannot be spent on a team to support him. Hank knows he can’t do it alone and if he wants a faster, more skilled offense and less collapseable defense, well he knows the team has to spend money to have that.

  129. Doodie Machetto on

    LW, I think it’s going to take an offer in the four first-rounders range to get McDonagh away.

    Also, you’re comment on Vinny to Philly was absolutely brilliant.

  130. Doodie Machetto on

    Jonny, a Vezina and four other nominations, as well as a nomination for the Hart and Lindsay. What do you think the Rangers would have done if he were not their goaltender for the past 7 seasons?

    Answer: miss the playoffs every single year.

  131. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    LOL I’d rather by the Beers :)

    Doodie – I could go to H$ll for that one if I lose.

  132. iib put yourself in Hank’s place. You are offered 64m now. Your perceived value as a player is not likely to be higher next summer than it is now. In fact if you have a bad year it could be lower, and let’s not think about if you get seriously injured. Do you pass on 64m, go for the extra 6m (3m after taxes), betting on someone paying you 10m for 7 years?

  133. I really think the Hank negotiations come down to how much he wants money vs. how much he wants to win. I don’t think the numbers will be that different, but if Hank really wants to win he might sacrifice some salary to do so.

  134. Rob in Beantown on

    That’s a really good point about the riskiness of waiting a year, Matteau

  135. Rob in Beantown on

    Isn’t Bucky Wisconsin? Or is that a joke you say to annoy Minnesotans?

  136. Any offer to McD of just over $6M for 7 years will require 4 first rounders. The Rangers can match anything else. Not worried.

  137. As the being-bought-out Tom Gilbert is:

    1. A right-shooting D
    2. A US college product
    3. An ex-Oiler
    4. An ex-Wild

    Inevitable that Sather goes after him, right?

  138. King with no Ring on

    Depending on the alternative, the Rangers could have made the playoffs in a number of the previous 7 seasons without Lundqvist and possibly advanced further than the ECF. If you do not see that as a possibility, then you are a Lundqvist sycophant.

  139. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on


    You must realize I only hate the Gophers.

    But they are chicken sh$ts and won’t play the Sioux anymore. So we don’t have to worry about them until we run over them in the NCAA tournament.

    It was one of the best rivalries in all of sports.

    Going to miss that weekend.

  140. Manny I agree in part, but I think it really comes down to this simple math for Hank: valuing how much he really thinks he can get in the open market next summer, and then deciding how much is he willing to discount that to not have to play this year and put it at risk.

  141. Doodie Machetto on

    Which alternative was available to them at any point that would have allowed for an improvement over the team they had, with Lundqvist as the backstop?

  142. Doodie Machetto on

    If it it any way defaces the logo, then I will do unspeakable horrors to the Fighting Sioux.

  143. Doodie Machetto on

    Lundqvist doesn’t strike me as the type who would be afraid to bet on himself. In fact, I think if he’s playing for a contract, he will be better than ever.

  144. Yes, tommy. In other words, they will be saying it was a complete waste of cap space that could have been used elsewhere. Nice decision.

  145. Once I mentioned Mike Dunham, I got dizzy…Geez, guys, when was the last time this team had their hands on the best goaltender in the league, year in, year out? Yes, it’s totally worth haggling with him over $1M per year and risk losing him for nothing.

  146. Doodie Machetto on

    King, the 2005 draft happened before Lundqvist established himself in North America in any meaningful fashion. Lundqvist did not stop them from drafting Quick or Rask anyway. If anything, Al Montoya did, since he was drafted 6th overall just one season earlier and was, at the time, still viewed as the franchise goaltender of the future, even if his prior season was a bit underwhelming. This goes especially for Rask who was a first rounder. No way were the Rangers taking goaltenders in the first round of consecutive drafts.

    Try again.

  147. CTBlueshirt on

    The Rangers could have drafted Rask or Quick in the 2005 Draft.


    And constructed the same teams as the 2012 Kings and 2013 Bruins?

  148. CTBlueshirt on

    Even if you want to transpose the performances of Quick and Rask onto the Rangers, you’re missing the first 3 years of Lundqvist’s performance for Quick and 5 years for Rask. The team would be built completely different in both those cases.

  149. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Doodie its a great pic.

    Everyone on hear will Love it. I promise!!!!

    It’s so good I’m not even going to share it with all of youse :)

    I’m not going to lose so I Don’t need to worry about it.

    Money in the Bank…… I would bet the FARM on it :)

  150. King with no Ring on

    Quick was a 3rd round pick Doodie Machetto. You asked what goaltender was available to them. I specified two.

    The 2012 Rangers advanced to the ECF and might have advanced to the Stanley Cup with a better performance from Lundqvist, or an alternative goalie. In the 4 losses, Lundqvist gave up a total of 13 goals.

    If Tuukka Rask can allow only 2 goals in 4 games to the offensive powerhouse Penguins, 13 goals in 4 losses to the Devils cannot be considered a good performance from the best goalie in hockey.

  151. iDoodie Machetto on

    King, that completely ignores the reality of the situation. It’s the worst, cherry pick argument in history. By that logic, we should be upset that they don’t have Pavel Datsyuk, Henrik Zetterberg, Shea Weber, and any other good player that was drafted after the Rangers had an opportunity to draft them.

    It completely ignores the reality of the situation: there was absolutely no need to draft a goaltender in 2005 after drafting Montoya 6th overall in 2004.

  152. _I really think the Hank negotiations come down to how much he wants money vs. how much he wants to win. I don’t think the numbers will be that different, but if Hank really wants to win he might sacrifice some salary to do so._

    If that’s his intent, shouldn’t he wait until next offseason when the cap is higher? Seems dumb to double sacrifice.

  153. CTBlueshirt on

    Then again you draft those all star players you may not be in the same draft position in all those draft years.

  154. Doodie Machetto on

    Latona, it is. Which is why, despite your poor attempts to be funny, I did not make one.

  155. Doodie – I get that, I’m just saying the Rangers will bring up his playoff record and say he hasn’t really won anything. And still he only had 1 Vezina, nominations don’t really count for anything.

    Not saying I agree, but you know that’s how they’ll negotiate. Only 1 trip to the ECF in 8 seasons and 4 times he got out of the first round. Slats will definitely make that a huge point.

  156. Doodie Machetto on

    Yeah, but the response is: “yeah, because the teams you built suck. If it wasn’t for Lundqvist, you’d be in the basement every season.”

  157. King with no Ring on

    You asked for alternatives that were available to the Rangers Doodie Machetto.

    Drafting a goalie in the third round of 2005 would not have been a bad draft pick. Take into consideration the penchant of Glen Sather to squander draft picks.

    Rask was acquired by the Bruins in a trade with the Maple Leafs, well after the 2005 draft. In essence, the Rangers had the opportunity to acquire Rask on two occasions.

  158. Llatonaardvark on

    So then you lied when you said King’s argument was the worst in history.

  159. Doodie Machetto on

    I suppose they should’ve traded for Patrick Sharp as well, because he was traded once.

    And they should’ve drafted Brodeur even though they already had Vanbiesbrouck and Richter.

    Yup, all these things make sense.

  160. King with no Ring on

    The Rangers could have. Not should have.

    Your contention is that the Rangers would have missed the playoffs the past 7 seasons without Lundqvist. That is the fallacy of the predetermined outcome.

  161. Doodie Machetto on

    My contention is that if you put a replacement level goaltender in Lundqvist’s spot for the past 7 seasons, they miss the playoffs in at least 6 of them.

  162. Can’t believe that before Lundqvist had played a single NHL game, the Rangers didn’t have the foresight to draft another goalie (at a higher draft position) who could be predicted to reach more Stanley Cup finals on a completely different team while not having to bother with reaching the NHL for another 4-5 years in the meantime.

    But then I’m a sick elephant.

  163. King with no Ring on

    That contention is the fallacy of the predetermined outcome. With a different goalie at a different cap hit, the team would be constructed differently.

  164. LW don’t forget that at the time of Lundqvist being drafted in 2000, The Rangers had a lot of hope for Dan Blackburn who was only a kid at the time and a couple years later they decided to draft Montoya with their first pick who they were also high on and regarded as some kind of phenom for Michigan.

  165. Doodie Machetto on

    James, by the time Montoya was drafted, Blackburn’s career was already in jeopardy. That’s why the Montoya pick was so important.

  166. I know Doodie, what I was saying was that at the time they drafted Lundqvist they felt Blackburn was the goalie that would replace Richter and be the stabilizer. Once he was hurt they tried to cash in their first rounder on potential no 1/

  167. King with no Ring on

    When your coworkers or bosses at work have a different opinion, do you call them a troll?

    When your wives have a different opinion, do you call them a troll?

  168. King with no Ring on

    If you cannot defeat my argument, you attack my character.

    That is always the rational, adult-like response.

  169. brad richards n king henrick n a 2nd rounder for Simmons and Capt Claude. Get big time cap space go for Emery n Ryan Miller combo and have some decent forwards for a change.

  170. re: “the fallacy of predetermined outcomes”…

    ‘As an empiricist, J.S. Mill insisted that there is no metaphysical necessity. All necessity is conveyed in language and a matter of propositions. The world we describe propositionally is the world of our ordinary experience and observation. The ontology of the world is reflected in the language we use. Knowing the meaning of terms enables us to evaluate the importance of propositions.’


  171. Cross Check Charlie on

    When someone comes onto a blog and argues the same thing over and over and over and over do you call them a troll?

    Damn right you do.

  172. Let me try to get your mind out of this troll situation. But I hope you already had lunch, because I’m about to spoil your appetite. Take a look at Richards’ current contract:


    He is scheduled to make $7M a year before his contract drops to $1M per year. However, $4M out of $7 would be paid as a bonus before that season starts. I suspect he left it as an option in case he wanted to retire at 36, and leave $6M, while collecting $54M out of $60M.

    Now, if he is bout ought next year, they will still have to pay him his $8M in remaining bonuses, plus 2/3 of the rest of his salary. Guess what he is going to collect? $53.67M out of $60M.

  173. Llatonaardvark on

    ilb, you managed to surpass even Carp’s “by/from” with that “bout ought.”

  174. especially with a blog name like KWNR or was it mothman or was it, you get the picture.

  175. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, What’s the value he gets paid if he were bought out this summer instead?

  176. Just so you know, Carp. I am going to poke some friendly fun at you on the Blueshirts Underground Facebook page..

  177. Doodie Machetto on

    So maybe that’s the thought process. For 2.37 million, they get another year out of Richards.

  178. The reason I said I suspected he left it as an option to retire that year because in two prior years his bonus was $2M per year, and all of a sudden it goes up to $4M that year. In essence, if he is bought out next year and still plays elsewhere, he will make more money than he anticipated he’d get from his current deal.

  179. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    In hindsight, the caps in 6 if and only if, Nick Foligno is a ranger killer.

  180. So that’s the first awful news about a player this post season. Good to hear he’s “OK” but a seizure cannot be a good sign.

  181. Llatonaardvark on

    eddie, good thing Stoll didn’t go and die on the Kings like Cherepanov went and died on us.

  182. No one with the Jackets nor with his camp will confirm this, but I believe Nathan Horton’s site visit today was in Columbus…

    according to lebrun

    great another guy in our division perhaps

  183. Lloyd Braun on

    Sather’s back into full-on “moving players around for the sake of moving players around” mode, so I fully expect nothing significant to happen involving anybody in a Rangers jersey for the rest of the summer.

  184. AV to Ulf: “You think we can do anything here?”

    Ulf: “I got my end of the ice covered. You, on the other hand, might have a few problemos.”

  185. Lloyd Braun on

    to the folks calling Danny Kristo a monster, did the average size of players in the NHL suddenly drop by 3 inches and 20 lbs?

  186. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Latona – whenever someone dies on us, in hindsight, it’s incredibly selfish and self serving.

    Caps in 6. I got everyone other pick dead on. Pun not intended.

  187. “…bring Erik Christensen and Christian Backman back.”

    This is just smart hockey.


    This should be the team’s top line next season. If Sather has any brains, that is.

  188. I will say this about Kristo, I love that he runs into people and runs them over. He may not be huge but he plays like the little ball of hate. If the video clips represent a consistent style of play, Kristo could be a really good addition.

  189. Danny Briere is no longer considering the New York Islanders, but the New Jersey Devils are one of the finalists, a source tells Newsday’s Arthur Staple.
    Briere told the Buffalo News earlier Wednesday he was down to eight teams, including the Sabres. Staple wasn’t clear on what other teams might be on Briere’s final list of contenders, but it appears it might have narrowed a bit Wednesday. ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun reported Tuesday that the Canadiens and Predators also had interest in the former Flyers.
    Related: Devils, Islanders
    Source: Arthur Staple on Twitter
    Jul 3 – 3:04 PM

  190. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Thanks for the response earlier.

    Can we trade Richards (hypothetically)? What is a recapture clause? Is that related to a traded player?

    TYIA for clarification

  191. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    What is the price of using a regular buyout on Richards?

    Or is that not even possible?

  192. Briefly, recapture is $17M if he is traded, could be divided between the Rangers and the team he is traded too. The brunt of it will be on the Rangers regardless. They can use a regular buy out if they miss the window next year. It will give them a cap relief for the first 2 years, but for the last 3 years of his contract it will be a $6.9M cap hit, Wicky.

  193. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Thanks, so there technically are options to get rid of him at any time, just not good ones.

  194. Darren Dreger ?@DarrenDreger 4m
    Tortorella, Sullivan and Gulutzan will call the shots from the Canucks bench next season. Interesting, Torts added another assistant.

  195. Torts added another assistant or Torts was forced to add another assistant? Funny how he didn’t believe in third coach in NY

  196. Llatonaardvark on

    Torts brought in a former player of his every season he was with NYR. Let’s see what he does in Vancouver.

  197. Maybe they insisted on the third coach ?

    Meanwhile on the NHL network ticker it says – NYR – Sather believes Richards will improve next season.

    He must also believe in unicorns and the tooth fairy.

  198. Did Torts talk about Gaborik and how he ran him outta town because Gaborik refused to bow down to Torts? Would LOVE to hear about that, too!

  199. Torts calls AV a “hell of a coach”. Says they knew each other before this.

  200. Torts called Gaborik the “Hell with that player”…now Gaborik lives in Columbus

  201. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    West – he will be a great addition.

    Play him with Stepan and Kreider, they had some real chemistry together when they won Gold.

    Kristo will feel like a 1’st round pick, that can play today. He was drafted in the 2nd round. He’s had 4 years to build his body into an NHL body, he’s played in all situations.

    He could make this team out of camp, sure it’s going to take time to adjust to the speed of the game. But with a full camp, a new coach, line mates that he knows. He could hit the ground running, like Step, and never look back.

  202. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    To bad the Rangers where not in on the Knight deal. Knight and Kristo where line mates for 3 years, both had identical numbers, both up for the Hobey Baker Award. Florida didn’t want to sign him, so they traded him for a 4th round draft pick. He is Listed as Calgary’s 3rd line center.

  203. The filter in this blog is incredible! Aperently, you can say cock but you can’t say ‘hel-l with that player”?

  204. still not sold on that kristo trade. Who cares about the hobey baker award. There was only one player ever who won that award and made a name for himself in the nhl and that was Paul karyia, other than that nobody and no college players become good hockey players out of college. Thomas is 2 years younger, has 1 full season in the ahl and has a great shot and plays with tenacity. This trade will probably not amount to much for either side but I wouldn’t have given up on Thomas yet.

  205. Speaking of buy-outs, as per today’s NY Times, that fat slug Bobby Bonilla, who has been collecting already for 12 years, gets 1.2 mil a year until 2035. Anyone remember when he threatened sportswriter Mike Klapisch, saying: “I’ll hurt you. Make your move. I’ll show you the Bronx?”

  206. i remember, coos. Or Ira Member.

    Klap and Harper (both great guys) then wrote a book about it, great book actually, “The Worst Team Money Could Buy.”

  207. We frequently use What in Holy Hell, and it doesn’t get blocked … at least I don’t think it does. The only reason that other word no longer gets blocked is because of the coaches of Columbus and Detroit.

  208. ps, I honestly don’t think it will happen. but if Sather had an enemy, he could easily drive up the price on McDonagh and force the Rangers to match. Why wouldn’t Garth Snow do it?

  209. What a great title, “The Worst Team Money Could Buy.” Close second: “The Bronx Zoo.”

  210. coos, I was actually in the clubhouse the night that nitwit Saberhagen squirted bleach on some of the writers.

  211. Llatonaardvark on

    Carp, the coach of CBJ is Todd Richards. Unless he has a really odd middle name, that can’t be why you unblocked it. Maybe you mean the coach of STL?

  212. Carp you probably remember that Saberhagen actually had the gonads to deny that he did it. What a tool. And the other wacko, Coleman. Strange thing is that I think the tough guy Dallas Green was the manager of these fools and was brought in to create some discipline with these children.

  213. coos, there was a big table in the middle of the room. there was a stream of bleach right across the table pointing directly at Saberhagen’s locker stall. Such a jackass.

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