Draft day at the Rock


Headed to beautiful Newark this morning for this afternoon’s 3 p.m. draft, at which ya boys won’t be really very active.

I plan on tweeting and perhaps blogging if the Rangers manage to do anything, such as make a trade or acquire some picks.

The Rangers, otherwise, are going to get involved in the early evening when they join the party with the 65th pick. They then have the 75th, 80th, 110th and 170th picks.

My main purpose for being there, though, is that two local kids, defensemen Steven Santini of Mahopac and Brett Pesce of Tarrytown, are both expected to be drafted, perhaps in the late first round, or second round.

Also hope to see the proud dad of a draftee, one former Ranger Tahir “Tie” Domi, whose kid Max is going to be selected.


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  1. Carp – Going to watch a local tourny in beautiful Manchester Vt this morning – while driving, I was thinking that what, if any, are the Rangers best chances here of picking up a decent draft pick that might be a good 3rd or fourth liner? I know that Jones et al are going to be the stars at the draft, but there sure are some US skaters with decent talent that may be available here if Sather plays his cards right – Out of the bottom six, or should really say 12, who would you deal for a legit draft pick here?

  2. Morning all,
    Carp thanks for putting in the time- as always. I would rather fight Domi than have to go to Newark on a Sunday:-)

  3. Draft starts at three. The Rangers gang can arrive fashionably late, unless some early afternoon shennagins take place.

  4. Can yoi let us know if Max Domi cheap shots and knocks out Ulf Samuelson’s kid tonight?

  5. Cross Check Charlie on

    Could never get excited over the NHL draft. Even if they had a 1st round selection that kid would play in juniors for a year or two, then maybe play in the minors another couple of years then possibly be considered to play in the NHL.

    Sorry, can’t get excited over some kid that might or might not make it 4 years down the road.

    This draft is even worse. So, they might get a guy that could possibly be a third or fourth liner.


  6. Do you think fans of Boston , Detroit and Chicago feel the sense of dread Ranger fans do today?

  7. Actually, SeeeDubbb, I heard the Bruins are going to let Bergeron and Campbell do the draft. Neither has been treated for their injuries. It will be quite a showing of toughness.

  8. Happy NHL draft day! Without a pick in the first two rounds and little cap room to maneuver, expect a (rare) quiet day for Rangers. tweet from katie strang.

    move del zaster today

  9. Carp stop at dinasour BBQ for lunch. Ask for the “Marty” combo..that is if you can eat a whole brisket..

  10. eric- are you doing that thing where you say the opposite of what you want so that Sather just does what you want by refusing to do what you told him?

  11. _why would anyone want to go to the draft? seems like the most boring event ever…_

    That’s basically what Sather thinks most years, judging by his trading and selections.

  12. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Well, as the days go by, we have some signs of a really well run team, right from the top. Let’s review:

    1. Fired Torts – first Ranger coach in 20 years to alter teams philosophy about bringing up kids, goes to ECF, then ECSF in 2 successive years with a great goalie and some players behind him.

    2. Lures Messier into coach replacement sweepstakes (according to Messier), then decides against him, so legend leaves Ranger organization.

    3.Doesn’t buyout Richards, an absolute ill thought out and risky move that could cripple the team financially for years.

    4. It’s draft day, and because of various trades, I’ll forgive him the Nash deal because he is probably about what he would have drafted as a first round pick anyway, but we lost 3 picks (2 this year, 1 next year) for a guy that was inconceivably thought to ‘put us over the top’, in CLowe, who played just a handful of games, was damaged goods, AND our team was NOWHERE close to the team that eventually went on to win the east, anyway, so why do this in the first place? Not only was he the wrong guy (damaged goods), but the assessment of where the team could possibly go, firing on all cylinders, was incorrect, to say the least. 2nd and 3rd round gone.


    Extend Sather.

  13. Three Russians in top 10… producing talent has never been a problem for Soviet / Russian hockey.

    Valeri Nichushkin…can’t wait to see how this name will be butcher in every way possible… poor American speaking people lol

  14. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Can’t wait to see what other moronic developments occur over the next month or so.

  15. Never should have let John Scott go. That guy is a beast. Same reason Bickel should be on the roster.

  16. Gotta think somebody gets moved. Maybe not today, but this week sometime. Boyle, Pyatt, DelZero, or maybe something surprising, because if not, Slats would be going into the season probably with less than $2 mil in cap space now that Richards is staying. I still think that is going to come back to haunt us, but at least Richards is doing what I suggested a couple of weeks ago, working out with St. Louis and his trainer. St. Louis may be the best pound for pound athlete in the NHL, guy looks like he was carved out of marble. If Richards gets in shape anywhere near like that, he might win a few more puck battles that ratchet that point total back to respectability, and he would better absorb the physical pounding he’s sure to receive if Vigneault preserves his top-six status.

  17. I will say this, Edler is signed for a while, sizable, relatively young and has a great shot from the point. You have to think the Rangers will look into that situation despite Edler being yet another leftie.

    But you also have to think that the chips we would be willing to move for him, Del Zaster, Boyle, etc., would be horrified to end up playing for Torts again in Vancouver. Even if Tort wants another shot at Del Zaster.

  18. Czechthemout!!! on

    Memo to Katie Strang, Sather has prety much been very quiet on draft day for many years now.

    Still cant get over the fact that they traded a 2nd and a 3rd for a guy who played a handfull of games. In this draft, where the consensus is that through the middle of the third round, you may find 2/3 line talent and 3/4/5 defensemen, those two picks were extemely valuable.

    Brooks thinks we will be in on Edler. Great player but what will you trade for him? And how will you fit his 5 million salary into very little cap space? MDZ and Boyle get it done but will Vanc except those two and perhaps a B level prospect?

    No one expects much from us today which scares me a bit.

  19. Not optimistic about draft day…hope there is something to get excited about.
    Non buyout of Horseteeth was a kick in the teeth (pun intended)
    Sather still has until 7/4 to change his mind doesn’t he?
    Signing Zuccs to a multiyear deal doesn’t excite me.
    Rumored to having Miller on trading block doesn’t either.

    Don’t know what to expect…

  20. Rob in Beantown on

    From NHL GameCenter:

    “Minnesota trades D Justin Falk to New York Rangers for F Ben Ferriero and a sixth round pick in the 2014 NHL Draft”

    2014 is next year’s draft, right?

  21. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    From an experienced man like Gordie, this quote in today’s Post:

    ““I’ve never had anything like this,” Gordie Clark, in his sixth year as the club’s director of player personnel, told The Post. “I’ve never had a year without a first or a second.”

    Gord, you have not worked long enough with Sather, then. You will see things that will spin your head, my friend. Stay tuned….

  22. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Leetchie, that summation was just moronic things he’s done over the last few weeks. If you want it to be expanded to over the years, we could start a website!!!!!!!!!

  23. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Well, Ferriero was going nowhere with us. Falk, even though an AHL’er, has height, average weight.

    I’ll stay positive and say they’re going in the right direction with the 6;5″ concept. Just lacking one thing. Skill.

    But when you’re backed into a corner with no cap room because of not wanting to buyout a $6m contract (was it your big ego, Glen? you can tell us), this is the crapola you are backed into.


  24. bull dog line on

    Falk played 30 something games with the Wild last year, and I think he played there playoff games as well. wasn’t a minor leaguer last season.

  25. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    “We don’t need no stinkin’ draft picks”, says Glen Sather, GM, New York Rangers, after he defiantly trades 3 picks for broken down Ryan Clowe, and dumps Ben Ferriero plus a 2014 6th rounder for AHL’er Falk.
    Personally, I think Sather is trying to reduce salary in the front office.

    His master plan: If he trades away enough draft picks, Gord Clark and his ‘scouting organization’ won’t be needed!!! Could save a few $$MILLION$$$, but not close to as much as he would have lost had he bought out Richie Rich.

  26. Llatonaardvark on

    “Valeri Nichushkin…can’t wait to see how this name will be butcher in every way possible… poor American speaking people lol”

    Similar to how you butchered English in that statement?

  27. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I hope you are right. I just don’t see how you give up the picks we did and NOT re-sign him…but I don’t know how you don’t buy out Richards either

  28. Sather will pull another Gomez trade: Brad Richards for Alex Galchenyuk plus Montréal’s 2014 first and second round picks.

  29. Falk= fire this clown.

    Bulldog the more I look at ufas available and the more I look at the farm I think I’ve finally reached agreement w you that it would be unwise to not lock up Clowe.

  30. Ha, the Faulk/Falk thing reminds me when Shero traded for forward Cam Connor thinking he was defenseman Colin Campbell. Fog and Booze = Much Confusion

  31. Healthy Clowe would be great but he is one check from done. Give up a 2nd and more cap space? No thanks.

  32. Matty want to contrast a good GM move? Trade Clowe for all those picks and then get raffi Torres to fill the same role for much less.

  33. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Torres signed an extension with sharks and isn’t quite the same style of player

  34. Falk in, MDZ out, on the move??? Either Way big move by Sather. (dripping with sarcasm)

  35. They score about the same and both are physical presences. One fights better than the other. One is scarier (not Clowe). For all the draft picks they got in the trade and less salary it was a shrewd move.

  36. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Matteau – but then again someone like Crosby is one hit away from a coma. Every player is one hit away from career ending when you get right down to it…

  37. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Torres has better wheels but has less skill, clowe is a flat out beast and can fight and intimidate. Torres will throw big hits at times and clowe just wears you down. Similar to me like bueke and kaspar.

  38. Ah yes…Ferriero… another player blatantly disrespected by the almighty Tortorella who undoubtedly will be Team USA coach. Oh wait!

  39. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    E3, agree.

    Matteau, agree. Torres isn’t as good as Clowe, but Clowe was too slow for that team. Add in the 3 draft picks, and one GM got played. Which one?

  40. Please allow me my annual plug for my NHL Draft articles. I have just posted four Draft articles on Ranger Ramblings http://www.rangerramblings.com.

    The first two articles are First and Second Round Mock Drafts. The third article deals with the Rangers picks in the third round and the fourth article deals with the Rangers picks in the fourth and sixth rounds.

  41. for a second i thought it was faulk from carolina then i realized benn ferriero and 6th rounder couldnt be

  42. what a depressing day for a nyr fan… with no first or second round picks, and the richards non-buyout leaving us with absolutely no room to think about making any big moves, it’s like everyone else is having a party and we’re in the room but not allowed to have any fun.

  43. Is This Real? on

    today should be pretty depressing and uneventful. 1st round pick with CBJ for Mr. Clutch in the playoffs. 2nd round pick to SJ for Eric Lindros’ Brain Mach II Might need few cervezas to get through this one

  44. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I’d pretty much upset the whole applecart today to get phanuef, clutterbuck, edler, into the first rd, and create cap space

  45. also, now that corey schneider is out there, how about hank and the del zaster for the schneider, edler, a 1st, and whoever their top prospect is???

    how great would it be to see the look on hank’s face when he gets the call that he’s going to vancouver to go play for torts again?

  46. Falk, who knows? He’s big, 24, no Beuk, but can hold his own with the dukes, no offense, but stays at home. Probably a decent gamble, a large defenseman in exchange for a wing with no future here and at a similar cap hit.

  47. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I hope we draft fatso’s kid and then trade him to the devils for matteau’s kid.

  48. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Not to mention, Stralman and Boyle at 1.7 each and pyatt at 1.5 might need to go

  49. Llatonaardvark on

    I hope we draft Fatso’s kid and make him rot in the minors for as long as possible.

  50. anyone else here the ecvander kane rumors?

    MDZ, draft pick and either one of the following : Stepan, Miller or Thomas.

    Stepan should be off limits

  51. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    E x 3
    That’s what I like about him

    Hadn’t heard that, seems like a no brainer…miller on block supposedly and I’d move Thomas easily. Agree on Stepan!

  52. Two possible back stories to the Falk deal:

    1. Vigneault has some familiarity with him from NW divisional games.

    2. Sather dealt with Minnesota (yet again) because Doug Risebrough drafted Falk. And Don Maloney was presumably on the toilet at the time.

  53. The Falk deal may indeed be a good move. I take back my earlier criticism, but not my disgust.

  54. I watched Falk in Houston with the AHL. He made the jump to the Wild pretty quickly

  55. Llatonaardvark on

    Kane for MDZ, Thomas, and a pick would be AWESOME. No way on including Stepan or Miller – I’m a huge Miller fan, I think he’ll be a great third line center for NYR in the near enough future.

  56. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I’m also a huge miller fan Latona, I just read somewhere he was on the block.

    I wish slats would work the Minnesota connection for clutterbuck

  57. Llatonaardvark on

    I get why he’s on the block, wicky – same reason why we’re huge fans. He’s a valuable piece and Sather probably wants to win soon. His play at the World Juniors really impressed me, and though I could tell he wasn’t ready for the NHL this season, he demonstrated that he is capable of becoming an NHL player.

  58. Llatonaardvark on

    Triple vibin’ on Staal, wicky and NYR. I think we’d need to sign a defenseman then, however.

  59. When I look at the need for McD, Step, and Hags to be fairly compensated (they’re all now making coolie wages) and our other pressing needs, how Sather could retain Richards with the financial dangers inherent, makes one’s head spin. He must have a plan, right? Either that or delerium tremens.

  60. Llatonaardvark on

    I’d be fine with Brassard going to WPG for Kane with MDZ. No to Stepan and Miller..

  61. No one would assume Richards’ contract, let alone give up anything valuable for him.

  62. And, with the 65th pick in the 2013 NHL Entry draft, the NY Rangers select….Donovan McNabb.

  63. Anyone interested in giving up anything valuable for Staal would demand a clean bill of health, and if he has a clean bill of health, we need him.

  64. Is This Real? on

    Not to get totally killed on here for watching futbol (i’m brasilian) this italy vs uruguay match is insane

  65. I Staal is healthy, Del Z is expendable. His next contract, he’ll want over 4 mil, way too much for a middling third pair defenseman.

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