Rangers won’t buy out Richards … at least not until next summer


I’m going to come right out and say it. I think this is a terrible, reckless decision.

The Rangers will not use their final compliance buyout during this window, which means Brad Richards is staying put for one more year.

I have little doubt that Richards will be better in 2013-14 than he was last season — could he really be worse? — but that is so not the point.

The point is that this is a huge gamble because if Richards is injured during the season and still injured next June, he cannot be bought out. That means the remaining six years of his contract remain on the books, with the hefty recapture clause penalties to count even more than his $6.67M annual hit if he retires before the end of the contract. That contract was designed to encourage him to retire, since it pays only $1M per for each of the last three years.

In other words, if Richards is injured when the season ends, the Rangers are going to be in cap hell until the next lockout, in 2020, even worse if he retires before then.

You — and Glen Sather and Alain Vigneaualt — may say that it’s not much of a gamble, that odds are he won’t be hurt when the next and final round of amnesty buyouts come around. OK. But did you see him play this past season?

I suspect he will bounce back, that he will work his tail off this summer and with a full camp he’ll be better, as I said earlier. But what if he’s not much better? What if he’s really incapable of playing top-six minutes or the power play? What if he’s a liability defensively? And on faceoffs? What is his skating legs are done, and that he’s still easily knocked off pucks?

Would the Rangers then send him home so he doesn’t get hurt and ruin their chances of using the buyout in June, 2014?

To me, this non-move makes no sense, not when the opportunity was sitting there, teed up, for the Rangers to get out of that bad contract and get on with getting better. I think it’s crazy.


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  1. so you’ve got Lundqvist who is going to get the max amount because he’s got the Rangers by the shorthairs

    and you’ve got a 33-year old declining Brad Richards as a $6.67 million cap hit until the next decade.

    Carp’s right: one injury from being buried until the next CBA

  2. I don’t care how good Richards can be or will be. He’s not worth the risk with all the RFA’s and roster mobility we are going to need.

    This place is going to implode the next time Patrick Kaleta (or a similar character) boards Rad Brichards into LTIR.

  3. Gravy, Just Gravy on


    The problem is that Sather likes to go against the grain. Everyone says no way he fires Torts = Torts fired. Everyone says no way they keep Richards = keep Richards.

    We should have all begged for him to keep Richards.

  4. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    This can only mean that Sather plans on giving out a worse contract to someone.

    At least the WBM (c) will have some consistency.

  5. I’ll tell you what this emphasizes to me even more than May 29 did … that Slats is back in charge, that all the guys who were supposedly pulling the strings for the organization the last year or so are back to being his caddies. He’s making the calls again.

    that can’t be comforting for you guys.

  6. here’s what I’m most worried about:

    Sather decides to “go against the grain” by being cute with Henrik Lundqvist and the Rangers go into the 2013-14 season with the tandem of Martin Biron and Cam Talbot

  7. Lots of panic from those who normally laugh at those who cry “the sky is falling” with every thing surrounding this team.

  8. Rob in Beantown on

    Why would July playing out change anything? Richards contract will be just as terrible in August

  9. I’m still not over the announcement that mess is leaving the rangers

    In related news
    Ronald McDonald is leaving McDonald’s
    Mickey Mouse is leaving Disney
    And colonel sanders has decided to leave KFC

  10. Mister D, you can give me a virtual kick in the shins again if you’re that angry. I’ll take it like a non-Brad Richards.

    Lloyd, why do you have to be mean and hurtful?

    Thanks for sticking up for me, Manny pal!

  11. how the hell do you think Brad Richards is getting traded

    what would they get back? season tickets to the Minnesota Wild?

  12. I want two former winners, future losers, to be reunite and show everybody that they still have about 98 points between two of them left on the hooks.

  13. Hated the Richards signing two years ago but I’m really, really, really hating the un-signing this year. I agree with Mister D; why don’t we just sign the multi-concussed Clowe now and call it a season! Enough with this incompetence. Fire Sather!

  14. If Richards is somehow traded, does the recapture go with him or is that ours forever?

  15. I wont go to a single game until he is off the team. Period. It was heart-wretching having to watch him take the ice for the team I root for this year. To be honest, I felt the same way in 11-12. What this team has done in the last 9 months is disgusting, on top of the disgusting lockout. Disgusting

  16. I can’t post my reaction right now because I’m not allowed to use profanity here. lotsa luck building a team worth a damn this summer Slats.

  17. bull dog line on

    let me start out by saying, I agree with everybody’s reaction to this. my point though, is this. they now have center ice depth. you can trade a Brassard, or Boyle to help other areas, and still have 3 good centers on the team. lets see what they follow this up with. I guessing they have a plan.

  18. Good bye, Ryan Clowe. We have Richards at twice the salary instead. Cap space just about enough to sign Hagelin, McD, Steps, and Zucc. Then what?

  19. What the hell does trading Brassard to keep Richards on do? He’s better, with a lower salary and a shorter term. Thats like keeping Redden to allow us to trade McDonagh or something less stupid but I’m mad so shut up you know what I meant AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

  20. Carp Im the dude who travelled up to Traverse City to support this organization. I’ve spent alot of hard earned money supporting this team. I’ve cheered like a fool for this team and tried pumping them at the garden and many other cities to do whatever little part I could for the team. If the organization keeps Richards for the 2013-14 season, I won’t ever support this organization again. Richards as much as anyone cost us another window year this year. His mopping around was bad for the team and he shouldnt get a reprieve.

  21. Maybe Dolan finally said to Sather: “You want how many more millions out of my pocket? You made the salad, now eat it.”

  22. I’m stepping on my rangers sweater right now and all mess did was give me a knowing glance

  23. King with no Ring on

    At his best, Richards can help the Rangers win the Stanley Cup next season.

  24. _Stepan, Richards, Brassard, and Boyle. I think that is good depth._

    Yeah, if only we had that against Boston, right?

  25. bull dog line on

    no I did not recommend anything. I said keeping Richards allows them to consider trading Brassard, OR Boyle. not both.
    as I said before, I agree with the reactions of all here today. i’m just trying to find a good reason for doing it.

  26. Any anyone NHL player’s best any NHL player can help a team win the Stanley Cup. Even ignoring the risk, Richards isn’t a $7MM player. $7MM players don’t get press boxed for performance.

  27. as far as the Rangers being penalized
    if Richards
    is injured
    who can explain

    i read something about how it doesn’t affect
    the flyers cap because pronger is on LTIR
    so they don’t have to buy him out.
    also mentioned Marc Savard.

    so, is it a matter of the type of injury or…?

  28. I’d like to take a face off against the girl across from me right now

    Whoa nellie

  29. We couldn’t have that against the Bruins, The Doctor because Richards was a HEALTHY SCRATCH.

    How that doesn’t seal his fate is beyond me.

  30. Slats will be long gone before any recapture. You can interview him on his fishing boat with Isaiah Thomas.

  31. bull dog line on

    who in the free agent market is keeping Richards going to prevent them from signing? its a weak market.

  32. “I’ll tell you what this emphasizes to me even more than May 29 did … that Slats is back in charge, that all the guys who were supposedly pulling the strings for the organization the last year or so are back to being his caddies. He’s making the calls again.

    that can’t be comforting for you guys.”

    Carp- it’s about as comforting as a guided tour through a German concentration camp with a really emotional rabbi.

  33. King with no Ring on

    Richards is a key contributor to a Stanley Cup. At his best, he can help the Rangers win the Stanley Cup next season. A new coach with possibly a better grasp of offensive efficiency and how to operate a power play, Richards could be key to the Rangers chances next season.

  34. Bulldog my concern is them being handcuffed if something happens to him. Especially when there’s a chance some of the younger more effective players in the league may become available during the year. But I can’t argue your point. Let’s see what the team looks like in August.

  35. After keeping Richie and signing Step, McDonuts, Henrik, and Zucc, et al, what’s left in the kitty? Keeping Richards seals Clowe’s fate, no?

  36. bull dog line on

    probably yes coos,
    I for one would sign Clowe. I think he is what has been lacking up front for years.

  37. Dolan had better smarten up if he’s not too busy doing ABBA covers in some SOHO bar. Only time he’ll wise up is if MSG attendance resembles his rock and roll audience.

  38. _The NHL is not a video game._

    The video game Flyers recognized a sunk cost 2 years into 9 with Bryzgalov, did they not?

  39. I, agree, dog, that Clowe is a better gamble than Richie, if that’s what you’re sayin’.

  40. _We couldn’t have that against the Bruins, The Doctor because Richards was a HEALTHY SCRATCH.

    How that doesn’t seal his fate is beyond me._

    Same. I can’t wrap my head around using the “he’s a proud player, he’ll definitely bounce back” logic on a guy not proud enough to show up this season ready to go.

  41. No fan of BR or Slats but also no fan of going into next season with only Brassard and Stepan at center neither of whom is a legit first liner yet. Sep may get the but not there now and Brass has no track record or body of work to depend on. Even with buyout options on UFA market for upgrade pretty limited and I don’t know of any better Cs out there available for trade and the farm is pretty thin at that position also. The injury risk is worrisome but no one has given me a decent alternative. It sure ain’t Brian Boyle, Haley, or Newbury.

  42. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    I as a fan worrying about the Rangers financial risks!!??

    That is INSANE .

    Who cares what risk Richards bring? I care about myself buying my own food and paying my own rent. Worrying about millionaire owners and teams and players is all for MANAGEMENT to worry about.Thats why Messier left. He has other things to worry about and sitting around the team putting in his 2 cents is just a waist of time.

    Ok so Richards stays? So? You guys can worry for me cuz I dont give a ratz azz. We worried so much about how crappy Rosival was and he goes out and wins a cup…worring is for the birds and Management . This is NOT a video game so I really don’t have to do a dam thing. Just cheer on mt team. Is that too much to ask?

  43. King with no Ring on

    Bryzgalov does not have a history of success in the NHL, as Richards does.

  44. Boyle, Haley, Newbury, and Ash, (how low can we go here?) while not setting the world on fire, all had better representative seasons than Richards.

  45. Better be some other cost cutting moves coming immediately to justify this. Boyle, Asham, Pyatt salaries need to be jettisoned immediately. Maybe more.

  46. If is wasn’t before apparent before this that Slats has completely lost it then it is now. Only he could be this stupid! Someone please tell me where this makes ANY sense. This team is nowhere close to winning the cup so why keep him? Totally bizarre!

  47. bull dog line on

    if given a choice between keeping Richards, or signing Clowe, coos,
    its a no brainer to me, I would sign Clowe.

  48. If he gets hurt this could be the dumbest move EVER made by a GM in sports history!
    Hey Dolan are you paying attention at all?

  49. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    Cooscoos , I refuse to worry , problem with that?

    I am fully awake .

    Richards is back , keep crying about it..you’ll get even grayer hair!!

  50. Game over, decade over??? This move only would make sense if this team was right on the cusp of winning the cup… With our lack of depth both on offense and defense, that just isn’t the case. At best he has a great year and we buy him out next year… What a mess this will be if be gets hurt

  51. IbleedRangersBlue on

    if a player is hurt, but agrees and wants to be bought out, are they still not allowed to buy him out?

    also, what are the cap ramifications if henk signs this off season does his new contract effect the cap or is it lets negotiate and sign jan second?

  52. same roster as last year minus clowe without any trades at moment assuming the 14 mil in cap space get seaten up by the 4 RFA.

    the depth on the bottom 6 is the only changes possibly.

    cally and hags out for few weeks of start of season.


  53. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    HAHAHAHA Richards is BACK!!!

    Yeah baby !!! OUR GM is CRAZY!!!!

    WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! got to love crazy people!!!!

    Sather is getting under peeps skin…too funny.

    Dumbest move ever in history by a GM? Cub? Are you serious?

    Ok all the Richards contract haters to the left and all the real fans who just want to improve and win games..to the right.

  54. Here’s where maybe they can reason doing this: Richards gets $9M in salary next season. After that the 2/3 buyout will only be about $18 million spread over 12 years. They don’t need the cap space this coming season, but they will need it next summer. If he gets hurt and it’s long term, then he goes on LTIR and they get a cap exception to replace him. …

    And he probably will be better this season. He can’t be worse. If he is worse, they send him home.

    The only problem is if he has a non-long-term injury next June, like a separated shoulder or something. Then they’re stuck with the whole contract, plus the cap-recapture penalties if/when he retires. And they’re screwed until 2020.

    (PS, those who think he’ll be better because he has a new coach have no clue how tight he was with Torts before Games 4 and 5, and the ridiculously long leash Torts gave him all season).

  55. Hey Carp, if you know, who in the organization was against the move? Other that Slats (Dumbo) who was for it?

  56. So far in the league, just about every team that has a contract like this (older player on the downside with many years and big money)has bought out the player. Except one!

  57. Carp, I have to say I’m totally shocked that even someone as clueless as Dumbo could make this move. There is NO upside in taking this kind of gamble. None whatsoever. It’s as if he didn’t watch the last half of the season or playoffs!

  58. Food for thought: If you add up the salaries last year for Miller, Boyle, Pyatt, Kreider, Ash, Zucc, Moore, Step, Hags, McDonuts, Eminger, and Bickel, ALL of it, added up, was less than Richards collected.

  59. IbleedRangersBlue on

    sorry for the repost

    if a player is hurt, but agrees and wants to be bought out, are they still not allowed to buy him out?

    also, what are the cap ramifications if henk signs this off season does his new contract effect the cap or is it lets negotiate and sign jan second?

  60. How is it that a man that hasn’t even sniffed a Stanley Cup in 23 years (and doesn’t own the team) has this kind of power?

  61. SufferingSince79 on

    This horrible news is only made worse since its now evident that Sather’s cancer has now spread to his brain. Poor man.

  62. IbleedRangersBlue on

    well one way to look at it is most players play better in there last yr of a contract before free agency, even if rangers don’t plan on keeping him, we get the benefitt of a player playing for a contract

  63. I said a month ago after 39yrs of being a fan 22 yrs of seasons, seeing them in LA, NJ, Pitt, Philly, AZ, Fla, Mtl, Wash, LI, Boston, Detroit n the winter classic I’m DONE if the don’t buy this bum out. I’ve moved away and coming up for games or obsessing over them on Center Ice is just idiotic. They now don’t even pretend to try to go after the Cup anymore. If I was Hank I would walk. Maybe the most sickening day in Ranger world. Which in it’s self sickening. Hope I can quit the addiction, they don’t deserve good fans.

  64. iBleed, no idea. You’d have to read the CBA. I can’t imagine an injured player would want to be bought out, though, when he can collect his entire contract. Why would he choose 2/3rds instead of 100 percent?


    I just don’t get…

    So, we got rid of Gaborik for “cap reasons”…

    But, we keep the over-the-hill center who hasn’t played up to expectations at ANY point in his NYR career for a devilish cap hit of $6.66M

    Absolutely atrocious. And, I’m not kidding this time.

  66. It was clear long ago that this man can’t run a professional franchise any longer. What a laughingstock!

  67. IbleedRangersBlue on

    carp, for the chance at 2/3rds pay plus another contract with another team without everyone hating him with less pressure?

  68. You think there was absolutely no physicality in Richie’s game last year? Wait ’til next year. AV will turn him into a bigger floater than an inner tube.

  69. Is there even the remotest chance that Dolan is behind this call for some reason? It just sounds so dumb I thought he might be making the call.

  70. if Richards fails again this season, Slats will trade him no problem. you know he can do it too.

  71. Chris from Albany on

    So, if not Brad Richards, then who? Who’s the guy to take his place and the answer cant be anybody else. Not sure he’s as bad as he’s is made out to be.

    And if the organization is so bad, then why did AV decide to come here when he could have gone to Dallas? Wasn’t the money.

  72. So Dumbo says that the entire organization made the decision to scratch 19 in the playoffs yet they want keep him on the roster making 6.67 million against the cap and possibly kill their cap for another 7 years.

    When you write it out it sounds even worse!

  73. Hey, we just traded BR to Colorado for their #1 pick!;>)) Maybe Slats is hoping for another Gomez-type dump with amazingly lucky upside. Beats me…what a bear!

  74. Jeff Gorton is a really bright young hockey mind. He helped to build the Bruins into the team they are today. He can’t possibly be on board with this madness!

  75. Czechthemout!!! on

    Dumb dumb move! But hey, did you guys expect a smart decision from Sather if it pertains to free agency in any form? I dont!

    What does this decision say about next years team? To me, this means that the 4 RFA’s eat up 90-95% of the remaining cap space, because you need to have some cushion left for flexibility. It also means that they will replace the bottom six from within, and cut or trade three of Powe,Pyatt,Boyle and Asham to clear up at least 5 million of space. I also expect JT Miller,Oscar Lindberg next season. In addition, I expect someone like a Fast,Hrivik,Yogan type to have a crack at the lineup next season as well. To me, thats a good thing. As for improving the defense and scoring, I am fully convinced that there will be a trade of someone we all will be upset to see traded or Sather clears this cap space to either sign Clowe or make an offer to Vinny L. Either of these moves would be insanely stupid to me. But than again, we are dealing with a really stupid GM who has had a record that would have brought the axe down a long time ago.

  76. Carp’s quote.

    “The only problem is if he has a non-long-term injury next June, like a separated shoulder or something. Then they’re stuck with the whole contract, plus the cap-recapture penalties if/when he retires. And they’re screwed until 2020.”

    There is a greater likelihood that Richards finishes the season with an injury which falls under this category then there is him sustaining an injury which enables the LTIR. Up until reading that quote, I was under the impression that he couldn’t be bought out if he were on LTIR (which he can’t, but the Rangers would be exempt from the cap recapture implications). I didn’t know if the guy got injured at the end of the year and required surgical repairs that he couldn’t be bought.

    Keeping Richards is more dangerous then I even knew an hour ago. The guys running this organization know this and are keeping him? How many rangers ended this season needing surgery or injured with concussions or other injuries that would prevent a bought-out. And they are gonna keep Richards? It’s riskier then I even knew. This is no joke.

    I just watch and support the team and was doing less and less of it this year. hahaha, but for the guys who’s jobs depend on this. Rethink this? Foolish. Unless Dolan is outright refusing to write the check. People in charge of an entity such as the New York Rangers can’t being making such (as carp worded it, and now fully understanding the situation, I couldn’t choose a better word) Reckless decisions.

  77. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    I said it once before. I was made fun of by Carp for it. As unusually am. But it’s all part of being a fan. I can take it.

    But, I will eventually tell you the REAL reason for this. I said it before, but now that you all see I wasn’t kidding, I will explain in a few words why they never intended to buy him out.

    But it won’t be today. I’ll let you all make your own assumptions and I’ll post it after FA begins, since I was made fun of for my reason.

    No explenation that the rangers camp will sell you on will make any sense.

    Here’s a clue: Wasn’t Sather’s call

  78. Any possibility they are trading Richards to a team that needs to make the cap floor for draft picks? You save your buy out, get rid of Richards and the contract and get something for him. Could be genius

  79. There is no trade coming folks!
    This moron GM thinks this is the right move!
    14 years with this clown!
    Just hold your breath that 19 doesn’t get hurt!

  80. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    What is reaasuring is that if I miss a ranger game next season ,I miss nothing,

    If they make they playoffs , it will be another fast elimination .

    They can re-sign Hank , he’s an ass to stay in NY if he Really wants to win.

  81. I just thought of something- maybe the real purpose of this is to dangle the Sword of Damocles over Nash, to see how he performs (especially in the playoffs) knowing full well that HE could be the one the compliance buyout is ultimately used on?

  82. Za’rat: Im not on the comments section here often enough to see what you had said the first time and I probably won’t be on the comments section when you say it again. So if you could, I’m interested in hearing your reasoning.

    I wont say the first explanation that popped into my mind, bc im interested if its what you end up saying.

    The second explanation that popped into my mind is that Dolan has a tendency to fall in love with men he hires. And thats not meant to be derogatory or anything. I just mean it as bluntly as I say it. To each their own

  83. No need for any more comments. Za’rat will explain it all, but not until after FAs. Stay tuned.

  84. “The real purpose of all this was to dangle the “sword of Damocles” over Nash’s head.” Comments get funnier and funnier.

  85. Czechthemout!!! on

    Can some of you guys please stop with the ” I won’t support this team any more “or I going to stop watching them ” crap? You guys are not serious. You guys are upset, and you should be! This was a truly stupid move! But by virtue of your posts here it shows that you care about this team. If you truly didn’t, you would not waste your time coming on here and posting you disgust at the moron who runs our beloved team. But if you guys are serious, good luck and enjoy Baseball!

  86. It was just pointed out to me, and I should have known this, that even if Richards is hurt next June and it’s not long-term, they can buy him out in 2015. That wouldn’t be a compliance or amnesty buyout, though. It would be more like the Chris Drury buyout, where a portion of the cap hit remains on the books … but also the cap ceiling will be higher by then, so the cap hit won’t hurt as much. Still, this year and 2014 are opportunities to just get the whole thing off the books, and they decided to not do it.

  87. Garden store trying to re-acquire Richards sweaters mistakenly sent back to vendors. Modell’s removing 70% off stickers.

  88. Calm down, everybody, will ya…?
    Spend your last byfuglien cent – sign Lecavalier,Vincent!

  89. Too bad we don’t just have a luxury tax. Sather would spend $150 million and then, after the season, he would say that he was just one player short.

  90. Said two nights ago I feared this would happen. Not surprised. So, we’ll have pretty much the same team next year, unless some surprising trades occur. The Torts haters will get their chance to prove whether or not it was the coach all along, with the overhelming majority of this group likely returning intact. I’ll be holding my breath every game next year hoping Richards doesn’t get Sauer’d, because if he does the Rangers are done contending until about 2020. Can’t buy out injured players. He and Lundquist alone will comprise about 20% or more of the cap.

    BTW anybody see Craig Button on NHL Network saying that Richards “had a really good season, just a bad playoffs”? Jamie McClennan echoed him. What planet do these people live on?

  91. Yeah I wanted to ask you about that Grabby…Exactly how much time each week would you say you spend working on these TPS reports????

  92. Just saw your blurb about the ability to buy him out in 2015 Carp. That’s a bit of a relief. But what if it is a long-term and potentially career-threatening injury like a severe concussion? Why do the Rangers think he’s worth this? Didn’t Nonis say he’s never seen so many good players available in trades? The Rangers don’t think they can find a 50-60 point center, at best, on the market?

  93. Adam Rotter: There is risk involved with this move, but the Rangers are showing confidence that Richards will return to playing at a high level after a down season. It’s a move to try and win now and deal with with the consequences later on. The belief is that Richards will retire with three years left on his contract, when his salary drops to $1 million per season, and leave the Rangers with over $5 million per season in cap penalties due to the cap recapture clause. But that only takes effect if Richards files his paperwork to retire. Presumably he could not report to training camp, report and “fail” his physical, report and get “injured” in training camp with a nagging issue that keeps him out the whole year. It’s all a little far fetched and the NHL certainly wouldn’t be happy about it, but they could be possibilities for him and the team down the line.

  94. I agree with your 6:50, DJK (if you’re talking about Richards, which I’m sure you are)

  95. Here’s the problem – Stepan and Brassard are the top 2 centers – Boyle is the center on the checking – which leaves Richards as the 4th line center – he’s not a 4th line center AND that’s a large amount of money to be paying your 4th line center. This is a horrible decision if something else isn’t in the works.

  96. Guess we’ll have to surround Richie with Dorsett and Bickel to explain to the opposition that he is not allowed to be checked again until 2018.

  97. Steps, Nash and Kreider look like they might be able to get the job done, but for Richie to have any chance of contributing, I think he needs Nash, who will be covered like a blanket, especially in play-offs, freeing him up.

  98. Not 100% sure this is correct, but say Richards was injured at the end of next season, if the Rangers had an arbitration case with any of their RFAs (Del Zotto?), they get another buyout period after the arbitration case. So, in theory, that could give Richards another six weeks or so to be cleared to play and they could then use the compliance buyout on him.

    Supposedly, Minnesota are in a similar position this year with Heatley.

  99. Czech I’ll say this. Bc I am one of the guys saying that this decision will put me at the point where its the cut-off. The MSG company has been pushing me personally in this direction in the last couple years. I’ve tried to separate the Rangers from the parent company, but becoming increasely difficult to do so. I know it sounds weird, but it was better being a Ranger fan when they were rebuilding and nobody was interested in them. But the price increases, MSG’s coverage of them: the incessant homerisms of Micheletti and increasely Rosen. the corporate crowds, the corporate elitist vibe the whole Garden and MSG tries to put out. Blah, Its not my vibe man.

    But you know what your probably right, I’ll end up watching a couple of games next year and I’ll see some of my favorite doing what they do, being professionals, playing with heart. And I’ll decide to go support at a time I think would work.

    But based on how I feel following the crazy ticket increases- the selfish, FU to the fans lockout- a season in which many of the players, the coach, and decision makers werent properly prepared to an NHL season- the handling of Gaborik and Richards, and Torts inability to adapt at all to the changes in the roster while maintaining the identity the team grew into- to giving a guy who couldnt even stand on his skates this year a pass and aloting 10% of next year’s salary cap too.

    This cut-off has been a long time coming, and if Richards is wearing the Ranger jersey next year, I will consciously decide not to go to games I normally would, and I will turn off games in which I can’t ignore his horrible play. And I will further a detachment from a team I’ve loved my entire life.

  100. But Scott, with this action the Rangers are handing Richards back the first-line center position – at worst second-line because not even the Rangers are Philly enough to pay a 4th-line center almost $7 mil a year. Right? What? They are? ****.

  101. Good evening all! Good Adam Gravey!!! It’s only June and my stomach is in knots over the team next season….holy hartnell!

    Carp, agreed…”PS, those who think he’ll be better because he has a new coach have no clue how tight he was with Torts before Games 4 and 5, and the ridiculously long leash Torts gave him all season.”

    lots of folks think he’ll do better under Viggy’s offense system…um…….

  102. >>I’m going to come right out and say it…

    JBytes tried his very best to prepare you lads for this.

  103. If this decision doesn’t tell everyone what AV’s attitude to defense is, nothing will. Next, they’ll offer McDonagh for Gaby back. And if I were Columbus, I’d jump.

  104. The thought of what’s going to happen to this team and certain players is making me VERY thirsty!!!!!!

  105. czechthemout!!! on


    I hate this move with a passion, but I disagree with you that his good relationship with Torts has any bearing on wheather or not Richards will be even worse because Torts is gone. I think we need to see what AV does with his system before we pass judgement. I think Richards sucked last year because he clearly slowed down as a player and Torts system made it even worse for Richards.

  106. James G

    Yeah I wanted to ask you about that Grabby…Exactly how much time each week would you say you spend working on these TPS reports????

    uhh yeaaah. im gonna have to ask you to move your desk down to the basement ok jim?

  107. I may be wrong but ..

    If the Rangers buy him out after next summer, they’ll still be hit with the cap recapture penalties and he’ll be on the books for a much higher number, calculated off of the cap circumvention they got bacause of the front loading of the contract.

    This puts paid to any thought of re-upping Clowe because best case they’ll have 4 million and change after re-signing their RFA’s. You can’t give 3 of that to Clowe and still need a defenseman because you will have no flexibility. You need at least a million and preferably more for injury call-ups and so they will need to fill two roster spots, a forward and defensemen for that 4 million and you can basically forget about deadline deals.

    I think part of the reasoning is that the cap is now being projected as going back up to the 70 million dollar range in 2014-15 based on last years numbers but if Sather is making his decisions based on that assumption, he’s the first three letters.

    What I really fear is this is Sather going back to lion mode, you remember:

    Sure, Lindros has had about 5 concussions in the last year and a half, but I’m a lion.

    Sure, Bure’s legs are done, but I’m a lion.

    Sure, Trottier is a neophyte coach with a spotty resume, but I’m a lion.

    Once upon a time, I nicknamed him TLTS, The Lion That Squeaked. Should go back to calling him that I think.

  108. czechthemout!!! on

    To change topics a bit.

    Staal and one of our third round picks to the Canes for McBain, Faulk and the fifth pick in the draft. Than MDZ the 5 th pick in the draft and next years number one to Fla for the number 2 overall and a second round pick next year. Draft Seth Jones!

    Next season’s defense:



    McBain- Stralman!

    Heck of a defense with some if’s in it but boy if it works, look out!!!

  109. czechthemout!!! on

    Sorry! Meant to keep John Moore as the number six and offer Stralman with MDZ to Fla.

  110. Oh, and to make this an even scarier scenario. We have exactly 4 players signed past next year and one of them is Richards, we sign our 4 RFA’s and that gives us 8 (or possibly 7 depending on injury). Think about how much fun next summer is going to be.

  111. Well let’s be fair to Richards. 48 games 11 goals 23 assists is no worse than guys like Lecavalier did this season. Give him another 36 games in the regular season and his numbers are probably pretty damn close to his ’12 stats..His play away from the puck I won’t defend him for, however.

  112. I predicted Richards will not be bought out on the day Richards was born! Dont believe me? Here is the proof!

    CCCP – Sacrebleu!

    I don’t like the be the “I told you so” guy but mark my word…Richards will not be bought out on June 28th, 2013

    May 2, 1980 at 12:17 AM

  113. If they bought out Richards that would have made so much sense. Trades, re-signing RFA’s, signing UFA’s. Maybe see if they could bring Vinny in for a year or two for the third line. This really limits the team’s options. Maybe they’ll surprise us all and buy out Hank. Sather will hold a presser, naked from the waste down, giving everyone the finger and yelling, “Frack you!” over and over. Laughing maniacally the whole time, of course.

  114. This is SICKENING! Unless Slats is planning to pull off a deal like he did getting rid of Gomez…or Higgins…or Kotalik…

  115. Pretty excited about another season of watching #19, great speed, great vision and awesome blind passes.

    The cup is ours!

  116. Delusions are strong in this one… hey *ROD* …guess what? YOU’RE WRONG! AGAIN! LOL

    Richie gone. V4 in? Glencross, Ryan, MAlone, lapierre, WIdeman, Big Buff. Hendricks among targets. This some of you dont deserve.

    June 26th, 2013 at 10:06 PM

  117. Maybe Sather thinks he can now deal with McD and Stepan, Clowe and others by saying ‘we just don’t have that much room left,’ and then, once tying them up, make his plans to buy out Richie. Could he be that Machiavellian?

  118. AV: “I wanted Richards here to lead our young centers and to show them that little slick drop pass he’s perfected.”

  119. Jpp right on. Long time coming. This team is so far away and miles with Richie on it. Not emotional just a practical goodbye. Good luck true believers . Go Caps! Why not

  120. Well I’m certainly in the minority on this one, but I kind of expected this . They NEVER do what seems to be the logical move. Hopefully richards is spending the summer with Ponce De Leon at the fountain of youth….after he’s done fishing,of course

  121. I wondered if Dolan could possibly be a bigger buffoon than I thought and I guess now we know.

  122. JR: “The Rangers could still come out of this one smelling like Pete Rose. Rome wasn’t billed in a day!”

  123. heres hoping that SAther changes his mind in the next few days. i suppose one more year of watching Brad Richards will be entertaining.

    Lets hope those kids from Europe and Hartford make us proud. Next year is gonna certainly be interesting.

    but Brad Richards REALLY SUCKED last year. There is no coming back from that I fear.

  124. Coos- classic conversation with E3 last night…almost spit my coffee out this a.m. reading it.

  125. JR: “The Rangers could still come out of this one smelling like Pete Rose. Rome wasn’t billed in a day!”

    good one cooz!

  126. Draft Seth Jones!

    czech- staal is a cyclops with concussion history, and dz is pretty much maxed out. but theres always next year

  127. "Fragile" Frankie Merman on

    On the bright side… I believe we still have enough cap room to add Zdeno Ciger for even more depth.

  128. So Messier really was the only thing keeping Sather from going bat sh_t crazy after all.

    How motivated is Brad going to be knowing this his last year whether he performs well or not? maybe.

    He certainly didn’t tank it on purpose to get rid of Tortorella. maybe Nash did though. Lots of conspiracy theories going around in my head.

  129. bull dog line on

    if the Rangers are going to deal one of there Dmen (Staal or MDZ), the team to look at is Edmonton. they are looking for help on the back line, and I think somebody is going to pry one of there 3 number 1 overall picks away. yes I mean Hall, RNH, or Yakupov. there going to move one of those guys.

  130. OK, here’s the new deal. capgeek was incorrect in its first reporting of the recapture penalties. With the new calculator, if Richards retires, for example, prior to the final three years of his deal (during which his actual salary would only be $1M per) the annual recapture penalty would be $5.667M per.

  131. czech, I didn’t mean that he will be worse because Torts is gone. I just don’t agree with those who think he will necessarily be better with a new coach. The coach wasn’t the problem last year. You could argue it was the system to a degree, but the coach gave him every chance, way more chances than he deserved, and he couldn’t skate. coudln’t run the PP. couldn’t win a battle. couldn’t stay on his feet. couldn’t win a draw.

    again, he will probably be better this year. I don’t think it will be the coaching.

    aneirin, be very afraid.

    coos, love those RE-jected comments.

  132. If anyone thinks that Tortorella’s system was to blame for Richards’ play last year, they also have to admit that they weren’t really paying attention.

  133. Cross Check Charlie on

    Wow. Not buying out Richards was really stupid. But, you know what?


  134. Maybe Dolan doesn’t want to eat the 2/3 of the contract? even though MSG has a money printing press…

  135. I takw the time to share this becausr I know many nyrvfand want to slit their wrists tonight, and not because I receivr d anything close to fair treatment hrrr. Thr richardd sags is not over. It id, howevrr not entirely in their control. You heard it hrre 1st, just like NAsh to Ny 6 months before it hapened. The dirtbag CCCP can give you the details im sure

  136. Can anybody tell me…what’s the point of NOT buying him out NOW when it is guaranteed he will be bought out in the next buy out period next season? They aren’t planning on riding this contract out…are they? That would be insanity…

    Richards knows he will bought out after this year.

    What incentive does he have to play hard? OR get in shape?

  137. Torts is gone, Mess is gone, and Richards is staying. Wake me up when the summers over, I’ve had enough.

  138. Well, his incentive will be to earn a new contract AR (After Rangers).

    Playing Devil’s advocate, the thinking has to be that Richards has at least one more year in the tank, that Viggy will provide him with more options to make plays than Torts did and that there simply aren’t any viable moves to be made this offseason with the extra money and finally, Richards could end up being on a conference or division (or whatever they’re calling it now) rival and Sather wants to prevent that for as long as possible. Remember his (un)reasoning in the York for Poti trade, spiting his nose to cut his face.

    Now in the actual world, what’s likely to happen is that, sure Richards has a better year but the first half of the season is going to be Viggy getting his system drummed into these guys and not getting great results no matter how well Rihcards bounces back. I expect a transitional period, I suspect Viggy expects a transitional period, I suspect the team expects a transitional period. Who knows what Sather expects. The second half of the season should see a more effective team but getting into the playoffs could very well ride on how many games Henke can steal in the first half of the season. Especially with the ridiculous realignment.

  139. Olga Folkyerself on

    This is just another in a long line of Sather’s constant ineptitude. It’s what drove me to the Black Hawks. After the worst owner in sports dropped dead, the new owner got a GM that in 5 years took a bottom dweller to two Stanley Cups.

    Sather’s had 13 years and we are still years away from a real contender. The Rangers will not see any step change until the ownership changes, and hopefully the new guy sweeps out the current GM and puts some one in that knows how to build a team.

    I got tired of waiting right after the last lockout in ’04. That’s where FIRE SATHER began. For all of those people fed up with Sather’s antics, and “swear” they’ll never support them- do it! Find another team for a while. I thoroughly enjoyed this year, watching Chicago’s President’s Trophy and run to another Cup. They made a laughing stock out of Sather.

    Like a bad burrito, this too shall pass. But it does hurt like hell until it does.

  140. I think the Richard’s non buyout is a big mistake. Even if he improves, how much improvement can be expected. He was crap all season…worse in the playoffs. He will be feeling the wrath of the fans next season ala Drury, Rozsival, Malik, etc. The pressure will build on him and he will be pressing to make something happen and will probably suck more than he does now. A waste of money and a roster spot. I say let him go back to Tampa or the Flyers… who cares where. It will be our luck that we’ll be on the hook for this guy til 2020. He’s living on his reputation from 5-10 years ago. All he will do is keep a young talented skill player off the roster and keep the team from progressing. Disgusted.

  141. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    AV: “Well, Glen, I was across the country, but I hear he is a great guy!”

    GS: “So, that’s your answer? ”

    AV: “Thirty some odd points in 48 games. Sure sounds like he had a good season. Must be Torts, eh?”

    GS: “And, this way, it seems I didn’t make a mistake when I signed him to that…uh….long contract. I was just trying to be like Lou, you know, with Kovie.”

    AV: “Can’t wait to coach him. He’s an icon.”

    GS: ” I knew it was a smart contract. i still have it.

  142. no you have it all wrong. Richards will keep AV from forcing a kid (like young Chris Kringle) into the lineup and let him develop properly on Hartford under the tutelage of the master, Gernander.

    We will be set for a REAL run at the cup in a few years.

  143. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Anyone realize what we could get for $6-7m?

    1. Probably Anisymov and Dubie
    2. almost Hank
    3. a very good player (no, not an over-the-hill speed less, molasses slow, give-away blind passing awful player).

  144. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    We have many kids I would rather have around more than Richards. Of course, many of them are 5’8″ and 175 lbs., but still……

  145. Stranger Nation on

    Really? Really?
    Could not believe it, but can think of 12 million reason$ why it happened.
    Money for nothing and chicks for free…

  146. every lineup I can think of is weaker with Brad Richards in it. It was purely a business decision to keep him for one year. A very risky one.

  147. Carp, I’m hoping Sather has something up his sleeve, perhaps a deal (trade) with the Flames, Canes…who knows…anything is possible with Slats.
    If he is waiting until the end of the 13/14 season then
    I believe he has truly lost touch with reality…Impeachment anyone

  148. NHL Board of Governors voted to outlaw shootout spinoramas. Now goes to Players Association. Didn’t even know they were talking about it formally.

  149. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Richards will score 60 goals and have 80 assists. This was a smart move. I’d extend his contract 10 years at 12M per. A fifty year old brad is better than a 25 year old Kopitar.

  150. I totally agree that there is immense risk in waiting a year to decide on the buy-out, but there a a few decent reasons to wait, and one overriding one that is guiding this process. I will address that one last.

    The decent reasons:

    1. The cap hit on the buy-out is significantly lower in 2014.

    2. The cap hit for an injury this year is lower by about a roster slot than what was out in the press 2 months ago.

    So here comes the much larger issue: the Tortorella “culture” around the Ranger locker room, the one nobody, especially the press sees.

    I thought the turning point of the 2012 playoffs was Torts calling out Gaborik on the play where he went for the breakaway rather than the block. Part of the “culture” of the franchise is that the big goal against or other negative against is one player’s fault, never any of the others. See Howell, Harry; Seiling Rod; Rolfe, Dale; DelZotto; Michael; Gaborik, Marian; Kreider, Chris.

    Nothing could be further from the truth. I rarely read Dan Girardi or Ryan McDonough’s names here without the notion that either did something wrong declared as heresy.

    So here’s the thing about the Gaborik play: in a tight playoff game, it’s A correct play for any player, and perhaps THE correct play for a player of Gaborik’s talent. WWGLFD: What Would Guy LaFleur Do? It would have been OK for Dan Cleary or Brian Bickle.

    Derek Stepan made the same play in the Caps series this year, and Hank made a save. Still, why wasn’t he benched?

    BTW, the turning point of this season was the “Just Have Fun” 6-1 victory over the Pens where all of the trade deadline guys produced goals. And then we changed back. Why wouldn’t we want to try and have “fun” every game?

    To me, that play and Torts’ reaction significantly suppressed the the team’s risk/energy level, and took away the ballsy nature they had before the play. Mostly by his doing, I thought they played the Sens and Caps too much like equals, and without the requisite swagger of a Regular Season Conference Champion. This depleted their Energy Levels and Health (video game terminology, and left them with little left against Peter DeBoer and his diabolical strategy of playing 4 lines.

    Even with the lockout, I don’t think the wounds of last years playoffs ever completely healed, except with an extended July 4th-New Years vacation with the family, and coming to the realization that “damn, that hurt like hell”.

    It was the issue of the double standard that got to me this season. And I think that’s where BR did in fact speak up. He was the leader of the 2011-2012, as he was brought here be. See Hat, Broadway. Heresy alert: Is Ryan Callahan captain of any other contending NHL team? Yet in several playoff games this season, he was the was the worst Ranger on the ice. And I know about the shoulder: Torts knew about Hagelin’s.

    So where was I headed here? Just here: based on the style and culture employed by JT in his system, the team’s decision makers weren’t able to be sure if what they were witnessing a real decline of their talent, or a self-inflicted one. And that goes for Gaborik too, but that decision was made on his contract/signing status, and not on Torts’ opinion.

    I think enough of the “outs” spoke up, including BR, who had to know he was done on the point. Why did it take until the playoffs to determine that McD belongs there?

    I know about half of the people love Torts here. Wait and see what happens in Vancouver if a Sedin breaks a wrist or ankle blocking a shot.

    So about BR: since more than a few players have declined under Torts, Slats felt needed to see for sure it it was them, or him.

    If you don’t agree with me fine, although I think about half of you will. But this is what I see as the logic of what they’re trying to do. AV wasn’t coming here without at least ghost of someone who was a #1 NHL Center.

  151. I am so sick over of the moves this team has made over the past 6 months.

    Already want to return the tickets I put a deposit on for next season.

  152. Based on the love affair that Canadian media has with Richie, I wouldn’t be shocked if his name came up in trade rumors. But, it would purely be a salary dump…doubt we get anything back in return. Still, that would be the greatest move ever. Just give him to Calgary or Toronto…

  153. Good to see your name, Anthony. But we’ve moved on to a new post.

    I agree it sucks and it’s completely unfair that stuff like this happens to good people like you. It doesn’t happen for a reason. It’s completely random.

    Hang in there, buddy.

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