Mark Messier leaves the Rangers organization


From the Rangers:


New York, June 27, 2013 – Mark Messier issued the following statement today regarding his future:

“I would like to thank the New York Rangers and particularly Glen Sather for giving me the opportunity over the last four years to work with the Rangers.  I am resigning my position with the Team to pursue an opportunity to expand the game of hockey in the New York area by developing the Kingsbridge National Ice Center.  Although some will perceive this as a reaction to the coaching decision, nothing could be further from the truth.  I completely respect the decision that was made and for all the reasons it was made.  I harbor no hard feelings toward Glen or the Rangers.  This is a personal choice I am making to create a program in the New York area that will give our children more choices and opportunities in the future.  I wish the Rangers nothing but the best in the future.“

New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather statement:

“Mark Messier will always be a part of the New York Rangers family.  As a player and then as part of the management team, he brought incomparable passion and dedication to the organization.  We wish him well in his future endeavors.”

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  1. An NBA player would never pout away from a team over not being named zero-experience head coach.

  2. Seriously, I don’t blame him. He was probably hanging around for no other reason than hoping to be the next HC. When it didn’t happen, he pursued something more in line with what he wants to do. As long as he’s not acting victimized or taking parting shots, I don’t think its bad or illogical at all.

  3. Messier’s Kingsbridge project has actually been taking up a lot of his time and focus for a while now.

  4. When divorces are this amicable and everyone walks away smiling and praising one another at press conferences, you can make book that a sweet satchel of greenbacks changed hands somewhere.

  5. Jeff in South Dakota on

    If Messier was an NFL player, he would have murdered someone first, then expanded his sport.

  6. It was sarcasm, but Ewing has (1) never worked as a non-player with the Knicks and (2) put in like a decade as an assistant. Non-comp.

  7. REPOST after being Le Carped:

    Agreed Manny but I am just tired of the high risk medicore reward scenarios. Acquiring Richards was exactly that when they signed him. Lecavalier would be the same thing. So would Glencross and Iginla and so on and so forth. I’d rather see them acquire another guy who hasn’t played past his best years yet. Lecavalier isn’t a 70 point guy anymore

  8. TheRealMikeyNJ on

    Yeah ok mark, not related to, but directly linked to you not getting the HC job.

    For once I wish people would just be honest. Just say u were disappointed, wanted the job, didn’t get it, so your leaving.

    Would that be so hard?

  9. It’s difficult to expand your sport when you’re murdering the entire potential fanbase.

  10. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    Prucha’d.. take your kleenex and go

    One thing I would like to know re: the kingbridge armory project , where are yuo supposed to park your car ??

  11. So maybe Richards has been made but they were waiting to bury it after Messier’s announcement? That would make me feel better.

  12. Kingsbridge is probably more important to him than being Sather’s special assistant who is not ever going to be the GM or the coach.

  13. the problem I have is if he is leaving because of this so called project that is taking up all his time than how was he going to coach the rangers which would have taken up all his time.

  14. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    I think to be a coach they want you to pay your dues in the coaching ranks
    as far as being a GM ? well ask JD.. so messier does have an outside chance as a gm somewhere

  15. I’m sure Sather isn’t being entirely honest either when he says that he and Messier parted, “on great terms.”

  16. Any chance we might get Jaromir back? The bruins will not sign him and he doesnt wanna retire. Hed definitely help us with our power play and possession.

  17. King with no Ring on

    No NBA player abuses prescription medication and later commits suicide.

  18. jay reimenschneider on

    What I think this really says…

    “I didn’t get the job which kinda sucks, but its chill. I’d really like to be a head coach in the NHL and seeing as how everyone knows it now, I’m leaving the Rangers organization officially so that nothing is in the way of taking an opportunity should one arrise.”

  19. King with no Ring on

    No NBA player commits crimes during a game like Todd Bertuzzi or Marty McSorley.

  20. carp,
    so messier was working in the rangers organization these past years because he was waiting for a chance to coach the rangers? If that is the case they should have had him coach the rangers AHL team to get experience. This doesn’t make sense to me. This sounds like sour grapes to me.

  21. Jeff in South Dakota on

    NFL’s 2013 – 2014 slogan — We’re the NFL come to a game or else!

  22. How could Messier possibly stay? He has been chomping at the bit for a more important role for years now. Gorton will replace Sather when that lazy has-been finally goes, so Messier rolled the dice by tossing his hat into the ring publicly for the coaching gig.

    I guarantee Sather did not appreciate that move, and I would guarantee that there were already some strains in the relationship before then. So when AV was hired, Messier did what any guy with self-respect and pride would do: Say sayonara.

  23. I betcha if Ewing was our coach this year Oates wouldnt have been talking smack during the first round!

  24. ThisYearsModel on

    Mess is smart. The handwriting is on the wall at the Garden. Mess and Gretzky get all the credit for the Edmonton dynasty, which surely irritates Sather. If Messier was behind Gorton and Risebrough, he needed to move on.

  25. @KatieStrangESPN 1m

    #NYR Sather did concede, however, that being passed over for Rangers coaching job was part of Messier’s decision to leave

  26. Stemmer, that sounds more like what probably happened because I thought all along messier wanted to be more of a GM than a coach in the rangers organization.

  27. Agree. Jagr = 10 foot pole. Guy was gassed taking 20 second shifts.

    If Ewing was the coach every Rangers player would have been wearing old school knee pads over their pants.

  28. You guys cracking jokes know that another guy’s dead… Ill never say it again, and ill deny it in the future, but I kinda feel bad for the whole situation with Hernandez. Got the whole world in your hands, a newborn daughter, throw it all away, and a presumably innocent guy is dead.

  29. Jaromir would instantly be among our top 3 forwards. He was a beast for the bruins despite not scoring, even his GM praised him. Gassed? You mean he was fatigued? :)

  30. Hernandez is a piece of garbage. Someone was already suing this turd for shooting him in the head. Hernandez will go in as a tight end and come out as a receiver, adios amigos.

  31. Jagr is finished. He put in his time for us then dogged his way off the team and over to the KHL. Let it go.

  32. Hernandez is just another example of a hot head punk who peed away his talent and his life because he was more interested in power and all that gangster crap, Tiki.

    And I dont care if the victim is presumably innocent or presumably Charles Manson jr, no one has the right to take a life. Especially some tough guy want to be who hides behind his tattoos and fire arms.

  33. Okay, James. I was Prust sayin. Thats also the environment that Gators football breeds. Personal experience… the football team does speed, weed, and any other drugs they can get their hands on. Involved with drug dealers, raves, etc.

  34. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    It would make public relations sense for Sather/Mess to announce this now and wait 12-24 hours for the next newsworthy item…..the buyout of Mr. Teeth.

  35. It’s unfortunate Tik. Athletes make more than Doctors in this country and very few seem to realize how fortunate they are. But that’s more of a human race issue than an NFL issue. Hockey players get a bad rap for fighting and hurting each other on the ice. Meanwhile these guys in the NFL are and NCAA are involved with that stuff. smh.

  36. Jaro didnt dog it with the bruins. He played both ends of the ice, backchecked, was responsible, played thru injury, created for others, made his teammates better, can actually pass a puck, and can hold onto a puck with his size and positioning. Only thing he didnt do was score, but he created scoring for others.

  37. Mess will go assistant coach for Torts. He will come back in a few years and lead the Rangers to the Cup. 1st!

  38. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Apparently the twitting is blocked at my new job. Thankfully, the rest of the worst blog on the internetz has managed to fly under the radar.

  39. James, yeah, but theres also thousands upon thousands more football players than hockey players, youre bound to have more bad eggs, so to speak. also generally, hockey players come from different backgrounds than football players.

  40. Jags was banged up much like most of the B’s players. Some of the guys on that team had more injuries by game 6 than entire teams had this season..

  41. again, ill never repeat this, but what a role model Bergeron is. Class act, class hockey player, played thru every imaginable injury to help his team win. Toews too, probably played thru a concussion in Gm 6.

  42. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, is Carter still a 10 foot pole? Not that he is even remotely available or on the Rangers’ radar, just curious about where he measures (get it?) on your pole descriptions.

  43. Bergeron is the best. Probably the perfect player (non-super-elite scorer category).

  44. Jeff in South Dakota on

    From DGB Hidden NHL injuries — The entire Boston Bruins medical staff – In a weird coincidence, apparently all had a bad flu and had to stay home sick the day they taught the “People with holes in their lungs probably shouldn’t be allowed to play hockey” lesson in medical school.

  45. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    Good riddance. Never liked the guy. Let him and his ego kiss Slat’s big fat hairy tushy on the way out.

    Now you all see what he’s about. A selfish, no good, BUM who stole all credit for 1994 from Mike Richter.

    I hope the place Kingsbridge project goes bankrupt. A stupid idea. Put an ice rink in the Bronx? How about a 18 hole golf course Compton? Or an indoor ski slope in NJ… Oh.. Uhh.. (Never mind that last one)

    Bottom line is he didn’t get to be coach, so he took his ball and went home.

    I wish INS deports him back to Canada.

  46. He left before… and he’ll be back again.

    Ps, Puck you to all the Jagr haters.


  47. I’m hoping you include Datsyuk in the super-elite category, Mister D. If so, I’ll agree. Otherwise, it’s Datsyuk.

  48. Hernandez (if convicted) to attorneys: “What do we do now?”

    Attorneys: “Well, you go to jail and we go back to the office.”

  49. King with no Ring on

    My fantasy football team next season is in trouble. Hernandez is one of my keeper picks.

    I am petitioning the commissioner to include most days behind bars as a category.

  50. Doodie Machetto on

    I saw someone else make this joke, but I thought I’d share:

    Too bad Tebow wasn’t on the Patriots sooner. If Hernandez had more time to learn from Tebow, Hernandez would never be able to successfully execute anything.

  51. Carp
    here’s to hoping that you’re correct on Brad.
    (sorry Brad. it’s just business. now, take the cannoli, leave the…)

    would hate to see you be wrong
    TWICE in the span of a month
    more so
    the idea of taking such a high risk cap-wise
    especially with cheaper options available
    (here’s hoping Brad goes west(ern conference) and doesn’t bite us in the aasen)

  52. Doodie Machetto on

    cooscoos, if you’re talking about his dilemma of whether to have steak, chicken, ribs, cheeseburgers, or hotdogs, there is no dilemma. The answer is all of the above.

  53. King with no Ring on

    Judge: “What is your defense, Mr Hernandez”

    Hernandez: “I was living the Patriot Way”

  54. King very funny stuff.

    Hernandez may also be indicted for a double murder according to the Globe.

    However since the Globe is controlled by Fox News there is a question of something called veracity! ;)

  55. Doodie Machetto on

    I’ve never seen a penalty shootout like the one in this Italy-Spain game. 6 shooters for each team, everybody has scored.

  56. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Katie Strang @KatieStrangESPN
    #NYR Also, during BOG mtg Sather and Leafs GM Dave Nonis stepped out together for pvt. convo. Could be nothing, but interesting nonetheless

    Hello dion

  57. What’s Messier’s job – lunches at the 4 Seasons, autographed pucks, and rounds at Winged Foot? Nobody’s business, but let’s be real.

  58. yeah, wickster, why would we ever want a guy with talent? thats unbeknownst us Rangers fans. our grit and toughness will carry us to the pinnacle…

  59. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Oh we are talking talent, I’m sorry I thought you were talking about jagr.

    Yes talent would be good, but jagr a 50 foot pole.

  60. yeah, wickster, the guy who dominated the penguins series without even scoring a goal. i cant blame you for not recognizing talent, youve been a fan of the Rangers for too long :)

  61. Thanks Mark for 1994!!
    Good luck with this and future endeavors
    thanks for taking the time to talk
    to me and jpg’s sister
    when we met you at your son’s game

  62. i know jaromir’s got a 50 foot pole, thats how he’s able to position himself and keep the puck, at 50 y.o.

  63. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I understand that for some reason the all about money old guy is your favorite and that is cool, but I’d rather have briere than jagr and I can’t stand briere

  64. thats inaccurate Carp. he was putrid in the final game because he got injured. dont allow his 0 goals to fool you. iirc, one instance of his positive impact was the tying goal with 7 minutes left in Game 4 that was created solely by his work along the boards, and precise pass setting up bergeron.

  65. i disagree. there isnt much point to me fighting about it. im not going to convince any of the jaromir haters otherwise.

    would you rather have stu bickells, kris newburys, taylor pyatts, fedotenkos, or would you rather have a guy like Jaromir with actual talent that can make other players better

  66. Seeedubbinfo on

    Sounds good Coos. I think we can get Eddie Johnstone cheap, he’s due for a breakout season.

  67. Nick Cotsonika “What’s Chris Drury up to these days?” — Avs brain storm.

    He’s busy making pizzas. The pies are decent for what they are, but they don’t live up to the hype around them and aren’t worth the money. Dale’

  68. King with no Ring on

    Jagr played well this postseason, but he is too old to contribute for a full season.

  69. Think we could trade for O’Reilly? If COL draft MacKinnon they’d have him, Duchene, Stastny, and O’Reilly as potential first or second line centers. I don’t think there’s any way they’ll keep all of them even though Duchene can play wing, and considering O’Reilly caused some trouble in the mountains, do you think he could be had? I’d love him behind Stepan. Both are very solid all-around centers.

  70. What is this about a shoot out rule change? Hopefully something about turning your back to the goaler being illegal.

  71. Seee – Nothing I’ve seen indicates that rule would be incorporated this coming season. Net change, video review for 4 minute high-sticking, goalie equipment, visors, hybrid icing all being discussed by GMs.

  72. speaking of (near) pay cut…
    anyone else see that pens’ kunitz
    pretty much took a pay freeze to stay there?
    imagine that happening here!
    probably easier to lease a section of Brooklyn Bridge…for real

  73. Sather once again alienating one of the Ranger greats…

    Not that I wanted him as coach now. Messier should not have even been in the conversation. Now, he definitely feels passed over…and rightly so because so many people viewed him as a finalist for the job.

    Good work, Slats. But, so far Richards is still a Ranger…what the hell is the delay?

  74. Might not hear anything until Sunday, after the Entry Draft, although I don’t see where that matters. Slats says the announcement is coming “shortly,” whatever shortly means to him.

  75. Seee, there was some talk about outlawing the spinorama in shoot-outs, but it doesn’t appear to be on the promulgated GM agenda so far as I can tell. I agree and think it should go. Next thing they’ll be blasting Fitty Cent raps on each try.

  76. Tiki

    Trying to convince wicky about anything Jagr is like trying to convince late North Korean leader that communism does not work.

    Wicky rather have Witt than Jagr

  77. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I thought Jaromir Jagger looked slow. Still tremendous strength and skill, but his wheels on the bus don’t go as round and round as they used to…..

  78. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Craig Button – “I’m not stupider than JR or Engblom, but believe me, I’m plenty stupid”

  79. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Craig Button – “not only should Brad Richards not be bought out, his contract should be extended another ten years @ 12M per.

  80. Outlawing the spinorama?

    Next they’ll be outlawing sunglasses and Superman capes.

  81. U heard Craig Button’s praise of Richards on a few Canadian talk whows yesterday. I think Dreger een agreed with him saying he also defended him. I think it was Dreger.

    These people also defended some cheap shots by Canadian players this season. their prejudices sometimes get in the way.

  82. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Serena was in the top half of the men’s singles and now that Federer and Nadal have list, it looks like the road to the finals got easier…

  83. bull dog line on

    to bad about Messier. best player to ever put on a Rangers sweater.
    don’t understand the Messier hate coming from some here. guessing they are young, and don’t understand what he meant to the Rangers and Ranger fans.

  84. bull dog, I was always shocked with the dislike of Messier when Neil Smith and Dave Checketts forced him to Vancouver, when people incorrectly said he went for the money. Never understood it.

    and the stuff today, I don’t get.

  85. gotta agree with Brooks here:

    “* Finally, you have to have elevating talent such as that owned by Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane to win the Cup, but you also have to have size, and plenty of it.

    Which is to say the Rangers aren’t as close as they think.”

  86. Most ranger fans loved Mess, but he overplayed his hand as a player in the end and in this latest snafu. I sold my soul for a Cup, but he was and is a little self serving even for a modern athlete.

  87. I don’t know who is more insane, the Penguins or LeTang. The Penguins wanting so many guys taking up so much cap space. LeTang turning down $56M and 8 years (max). Wow.

  88. Rangers fans love to hate on players who give their all to the team…Mess, Jagr, etc…

  89. Messier can mean the world. He does. But come on. Head coach. should never be handed to someone. If the Rangers wante Mess to coach they should have had him coaching in the minors or at least an Asst. But they didn’t.

    The risk of making him coach and bursting the myth is rough. But also, it’s a bit weak to not get a job and the quit.

    Maybe it works out though and he’s our next GM.

  90. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    4 best ranger players to wear the sweater – in no particular order:

    Mess, Leetch, Eddie Eddie Eddie, Avery.

  91. Those Letang numbers are crazy. Turning down seven mil/ year? Wants out of Pittsburgh? Or will he get a longer more lucrative deal?

  92. Nilan stole my bathing suit. “I was just trying to save a few bucks.” The most honest guy in hockey.

  93. …about Mess saga. There is an old Orient proverb: “The Favor delivered in a past, is not a Favor anymore.” Cynical? You bet, but respect and admiration is one thing, and sense of any entitlement based on that is another…
    I, personally, want LeCav for 3.5 mil. in Rangers’ uniform in any position, even for back up goalie; better though centering first/second lines. Day/pipe dreams?…

  94. Confucius say man with abundance of large and protruding teeth have right to feel cheeky,

  95. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Aaron Hernandez will have a tight end, indeed, in the near and distant future.

  96. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – when you say chinaman, you don’t mean Wang and the islanders do you?

  97. How come the NSA, the CIA, and the FBI can’t keep a secret and the NY Rangers can? Sather for National Security Advisor.

  98. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hernandez thinking about playing in Denver for the orange crush once he gets his new jumpsuit.

  99. It seems we stood and talked like this, before –
    We looked at each other in the same way then –
    But I can’t remember Wang or When.

  100. Wang should put Messier behind the bench at 11 mil over 5 years and steal Slat’s thunder. I don’t know if he has that many yen in his rice paddy.

  101. Do you guys think NYR have interest in Vinny Lecavalier?

    Vinny at $10M isn’t worth it…but at $4M? Absolutely…

  102. ‘Hi, Mr. Wang, this is Evgeni Nabokov, did I reach you at a bad time?”

    “I was waking weaves.”

  103. Even when a little beanshoot in Shanghai, I had Buddha dreams of winning Stanry Cup.

  104. You can’t say Richard Nixon’s nickname, I found out. At least Saturday gets through these days.

  105. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    My name Mickey o’wang. I am eye wish. I buy hockey team. Want tortorerra coach team.

  106. Tortorerra in Chinese means: short, unpredictable spirit hiding in rice paddy, cursing.

  107. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Wichard Nixon weally good USA pwesident. He visit china. He eat rot of egglolles

  108. Wang changes yen for dollars, gets less than he got the previous week.

    “Honorable money man will explain, please.”


    “Well, fluc you, too.

  109. Avery tweet: ‘Hey, anyone out there who scored some Raspberry and Mango Nike Lebrons, willing to trade for autographed menu from restaurant.’

  110. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Rangers fans love to hate on players who give their all to the team…Mess, Jagr, etc…

    And prust!!!

    June 27th, 2013 at 10:40 PM

  111. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    I don’t have to read the article about Messier leaving , I know why he left . AV is the new coach and its his ship to sink or float . Messier wont be blamed for any of it as he is official off the books. He comes back as a fresh face sometime later and leads us to another cup after we win this one really soon.

  112. Letang looks like wants out of Pittsburgh and reports say he wants Leafs. Phaneuf in last year of 6.5m contract and Leafs want change.
    Sather and Nonis talking at Bd mtgs.


    Letang to Leafs
    Phanuef to Rangers
    MDZ to Pens

    I am in the camp that says MDZ will continue improving but would argue this trade would make sense for all 3.

  113. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Phaneuf is 28. Got a lot of miles on him, but 28. Straight up for MDZ won’t happen. MDZ is a perfect replacement and cheaper, for LeTang.

    Hate to see MDZ go….but he IS slow.

    Phaneuf? What we need.

    Hate the potential trade. Love the potential trade. What else do we have to include would be my question.

  114. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Watching the SC Finals, what we need is guys with skill willing to pay a huge price to win. Pansies don’t work in this league in the playoffs.

    A GM can talk all he wants about ‘style’ change from defensive/ wall play to possession offense ‘over the last few years’.

    If you don’t have ‘pay the price’, jam/grit players up and down your lineup, and, yes, Bergeron can be the poster child of that, you don’t have a shot.

  115. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    I think today we learn about Richards. There is no choice. It’s a matter of:

    1. when it is announced there is a buyout
    2. how Sather finds a way to make it look like, once again, he did no wrong.

    Dolan has already had over $200M of wasted contracts from this guy. Getting pretty expensive, Jimmy, isn’t it?

  116. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    If, as Brooks’ article states, Sather ASKED Mess if he wanted the coaching job and encouraged him to toss his hat in, then he had responsibility not to rub dirt in his face. He never should have asked an icon and ‘old and durable friend’ to enter into it if he thought there was a chance he would not be chosen.

    Although Mess was not the right choice, he deserves to be pissed at the guy who he thought he could trust.

    Just another day for Sather.

  117. Mess’ is doing Slats a big favour by announcing this now, it takes all the writers attention temporarily away from the Richards saga. So does the Hank extension talks.

    I’m betting 8yrs at $8m per for Hank. Thats one contract Slats won’t have to buy himself out of!

  118. No surprise that Bylsma is coaching the Olympic team. Getting Swept > Winning a game

  119. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pierre LeBrun ?@Real_ESPNLeBrun 2m

    Just my own guess at this point, but I’m thinking Rangers leaning towards NOT buying out Brad Richards. Could be wrong, but that’s my guess

  120. So if we ever do trade Marc Staal to the ‘Canes (or he joins them as a UFA) – will the team be named the Carolina Staal’s? I’m betting Bettman would love that! He’d relocate the team to Thunder Bay and create a reality TV show based around the 4 brothers, their families and their mom and dad.

  121. Just my own guess at this point, but I’m thinking Rangers leaning towards NOT buying out Brad Richards. Could be wrong, but that’s my guess. this according to pierre lebrun

  122. Cross Check Charlie on

    Don’t get me wrong. I do not dislike Messier. I think he was a great Ranger and is probably a great guy.

    However, I really don’t care about him leaving the team. Maybe in NYC he made some public appearances and stuff, but I’m not in NYC. In the four years that he’s been assistant GM I hardly knew he was there. I have little information on what exactly his role was with the team and didn’t see him except for maybe the TV with a shot of him sitting in the luxury suite during a game.

    I wish him luck in his skating rink endeavor and whatever else he does. As far as I’m concerned it’s not a big deal.

  123. 87 years and 35 coaches you do the math. Hey Glen and Jim don’t GMs have a shelf life too. 13 yrs and how many Cups? you do the math. The Capt.has 6 Cups and wearing the “C” on 2 different teams. you do the math. In a S.I. article when Mark first came here it said That The Capt moved the Gatorade cooler that was on a table in the middle of the locker room so he could look everyone in the eye. Powerful Respect I call that.. Last week we saw on T.V. the statues in front of Chicago and Boston . I’m still waiting for the one of Messier holding the Cup at MSG. It should have and could have been two. This one he would be wearing a suit and tie. We waited 54 yrs and now another 19yrs . You do the math. It all adds up to Number 11

  124. *NY Rangers*
    Should the Blueshirts hang on to Richards, Lecavalier might want to join his old buddy in Manhattan. Goodness knows the Rangers need to improve their offense and new coach Alain Vigneault is exactly the type of coach Lecavalier could thrive under. Rangers GM Glen Sather likely would have to move some money around to fit Lecavalier under the cap, but if there’s one thing we know about Sather, it’s that he finds big-name free agent players nearly irresistible.

  125. The great thing about LeTang turning down *8* years and *$56M* is that no other team will be able to give him that many years. So when you think about it, if he pushes through to UFA status, he can’t get the assurance of year 8 when he’s in his mid 30’s as an undersized Defenseman in a very tough league. He also turns down the opportunity to win multiple cups with Crosby and Malkin provided neither succumbs to injuries and gridlocks their team until Lockout 2020.

  126. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    I wopuld take a shot at lacavalier but dump richards , I thinl vinny is a better faceoff man has size and is a much tougher than richards also has better teeth

  127. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    AND .. its not that fans dislike Messier. its the appearance of entitlement for the headcoaching job , maybe if he had spent some time as an assistant in hartford he might have become ranger coach.
    So what if jason Kidd became net coach without prior coaching exp.

  128. Even though LeTang is insane, there isn’t much I wouldn’t do to make him a Defenseman on the Rangers. Same goes for Phaneuf (except he has to learn to drop the gloves and back up his borderline hits).

  129. I’m totally with you Onecup. It’s not distaste for Messier. It’s distaste for his entitlement. Name me any superstars that were successful in a head coaching role without any prior experience at the position. It just doesn’t happen. Why should the Rangers take a gamble on him being the first to achieve that feat?

  130. letang has suffered concussions the past 2 years and is small in size for a defensemen and isn’t very good in his own zone, not to mention his offensive numbers are inflated because of Crosby and malkin, no thanks. Letang is not worth the money. When are ranger fans going to learn that going after free agents and spending big bucks is not the way to build a stanely cup champion team.

  131. Generally I agree with that Statement, Tommy. But LeTang and Phaneuf are both top flight Defenseman in their own styles. I would rather have Phaneuf because he hits hard, is big and has a good shot, but I think both would be very valuable to this team.

    I think under Vigneault we will see a regression with Girardi who has never been great away from his goal or even in front of it. Moore and Del Zaster should improve. Stralman could be gone soon. Mcllrath isn’t ready apparently. Who knows if Staal can even see well enough to play effective and Eminger is mostly a waste of a roster spot. I would rather have Bickel for size/toughness.

    Phaneuf or LeTang would be very good under a more offensive style system. Phaneuf currently plays on one of the fastest teams in the NHL.

  132. King with no Ring on

    Messier is entitled? You must have an extensive personal relationship with Messier. (S)

  133. For Pens it would be a shrewd Shero type move to replace Letang with MDZ.

    For Leafs they would see getting Letang as an upgrade over Phaneuf.

    For us, replacing our 3rd pair left defenseman MDZ with a first pair hard hitting right dman Phaneuf would be very tempting.

    That is until Paneuf comes to NY and becomes brittle and slow, and MDZ becomes a 70 pt Dman sending home run passes to skid and Gino.

  134. I really think Del Zaster will be much better under a different system. He’s not _that_ big of a guy, even though he tries his hardest to play physical. I think a lot of pressure off him and less thinking will allow him to rip the puck. Hopefully. Put up more points, date more strippers. Del Zaster style.

  135. I dont think that moving a young and improving 23 yr old D-man should be in the mind of Darth Sather. Vigneault should free MDZ to use his instincts more and when i read Letang critics they sound like Ranger fans b!tching about MDZ, except he sounds worse defensively – making up for it with a bunch of points.
    Phaneuf would be a great addition for 2-3 years, but no doubt would want his next contract to take him near to retirement.

  136. And I’m still with everyone on MDZ. For as long as he’s here, he’ll always be the guy who makes 7 outs out of 10 while others get 3 hits. And then everyone will pretend something changed when he’s good elsewhere rather than they just stopped watching him 82 times plus per year and nitpicking the hell out of every mistake.

  137. Agree with you MisterD, I think he will improve. You can put a magnifying glass on any player in the league and find fault.

  138. I think our Defense is split a bit with guys that played well under a Tort system (Stralman, Girardi, Eminger (to an extend) and guys that will thrive under a Vigneault, balanced but offensive system like Del Zaster, Moore and Mcllrath (eventually). McDonagh would have been good in either but hopefully he will shoot a bit more now. Gilroy and Hamrlik are wastes in either system. Staal is a wildcard to me.

  139. Girardi is a good player and will be fine in any system. He was good under Renney as well.

  140. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, LeBrun says leaning no on Richards. Thems fighting words.

    You think you’re better than me, huh? Well that’s it. It’s go time!

  141. I’m not trying to disparage Girardi. I love the guy. Definitely think he deserves an “A” and all that. Just saying that he’s not that fast, he’s more physical and gritty and he’s going to have to step up the physicality around the blue line and away from the goal if he wants to be successful with Vigneault. His speed concerns me a bit. Especially if he’s going to remain 1st pair.

  142. Girardi is the platonic ideal of the guy you make sure you cash in a year too soon rather than a year too late. He’s going to reach a cliff at some point.

  143. Rob in Beantown on

    If Richards were going to be bought out I dont understand why it wouldn’t have been announced already

  144. I dont see any reason not to keep rolling out Girardi against the opposition top line, preferably with Mack Truck. There will be less emphasis on shot blocking and more on breakout passes this year but he is still one of the best shutdown guys in the league.

  145. Slats may be delaying the buyout as he wants to sign a UFA center to replace him and more will come available over the next few days and possibly during the draft. He may also be able to shift him as part of a bad contract trade at the draft.

  146. Rob in Beantown on

    Vigneault’s system is the platonic ideal of an offensive hockey system. We’ve all been in the cave too long

  147. Saying Girardi is likely to regress under AV is just like saying Lundqvist wasnt the same quality player under Renney as he was under Tortorella. Obviously with age their skills and technique (interestingly enough they both played goalie under Tortorella) improved but it’s not like they were completely different players 4 or 5 years ago.

    Also, Stralman, again, was one of the better players in the playoffs for us. That is after having a pretty underrated season. Why is he all of a sudden a candidate to be gone soon?

  148. >>The fact that Richards wasn’t an immediate announcement is

    As I said before, Sather will give Richards another chance to redeem himself. I know it’s not what you guys want to hear, but you should prepare yourselves for that reality.

  149. Stralman at $1.7m is a bargain. He’s showed he can play 2nd or 3rd pair and contribute on the PP. He has one more year and if he plays like he did in the playoffs we will not find a suitable replacement so cheap, and we don’t have one in the system.

  150. _Saying Girardi is likely to regress under AV is just like saying Lundqvist wasnt the same quality player under Renney as he was under Tortorella._

    Why? Girardi’s skillset leads far more grinding and toughness than speed and Torts to AV is a move towards more speed. Its not a knock on the guy, its just reasonable analysis.

  151. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    I sure hope McIlrath can play out of camp. He is our top prospect on the blue line, and our blue line needs more snarl.

  152. Goalies are exactly that. Goalies. They sit in a crease and stop the puck. Hank is not going to change a THING about his playing style under Vigneault.

    Girardi, and the other defenders, are going to be playing farther out from the crease, near the hash marks. I think this is a huge improvement as the offensive shift from Defense will be more easily achieved and breakouts will be less chaotic deep in our own zone. But changing position and playing style has a marked effect on a defenseman.

  153. _I sure hope McIlrath can play out of camp. He is our top prospect on the blue line, and our blue line needs more snarl._

    Yup. Lost in the worries about McIlrath is that we’re lucky enough to have *exactly* what we need in one of our top prospects. Righty, tough guy with 2nd pair upside. Now we just need 2 potential 1st liners and we’re set.

  154. A good coach knows how to maximise the talents in front of him, Girardi will not suddenly be asked to become the next Erik Karlsson because its counter-productive.
    AV will put him out against the opposition top pair, more often than not in our zone, or the neutral zone, and asked to do the job he is good at.
    At the same time, MDZ will be on for more offensive zone face-offs, giving him more chance to score and less time stuck in his own end against the boards or trying to shift a bigger guy away from the net.

  155. Rob in Beantown on

    It’s certainly contract that should be bought out, but I was just talking (j)gibberish, I don’t know no platonism or nothing

  156. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    UK Ranger – Do you want your Sioux-per Cigar, or should I smoke it for you :)

  157. That knee cap dislocation sounds like it put McIlrath’s development back a year. Reading Gordie Clark’s comments on Andrew Gross’ blog. I don’t think he’ll be on the big club roster this year

  158. I’d say 85% of NFL players have one forr on the gridiron and one foot on death row. The same twisted strand of DNA that allows them to go to war for 4 months on the field, if the DNA that entices them to act like barbarians off the field. If they were smart enough to recognize that no one gets away with the kinds of crimes they committ, maybe, just maybe we wouldn’t have to watch reruns of the Longest Yard every NFL Sunday. Eehhh, who am I kidding…these guys are all caged animals and I’m insulted that I have to breath the same air as them

  159. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    He’s still young, but he’s is moving along with responsibility just needs to learn the pro game and positioning.

    Meanwhile Fowler is playing in his 4th year as a Pro. Ugh.

  160. Rob in Beantown on

    Back when our team was the Platonic ideal of a shot blocking team, Hank said he could just focus on the top part of the net because Bloch Ness took away the bottom part. If they don’t block shots Hank has to devote more attention to the whole net

  161. Rob – with less shot blocking though, Hank is going to get a clean(er) view of the puck. The amount of goals we conceded last year through deflections and screens was unbelievable

  162. And the website that used to grade goalies on shot difficulty hasn’t been active for a year or two, which sucks. I was hoping to see the numbers on Hank last year to prove the whole “less doesn’t mean easier” thing you’re alluding to.

  163. For all the talk about how Torts system helped Hank’s numbers I actually think as a team made numerous defensive mistakes and lapses and Hank bailed us out with big saves time after time. If they tracked quality saves he would be by far the best in the league and would win the Vezina hands down every year.

  164. Rob in Beantown on

    UKRanger, totally, I agree with you. I’m all for letting Hank see pucks. I’m just remembering what I heard somebody say, I think it might have been on 24/7. Somebody said it was a team rule that when you block a shot you have to commit 100% because it lets Hank just focus on the top of the net

  165. Didn’t we lose a number of games in the playoffs where the ONLY goals scored were deflection goals off bodies diving in front of shots? I would assume that would actually *worsen* Hank’s numbers…

  166. rob

    what is the rush in buyout richards. i would wait to july 4th right before 5pm the deadline. i do want him bought out but why not wait see what free agent picture is by then

  167. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Boys we don’t need to worry about Hank’s numbers. He will be just fine.

    He needs more goals scored. Let’s hope the new system / power play will help.

    Hank isn’t giving up 3 or more goals a game. You can’t count them on one hand if it happens in 100 game season.

    Let’s support our new coach, and see what he can do.

    Even though – I’m still pulling for our old coach and his new team.

  168. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    I can’t wait till they play each other.

    I want a rematch in the finals in 2014, on the 20th anniversary!!!

  169. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Carp – Is Sather worried about ruining Richards 4th of July weekend? What’s taking so long with the buyout decision?

    They can’t possible think of keeping him could they?

  170. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I still don’t understand how Hernandez was caught. He didnt leave any clues. #perfect crime.

  171. I think Milton Bradley just added Hernandez to it’s latest version of Clue – for blind and deaf kids

  172. _what is the rush in buyout richards. i would wait to july 4th right before 5pm the deadline. i do want him bought out but why not wait see what free agent picture is by then_

    Because this implies its not a foregone conclusion and that something (anything!) could happen that would make holding Richards the right move.

  173. King Ring I am convinced your wife or maybe even you want Hank. No other explanation for how much of a hater you are.

  174. No news is good news? Maybe, but I don’t like it.

    Btw I know others have thought it and said it but how impressive is Chicago using its buyouts on contracts that only have a year or two left and at relatively small amounts?. Talk about running a tight ship.

  175. *Buzz: Michael Del Zotto As A Trade Candidate This Weekend*
    June 28th, 2013 12:25 pm

    At ESPN Insider, Craig Custcance looks at the top players who could be traded this weekend at the NHL draft and lists Rangers defenseman Michael Del Zotto as one of them.

    Custance writes that Del Zotto is a guy who may flourish under Alain Vigneault but with defensemen in very high demand, Glen Sather could use Del Zotto to help fill some other holes on the Rangers roster.

  176. Look, I get that Mess came here and won us a cup (which I guess Neil Smith rented from Edmonton), but I’ve never been a fan of his. He was so over the top in making everything about himself that it annoyed the hell out of me even when I was a kid.

    I know it’s a little thing, but Brian Noonan works his butt off and takes a cross check to the head essentially from Dave Babych and scores the winning goal, but they credit it to Messier since he throws his arms up and goes nuts like he was the one who actually put it in the net.

    He leaves the Rangers because they wanted to pay Wayne more (even though apparently Mess wanted him here) and I don’t blame him for being mad. But then he comes back to save face and stayed 5 years too long refusing to take a lesser role even though he was well past his prime.

    I’m cool with having confidence and even a little bit of cockiness, but if you are the so-called “best leader in sports”, you need to balance it out with a little bit of humbleness too and know when to give credit where it’s due. Mess has never had that quality in him since the day he stepped foot in NY and it’s annoying.

    Adam Graves on the other hand? He is what leadership is all about. Mess should take a page out of Adam’s book and maybe he’ll actually get hired for a coaching job since he’d have to work for it rather than feel entitled to it.

  177. i would actually love the idea of del zaster as trade chip because i think we could get something good back for him, but unfortunately i don’t think that we have the defensive depth to be trading him, especially with his upside with the veen-yo system coming in.

    once again the loss of michael sauer rears it’s ugly head again… i keep saying if he had never gotten hurt, what a different world this team would be in. i think they would have beaten the devils last year and the del zaster may be an actual trade chip.

  178. Thanks Manny frankly I don’t know why he is permitted to troll here. And if anyone thinks because of one or two normal comments here and there it is not clear if he is a troll just look at his name- why would we let someone post on a Ranger fan site with that name?

  179. Oh and the “Mark Messier Leadership Award” is not a real award. He thrives off that though, having his name on a trophy. Nobody cares about it and it’s probably the least important one out there. He picks the leader every year so it’s all about him yet again.

    I better stop before people start questioning if I’m a true Rangers fan haha

  180. I’m patiently waiting for news to break about Richards being bought out. Much like Henry Hill in Goodfellas when they announced the Lufthansa heist. Hopefully the news will break while I’m in the shower so I can punch the wall screaming “HAHAHAHA!! GLENNNNNNN!!!”

  181. So he fooled the entire NHL to go along with naming a leadership trophy after him? Dude the guy led the Oilers to a cup when everyone said they couldn’t win without Gretzky. Led the Rangers to a cup manythought would never happen. Im sure he is not perfect, but seriously?

  182. @TSNBobMcKenzie: NYR to buy out Brad Richards. Official announcement coming soon.

  183. 06-30-13: MDZ traded

    10-31-13: “We need a defenseman who can start the break in AV’s system way to go Sather you idiot!!!”

  184. Mannu I rarely speak of MDZ because I don’t mind him but if they feel that they can address a greater need and have some dmen coming up then I say trade him. He’s going to be solid most of his career but you have to give up to get sometimes.

  185. Vibin’ Matteau!

    What is a realistic return for Del Zaster? Seriously. What could we get?

  186. Rob in Beantown on

    The King with no ESPY ring wants us to vote for him, how pathetic

    Henrik Lundqvist @HLundqvist30
    I am honored to be nominated for an @ESPYS award. If you want, you can vote for me..
    No seriously, vote for me! :)

  187. Couple of things, Carp and Lloyd completely pursuaded me a few days ago that the Rangers had to buy Richards out and now it seems like they’re going to risk it by giving him another year…amazing.

    Second, the Mark Messier Leadership Award is I believe the newest award the NHL hands out…I think its awesome.

    Third, I think DZ could get a lot in a trade particularly to a Canadian team…he was a stud in Juniors, and many feel that he has a ton of talent and potential given his youth and relatively small contract ($2.25 for one more year).

  188. czechthemout!!! on

    So it is looking like the we are not going to buy out BR this season. So that essentially means we will be virtually the same team that ended the Boston series. Not buying him out now will haunt this team for a long time. The only additions I expect will come from within. Not the worst thing either because of Miller, Fast, Lindberg and Mcilrath, maybe.

    Also heard from the guy who told me about Nash that Sather is sniffong around in Fla to see what it would cost to get that pick because they love Seth Jones. A pipe dream if you ask me because we don’t have a first round pick which to me makes it virtually impossible to make that trade happen.

  189. Rob in Beantown on

    Staal and picks to Carolina is our best route to the first round IMO. Carolina has the number 5 pick I believe.

  190. So Le Tang turned down an eight-year contract offer worth about $56 million. And everyone wonders why there’s a lock out every time the CBA expires. “give me more” NHL should black list guys like that and leave them unsigned.

  191. Good afternoon all! Good luck Mess….hope to see you back at some point…..I am so far behind I may never catch up.

    A belated thanks to those who wished me well on my 26th…..

  192. “Barzini’s dead. So is Philip Tattaglia. Moe Greene, Strachi – Cuneo. Today I settle all family business…”

  193. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    MDZ and MZA must be packaged together as you never split up a married couple.

  194. You have to answer for Santino, Carlo. You fingered Sonny for the Barzini people.

  195. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    “so Carlos, your punishment is that you are no longer in the family business. But I need to know to approached you. Was it Barzini or Tattaglia?”

  196. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    “ok Kay, this one time only, you can ask me about my business”

    “did you kill Carlos?”


  197. Are Richie’s status and Ranger obligations affected in any way by off-ice injury? Anyone know?

  198. Easiest comeback for Lundqvist: “Taylor are you coming to the Espys? Hope you aren’t skating over, it’s a 1/4 mile away and it’s only a 3 hour show”

  199. King with no Ring on

    The King with no Ring wants that ESPY to go along with his -Stanley Cup and Conn Smythe- one Vezina.

  200. Rob in Beantown on

    “Uhhh no Taylor it’s for actually being good at my job and carrying the team, but I think you knew that”

  201. With sketchy depth on D, and little news about McIlrathbone’s readiness, doubt they’ll hang Del Z out there for pickings.

  202. How anyone can use for an excuse that Richards wasn’t “in shape” after 60 NHL games and myriad practices is delusional. IMHO

  203. I think if you don’t come into camp in top shape then you fall behind and it’s very, very hard to catch up.

  204. Ketchup is what you have to do if you miss training camp and come in unprepared.

  205. Could it be this?:

    Richards, because of his no-move clause, doesn’t need to go through waivers before being bought out. So what’s the rush to buy him out? By doing so immediately it only helps other teams make their decisions on bought-out UFAs. Why help other teams? Why not wait until 5 p.m. on July 4 and make it more difficult for other teams? How does it help the Rangers to do it right now?

    I know, that’s a lot of speculation and a lot of questions. But … just asking.

  206. @TSNDaveHodge: Just spoke to someone in #NYR management – Brad Richards will NOT be bought out. Mark Messier and Alain Vigneault influenced decision.

  207. This is pretty hysterical:

    Aaron Hernandez ?@AaronHernandez 31 May “tgif”
    Retweeted by Stu Bickel

  208. Sounds very logical to me. My only question is off-ice injuries in case the 4th of July grill blows up twenty minutes before he is released.

  209. @FriedgeHNIC: Ron MacLean’s happy – Richards gets revenge on former buddy Tortorella, will not be bought out.

  210. @TSNBobMcKenzie 56s

    Biggest/hardest hitter: London Knight defenceman Nikita Zadorov.


    Sign Nikita Zadorov immediately.

  211. @StanFischler: A Maven prognostication: Henny Lundqvist will convince Slats to KEEP Brad. You go, Brad!

  212. @TSNBobMcKenzie 4m

    Toughest prospect: Sam Morin with slight lead over J-I Diaby and Ryan Hartman.

    @TSNBobMcKenzie 2m

    Best agitator: Plymouth’s Ryan Hartman with clear win but guy he fought in Prospects Game Kerby Rychel got a couple of votes.


    This Ryan Hartman kid sounds GREAT

  213. Rob in Beantown on

    Haha I saw a guy on my lunchbreak wearing a Hernandez jersey. I thought it was funny

  214. I think it’s a pretty awesome speech on Crawford’s part:

    “F***** right, Chicago! Biggest bunch of beauties in the league, f***** worked their [bickel(l)’s] off for this trophy! Wooo! No one will ever take this away from us! We’re the champs!”

  215. Also, did everyone get mad at Jonathan Quick for a similarly offensive speech last year?

  216. He’s a goalie. Goalie’s are insane. I have read that the goalies of old used to drink a six pack before a game. I mean, you have to be insane to play goal. Especially back then with no helmet.

  217. @CraigJButton: WOW! What was that from Chicago netminder Corey Crawford? Grow up, Corey! There are kids out there!

  218. The policies on trolls around here have really relaxed. I’m kind of personally sick of the term troll though. Do we have a better word/term/nickname?

  219. When I first started dating my wife, her ex made a play to win her back and he told her I looked like Beavis. Which is insulting because I really like Butthead more. Beavis looks more like my brother.

  220. Rangers have announced that they are NOT buying out Brad Richards (or anyone else)ACCORDING TO BROOKS AND MCKENZIE


  221. ?@NYDNRangers 43s

    #NYR announce they will not be using their second compliance buyout this offseason. So Richards stays for now




  225. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    No way someone is coming back or is getting traded…something is afoot.



    Earlier today, Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs spoke with reporters and said that while the salary cap is going down for this coming season, he expects the salary cap to rise substantially for the 2014-15 season.

    He is basing his assumption on projected league revenues.

    On TSN 1050 Friday, Pierre McGuire said that the chances of the salary cap rising after this coming season are very high.

    Agent Allan Walsh tweeted that he thought it would return to the $70 million it is this season.

    It’s been reported that the NHL will pull in close to $2.4 billion in hockey related revenue from this lockout shortened season.

    In 11-12, the NHL had $3.3 billion in HRR which set up the salary cap of $70.2 million.

    The Rangers currently have four players under contract for 2014-15: Rick Nash, Derek Dorsett, Marc Staal and Brad Richards

  228. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Is it still possible for teams to go over the cap in the offseason?

  229. Precisely, eric. Even if Rad Brichards puts up 60-70 points next season as a #1 center, it’s NOT WORTH THE RISK. It’s a *must* buy out.

  230. So long Ryane Clowe. Looks like Hank extension, re-sign RFA’s and roll with what we got.

  231. King with no Ring on

    I explained to all of you that the NHL is not a video game, and that Brad Richards would not get bought out after year two of a nine year contract.

    Carp — —
    0-2 on Tortorella and Richards. Any more predictions?

  232. even with the cap rising you don’t keep a 33-year old $6.67 million cap hit who’s only going to get worse

  233. bull dog line on

    we forget sometimes that the Rangers are a big market team. I know it is a huge risk not buying him out, but it tells you the Rangers feel there best chance to win is with Richards.

  234. so essentially with the 14 mil in cap space and thr 4 RFA step hags mcdonagh zucc prob eating all 14 mil we prob have the same core roster intact coming back with maybe a depth change here or there unless they get creative with trades but DONT LOOK FOR ANY UFA SIGNINGS

  235. @TSNBobMcKenzie: NYR will not be using their remaining compliance buyout this summer so Brad Richards will remain a Blueshirt.

  236. here comes torn acl hello 2020. god this is why i am so NEGATIVE TOWARDS THIS CRAP FRANCHISE I LOVE

  237. bull dog line on

    I suspect the Rangers are going to be very active in the trade market. more went into the decision then, ok lets keep him.

  238. Leetchhalloffame on

    Stupid move not dumping Richards. Team is in a financial bind now – BIG TIME and still has Richards too. Slats you are sooooo dumb.

  239. Cool. Lets just resign Clowe for 5 years and a 2nd round pick and call it 1997 again.

    (We need a cursing waiver for times like this.)

  240. That was on purpose, Lloyd. He’s been doing it for days. You don’t get it. Llatona’s comedy is complex. Few understand it. But to those that “see what [he] did there” it’s pure genius.

  241. As I said recently on Twitter, The Doctor:

    I wish I had Stu Bickel’s fist so I could put it through the nearest wall in anger.

  242. since he is basically the textbook definition of “right place, right time” I’d be a bit giddy if I were Corey Crawford, too

  243. Maybe he can still be traded if we pick up 40% of his salary and get something valuable we can use in return that costs 4 mil and it’s a wash? League probably wouldn’t permit it. Doesn’t make a lot of sense. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t mind keeping him and see if he fits with AV, but the injury part could be devastating.

  244. I don’t get why the Lightning get it and we don’t. Vinny is a better player playing better and still getting bought about because that’s what economically savvy front offices and teams do. I hate how mad I am right now.

  245. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I know this sounds ridiculous, but what if there is a team that wants Richards and slats knows it. If said team doesn’t want him on the open market via buyout, perhaps there is a deal in the works for brad…or someone else on the roster

  246. McDonuts: “We’re keeping Rich? Oh well, I didn’t need the money. Don’t go out much anyway.”

  247. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    What if the portion of brich’s salary we pick up is less than what it would cost if we bought him out? Win win for everyone right?

  248. bull dog line on

    Mister D,
    because Tampa has a small market mentality. the Rangers don’t. as fans we should be glad about that. you want your team to spend whatever is needed to win.

  249. Pierre LeBrun ? @Real_ESPNLeBrun

    Rangers made the right call. New coach will make a difference. Brad Richards is a proud player. He’ll bounce back, mark my words

  250. bull dog line on

    Richards had an awful year, no doubt about that. forget the salary cap risk for a second. give me the player on the market who is as good as Richards can be?

  251. Carp
    what the byfuglien?!?!
    first Torts
    now Richards
    bummed for you

    you better slap around your inside source
    because he/she is jerking you around.

  252. so you’ve got Lundqvist who is going to get the max amount because he’s got the Rangers by the shorthairs

    and you’ve got a 33-year old declining Brad Richards as a $6.67 million cap hit until the next decade.

    Carp’s right: one injury from being buried until the next CBA

  253. I don’t care how good Richards can be or will be. He’s not worth the risk with all the RFA’s and roster mobility we are going to need.

  254. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    The problem is that Sather likes to go against the grain. Everyone says no way he fires Torts = Torts fired. Everyone says no way they keep Richards = keep Richards.

    We should have all begged for him to keep Richards.

  255. This place is going to implode the next time Patrick Kaleta (or a similar character) boards Rad Brichards into LTIR.

  256. Hated the Richards signing two years ago but I’m really, really, really hating the un-signing this year. I agree with Mister D; why don’t we just sign the multi-concussed Clowe now and call it a season! Enough with this incompetence. Fire Sather!

  257. King with no Ring on

    If Richards bounces back under a new coach, he can help the Rangers win the Stanley Cup.

  258. bull dog line on

    keeping Richards allows the Rangers to trade Brassard, or Boyle. they went from no depth at center, to good depth at center. I think you need to let July play out before you kill the move.

  259. Mister D, you can give me a virtual kick in the shins again if you’re that angry. I’ll take it like a non-Brad Richards.

    Lloyd, why do you have to be mean and hurtful?

    Thanks for sticking up for me, Manny pal!

  260. I want two former winners, future losers, to be reunite and show everybody that they still have about 98 points between two of them left on a hooks.

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