Buyout time … Is Brad Richards a goner?


The amnesty buyout period began at 11 p.m. Wednesday, and runs through July 4.

Players who are bought out under the amnesty exception allowed by the lockout-induced CBA, will be set free no later than the day before free agency, which this season is July 5 instead of the customary July 1. Buyout candidates must be put on waivers and clear waivers 24 hours later.

Which brings us to Brad Richards. From everything I’ve heard, the organizational plan was to buy out Richards because it is the only correct business decision for the franchise, not to mention the shocking decline in his game during the lockout-shortened season and playoffs.

It is the right thing to do, and in fact the only choice the Rangers have.

But then again, that was all before Richards was demoted to the fourth line, then scratched for the final two games of the playoffs; it was before Glen Sather did what is widely considered a U-turn on the fate of Richards’ former ally in John Tortorella; and before Alain Vigneault was hired to install a more offensive system. Sather said that scratching Richards for Games 4 and 5 vs. Boston was an organizational decision, and not just Tortorella’s.

So I don’t know if all bets are off. I kind of doubt it, because the Rangers have here a golden opportunity to get out from under the $6.67M per season cap hit through 2020 by simply buying out Richards for 2/3rds of the remaining $36M on his contract ($24M) spread out over twice the number of remaining seasons (14 years).

The hit would be even worse if Richards retires before the end of his contract — and the contract was designed to encourage him to retire before it expires by paying him only $1M in each of the final three seasons (2017-18, ’18-19 and ’19-20). The cap recapture portion of the new CBA would punish the Rangers even more severely than the $6.67M per.

In other words, if he is not bought out, the franchise could be in absolute cap hell until the next lockout.

The Rangers, with Marian Gaborik gone, have enough cap space to keep Richards for another year. But they could surely use more cap space to re-sign upcoming free agents Ryan McDonagh, Derek Stepan and Carl Hagelin (on July 5) and Henrik Lundqvist (whose contract is up after next season, but his agent, Don Meehan, will work on a new deal with Sather this week); or to lure new free agents, including those bought out by other teams, on July 5 or thereafter.

People argue that Richards is bound to bounce back, with a full summer to work out, with a new fire in his belly to prove last season was a fluke, and with a new offensive coach. But if the Rangers wait until next summer to exercise the buyout and Richards gets hurt during the season, and is still injured when the next round of amnesty buyouts comes due, he cannot be bought out. Then the Rangers are stuck with that contract.

They can’t possibly take that enormous, reckless gamble, can they?

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  1. Sorry, Brad. It’s not you, it’s the CBA. It’s just, well, even at your best, you’re an albatross. Sorry, buddy. I hope it works out for you. Lets stay friends.



    PS – *Must* buy out

  2. I just don’t want to have the same level of immediate embarrassment as the Flyers have on their hands. Wait one more season and hope for the best. And if they don’t end up buying out Richards, he better byfuglien well not retire before his contract ends.

  3. He’s definitely a goner. When i think back on how mad I was that torts kept putting him out there. his passes to no one, drop passes to the other team, weak poke checks….

    I don’t care what BS Larry Books tries to spout about AV’s offensive system, no freakin way anyone with a hockey IQ over 70 brings him back. Of course that’s who signed him…..

  4. I guess we will find out soon enough. Let’s hope they do the right thing. Just imagine what this place will look like next year every time he falls down, if they decide to not buy him out.

  5. Sorry Brad it’s not you, it’s me.

    Great breakdown of the buyout Carp and great posts today, sorry I missed out in such lively discussions.

    Manny, if the bone head face book page doesn’t take you than I don’t want to belong.

    I hope tomorrow brings us the news we are looking for.

  6. Richie gone. V4 in? Glencross, Ryan, MAlone, lapierre, WIdeman, Big Buff. Hendricks among targets. This some of you dont deserve.

  7. I’m shocked, shocked that you would suggest Sather might buy out Brad’s contract…I think everyone on this blog would be shocked if they give Richards a second chance, me included. If he didn’t play himself into exile last season, he certainly didn’t play like he wanted to be a Ranger in the future, and not on $6.7 mils per. The only possible saving grace is not AV, but Nash insists on his return…stay tuned. We all know that keeping BR would be a major mistake.

  8. Stranger Nation on

    Richards is going fishing on Lake Tahoe with Slats and Mess tonite…better say some Hail Mary’s

    They shoot horses don’t they?

    Hello Wilbur!

  9. yuoknowwho

    LMAO! Wow! Such priceless info! That info has been circulating on this blog for WEEKS already…doofus

  10. Who comes back alive from that fishing trip? Mess and Richie? Mess and Slats? Richie alone? Mess alone? Slats only? Bobby Knight and Slats? Ted Williams’ head?

  11. are you guys watching Craig Button on NHL Network saying that Richards was a pretty good player during the regular season, and that the Rangers don’t get into the playoffs without his 11 points the last six games?


  12. Carp
    apparently Canadian media SUPER DUPER LOVES Brad
    despite not paying attention to what he did on the ice
    last season

    just look at how they defended Brad when he was dropped to 4th line and then benched
    as if Torts was the most horrible person in the world
    while ignoring what Brad was actually doing on the ice.

    and they’re supposed to be the “most knowledgeable” about “their” game

  13. Is Craig Button related to Dick Button? Ooooooooh! An Arabesque Spiral followed by a Double Lutz Bunnyhop, then a Falling Leaf and into an absolutely luscious Camel Spin!!!

  14. maybe it’s the close proximity of Broadway
    but there always seems to be some
    ongoing drama happening in Rangerland
    because of that
    it wouldn’t surprise
    if the Rangers
    end up
    doing the
    “We believe Brad will have a bounce back year…”
    and it will all turn into
    one big looooooong nightmare

  15. maybe we can trade Brad for Luongo and…..
    i don’t know
    too tired to come up
    some bit of trade insanity
    someone else can finish it

  16. That Richards hat trick in Buffalo put us over the top. He should really go play in Canada, they LOVE him up there.

  17. The window is now open, please don’t let it close with out doing the right thing.

  18. But we already have Malhotra. His name is Boyle.

    Also, didn’t the league ask Malhotra to retire?

  19. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ricardo – I think in theory rolling 4 lines could be 1,2,3,4 repeat but with PP’s, PK’s, opponent’s lines and matchup’s, crucial O zone/d zone faceoffs, the clock, energy levels, bumps and bruises, and the like its virtually impossible to do that. Certainly to start the game most teams go 1,2,3,4 and then deviate. But something like a 1,2,3,4, 1,2,3, 1,2,3,4, for the whole game…

    It’s a long season. My hope is that the 4th line sees action in all 3 periods despite the score. Especially considering the rangers really have two second lines and two fourth lines….

  20. I really fear the growing whispers that the Rangers are going to give him another chance. As you said Carp the Torts firing was a last-minute U-turn that shocked all of the beat writers; the only people who had that right were some Canadian reporters and I think that was pure speculation on their part, but there seem to be a few reports that Richards gets spared this time. To me, cutting him is only an issue if they don’t take those savings and use them wisely. I don’t fear him coming back to haunt us; his decrease in foot speed is shocking and he may be the most physically frail player on the Rangers. Every time he gets hit I half-expect him to disintegrate into a pile of atoms on the ice. At nearly $7 mil per he needs to be your first-line center, and does anybody feel comfortable matching him against the Crosbys, Malkins, Bergerons, and Toews et al, of the world? Complete mismatch against almost every other top center in the game. He doesn’t have the ability to go get the puck against top players, to win those loose battles and then make plays. Maybe against bottom-six players he does, but pairing him with bottom-six linemates doesn’t do much for his offensive game either. Plus if he gets badly injured we’re screwed for the next half-decade at least, having to eat all that money. I won’t say it’s a no-brainer, but the arguments for keeping him don’t have one-quarter the weight of the ones against.

  21. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I just think sitting 3 players for the entire (or near all) third period isn’t smart, but I’m just a dude on the couch….

  22. Richards’ late season “resurgence” was mostly the result of brutal goaltending, lucky bounces, and deflections off defensemen. The only surprising thing is that none of them deflected in off of Roszival. I think two season of mediocrity, trending downward into something worse, is a sufficient enough sample size to determine that his game is in substantial decline.

  23. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I’d bet Malhoutra could do goaline and back four times to Boyle’s three times. Malhoutra >>> Boyle.

  24. Eddie – I really think that even Zuccarello could steamroll him. I’d say he needs to add bulk, but that’d probably slow him down even more, and he already is skating with a piano on his back.

  25. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Richards fell down so many times I thought it might have been a neuro problem.

  26. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Not again – I agree completely. The same is true about Boyle in terms of being knocked off the puck – zucchini for that matter too… The hobbit gets knocked off the puck too easily as well…

  27. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I feel bad for Richards. I really do. But if you suck at your job, you shouldn’t be the highest paid..

  28. I do too, eddie. He’s a good guy who really cares and who does a lot of stuff for other people. But he’s already been paid almost $24M for two years, and he’ll get another $24M as a going away present and get another contract from somebody else. So he’ll get over it.

  29. Re-structured lines from ‘To an Athlete Dying Young’

    Smart lad, to slip this time away
    From ice where glory does not stay
    And early though the laurel grows,
    It withers quicker than the rose.

    Now you will not hear them scream and shout
    Poor lad who wore his honours out
    Old Scorers whom renown outran –
    Their names all die before the man.

  30. When it’s your time to go, it’s your time to go.
    (But what if you’re on a small plane and it’s the pilot’s time to go?)

  31. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Yes, Richards is a good guy and seems very charitable. …during hurricane sandy he did a lot, e.g….. The sunset of an athlete’s career is never easy an thing to deal with…

  32. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    There’s a number on the wall for all of us and when it’s your turn to go, so be it…

  33. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Best deal in the world. SIgn a long term contract, then suck.

    Get bought out. Play and get paid by someone else WHILE you’re collecting a paycheck from the first team.

    Awesome. Promotes indifference once signed.

  34. Stranger Nation on

    Could Richards be riding side saddle next to the car seat in Riot City Canada?

    Should we sign Bickels brother?

    Would Slatapus please leave the building already!

    Man, we New Yorkers get stuck with some bad owners

  35. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Richards will be good player somewhere. Somewhere where he gets paid 1-2M and has the commensurate responsibility. 3rd line, etc. He’d be ok on a stacked team.

  36. Stranger Nation on

    The notorious Green flu affecting pro athletes in record numbers, no more evident than in the Naked City, especially at MSG

  37. Stranger Nation on

    To be blunt, Richards absolutely sucked last year and absent two leg replacements and a heart transplant, i cannot foresee him coming back and performing at a mediocre level.

  38. Not sure I can argue keeping him BUT I’m confident he will have a big season next year. He apparently, though contrary to recent evidence, has strong chemistry with RN…. Would be interested to see him in AV’s system but again, from an opportunity cost perspective, see why that likely Shouldn’t happen. Good person for sure though!

  39. Looks like he’s never even had a chipped tooth. How do you play hockey for 25 years and still look like Gary Busey?

  40. Mother Teresa was a lousy hockey player, but undoubtedly a good person. I don’t want her on my power play,

  41. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    SNation – solidarity.

    Kooz – Gary Busey’s brain suffered some major trauma – his teeth withstanding…

  42. eddie, Busey played in a band called Carp, which released one album on Epic Records in 1969. :))

  43. I once saw Mother Teresa boarding (a flight.) Also saw her checking a cross, which might be called cross- checking. And I’m sure that sometime in her life she gave herself a healthy scratch.

  44. Boarding and cross-checking, huh? She must have been one tough cookie. Are you saying that Mother Teresa was a goon? : )

  45. Although people here FINALLY acknowledge the value of Dorsett, we seem to be among the very, very few who see some value in Haley and Ash. I guess that makes us incorrigible. :)

  46. “Get this into your head.” And then they’d knuckle your nod to drill a hole where the knowledge would enter.

  47. Still waiting for the announcement……..

    I presume the process starts with the waiver announcement, then the buyout 24 hours later?

  48. richards will stay there is no doubt in my mind sather will screw this up. torn acl next year hellp 2020 with richy

  49. This buyout decision is ultimately on Dolan. As hard as it is to imagine, Sather may not be around in 2020, and may not see the risk in the same way as all of us, and Dolan, who have to live with this decision. Hopefully Dolan has his corporate numbers people around him and not just hockey people. Let’s hope there are at least some limits to his incompetence.

  50. Wonder if Sather is feeling Pens out about Letang. He’s far from perfect but let’s face it we could use someone on d with his speed and puck skills.

  51. Shouldn’t there be some law that compels Richards to return a large percentage of the money he stole from fans last year? The guy essentially steals $24 million, gets another $24m because he was SO BAD, and people feel sorry for him.

    Poor Brad Richards.

  52. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Matteau, yes, we could. But for the right price. He is going for more than that.

  53. matteau

    do you really think the pens would trade letang to rangers in same division with new playoff structure as well come on. no shot

  54. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Reasons to buy Richards out:
    1. the contract was silly in the first place
    2. the CBA makes the contract a ‘dinosaur’. Fiscally imprudent to hold onto him as he ages and declines even more in ability.
    3. who wants a player who was not ready to play at the start of the season FOR WHATEVER REASON.
    4. because each NHL team gets 2 compliance buyouts. Who else will need to be bought out?
    5. we live in a ‘cap’ world. he is not worth the cap hit.
    6. what happens if he, at his more frail, advancing age, has a season or career ending injury? his cap hit decimates the team AND Dolan has to pay him FULL value
    7. at least with a buyout, Dolan can recoup (not pay him) some of the total value of the contract and spread out payment over twice the years. true it’s a huge expense, but, fella, get a real GM and you won’t have to deal with stupidity like this. you should have learned from so many of the other ridiculous signings and fired the guy. take your lumps, swallow hard and do the right thing. this guy is awful.

    And, Richards likely will play better next year. So what? Long term this is the ONLY move. He is not a #1 center. That’s the illusion that this contract pays him for.

    Outta here!! What’s taking so long??

  55. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    I would be very hesitant about taking players from a team like Pittsburgh. Surrounded by two of the best in the world could elevate anyone’s game.

    If Pascal Dupuis plays anywhere but the Pens, he is an average player, mark my words. LeTang? Seems like a pretty good defenseman, but not so sure is the cornerstone of a team. He fits well on that team.

  56. Cross Check Charlie on

    We all knew from the lockout that the owners were stupid, but they really screwed themselves when they changed the rules in the middle of the game. Why didn’t they grandfather existing contracts so that the recapture provisions didn’t affect them? The front loaded contracts were designed so that the players weren’t really expected to play during the last few years of the contract. Then they changed the rules. And, these guys are running a multi-billion dollar businees?

  57. Charlie is right. Changing the rules without having every single player re-negotiate (and I get why) is the lazy way out and creates a huge problem.

  58. Matty I agree Letang’s points are padded by who he plays with but he is still talented offensively.

    Eric I don’t think those rules aply like they used to. Of course you prefer to trade outside the division but ultimately I don’t think they would turn down a team in the division if they make the best offer.

  59. Goo morning, boneheads!

    CCC- the rule was designed specifically to punish teams for giving out long term contracts. It was a huge loophole in old CBA that some teams exploited and made Bettman mad. It won’t be an issue with future contracts.

  60. Good morning to everyone too..:-)

    By the way Bob McKenzie is wrong—->. Not every player has to be placed on waivers prior to being bought out. In fact, in Richards’ case, he doesn’t. Players with NMC can not waived, but instead they have to be given an option to be waived. If they refuse, they can be bought out right away.

  61. Not a single article/gossip/tweet anywhere mentioning Richards…Scary part about it is that it may mean they haven’t decided either way yet….

  62. Cross Check Charlie on

    I know it’s not a problem going forward, but you would think that with team with the clout of Rangers and Flyers they would have grandfathered the existing contracts.

    For that reason you can’t really blame the GMs for the current problem because the contracts they drew up were with a different set of rules. If the recapture provision was not there I have no doubt in my mind that Richards would be kept for at least another year.

  63. Not sure if it was LB or Carp but someone wrote last week that the plan may be to keep options open, first see if they can find a free agent to replace and if not they may keep him another year. Really hope this is wrong or we are going to hear oohing until July 5.

  64. It does concern me they haven’t just announced it already. Flyers couldn’t wait to announce Briere and Bryz.

  65. They have decided. They HAVE to have. I can’t imagine this organization being that inept as to not have made a decision yet…..

    oh wait….

  66. CCC- call it Bettman vendetta. He, and his team left a big hole, and now he is punishing everyone who had guts to exploit it.

  67. Hey, I’m back on Twitter under a new account. FOLLOW ME, jackwagons.


  68. @RenLavoieRDS: Just learn that the *Lightning will buy out Vincent Lecavalier* contract. #RDS

  69. Absolutely, Manny! I would try to sign him. Still a very good player, with size, skill, and grit. I suspect he’ll end up in Montreal or Toronto though…

  70. Him and Richards sign in Vancouver. They’re getting the band back together.

  71. But we have a French speaking coach now! You don’t think he goes straight to Vancouver with Richards for a Lightning reunion with Tort?

  72. Or according to the anti-Torts crowd, Henrik Sedin since the Sedins are trying to their damndest to get out of Vancouver.

  73. Good morning. Sorry if I’m late to the party. I brought snacks (I didn’t).

    Playing (New Jersey) Devils advocate here: is it really THAT reckless of a gamble to keep him?

  74. I’ll answer my own question: yes, yes it is pretty reckless of a gamble. There’s no debate here. Let’s be more like Chicago and focus on keeping our core guys.

  75. Maybe not reckless, but at the very least severely imprudent. A buyout would give them that much more cap space to potentially lock up their RFAs, particularly Stepan and McDonagh, to longer term deals and allow them to keep some open space during the season and maybe add a larger cap player if there’s one that becomes available and makes sense to acquire.

  76. have to buy him out!…Canadien media obviously did not watch many Ranger games…he just does not have speed or strength to contribute considering the money he makes. Expecting a bounce back when he’s another year older is just stupid

  77. 2013 Chicago, not 2010 Chicago or more precisely 2009 Chicago. 2009 Chicago they would have forgotten to send out the qualifying offers out on time to the RFAs and basically allow them to become UFAs.

  78. BUYOUT RICHY AND SIGN VINNY FOR LESS MONEY. vinny will be able to choose where he wants to go and i suppose with montreal being small down the middle if they are interested he would want to go home and play.

    briere and vinny will have at least 15 teams interested.

  79. Even if they did watch Rangers games against the Canadian teams they should have noticed the Rangers didn’t do well against the Canadian teams, especially in Canada. I’m starting to wonder if Canada knows as much about hockey as they claim to know.

  80. Rob in Beantown on

    opportunity cost of keeping Richards (who sucks) on the cap payroll is being able to keep our RFAs and maybe sign some UFAs. plus it’s a huge risk to the franchise if he gets hurt. Seems like a no brainer

  81. Sather never met an opportunity cost he didn’t think he could afford or somehow payoff somewhere down the line.

  82. Yes, I thought that was an interesting (though probably meaningless/coincidental) point. But I mean, with that logic, we might as well buy a traffic cone for $10 bucks and put it in front of the net (or, as Philadelphia calls it, sign Bryzgalov).

  83. Cross Check Charlie on

    Well, if by some chance Kovalchuk gets bought out I would like to see the Rangers jump all over that. Otherwise, stay away from other teams’ trash.

  84. Rangers remain undecided on Brad Richards buyout. As is the case with Lecavalier, teams are eager to see Richards hit the market. this according to darren dreger

  85. Rob in Beantown on

    How is it possible the Rangers are still undecided? That’s mindboggling that they haven’t figured out what they’re doing yet when they’ve known this would be upcoming for months

  86. Rob,
    That’s why I’m not crazy about the rangers making lundqvist the highest paid player on the team. That’s not a winning formula to waste allot of your cap space on a goaltender. That’s the way I see it and I also think the style of play help lundqvist in goal. If the rangers play a more wide open system to try and score more goals, look out, lundqvist’s goals against will go up and lundqvist won’t look so great.

  87. I hope the new rules and new experience, in particular, discourages these long contracts…they have not often worked out well for the managers…

  88. Any chance Dolan/Sather think the Rangers are a bigger deal than they are (to everyone but us) and are looking to bury this at 5:00 Friday?

  89. How in the hell can this organization be undecided on Richards? I thought the decision was made when he was BENCHED IN THE PLAYOFFS! What more do you need? You buy out Richards and call the LeCavalier camp immediately. Cheaper upgrade. COME ON, Rangers. Wake up.

  90. Agree, Tommy. Goaltenders should not be the highest paid players. They should be slightly below the 50+ goal scorer guys.

  91. Rangers have $14,155,833 in Cap Space. After buying out Richards they will have $20M+ to sign Clowe, the RFA’s and extend Lundqvist as well as pick up a few UFA’s. COME ON.

  92. You really think Lundqvist is just going to tank because of a new system? Come on.

    And NO to Lecavier! Why does everyone want him? He’s just another aging player that’ll contribute nothing and keep younger guys out of the lineup. I see no upside.

  93. czechthemout!!! on

    Not sure about Richards? I know its Sather but he can’t be this stupid, can he?


    I think your sources on the team are losing credability.

  94. So find another website, Czech. Maybe they have sources more to your liking. You can just chat with Hockey Rodent and Rod Lurks if you want. They are top notch.

  95. yergs,
    never said the word “tank” so I don’t know where you came up with that one. I do think though that the system the rangers played helped lundqvist achieve the goals against stat over the years and I do feel paying lundqvist more than 8 mil a year and taking up the cap space is not a winning formula to win the stanely cup.

  96. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    I will be shocked if Richards is here next year.

    He will quickly fall on the rath of the fans, and will be the whipping post if he performs like he did last year. But that’s not going to happen.

    Now both Richards and Vinnie can take their golden hand shake, sack their money up and go play for Torts in Vancouver at a discount. Both players would help that team, regardless of how much they have left in the tank.

  97. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    CARP – How much is too much for Clowe?

    I’m on the fence on this one. He’s one hit away from . . . . well not playing in the post season.

  98. There has to atleast be a chance The Cavalier looks at a 1 year deal, right? This is a zany offseason with the cap drop, maybe he takes one so he can build value and come back next year able to sign for multi *not* as a 35+ player. If he goes for 2 or more now, its his last real deal in a likely timid market.

  99. The Clowe ship better have sailed as well. Even if you like him as a player (and there are enough head + age + production questions to make that shaky), the 2nd round pick should end the discussion.

  100. I know. I said “tank.” Yes, maybe his goals against goes up a little, but he’s still going to be a great goaltender. I think he’s worth the money (He’s already proved himself to be). How much? Well, ownership just has to be smart about it.

  101. And there’s some serious, serious talent coming onto the market in 2014. I know half or more will be gone by the time free agency opens, but you can’t have Clowe eating $4MM+ at that point.

    (For the hat trick?)

  102. I actually want Clowe on the team. The Rangers desperately need a player exactly like Ryane Clowe (who was cleared to play hockey again yesterday).

  103. _Well, ownership just has to be smart about it._

    And smart about it this offseason because if he wants an untenable number or might be leaning towards leaving anyway, we need to know for the next trade deadline. Makes me logic-barf, but has to be considered.

  104. MANNY Eric Lindros got cleared to play for us back in 2003…so did Pat Lafontaine in 98…know what I sayin young blood??

  105. I wouldn’t mind clowe on the rangers either but at what price? That’s the million dollar question. I wouldn’t give him more than 3 years @ 3.5 million per year.

  106. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Manny I did too, but I don’t want $3M sitting on the bench in the post season. Or the next hit knock him out for good. San Jose had to know something…..right?

  107. Clowe’s an interesting situation. Too old/injury prone for my taste. That alone makes me worry. However, if he can play like he did in his first game as a Ranger (just playing, no thinking), he is exactly the player we need.

  108. but than again, I wasn’t that impress with clowe, looked slow to me so I might reconsider what I posted at 10:42am.

  109. _The Rangers desperately need a player exactly like Ryane Clowe (who was cleared to play hockey again yesterday)._

    Sure, I agree with that. But do you need one who is likely on the downswing getting $4MM (?) per with production and concussion question marks? At that point, its almost a pro-Bickell argument.

    (I’d rather try to “find” a Clowe type much in the way we “found” Boyle and Prust for pennies.)

  110. How bout we dont bring in any early-mid 30 year old ufas? that’ll narrow down the pickin’s pretty quick. let Clowe Walk keep that second rounder for a decent pick or even trade bait for someone worth a damn.

    my theory: Sakic’s going to use the first round pick on a forward and Stastny out the door rumors will be hot and heavy this season. That’s the kind of player you go for. enough high risk mediocre reward stuff

  111. No one’s mentioning that a full season of Dorsett may ease the pain of Clowe not being good for much else other than drooling and watching family guy at this point..

  112. James G, I agree, no more 30+ over the hill high risk low reward players, been there, done that and got the rangers nowhere.

  113. Tort must be desperate to bond with the Vancouver media-
    credit card records show that he emrolled in course at Berlitz to learn to speak Canadian

  114. Clowe is stiff and we do need stiffness. Especially if this team is going to cut ties with Stu Bickel. You would think Vigneault could use him the way he used Sestito though.

  115. Cross Check Charlie on

    Of course, the Rangers have more medical data than we do, but Clowe is a big risk given his injury history. I would have to say to let him walk.

  116. _Sakic’s going to use the first round pick on a forward and Stastny out the door rumors will be hot and heavy this season._

    Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. The only problem is that they’re way under the cap so we can’t use “we’ll save you the money” as a big part of the trade.

    (I guess the other problem is if we’d want to keep him beyond next year; no career-prime player is going to want to be the first to take a major annual value hit and he’s at a $6.6MM cap number right now.)

  117. just chatted with Brad Richards who says he still hasn’t heard either way yet from the Rangers…

    according to pierre lebrun

  118. At what point do we start worrying that the buyout won’t happen?. I’m already there.

  119. so i thought about this last night. the guy i would want on the cheap and if he was to be bought out by tampa is ryan malone. he has injury issues and just like ryan clowe is a big body that has a scoring touch. he has killed on in the past and would prob be half the price of clowe and could fit into top 6 forward and stand in front of the net on the pp. malone can play if healthy

  120. Put me in the worry bucket as well. You’d think the respect-the-vet move would be to do it early and avoid the limbo period.

  121. >>They can’t possibly take that enormous, reckless gamble, can they?

    They sure can! Sather never saw a player he didn’t want to give a second chance to. Expect Richards to be in Rangers blue next season.

  122. If Richards isn’t amnestied this season and if he has a concussion at the end of next, the trip up, dark room question better be “factoring in time value of money, how much more do you stand to make being on the roster for the next six years versus being amnestied?”

  123. Let’s put it another way. If trading Gaborik was the “must” the Rangers claim it was, because of his cap hit, how can buying out Richards be anything but a “must?”

  124. Eric I posted on Malone yesterday as well. His injuries are a problem but otherwise he is tough and can score, would fit in great.

  125. The main thing causing concern is the incompetence of Dolan. This is ultimately his issue, he’s the one who will own the problem in 2017-2020, probably not Sather.

  126. Maybe Sather’s convincing Dolan that with Richards the Rangers win the Cup in 2014, and thus it’s well worth the risk, like trading Weight and Amonte.


    Just my humble opinion, but I would think if NYR weren’t buying out Richards, they probably would have told him by now. And they haven’t.

  127. I just can’t believe Dolan is THAT incompetent. He is trusted by his shareholders and has to understand the disproportionate risk. I still think sanity will prevail. But yes the longer this goes without an announcement the more troubling it feels.

  128. _He is trusted by his shareholders and has to understand the disproportionate risk._

    Aren’t the shareholders about the only logical argument for not buying out Richards?

  129. _@DarrenDreger: NYR are preparing to buy out Brad Richards._

    I want to hate you but its my own fault.

  130. @TSNBobMcKenzie: Strange rumblings out of New York that NYR are considering buying out Rick Nash. News to me, and just about everyone.

  131. I disagree with you on VL. He takes care of their 1-2-3 center position right away. Even number 1 if Stepan struggles. He is still good for 60-65 points, has skill, size and grit. Heavy shot on PP. Won’t break the bank for a few years either after he gets bought out.

  132. I’d take Vinny in a second … depending on length of contract. Money’s not nearly as important as years, IMO.

  133. I also think Lecavalier would/could be the No. 1 center on this team, at worst No. 2. But, agree, he probably goes to Canada.

  134. yes vinny could be a number 1 center on this team in a heartbeat.

    lets face the fact 12-15 teams will be in on vinny and no doubt he gets 4 mil easy per year. if your vinny why here and i bet he wouldnt come here if the rangers buy out richy. if richy stays we cant afford him

  135. Rob in Beantown on

    Carp, with regards to your tweet, the buyout means Richards gets $24M, not $36M, I see how that’s less. But that $24M is non-cap money paid in addition to the cap. The Rangers will be paying cap money to somebody else in Richards’ place. So doesn’t it mean they’re paying the money twice, and hence spending more?

  136. I predict Vinny gets at least 6m. Not saying I think he merits that much but feel like someone will pay it.

  137. Rob in Beantown on

    Forbes estimates the Rangers have income of $74M/year. Sather wasting that $1.7M/year directly amounts to 2.3% less income for the team. Small but I guess significant

  138. >>A wise Texan once said, fool me once…

    A great English band once recorded Won’t Get Fooled Again.

  139. if the rangers offer vinny 3 yrs 15 mil 5 per year i bet someone else beats that offer and goes 4 yrs

  140. I suspect Sather is waiting to see who else is available from a “bought out” list before deciding on Richards. They do not have to wait until July 5th to sign anyone from that list, the player is an UFA the moment he is bought out.

  141. ROFLMGO. leave it to Sather. he’ll keep Richards and buy out Rick Nash then tell the media “I wont elaborate it’s one of those things I paid attention to last season”.

  142. LOL @ increased cable rate. I don’t see how Richards doesn’t get bought out. This is just a little phenomenon I like to call “SSN” strategic Sather nonsense. he’s letting everyone else reveal their cards first. probably gonna talk to some agents and then pull the trigger Friday

  143. So we’re fine with Malone’s injury history but not Clowe’s. Yet Clowe is the better overall player.

  144. Me, personally … 10-foot-pole Clowe after two concussions in two weeks. And after scoring no goals all season. And after a team that considered itself a contender traded him for draft picks. …

    I like the guy, and I think the old Ryane Clowe helps the Rangers. But I wonder if he will be anything resembling the old Ryane Clowe. Kinda doubt it.

  145. I don’t think they’ll buy out Malone. He has 32 years left at $4.5M per. Matt Carle, on the other hand, has 5 years at $5.5M per left.

  146. keep in mind this year on july 3rd and july 4th you can speak to other teams free agents/buyouts so perhaps vinny could agree in principle to a deal with a team on july 3rd but it cant be officially signed until july 5th at noon.

    i bet july 5th btwn noon and 2 pm 15 deals are done with some of them being leaked the 2 or a day before.

    the nba which i hate does it that way

  147. Manny- I say no to both those guys. go wtih Dorsett on the third/fourth line and maybe let Haley play some minutes. A lot of people still arent familiar with Dorsett. He provides a little bit of offense he’s not like Rupp or Powe.

  148. Doodie Machetto on

    eric, a couple of deals happen that way every year. I remember Biron was originally signed at like 12 PM. Chara, too.

  149. Can’t understand why no announcement is made on Richards yet. But as Carp said earlier, if they planned on keeping him, they would have told him.

  150. Sather is lucky he’s with Dolan. Where else could he say, ‘Boss, I don’t think the guy I over-signed he can help us. Give him $24 million out of your kick so he doesn’t drag us down and so he can sign somewhere else for $3 mil.’

  151. maybe the rangers wait until right before 5pm on july 4th the deadline to see who else becomes bought out and that could impact there decision

  152. Mess to Richie at 4th of July cookout: “dude, I think that’s your phone ringing.”

  153. Richards shows up to team 4th of July BBQ…AV: ” Hi Brad..umm yeahhhh soo..awkwarrrrrd”

  154. I don’t believe he has to pass through waivers to be bought out all he has to do is refuse to be placed on them.

  155. lol what if he actually keeps this guy and buys out Nash?? top forwards: Richards, Stepan, Callahan, Kreider, Hagelin Zucc..wowwww

  156. @TSNBobMcKenzie: NYR and reps for franchise goalie Henrik Lundquist will commence contract extension negotiations tonight in NYC.

  157. NYR and reps for franchise goalie Henrik Lundquist will commence contract extension negotiations tonight in NYC.

  158. As much as I think they should have done it immediately on the window opening he has a few days to do it in and if that last tweet from Bob Mckenzie is true he is working on extending the King which is equally as important.

  159. Rob in Beantown on

    Do you think Carolina would be amenable to a deal involving Staal and some picks for the #5 draft pick? And would that be a good idea for the Rangers?

  160. McDonuts reportedly to get near 5 mil, and well deserved. Del Z, making $2.5, will want similar after next season. Time for him to fish or cut bait.

  161. I’m not going to kill Sather for the Richards contract. Sather did what he had to in order to attract the #1 UFA Center to the New York Rangers. Richards was also a large part of the most successful season this franchise has had in a long time.

    Circumstances have changed including a rapid and unpredictable decline in Richards ability as well as a re-negotiated CBA (which Richards negotiated).

  162. I imagine Lecavalier and Briere will get a lot of offers, probably only 3yr deals though given their age though

  163. McBust should make slightly less than Kevin Shattenkirk, I would think. Del Zaster should make less than McBust. Stralman should go play elsewhere and Girardi better learn how to play in front of the net.

  164. Rob – that would be a very good idea for the Rangers, in my opinion. Staal is leaving after his contract for the Caroline -Panthers- Hurricanes so why not get something for it. With a top 5 pick you could get a very highly touted Forward like Druen or maybe Seth Jones if he falls that far since people seem to want McKinnon. Although I suspect LeTange to Colorado and McKinnon to Pitt.

  165. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Carp – Im with you on Clowe. Not sure he’s going to add to this team long term, and at what cost.

  166. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Now Lecavalier has a huge upside, was always a fan of his play. Would have to buy Richards out first.

  167. Manny, you actually said that “Sather did what he had to do” in the Richards signing!

    I suppose it follow to say he did it with every other FA disaster as well?

    No Manny, just the fulfillment of his dumb comment that “anyone could win with the Ranger payroll”!

  168. Hey Carp, isn’t that latest tweet a bit of a cheap shot given the NHL employs a GM that killed a person? Not apples to apples in terms of intent … but then you could circle Mike Danton in, I guess. Point being, unnecessary and not exactly coming from a pristine place.

  169. Sorry, Mister D. Not even close in terms of character between the sports. …

    the GM’s issue was accidental and he did his time and his character is almost without question, if it’s who I think you’re discussing. Mike Danton and Billy Tibbets and even Kevin Stevens are so rare in hockey. There are several cretins on every NFL team. I don’t think it’s a cheap shot at all.

  170. If its the slashed off picture, its been debunked a lot of times. Can’t believe everything you read …

  171. (Also, arrests should be happening at a 3x rate given the NFL roster size versus the NHL, right? I’m done, I’ve said my piece. Don’t think it was necessary or gets anyone anywhere.)

  172. Oh. It’s not real? That’s too bad. I guess it was just another terrible “source” that you have. Jeez.


  173. How many players in the NHL have been involved in abusing opposite sex, paternity suits, drugs, bar fights, etc.? Not to mention murders or shootings or gun incidents.

  174. and though I don’t despise LeBron as many do, why does the star player on the NBA champs hog the trophy while the star player in the NHL goes out of his way to share it, not only with teammates and coaches and trainers and team execs and employees, but also with fans?

  175. Only Mike Ribeiro, but he was probably involved in all of those things.

    There was that Ladislav Scurko guy that killed the Ref. But he was in the NHL.

  176. Are we counting Barnaby? Or Lucic? Or the aforementioned Tibbits (x100)? Mike McBain? What’s the line here? The point isn’t to draw up another napkin with tickmarks, its that calling it out (or trying to call it out (or crossing sports after calling it out)) is pointless.

  177. (And note, I like hockey more than either sport by a ton. I just don’t get why you brought it up and then how you somehow think a logical second act is to tie Lebron (wrong sport, no arrests) into the equation.)

  178. Tell it to Roger Goodell, who is throwing up into his 27th napkin since February third.

  179. Didn’t the NBA have serious problems with criminal activity a while back? How did David Stern solve the issue? (and I’m serious. I don’t know how he did or if he did)

  180. OK, Mister. I understand your point. LeBron thing was just trying to point out the character of NHL players, nothing against LeBron. Other than The Decision, I don’t believe he’s ever done anything remotely distasteful, let alone illegal.

  181. as if on cue:

    Sporting News ?@sportingnews 5m

    RT @erickdavid: BREAKING: Cowboys’ Josh Brent arrested again, in connection with intox manslaughter case. Details to come.

  182. And here’s Number 28! LOL

    @sportingnews 8m

    RT @erickdavid: BREAKING: Cowboys’ Josh Brent arrested again, in connection with intox manslaughter case. Details to come.

  183. King with no Ring on

    Mister D — —
    It’s bitter, petty, illogical and immature when people do it.

  184. LeBron did one illegal thing, he accepted gifts from NBA teams while under the age of 18. I think his mom got a Hummer (the vehicle) and some cash so he would be enticed to sign in Cleveland. He also used practice facilities of the Cavs when he wasn’t eligible.

  185. No canadian high school age kid in juniors has ever received money or benefits.

  186. King with no Ring on

    Why would he have been enticed to sign in Cleveland? Illogical. He was drafted by Cleveland and he had lived his entire life in Cleveland.

  187. if anyone is interested i got back my aisle seats after not having them last year due to the renovation. i was able to get them back this year where rangers shoot 2x and right next to carp and the press box.

    if anyone is interested in regular season games please email me at

    seats are 76 per seat last year they were 73 per seat. section 214 row seats 1 and 2. 152 per game

    i definitely cant afford and dont have the time for 41 home games.

  188. As a frequent “purchaser” of eric’s seats I can assure everyone that they are exceptional.

  189. Can’t wait to hear all the “Buyout LeCavalier!” rants after Tampa buys him out and he joins the Rangers.

  190. I’m moving back into the area, mostly, so I’ll put you on the list, Eric. Hockey is fun.

  191. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    CCCP we take their LaCavalier and they take back our Richards. Seems like a fair deal to me :)

  192. I know…I know…we have no more buyouts after we buyout Teethchards….but would be funny, anyway

  193. 2 NFL players arrested, facing murder, attempted murder charges this week.

    ‘Ausar Walcott of the Cleveland Browns was arrested Tuesday morning, charged with first degree attempted murder, second degree aggravated assault, and third degree endangering an injured victim. The victim remains in critical condition’

  194. The Rangers have to buy out Richards. I don’t even know why this a question that warrants discussion. If the guy gets hurt, and he has been hurt in the past, we’re stuck with him forever. That’s not to mention how poorly he’s played virtually all of last season. I have no doubt that he’d play well in a more offensive minded system with AV, but why take the chance? If he sucks he’s going to need to be bought out for the dead roster space. If he gets hurt, he can’t be bought out. What are the odds of him putting up 80+ pts next season? That’s the only way his contract would be even close to worth it, and it doesn’t account for the eternity that we’d still be stuck with him. Cut him loose NOW, and go get someone who is younger.

  195. You know that saying “I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out” ?? they should have one for football too. Something like… “I went to see some convicted killers and the Superbowl broke out”

  196. Didn’t Slats say the other day that he had made his decision regarding #19? If he did then why wouldn’t he just announce the buyout and move on already? He’s not gonna buy him out. That’s Slats style. Like you wrote the other day Carp, good or bad he does what he wants!

  197. @JimCerny 6s

    Messier will help develop Kingsbridge National Ice Center and will no longer work in #NYR front office

  198. Rob in Beantown on

    Obviously his next step will be coaching in the AHL, right? Cause coaching is his dream

  199. Jeff in South Dakota on


  200. I find it funny that Richards and Lecavalier had identical stats this season. actually BRich played 7 more games and had one more goal and one more assist. And people want to sign him for 4mill a year?

  201. James – I think there are plenty of teams out there with an open checkbook for Richards as well. It’s just their long term, expensive contracts that did the min.

  202. King with no Ring on

    Messier is a crybaby for leaving the Rangers to expand the game of hockey. Illogical.

    “I would like to thank the New York Rangers and particularly Glen Sather for giving me the opportunity over the last four years to work with the Rangers. I am resigning my position with the Team to pursue an opportunity to expand the game of hockey in the New York area by developing the Kingsbridge National Ice Center. Although some will perceive this as a reaction to the coaching decision, nothing could be further from the truth. I completely respect the decision that was made and for all the reasons it was made. I harbor no hard feelings toward Glen or the Rangers. This is a personal choice I am making to create a program in the New York area that will give our children more choices and opportunities in the future. I wish the Rangers nothing but the best in the future.”

  203. @NYRangers 2m

    Messier issued the following statement: “I would like to thank #NYR & particularly Glen Sather for giving me the opportunity…(continued)Messier continued: “over the last 4 years to work with the Rangers. I am resigning my position with the Team to pursue an opportunity (cont) Messier continued: …to expand the game of hockey in the NY area by developing the Kingsbridge National Ice Center.”

  204. Agreed Manny but I am just tired of the high risk medicore reward scenarios. Acquiring Richards was exactly that when they signed him. Lecavalier would be the same thing. So would Glencross and Iginla and so on and so forth. I’d rather see them acquire another guy who hasn’t played past his best years yet. Lecavalier isn’t a 70 point guy anymore

  205. In a few years, look for Messier to be the agent for many of the players soon developing in The Bronx.

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