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  1. I see UKRanger won the bonehead playoff prediction. I see I came in 4th. The maple leafs screwed me big time. I had them beating boston in 7, they were up by 3 with 7 minutes left in game 7 and blew it. I would have done really well if it wasn’t for the maple leafs major choke job.

  2. Congrats to my fellow Europansies:
    Hjalmarsson, Kruger, Stalberg, Handzus, Oduya, Roszival, Frolik, Hossa

  3. now we wait and pray that Darth Sather buys out Richards, if he doesn’t, rangers are taking a huge chance because if Richards gets hurt, rangers will be screwed for a long time.

  4. NHL On NBC

    Random Fact: The Chicago Blackhawks beat the 2012 Stanley Cup Champion Kings, the 2011 Stanley Cup Champion Bruins, the 2008 Stanley Cup Champion Red Wings… and this after Bruins swept the 2009 Stanley Cup Champion Penguins!

  5. Is This Real? on

    I dont care about either of these teams but I didn’t like seeing Kane win the Conn Smythe. He is a dirtbag who embodies everything that is wrong with the modern athlete. An entitled, irresponsible, drunken child

  6. Good late morning all! Yay Hawks! Was Olga beside herself last night? I’ve been out of town the past few days and see I have lots to catch up on…..

  7. I don’t think she did, Carp :-)

    Manny, can you please announce a *new post* on the previous entry? WTB? Wicky is BANJing there…

  8. Olga Folkyerself on

    I wore my Black Hawks Jersey into the plant production meeting this morning. The Plant Manager’s first words were “Take that rag off”. (He’s a huge Penguins fan) Then he says, “You really don’t get the concept of sucking up, do you?”
    I just smiled and replied “Hawks Win!”

  9. Hey guys. Sorry. I completely blew it. I was still thinking of new ways to make fun of Mason Raymond.

  10. Somebody was saying last night that the Leafs fans can say that now Boston fans know how they felt a few weeks ago.

  11. Those Bruins fans that supposedly will be haunted by those 17 seconds from last night can think of the cup they won 3 years ago. And can think of the team that played their hearts out for one of the best coaches in sports.

    Oh and good for Roszival. He got the last laugh there.

  12. I actually also severely dislike Patrick Kane , is this real?. He embodies everything that is wrong with the Skills competition. Also, he’s a one way forward and has a dumb mullet. He’s like a poor man’s Evander Kane.

    I will root for him in the 2014 Olympics though.

  13. I was thinking similar things, Carp. Amazing that the Bruins lose the same way they eliminated the Leafs. What goes around…

  14. stunned disbelief in the 3rd goal coming 17 sec later. i thought torts presser was at 1pm eastern time. i have my dvr set up for nhl network.. did it happen already

  15. Torts will make those Vancouver reporters look more silly than the couple of dozen reporters that got fooled into going on a 12 hour adult beverage free flight to Cuba chasing Snowden’s empty seat.

  16. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    I’m happy for Tort’s it’s win/win for everyone involved.

    NOTHING would be better than a Rangers/Canucks Stanley Cup in 2014.

    It could happen….

  17. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Carp – thanks for sharing Steve Rushin article “Symphony For a Foghorn”!!!

    What a great article on the Stanley Cup playoffs, and the traditions we all find the glory in.

  18. Looking forward to seeing how Torts’ training camp madness plays out for an older group of guys in Vancouver. A team playing in a tougher conference, for 82 games, with one of the longest distances to be traveled.

    Prediction: a lot worse than his boys here (in other words everyone without an “agenda” i guess) are predicting.

    Also wouldnt shock me one bit if he takes the C away from H. Sedin and gives it to Kesler who is now his new Callahan.

  19. That’s a pretty nice infographic. Good job on the Graphics Design end of the Vancouver organization. Especially juxtaposing Tortarella with his new enemies, the “Sedin Sisters”*

    *all quotes property of M. Milbury

  20. Torts has his “boys”, eh…

    I think both teams will do better than this year under new coaches. At least for the first year or two.

  21. Cross Check Charlie on

    From the twitter widget:

    Torts: “I’m kind of being defined as ‘that lunatic,’ not only on the bench, but also after games with media. I don’t want to be defined that way … I need to make some corrections, I need to make some adjustments in that part of it.”

    Yeah, right. You are what you are. Sure, he’ll give the media a warm fuzzy for a couple of months until they start asking about this player or injuries or why he did or didn’t do something and he’ll go back to being the same old Torts.

  22. Imagine if someone in the Vancouver media asks him, “When do you think is a proper time to use a Time Out during a game?”

  23. Funny Torts said that, “making adjustments” he probably had to google what that meant.

  24. He probably thought to himself, after googling, “Oh. That’s like what my tailor does when he shortens my suit pants!”

  25. so season opens on thursday october 3rd or October 10th

    here is my prediction for opening schedule

    montreal at toronto

    La kings at Chicago

    and the later game on nbc sports net cbc and msg

    rangers at vancouver

  26. so 4pm et time he talks. first time since being cut loose. will on his best behavior for awhile

  27. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    University of North Dakota Hockey

    Toews joins Gretzky, Messier, Lemieux, Yzerman, Sakic and Scott Stevens as two-time Cup captains of the last 30 years.

    Now that’s a short list to be on. Stole it off the UND page. Nice!!!

  28. I guess that means they have something in the works for another goaltender? I mean, not exactly the move you would expect after missing out on Bernier.

  29. Carp,

    One of the things I always sympathized with torts on was the awful questions asked during the playoffs when non-hockey reporters started covering hockey. Do you think the fact that Vancouver is hockey mad means more or fewer idiotic questions? And will it help him?

    I may be in the distinct minority, but I always liked Torts, thought he did a lot of good things and will be rooting for him and the Canucks.

  30. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    I’m still a fan of Torts. I thought he was the perfect coach for New York. He got really close last year, and came up short this year with “better” players, but not the right players at the right time.

  31. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Right up to the point his team plays the Wild, Hawks, Blue’s, Rangers . . . .

    Can’t root against the Parise, Toews, Oshie teams of the west, and NEVER the RANGERS.

  32. i would rather torts then AV. based on the choices the rangers had i would rather have torts

  33. @RandyJMiller

    i just called Bryz. He answered phone and said, “Congratulations to you guys,” then hung up on me

  34. Can we please sign Bryzgalov to be comedic entertainment at least? The guy is amazing.

  35. @BroadStBull

    Bryz when asked to comment: “I don’t want to talk to you guys.” #Flyers

  36. Randy Miller @RandyJMiller

    i just called Bryz. He answered phone and said, “Congratulations to you guys,” then hung up on me

    he’s taking it well

  37. i just called Bryz. He answered phone and said, “Congratulations to you guys,” then hung up on me.

    one of the phil media guys

  38. I’d love to know what Bryzgalov would say if someone from the Philadelphia media called him up around now…

  39. flyers could let steve mason run with the job for real cheap and spend money elsewhere and get veteran backup for no money or maybe they sign nabakov to pair with mason

  40. Here are all the UFA Goaltenders:

    Frazee, Jeff
    Rynnas, Jussi
    *Johnson, Chad*
    Emery, Ray
    Khudobin, Anton
    Nabokov, Evgeni
    Boucher, Brian (LMAO)
    Greiss, Thomas
    Khabibulin, N.
    Smith, Mike
    Labarbera, Jason (ex-Ranger!)
    Bryzgalov, Ilya
    Stalock, Alex
    Garon, Mathieu
    Montoya, Al
    Taylor, Danny
    Desjardins, C.
    Hutton, Carter
    Ellis, Dan
    Theodore, Jose
    Irving, Leland
    Mason, Chris
    Danis, Yann
    Leighton, Michael (LMAO)

  41. in the end we will hold onto richards for one more year and take the chance he stays healthy before we use it next year to get hank new deal underway

  42. Cross Check Charlie on

    Haha. Here’s a funny one that hasn’t been posted yet.

    i just called Bryz. He answered phone and said, “Congratulations to you guys,” then hung up on me.

  43. Rob in Beantown on

    I *love* Ilya Bryzgalov. He can be my backup goalie to Hank any time he wants. They would instantly be the best possible goalie tandem *EVER* in my book

  44. Holmgren makes Sather look like Bowman. But the Flyers really had to get rid of that guy and his contract, imo.

  45. Ilya Bryzgalov is a podunk market goalie if there ever was one. Guy does not have the makeup to play in a big city no matter how “quirky” he may appear to be.

  46. Emery does seem to make the most sense. Doubt they go the Mike Smith route (even though Chad Johnson is headed for taking over that job) but I could totally see them doing something stupid like going with Garon.

    Me too, Rob. I love Bryz. He’s endlessly funny. His problem is obviously *focus* (since he sometimes ducks out of the way of pucks which result in goals) so maybe if he starts 120-25 a season he would be a-OK to focus for those few games.

  47. I really think the Rangers bring Richards back for this year. New coach, new system, free agent market is lousy this year, shorter buyout period, I think they take the chance.

  48. Could you guys imagine Bryzgalov and Biron having a conversation? They are both pretty talkative.

  49. My Phlyers phan phriend just txted me: “That solves the goalie controversy! We just won’t play one.”

  50. IMO, bringing Richards back under any circumstances is a reckless gamble that could doom the franchise until the next lockout.

  51. If Bryzgalov wants Tippett to be his coach then he can go to Phoenix. They have an entire goalie staff on UFA this off season.

  52. Exactly, Carp. What would you rather have? Brad Ricahrds at his absolute best or Ryan McDonagh and Henrik Lundqvist. Even if Richards was the best he could be, it’s not worth keeping him.

  53. Carp is right. Richards is on the downside and he’s moved himself into Bryzgalov territory now. Plus I didn’t get the sense from Vigneault that he was giving the guy a ringing endorsement either. Better to cut bait now and think about the future.

  54. Cross Check Charlie on

    Evan, I don’t think they can take that chance. Let’s say he has a good year and the don’t buy him out. Then, he has to play through the entire contract or else the cap hit is humongous. After seeing him this year do you think he’ll be able to play at a high level in 2018? 2019?

    The new CBA forces their hand. They have to buy him out.

  55. let’s call a spade a spade: Richards’ contract is actually worse than Bryzgalov’s.

  56. All risk and no reward. Whatever incorrect decision can be made, will be made. Sather’s law.

  57. Going to miss Bryz, we lit him up pretty good, as much as the Rangers can “light up” anyone. Cally seemed to enjoy playing against him.

  58. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Carp – What’s taking so long with Richards?

    I didn’t think it would take as long as Mr. Universe.

  59. I agree that the cap recapture makes it very advantageous for the rangers to buy Richards out, but with the cap going down this year, and a lousy free agent market for this year plus new coach and high expectations for next season, do you think they risk Richards getting injured this year and allow him to play the year and get whatever they can out of him? I think that could happen…

  60. With you-know-who in charge, that could definitely happen, Evan. Would be a hilariously bad decision. Plus, though I suspect he’ll be better in 2013-14, how much better can he possibly be?

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