Paul Mara Playoff Beard Contest: Vote for the winners (or losers)


Our good friend Manny (aka Mannu or Nanny) has finished up the poll for The 4th Sometimes-Annual, 2012-2013, Lockout Shortened, Paul Mara Playoff Beard Contest.

Thanks for doing a great job, Manny!

I tried to put the poll in this post, but it was a technical fail. So I’ll just link to it. Please go over there and vote.

Click here to do so.

And for fun, here’s Mara pummeling Darcy Tucker:

Colorado Avalanche v New York Rangers

Photos by Getty Images.

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  1. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Just a hunch I had!

    But Gold is ALWAYS good :)

    How long till Richie Rich follows Mr. Universe?

  2. With you-know-who in charge, that could definitely happen, Evan. Would be a hilariously bad decision. Plus, though I suspect he’ll be better in 2013-14, how much better can he possibly be?

  3. Evan

    keeping Richards and his $6.67 million cap hit is absolute lunacy. as Tiki said a few minutes ago, it’s all risk and no reward with him. you saw him play in 2013, right? even if he has a slight bounce back, there’s no way that closing-in-on-34 Brad Richards will justify that kind of a cap hit. and if he somehow manages to get hurt, which is a very real possibility, god help us

    buy him out now

  4. Hopefully Thursday morning Sioux.

    If the Vigster has any input in the decision, which he must? I would think he would like him gone, being Torts favorite and all.

  5. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Thanks Carp.

    I was just thinking. Torts will have to prepare himself and his team for the Draft this year.

    Add that to the list of Things you don’t have to do as a Ranger Coach.

  6. Carp, Lloyd, et al

    I hear you, I agree that buying him out is the right financial decision for the team, I just don’t trust Sather to make that decision. Further, I think Sather may delude himself into thinking that this year was the anomaly and that with Kreider/Miller/Fast(?)/Lindberg coming, that Richards could be a solid second line center if he regains his 2011 form and a mentor to the kids. Not saying its likely, just that I can’t help but think its a real possibility.

  7. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Watch Richards go center the 4th line for the Canucks!

    For a dime on the dollar.

    AND end up like Rozsival did this year.

    It will happen!!!

  8. oh, that Sather will manage to completely muck this up is the realest of all possibilities. the comments expressed by Carp and I are based on having a GM. when its a guy who devotes about one week a year to doing any actual work and spends the rest of his time chomping on an unlit cigar in BumbleF, Canada you can be sure the decision made will not be the right one.

  9. bull dog line on

    I have been torn over the Richards buyout. not anymore. you have convinced me it is not worth the gamble.

  10. Who is this bearded man having a pleasant conversation in front of the Canucks jerseys and what has he done with Tortorella?

  11. Good for Torts, probably bad for us. I don’t know why, but I feel like they should be more excited about their change then we should.

    Love Torts’ statement about the how different season play is from playoff play and how he didn’t want to get himself in trouble with the league in “this forum”.

  12. ‘atta boy Manny! ‘atta boy Sioux!!

    Now buy out Richards so I can say ‘atta boy Glen.

    Le Carp- rumor has it you were at Walter’s yesterday. 2 singles and some curly fries?? I want explicit details.

  13. Sioux funny part is he would probably go sign there cheap and be an assist machine in a bounce back year and w/ a smaller role

  14. He was just asked (and answered) “Did your mom call you Torts?”

    Stan Fischler never had such leeway.

  15. This woman got a “Thanks Kathy” for asking about Twitter, him being called Johnny by his mom, and his dogs traveling cross country.

    Sam Rosen got a “shut the front door” and “have you asked the players why is it always me?” for asking about the game.

  16. James, I cannot implicate myself, so I will only say this: More than two singles, only with Walter’s mustard, and I think filling up on anything else while there is a sacrilege.

  17. I wonder if the TV broadcast guys will have to start talking in their “funeral parlor” voice like Sam did during pregame interviews.

  18. Touche Le Carp! I have to get over there at some point soon. What ever happened to the bonehead Walter’s shin dig?!

  19. I believe they are split, Draxen. He already says he’ll expect more from everyone on the team, especially the ‘Deens. So if you believe effort or accountability was Vancouver’s problem, maybe you’re glad to hear it.

  20. Rob in Beantown on

    This Tortorella guy from the chat sounds nice and pretty sharp. Rangers should hire a coach like him

  21. I don’t know, Rob. The Rangers used to have a guy, but he was kinda like Torts.

  22. Gotta figure the Havlat injury shines a huge light on why the Rangers can’t risk waiting, right?

  23. In a talk with the Canucks website, Tortorella said “I think it’s come to the point with me where I’m kind of being defined as ‘that lunatic,’ not only on the bench, but also after games with media. I don’t want to be defined that way, but I do make my own bed in that type of situation and I need to make some corrections, I need to make some adjustments in that part of it..”

    Then, in closing: “I don’t think a lot of people think it’s done that way, but really they don’t know what goes on in behind here.”

    First he says that he has to “make corrections,” then, two seconds later, he implies that the assigned Press is stupid and uninformed and that he is, of course, correct after all.
    What a piece of work.

  24. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Had a business lunch. Still listening to it.

    Can’t help to think, how they took the easy road and had the fans ask the questions?

    The reporter gets off the hook of Tort’s 101.

    Tort’s is going to win out there. I hope the NHL books Rangers/Canucks for the 1’st game.

  25. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    It is a great city. It’s not New York. But if you like the mountains, and you like hockey, that is all they have there!!!

    So Torts will be in a Fishbowl, in Canada. It’s a different type of pressure.

    They are going to be a playoff team, but will they be able to beat the Kings, Hawks, Blues, Red Wings????

  26. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    I agree Wild, but MR. Universe will be gone.

    And Philly could watch the Mr Vezina beat them again.

  27. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Is there a video link to torts presser?

    I can’t wait for the first reporter there to ask torts why he only has one assistant lol

    The goalie on the list that actually makes me nervous going to the flyers is three or more.

    Brich is a no brainer buy out!!

    Any word regarding clowe coming back?

  28. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    That was a great interview of Torts.

    He is going rise to a Rockstar Status in Vancouver.

    It’s the only game in town.

    So WHO succeeds first? Tort or Viggy?

  29. The decision on Richards has already been made, at least that’s what LB implied this morning. Meaning, AV has very little input into that one.

  30. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Right here if you missed Torts.

    We should hire a coach like this.

    He has great stats, just look at them. He’s won on every level. He has a Calder Cup, a Stanley Cup, a Jack Adams award, a silver medal. Most wins by a USA coach. Coached a in the biggest market in all of hockey, and saves dogs from the shelter.

    How do you not hire this guy?

  31. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    You want a coach that plays the youth?

    Well look at Hags, Step, Miller, Kreider, Del Zotto, Moore, McD, he has to be the best coach in getting the kids ready to play.

    Who wins MORE playing the youth?

    Hire this guy! Quick!! Before he is snatched up!!!

  32. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    The season just ended last night, and I’m already excited for the new season to begin.

    20 Prospects in 20 Days.

    Which one is going to make the most difference for the Rangers?

  33. So the official word on Bergeron is:

    Game 5: Suffered Broken Rib(s) and a Cartilage Tear (went to hospital for observation)

    Game 6: Suffered a separated shoulder

  34. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    If nasty wins the damn contest, next year my entry will be shirtless

  35. “jam”, “process”, “accountability”….

    boy I didn’t realize how much I missed those words Torts.

  36. You guys better get over and vote for the Beards. It appears Nasty has rigged the voting yet again.


  37. Yeah, byfuglien’s name IS on the Cup. Right next to Andrew Shaw’s, who dropped at least 5 F-bombs on national TV until NBC attempted to mute it.

  38. How is hockey *not* on a 7-Second delay yet? Tort swore and so did someone else who said it was a “huge [Byfuglien] goal” on national Television.

    Anyone else confused as to why Tukka Rask did not win the Conn Smythe? Am I the only one that expected him to get it in the losing effort?

  39. Torts: (on GM Mike Gillis, who is sitting on the next stool): “He is a man who thinks out of the box.”

    and…”we have to play the right way.” lol Neil Armstrong new right wing for the Sedins. One small step.

  40. Torts on the sedin twins. There going to be killing penalties and they will have to block shots.

    It’s starting already. Good luck with that.

  41. Rob in Beantown on

    Kevin Baumer @kevinbaumer
    Very interesting: Torts says he and Alain Vigneault have been talking “every other day” about players on their respective new teams #NYR

  42. Eric: Sedin twins seeking asylum in Ecuador. Buttman considers awarding Islander franchise to Quito.

  43. Rob in Beantown on

    Coach Vigneault: “Tell me about this Hagelin guy”

    Coach Torts: “Don’t even get me started”

  44. This is why I *love* Tort


    Tortorella said that he does expect the Sedins to block shots and praises their ability to make something out of nothing. “Do I expect to turn them into a Ryan Callahan, no I do not but they need to play proper defense.”

  45. @NYP_Brooksie

    Canucks have been granted permission to talk to NYR assistant coach Mike Sullivan. Expected to join Tortorella’s staff as in TB, NY.

  46. Totally agree Manny. Torts says it like it is…there should never be any secrets with what the expectations are.

  47. Oh no! Shaw said a couple of cuss words after winning the Cup he dreamed of getting as a kid.

    Sullivan “given” permission to talk to the Canucks. More like encouraged to get the hell out.

    So who are these couple of players Torts regrets in putting in bad situations?

    Cannot wait to see the Sedins flopping around on the ice blocking shots. That’ll go over real well when they break an ankle.

  48. Manny, in re Conn Smythe…I don’t think any CS winner from a losing team has ever won the award without getting to a Game 7 of the SCF…certainly the last two (JSG in 03 and Hextall(!) in 1987)

  49. Reggie Leach won the Conn Smythe in 1976 even though his Flyers got SWEPT by the Habs…

  50. Oh and for the “Torts hates Kreider” comedians on here, pretty telling how he talked about Stepan and Hagelin going through the process (another wonderful cliche that thankfully is out of here) yet completely ignored Kreider.

  51. It wasn’t his fault, Lyova. He is still a kid. But NBC tried and couldn’t block it. Multiple times. You think it’s appropriate? On national TV. Sorry, I don’t

  52. What I get out of the few old time Rangers that I still run into on the odd occasion is that, ironically, Torts is good for the kids because they listen and truly want to get to the big bucks level, but the vets, while still playing hard, tune him out and think he belongs coaching at a community college. Maybe they’re wrong. Old soldiers think they have all the answers, but they ARE old soldiers, after all.

  53. Lyova:
    In fairness, Stepan has played three seasons and Hags is going into his third (Okay first full) NHL next year. Kreider has not put in the time they did.

    I am interested to see if they make a trade for a first round draft pick, a top six forward, or a D-man. Will they sign a UFA? Buy-out Richards? I find this time of year exciting but is followed by two painfully slow months.

  54. Torts to AV: “I see that Higgins scored 30 goals in his time playing for you. That 25 years sure flew by.”

  55. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Coos old soldiers never die. They will always be looking after us.

    One thing is for CERTAIN, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Good luck in Vancouver Torts. Still a fan of the man, and always will be.

  56. On Kreider, I think Torts felt he needed to go through the process just as Step, Hags, DZ, etc did…and I don’t blame him. Did you notice how often Kreids and his linemates were pinned in their zone last year whenever he was up…certainly wasn’t always or even often his fault, but I do think that he would have benefited from a full training camp and perhaps a half year with the whale ala Hags’ experience.

    Rangers West – I am very interested in the trade market. With the cap going down and a weak FA crop, seems that the way to improve will be via the trade market this summer. Perhaps DZ on the move?

  57. In a strange, discombobulated way, I do still admire Torts if for nothing else than for his adamant and confident single-mindedness. Go figure.

  58. I really like Hags and MDZ but I think they are both expendable and could bring something good back in return. Also, a lot of teams will throw money, I imagine, at Bickell, But he’s on a $5000,000 are teams really going to offer him more than 1.5/2 million? He might be a good option for playing with Boyle and Miller on the 3rd line.

  59. That confident single mindedness isn’t particularly pleasant to be around, coos. In daily life. In hockey, it translated into a rare shift taken off by anyone, and into a hardest working team in decades. How easy we forget what this team looked like prior to his arrival.

  60. “Vigneault wants one of his assistants running the power play and another running the penalty kill. He wants them to have NHL experience and they must be knowledgeable, upbeat and positive. No decision on assistants has been made at this point, though.”

    Sounds like a plan.

  61. This tidbit seems to lend some credence to Henrik’s opinion and that he expressed it privately:

    Sather talked about how John Tortorella’s defensive-first style may have affected the 31-year-old veteran.

    “We didn’t lead the league in shot blocking this year. We have in the past, but we didn’t this year,” Sather said. “But it’s constantly defending in your own end and the barrage of shots that Henrik was getting. He’s a great goaltender and he’s 31 years old. We want him to finish his career in New York and continue to be a great goaltender for the next six, seven, or eight years, depending on how long he wants to play.”

  62. He needs to make sure there is another coach who makes sure they change properly. Or with some knowledge of infectious disease. Because I believe too many man is a viral epidemic in NY.

  63. Sully was reported to be a Torts clone. No good cop, bad cop, just bad cop x2. He supposedly did NOT handle the Power Play. I don’t know what he did other than to pull out the grease pen in late offensive zone face-offs. Torts seems to want only one Assistant to prevent any Fletcher Christians ganging up on him.

  64. Torts is a good coach and he got the most out of this mediocre team. The failing is on the personnel assembled by Sather. Sather is blaming the system and some mock wall hockey but they would have won less playing open. I also do agree that the guys cant be expected to play that way forever. Torts will have more to work with in Van.

  65. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Coos – Smart move on the “Power Play Coach”, if it doesn’t work, you can hire another one without losing the head job!!!

    Vigneault could be the right man for the job, if he can get the offence going. The leadership on this team knows how to play the “Right Way”.

    Vigneault will have a Nashty team to work with next year. It should be a fun ride, and a better interview.

    Best of Luck!!!

  66. Also in Van, Torts will have a group which feels it’s close, is looking for the solution to get over the hump, and he will get buy-in.

  67. However, after all the positives are stated, Torts playing Richards every night almost right up to the very end, especially on the PP, defines the worst aspect his egoistic arrogance.

  68. “Adamant confident single mindedness” I like that. A great trait perhaps in many regards and also his undoing.

  69. It’s Shakespearian, SeeeDubbb. The seemingly tangential tragic fault that brings down empires.

  70. Sioux – Plausible deniability. The defensive haven for tyrants since Machiavelli advised Princes.

  71. Yes he made mistakes and his stubbornness with Richards was odd. But that’s not why they didn’t advance.

  72. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Wasn’t bieksa the one who said we don’t need an authoritarian coach a little while back? Hopefully he is available in a trade soon.

    The sooner sully is gone the better IMHO.

    I don’t want the former blue jackets coach as an assistant either!

  73. It’s a damn shame that Torts got fired. Not to say that AV won’t be a successful coach here but Torts should have been allowed to finish the job he started in NY. People forget how he changed the culture of the entire organization. Torts called NY “a free agent haven” before he got there…good for him. And, he also pointed out how kids fit now into the picture and develop into top players, where in the past, they weren’t developed properly and stayed in the minors.

  74. Czechthemout!!! on

    They cant hire Sully fast enough in my opinion. And he was in charge of the PP.

    This today is the most cordial Torts the Van media see. Although I dont really care about that to tell you the truth. I cared the most about how awful a system Torts coached. Relying on your goalie to win 2-1 night in and night out is not how you build a team. I repeat, this team has a lot more talent than some of you guys are giving them credit for. I watched guys like Andrew Shaw, Bickell,Stalberg, Krueger, Frolik attempting to or making plays shift after shift. They did not just dump the puck in blindly over and over again. The forwards dont go three deep behind the net, cycle forever with out once making a play.

    Vancouver will not make the playoffs next season. Book it!

  75. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    I love how Torts destroyed Delzotto ,Gaborik ,and told Hagelin he sucks then left for Vancouver …awsome!!!

    Sedins blocking shots!!?? HAHAHAHAAHHAAAA!! Yeah right.

    Sedins killing penaties!!??? HAHAHHAHAHAHAA!! okkk.

    Torts spanked Dubinsky pritty good too and then he was sent away Avery styleeeee . All in all Torts is gone and I am very happy we now have a coach who isn’t an idiot.

  76. carp… curious to hear what you thought of torts’ presser and the kinder, gentler version

  77. I agree, NYR. That was the comment that got me. Him being able to turn the franchise in a positive direction but not being able to see it through. That’s rough. Plus, I just love the guy. He’s a _real_ hockey guy.

    The thing that scares me about Vigneault is the advanced metrics and sleep coaches and therapists and all that junk. That freaks me out.

  78. I still will never, ever understand why anyone, on this planet, other than those that run the organization or handle its PR, gives a hoot how Torts treats the media. Seriously. Just win. That’s his only job. Other than that I couldn’t care less. The only people that make it a story are the media.

    Not you, Carp. Sorry. I know it’s not you and a bunch of other core guys, but the guys that write for gossip rags that cover sports tend to inflate the Tort thing like it’s a big deal. When in actuality it gives them things to write about.

    Also, Torts attitude takes the focus off his players and saves them from a lot of scrutiny. I think it’s his way of protecting them.

  79. You can bet that part of Torts’ deal was that he agreed to a more amicable demeanor with the Press. Can he deliver over an extended season? We will see. So long as he’s winning, he’ll be a Vancouver darling. Then…?

  80. Remember Nastase and Connors and McEnroe? There was a time when players competing for major titles had real jobs. Tennis had its aficionados but not a huge following. People disinterested in tennis began to watch to see the antics. A coach is less interesting, but Torts ironically helped the NHL with his testiness. The public will accept anything but boredom.

  81. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts – “the twins will play proper defense” – what? They never had a coach team them? It’s been improper their whole career? Torts said the same nonsense about Brassard, Moore, et al. After those trades. The guy acts like he is the only one who knows “the right way”. I am so glad that little man with the huge ego is gone. He wont be missed. The car seat, yes. Torts? No!!

  82. I don’t care how Torts treats the media.

    I care about how he coached my team. It wasn’t working anymore. Next coach, plz.


  83. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – Connors vs McEnroe – US open semis 1984. One of the best matches ever played – Mac won in 5…. That was a terrific super Saturday…

  84. Was it not working? First an appearance in the ECF and the next season a 2nd round exit (in which they performed better than the mighty Penguins). I would argue that this move is a bit premature and a bit of the “old” Rangers.

    Do I think it will work? I think Vigneault could be successful. And it’s apparently what Prima Donna Hank wants. So be it. I want to collapse on the ground in emotional disaster after this team FINALLY wins a cup. Please. Just get me (us) that.

  85. And, Manny, who on earth would be interested in a Vancouver after game presser? With Torts, people will try to tune in and, if he explodes, everyone from youtube to Sports Illustrated will promulgate. I know that I’ll seek it out until he gets as boring as the rest of them. If you can’t sell the steak, sell the sizzle. :)

  86. eddie – they hated each other, which made for even more drama. Check out the ’82 Michelob, Chicago.

  87. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – well aware of their hatred which started at the 77 Wimbledon semis. And the infamous centre court scolding in 80 I think.. Where he wagged his finger like Mac was a child. Opposing styles but great tennis and even better theater.

  88. Not sure if Eddie Johnston ever grew a playoff beard back when he played the game for the Rangers? But if he did, he’d surly have to win the beard award for most dramatic improvement.

  89. Cooscoos has clearly never attended a Toledo Mud Hens minor league baseball game…

  90. Kreider’s agent: “Not sure what’s going on, but does this mean that my kid can get a couple of shifts?”

  91. The days go on and on… they don’t end. All my life needed was a sense of someplace to go. I don’t believe that one should devote his life to morbid self-attention, I believe that one should become a person like other people.

  92. JT Miller’s agent to Kreider’s agent: “Do you have my cell #? We have to talk.

  93. Firing Torts was a mistake. But, hiring Veen-yo wasn’t a bad move. He was the best coach available.

    Say what you want about Torts but don’t disrespect the Rangers by saying it wasn’t working. Believe me, I’ve seen when the Rangers weren’t working. Remember Ron Low? I try my hardest not to.

  94. If North West, Kayne West’s new kid grows up to marry River Phoenix, she’ll be North West Phoenix.

  95. The lights are brighter in downtown Manhattan because it’s closer to the Battery.

  96. Here comes the toughest part of the season for the fans…theoreticians and speculators love it, along with the energizer bunny, but the proof is in the pudding come September. New cook, new recipe, new results? Stay tuned…my ice is melting!;>((

  97. Bill Parcells – “If I’m going to cook the food, I want to shop for the groceries.”

  98. I used to sell batteries, but I lost the spark. I guess I just wasn’t getting a charge out of it any more.

  99. And then I worked for a fire hydrant company, but I could never find a place to park.

  100. I’m sorry but I would not want another year of Tortorella’s predictable hokey. No thanks.

  101. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    NYR and Manny, I agree with you. The fire that Torts lit under our guys was a special thing. Last year I, personally, will remember as the best year since 1994. We went to the ECF Finals because of the coach and Henrique. Period. In either order.

    People can dislike his act, not like the style of play, but I challenge anyone here to name a coach that got more out of a Ranger team than Torts.

    The revolving door of coaches has to stop. I can guarantee that Sather’s comment “we should have a lot of fun together for the next 5 years” to AV was hollow. Never happen. Not for 5.

  102. Who ever heard of a Ranger in Manhattan? They’re all out in Yellowstone. We should be the ‘Initial Public Offerings’ or the ‘Midtown Arbitrage.’

  103. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The rangers never should have lost to the Devils last year. For the #1 seed needing 7 to beat Ottawa and the Craps while exciting wasnt terribly impressive IMO.

    I’m happy he’s gone. The rangers will be better off without him.

  104. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    There will be a mutiny before long by the players in Van. mark my words…

  105. Rangers weren’t expected to win the division or make it to the EC finals two years ago, let alone win it all. Torts’ team exceeded expectations. No?

    And, the year before that (out of nowhere) the Rangers suddenly became one of the toughest teams to play against in the NHL. That was when the identity was born. I was a fan of the mindset Torts helped create for NYR while here.

    Not worried because I think Veen-yo knows this and will only try to build on it.

  106. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Doesn’t matter what they were expected to do before the season starts – completely immaterial. The fact of the matter is that they were the President’s trophy winner but fir a late season collapse. They finished the season barely edging the penguins and lost to a devils – a team they should have beaten…

    Delusional Avery lovers >> Delusional torts lovers

  107. Why is it still an Avery vs. Torts thing? One retired. One has a Jack Adams and just signed a 5 year deal. And the one that retired is now hosting a reality show.

  108. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    My brutha – I know you like torts – no worries – I don’t.

    Babcock coaching the rangers last year and they play the kings for the cup – and if this year – the rangers finish better than they did –

    Torts is gone and I’m happy.

  109. NYR is right. Torts made the mindset and the identity of the team. Sather let way too many pieces walk and Tort took the blame. This team overachieved under Torts. By FAR.

    But as NYR said, if not Torts, then Vigno is the next best option (available). So let’s roll the dice and try to ride the kids and a new(ish) system as far as we can.

    All I want is a cup. Which is why this place is so great. We all want the same thing.

  110. I don’t *love* Tort. I just think he got a lot out of a team that wasn’t expected to go very far and then was fired for something that wasn’t really his fault. Sure he could have adapted, etc.

    It’s just…Hockey. Teams need an identity. They need a TEAM effort. And constantly changing the direction of that effort and TEAM idea is not a great idea. I would have rather given Tort another season to see what happens and right the ship with the 50% new parts he was given.

    Again, I just want a CUP. That’s all. Whoever wins it, wins it. I just think Tort was canned too soon.

    And if it’s a Hank vs. Tort thing then I am very worried about Hank.

  111. _Sather let way too many pieces walk and Tort took the blame._

    How do you know that it was Sather who let those pieces walk? Maybe they didn’t want to stay to begin with…

  112. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny – if i had a nickel for everytime I was called a delusional avery lover, I’d have a lot of nickels. I was really pissed the way Avery was treated much like how u and others are upset the way torts was treated – that’s the source of my comparison –

  113. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny – I’d rather have the cup. It’s way more fun to bitch and moan about not winning it :)

  114. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny – I’d rather not have the cup. Way more fun complaining about not winning it :)

  115. i just requested to join the fb group… my actual name is the extended version of my bonehead name, tf…

    my problem with torts this year was the lack of adapting to the change in personnel. last year’s style with that group was perfect for them. this year he had a little more skill and less prust’s, and there never seemed to be any changes made to adapt to this different group.

    granted, i was happy to chalk that up to a shortened season, sather not restocking the bottom of the lineup, and the no training camp. i was fine with giving him another full season to see what the team did.

    i think that was the plan too until henry’s breakup day comments, i don’t believe for a second that uncle glen was contemplating a move all year long

  116. Hey Carp, this has probably been addressed before but, with this new blog layout, there is no link to click on at the bottom of each comment section to take you directly to the NEW POST. Am I missing something?

  117. I too sent a request to the fb group.

    Richards buyout clock under 24 hours. Hope to wake tomorrow to that piece of good news.

  118. There is a *serious* and *rigged* coup by Nasty over at the voting for the Playoff Beard site. It’s getting out of control. If any of you have any friends you might want to ask them to vote for you. Or just vote for anyone besides Nasty.

  119. Cross Check Charlie on

    I think if Torts tries to transform the Canucks into a shot blocking, dump the puck out to center, dump the puck into the offensive zone team they will be lucky to make the playoffs.

  120. With the right amount of skill, Vancouver will be a lot closer to Safe is Death than the NYR could have been. They’ll be very good next season.

  121. Is there a buyout window countdown clock anywhere? I reckon its less than 14 hours, but i could be wrong?

  122. Carp agree completely. Torts made the best of what he had here, a mediocre team. I can’t believe the short memories, how grateful we were to have a team that was tough to play against, in the best physical condition, mentally tough, stood up for each other. We were proud at the expression playing the right way, now it is mocked.

    Torts made mistakes this year and i think he should have realized he didnt have the personnel and maybe dialed back a bit. His stubborness did him in. Plus his style and personality will start to grate and accelerate the shelf life if you’re not winning. At that point there is no choice but to move on. But it is not something to be happy about, it actually feels like a lost opportunity.

    Maybe AV is the right guy now. Let’s hope. But it isn’t going to matter unless they add at least one top line skill player, and a couple of mean bodies with some skill around the line up. I’m hopeful the amnesty buyouts offer opportunity.

  123. Some people just hated him for some obvious reasons, and will never give him credit for one of the best Rangers seasons ever. That’s fine. I’m not arguing that firing him was right or wrong. But not everything he did here was carcillo.

    And the best thing he did, probably, was to convince Sather to not keep dealing away kids for older guys, for example, not giving up Stepan and Kreider for Nash. Will be interesting to see if that reverts with AV here.

  124. I think its a strange case of both coaches are the right man at the right time.
    With AV we have a guy known to be a matchup demon who maximises guys offensive talents while preaching good defence, but giving players leeway. Our guys have learnt defensive structure and discipline from Torts and now they need encouraging to break out and score.

    With Torts Vancouver will get a disciplinarian which seems to be needed as they have been great offensively, especially their top 2 lines, but have played soft. Torts will toughen em up and make them harder to play against.

    The question is (for both): will they undo the good work of their predecessor or serve to enhance it?

  125. Rob in Beantown on

    It’s interesting that the NHL felt the need to close that CBA loophole. I remember a few people were discussing the theoretical possibility of a trade-buyout-resigning, but apparently it wasn’t just academic because some teams were actually considering doing it.

  126. Good question, UK. Thought it was really interesting yesterday, Torts talking about he and AV have spoken every other day for two weeks about the teams they’re inheriting.

    They both need to understand, and I think they do, that both have a lot of good stuff going on. The Rangers, obviously, have some holes, but are also pretty strong in a lot of areas, including the still-young core and of course the King with no ring.

  127. Carp – thanks (i’m trying to adjust it to my timezone!).

    Also, agree on Torts giving us the most complete season we’ve had in years and a team with an identity (rather than a bunch of mercs and nobodies) and for keeping our best youngsters. Hopefully now they will flourish under AV’s guidance.

  128. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Aaron Hernandez – “I didn’t be killing nobody. It be ray Lewis”

  129. Could Aaron Hernandez be demonstrating the fastest way to go from $40m to $0?
    Or is Bellicheck going to produce video evidence to the contrary?

  130. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    As good as the rangers’ season was last year, it should have been better. This year was horrid. I Watched other teams 4th lines move the puck out of their zone and carrying into the attacking zone better than our first line. Dump and chase is not effective. The rangers, these past 2 seasons, often had trouble making consecutive passes to each other – to me – that’s on Torts. The Wall ball era is over thankfully. Even without the skill level AV is accustomed to, I sense he will be a better teacher and fundamentals like giving and taking a pass won’t seem impossible to accomplish.

  131. King with no Ring on

    His arrest wasn’t very dignified. Cuffed and stuffed like an ordinary street thug.

  132. That is a really good point, UK. I really hope you’re right, for both of them. I wish Tort the best and I hope that one day he does fine Musky. But for the Rangers, I think Vigneault and his offensive system, combined with the defensive positioning that these guys learned (and had hammered into their brains) from Tort and Sully (and Rammer) can be a REALLY great combination.

    Guys like Boyle are going to become very valuable 4th liners.

  133. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If torts were to coach the hawks next year – his first press conference would include comments like “Kane needs to learn proper defense” and “hossa has to block shots” and “Tays must learn to play the right way” blah blah blah

    The ego is gone, long live the ego.

  134. Manny – now that we are are 3 years removed from that 21 goal aberration maybe Boyle will settle into a 4th line role and primary PKer? Boyle-Pyatt-Dorsett? Gives us more room to put together a different 3rd line with some scoring potential?

    Of course, a lot of the off-season strategy will depend on whats happening with Richie, i’m presuming amnesty buyout but the rumblings of him not being bought out are worryingly getting louder.

  135. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Along with the ego no longer here, perhaps the concept of hot potato puck is gone forever too.

  136. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ray Lewis – “I told that fool Hernandez to get rid of the evidence – not have molly maids come in and clean everything up. He might catch a good pass, but he ain’t good at killin”

  137. I’m fine with Boyle centering Pyatt and Dorsett as a 4th line. That line has size, some skating and a whole lot of gritt (from Dorsett, the smallest guy on the line).

  138. Boyle will/should be a fourth-line center … IF they have a third-line center who’s better than he is. He will still be able to be used for d-zone faceoffs and PK from the fourth line.

    Too bad, because the goal-scoring mirage aside, that 2011-12 season he was a legit third-liner, able to play against and defend other teams’ top lines at times.

    If he’s the fourth-line center on merit, that means the 2013-14 Rangers are better than the ’13 Rangers. We’ll see.

  139. bull dog line on

    Boyle will not be centering the Rangers 4th line. maybe some other teams 4th line, but not the Rangers. Torts being fired, and AV being hired was the final nail for him. he’s gone.

  140. That means that, after the Rangers buy out Richards, that JT Miller steps up and is a legit 3rd line Center and Brassard is able to be a 2nd line Center for an entire season.

    Vigneault might actually be able to handle Brassard.

  141. they won’t give him away, though, and his market value isn’t very high. maybe wishful thinking on your part?

  142. Pros need to be be coached how to make and receive passes?

    Rangers over achieved last yr with a very mediocre team. It was all Hank and toughness, mental and physical.

    We can all agree it was time for Torts to go but I have a hard time with opinions of those denying/forgetting his accomplishments with this group and what he did for the franchise.

  143. Cross Check Charlie on

    Assuming Richards is bought out, who is the 3rd line center? Miller? Lindberg? I wan’t too impressed with Miller at center last season. Lindberg is an unknown.

  144. bull dog line on

    not wishful thinking at all Carp. just putting 2 an 2 together. probable change in style, last year of contract, younger, cheaper and more versatile players on the way who play his position.

  145. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Matteau – are you suggesting that the rangers could pass the puck to each other cleanly? Not from what I saw. Off the wall, chipped off the glass – the rangers were superb. Stringing passes to each other? Not so much. How about torts having MDZ practice shooting on net day after day until he could put a puck on net during a game? Seems reasonable to me.

  146. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Matteau – you put a better coach on the rangers last year, and this year, and you’d have seen a deeper run and more successful seasons.

  147. bull dog line on

    I answered why I think he would be gone already. what they could possibly get for him? how about some draft picks. everybody here has been regretting the Rangers lack of picks this year, Boyle could get you some.

  148. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The rangers will improve in the standings this year and the Canucks will slide down. Coaches matter.

  149. Yea. Let’s trade Brian Boyle, our 4th line Center, for a 6th round draft pick. That’s a great idea. I’m sure the Phlyers would take him on for us.

  150. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Matteau @ 10:30, agree with you. Torts made mistakes. He is controversial. The act he’s putting on in Vancouver will likely vanish under fire.

    However, call a spade a spade. Last year was great coaching. Those guys were a motley bunch with a great goalie and good coach and they came awful close to the SC Finals with very little.

    Let’s see AV do the same. Torts ran his course, but he motivated the heck out of our boys.

    I hope I am wrong, but I see a let down this year. Hope I am wrong.

  151. Disliking Brian Boyle is something I will never understand. He’s a 4th line Center. When he’s at his absolute best, he’s a 3rd line Center. Expecting him to be more or do more is absurd. As far as 4th line Centers go, he’s a really good one. Great at faceoffs, can skate better than most, is humungous and can score once in a while.

  152. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Curious how well conditioned our team will be this year.

  153. bull dog line on

    you talk like Brian Boyle is some great combo of Brian Skrudland, and Joel Otto. he is a 4th line center who is replaceable. and picking some random late round pick to make your argument doesn’t work for me. you could get a 3rd from the right team.

  154. Great point, Matty. He’s a terrific PK’er.

    Bull Dog – what would replacing him or getting rid of him do? It would create more holes than solutions. You would now need a terrific face off guy and someone that kills penalties at a high level. Where are you getting that guy for $1.7M?

  155. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Newbury is a better 4th center than Boyle. Boyle better on PK but in terms of speed, hustle, hitting I’d take Newbury. And don’t respond with Newbury takes stupid penalties – as Boyle is the league leader in that department.

  156. You *have* to dislike Brian Boyle to think that getting rid of him makes the Rangers a better team. It has to be personal.

  157. Boyle is better on Faceoffs and better on PK than Newbury. Boyle also has a better track record in the NHL.

    I like Newbury and would love to see him as our “healthy scratch” guy. But he’s not Brian Boyle. Neither is Mashinter or Jean or anything else we have in Hartford for a bottom 6.

    What’s up with Marek Hrivik? Is he able to be our Slovakian next season?

  158. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny – Boyle can barely stand on his skates – “a better skater than most”??????????

    My brutha you hitting the pipe early this morning? :)

  159. bull dog line on

    a lot of guys here here no the in’s and out’s of the cap rules, but I don’t think you understand how teams go about managing the cap. you have to make decisions on guys a year before there contract is up (see Gaborik). Boyle has 1 year left on his deal, and then he is an RFA. what do you think he is worth, and what would you pay a 4th line center has had trouble scoring? thats the decision the Rangers have to make. you have Miller, and Lindberg on the way who play his position. I guess you can let him play it out and let him walk after season. I would not, and I don’t think the Rangers will either.

  160. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I liked Newbury Haley and Dorsett on the 4th line. Given their extremely limited practice time together – I was favorably impressed.

  161. bull dog line on

    why? why do I have to dislike him for me to think the Rangers are going to move him? you have given me no reason at all to keep him. great face off man, and penalty killer. same reasons people gave to keep Blair Betts. sure missed him when he was gone.

  162. bull dog line on

    how many years in a row do the Rangers have to lose because of the other teams 4th line before you get it. 3rd, and 4th lines need to be able to contribute to the score sheet. and if you are playing 14 to 16 minutes a game, 2 goals don’t cut it.

  163. bull dog line on

    did not say he was a problem ( the way Torts used him was). I said you need more than what he is capable of giving from the position.

  164. I just think that Vigneault would want him here, in that position, and that plenty of NHL teams would love to have him playing that position. Not that he’s great, and he sure sucked for a lot of last season. But until they get somebody better, why jettison him?

  165. King with no Ring on

    A fourth liner should be able to penalty kill.

    The penalty kill was a problem this past season.

  166. bull dog line on

    if the Rangers are to play the puck control game that AV wants them to, how does Boyle fit. I know he wants an energy line for his 4th line, does Boyle fit there?

  167. The more serious problem, as I see it, is at the top of the lineup. Outside of Nash (regular-season Nash, not playoff Nash) they don’t have the first-line skill anymore. So second-liners are playing first line minutes, a third-liner like Brassard and Hagelin are playing second-line minutes, fourth-liners like Boyle and Pyatt and Dorsett are playing third-line minutes, and minor leaguers ended up playing on the fourth line.

    If Gaborik and Richards had played like first-liners, as planned, last season, everybody else notches down a line, to where they belong, and the Rangers’ fourth line doesn’t get its brains kicked in again.

  168. King with no Ring on

    When the only quality a player possesses is the ability to win faceoffs, he is not a means to success.

  169. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – I think Brassard centering Nash and a healthy Clowe is an excellent trio.

  170. bull dog line on

    I will sort of agree with you Carp. though I feel that Stepan is now a true 1st line NHL player, and I think Brassard can be a 2. I would also sign Clowe. I think he is a true 2nd line player. I don’t really care about the draft pick they would lose.

  171. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Boyle is slow, not hard on the puck, has poor balance, and a lot of pucks bounce off of his stick (OT vs Washington was hardly the only time *that* happened)

  172. we need more skill up in top 6. if not carp post 2 up from me hits the nail on the head .

    with relaligment and the playoff structure we are screwed

  173. Cross Check Charlie on

    Carp, I agree with what you say. Richards blew the whole thing out of whack with his lousy play and Gaborik didn’t help a whole lot. So, how do you fix it? If you try to do it through trades then you have to give up something and you’re gutting the roster again. If you do it through free agency then ….well….we’ve seen how well that has worked in the past.

  174. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Richards is now closer to a 6th line center than a 1st. Hopefully, that ship has sailed and ain’t coming back.

  175. bull dog line on

    your point about not having top line skill made it all the more baffling that Torts did not give Kreider a longer look. you may have had a top line guy in your system and never gave him a look. I don’t think AV is going to make that same mistake.

  176. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hags and MDZ could be packaged to bring a forward back with some size and reasonable skill or a bigger tougher physical D man. The rangers need to get a bit bigger and jettisoning those two is a start…

  177. bull dog line on

    though Gabby never made an excuse, you could certainly make on for him. why would Torts take his 40 goal scoring RW, and make him a LW? Nash had not earned his Ranger stripes, and should not have been given preference over Gabby on there positions.
    sort of reminded me of when Campbell took Luc Robbitalle ( one of the most prolific goal scoring LW’s in NHL history} and made him a RW. then did the same with Jari Kurri. moved him from RW to Center.

  178. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Bull dog – Kreider hasn’t gone through the process (s). Whatever the heck that means. I have a feeling the Sedin twins are going to soon realize that they know very little about how the game is supposed to be played.

  179. bull dog line on

    the Sedins are UFA’s after this season. it is going to interesting to see how that all plays out.

  180. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Regardless of personnel moves, the rangers just got better simply because torts was fired.

  181. If Brassard is our first line Center that means he somehow learns to out perform Stepan. For a long time. And consistently…

  182. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Bulldog – my money says the twins won’t be on the Canucks after this season. We can only hope they don’t break their ankles blocking shots. If they liked playing under Veen-yo, perhaps the Rangers have a shot…boils down to the cap and what is left once hank steals his gold…

  183. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny – given our new coach’s propensity to roll 4 lines and how he plays more of a chess game with his players, the rangers might have 2 good # 2 lines as opposed to a one and two…

  184. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny – Brassard outplayed Step during the playoffs. His skill level seems higher. Brassard needs to learn to not make the “stupid” play is my thinking… But his patience with the puck and the fact that he is the best passer on the team are good things..

  185. Still no Richards buy-out. A few hours left. Trades and UFA signings are going to be a lot more pedestrian this summer if Richards is not bought out. I hope he bounces back next season.

  186. Yea, Brassard has talent. That’s why he was drafted 5th or 6th overall and got $3.8M. But he never lives up to it and historically has an attitude problem. Thus, he worries me. Stepan is a hardnosed hockey player that went out there against the top competition time after time.

  187. Rangers West, no the buyout clock hasn’t started yet. It starts at 11 p.m. tonight and runs through July 4.

  188. I am hoping that the Brassard we saw in NY is who is here to stay. Still not as consistent as Stepan, but heads and shoulders above the guy with the same name who played in Columbus.

  189. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny – I disagree. He had some injury problems which limited his ability I’d say. But he shined on the biggest stage and he will really flourish under AV. Brassard along with Kreider are going to be the biggest beneficiaries of the new system. Finally, they will get the chance to play “the right way” this season…

  190. Also, for the record, I hope Richards bounces back big time wherever he is next year, even if it’s the Isles or Devils. He seems like a good dude and it was tough to see him go through this season. I just think it would be better for the team right now to buy him out and move on.

  191. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – if he rolled a 4th line with sestito (though his TOI wasn’t exactly double digits) I’d expect that Newbury Haley and Asham (assuming Dorsett gets third line duty) will get 7-8 minutes a game.

  192. Cross Check Charlie on

    I don’t think all of Kreiders problems were system/coach related. I wouldn’t be counting on him as the team savior.

  193. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Having watched a fair amount of Canuck games this past season – one thing is for sure – AV won’t shy away from the tough stuff. He trotted Sestito out on the ice to mix things up often enough….The rangers will be as feisty this upcoming season as they were last season…

  194. Cross Check:

    You might be right about Kreider. I am more hesitant about him now than I was this time last year, but his is big, fast and has a great shot. It is not impossible for him to develop into a top three power forward. However, my guess is, worst case scenario, he will be a really good 2nd/3rd line power forward. Not what many hoped for but not a bad thing for the team.

  195. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Cross check – we will see. I’d wager that Kreider won’t be as uptight and his leash lengthened under AV. Our new coach wants players to make plays….Kreider can make plays if given line mates that aren’t named Boyle and Pyatt.

  196. I thought the prevailing criticism was that Vigneault’s teams weren’t tough enough. Like how Luongo was too scared to save the puck in half the games in the 2011 SCF.

  197. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    CTB – not sure about any prevailing wisdom but the games I watched this year the Canucks played tough enough during the season especially after picking up sestito (not that sestito has any talent). The Canucks and kings had some real good physical games…

    If Schneider doesn’t pull a groin late in the season, I don’t sense Van gets swept. I don’t think louongo was bad at all against the sharks but that injury sure messed their room up…

  198. Cross Check Charlie on

    Kreider didn’t exactly dominate during his time in the AHL. Don’t get me wrong. He can develope into a really good player, but I’m not counting on him to blossom into a first liner just because Torts is gone.

  199. Vancouver thinks they need more discipline, the Rangers think they had too much discipline. This kind of ring around the rosy has been going on since the Qin Dynasty, 200 BC, and I don’t mean Boston College. Good luck to AV. I’m rooting for him.

  200. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Given a healthy Clowe and Asham, along with Dorsett (and Haley) the rangers will be plenty tough…and gritty. Will it be enough? The D needs an upgrade for sure regarding physicality…

  201. It’s a tongue in cheek criticism of Vigneault E^3. There’s a strongly believed narrative that the main reason the Canucks lost to Boston in 2011 is because they were intimidated. Even if that’s partly true I’d still say Luongo having a couple of meltdown games was at least as big a reason.

  202. Kreider also didn’t start to excel at BC until his junior year. Maybe he’s got a longer learning curve than most of us expect?

  203. RT @NHLBruins: Jagr wants to keep playing [in the NHL], loves the game, just doesn’t know where. “I don’t want to go back to Czech yet”

    jagr one year 2.5 mil. get it done slats

  204. He’s been somewhat forgotten, but Clowe, if healthy, is a big part of completing this puzzle. We also need our of Dmen to be schooled to take the body instead of staring at the puck. And…and… Wow, a lot of Ands the more I think about it.

  205. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    CTB – that Boston team was tough and I imagine the Canucks players were intimidated and their goalie played some terrible games…. But they were up 3-2 in that series.

    The rangers this year in the playoffs against the Bruins, one could argue, were plenty intimidated by the bruins – far more than that Van was during that cup final. Is that on torts?? If you blame AV for that then do you blame torts for the horrid ranger performance in rd 2 this year?

  206. Manny Malhotra as Vigneault’s 3rd line centre:

    2010/11: 11-19-30, 16:09 TOI, 61.7% on faceoffs, 25.0% offensive zone starts

    2011/12: 7-11-18, 12:20 TOI, 58.5% on faceoffs, 13.2% offensive zone starts

    Doesn’t sound a million miles away from a role Boyle could fill, contract status aside.

  207. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    LW – you ask every GM/coach in the league would you rather have Malhoutra or Boyle, on ice, taking an important face off late in the game and I bet not a one picks Boyle.

  208. I may be wrong but…

    I don;t think Torts plays ‘safe is death’ in Vancouver, no matter the perceived talent level for these reasons

    a) ‘Safe is death’ is pre-lockout v.2 hockey. It’s predicated on there being a red-line and on players being able to hold up other players exiting the zone. Without those two factors, ‘safe is death’ is an odd man rush generator, but against you.
    b) Mike Sullivan. If Sullivan joins Torts in Vancouver, you now have your x and o’s guy being someone who historically does not do offensive hockey. Torts could override but then why bring in Sullivan in the first place. Also, Torts did not originate ‘safe as death’, remember, he’s not an x and o’s guy. The originator was Craig Ramsey and he’s with Florida right now.

    Brian Boyle. Why trade him? He’s not particularly expensive, he’s good at what he does and Viggy likes to start his lines out in appropriate zones so whoever your replace him with ain’t exactly going to make a huge offensive contribution simply because of the coach’s preferences. And as an aside, who do you replace him with because assuming a Richards buyout, trading Boyle just creates a Grand Central Canyon while without buying him out, we just have a ravine.

  209. Substitute without trading Boyle for without buying him out. Old age, what can I tell you.

  210. Brian Boyle is a really good bottom six player. If we needed Manny, I would love to bring him back. But at this point the Rangers would be using up cap space for somebody to be a practice skater/spare part.

  211. bull dog line on

    because you can replace him with younger, cheaper, and more versatile players. he makes 1.7 now, is a RFA after next season. how much are you willing to pay him in 2014? now is the time to move him.

  212. Great points Aneirin. I also forgot to compliment you for understanding the Monty Python translated into French. VERY impressive there.

  213. Boyle might be on the market before the deadline. I am not saying I’m opposed to moving him. Just give him a chance to prove himself under a new coach and remain the 4th line Center. I assume they only move him if they feel they have someone to replace him on PK, faceoffs and size.

  214. Actually, I am saying it. Keep Boyle. He’s obviously not getting much of a raise and as a 4th line Center he’s very good at what he does. $1.7M is reasonable.

  215. bull dog line on

    what are you willing to pay him in 2014 Manny? what do you think he would take?

  216. Bull dog

    Yes, we can but where exactly are those players. Not sure but I don’t think Boyle has to be qualified at anymore than what he’s making next year. Doubt he would expect a big raise. For what he does, making 1.7 is not out of place.

  217. I would give Boyle 3 years at $2M/Per. You have to consider that similar players are: (according to Hockey Reference)

    Bryan Bickell
    Tyler Bozak
    Nathan Gerbe
    Mattheiu Perreault

  218. bull dog line on

    you need to make room for Miller, and Lindberg (have never seen him play, going by what I have read). younger, and more versatile players.

  219. Not making the argument Boyle>Malhotra (or Malhotra>Boyle for that matter), e3, just suggesting its not outrageous to think Boyle could be used in a similar way by Vigneault. (Less extreme on the zone starts, but Boyle’s use by Tortorella wasn’t that far different anyway.)

  220. Boyle is 6’7″, 244 lbs. He’s 11 lbs off from CHARA. How can you not want to keep him around at that size? He’s not nearly as bad at skating as say, Taylor Pyatt (Who makes $1.6M).

  221. Boyle has proven that he can play LW, bull dog. Richards will be bought out. Then we have Stepan, Brassard, Miller and Boyle. If Lindberg is a phenom, great. We have another guy. But we need a physical, large 4th line. Boyle can Center it or play LW.

  222. bull dog line on

    I like Boyle better than 3 of those 4 players (Bickell). 3 years 6 mill is to much for what he brings.

  223. bull dog line on

    I don’t think he is a proven LW, Manny. I did not mind him there.
    he played it ok for a handful of games, but has not proven he’s a LW.

  224. I agree that he isn’t going to look for much of a raise and if you give him 3 or 4 years at about $1.6M I think Boyle is a bargain.

  225. bull dog line on

    he is a proven 4th line center, and if it was not a salary cap league you keep him. but it is a salary cap league. you are probably going to pay your goalie 9 mill a year, so you need to save somewhere. 2 mill for a 4th line center is to much.

  226. bull dog line on

    I disagree that he is not going to look for more. all players do, and he should. someone will be willing to pay him. it only takes 1.

  227. Boyle has proven he can play effective playoff hockey as a third liner. that’s about it. He wont get a pass from me just because he admitted he stunk all year. Modest contract keep him around. He’s one of the longest tenured Rangers at this point..

  228. e3, going back a while, what’s your definition of “rolling?” … playing as many shifts as the other lines, or playing considerably fewer as Sestito did?

    Because, if that’s your fourth line and they’re playing as much as the other three, AV will be gone faster than Torts was. He probably will be anyway.

  229. Boyle would be great on a 4th line with Dorsett and Bickell (Or whoever ends up there). He plays big when he has hard hitting line mates. He’s also a good team guy. If he’s here it would be a good thing for the team. Him not being here could be good for them too it’s just a matter of making sure that the replacement works for the team both on and off the ice. Liking the guys you play with and wanting to play for them is a really important part of the game.

  230. Don’t retire, Manny. We need you.

    Halpern got $825,000 last year. Total bust. I imagine a guy like Konopka or Hendricks would get around Boyle’s numbers. So, if you can replace him from within, fine. Otherwise, the savings is minimal.

  231. bull dog line on

    I am not a fan of rolling 4 lines. to me, you ride your best players. but the league has gone in the 4 lines direction. both the Hawks, and Bruins put 4th lines out there that could play. they could play in the Ozone, and Dzone.

  232. Well said, Carp (about Boyle not about “needing” me)

    If you can’t fill the role from within, or sign Konopka (who I covet for the role) or Hendricks or something similar, you have to keep Boyle at around the same cost. The 4th line becomes a big deal in the Playoffs and not having one has burned us two seasons in a row now. Carp is right that the top line talent and people having to play above their ability hurts. You need the depth for when your top line is shut down in the playoffs and you have to rely on your bottom six.

  233. bull dog line on

    neither Konopka, or Hendricks are as good as Boyle. I would replace him from within. the definition of a 4th line center is changing. they must be able to play both zones.

  234. bull dog line on

    AA signs extension. a little short of Dubi’s 4 mill a year. 3 mill and change for 12 to 16 goals a year.

  235. I’m stretching the point slightly, bull dog, but Vigneault’s M.O. is to make his bottom six do the grunt work and give cushy offensive minutes to his scorers. Not really four two-way lines.

  236. bull dog line on

    AV said he wanted 2 offensive lines, 1 two way line, and an energy line. maybe Boyle fits with the energy line if, as ranger west said, he is protected by a tough guy on his line. he played his best hockey with Prust riding shotgun, maybe Dorsett can fill that role for him.

  237. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    Because, if that’s your fourth line and they’re playing as much as the other three, AV will be gone faster than Torts was. He probably will be anyway.

    June 26th, 2013 at 1:22 PM

    Thats Funny :)

    and sather stays

  238. E3 no they don’t string together passes very well but that’s skill level not coaching.

    All this blame on Torts for Kreider is ridiculous. He sucked. Flat out. In AHL as well. Now that doesn’t mean he won’t improve and be a good player. But it won’t be because of coach or system.

  239. As for Brassard I am hopeful but we are getting ahead of ourselves to assume he is different from what he has been in Columbus. A skilled but inconsistent player.

  240. Lindberg ought to be a decent player with a shot at making the team out of camp, considering Pär Mårts selected him preliminarily for SWE Olympic Team.

  241. boyle is signed and probably isnt going anywhere. the 4th line should be boyle dorsett and i would love hendricks. if boyle plays 3rd line minutes that will tell you we arent deep enough.

  242. ….Which ties into what I think is the key to next season’s success: can Brassard and Kreider emerge as legit, consistent, top 6 forwards. If the answer is yes for both of them then we may have something exiting next year, particularly if we can add some skill and snarl through the amnesty process.

  243. the PROBLEM with the rangers is guys arent slotted in the right positions. hagelin isnt a top 6 forward one example. boyle on 3rd line another. we dont have enough top 6 skill

  244. bull dog line on

    sorry, but you can’t have watched Kreider in the last 2 games of the Bruins series and not have thought to yourself, if only Torts had let him play through his mistakes in the regular season the Rangers would have been better for it. Torts handling of Kreider was very short sighted. he was worried about 2 points at the beginning of the season instead of what was best for the team late in the season.

  245. By my estimates, as many as 18 NHL teams NOT likely to partake in compliance buyouts. Other 12 range from “for sure” to “thinking about it.” according to mckenzie

  246. You think AV is that short of a shelf life Carp?

    I’m curious (if not scared) to see what Sather does with this roster. It seems like they’re commited to a philosophy of less sandpaper and more finesse. the elite teams have both.

  247. bull dog line on

    Hendricks would be a healthy scratch half way through the season. no need for him.

  248. Kreider showed exciting flashes. Particularly that shift where he flattened like 4 Bruins. But overall he was still raw, caused real problems in the d zone. Will be easier to give him a chance to develop over 82 games.

  249. bull dog line on

    Kreider, without question, is one of the reasons Torts was fired. Sather wanted him with the big club from the beginning. also, Sather said he felt Kreider’s game translated better to the NHL than the AHL.

  250. Kreider was really looking good at the end of that Bruins series. I agree with you Bull Dog. I think Vigneault will put these kids in a position to succeed and let Kreider attempt to net 30. I hope he does.

  251. The big difference I am looking for with Vigneault is defensive positioning. I want the D-Men moved away from the crease and near the circles. They will be able to turn defense into offense quicker and give guys like Kreider more of a chance to use his wheels rather than fight for pucks below the goal.

  252. Kreider’s game is his speed and his quick release of a shot. If AV uses him to flatten people against the boards he’ll become Brian Boyle

  253. And my guess is the Rangers will wait and see who becomes available after this year’s round of compliance buy outs (VL, Hossa, not clear whether either will be bought out). Otherwise, I’m not sure how they plan on upgrading their first two lines.

  254. I think there’s a decent chance of Hossa being cut loose. Bowman has showed he’s not afraid to tear down and build up again. Hossa situation could be as risky for Hawks as Richards is for us.

  255. Sather is talking crap, saying what we want to hear to cover his ass for delivering us garbage.

  256. Another interesting buyout is Malone. Scores and tough, would fit in very well. Injuries a problem though.

  257. Sorry, Carp…

    Realistically, if they go into training camp without Richards ( fingers crossed, please ), and with two unknown entities ( Fast, Lindberg ) in hope to feel the top 6, they could be in deep trouble. That’s why I believe they will try to upgrade. Otherwise, AV will have no choice but to make Ken Hitchcock look like an offensive wizard.

  258. Agreed Bull. And I think this year you’ll see Kreider playing a much bigger role even if it involves growing pains.

  259. Another upgrade in positioning under Vigneault should be breakouts. Which the Rangers have been nothing short of awful at.

  260. making your way in the world today Takes everything you’ve got Taking a break from all your worries sure would help a lot. Wouldn’t you like to get away?

  261. Katie Strang @KatieStrangESPN

    #NYR According to @Real_ESPNLeBrun Brad Richards’ camp has yet to be informed one way or other re: potential buyout

    This kinda says to me that he’s gone. Educated guess, but wouldn’t the team tell him if they were keeping him? the organization’s plan, pre-Boston series, pre-benching, pre-Torts firing, was to buy him out.

  262. @TSNBobMcKenzie

    Following teams, IMO, not likely to buy out: ANA, BOS, BUF, CGY, CAR, COL, CBJ, DAL, FLA, LA, MIN, NJ, NSH, OTT, PHX, SJ, STL, WSH, WPG.

  263. More updates on the absolute warrior-ness of Patrice Bergeron:

    Bergeron was taken to the hospital following Game 6, where they discovered [a] *hole in his lung.* The team was unclear as to when or how the lung was punctured, though it was likely from a needle as a means of freezing the cartilage or from his broken rib.

  264. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – to me rolling 4 lines gives the 4th line 5-6 minutes every game.

    Matteau – passing and receiving the puck should be hockey 101. Simple passes up and out of the zone shouldn’t be a function of skill. Campbell and Thornton, hardly top end skill guys, move the puck well enough – maybe because they practice it. No doubt skill is necessary around the net – slick passes once inside the zone – but the rangers couldn’t pass the puck for a hill of beans – even without pressure – and that shouldn’t require TGO type of precision…

  265. Agreed, eddie. The Rangers need Hockey 101 on how to breakout of their own end. Stop going with shallow curls and free form puck movement. Get an idea. Strong Side breakout maybe? Basic hockey.

  266. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – re: 4th lines – maybe 3 shifts each period all season long at 45 or seconds per….

  267. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Certainly, a Newbury Asham Haley line would bring a litbof energy, throw the body, and get the insanely noisy MSG crowd to be even louder.

  268. wow first nadal in 1st round and now in 2nd round federer bounced by stakhovsky at wimbledon

  269. bull dog line on

    maybe the top 6 gets help from within. someone like Kreider. why does everybody always feel you need to go outside to fix what may need fixing. maybe a full season of MZA. how about a full season of Brassard, MIller, or Fast. those are the guys I would like to see get a chance to be top 6.

  270. At True Hockey Andy Strickland writes that RFA defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk is close to signing a four-year contract that will pay him over $4 million per season.

    It has been expected that Ryan McDonagh will get between. $4 million and $5 million per season as an RFA.

  271. bull dog line on

    Zucc has to be top 6 or there is no reason to have him. I agree that Hagelin is a really good 3rd line player. if Hags is on the 3rd line this year, that is a real good thing.

  272. bull dog line on

    and Gionta knocked him off the puck countless times last season in the ECF.

  273. If Boyle’s still here and if he’s freed up a little to not spend 9/10ths of his life along the boards, and if our D can put some shots or passes on net, he may surprise some people. Just sayin’.

  274. Almost 400 posts, maybe I can sneak one past the “Blog Steward and the Sargent at Arms”! ;)

  275. Cross Check Charlie on

    Zucc belongs in Europe unless they want to waste a roster spot for a guy that only plays on the power play and the shootout.

  276. I can’t see how Richards isn’t bought out, unless the team wants to save it for someone else, but I don’t know who. It’s just too risky to leave open the possibility he gets hurt and thus we’d be stick with him which is precisely why he was scratched for the last 2 playoff games.

  277. Shattenkirk should get more than Ryan McDonagh. Guy has a lot of offensive upside.

  278. Zucc= typical Rangers issue. talented forward that can make a difference but just doesn’t score often enough. Sather likes him which means he’s going to stick around. if/when the third line is Brassard-Hagelin-Zucc we’d be in good shape. it’s when you’re forcing guys like those 3 to play in higher slots that you have issues scoring. like we do now.

  279. Rob in Beantown on

    Bruins won’t be resigning Andrew Ference. He was a $2.25M cap last 3 seasons and will probably be less next year. If the price were right would anybody him as a veteran defenseman? Cheapshot artist notwithstanding?

  280. I wonder what happens to Stu Bickel. I am probably the only person that likes the guy but man, he’s fun to root for.

  281. I think Vigneault will be able to use Zuccarello a lot more effectively. Kid showed that he’s probably the best PP QB on the squad and by far the most talented passer.

  282. Eddie Eddie Eddie

    Kooz – exactly. Lets give AV a chance to succeed.
    June 26th, 2013 at 12:33 PM

    No, i think some people here would rather become Vancouver Canucks fans for next season.

  283. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Brassard led the rangers in scoring during the playoffs and he looked good down the stretch during the season. He is not the third best center on team – he played great with Clowe and Nash.

  284. Amazing how the Vancouver mgt. and most of the fans seem to believe that the “Tort’s way” is exactly what they need.

    The Sedin twinkies have been asked to bulk up by Torts.

  285. I’m still taking a “wait and see” approach with Brassard but I am cautiously optimistic.

  286. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Lyova – I think half are CBJ fans and the other half Vancouver fans.

    Manny – I think stu bickle is orders of magnitude better than Hammer…

  287. Vancouver Sun encouraging comments from Ranger fans while Banff city council is asking if Sappy will renew his ski pass! ;)

  288. Fully expect Brassard to have a great season under AV. Expect some serious Quebecois vibin to be going on.

    Also, just watched the full Torts intro presser from yesterday. Probably the calmest, most respectful, and likeable Ive seen of him. He talked about making the Sedins, Kes and Higgy(already with the nicknames kill penalties and block shots.

    Henrik Sedin looks like a natural at that.

  289. LMGO, Lev. That’s a good one.

    If they continue to have a sieve like Luongo in net they better get a heck of a lot better at shot blocking.

  290. Czechthemout!!! on

    Boyle is a fourth line center at best. He is a poor skater,passer,shooter, and his hockey sense is worse than Arron Hernandez’s common sense. Some have said that we dont have anyone better in the system to play his position. I strongly disagree. I think Lindberg will easily make the team out of camp and will be a much better fourth line option than Boyle. We were told by Sam and JM that there was a lot of interest in Boyle during the deadline. If that is indeed the case, it should be easy to get a second round pick for him. Perhaps even from his dad’s new team in the northwest.

    Bull dog

    Dead on! Boyle will want a raise. For what he brings offensively, he is a million dollars a year over paid. Powe is another one who should be released or traded for a fifth round pick.

  291. Czechthemout!!! on

    The Canucks lost that final series because Luongo is a choke artist. Thats it. They were not at all intimidated by Boston and played Boston’s game as well as Boston did. Kessler single handedly killed a bunch of the Bruins players, as did Raymond, Burrows, Laperrire and Bieksa and several others.

  292. Czechthemout!!! on

    You dont take a 3-2 series lead on any team if you are intimidated. That notion is just stupid and foolish.

  293. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Czech – there are times when Stepan looks intimidated. He did take a couple shots in game 5, but he be happier in a no-checking league…

  294. No bail for YOU! Only soup. Pepsi, no Coke! Tebow schedules non-denominational group hug.

  295. Stepan has a great grin.
    ‘Have fun out there, son.”
    “Thank you, Mister McGuire.”

  296. They could have had two Mike Haleys for 600 grand each instead of a couple of 2 million dollar floaters. Problem solved.

  297. Torts going to alternate goalies every couple of games just like he did in Tampa (where there was no clear number 1)

    LOL…the Vancouver media is going to love that…

  298. Oh…so Torts is gone but Brian Boyle remains the whipping boy of choice? Interesting…

    My money was on Del Zotto…

  299. “Zucc belongs in Europe unless they want to waste a roster spot for a guy that only plays on the power play and the shootout.”

    How quickly we forget that the guy PROVED himself as a legit player this past season. Better than most of the guys in the bottom 6. Size doesn’t matter. Little Paddy Kane won the Conn Smythe for crying out loud.

    I predict he will flourish under AV.

  300. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I liked MZA during the regular season but he was nearly invisible in the playoffs – especially vs Boston.

    Kooz – run right hand thru hair, then flash peace sign.

  301. The point I was attempting to make was that when you could find other players from within/from UFA and get to the point where the third line could be Brassard-Hagelin and Zucc we’d be in pretty good shape. Right now Brassard is the no 2 center on the team. What’s the top 6? Stepan, Nash, Callahan, Brassard,Kreider and Zucc?

  302. Cross Check Charlie on

    Zucc proved himself as a legit player? He was on pace for a 15 goal season if they played the entire 82. Big deal.

  303. Cross Check Charlie on

    And Zucc played against a bunch of bad teams in the last couple of weeks or so that he was with the team. Even Richards padded his stats during that time.

  304. e3, just a technicality or semantics, but rolling four lines means 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4. In that order for a lengthy portion of a game. So, no, I don’t see Vigneault rolling four with this team. But he will probably use the fourth more than his predecessor did … although it will have to be made up of better players than it was last season, because last season it stunk and the fourth-liners were also playing on the third line.

  305. I think they need to look at who is playing two top offensive lines for AV, as ge mentioned he wants to have. Out of those top 6 mentioned above only one is a true first liner, and one is a marginal first line player. Kreider may become one eventually, but it may take awhile. Fast, Lindbergh is a hit or miss. May work, may not. You don’t go into a season calling yourself a contender with that line up. Once they sort it out, they will worry about their fourth line.

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