Some good pre-Game 6 reading material, with Stanley in the house tonight


Stanley will be in the house tonight, and the Lockout Commissioner is going to award 48/82nds of a Cup either tonight or after Game 7. came up with this collection of awkward Gary Bettman Stanley Cup presentation moments.

Special thanks to reader Mike D for the tip.

Also, meant to post this great read by Sports Illustrated’s Steve Rushin, who is absolutely one of the best sportswriters on the planet, on why the Stanley Cup playoffs are the best of all sports’ postseasons. It’s titled “Symphony for a Foghorn” and it was written during the conference finals.



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  1. eddie eddie eddie on

    last night i said these words to my girl
    i know you never even try girl
    c’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon

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    it wont be long
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  4. eddie eddie eddie on

    Van GM – “hurry torts, we are going to be late”

    torts – ”then hurry the **** up and unstrap me out of this ******* seat”

  5. Torts: “I’ve taken up mountain climbing and ice-fishing.”

    Vinegar: “I love the theater.”

  6. Torts to Vancouver Press: “You’ll find that I’m a lot easier to get along with than what has been written about me. Just don’t ask too many questions and don’t try to coach.”

  7. eddie eddie eddie on

    reporter #1 – “that is a pretty big car seat”

    Torts – “is that a ******* question, you ******* moron?”

    reporter #2 – “what do you think….”

    torts – “i want you to ask a ******* question”

    reporter #3 – “How tight do you like the straps?”

    Torts – ” **** you”

  8. ‘That fateful night the car was stalled
    upon the railroad tracks
    I pulled you out and we were safe
    but you went running back

    Teen angel, can you hear me?
    Teen angel, can you see me?
    Are you somewhere up above?
    And I am still your own true love?’

  9. Oct. 15, 2013 … One of the Sedins (don’t know which one, but it doesn’t matter; they’re all alike) pulls a muscle.

    Reporter: Any update on Sedin?
    Torts: I haven’t talked to Rammer since May 27.

  10. The Penguins got Zolnierczyk? He’s a tough guy. Maybe they can give us Engelland now…

  11. LMGO, Carp. Maybe Tort will pull Rammer to Vancouver with him. They had a good thing going.

  12. Bruins advertising on Craig’s List, seeking large nosed center to complete banana line of Lucic, Marchand.

  13. My dentist used to be in condo area next to Walter’s. Couldn’t eat going in; couldn’t eat coming out. Very frustrating.

  14. Torts last seen rollerskating through Stanley Park in crotch hugging daisy dukes and a rainbow bandana

  15. Torts to wife: “Darling, there’s a nine month quarantine thing here with the dogs. You’ll have to stay there. Don’t worry about AV; he’s quiet and won’t take up much room.”

  16. OH. Right. Forgot about that little WRINKLE. That’s how they got Rosehill…. right?

  17. LMGO@ “crotch hugging daisy dukes”

    And especially LMGO @ “Torts presser in Vancouver tomorrow”! Anyone care to tape it?

  18. Does Torts still get his (supposedly extended) contract paid in full even though he’s re-signed without skipping a beat? Anyone know?

  19. Fighting Rangers from the sky
    Fearless men who skate and die
    Men who mean just what they say
    Those brave men who come to play
    In Dolan’s house, just off Broadway.

  20. eddie eddie eddie on

    Old man lying
    by the side of the road
    With the lorries rolling by,
    Blue moon sinking
    from the weight of the load
    And the buildings scrape the sky,
    Cold wind ripping
    down the alley at dawn
    And the morning paper flies,
    Dead man lying
    by the side of the road
    With the daylight in his eyes.

  21. I have to now drive to the Post Office. Seems I’ve been chosen to pay another goddmnd County tax bill and they want it in their grimy little hands by the 30th.

  22. eddie eddie eddie on

    Don’t let it bring you down
    It’s only castles burning,
    Find someone who’s turning
    And you will come around.

    Blind man running
    through the light
    of the night
    With an answer in his hand,
    Come on down
    to the river of sight
    And you can really understand,
    Red lights flashing
    through the window
    in the rain,
    Can you hear the sirens moan?
    White cane lying
    in a gutter in the lane,
    If you’re walking home alone.

    Don’t let it bring you down
    It’s only castles burning,
    Just find someone who’s turning
    And you will come around.

    Don’t let it bring you down
    It’s only castles burning,
    Just find someone who’s turning
    And you will come around.

  23. Player headed to basement lockerroom due to a self inflicted chest injury, yet opposition hopes the IR list remains empty and he returns to the game.

  24. My Boys!

    Fat guy, the Daisy duke thing was hysterical. Unfortunately I can’t unsee it in my mind. Should have had a warning or something.

    I would really feel a lot better if there was some talk of the Richards buy out. Getting a little worried that we are going to “give him another chance”.

  25. It’s possible. We’ve seen the Rangers organization turn on a dime once already this off-season. Would be an enormous gamble that could set back the franchise until 2020, well after most of the current players are gone.

  26. And now I really have to leave for the post office. Name of that place always conjures up images in my brain of Charles Bukowski, as does ‘Barfly.’

  27. I love forever stamps. I don’t understand why anyone would buy the NON forever stamps.

  28. “This pretentious ponderous collection of religious rock psalms is enough to prompt the question, ‘What day did the Lord create Spinal Tap, and couldn’t he have rested on that day too?'”

  29. Carp is already currying favor, grass roots style, by offering free dog walking to all the pilots of those yellow water taxis you see around ‘Couver

  30. Sorry, not carp, but torts
    I’m an idiot, bro
    Speaking of torts, I heard thru the grapevine that he already managed a hunting trip to vancouver island, where he nailed two mountain lions, one Bigfoot, and two long legged tour guides

  31. eddie eddie eddie on

    Marty Deberg – “The review for shark sandwich was just 2 words, Carcillo sandwich”

    Nigel – “you can’t say that”

  32. Pierre’s mike caught Jagr and Roszival at the boards durin a period three scrum, chuckling in some unknown euro pansy language about how much of a spit show msg still is and how mess should be happy that Vigs got caught in the quicksand instead of him

  33. If the Rangers continue to play the right way how will their season be? Thoughts?

  34. I bought $4600 in stamps to be divided between eddie and Carp. I will only need three or four of those for ConEd, Verizon, etc., so the rest of them are ready for pick-up. Couldn’t get the forevers, so time is of the essence.

  35. As a pure business matter if Richards is not bought out then Dolan is a bigger buffoon than I even thought. Sather I can almost understand taking a gamble because he probably won’t be around. But Dolan as business owner needs to be astute enough to understand his and Sather’s interests are not fully aligned.

  36. Matteau, I agree but what worries me is it’s hard to estimate Dolans buffoonishness.

  37. hey eddie
    Neil w/ Crazy Horse
    w/ opener Patti Smith
    coming to Capitol Theatre
    on 9/2

    if i can’t be there, you should
    so i can be happy for you
    and envious
    at the same time

  38. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I predict if the Blackhawks win tonight they will be in control of the series

  39. Wicky
    did you see the size of some of the bruins
    thinking in particular of McQuaid
    would be nice to have a crease clearing d-man like
    that in our lineup, eh?

  40. It’s true ya never know how deep the incompetence goes. In a normal business if Sather actually recommends keeping Richards then Dolan should fire him on the spot. Just for recommending it.

  41. Vinegar in NY: “We’re going to play the right way.”

    Torts in Vancouver: “We’re going to play the right way.”

    Sather: “The league is changing. We have to stop playing the right way and start playing the wrong way.”

  42. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JPG / should be a great show – I will be seeing Further in Berkeley late September at the Greek.

  43. I can see Further now the rain is gone.
    I can see all obstacles in my way.
    Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind.
    It’s gonna be a bright (bright) bright (bright) sunshinin’ day.

  44. Cooscoos n Eddie,
    Now u guys are talking with Neil n CH or the extended 4 way street album, WOW. How about the loner/cin girl/down by The River medley? Maybe the most talented one man shows ever. Nils sign Neil is cool Carp. Pretty good to be 17 and play with Neil on after the goldrush then spend 20 yrs with the Boss.
    I like…”they were hiding behind hay bales, they were planting in the full moon, they had given all they had for something new”…… Genius

  45. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hedberg – Cowgirl in the sand > Don’t let it bring you down – as powerful as 2 songs can be…

    “it starts off real slow and fizzles out altogether”

  46. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Here he comessssssssss, it’s cathy’s clown….

    Jamming on the Everly Bros.

  47. I think what Sather fails to understand is that a good team *identity* is what makes a good team. Sather thinks Taylor Pie-hat will score 20 goals under Veen-yo (just because he hired him to make that happen).

    Is the team hard to play against? Do they have the puck enough? Do they play a lot of low scoring games? How are the special teams?

    Answers to these questions help form an identity for the team.

    Just because you have high scoring offense (i.e. Tampa), it doesn’t automatically make you a contender (and you could have the best players in the world). There is not 1 single right way to win the Stanley Cup and I watch a lot of hockey and it seems to win always you always need some luck on your side.

  48. Avery: My prayers go out to the people of Western Canada.

    Is he talking about the floods or Tortorella?

  49. Brutal heat today in Boston. Will we see flashbacks of old-time Stanley Cup ice fog where players have to skate around in circles to raise the pea soup?

  50. Hedberg, you know what I’d really like to do while listening to Neil Young or Nils Lofgren? … um, never mind … 70’s flashback.

  51. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – you really need to come visit e3 sometime. We can listen to Neil and Nils and have flash-nows as opposed to flashbacks….

  52. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    When Doc looks at me on my big screen with those spooky eyes, I feel dirty.

  53. Nice opening by NBC and Doc. The cup is in the building.

    And that’s pretty cool.

  54. If Boston wins in 7, they should change it up and have Bettman present the Cup to Jeremy Jacobs. While both smoke cigars lit by a roll of €100 bills.

  55. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Olga – this could be crawford’s, sharp’s, and seabrook’s last game as a hawk.

  56. Olga Folkyerself on

    The difference between Crawford and Lundqvist is not worth Sharp and Seabrook.

  57. Crawford is a bag of holes, Olga. It’s like putting a “Shooter Tutor” in goal. Only worse.

  58. That’s a super cheap whistle by the refs. But looks like a lot of blood. Poor kid. That’s gotta hurt. Rook better pop on a shield.

  59. reminds of game 2 in 1st period hawks dominate only lead 1-0. 2nd goal tonight is beyond huge

  60. Olga Folkyerself on

    I’d trade you Old Man Wirtz for Sather. But you have to throw in a pick.

  61. Marchand will have a nasty long mark on his face after that high stick by Rozsival. Just like before that high stick by Rozsival.

  62. Olga Folkyerself on

    Wirtz won’t make any mistakes, but Sather doesn’t smell as bad. Kind of a combination of Cigar smoke, Old Spice, and Ben Gay…

  63. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Olga – how about:

    Hank, MDZ, Boyle, Pyatt, and Girardi for Crawford, Sharp, Seabrook, Keith, and Kane??

  64. Olga Folkyerself on

    Sounds like you’re pulling the flush handle and expecting the Cup to come floating up.

  65. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hawks will be the early next season favorites after my proposed trade……Tays centering Boyle and Pyatt. Talk about a first line…

  66. Olga Folkyerself on

    Don’t worry, Sather will have all those guys in NY, as soon as they turn 35.

  67. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Olga – you put Boyle and Pyatt on a line with Tays and you’ll see that every game…

  68. Olga Folkyerself on

    Too many men on the ice for Boston. Counting the refs, there’s eight.

  69. Czechthemout!!! on

    Not buying out Richards will destroy this franchise for the next six-seven years. It will go down as the worst transaction ever mad by a GM of this team, right after the Middleton for Hodge fiasco.

  70. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    MAF needs to bring his D game given he doesn’t have an A, B, or C game.

  71. Czechthemout!!! on

    I can also guarantee that Richards will ” injured” during next off season.

  72. Is this a Blackhawks blog? Don’t choke on anyone’s Bickel(l)’s guys. You got ’em pretty far down your throat.


  73. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Richards needs to play one more year. His 3 goals, 4 assists on the season will be huge.

  74. Zdeno Chara has now been on ice for 9 of the 10 goals the #Bruins have allowed over the last three games.
    Retweeted by Greg Wyshynski

    thats hard to believe

  75. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Most Hawks’ fans wishing MDZ, Boyle, Pyatt, and Hank were playing the third period.

  76. Olga Folkyerself on

    A bar of soap inside a watermelon inside a basketball? That’s f’d up, right there.

  77. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Olga – the rangers would put MDZ on Tays and Kane and it would have been total shutdown.

  78. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    In fact, Tays is an Amish name and I’ve never seen him use anything requiring electricity.

  79. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Nik Backstrom can’t score 15 goals in 6 months much less in 15 seconds…

  80. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    While I think the Bruins would have played the Hawks well… No one can say this Pens/Hawks series hasn’t been superb!!!

  81. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Olga – you put hank on the hawks and this game is 1-1. They must make the trade.

  82. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Olga – I’d bet anything that if the hawks could call a time out, they’d take hank, MDZ, Boyle and Pyatt for Crawford, sharp, Keith, Seabrook and Kane – in a ny minute

  83. Wow! It ends for the Bruins the way they ended it for the Leafs.

    Shaw’s face feels a lot better right now.

  84. So, the Blackhawks were actually an incredible team this year. They were the best team since day 1 of the season.

  85. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Tim Thomas the second American to win the con Smyth and first KKK member to do so…

  86. Classy by the Boston fans. Saluting their team, ‘saluting the ‘Hawks and booing the CRAP out of Bettman.

  87. Man, the pictures of a Bloody Andrew Shaw carrying the cup are going to be epic.

    I love shinpads!!!

  88. wow i am in complete shock how this ended.

    if the bruins need help to know what it feels like go call toronto karma is a YOU KNOW WHAT FILL IN THE BLANKS

  89. that said i called this cup on jan 18th hawks over bruins just got game wrong and had rozival winning it in ot

  90. Rob in Beantown on

    It’s terrible that the Cup handlers have to wear white gloves but Gary Bettman gets to touch the Cup with his slimy hands

  91. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Milbury “Coach Julien doesn’t throw his players under the bus”

    A trait shared by Torts.

  92. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    was that a backhanded statement about the coach in Vancouver, E3?

  93. Czechthemout!!! on

    Epic ending to a great game in a fantastic series!

    Record ratings and two classy teams. Look at that, another great hockey game won without wall hockey. It can be done after all. Just to compare for a moment, I saw more deft creative passing, creative breakout play tonight in one game than the Rangers have shown in two whole seasons. This is how you play hockey! And I am glad the better more offensive team won because that is how I want my team to play this game. Hopefully, next season I will see it.

  94. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    One thing for sure…the fans in Boston gave Buttman a rousing welcome!

  95. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Chicago was best team from season’s start to finish. Kudos to anyone connected to the team. Amazing job.

  96. Seabrook looks like Nash’s cousin. And Toews has a little Joey Kocur in him. Luckily, it’s more than the teeth.

  97. ThisYearsModel on

    The talented team won over the goon squad. Very nice. I also enjoyed watching 2 teams with a breakout from their zones.

  98. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    There are obvious ways to move forward if your the Rangers. If you REALLY want to win the cup, EXTEND RICHARDS till he’s at least 40.

    He is our Toews. He is. I guarantee it.

  99. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Richards and Powe, that 4th line connection. Resign them both and throw the bank at them. The real deal they are.

  100. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Next year’s cup finals will be between original 24 teams. You can bank on that.

  101. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Once the hawks get Boyle, MDZ, and Pyatt, and Hank next year – they could go undefeated..

  102. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Did you hear the injuries Bergeron had? Separated shoulder, broken rib, and ‘torn cartilage’.

    And, what did MDZ have a ‘sport’s hernia’???????????????

  103. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Olga, what are you thinking? This guy has constructed championship after championship. He KNOWS hockey.

  104. What Boston was missing in the last 2 minutes was four or five Del Zotto snow angels.

  105. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Sather has decided Richard’s fate. He just isn’t telling anyone, yet.


  106. Richie to girlfriend: ‘In 48 hours, I’m either going to have a ton of money or a ton of money.’

  107. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    No, Coos. Not at all.

    He is, amongst other things, undersized. He can’t play modern day hockey, which is why he was a GREAT signing. And he should be extended till 40, now. Don’t lose the chance!!

  108. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Promise to self: Sather extends Richards, I give up seasons. Done.

  109. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Matty – the 3 worst injuries an athlete has to deal with:

    1. Spontaneous combustion
    2. Decapitation
    3. Sports hernia

  110. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If torts coached the hawks, they’d have lost in the first round to the kings.

  111. Richie: “I sure as hell signed here for longer than 1 and half seasons…um, yeah…never mind. I’m playing hockey next year regardless.”

  112. Torts to wife: “We’re moving to Vancouver.”

    Mrs. Torts: “Correction, YOU are moving to Vancouver.”

  113. Don’t mean to be nasty,
    Don’t mean to be mean
    But I’ll sing you a song
    ‘Bout number nineteen

    And it goes:
    So long, it’s been good to know ya
    So long, it’s been good to know ya
    So long, it’s been good to know ya
    Now I got to be travelin’ along.

  114. Torts to wife: ‘Count yours blessings. You’re lucky I didn’t take that job in Khastakistanistanski.

  115. Keenan bought his wife a new musk ox coat to help her get through the winter in Stomastackislacavia.

  116. Tort’s pa: “Thank god I got that thing out of the back seat.”

    Wife: “That’s not a very nice thing to say about little John.”

    Pa: “I was talking about the booster seat, but now that you mention it…”

  117. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Chicago’s Cup win leaves the Rangers as the Original Six team with the least Cups- 4.

    Thanks, Glen.

  118. Olga Folkyerself on

    I’m out. Totally spent. Gotta work tomorrow and it’s gonna be hot wearing my Black Hawks jersey all day.

  119. Congratulations to the Blackhawks!!
    happy to see the jackwagon
    bruins owner jeremy jacobs
    is forced to suck eggs
    (even when his troll, aka NHL bettman
    gave an edict for more boston power plays)

    pretty crazy to see Rozy and carcillo about
    to have their names on the Cup.
    (shows what one can do with a better cast around him
    and how another doesn’t have to be psycho when he’s NOT wearing black and orange)

  120. …and the playoff challenge is mine bwahahaha, bwahahaha!! Europansy wins!!

    If only i was a betting man!!

  121. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    I firmly believe we have the talent and now, the coach, to be a cup winner this upcoming year. Like Glen, I believe, we are one or two pieces away. Not that much. A little tweak here, a little tweak there, and we will be watching Callie with the cup over his head.

    It is unreal how Chicago’s size, grit, skill, talent wore down what was a beaten up, very tired and beaten up team in Boston by the end. Bergeron playing with a broken rib? torn cartilage? separated shoulder? (Seriously, wow, what grit, tell Nash, MDZ, and so many of our softies that in order to win that’s WHAT you HAVE to do)

    Our team has the same ability. Skill, Speed, grit, Size. Bring on Fast(h), Lindberg, keep Hags, Callie, Zuccs, etc. a soft big guy, like Nash, Boyle, Pyatt, and all the other non-skilled 5th liners, like Powe, Asham. We are so well put together. BTW, keep Richards. He IS the answer. So good.

    Put 6 guys, some actually with talent all together, and call it a defense. Doesn’t matter what they each do, how they compliment each other. Just putt’em together. They’ll play.

    All we needed was a coach and a new offensive system. Voila, here we are world.

    THE CUP IS OURS IN 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  122. Good morning, boneheads!

    Epic game last night. Those 17 sec will be haunting Bruins fans for years.

    Does anyone know the TV ratings of game 6? Something tells me it was significantly less than of this guy’s tightrope walk across Grand Canyon…Amazing that hockey isn’t more popular. But as a hockey fan, I like it this way.

  123. Thursday morning we will start seeing some activity. By CBA rules, the players have to be given an option of being placed on waivers prior to the actual buyout procedure. If they refuse, they can be bought out immediately. If they choose the waiver wire option, the team has to wait 24 hours.

  124. Give the Hawks philosophy shown after their last cup win it would not be surprising to see Hossa bought out.

  125. “Let’s use the forever stamps”

    “Not on my wedding invitations”

    ..further proof that I will no longer be making decisions for myself in this life.

    Congrats Hawks!

  126. The Sharks were planning to buy out Havlat’s last two years but because of a groin surgery that option is gone. I hope slats reads that tidbit of info and does the right thing.

    Rip off the band aid and get this Richards contract off the books. Do it Thursday morning, please.

  127. King with no Ring on

    I am very disappointed there will not be a Game 7. Game 7 provides the most entertainment in sports.

  128. Hossa is 34 and slowing down but if he gets bought out he would be a great addition. As long as don’t have to sign him for more than 3 years.

  129. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Way to Go UK!!!!

    Can’t you hear him across the pond . . . . “We are the Champion…..of the world”

    You will have to send me your email.

  130. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Johnny Toews …… another Fighting Sioux Champion.

    It’s a great day is sports…..outside of I don’t get to see game 7 :(

  131. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    I thought it would be louder in Boston.

    Did half the people leave before he brought out the cup?

  132. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Michal Rozsival Is A Stanley Cup Champion!!!

    Once upon a time wasn’t he the whipping post on the Ranger team?

  133. King with no Ring on

    The Blackhawks won two Stanley Cups in four years with two different goalies, neither as talented as Lundqvist.

  134. *GOOD NEWS* : As promised, the Stanley Cup has been awarded, Bettman has been Boo’ed, and the BEARD CONTEST has been posted.

    Complete with BEFORE/AFTER pics and a Poll!!!!

    Get at it boys:

    The 4th Sometimes-Annual, 2012-2013, Lockout Shortened, Paul Mara Playoff Beard Contest Voting has BEGUN!!!

  135. Also, although I said “boys”, girls are also allowed to vote (although heir votes just count as 75% of one vote).

  136. Great job Manny with the site and contest. Ive voted for the little princess thats sure to claim victory. Sorry I forgot to send in my pics, the bruins had me down.

    We Kane, We Shaw, We Crawford!

  137. Manny, great job, I enjoyed looking through it all. Good luck to all the worthy boneheads.

  138. Thanks, SeeeDubb. If you want to get in on it you can post pictures in the comments seciont!

  139. Thanks for the offer. I will get in next spring, when we all will have two months to grow our beards!!!

  140. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Carp – why do I feel, Torts is getting a deeper more talented team than Vigneault?

    Can we call him Viggy?

  141. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Got a new Fighting Sioux hat for Fathers Day!

    Wore it for the First Time at a Dakota Poker Tournament.

    Won the tournament.

    Might have to wear the Sioux over the Rangers, if I want to go deep into the World Series :)

  142. Those Bruins fans that supposedly will be haunted by those 17 seconds from last night can think of the cup they won 3 years ago. And can think of the team that played their hearts out for one of the best coaches in sports.

    Oh and good for Roszival. He got the last laugh there.

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