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By Rick Carpiniello

NEW YORK — Glen Sather made it abundantly clear Friday that the decision to fire coach John Tortorella was his.

It wasn’t a mutiny or a player revolt, he insisted. It wasn’t a reaction to the Rangers’ five-game playoff loss to what has surely shown itself to be a terrific and strong Boston team.

So, in introducing Alain Vigneault as the newest Rangers coach — the 35th in team history, and the sixth under his watch, — Sather showed that he still has his old fastball, that he still has the guts to make the big move.

And good for him. Sather’s surely had some follies since taking over James Dolan’s team in June of 2000. The best coach he hired was the one he just showed the door. The new one?

“I’d be in a lot of trouble if I felt we made a mistake,” he said when asked how he could be sure this was is the right hire. “No, I think we’ve got the right guy. Picking any coach, it has to be a gut feeling, whether you and he can get along and whether your ideas mesh with everybody in the organization. … I think we have the right guy.”

Sather deserves credit on a number of levels here. First, for being bold and secure enough to fire a guy who had one of the best coaching seasons in team history just a year earlier. Second, for hiring the experienced and relatively successful Vigneault when his right-hand special assistant, and a New York icon with whom Sather has had an extremely close relationship since the late 1970s, a the completely inexperienced Mark Messier, wanted the job.

And third, for putting it all right squarely on his own shoulders. Right exactly where it belongs.

It’s still Sather’s team. He has a bunch of good people around him, advising him, doing a lot of the personnel work for him, and even readying for the day he ultimately hangs it up — a day it seemed was getting closer, but now, after Friday’s press conference, seems still very far into the future. He’s still “Slats.” He still does it his way. With input, yes, but he makes the final call, and he lives with the consequences.

Since Sather told Messier he chosed Vigneault, and Messier told Sather that he wanted to think it over, they haven’t spoken. Messier told him they’d talk in the coming week or so.

“It was a difficult decision, there’s no question about it,” Sather said. “We’ve had a long relationship. We’ve both grown up with each other. Maybe I was a little more grown up than him at the beginning. But it was a difficult decision to make. But running this hockey club is not easy all the time, and tough decisions are sometimes made for tough reasons. I just think at this stage, AV is the man.”

There had been all this belief — including right here — that Tortorella was safe in this shortened, injury-and-slump-wrecked season. Then two days after breakup day, May 29, he was fired. Then came the reports that Henrik Lundqvist was the strongest dissenting voice in Sather’s ear. Lundqvist denied that this week. People inside the organization say there’s nothing to that. Friday, Sather said it.

“Someplace this story got started,” he said. “There hasn’t been a player that’s complained to me about Torts. So let’s get that on the table, get that cleared up for once and for all.”

Sather said he had spoken to Tortorella — who was reportedly closing in on the odd situation in which he would replace Vigneault as Vancouver’s coach — about changing the style of play. And that Tortorella was “beyond stubborn,” adding that was a trait he really liked in his former coach. But he added that he had thought about replacing Tortorella at times during the season and playoffs, and then commended himself for keeping “the secret” well. So, no, it didn’t happen in those 48 hours after the exit meetings.

“I think we needed a change in styles,” Sather said. “You look at the injuries we had over the years, and a number of guys who were really getting the (heck) kicked out of them in our end because we constantly had to defend our own end.

“I mean, that style was perfect for our team for a couple of years. But it started to wear our team out. There’s nothing wrong with that style, but with the injuries we had this year, it started to take a toll on our club, and it was time to do something to change the style so that we can go farther and maybe compete longer.”

Sather said the goal is to win the Cup, and that Dolan’s sole goal was is the same, though it’s been 19 years without for the Rangers now, 13 under Sather, who last won in 1990 as Edmonton’s GM.

It’s on him now, again, and he has no problem with that at all.

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  1. bull dog line on

    Sather is right. they needed a style change, and as many people here have said, they spent way to much time defending.

  2. King with no Ring on

    I have no agenda. It is a legitimate debate to trade away the franchise player for legitimate NHL skill + draft picks and prospects. It would be disastrous to trade Lundqvist for a return of only draft picks. Even Glen Sather is not that incompetent.

  3. “He still does it his way. With input, yes, but he makes the final call, and he lives with the consequences.”

    What consequences exactly? He has a job for life under Dolan. 5 playoff series wins in 13 years. repeated failure at the draft table. And icing on the cake he is in all likelihood about to ask Dolan to buyout the third multi-million dollar mistake of a contract, this time to the tune of 20M+, after already having given said player about that much money for about 3 good months of hockey.

    Can’t think of anyone else in any profession who has that kind of job security.

  4. carp

    meant to ask you earlier when dolan got up what was the music playing in background. he seemed pissed

  5. Olga Folkyerself on

    Those of you wanting to trade Sather? Ask Glen to talk to Chicago’s Bowman.

    He’ll listen. It would be a Black Hawks Dynasty.

  6. It now makes a lot more sense that there WASN’T any mutiny by the players. I only believed there was because of the fact that it seemed so sudden and right after exit interviews (not to mention, you were also thinking the same, Carp). I guess Sather does still call the shots. Yes, I am afraid…very afraid.

    Still doesn’t change the fact that Tortorella was one of Sather’s best acquisitions…

    I’m looking forward to a new chapter in mediocrity. :)

  7. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Lucky 13 years for Sather. Hooray. Let’s give him a party.

    A necktie party. I have one all picked out. Kind of a western style, made out of hemp…

  8. Mark Messier on


    I luv ya. But the opinions in this post could have been written by a 22-year-old intern at Radio City hoping to move up to shining Dolan’s shoes at some point in the next fifteen years.

    It is crapola that Sather “had thought about replacing Tortorella at times during the season and playoffs…..So, no, it didn’t happen in those 48 hours after the exit meetings.”

    That is not just total nonsense. It is risible prop-agit of the first order. Sather was gushing over Torts as late as the last two games of the Caps series. He had NO clue the dressing room had been lost in Feb. NONE. Because if he had known? YOU, Carp, would have known too.

    Sather is lazy and passive and behind the curve. And to laud him for catching up such as he has, and hiring Vigneault instead of Messier, is
    the same as praising him for not hiring Trottier again.

    But the biggest crock of all is here: “(Sather deserves credit) for putting it all right squarely on his own shoulders. Right exactly where it belongs.”

    Hello? Has there been any indication whatever that ANY decision Sather males even BEGINS to put him in the line of fire!?

    What is wrong with this Or-GAN-eye-zation is the fact that NO MATTER WHAT ‘mistakes’ Sather has made, there is no accountability. None. Zero. Zippo. Nada.

    He could have hired Melrose or McGuire or Milbury today. And it would still have absolutely NO impact on his job security. And that is the story.
    And it needs to be told. And it is a disgrace that to date it has not been.

  9. King with no Ring on

    A player mutiny was involved. It may not be the primary reason for Tortorella’s firing, but the mutiny occurred. Strang reported it.

  10. Nice article.

    I thought Hand fired Tortorella. Don’t tell me those geniuses had it wrong.

    Maybe we should keep Hank after all.

    Sather did make the safe choice here.

  11. Of course Henrik would deny that he had any influence in Torts being fired. But we all know that he was tired of being the guy on the ice who had to play perfect to win within Torts system……And how easy it is for Sather to “shoulder the blame”…….Give us a break. For the most part, Rangers fans are loyal and diehard, almost to a fault. The only sports franchise fan base that may suffer more are the NY Jets. Sather is one big joke. 13 years of heartache. Carp, let’s get some real journalism here. Tell us what you really think transpired…..Ranger fans may be dumb (we buy tickets, jerseys, invest our precious time to the team)…….but we ain’t STUPID!

  12. LIQUID, been around much? I’ve been telling you what I think happened since May 29.

    real journalism, really?

  13. Mark, if you want to mock my work, have the balls to use your real screen name, even though that’s fake. I am not entitled to an opinion, right? get a clue.

  14. “…beyond stubborn,” LOL. Always had the feeling that it was Torts’ rigidity face to face with the GM that finally sealed the deal.

  15. Reginald Dunlop on

    right move………..vigneault a proven coach, Mess move too risky at this point in team development…..enjoying all the people who think Uncle Glen in a fog……he’s as dumb as a fox, not too much gets by him

  16. He makes a ton of mistakes, but never scared to take another swing. That’s the gist of my story. But some people obviously can’t or don’t want to read.

  17. Reginald Dunlop on

    hear you…….. he is the boss and has some sharp minds around him in Gorts and Shoeney….

  18. The new icing rules should help keep some of our D out of the emergency room. And, between McD and Moore, we’ll win most of those races.

  19. Reginald Dunlop on

    interesting research to see how many of these Bruins came into organization while Gorts was running the show there

  20. Carpy, you are correct, I have not been around here from a while. I have not ready the majority of your pieces since the Rangers got kicked to the curb by the Bruins. But when I read an article titled, “Give him credit, Sather does it his way”, I do not want to give Sather any credit for anything. Actually I give him credit for fleecing the NY Rangers organization by having carte blanche and 100% job security with James Dolan. Unfortunately, Dolan is more concerned about playing E minor pentatonic blues scales with his crappy band than being a good owner. I am Cowboys fan too. So I have to contend with two jackasses, both Dolan and Jerry Jones. Sather is a cancer to this team. His credentials are almost zero. He is the Powerball winner with Gretz, Messier, Kurri, Anderson and Fuhr in Edmonton. And he is the Megamillion winner with Henrik Lundqvist here in NY. Henrik was drafted in the 7th round. Lucky, eh?

  21. King with no Ring on

    He’s not scared to take another swing because there are never any consequences. What part of that is not understood?

  22. Vinegar is a good move. The veterans will have to re-audition and the kids will have a chance to come into camp with a relatively blank slate without suffering preconceived prejudices.

  23. Reginald Dunlop on

    yep……… is a big list of players, all contributors…….Rask for Raycroft was his as well

  24. LIQUID, I’ve been saying that since June 1, 2000. I’m giving him credit, though, for replacing a coach most of you guys wanted out, despite his successes. Giving him credit for not going the easy route and hiring Messier. Giving him credit for getting a coaching search right (at least, it doesn’t look like a disaster the way all of the other hires of his career before Tortorella. Giving him credit for insisting this was his decision, and it was about the direction of the team and the system, and not about players not playing for Tortorella.

    Credit where due. If not, you lose all credibility.

  25. I think we will see those two up-ice more and more, Carp, especially McD until they’re more confident with Moore. Imagine if Leetch and B. Orr were incessantly told to stay back and protect their position? Torts was even starting to get the message, but too late. IMHO

  26. … and if you really want a negative out of that story, there’s one front and center: That Sather is not receding into the background the way it appeared he would. That he’s in charge again, still. And forever.

  27. One thing I think is completely incorrect is the notion that Tortorella didn’t want his d-men involved in the play. He always wanted that, especially from Staal and Del Zotto and recently McDonagh.

  28. Reginald Dunlop on

    Remember he was hired with the “safe is death” motto…… Tampa he played that offensive system with the horses he had but here that system never materialized and even though there were some pretty good offensive players the “safe is death” system never happened……people like to compare the system used as similar to bruins but Boston rolls 4 lines and the forwards are fresher to forecheck and get in on the dumps….Torts never had that faith in his 4th line

  29. Traditionally, in sports franchises, if their is a coach / player conflict, usually the player gets shipped off in a trade because they could be deemed a distraction. Unless its a big time marketable name who is elite. Here with the Rangers in 2013, Gabby lost the battle to Torts. Gabby is an above average hockey player, but he also had to come off the books sooner or later because the Rangers needed cap money. He loses and gets shipped to Columbus. On the flip side, Henrik is the man. No he is not a Lebron, Michael Jordan, Gretz, Kobe, Tom Brady. Heck he is not even in Brodeurs class (i did hate type this)……But he is the prime reason that us Rangers fans tune in , every game, no matter what. Maybe Henrik verbally expressed his feelings to Sather, or maybe the fact that Henrik needed to be signed ASAP because the Dolan just spent a ton of money re-doing MSG. And if Henrik walked, it would be like Giacomin x 1000. Everytime Hank would give up a goal that was the fault of Torts system, you could just see it in his face, slightly behind the bars of his goalie mask. He was fed up! Goals win games. Dropping your entire team from the dzone hashmark towards the net causes a shooting gallery. Plus the dump and chase bull crap and the play all the boards is not 2013. That system was barely 2003. Torts had to go. Sather just shuffled the deck by doing it before most fans would guess. Big deal. I could have done that too if i was GM

  30. We all know that Sather’s not always the sharpest tack in the carpet but if you need a conspiracy theory, I don’t think you need to look further than the proven coach killer in the Clue game. Who spent a lot of time in the box with the ‘lion’, who expressed an ‘interest’ in the job pdq, who thought he absolutely had the ‘inside track’, who had the bad luck to have the unforeseen happen with Viggy being fired.

    Opportunity and motive. All I got to say, it was the officer using an elbow in the penalty box.

  31. Seemed to me it was late in the game when McD was given some leash, unless he was naturally reticent.

  32. Reginald Dunlop on

    With Campbell being hurt, Julien has seemed to have lost some faith in his 4th line as well…..notice Pierre has not been salivating over the B’s 4th line lately……Thornton rarely gets a 3rd period shift and Daugevins entry into lineup has caused line shuffling…hurting Bs

  33. Mark Messier on


    Not mocking your work in the slightest. No one has labored harder and provided more to the fan base here than you.

    But I am just kinda sorta wondering what in God’s name possessed you to write a piece that suggests that somehow Sather has laid it all on the line here. That there is or ever has been any accountability at all when it comes to his job. That he somehow has damned the torpedoes and is showing his guts and skill and moxie, with his back against the wall. Huh???

    Whether you like it or not, that is precisely the takeaway one gets from your submission. I respect you inherently. But, as you say, I am entitled to an opinion too. And there is much in your words above to back mine up.

  34. And I still think he should have been on the PP Point over any of them, including and especially the player who became Richards, except for the fact that he would be doing over 25 minutes consistently.

  35. Mark, this isn’t mocking?:

    “the opinions in this post could have been written by a 22-year-old intern at Radio City hoping to move up to shining Dolan’s shoes at some point in the next fifteen years.”

    I didn’t say Sather has laid it on the line. I was the only one writing in the early 2000s and throughout the playoff-less streak that he has a job for life. I was the first to say it and said it consistently. And I was correct.

    The point in the column was that he’s wrong plenty, but he keeps on swinging away, and that he’s showing right now that he’s still in charge … but I also appreciated that, after reading Lundqvist’s denials yesterday and hearing it from some front-office people today, that it wasn’t a mutiny or a revolt by a player I totally respect. And that Sather insisted the same.

  36. Thanx for reaching out to E3, Carp I hope he’s taking an extended Mediterranean cruise. It’s unlike him to not put in his two cents.

  37. If 19 is back, the organization will be one injury away from cap apocalypse until 2020.

    so, no, I don’t think so. And I think Sather and Vigneault might have been adamant in their faith in Richards today if they thought he was coming back.

  38. Mark Messier on


    I take your point on the intern allusion. Apologies.

    But here’s the thing: Sather has a job for life because the hockey media in this city is toothless and fearful. When Sather can state that coaches have a shelf life on a conference call, KNOWING that no one on the other end will spit up his Diet Coke in his eagerness to ask how long a shelf life might there be for a GM with a pitiful 13-year run? Something is wrong. Terribly wrong.

    Again, no one apparently has the onions to ask this guy how he can justify his endless reign, given his endless lack of success.

    And as long as that is the case? The media covering this hockey team is failing.

  39. There may be no accountability from Dolan but I doubt Sather gives two Carcillos about what Dolan thinks or even about the job right now. His hockey reputation has taken big time hits with his last decade in Edmonton and the last decade+ in NY. He regained some of that last year and the Torts hiring, which was professionally questioned at the time, had a lot to do with that. He could have absolutely played it safe and stuck with Torts who still has a lot of supporters here and in the media. Instead, he decided to do the right thing for the team and no matter what you think of his Dolan pet status, if Viggy screws the pooch, his peers will be in full mock mode once again. If you don’t think that’s an important consideration for someone of his age, you ain’t that old yet.

  40. Reginald Dunlop on

    just hate to see a highly motivated 19 show up in another place and come back to haunt the NYR

  41. Mark Messier on

    19 is coming back. Bet the farm. I don’t want to pretend to be an insider because I am not in any shape or form. But I do know a guy who is close to Richards, and he told me that Richards has already met with Sather and has been told he’s coming back.

  42. There is little question that Richie has become not only a liability, but also a 6+ year time bomb with a lit, but unknown length of fuse secreted in the bowels of the ship.
    He may improve, but it’s safer to the ship’s company that he attempts improvement elsewhere.

  43. Motivated or not motivated, makes no difference on 19. His buyout is purely business, as Fish said.
    The original plan was to have Gabby, Richards, and Nash together for a two year window to win the cup. The Bettman special, the trade, the new CBA, they’ve all put paid to that little plan. Absolutely no point in keeping Richards around for what’s likely going to be a transition year because whatever he does next year, he’s absolutely got to be bought out next summer or this team will lose most of core because they’ll be in cap hell.

  44. Sather could gamble with another year for 19, hoping to move him for value somewhere after improved play, as with Gabby. But, it’s the kind of gamble that could define Sather’s NY legacy to the toilet. Already he’s entering the bathroom door.

  45. Since there’s no chance of injury until Game 1, Sather may wait for training camp and conjure with Vinegar after the new coach has seen 19 in some kind of daily extensive action.

  46. Carp, you keep dwelling on the fact that Henrik denies being vocal to Sather about Torts. Furthermore, you mention that the upper-hand management also deny that the players had any input. Bottom line is this, we will never know what goes on behind the curtain between Sather and the upper management. That is because the Rangers franchise is a financially healthy business that operates one of the top hockey markets in the entire NHL. The people who are employed under Sather, from the assistants down to the announcers (Sam Rosen, Micheletti, Bruce Beck, Al Troutface) to the beat reporters all realize how lucky they are to be part of a franchise that pays well and gives them a chance to work in a prestigious and tier 1 media/financial market. The fans will return every year with high hopes and aspirations. But the most important thing to note is that Sather is a schmuck on wheels with a kush job. Sather has no worries when he goes to bed at night even with his signings of Bobby Holik, Redden, Drury, Brad Richards, and others. Sather’s draft history here in NY has been crappy. Dont get me started about the class of 2003 and Hugh Jessiman. Or Bobby Sangs over Claude Giroux. Simply, Sather looks to take the soup du jour Stanley Cup winners success every year, and tries to emulate it. That brings zero innovation as far as a GM. If it was the Ducks big grinding system that won the cup, or the Wings puck possession, or the trap of the Devils…..and now Sather brings up how Chicago and Boston play a good game of exiting the zone by the d-man and puck possession as a catalyst for change. Sather is a schmuck on wheels. His time has come and gone many many moons ago. Sather didnt fire Torts….Sather just saw that his team didnt wanna play a Torts system anymore that grinding them down into a pile of dust when the games mattered the most. And that is in May and June.

  47. Lets say Richards has a “bounce-back” year and scores at the previous year’s pace. I doubt it. what then? try it for one more year? pretty scary.

    Barbera Underhill couldn’t put life back into those spindly legs. I doubt someone could have much faith in a comeback after his performance this year. The entire year was enough for me. He is a defensive liability.

  48. To make a long story short, even if it 100% factual that either Henrik or Henrik and a bunch of other key guys stormed into Sather’s Banff lake side mansion or La Quinta mansion…..It would never be ADMITTED by Sather or his henchmen. But to me, and a lot of Rangers fans…….it is obvious as the balls on a tall dog that this transpired. No one would dare say differently. Even if it is “speculation”…….and this includes you.

  49. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Bringing Richards back would be the dumbest move since:

    1. signing Richards to that stupid long term deal in the first place.
    2. signing Brashear
    3. signing Drury
    4. signing Gomez
    5. fill in the blank with any of Sather’s other mistakes….Holik? Driver?
    etc., etc.


  50. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Carpy, that’s a good read and article. I get your point.

    I have also heard you say here what you really feel about Sather. Can’t believe some of the ludicrous comments. Just keep being yourself.

    And thank you for this site.

  51. Olga Folkyerself on

    I give Sather credit for nothing but his survival. Much to the Rangers detriment. Vigneault’s future is still an unknown, but Stogypuss’ coaching selections have resulted in squat so far. Keeping Richards will be yet another mistake in a long line for Stogypuss. But it doesn’t matter. He’s in a position where he can do or say what he pleases (within certain broad boundaries) and doesn’t care whatever the consequences. That’s not a good thing when more than not of his decisions are mistakes and he’s not held accountable.

    Unfortunately he will leave on his terms, and the Rangers will continue to suck until he does. All I have left is to outlast the Esso Bee.

  52. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Slatsko, if he as much as thinks about allowing Richards to return, we are cooked. That’s how huge a decision that is.

  53. I wish I had the same security in my own career as Glenny Boy has with the NYR’s. If I pulled the same crap, I would have been in the same boat as the people who make up the unemployment figures. Sather is like the Enron of hockey. I wish he would be delisted.

  54. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    I think Sather has to keep Richards for another year. He flushed Dubinsky and Anisimov down the crapper. Then he flushed Gaborik down the poop chute, then he flushed Tortarella down the same hole. Sooner or later, someone is going to notice the big drop in water pressure and say “What are you doing in the bathroom all the time. Other people want to use it!”

  55. Carp writes, ” Sather showed that he still has his old fastball, that he still has the guts to make the big move.”

    Fastball? Guts? 1) Team quit on Torts. 2) Henrik is the King of NY and the cornerstone of the franchise who needs to be re-signed. 3) Team played Torts crappy system and it didnt succeed as success is measured by raising the Cup in June

    Carp writes, “It wasn’t a mutiny or a player revolt, he insisted. It wasn’t a reaction to the Rangers’ five-game playoff loss to what has surely shown itself to be a terrific and strong Boston team.”

    Not a reaction to losing to Boston or perhaps the Devils last year? Rangers had a chance to beat Boston. They matched up well with them over the past 5 years. The Rangers got beat by the Bruins 4th line and the devils 4th line because Torts played 2 1/2 lines and never would adjust during the games.

    Carp writes, “Sather deserves credit on a number of levels here. First, for being bold and secure enough to fire a guy who had one of the best coaching seasons in team history just a year earlier.”

    I guess the Rangers history of 1 cup in a million years doesn’t equate to that fact that winning is everything. Plus the fact that Torts was a dbag to the press and media which made the NYRs franchise look like they belonged in a beer league.

    Carp writes, ” He’s still “Slats.” He still does it his way. With input, yes, but he makes the final call, and he lives with the consequences.”

    Yes, u got that right, Sather does it his way. Input, yes, but a control freak that he is with iron clad job security from the lucky sperm James Dolan…..Sather lives with zero consequences. I am sure he doesnt give a hoot about what the Rangers fans think of him. The bank teller still cashes his huge checks or processes his direct deposits win or lose.

    Carpy, This article reminds me of the comedian, Dom Irrerra and his bit about Italian eraser comments which is when you talk to someone and the conversation starts with, “I don’t mean this in a bad way…..” this is said so the other person shouldnt feel insulted…..

    With that being said, Carpy……I dont mean this in a bad way……….but you have written a lot better and accurate blog articles than this one!

    Time to head into the dragons lair. I need my beauty sleep! Goodnite ya’all.

  56. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Richards is on the dark side here, but he isn’t out. As Carp pointed, today should have been the time to say “Richie is an important part of our team” if AV was convincing enough or convicted enough on holding Richie. Maybe the Org thinks JTM can cut it.

    And call it whatever you want, but a bunch of my friends went out Monday of break-up day and ran into the team. Every marquis guy was there… MDZ, Girardi, Staal, Cally, Nash, MacD, even Richie. You know who wasn’t? *HANK.* Apparently the players wouldn’t stop discussing Tortorella that night. Mutiny: YES! Hank at the center: Questionable.

  57. ZzZz NYR ZzZz© on

    LIQUID , Your opinion is Carp’s article was not good .Not good for who? you? You and who ?, Olga ? … You say all Ranger fans think like you ? WRONG !! Remember that fire Sather rally during the playoffs a few years back? It was sad. Sad like you. You seem sad and bitter .Cry me a river and I will go swimming LIQUID. CRY fould about Torts…who cares. I could give a ratz azz if there was a mutiny. You sound like a winning baby so yeah go to bed. ZzZzz

  58. it’s possible that Hank didn’t
    rip on Torts
    but you could collect
    a number of his quotes during the
    and you could tell that he was sick and tired
    of having to be a runaway Vezina winner
    EVERY game
    due to a lack of an offensive system
    and power play

    it’s likely that Hank’s agent
    pointed out such quotes to Slats
    and the advisers around him felt
    that little was going to change
    in the coming year.

    just my 2cents

  59. Carp, you did say though that Sather is willing to live with the consequences. The only consequence to what anything sather does is a further loss of credibility amongst his peers, but I question if it could really get much lower at this point after the last 20+ years as a gm in edm and new york.

    I for one remember these gems:

    “If I had the Rangers payroll, I’d never lose a game”

    “But even if I had been in Atlanta and I had the budget that team may or may not have, I still would not have paid (goalie) Curtis Joseph $24 million for four years. I think you’re a lot better off getting a group of young guys together, teach them about the game and about life and bring them along. You’re much better off than trying to hit a home run with a bunch of 30-year-old free agents.”

  60. IF Messier really wanted to coach he would make his case with A.V. for the assistant job… That way, he is primed for the job when the time comes…He needs experience in the NHL behind the bench…

    I realize his ego is crushed right now. But, once the tears dry up, he ought to talk to them…

  61. LIQUID, Sather just changed his mind. Spur of the moment decision. He thinks we need more offense strategy from a new coach and that it will then be smooth sailing to the Cup (huh?).

    Sather is arrogant to a fault. The firing may look like a mistake to us fans who liked Torts’ regime. Let’s not blame the players who played their guts out for him…

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