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  1. “New Coach = New Hope! How can you not be positive about this?”


    this guy got fired for a reason also.

    his teams won with talent, not heart or “coaching prowess”….if you ever watched them you’d have seen that.

    That first year they won the Pres Troph they wussyfooted their way to the finals. They were incredibly outworked and out hustled during that run, they made it there by being STACKED with talent…and they got beat by a blue collar team.

    His resume does not “say it all”. Maybe if you look at that roster next to the resume, it says a little more as a matter of fact about who we are hiring.

    Might also not want to forget that one of the best goalies in the world…a gold medal winner, ahem ahem….went to complete swiss cheese under this guy.

    Chew on that, while Lundqvist has Cup Winner Tortorella executed and then signs his big-meaty-rest-of-his-career contract next week under AV.

    Chew it good.

    I’m hopeful of course, but there is zero evidence that leads me to believe that this coach knows how to get the most out of a team. I’m willing to bet the power play doesn’t change dramatically either.

    Also willing to bet AV will push to keep Richards this season. He personally has nothing to lose by pushing for that risk, and LOTS to gain.

  2. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Guy would fit in. Nice Call Manny.

    Do you think he would take an assistant position?

  3. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    If Vigneault had Lundqvist in Vancouver he would have won the Stanley Cup.

  4. Salty – you’re ” hopeful,of course ” ??????? I’d hate to see your pessimistic side if that was a hopeful rant:-)

  5. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    I was a huge fan of Toews winning the Selke this year. That makes it 12 major awards for the Sioux. Here are a few others.

    Nice to see Tippet got a 5 year extension.

    Vezina Trophy – Belfour (1991, 1993)
    Jennings Trophy – Belfour (1993, 1995, 1999)
    Crozier Award – Belfour (2000)
    Calder Trophy – Belfour (1991)
    Selke Trophy – Murray (1986), Toews (2013)
    Masterton Trophy – Blake (2008)
    Jack Adams Award – Tippett (2010)
    Conn Smythe Trophy – Toews (2010)

  6. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    With the Rangers late draft picks perhaps they should pick an up and comer in the Sioux pipeline :)

    Corban Knight could have been the next Stepan, for a 4th round pick. Which the Rangers had this year. Now that would have made my day!!

  7. According to Gary Lawless of the Winnipeg Free Press, John Tortorella has been offered the head coaching position of the Vancouver Canucks and the two sides are close to a contract.

    He notes, Torts will coach the Canucks.

    Iain Macintyre tweets “Given Gillis’ stated desire for offence and integration of young players, have to wonder if he or Aquilini is hiring Tortorella.”

  8. Negatives are for dark room attendants. Let us not go gentle into this good fight.

  9. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Coos the Sioux are always up for a good fight, hence the name THE FIGHTING SIOUX!!!

  10. That is my *DREAM* staff, Wicky. Boucher and Ulfie. God. They can get rid of Vigneault with those two around!

  11. King with no Ring on

    Vigneault had Lundqvist in Vancouver. His version led his team further than than our version.

  12. Lundqvist has not proven himself to be a superior goalie to Luongo.

    Same amount of Gold (1), and same amount of Silver (0).

    Luongo was All-World…AV was the man behind the bench as that crumbled away. Luongo somehow learned how to “suck” under the system coming to MSG.

    Also, to say “Luongo Sucks” in 2013 is really easy…yet everyone still points and laughs at Milbury for trading him, right?

    Lundqvist and Luongo. Keep it in mind.

    Luongo was once a god, too.

  13. Torts Presser in Vancouver – “Some of these guys here stink and the PP sucks. We’ll take care of that forthwith.”

  14. Lundqvist is the single best goaltender on the planet. Say whatever you want about him. That fact doesn’t change. He has NEVER, and I mean NEVER, been a sieve like Luongo or Flower. Look at his stats of how many times he’s given up 4+ goals or even 3+.

  15. Also, Hank has never, ever, ever been the reason the Rangers lost a playoff series. Ever.

  16. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Salty – I’m probably the most positive guy you’ve never met.

    I think a persons attitude will take you as far as you want to go in life, and much farther than your aptitude. I’m just not a negative guy. I always try to find the good in a person, a team, a coach, or a teacher. It’s just the way I’m wired.

    It’s a new day. The Rangers have a new Coach. I want this team to win. He’s the best guy out there that was available today. I was a fan of Tippet, but he already had a 5 year extension in the works.

    Now let’s see if a “new” coach can make a difference for the Rangers.

  17. Seriously, you would think some people would learn to appreciate what you have. This is hockey. There are multiple aspects to the game. It’s not just a shootout. 29 other teams would salivate over having Lundqvist on their team. And here we are taking him for granted.

  18. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    Now that said. You still have to play the games, and you have to play the game with the cards you are dealt.

    It’s a long season, and the Stanley Cup has to be one of the hardest Championships to win. It takes a lifetime commitment from the players, and 16 post season wins do NOT come easy. OR the Rangers would have more than 3 cups.

    This team has the players to win. Now does it have the right coach/system…… we shall see.

  19. Sioux-per-man 10.0 on

    See you all on the other side. I’ve been working in the wild, wild west all week. Time to head east.

    Have a Siouxper weekend.

    I will see you at the final table!!!

  20. “He has NEVER, and I mean NEVER, been a sieve like Luongo or Flower.”

    But he’s ALWAYS had a defensive system in front of him. ALWAYS.

    It’s really not insane to compare Lundqvist to Luongo, as much as that is upsetting for some people.

    Don’t forget Lundqvist also had a wall of human beings surrounding him when he won his Vezina.

  21. That one was a stumper eh?

    No one is better or at least no one is as consistent. He’s the best we ever had and likely the best we’ll ever have.

  22. Give the guy some goal support and perhaps a power play that finishes in the middle of the pack instead of the bottom third and then the cup is ours!

    Now go have some fun out there.

  23. Eric @1:43, “Aquilini/Tortorella, is that an ethnic slur?

    Carp, please admonish Eric.

    Salty, brilliant, intuitive and accurate posts and while I’m on a low salt diet I admire your tenacity in view of the many Lundqvist sycophants nestling among the Ranger weeds.

  24. “So who is a better goalie than Hank?”

    Yesterday, Today, or Tomorrow?

    The point is it’s not like AV is going to have a star goalie for the first time in NY and that will be the “difference maker”. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Lundqvist’s career start to look more and more like that of Luongo.

    You could also probably argue Luongo has been better in front of worse teams during his prime.

  25. Don’t ban eric. If he wasn’t here who would balance out all the positivity around here?

  26. King with no Ring on

    With all the Lundqvist sycophants, it’s difficult to have a rational conversation without trampling on their poor souls.

    Someone took Comnsnse’s obvious sarcasm too literally, and stampeded on it.

  27. “No one is better or at least no one is as consistent. He’s the best we ever had and likely the best we’ll ever have.”

    wow, sickening.

    do you know why he didn’t hasn’t won more Vezina’s?

    *Inconsistency.* For the bulk of his career, he has had highs and lows. Usually gets cold for about 1/3 of the season. about 33%.

    He’s been nominated so often because when he is hot, he is very hot and impressive, no mistake about that. But I would argue consistency might be the thing he has struggled with most so far in his career. That and the first 5 minutes of Playoff Overtime.

    He’s great. I want him here. But he’s not the end all be all of goalies, now or ever.

  28. King with no Ring on

    Lundqvist won the Vezina trophy with a wall of bodies in front of him blocking shots.

    Lundqvist has played in systems predicated on defense his entire career.

  29. King with no Ring on

    Salty — —

    He is very good. I want him here as well. You nailed it with your post at 3:23 p.m. Lundqvist is like the little girl with the curl. When he’s good, he’s very good. When he’s bad, he’s horrid.

  30. Consistency or he’s struggled with playing on a team that’s often times been in the lower half of the league in goal scoring.

  31. So it’s Lundqvist’s fault that the Rangers haven’t had the players that can make the Rangers into an elite offensive team?

  32. King with no Ring on

    The systems Lundqvist has played in are largely responsible for his career regular season success.

  33. Yes, CT. The elite players won’t come to the Rangers because of his inconsistency.


  34. “So then, who is a better goaltender?”

    Yesterday or Today? How do you want to quantify “better”? I’ll play.

    the 2 goalies playing tonight could be considered better.

    the guy in columbus could was considered better by the hockey world this year.

    The again, no one’s won a Cup since Jon Quick.

    so how do you want to quantify “better”?

    I’m more of the opinion there are like 3 tiers of goalies in the NHL today, and they are all pretty damn good, and guys bounce from tier to tier year to year.

  35. Ok. Rephrase the question you still haven’t been able to just answer in anything considered a response.

    Who would YOU rather have in net?

  36. “The elite players won’t come to the Rangers because of his inconsistency.”

    You think Rick Nash would be signing up to play in NY this summer? Dream on.

    We are so damn lucky he took the bait when he did….holy crap are we lucky on that.

  37. “Who would YOU rather have in net?”

    I’ll rephrase it again:

    At what cost? Goalies now at their existing cap hits? Any person at any cap hit I want? Lundqvist at his current cap hit? Lundqvist 2015 at his obviously higher cap hit?

    it all makes a difference, but the obvious answer is Quick at $5.8M per year…proven Stanley Cup Winner at almost half of what LQ will be making for the rest of his career.

    tell me where to sign for that.

  38. So you think Quick is the goalie you would take over Lundqvist. I still take Hank but I think Quick is the only acceptable alternative.

  39. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Salty, King with no Ring,

    *You guys are insane!*
    I’m not speaking figuratively either. You’re blind or insane.

    You’re calling a guy with 5 vezina nominations (in 8 years), a career .920 sv% and for the past two years is .921+, last two post-seasons .930+, a guy plays 80-86% of the season every season he has been a starter, and the only guy in NHL history to win 30 games 7 consecutive seasons inconsistent? *YOU ARE INSANE.*

    You need to watch other goalies. Seriously. Hanks worst is still NHL average. Is he a .970 all the time? NO. Is anyone a .970 all the time? NO. He’s a lifer .920 though, and how many guys do you think can say that? I know of only one (Hasek).

    I hate these comments. Shows how spoiled you are and/or that you don’t watch other hockey.

  40. I still think that Ruff was our best choice–I like hard noised hockey.Teams that compete and finish their checks. Maybe we’ll still get that, maybe the team’s character will change. I don’t know enough about AV to know. I hope he does an outstanding job.

    Also, I still believe that next season’s team will be much better than this previous season’s team. Miller and Kreider will be better and at least one additional, maybe as many as three, young players will break the line-up. Me thinks.

  41. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Hahaha! Jonathon .902% Quick for 5.8million? Geez, you’ve lost it man.

  42. There is no goalie alive on the planet that I would take over Hank. Never.

    That’s me. You guys are entitled to your opinions but I think disparaging Lundqvist is, as True Fans put it, Spoiled. To say the least.

  43. Put them all on commission, including Sather. We have a bad year, they have a bad year.

  44. There are other great goalies–but I agree with the Hank-lovers. Besides the fact that he is one of the best–arguably the best–goalie on the planet is but one reason to keep him. In team sports being a team is important. Consistency of players is important. Hank is a leader on this team. The skaters in front of him play for him and respect him and you can’t put a number on that. Can you?

  45. “So you think Quick is the goalie you would take over Lundqvist. I still take Hank but I think Quick is the only acceptable alternative.”

    No, that was just assuming we are talking “bang for buck” since you’re asking such a broad question. I’ve asked many times for you to be more specific…

    Lundqvist will probably never be the best bang for buck again in his career, and frankly he was a little overpaid in his last contract.

    He’s obviously a top goalie. I don’t think you win a Cup with a goalie getting $9M against your cap when you’ll have new goalies coming around, making their names, having big years, and not being paid so…handsomely?

  46. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    It was interesting to hear Ray Shero talk about FLower during their break-up media day/Byslma extension announcment. When defending Flower, the first player he used for comparison… Henrik Lundqvist. FLower has more wins (and Hank would have more vezinas if the skates were swapped), but Hank is the gold standard for goaltending right now. There is no doubt about it.

    If you are that eager to find a guy who plays .920 SV% hockey all the time, then your argument for Quick fails. He was a .902 this year. Bad goalies win cups, winning a cup is the furthest test of consistency … ever. Flower, Quick, Niemi, Osgood, Guiguere, and Cam Ward. Those are your cup winners post-lockout. Only a couple of them are respectable, none of them consistent. NONE.

  47. There is no goalie alive on the planet that I would take over Hank. Never.

    That’s me. You guys are entitled to your opinions but I think disparaging Lundqvist is, as True Fans put it, Spoiled. To say the least.


    We absolutely are spoiled with Lundqvist at times. We’ve seen him carry the team to the playoffs almost yearly.

    But the honeymoon is over. The King of the 7th round has blood on his hands, and all eyes are on him as we move forward minus Gaborik and Richards as an “offensive styled” team (which I will believe when I see). I’m ready to see if Lundqvist is ready to be better than ever now that he’ll have to be. Now that he signed up for it.

    He’s gonna be a MAJOR cap hit (deserves it) for the rest of his days, for better or worse. I think Lundqvist is great, but he really struck gold landing in MSG where people hadn’t seen a competent goalie in 10 years.

  48. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    “Lundqvist will probably never be the best bang for buck again in his career, and frankly he was a little overpaid in his last contract.”

    You can argue all you want using the “goalies shouldn’t use up more the xx.x% of the salary pie” point. There’s some merit to the argument because you have to build a team. If you’re argument is just whining he got paid too much, as the second highest paid, then you are going to be miserable for a long time. I cant wait.

  49. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    “The King of the 7th round has blood on his hands, and all eyes are on him as we move forward minus Gaborik and Richards as an “offensive styled” team”

    So the whining is because you think Hank got your beloved Torts fired?

    PS: .917, .922, and .912 … Hanks Sv% when Jaromir Jagr and Michael Nylander were building a defensive fortress in front and padding Lundqvists stats. Obviously, that didn’t happen and clearly, Hank still had the numbers and got the nominations and wins.

  50. Eric, passing on ethnic slurs is still a misdemeanor, Carp will render his objective ruling from the bench! ;)

    Oh, and whom will you be finding and why? ;)

  51. “Bad goalies win cups, winning a cup is the furthest test of consistency … ever. Flower, Quick, Niemi, Osgood, Guiguere, and Cam Ward. Those are your cup winners post-lockout. Only a couple of them are respectable, none of them consistent. NONE.”

    Thomas also. This is almost kind of my whole point. I’d rather have a Cup than a big money goalie that puts up great numbers in the regular season year in/year out.

    Bottom line is Lundqvist is about to be getting a much bigger slice of the pie and deservedly so, however, does that bring us closer to the Stanley Cup? I would argue “no”.

  52. King with no Ring on

    A leader does not consistently call out his teammates to the press for not scoring goals.

    A leader does not lead or associate with a mutiny to get his coach fired.

  53. King with no Ring on

    Salty — —

    Spot on. You do not need a Vezina trophy winner to win the Stanley Cup. Moving forward, following Lundqvist’s increased cap hit, he’s not going as valuable as he once was and the team will be in worse position.

  54. So to review…Lundqvist is only a Vezina winner because people block shots for him. But Torts sucked as a coach because he made people block too many shots and play a terrible system. And it wasn’t fair to Lundqvist because he had to stand on his head since he got no help. And now that he’s going to get help he isn’t going to be any better..

  55. Interesting to see if McDonuts, Moore, and maybe others come into their own offensively under a new system.

  56. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Salty, this is now a different argument. The onus is on Glen now to persuade Hank to accept a slightly smaller slice in order to allow him the room to manipulate a full roster of stars, and not just two or three.

    I agree with that point and Hank’s no idiot, he wants his paycheck (as the highest paid goalie, as he deserves) but he also knows that an $80 million contract doesn’t help him win. So we are at an impasse. If you think this team would have succeeded with a different goalie the last few years, then you’re entitled to think letting Hank go via trade may be worthwhile. I, frankly, think this team would have missed the playoffs most Torts years if you put essentially any other goalie in net.

    Great teams can win a cup with a good goalie. This isn’t even a good Rangers roster yet, let alone a great one.

  57. here’s an argument: So, on a team that was mediocre this season, but is clearly close to contending, let’s get rid of the best player by far.

    yup, makes sense to me.

  58. Well he’s not THAT good Le Carp. And he’s going to cost a lot of money that could be used elsewhere. Plus he’s only got 8-10 years left. Might as well stock pile draft picks and have the cap room. Just in case.

  59. King with no Ring on

    We shall, bull dog line.

    We already learned that Tortorella was not fired for a multitude of reasons leading up to May 27. He was only fired due to the events occurring between May 27 and May 29. (S)

  60. Hard to believe, with all that is going on, and with all the question marks extant with this organization and this team, that Henrik, other than in securing his contract, is even a topic of conversation.

  61. King with no Ring on

    “Clearly close to contending”

    Trying to keep the readers while the Rangers fade into obscurity?

  62. This blog astounds me sometimes. I consider myself extremely critical of this team and some people who are apparently fellow fans are 10x harder and more critical than I can be on a bad day!

    We were robbed of a full season and had certain young kids with potential stuck on a short leash for 40 games. 40 games that Callahan played with a bad shoulder while veterans who probably wont be here next season struggled.
    Am I missing something? In all seriousness.

  63. and I’m not trying to keep the readers. They stay because they like it here. Though I wouldn’t mind kicking a few to the curb.

  64. Honestly, I expect the team to revert to a defensive system relatively quickly anyway and then we’ll get our money out of LQ anyway and he’ll be signed here nice and long.

    Renney was rightfully accused of trying to ride every game into OT and then count on LQ to deliver in the shootout as well.

    Tortorella changed the look offensively at first as well. Safe is dead, remember? Eventually Tortorella ended up using the “ride the goalie” method as well.

    I dunno. Not expecting magic from AV. At least under Tortorella you knew you were going to get a hard working team, and it was hard not to be proud of that. This was an ugly, identity crisis year, and I think it gets much worse before it gets better with all the drastic changes.

    At the end of the season we had finally reconfigured the roster to reflect a “Tortorella Squad”.

    What the HELL is Alain Vigneault going to do with these guys? We are about to become the post-2007 Sabres.

  65. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    You from Miami? Chicago? Because where I live game 6 of the ECF (2012) with subsequent competition with a team who turned out to be a serious powerhouse (’13 Bruins) is often considered close to contending.

  66. Ya know, it’s funny. Pre Nash this team was allegedly “one or two pieces away” then this season rolled around Gaborik and Richards stunk and supposedly they’re going to stink until 2020..

  67. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Rosters aren’t set in stone. Coaching strategies can change. Tortorella was a winner, he was effective with the parts he was given. It was clear, though, that the players wanted a change. Your acknowledged identity crisis was the players wanting a change. If Torts stayed, it would have been a wasted season, for sure.

  68. King with no Ring on

    Overachieved in 2012. Regressed to a level more indicative of their roster in 2013. Will only get worse without Gaborik for a full year next season.

    The Rangers are not in the same realm as Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit, Pittsburgh and other Western Conference teams.

  69. Yeah but Salty, where was Torts going to go with things next year? Clowe is damaged goods so is Richards. He obviously wasn’t a fan of Kreider or these guys that were signed from Europe during the season. And He wasn’t exactly in the good graces of his veterans anymore. Either way they were going to have to do 3 things. 1- try to tweak the D for the sake of becoming more physical. 2- replace Richards and 3- find some more offense while hopefully re-configuring the 3rd and fourth lines. Seems like the same stuff the new coach is going to have to deal with. And no they may not have the identity they want or need this upcoming season. But the issues they had were no quick fix under Tortorella either.

  70. So then why don’t you tell us what they need, King? do you have any idea of a game plan or you’re just here to talk crap?

  71. So, in the top six in the league? top eight? 10? 12? what is close and what isn’t?

    A 1 seed in a year where everything goes right, and a 6 seed in a year where everything goes wrong, and five rounds of playoffs? I think probably 15 or 20 teams might sign up for that.

  72. He’s the same as all the agenda guys, James. Like the clown last year who spent every game night blaming Dubinsky for every mis-step, blaming him for every loss, every goal against.

    And there are others with similar agendas. Obviously.

  73. bull dog line on

    the goalie does not have to be the best player on the team to win the cup. he just needs to be great in the important spots. Hank is the best player on the team, so he is going to be paid like it. that probably means he is going to remain the best player on the team because of the cap space he is going to eat. not sure thats a good thing.

  74. Obviously I’m not suggesting get rid of Lundqvist. I’m just stomaching the fact that things have gone from pretty damn good to excruciatingly questionable in a single year, less than one hockey real season.

    I think Tortorella could have held this thing together for one more season while we feel things out and take some calculated measures.

    I really don’t see how anyone could be feeling great about the New York Rangers right now.

    Mark Messier damn near got the job of head coach because of something that happened 20 years ago.

    Wrap your head around that for a second.

    Boston having another parade in 2 weeks will be the cherry on top.

  75. Just for arguement sake and totally hypothetical- you take the money you were going to give to Clowe before he became a liability and you go for a guy like Morrow or Cleary instead..Maybe you take the money coming off the books via blueline departures (1.4 million between Eminger and Gilroy plus however much of the 3.5 mill they were paying on Hamrs contract) and sign a guy like Douglas Murray or another modest but Physical guy on the blue line..You buy out Richards and have that 6 million available and get yourself in a position where you could be in play for a guy like Thomas Vanek or another top 6 forward who will undoubtedly wind up on the trade block this season…are they that much worse than they were this season?? I think they’d actually be better.

  76. King with no Ring on

    James — —

    Embark on a rebuilding process. Build around McDonagh, Stepan, Kreider and Nash.

    The current construction of the Rangers roster is not going to win a Stanley Cup. They have only advanced past the second round once in the last several seasons.

    I would trade Lundqvist now while his value is still high (sell high), before he declines and before committing a large percentage of the salary cap to him. I would attempt to amass as much talent as possible in the deal. Skill NHL players, 1st and 2nd round draft picks, prospects.

    It has been proven that you do not need a Vezina trophy winner to win or contend for the Stanley Cup. Jimmy Howard, Antti Niemi, Marc Fleury.

  77. bull dog line on

    if I can sign Hank I do it. but I do not allow him to play the season without an extension. if he does not sign by august 1, I look to move him.

  78. Bull I see what you’re saying as opposed to people off the deep end but I’m not sure that it’s a bad thing either. 3 things matter at the moment that will give us a better picture- 1- how much its going to cost to resign the 4 guys Sather has to re-sign. 2- what adds up when the Ashams and Gilroys and Hamrliks are off the books and 3- what they do with Richards’ contract. Once those things are settled we’ll be able to see who and what they can obtain in free agency and what we have in guys like Kreider and Miller along with the guys who will go through camp in fall. To me that’s a lot of stuff up in the air that needs to get put in place before you consider trading Lundqvist.

  79. bull dog line,
    I agree about Lundqvist and have said it on here a few times. f lundqvist plays hardball and it looks like he wants to try free agency than you look to move him and get something in return instead of losing him for nothing. I’m also not crazy that lundqvist will be looking for stupid money that will put a big dent into the rangers salary cap.

  80. King with no Ring,
    I’ve also mentioned that on here that the rangers might be better off trading lundqvist now and get as much young talent as possible because signing him to big money isn’t going to help the rangers win a cup with the team they have going forward. If I was sather I would at least make calls and see what teams would offer but I have no faith in sather. While sather is the GM things will be the same old crap. Ranger fans will never see a stanely cup as long as sather is the gm, that I’m very confident in saying.

  81. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Sounds like a decent plan… Trade hank, get young talent and build around MacD step and kreider… Except that kreider may or may not make it and by the time your team is ready to compete you’ll trade away macD Nash and step because they’ll be either old or overpaid.

    Fact is that only two teams won at least one series in the past two post seasons. Rangers and kings. Somethings gone right and that’s mostly lundqvist.

  82. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I feel like the tiny tots need to read some sports pages about Ed Snyder and Marios teams.

  83. Carp, a little feisty today are we?

    Will you be polling the board re: “who stays and who goes”?

    Will it include front office personnel?

    And can you document as fact tht Vigneault has asked no insisted his players address him as “The Vig” and does this have anything to do with Sappy’s mob ties? ;)

  84. Re: Ranger fans – We have no permanent friends or permanent enemies. We simply have permanent interests.

  85. Anyone who thinks that Viggy doesn’t play a defense first system has not been paying attention. The main difference between his system and Tortorella’s will be that the Rangers actually play a SMART defensive system that puts a premium on getting the puck OUT of the defensive zone rather than the everyonecollapsebelowthefaceoffdotsandmakesnowangels that Tortorella played.

    You know, kind of like the systems used by the teams that everyone wants the Rangers to be, like Boston.

  86. just stopping by to say HI to Carp
    and other Boneheads
    recovering from loooooong days
    working at Bonnaroo Music Festival
    and then a killer headache today
    hope it’s not some prophetic moment
    that signals our off-season and upcoming year!

    too busy to deal with all the insanity today.
    just in Wait and See Mode
    on all things Rangers.

    as jpg’s grandma would say in her
    broken English
    “Eh. Whaddya gonna do?”

  87. John Tortorella is expected to be named the Vancouver Canucks’ new bench boss. Per TSN LOL

    trading places! hilarious! How long before entire Canadian fanbase and media call for Tortorella’s head for being…uuummm, Tortorella! Vancouver will regret this lol

  88. As far as Lundqvist’ consistency, the Rodent used to occasionally run a group of stats concerning extended stretches of games in which Ranger goalies had the best historical .gaa and sv%, I believe the base line was 10 games and he had 15 of these groupings listed. Henrik’s name was on 10 of the 15 while having the longest stretches of consecutive games and dominating the alltime best runs. Anyone whose been a Ranger fan as long as I have, even though I’m only a dyslexic 26, knows that he’s the best the Rangers have had in their lifetime, including the two who have their jerseys in the rafters.

  89. there is only one solution to all this chatter today trade del zaster who was on nhl radio and sounded like a complete moron. so arrogant for someone who sucks

    hi carp want to come over for hot dogs tom

  90. What often gets lost in goalie stats is the quality saves made. Wish they kept a stat on that. The number of phenomenal saves Hank makes in a game is ridiculous- the supposed vaunted Ranger defense actually makes numerous mistakes and often needs get bailed out by him. If they kept a stat on quality saves it would enshrine him as Vezina winner year after year.

    Regarding contracts guess what he’s our best player and he is the biggest difference marker there can be. Just because you can win the cup with an inconsistent goalie doesn’t mean that is the best path. Build around Kreider? Lol.

  91. what time, eric?

    wish there was a real way to monitor which new coach the fanbases really want fired first. would be a fun contest. I imagine AV’s leash isn’t going to be very long here.

  92. Aneirin, well said, both posts

    CCCP, LOL, I think that is the first official FTC post.

    Got a chance to watch the press conference, overall a pretty good job by MSG.Vigneault said all the right things as you would expect. The change will be good, as a fan, I welcome it.

  93. I agree. the thing is, Matteau, if you really want to seriously contend, you need more elite players, not fewer. So you need the one and only legit star player you already have, and then to add some more. Just such nonsense complaining about the best player the team has.

  94. King with no Ring on

    His “difference maker” label has not made much difference, except in running the coach out of MSG.

    No single player is bigger than the team. Much lesser goalies than Lundqvist have won Stanley Cups, or actually reached the Finals. With one year left on his contract, the prudent business decision is to quietly seek a trade that brings back the most “legit star players” plus draft picks and prospects.

  95. Honestly Carp I bite my tongue at some of these Hank comments. It is mind boggling that people don’t understand they are witnessing the best goalie this franchise ever had and among the best the game ever had. He doesn’t have to win a cup to get that recognition. This team since the lockout has been barely mediocre and has been a playoff team only because of him. Agree the answer is to add to him not subtract him.

  96. King for the most part you have an agenda so it’s hard to take your comments seriously. There is zero sense in trading him. Zero. One qualifier: if in fact he doesn’t sign an extension this summer then yes you have to consider it. But I don’t think that’s happening, he will be signed.

  97. King with no Ring on

    I have no agenda. That’s your way of dismissing my quality ideas.

    There is zero sense in not seeking to acquire the most talent for Lundqvist, with the shrinking salary cap and with the knowledge that a team does not need great goaltending to win the Stanley Cup.

  98. bull dog line on

    because the one and only star player you have takes up so much cap space, it is going to be difficult to have enough star players on the team.
    and be careful with the greatest goalie in the teams history stuff. they did have a guy who was able to deliver a cup. when Hank does that, you can say he is the greatest Ranger goalie in there history

  99. King with no Ring on

    As the “one and only legit star player” so often states in postgame press conferences, he “can’t score goals.”

  100. Bulldog Richter has a special place forever but Hank hasnt played on a team anything close to that 94 team. Hank isthe best goalie this team has had, not winning a cup because hes had crap in front of him for his entire career doesn’t change that.

    King please your agenda is obvious from all your negative comments about Hank’s ability and from blaming him for playoff failures.

    That being said it is a legitimate debate to question if it’s wiser to put cap money into skaters and go with an average goalie. But guess what, those other elite players aren’t exactly out there, they get signed by their teams to long term deals. (see eg Malkin). And the draft is never a gurantee. So you take your stars where you have them. For the Rangers that’s in goal.

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