So it looks like Vigneault, not Messier, will be the next Rangers coach


According to multiple reports, the Rangers have identified Alain Vigneault as their next head coach, pending a contract being worked out.

The former Vancouver coach, according to ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun, on Friday took himself out of the running for the Dallas job, for which he had interviewed.

On Friday, Vigneault reportedly met with Rangers owner James Dolan.

Mark Messier, who spoke in Chicago about wanting and having interviewed for the job, was believed to have been Vigneault’s main competition for the position vacated when John Tortorella was fired May 29.

The Rangers also spoke with former Philly coach and current L.A. assistant John Stevens.

But it looks as if the job is belongs to Vigneault, who interviewed with Glen Sather at the team’s organizational meetings in La Quinta, Calif., this week, once a contract can be fnalized, if it hasn’t been already.

It is not known if the Rangers will wait until after the Stanley Cup final to make the announcement — the league frowns upon major news being announced during its showcase event.

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  1. iDoodie Machetto on

    Great news to wake up to. Of the known quantities, he was my favorite choice.

  2. not too thrilled about vigneault. i know he runs a completely diff system then torts and had laid back style in dealing with players but i just look at all the opporunties he had in vancouver and see that they blew a cup final up 2-0 and 3-2 in series and over the past two years he was 1-8 in in last 9 playoff games. 1-10 over final 11 dating back to cup final.

    i wasnt thrilled with messier either so i guess nothing would make me happy

  3. Vee Nay works for me, but Mess would have as well.

    Nathan Horton, 10 foot poll.

    I guess my sources on Malkin wanting to play in NY, Mr. Wishful Thinking and Lovely Svetlana who works at a adult establishment on South 35 in New Jersey, were wrong?

  4. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Wooo hooo vigneault!!!

    Will he name his assistants or do we know?

    Hopefully he brings lapierre with him ;)

  5. MSG PR dept to Vinyo ” you’ll be fine just don’t say the word “process” or “the right way” and heck throw in a bit about coaching and teaching offense”

  6. LOL, Papa…I think Vigneault (not even in spell check!) was the best choice, even if not ideal. Too bad Tortorella’s firery personality eroded his relationship with the players and ultimately alienated the GM. His comment “I am not the GM” sealed the deal. Vigneault is the anti-Torts personality in some ways. As Adam Rotter points out, he also gets along well with Swedes (the Sedin twins) which is hopeful thinking in the Lundquist contract renewal problem. I think Tortorella accomplished a tremendous turnaround and was headed in the right direction…this reminds me of a Greek tragedy. Hoping that Vigneault turns out to be all that Slather and Dolan hope for. If they do hire Mess as an AC (ha ha!) we could call them Fire nIce!

  7. Sather to Mess – “This guy, Vinegar, opens 5 and 12, keep your grease pencil ready.”

  8. Czechthemout!!! on


    People change their mind, especially when they get 9.5 million per year thrown at him. But hey, he was right about Nash. What can you do? I just pass along stuff when I hear it.

    P.s Svetlana says hi!

  9. Mr Trump to Donald: “Stop moaning, I’ll find another team for you to coach.”

  10. Czechthemout!!! on

    I read that one issue with Vin is that he does not bring young players along well. The story I read cited Schroeder, Grabner, and Kassian as examples. That could be the GM looking to scapegoat him for poor drafting or it could be a real issue. Will see. My opinion on this is that Grabner failed twice before finding his game on Long Island and the other two are busts.

  11. Broedeur: “I’ve decided to retire from my family to spend more time with hockey.”

  12. Czechthemout!!! on


    I think Vinyo has lost the lockeroom. Do you have any insight on this?

  13. Czechthemout!!! on

    It just looks like they are not playing with any emotion or drive. He’s lost the team!

    Just practicing !

  14. Ok I am begging the Ranger org no mas no mas, this guy is a clown god he system is worse then Torts. He gets a lead in the playoffs and sits all 5 guys back. Please just hire him to fire him. Worst move this team can make right now besides keeping the king and Staal.

    Bye Bye Henrick, i’d be on the phone now with Washington trying to pry Ovie out of the slums. And like Staal but he is to soft we need guys who can actually clear the crease.

  15. Czechthemout he inherited a young team, they seemed alright to me would’ve been better if they didn’t get injured so often. So to say he doesn’t bring young players up well is just wrong. The Sedin twins, Kessler and many others were kids when he took over. He’ll be fine if he learned anything and drops that dang box.

  16. I think it’s the best option available. Hopefully he brings LaPierre over with him. Maybe Bieksa too! (jk)

  17. Czechthemout!!! on


    Just relaying an article I read. My feeling is that the GM is trying to cover his butt for the terrible drafting that the Canucks have had the last several seasons. Two of the players mentioned were not even drafted by them and the third was picked too high and is too small to really hae an impact. I believe in giving someone a chance so that is what I am prepared to do. I am not all giddy about some things with him though. He does tend to sit on leads. Not happy that he was eliminated in the first round two years in a row and not at all happy about blowing a 3-1 lead in the Stanley Cup finals. Hopefully he has learned from his mistakes and we are the better team for it.

  18. the key question is what henrik thinks of vigneault. will he be happy with this move. some of you take hank for granted on here but honestly i dont think its 100% he stays.

  19. Good morning, boneheads!

    Was working all morning, first time for me to find the news. Right move, imo. Out of all possible option, he was the best available. Good luck in NY, AV!

  20. CARP really needs to start entering Pär Mårts into his stories so that his name spreads to other reporters and eventually Sather. Come on, CARP!

  21. Well…it is only a matter of time before we hear:

    Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

  22. correction…and def NOT the group by that name…ugh..Hate the Nook..almost as much as The Drake!

  23. Anyway..IMO..if Mess wants it..Mess deserves the shot…we asked..he delivered…we need men like him on that wall…we want men like him on that wall…

  24. Perhaps Vigneault isn’t happy with blowing those leads and won’t play his next chance THE EXACT SAME WAY this time.

    But, of course, what this team actually needs is scoring.

  25. When Vancouver hires wont hear about how Torts brought the Lightning to within one game from the Stanley Cup…

  26. Of course…if Torts goes to Vancouver–big win for the city’s canine population!

  27. The King wont be happy…Dolan made AV come to NY in order to be sure he understands that Isiah Thomas will be the new goaltending coach. Dolan read that Isiah was called for goaltending in the NBA and thought he’d be an asset for the King!

  28. Pär Mårts!Pär Mårts! Pär Mårts! Pär Mårts!Pär Mårts! Pär Mårts! Pär Mårts!Pär Mårts! Pär Mårts! Pär Mårts!Pär Mårts! Pär Mårts! Pär Mårts!Pär Mårts! Pär Mårts! Pär Mårts!Pär Mårts! Pär Mårts! Pär Mårts!Pär Mårts! Pär Mårts! Pär Mårts!Pär Mårts! Pär Mårts! Pär Mårts!Pär Mårts! Pär Mårts! Pär Mårts!Pär Mårts! Pär Mårts! Pär Mårts!Pär Mårts! Pär Mårts! Pär Mårts!Pär Mårts! Pär Mårts! Pär Mårts!Pär Mårts! Pär Mårts!

  29. If MEssier wanted the job so bad he should have been coaching somewhere the last few years instead of hanging out upstairs. Instead MEssier thinks he should just be handed the position. Sorry but that is not a coach I want. MEssier is an all time great and one of my favorites but there’s no denying his huge ego.

  30. Hagerstown Md Rangers fan on

    Vigs is going to get the job? I was just handwriting my resume. I was just including how I coached little league baseball at St.Theresa parish on Ave D in Brooklyn. I know that would have impressed Sather. Too bad. It would only have taken me about 8 minutes to have lost the locker room.
    I’m very surprised that Sather is passing on Messier.

  31. And if Messier doesn’t get the job, you’d hope he pursues an assistant role or a coaching gig of some kind elsewhere, otherwise it really doesn’t legitimise his candidacy at all.

  32. I think Veenyo is the right call of the available options. Do you think he flew to NY to meet with Hank and not Dolan?

  33. Messier dropped from consideration refuses to attend any Ranger functions as does Leetch who was going to be an asst. but only for local games and promos.

    Unless they are showered with continued affection for being on the 94 team and comped with Garden freebies!

    How will this work out when Sappy packs it in and Vigneault is left to deal with a new GM who unlike Sappy may not be on the same page as he?

  34. Alain Vigneault has been under fire in the Vancouver market since, well, for as long as I can remember anyway. It’s clear that he rubs media and many fans the wrong way, and ultimately his record is judged through the same prism with which we view other quality regular season coaches in other sports who’ve failed to win a championship (Andy Reid, Jerry Sloan, etc.). The bottom line is that the Canucks have fallen short of the ultimate goal with Alain Vigneault at the helm, and to many that outweights all of the positives of his tenure.


    Alain Vigneault’s deployment patterns – from his disciplined massaging of matchups to his innovative use of “zone matching” – are massive positives that he brings to the table as the Canucks’ head coach. Beyond that, his in-house tracking of micro-stats and, more importantly, his use of that data to inform deployment decisions, give him a big edge over at least half of the other head coaches in the league.


    Occassionally it seems like Alain Vigneault is *too slow to adjust to the opposition*. Whether or not he’s too slow to adjust or too tactically _stubborn_ with how he wants to attack his opponents, this is something that has burned Vigneault and the Canucks on several occassions in the past.

    Read More Here:

  35. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    AV is probably the right choice, given what is available.

    For Mess (who I admire and will always have warm thoughts for) to think he can just step in and ‘coach’ is to demean the profession of coaching.

    Maybe he would succumb to being assistant, learning for a few years, then moving up. I know the ego will not allow for it, but…..

  36. News is news I suppose. I’ll wait to see a season under his belt before I shout ‘fire this clown’… but I will shout Pär Mårts! Pär Mårts! Pär Mårts!

  37. Not sure if Frenchie is enough of a war time consigliere for the Patrick Division

    I hope we don’t turn into French Canadian europansies

  38. The size of Messiers’ ego is proportional to the feats he has accomplished over his career. Messier deserves respect, and he gets it. He doesn’t demand it, he excepts it.

  39. Well, it’ll be interesting to see how the Slats/Vinegar plays out not only in playing style, but the types of players they end up on the team. But I agree, FG, I hope we don’t get too soft either.

  40. Does this mean that post game pressers become a formal affair and Carp will have to show up in slim fit euro cut suits and oversized Italian riviera sunglasses?

  41. une tasse à 74 ans et ça continue on

    Alouette, gentille alouette,
    Alouette, je te plumerai.
    Je te plumerai la tête. Je te plumerai la tête.
    Et la tête! Et la tête!
    Alouette! Alouette!

  42. Alain Vigneault is being signed right now to become the next head coach of the Rangers, per source #NYR according to daily news pat leonard

  43. une tasse à 74 ans et ça continue on

    well good luck to him anyway , what do you think ? 3 and out ?

  44. Rob in Beantown on

    Katie Strang @KatieStrangESPN
    #NYR Can confirm that Vigneault is to become next coach of Rangers. Details still being finalized but hiring is imminent

  45. CARP, you should report that Pär Mårts is becoming coach as a belated April Fool’s gift.

  46. Although I must confess that Sather is an April Fool for not hiring such a legendary and imposing figure to command the bench.

  47. I was so afraid Sather was going to hire Messier.

    Judging by things he and his monster ego has done in the past.

    This should be an interesting offseason. AV hiring as a pretty good start.

  48. vigneault is not the naswer either was messier. cant wait to hear vigneault after a 5-1 loss on opening night in pittsburgh. dont worry all is good hank played well.

  49. For those asking about Canucks PP success under Vigneault: They were 22nd this season, just ahead of #NYR, but fourth in 2011-12.

  50. I was horrified of the idea of messier and not too excited with the idea of veen-yo considering how things have gone down in Vancouver. I’m not even worried about the finals loss after going up 3-2 but the two straight first round losses are real troubling…

    Anyway he’s our guy now and I’m curious to see what he does with our bunch since there likely aren’t going to be many roster changes. I hope if he does nothing else he tells the d men no more diving out of the play on 2 on 1’s

  51. _So have we settled on veen-yo for our new bench bosses bonehead moniker?_

    I think ORR will be pushing for Fig-Nuts.

  52. bull dog line on

    of all the retreads, this was the best choice. I think Messier would have done well.

  53. Good afternoon all!!!

    I vote for Viggy. Huh, we’ll see about this…..Is this a tad embarrassing for Mess?

    and it’s une tasse à 19 ans et ça continue

  54. Viggy’s first order of business as new coach will be to outlaw showers & toothbrushes and require thin black moustaches…game day meals to be bread, cheese and wine, to be followed by smoking two packs of cigarettes

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