A couple of anniversaries, a couple of ideas for better OTs, and a few random thoughts



1) Happy Anniversary. You know the one. Nineteen years ago today.

2) I was thinking about another anniversary while watching the U.S. Open this week. Because 20 years ago this very week, U.S. Open week at Baltusrol, on Father’s Day Sunday, is when Mike Keenan made official his decision. We all knew that Iron Mike always had one very clear-cut No. 1 goalie and one backup, and that he’d ride (in more ways than one) his No. 1. And that the Rangers had two. Well, I was at Baltusrol when the Rangers traded 1A John Vanbiesbrouck and made Mike Richter their No. 1 for 1993-94. And I had to speak to Vanbiesbrouck, from the golf course, on Father’s Day, after he was dealt to Vancouver for Doug Lidster, en route to being claimed (as the Canucks knew he would; every team had to leave unprotected a goalie and that’s why the Canucks wanted him) by Florida.

3) And it’s kind of ironic that 20 years after the coach picked his goalie, maybe the current goalie has a lot to do with picking the new coach. Wonder if that will work out as well.

4) Another thing that took me back to 1993 and the Canucks and Rangers was Kevin Bieksa saying the Canucks didn’t need somebody to “crack the whip” in terms of Vancouver interviewing John Tortorella. Back in ’93, when it became apparent that Keenan was on the Rangers radar, a Newsday reporter asked Neil Smith if he felt the Rangers needed to “hire a dictator.” Smith said no. The story came out that Smith had called Keenan a dictator and Keenan was furious. Of course, Smith then sold his soul to the devil and hired Keenan to amazing results.

5) In a copy-cat league, the Rangers of 2011-12 were a team that played just like the Bruins play, and now they have gone anti-copy-cat before seeing what Boston really is about. They are going away from what Boston is. And they are going to go more offensive minus their best offensive players from 2011-12. Makes no sense to me.

6) Spoke with Brian Leetch briefly last week. I asked him if he’d come aboard as a full-time assistant coach as has been speculated. He said he wasn’t sure he wanted to leave his family life and be a full-timer at this point, but the feeling I got is that he would be interested in being involved to some lesser degree depending on whom (ahem) was named coach.

7) Gregory Campbell, big as the building.

8) Chris Letang was so god-awful in that ECF series, Norris finalist, worse than Rick Nash the series before.

9) These playoffs have taught us that, no, riding into the playoffs on a hot streak is not necessarily a key to success (Capitals), that having a great power play is not necessarily a key to success.

10) Indeed, if you look back to early in the season, many of us here looked at Boston and saw a team that could win the Stanley Cup, a team that looked a lot like the team that won a couple of years earlier but now had last year’s stinging loss as a driving force. So Boston fell off a bit late, and was probably affected to some degree by the Boston Marathon tragedy and the subsequent postponements.

11) But as we look back, we were right. These B’s are pretty awesome, a pretty legit prototype of what a Stanley Cup team is. Though Chicago has more skill and might well win this thing.

12) Matt Cooke really is a piece of carcillo. Have I said that before?

13) One thing I don’t get, and it seems simple to me, is why the NHL doesn’t make two amendments to its playoff overtime procedure. First, why do the team switch sides? What is the point of forcing both teams to make the long change in the first (and third) OT? I know, the long change sometimes results in a bad change and an offensive chance. I think it also results in more careful play, more dump-and-changes, and probably results in more too-many-men penalties (or missed penalties). I just don’t see why teams can’t defend on the side of their bench for the entire overtime. I think it would improve the OTs.

14) The other thing is, there are no TV timeouts during overtime, which is good for us, but not necessarily good for the game. We heard all about how tired the players were in Game 1’s triple-OT (partly, I’m going to repeat, due to the long change). Part of that is because there are no breaks for all the players to get a breather and for the ice to be shoveled, as there are in every period all season long, and the first three periods of every playoff game. Why not just schedule a quick timeout, instead of once after the 10:00 mark, but also after the 5:00 mark and the 15:00 mark? Would add two or three minutes to the OT, total, and make for a better OT, just as not switching sides would. I think players would be fresher, more chances would be taken, maybe the OTs would even end more quickly.

15) We should have a Johnny Oduya Playoff Beard Contest next year.

16) Torey Krug is this year’s Chris Kreider. Has made some enormous offensive plays, some huge contributions to his team. Also has had some nightmare shifts. And when he committed that turnover that led to the goal in Game 1, he found himself nailed to the bench by Claude Julien, who by the way, demoted Milan Lucic to the fourth line late in the season. Come to think of it, Julien’s system is very similar to Tortorella’s. He’s a fatter, funnier, nicer Tortorella.

17) I’ve got some guest blogs in the hopper. If anybody’s interested in doing one during this long summer, drop me an e-mail at rcarpini@lohud.com.

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  1. Look Carp….gursy blogs are nice and all that…..but an entry like the one you posted today is the pnly way us boneheads will survive the summer…capice?

    I didnt read any post series comments by the Pens….so I am wondering if Letang rated his performance as well as Nash had rated his own…..

    During our series with the Bs..my son who is finishing his residency at Beth Israel in Boston…sees three Rangers having dinner and walks over to say hi….that he is a huge fan…and wishes them luck…MDZ says thanks and shakes his hand….Staal never looks up from his soup….and Richards, who is typing a text…also doesnt look up….he didnt leave with any negative feelings…just happy that to have at least met MDZ….who btw….I still feel has tremendous upside offensively..knows hoe to throw a big hit….and will continue to develop defensively

  2. Ugh….I Hate Typing on a Nook….my above entry should read guest blogs are nice blah..blah..blah…I wont even attempt to correct the rest….

  3. rangerjhw – i think DZ is one who will really benefit from the coaching change. As much as Torts encouragement to jump into the play showcased some of his skill and offensive instincts i think the fear of benching sometimes got in the way. The kid can throw a good hit and was often our most physical defender.

  4. Nice piece, Carp. Some interesting observations and suggestions. I also agree that the next coach may have their work cut out for them in terms of adapting the personnel to a new system that Slather has in mind. I still think they already have Messier in mind. As for coaching retreads, Joel Quenneville is having a pretty good year.

  5. Carp – enjoyed the random thoughts- thanks. I still can’t believe that not one ranger has had anything to say- positive or negative- regarding the loss of their coach. Can the gm or ownership really do that??

  6. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    Great Post Mr. Carp you old hotdog ..
    I guess it comes down to cap management and talent..
    It seems that the rangers do have a problem resigning role players , Prust, Mitchell etc. I wonder why, then they throw boat loads of cash at aging and under achieving toads, which undermine the cap.
    dolan is still star struck it seems , so they will toss a boatload of cash at Hank and have a high priced goalie and squat to spend on the role players and re signs.

    The say the pens won’t be able to resign Letang , I guess he would look great here and ship off Del Zotto to the pens where he will bloom.
    And maybe the pens throw some cash at hank.. he has a better chance to win there .

  7. Admiral Akbar on

    Great review, Carp, as always!

    If i read into a little of what you wrote, I agree, it will be seen as a mistake to fire Tortorella.

    Lets see how many games Hank bails his “offensive juggernaut” team out of next season versus the previous seasons… Hank probably will not enjoy being left hung out to dry so much — and as a result, may end up skipping town as a free agent after all from the mess he helped create.

    Good luck Torts, wherever you coach!

  8. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Nice, as always, Carp. Item 10, looking back to the first two games this regular season v. Boston, two things were obvious. First, they looked really stacked and ready to roll. They looked deep enough to be a real contender and manhandled our boys, despite the closeness of the 3-1 and 4-3 OT scores. Second, we were a bunch of boys against men. And, we needed more work, but likely were simply not good enough.

    I guess what happens early in regular season can be a microcosm of what will unfold.

    But about that picture up above, and lordy, lordy, please don’t make him coach, that was an unbelievable moment and, yes, it is seeming more and more it WILL last for a life time. Sadly.

    Unless do Dolan and Sather depart.

  9. we will miss the playoffs next year i am convinced of that. i dont think this roster as of now can play the style they seem to be going towards especially if vigneault gets the job. oh and by the way if vigneault was the guy dont you think he would have job by now. i am for one think messier and leetch will run this team with a very established other coach on the bench. maybe schonefield.

    happy anniversary all 19 yrs today probably me a minimum of another 19.

    did we trade del zaster yet

  10. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    I’ll go on record as agreeing with AA. I don’t get how a player or players can whine and get their way. Where I come from, if they have a problem, you move them.

    I also remember the decision to go with Richter and be done with Beezer. I didn’t like that either.

    Maybe I don’t like change.

  11. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    One of the many things that bothers me about this Sather regime is the utter lack of information. Neil Smith reported most anything and you felt more a part of what was going on. This non-communicative cigar chomping louse couldn’t care less about the fan. As a matter of fact, ask him, and he will tell you that.

    That said, break up today, sir, and throw your fans a ‘bone’. Something, anything. Do we have a coach, yet? Did you interview anyone aside from the obligatory AV, on your way to hiring one of your boys, MM?

    A penny for your thoughts.

  12. Loved the random placement of #12!!! Great points to make and memories to share, Carp!! We love this stuff. And as far as which coach to hire and if Leetch would be interested in being Mess’ assistant, does it really matter?? I mean, with Sather making the decisions, on coaches and players to sign/trade etc, we’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Not ledge balancing, just being a realist. For all the good times and exciting games, especially during Torts’ reign, we’re still a mediocre team. Sorry to say.

  13. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Absolutely ridiculous we hear about MDZ’s surgery from a tweet from him and can’t hear from the team.

    This is New York, not Guelph.

  14. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    A-A, you are so correct. Seems Torts would have played 4 lines IF we had them. Good luck to AV with his ‘roll 4′ philosophy when he gets down to the 3rd and 4th and realizes how weakly put together this team really is. Oops!!

    Torts may have not played the 4th much, but as arrogant as he was, it was for a reason.

    A coach is what he is handed by the GM. Torts did an amazing job the year before the one just concluded to get the most out of this mound of clay. It just didn’t happen as well because this year’s version, thanks to the moron in the front office, was even worse. You can work wonders, even cover up for the mistakes of the GM, for just so long.

    Actually, part of me, with Torts’ comment “I am not the GM” at the end of the year he was speaking to how poorly constructed he felt this team actually was. We will never know….

    I, too, believe the blaring aberrations in makeup will be highlighted with a new coach that insists you must roll 4.

    Should be an interesting year. Unless we bring in Paillet and his friends.

  15. But Johnny Oduya never played for the Rangers. His beard is amazing though. It doesn’t look real. His goal celebration is awesome. Kind of a bench pressing motion of fist pump while standing up.

  16. Great comments Carp. Lots of memories of ’94. My post could go on for pages!!

    As for your OT suggestions, I kind of agree about switching sides and the long change, but I NOT want more breaks during the OT. I get the players are tired, but taking more breaks will kill the flow. One of the great things about OT, is that the preiod just flows from one play to the next. Sure, teams play more cautions, but tiredness leads to mistakes, and mistakes lead to odd man rushes. That’s the charm of the game. That’s why we love OT so much. My son and I were talking and he says, why can’t they play regular season games by OT rules? I get every year from non-hockey fans about how fantastic watching OT hockey is. You just don’t get that during the minute OT and the stupid shootout. I get where there are too many games compressed it too short of time, but really, is there anything better in life than OT hockey during the post season? Maybe if that OT intensity translated to the regular season the sport would get more fans. What I would do, if they did this, would be to allow teams to dress an extra 2 players the following game if the game goes into multiple OTs.

  17. Wouldn’t additional TV timeouts also make the ice better because it would give them a chance to clean up? Why would the NHL *not* want the ice to be top notch? Better ice = better passing and better skating = more goals. It’s science.

  18. Let’s make the overtimes as long as possible. Sudden death? Pssh! If one team scores, the other team should have a chance to tie it again before the OT is over. More ratings! More advertisements! More money for Bettman so he can ride the Merry-Go-Round at the Garden State Plaza more than once!

  19. Actually, the main problem I’ve been having with these playoffs (and really, big sporting events in general) is that the games start WAY too late. How the heck do they expect me to stay up for one overtime, let alone three, when I have to get up at the butt-crack of dawn the next day for work? Start the games at 7pm EST. Not all of us are college kids who don’t have class until 1 in the afternoon the next day!

  20. Absolutely Yergs. I was up until well after 1AM watching that stupid game. COME ON. What’s so wrong with a 6:30 start time (since puck drop would still be 21 minutes after the “start time”)

  21. Yeah “start time” is a very loose term in NBC land. I know I sound like an old fart, but I like my hockey and need my beauty sleep! Can’t I have both?

  22. Oh. You know what’s amazing about 3 OT? They still stop selling beers after the second period. So… a bunch of people get tanked for 40 minutes and then spend the next 80 minutes sobering up way too quickly. Or just fall asleep.

  23. Anyone notice most of the 1994 Rangers are clean shaven? Stop these stupid beard contests. Its an ISLANDER tradition. Messier and the Oilers did the OPPOSITE in winning their 5 Stanley Cups.

  24. Manny – triple OT finished just after my alarm went off to get up for work!!
    As for start-time delays, its ridiculous they should be dropping the puck for the opening face-off at that exact minute, not 21 minutes later after some presentations, Bettman speeches and anthems!!

  25. Oduya’s is Mara-like. If this goes to Game 7 its going to be Brett Keisel-esque without the ginger!

  26. only matter of days until messier gets the job. i bet on an off day of cup final sunday(fathers day) or tuesday

  27. get up at 5am every day and went to bed the other night at 2am. last night with zero interest in the nba and nothing on tv i was sleeping by 9. felt great.

  28. Rob in Beantown on

    If it is Messier I’m trying to stay optimistic. Carp is right that Messier is a man who shouldn’t be underestimated once he sets his mind around something. Mostly I hope he’s serious about wanting to be a coach and not just doing it because he feels entitled wants to check it off his bucket list. And I hope he’s smart enough to get good assistants.

  29. dont u all think if vigneault was the guy by now he would be offered the job especially with interest from dallas.

  30. Maybe he was offered both jobs and is taking some time to discuss it with his family and make a decision.

  31. Rob in Beantown on

    I agree Yergs, OT rules should be you need to win by two. If one team scores they get an advantage, and if the other scores they go back to deuce.

  32. Manny – I’m probably the only guy on here that lives for the afternoon games!! The average home game with a 7pm ET puck drop i am up till 2:30 am (if not blacked out) and up for work at 6:30am!

  33. I agree Eric about AV. What about Ruff is he a legit candidate or is it just a game to make it seem like someone other than Messier is being considered?

  34. I don’t think they’ve offered it to Vigneault yet, with the facilities and financial backing no way a coach turns down the job!

  35. #5 is the one that has been on my mind and really bothering me.

    I really just don’t know where this team thinks it’s going to go under some different style or system.

    I’ve also been thinking that all this talk about how much respect Messier will get and the players will respond to it and all this and that…kind of a slap in the face to Ryan Callahan really, as if this team doesn’t have a good enough captain or leadership and they need Messier to set some sort of tone that will bring them the next level.

    And with that said, since this team and it’s positive direction have been put into massive jeopardy by a kneejerk firing…I’m looking forward to seeing Messier fall on his face and tarnish his legacy further and hopefully bring Sather down with him once and for all.

    I think the team would get off to a hot start and then you’d quickly see Messier getting by solely on Lundqvist saving both their faces.

  36. LMGO at “Win by Two”. I like the idea of Hockey going the way of Basement Ping Pong

  37. Sioux-per-man on

    Messier lead us to our last Cup 19 years ago. Why not another one on the 20th Anniversary?

    He’s knows what it takes to win the Ring. Everyone on this team knows what they have to prepare for if they want play for the Stanley Cup.

    We have the best Goalie in the league.
    We have a solid Defense in front of him.
    IF Messier can coach a power play to score.
    Leetch could come in as a defense consultant, an assistant coach that may not travel with the team.

    I could see this happening. Cally, Nash, Girardi & McD, a healthy Staal, and the King in the net.

    This team has the leadership to win. Why not put the “Captain” of the last Stanley Cup on the Bench to Coach the players to the promise land?

  38. Sioux-per-man on

    UK – are you pulling for a Hawks win?

    Hawks win you WiN!!!

    Toews & Co. could win UK the “Fighting Sioux” Cigar :)

  39. czechthemout!!! on

    Very special day for me. I remember almost every single minute of that day 19 years ago. I came to this country on March 5, 1975. That first night I arrived as an immigrant at my relatives house, I asked him if there was hockey in America. He told me that yes there was and in fact, there was a game on that nught between the Rangers and Boston. I was hooked right there as a Rangers fan. It took 19 long years for a title. Many againg stars were brought in with promises of a Stanley Cup. Espo, Dionne, several others as well. Only one guy delivered. His name was Mark Messier. He will forever be reveered in my house hold. And if he really wants a shot at coaching this team to glory once more, why should he not be guven a chance. Mess bleeds Rangers red white and blue as much or more than anyone. He also knows this game better than most. His motivational skills and leadership is second to none. With the right support staff like Leetch and Schoeny, I believe he can get it done. If anyone deserves a shot at this, it is Mess! Why the hell NOT?

    Sorry for the long post.

  40. Great story Czecch. Good argument for Messier too. The thing I take away from it is, that when you watched that first game and made your choice, you picked the wrong team. ;)

  41. The longer the coaching process takes, the better the odds that Dave Tippett’s hat will be tossed into the ring. If the Coyotes end up leaving Phoenix, Tippett is going to be a hot commodity.

  42. Sioux-per-man on

    For the most part this league is a copy cat league.

    You have a system that you build or mold your team around. Play a certain way with the talent you have.

    Most budget teams play the trap, keep the game close and see if they can win a 1 goal game.

    Defense is boring to watch, but it wins Championships. Look at Boston. They have the Best Defense in the league, with a very good goalie.

    Chicago has more talent up front, but they also have a defense that is difficult to play against – and some players that can put up some points. Now Crawford was the unknown at the beginning of the year. But he has turned into a very reliable goalie, with a .926 save percentage you are going to win more games than you are going to lose.

    My 1’st choice is still Tippet. Probably the best Defensive coach out there. He took the 30th team in payroll, and coached them all the way to the finals. Imagine what he could do with the best goalie in the league. All the pieces are here, and the #1 checkbook behind him.

    Messier with Leetch could be a solid second. But this has a lot more sizzle, and just might win the race to the bench.

  43. czechthemout!!! on

    Thanks Rob.


    Had I picked Boston, I would have waited over 30 years. Though right now, I’ d be a happy camper.

  44. czechthemout!!! on

    Our defense is not the problem. In addition, we have one of the best hoalies in the game. We cannot score, period, end of story.

  45. Sioux-per-man on

    My gut tells me if Sather can’t get Tippet, he will go with Messier.

    Makes sense… right?

  46. Sioux-per-man on

    Czech – agreed. But had the power play performed 20%, just think of all the close games that go the Rangers way. Just in the Boston series alone.

    This team has the talent to score.

    Perhaps the next coach can get them to score! That will be the great mystery to be solved.

  47. Carp,
    Bit of a solid bonehead here, I love the blog and I’ve been coming here every dat since Sam ran the show.

    I’d like you to elaborate more on #5. Who are these great offensive players the Rangers had in 2011 – 12? Gaborik has been replaced with Nash, a slight upgrade in my opinion. The team will essentially also switch out Richards, Anisimov and Dubinsky for an improved Derek Stepan, Brassard and Kreider. I do not see how this team, personell-wise, is definitely offensively inferior to the 2011-12 squad.

    However, I think it is a mistake for management to try to put together a more offensively based team. They have the best goalie in the world. Playing a more defensive system would play to their strength. There are a lot of styles in between freewheeling and a Torts’ rope-a-dope style.

    I understand Torts had to go, he lost the room. But the organization cannot get away from the positives he established while he was here.

  48. Thanks Rob. Twenty years ago and still a chill when I see a clip from that game. Oh how I want that feeling again.

  49. Meant to say “silent bonehead”. I dont know why I wrote “solid”. I’m also a bit of a moron

  50. The Coyotes are leaving Phoenix? I thought they were recently purchased by an investment group that financed the entire purchase price through taxpayer money (and private investment firms) and money from the NHL ($89M)?

  51. Re: #8) “Chris Letang was so god-awful in that ECF series, Norris finalist, worse than Rick Nash the series before.”

    Point 1) Letang did suck. But he only sucked in 4 games. Nash sucked in 5, so on the aggregate, Nash sucked more.

    Nash sucked during more games than Letang Sucked

    On the aggregate sucking scale Nash > LeTang

    Point 2) On the financial side, Letang makes $3.5M – Nash makes $7.8M, so one Nash suck has twice the financial impact of an equal LeTang suck.

    1 LeTang suck = 1/2 Nash suck. So in actual numbers if they sucked equally, Nash really sucked twice as much as LeTang.

    Nash sucked his dirty thumb, Letang sucked his pacifier.

  52. Carp, any news on when the “coronation” ceremony will be held?

    Has there been a malfunction with the MSG Distraction Machine or does Junior have gig at the local LIR platform?

    Jason Kidd, Mess, Leetch, do I detect a trend or as Johnny Cochran might say, “If you do not act you must distract”!

  53. POps, a lotta sucking going on!

    Do you really believe if Nash had been more productive we would have beaten the Bruins?

    After all it is a team sport,no?

  54. Rob in Beantown on

    It’s too bad when a fanbase gets jerked around like the Coyotes have, but on the plus side they can move the team to a more deserving Canadian market that will be grateful to have them. At least I hope that’s what they do, and not Seattle or Kansas City.

  55. if it isnt guaranteed the coyotes stay in phoenix next year and relocate say to quebec city then what happens with the stupid realigment crap the league put in place. does detroit or columbus go back west. isnt the nhl in the process of putting together the scheudle as we speak

  56. that said about the schedule the highlight game for rangers next year is columbus first trip in.

    manny see u there

  57. And if you really want to get into suck analysis, 2011/12 Norris Trophy winner Karlson really sucked in the Pittsburg series compared to LeTang.

    Norris Trophy winners and finalist all suck. (Except Brian Leetch).

    So if we eliminate the Norris Trophy, will we terminate sucking diring the playoffs?

    Perhaps, except of course the sucking of elite forwards who -earn- steal mpre than $7.8M in salary, score 1 playoff goal, miss five times as many hockey checks as they land, get knocked on their arse and cower back to the bench by a piece of cheese on 2 consecutive shifts in an elimination game, and don’t understand the difference between what is horrible and and what is “good”

  58. Rob in Beantown on

    If they move Phoenix to Quebec City they should send Detroit back to the West. It feels weird moving them to the East.

  59. Sorry for the outburst…no more rants.

    Back to the river before all the Salmon escape to the ocean.

  60. *SAUER UPDATE* (Really)

    The Rangers flew injured and inactive defenseman Michael Sauer, 25, to New York this week to evaluate his condition, the Daily News has learned. If the organization believes there is a chance Sauer can recover from the concussion symptoms that have sidelined him since Dec. 5, 2011, GM Glen Sather can qualify the soon-to-be restricted free agent and retain his rights for the upcoming season relatively cheaply. Sauer remained at his home in Minneapolis this season, away from the team, and his condition is not believed to have improved significantly, but the evaluation will tell the Rangers more.

  61. Detroit should be in it’s own Conf. Just Detroit. They can get a bye to the playoffs.

  62. Seems like it, eric. I guess the Rangers are doing their due diligence in determining that before they make a decision that will end his career forever. Sad story. I’m sure it will be on ESPN 30-for-30 in a bit.

  63. We need a new crop of Avatars. What movie should we choose? I was thinking of Ace Ventura but I don’t think Einhorn/Finkle will be as funny as it could be.

  64. “Messier lead us to our last Cup 19 years ago. Why not another one on the 20th Anniversary?

    He’s knows what it takes to win the Ring. Everyone on this team knows what they have to prepare for if they want play for the Stanley Cup.”



  65. Czech- awesome story ! I went straight to the bar after a softball game, not very hopeful got there just in time for first goal and we all, a dozen of us, went crazy !
    When they won someone pulled an imitation cup out from the back made out of tinfoil and we all took turns drinking Budweiser champagne out of it and carrying it around the pool table.
    Later we all ran out back and dove into a slimy little pond screaming and hugging–pure delirium ..and drunkenness. I made it to work the next day but I could have still gotten a DWI on the way in ….never forget it,hope to go swimming like that someday again!

  66. Man, if the Rangers ever win the cup I am taking a week off, hiding all my alcohol, and checking myself into a Sanitarium for safety’s sake. I have to protect myself from myself.

  67. “He’s knows what it takes to win the Ring. Everyone on this team knows what they have to prepare for if they want play for the Stanley Cup.”






  68. Rob in Beantown on

    Manny which shirt did you wind up getting from Blood and Guts? I want to get one but I’m also hoping they start adding some shirts for east coast teams

  69. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Do we have a coach yet?

    Please please move the yotes to QC!!!!

    Sauer=done (sadly)

    I’d take “sucky” letang on our team in a heartbeat!

    Papa bear
    Lmao @ your suck comparison

    Great post

    Awesome memories, thanks for posting them.

    ILB and nannu
    Do I know you guys?

  70. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Couldn’t agree more about messier failing as coach spelling the end of slats.

    Everyone that wants slats gone better be rooting like hell for messier as coach!

  71. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Ah that’s right, the really long beard and the pet pig. I’m still amazed you let that pig ride in the front seat of your el camino.

    The one thing I never understood is how you could see anything walking around with that welding helmet on?

  72. Well, I modified the lenses to use an x-ray type visor cover. That’s how I picked you out of that lineup. You thought it was my pig’s snout finding a sweet one for me but it was really my x-ray vision.

  73. R.I.P. that El Camino. I got a big too “aggressive” with a client a while back and, well, let’s just say Old Swammy (my pig) freaked out and chewed through bone, steel and leather. Goodbye sweet Hot Rod.

  74. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Ah, makes even more sense now. I thought it was because I had truffles in my pocket!

  75. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Don’t tease and I still walk with a limp thanks to the I-94 rest stop

  76. I didn’t say I would take it easy, but even if I did, you wouldn’t have let me. I knew your type the minute you cracked the leather belt across my bare back.

  77. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    So honestly, how did you get the two midgets behind the seat of that el camino?

  78. So MDZ’s hernia issue somewhat validates my previous assessments of his below standard skating ability. Hopefully it was exacerbated by his enlarged ball sack!

  79. I like the excitement of overtime in the playoffs, especially when it doesn’t contain the added stress of the Rangers playing.

    But in all honestly, during game 1, for me there was a point when it started to morph from “thrilling and exciting” to “why can’t anyone score?”

  80. official diagnosis released – MDZ’s balls were in his gut due to repeated kicks from Tort

    19 years ago tonight I was absolutely hammered in Bay Ridge and raced to midtown at the buzzer because some joker friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend said he worked at MSG and could get into the postgame lockerroom. Drunken idiots

  81. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    Hey, Rob, thanks for the 10:54 post. Still cry watching it and anything remotely attached to it. Just an amazing time being there. Nothing, sports-wise, can ever approach the feeling in that building. Nothing,

  82. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    Czech, that is an amazing story up above. Thanks for sharing it and bless you!

  83. Can’t wait for John Stevens. That will be great support for Marc Staal since they both suffered massive eye injuries. Wasn’t Stevens first season with the Phlyers, um…horrible?

  84. Marina1227@aol.com on

    Happy Anniversary. Game 7 memories: I skipped my cousin’s birthday party picnic because my Aunt had said Pavel Bure was cute and we lost those two games. We won, so okay skipped picnic. Plus I had to walk up and down the drive beetween periods and I hyperventilated when we won

  85. Marina1227@aol.com on

    between peirods.

    I met Stephan Matteau the next season and I thanked him for the Cup. He nodded thank you and said now we have to do it again.

  86. Pär Mårts!

    Hypothesis: Sauer is the NHLPA’s representative in the Illuminati.

  87. Billy, but the point was in 11-12 they didn’t have enough offense, with Gaborik scoring 42 or whatever it was, and Richards having a good season, at least representative of a No. 1 center, then they added Nash. That was supposed to be the offense they needed. Now they have no 40 goal scorers anywhere. Two thirds of what was supposed to be their legit No 1 line is gone.

    You can argue all you want that Stepan and Kreider are going to be the next Richards and Gaborik. Maybe they will. The point of getting those guys was to have Gaborik, Richards and Nash AND Stepan and Kreider, etc. And maybe just enough offense to compete.

    Right now they don’t have nearly enough.

  88. All I know about Sally is that she recently moved to a new apartment and switched jobs. She’s probably swamped. Or in a swamp. Or literally a swamp.

  89. Sounds like it could be only a formality, no? Would be interesting to see what happens if he doesn’t get the job.

  90. The other thing to consider is this: Sather can pay some of Messier’s potential assistant coaches more than some places pay for head coaching position since it doesn’t count against the cap.

  91. bull dog line on

    Messier is going to get the job. Sather is just waiting for somebody else to hire vigneault. by the way, Trevor Linden is interviewing for the Vancouver job, and Modano, and Brian Bellows are going to interview for the Dallas job.

  92. bull dog line on

    maybe by hiring some of these guys the league will go back to being an offensive league.

  93. If Messier doesn’t get the job he might use his fists and teeth to destroy MSG. Then the Rangers would have to move to the Nassau Coliseum. Blech.

  94. Rob in Beantown on

    It’s a Catch-22 though, cause if Messier gets the job he may cry and flood the whole place

  95. I’m liking the Pär Mårts talk around here today! Good going, ‘heads! We need to generate more so that he gets considered for the job!

  96. I heard that he called Sather and played a recording of the Swedish Chef to trick the old coot into thinking he was Pär Mårts, Manny. What a scoundrel.

  97. Happy anniversaries ‘Heads! I don’t trust that Swedish Chef, don’t like the cut of his jib. Look at his deviant eyebrows and mustache, he’s hiding something.

  98. john stevens no thanks much rather davis payne the other assistant who got a raw deal in st louis before hitchcock

  99. Stevens, 47, has a 122-111-34 record in two full seasons as the Flyers coach and parts of two others from 2006-10. He also served four games as the Kings’ interim coach before Darryl Sutter took over in the team’s Stanley Cup season of 2011-12.

    Stevens, a former defenseman, has guided the Kings defensemen and penalty killers. Prior to taking over the Flyers, Stevens, who played 53 NHL games for the Flyers and Whalers, coached the Flyers’ AHL affiliate, the Philadelphia Phantoms, from 2000-06.

    Here’s how the great Los Angeles Times hockey writer Helene Elliott partially described Stevens in a 2010 profile:

    “The tone of his relationship with younger players might have contributed to his downfall,” Elliott wrote.

    “Stevens was close to the youngsters he had brought along and was seen as too forgiving of their mistakes compared to his treatment of veterans. His outward calm was widely viewed as a lack of emotion and an acceptance of sloppy habits.

    He acknowledged that he is not “an outwardly rah-rah guy,” and that he had been through a lot with the homegrown players — especially those he led to the American Hockey League championship in 2005 — but said he punished or praised everyone as necessary.

    “It’s not my style to overly criticize players, but players missed ice time, players missed games. We were very demanding on the conditioning side of things,” he said.”

  100. Randy Butternubs on

    I’m sorry Carp, I always enjoy your writing and insight, but your #5 point is so incorrect it boggles the mind. Tortorella’s Rangers did not play offense in any way, shape or form as the Bruins do.

    When the Bruins gain the puck they are extremely aggressive. They go full speed through the neutral zone, players dart to the net, defensemen join the play, players also have the freedom to make plays in the middle of the ice rather than live along the boards like Tortorella demanded.

    They are a very aggressive offensive team. Tortorella’s Rangers were never any such thing. Night and day.

  101. Did MDz’s swollen sack happen before or after his -romantic- well desrved post-season getaway with the young Norwegian lad?

  102. My used ignorance–in an instant
    Was shaken by the demon’s hand,
    And he combined my poor existence
    With his existence to the end.

  103. With all the stuff the Daily News is reporting…is there any doubt that Mess WON’T get the job?

    This has a 99.9% chance of being a disaster (but it may lead to Sather being fired which is probably a good thing) Wicky, I totally agree…

    What player put those quotes out on Messier’s “dream job”? The players have been so quiet about anything and now one puts out a quote about Mess? LOL…what about the other candidates?

    “…proven that he’s a man that can lead men to do great things. And there is a wealth of knowledge and experience that he has.”

  104. Just for the fun of it….I hope Mess gets hired and i hope he succeeds here in a big way, just as he did as a player and i hope “the experts” eat their HUGE portion of crow.

  105. Vine-yo is a loser! He won nothing!

    Torts won just one cup and everyone cant stop crying about his firing!

    Nobody who is available can even come CLOSE to the experience Mark Messier brings! Even w/o coaching experience! Mess was a player-coach! He has won it all SIX TIMES! been there, done that!

    I bet he understands it more than anybody what kind of a pressure he’s going to be put under if he takes the coaching job here. Bet pressure ain’t nothing new to him.

  106. Um, Papa, the sports hernia is somewhat north of there. it’s in the abdominal wall. not that I don’t enjoy the immature references. I do.

  107. Understanding the pressure is one thing, being able to effectively communicate to and guide a team where he’s not controlling things on the ice is something else.

  108. I agree the PR spin for Messier has begun. No way can slather not hire him and since I’d never expect Mess to embarrass Sather the only way he goes public like that is if he knows he’s got the job.

  109. messier leetch whos the third glenn anderson. we are becoming a three ring circus aka jets

  110. _Understanding the pressure is one thing, being able to effectively communicate to and guide a team where he’s not controlling things on the ice is something else._

    Of course…and that what separates good coaches from great. I think Messier deserves a chance.

  111. A hernia occurs when the inside layers of the abdominal wall weaken then bulge or tear. The inner lining of the abdomen pushes through the weakened area to form a balloon-like sac.

    My bad on the spelling Carp. Sac, not sack. :)

    And it was a well deserved post-season get a-way with the little Norwegian Lad!

  112. Olga Folkyerself on

    I think Messier as coach is a disaster waiting to happen. That being said, I do not wish it so, even IF it would be the end of Sather’s Evil Empire. I could not promote the failure of the Rangers as a strategy to get rid of Stogypuss, no matter how tempting the thought.
    Even in the “Did not qualify” years, I didn’t want to see the team “Tank” in order to get a #1 draft pick. That’s The Pittsburgh Way. Unfortunately, it can also be successful.
    So I just say to Uncle Glennie- “Do what you want. You will, anyway. I’ll just try to out-wait your incompetence and hope for better days to come”

    Meanwhile, Let’s Go Black Hawks!

  113. Yea. Think V gets it. Surprised so many think Mess is a lock. I’m alone seemingly in hoping they hire Mark but don’t see it happening. Leech would have been so rad to have in there as well….

  114. If it’s Messier, Sather, in sympathy and friendship, will give him absolutely everything he possibly can to help him to succeed. Someone else, maybe not so much. Doesn’t mean it will all work, but the help will be there.

  115. These Open guys should play some of the rat golf courses I usually do, and none of them would break eighty. Their rough is nicer than my fairways.

  116. Olga Folkyerself on

    ( Sung to Hey Mr. Spaceman – Byrds)

    Woke up this morning with hope in my eyes
    And then realized it was still dark outside
    It was a cloud coming down from the sky
    I don’t know who or why

    Must be those Rangers that lose every night
    Those UFA signings put people uptight
    With off-the-wall draft picks that fade in the dark
    I hope they develop all right

    Hey, Mr. Sather
    Won’t you please take me along
    I won’t do anything wrong
    Hey, Mr. Sather
    Won’t you please take me along for a ride

    Woke up this morning, I was feeling quite weird
    Heard Messier was coach, my brain felt all seared
    On my ticket renewal, they’d written my name
    Said, so long, we’ll see you again

    Hey, Mr. Sather
    Won’t you please take me along
    I won’t do anything wrong
    Hey, Mr. Sather
    Won’t you please take me along for a ride

  117. “Then take me disappearin’ through the smoke rings of my mind
    Down the foggy ruins of time, far past the frozen leaves
    The haunted, frightened trees, out to the windy beach
    Far from the twisted reach
    Of crazy sorrow.
    Yes, to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free
    Silhouetted by the sea, circled by the circus sands
    With all memory and fate driven deep beneath the waves
    Let me forget about today until tomorrow.”

  118. She handed me a twenty and said, ‘Harry, keep the change.’
    So I bought two packs of Marlboro Reds and hit the sack.

  119. Re Point 16, It is possible that Chris Kreider would have been this year’s Chris Kreider were he allowed to play umh

  120. so everyone is tweeting that Vigneault is the next coach…..

    where is the joy in mudville?

  121. Wow…..The Byrds and Chapin….seen them in person tons of times in the early 70s….Harry being one of the nicest people I ever met……still listen to their music on Gooveshark while at work. But the artist that belongs here now….is Phils Ochs……and his song Channges….

    Scenes of my young yearscwetecwarm in my mind,
    visions of shadows that shine.
    til one day I returned and found they were victims
    of the vines of changes

    Find the scarce version by Jim and Jim….a real treat.

    Buttalking about The Byrds makes one think of Dylan…and the greatest (NON Sprringsteen) song ever written…..MY BACK PAGES…….Ah but I was so much older thn, I’m younger than that now!

    Find the youtube version with Dylan, McGuinn, Clapton, Harrision, and Neil Young…..favorite version of my favorite song.

    I will wager 30,000 lbs of bananas that being 8 miles high….makes you so lonely…that anywhere is a better place to be! The exception being right here!

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