Some Stanley Cup finals betting odds … series begins tonight


The Stanley Cup finals begin tonight in Chicago, between two of the Original Six — the first time that’s happened since the Rangers met Montreal for the Cup in 1979.

Too bad the teams aren’t still playing at those great old roach-and-rat traps, Chicago Stadium and Boston Garden.

Game 1 begins shortly after 8 p.m. on NBC.


Courtesy of Bovada, (, Twitter: @BovadaLV).

Series Price
Boston Bruins (Series Price)                              +130     (13/10)
Chicago Blackhawks (Series Price)                     -150     (2/3) 

Who will win the Conn Smythe Trophy as Playoff MVP?         
Corey Crawford (CHI)                 7/4       
Tuukka Rask (BOS)                   9/4       
David Krejci (BOS)                    5/1       
Marian Hossa (CHI)                    7/1       
Patrick Kane (CHI)                     7/1       
Bryan Bickell (CHI)                     19/2     
Zdeno Chara (BOS)                   12/1     
Patrice Bergeron (BOS)             15/1     
Patrick Sharp (CHI)                    15/1     
Nathan Horton (BOS)                 20/1     
Brad Marchand (BOS)                20/1     
Duncan Keith (CHI)                    25/1     
Jaromir Jagr (BOS)                    50/1     
Jonathan Toews (CHI)                50/1       

Will a goaltender win the Conn Smythe Trophy?         
Yes      4/9        (-225)
No        37/20    (+185)  

Will a player from the losing team in the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals be awarded the 2013 Conn Smythe Trophy?
Yes                              15/1     

Series Correct Score   
Boston Bruins 4-0                      14/1
Boston Bruins 4-1                      8/1
Boston Bruins 4-2                      19/4
Boston Bruins 4-3                      5/1
Chicago Blackhawks 4-0            9/1
Chicago Blackhawks 4-1            4/1
Chicago Blackhawks 4-2            9/2
Chicago Blackhawks 4-3            5/1                   

Total Games in the Series       
4                      19/4
5                      23/10
6                      9/5
7                      17/10   

Total Games in the Series       
Over     5½        5/9        (-180)
Under   5½        3/2        (+150) 

Total Goals in the Series         
Over/ Under                  27

Where Will the Series Be Decided?     
United Center, Chicago              11/10    (+110)
TD Garden, Boston                   5/7        (-140)  

Miscellaneous Props

Will there be a 5 minute fighting major penalty called during the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals?    
Yes      2/5        -250
No        39/20    +195

How Many Games of the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals will go to overtime?
Over 1½            27/20    (+135)
Under 1½          20/33    (-165)              

Will any game in the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals go to double overtime?
Yes      11/4      (+275)
No        2/7        (-350)    

Will Either Team Record a Shutout in the 2013 NHL Stanley Cup Finals?        
Yes      20/31    (-155)
No        5/4        (+125)

Will there be a suspension in the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals      
Yes      3/1        (+300)
No        1/5        (-500)  

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  1. Rangers’ battle is in La Quinta…let’s go brainstormers! If they have a brain!;>))

  2. So……Dallas Eakins has a Twitter account? He would have been a huge hit in NYC with that!

    Also, is Bylsma fired yet? It would be really helpful for us to know. Don’t the Penguins have any courtesy?

  3. Boston’s gonna steam roll the Hawks even though I’m pulling for Chicago.

    When’s the official announcement of our new coaching tandem of Messier and Olczyk?

  4. i said it back on jan 17th-19th thread whatver day we made cup predictions. go look it up if u dont believe me.

    hawks over bruins in 7 on an overtime goal by rozival. not changing now.

  5. That goes against Mrs. Manny who has predicted Boston as the cup champions since the lockout.

  6. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    Let Lou Lamoriello pick the rangers next coach,, then I would have some faith.

  7. I don’t know about that, JamesG. I’d give Chicago better than average chance…They have exactly what Boston is mostly susceptible to: very creative, fast forwards who can back Boston’s defense in, some have good size. But, most importantly, Chicago’s mobile defense would give Boston fits. If Crawford can be steady, watch out.

  8. ilb – I thought about that same thing but then I figured that the Blackhawks are not nearly as fast as the Maple Leafs (despite Hossa and Kane and Co.) and the Bruins somehow survived that series.

  9. Oh god its started! The beginning of the summer articles entitled “should the Rangers trade this offseason”.

    Who’s contents contain equal measure of possible draft picks and who the Rangers could turn them into or a player on a team roster who the other team would have absolutely no interest in letting them go.

    Today’s culprit: Blueshirt Banter and their Del Zotto to Edmonton for Gagner or the #7 overall pick article.

    Del Zotto under a more offensive, less critical coach is going to be a monster next year. He must be gagging for Vigneault to get the job (or Messier with Brian Leetch coaching the D-men/PP)

  10. I don’t think they are ilb, and they shouldnt be. Its pure speculation by Joe Fortunato based on them possibly needing a d-man with some experience and the Rangers possibly needing another centerman if we buyout Richie. Joe must be bored!

  11. Man, the HAwks are on every single puck at every second of the game…they have the speed to challenge every puck handler…but it’s impossible to bet against the B’s right now

  12. I am wrong about everything, ilb. So don’t worry about my real opinions. All I know is, the Bruins are a TEAM and they look very tough and very similar to the Kings absurd winning streak last season.

  13. In a way, I’m almost happy that the Rangers got knocked out. I don’t know if I would have had the patience or stamina to endure another month of the daily drama and lohud geniuses

  14. I hope that press conference involves earth shattering news that makes the NHL very upset since it will distract from the Stanley Cup Final.

  15. Rob in Beantown on

    Manny, are you going to postpone the Paul Mara Playoff Beard Voting? You know, so as not to distract from the Stanley Cup Final.

  16. I actually already decided to wait until after the Cup was awarded. The NHL announcement made me want to pay to advertise the contest and announce it during game 7.

  17. Also, Rob, thanks for calling it the Stanley Cup Final and not the Stanley Cup Finals. I hate when people pluralize it. Pet peeve.

  18. Rob in Beantown on

    I doubt Bylsma is getting fired at this conference. It probably would have leaked already, right?

  19. On Monday,James Murphy of ESPN Boston reported that Glen Sather was considering a move where he would leave the GM position but stay on as President.

    The idea was shot down by Rangers reporters, but Murphy said on Sportsnet radio yesterday, “I’ve been working on this for about the last two weeks. Sources very close to Glen Sather have told me that he is seriously considering this. He said before that he wouldn’t but things change and I think that obviously his health issues are playing a major role in that and he needs to step back from the stress that the GM job brings.

    You have to look at the guys who are there, I was told Risebrough and Schoenfeld would be in the running. They have earned their stripes and Schoenfeld has been there for a while. What has surprised me is that Jeff Gorton’s name wasn’t mentioned to me, he was the guy who took over the reins as Sather went through his surgery and recovery. I would imagine he wouldn’t feel too good if he got passed up on that but we will see what happens. Right now it is just a consideration, it isn’t a done deal by any means but he is seriously contemplating this.”


  20. I’m staring at Twitter so when Bylsma gets -fired- extended by the Penguins I will let you guys know.

  21. ?@penguins 27s

    #Pens also signed contract extension with assistant coaches Tony Granato and Todd Reirden

  22. @RobRossi_Trib 2m

    #TribHKY Shero announces that agreed on contract extension for Bylsma (2 years, thru 15-16) as well as assistants Granato, Reirden #pens

  23. Credit to Ray Shero for having Bylsma his staffs backs. Bylsma goes from hot seat to signing 2 yr ext. Quite a busines

  24. Carp and posters, other than the latest coach and other admin questions, what exactly might be discussed at the resort that couldn’t have been discussed on a bench in Central Park…….saving quite a bit of money?

    Will they discuss our less than outstanding farm system and prospects?

    Trades, what do they have that anyone wants that doesn’t weaken their own roster?

    FA, more guesses on bottom six forwards by his “Sappiness”?

    More likely , when and where do we eat, and where is the closest cigar bar!

    AS long as Sappy is leading the parade we’re doomed!

  25. i for one haven’t wanted vigneault so i dont feel the need for sather to rush into gettting deal done with him to prevent him from going to dallas.

    vigneault ruff messier none really appeal to me. i guess probably stuck with one of them

  26. Bylsma’s extension, Tippett’s expected extension makes this a 2 horse race for me.
    Will Slats go with the experience of Vigneault or will he hope that Messier can translate his skills as a player into that of a coach?

  27. What’s the deal with Ruff? Is he out of the picture or are we all just horrified of him?

  28. manny
    ruff very much in picture but i do believe sather prefers vigneault or messier first. you would think if rangers wanted ruff they would have been more that we hear about

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