And then there were two … or three … or four?


The Pittsburgh Penguins announced this morning that coach Dan Bylsma and his staff, including our fave, Tony Granato, will be retained and that Bylsma has signed a two-year extension.

Maybe Super Mario saw the line of teams waiting for Bylsma to hit the open market and changed his mind.

More and more it looks as if Dave Tippett is staying in Phoenix. Dallas Eakins has already landed in Edmonton.

So as the Rangers continue their organizational meetings in La Quinta, and interview coaches, the choices have dwindled.

It looks to me that it will be Alain Vigneault (the favorite with the credentials) or Mark Messier, to whom I still find if difficult to imagine Glen Sather would say “No.”

Lindy Ruff remains in the conversation, but hasn’t been interviewed as far as we know (Vigneault had his interview Tuesday, while John Tortorella was interviewing in Vancouver).

Messier, Sather’s special assistant, has recused himself from the process of interviewing other candidates.

I think it’s a two-horse race, and a very difficult decision for Sather and staff.


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  1. eric


    1. pittsburgh
    2. boston
    6. carolina(6-11 decided by 6 pts)
    13. florida

    1. chicago kings
    3.vancouver louis
    5.san jose
    7. minnesota
    8.edmonton ( 5pt diff from 8-12)
    9. calgary
    11. nashville
    12. phoenix
    13. colorado
    14.anaheim(perry or getzlaf traded mid season after bad start)
    15. columbus

    conf finals bruins over rangers in 7. (more heartbreak nathan horton in ot game 7.)

    hawks over blues in 6.

    cup final original 6 nbc will love it. hawks over bruins in 7. michael rozival the pt shot in game 7 wins the cup.
    January 18th, 2013 at 12:04 PM


  2. Doodie Machetto

    Well, I don’t know how I top predicting the Kings to win the Cup last year. But here goes nothing:

    1) Pens
    2) Bruins
    3) Canes
    4) Rangers
    5) Capitals
    6) Flyers
    7) Senators
    8) Sabres
    9) Panthers
    10) Devils
    11) Tampa
    12) Jets
    13) Leafs
    14) Islanders
    15) Canadiens

    1) St. Louis
    2) Vancouver
    3) Phoenix
    4) Chicago
    5) LA
    6) San Jose
    7) Edmonton
    8) Dallas
    9) Detroit
    10) Nashville
    11) Minnesota
    12) Calgary
    13) Anaheim
    14) Colorado
    15) Columbus

    Conf Finals: Pitt over Rangers in 6. Phoenix over St. Louis in 7.

    Cup: Pitt over Phoenix in 6. How does the NHL decide who to award the Cup to before the Final? I think they go Skidney.
    January 18th, 2013 at 12:13 PM

  3. Vigneault left the Rangers in California last night. Expect the Dallas Stars to reconnect with him in the next day or two. #tsn according to dreger

  4. If they wait any longer to name a coach it’s going to be Messier by default and then he’ll turn it down and everyone’s favorite PP guru, Sullivan, will end up being your new Head coach.

  5. Ruff keeps being referred to as Torts-lite, and they don’t seem to be in as much of a rush to interview him as they were Vigny.

  6. It’s going to be Messier….Sather just waiting for finals to end. Guaranteed, I think

  7. We all know Slats likes a gamble and that would make Messier the slight favourite for me, although still interested in this report about him resigning as GM – would he make the decision then resign?

  8. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    Well Pittsburgh obviously doesn’t have a Bonehead blog or Bylsma would be history.

    Maybe sather has joby messier in mind to coach the rangers

  9. Also from Twitter:

    Messier emerging as most likely candidate for Rangers, however, Mr. T also seen emerging from talks at Sather’s mansion in Palm Springs. Would imagine he’s be harder on the media than Torts was.#Ipitythefool#

  10. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Why do I feels the needs to pluralize everything I post today during the Stanley Cup Final(s)?

  11. Is anyone else having UNRESPONSIVE SCRIPT issues on this site every time they submit a post?

  12. I mean, if Byfuglien was 302 at the END of the season, then I doubt that is too overweight for him. Dude must report for camp about 325. Heard the Giants want him for their offensive line.

  13. Sioux-per-man on

    Pittsburg gets swept by Boston, coach gets an extension.

    Tort’s team plays a much closer contest, many games could have gone either way….. but he’s shown the door.

    Why? ….shelf life expired.

    The things that make you go hmmmmmmm.

  14. Sioux-per-man on

    Tippet doesn’t have an owner yet. His contract is open …

    Sather HAS to put a call into him!!!

    Seriously, he should be in the top 3 out there.

  15. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – Messier? No coaching experience.

    Any concerns? Can he pull it off if hired?

  16. czechthemout!!! on

    Vinyooo left without the job. For those who wanted him, not happening. He will wind up in Dallas. It looks like either Mess or someone else very much under the Radar who impressed Sather with a 500 page response to his questionaire.

    As for Buff, even at 300lbs, he is better than anyone not named McD on this team. At 250lbs, he is the best all around dman on the team. He can do what no other playet on this team can, shoot the puck at 105mph! You can get some one to lose weight.

  17. Sorry, Salty. Maybe you should take a Xanax.

    CARP, you forgot to include the reindeer of the race in your post – Pär Mårts!

  18. Pittsburgh GM Ray Shero is still confident moving forward with Marc-Andre Fleury.
    “I’m not getting rid of Marc-Andre Fleury,” GM Ray Shero said. “It’s difficult to replace 40 wins a year from M-A Fleury. I don’t believe I can replace that. He can get back to where he was 2008-09.” Shero added that he likes his goaltending situation with Fleury and Tomas Vokoun, who has one year left on his current contract.
    Source: Pittsburgh Penguins on Twitter
    Jun 12 – 11:45 AM

  19. The Vancouver Province’s Ben Kuzma says not to count out ex-Rangers coach John Tortorella for the Canucks’ job.
    Tortorella may have a similar coaching style to former Vancouver coach Alain Vigneault, but he rules with an “iron fist” and would require immediate attention in the locker room. Tortorella is a bold coach — as shown by him scratching Brad Richards in the playoffs — and it’s that kind of temperment that could really intrigue owner Francesco Aquillini, who desperately wants to win a Cup. Of course, some Canucks players may feel differently, as shown through Kevin Bieksa’s comments: “I don’t think we need somebody to come in a crack the whip.”
    Source: Vancouver Province
    Jun 12 – 11:36 AM

  20. Perfect. So once Torts is hired by Vancouver, we can trade them a rugged “along the walls” guy for Bieksa. #donedeal#

  21. What is afoot in Ranger “due diligence land” is the thinly disguised typical MSG pap that the sappy impresario of the franchise is wracking his diminished capacity mental process as to who should coach his average team.

    When we all know that between the standard MSG distraction machine and Junior’s jock sniffing adoration of athletes all.

    The Ranger’s President and G.M has announced that Mark Messier will be the next coach of our average franchise!

  22. Yeah, what’s this report about Sather possibly stepping down? Carp, do you think Messier would be a good coach for this team? Haven’t heard much from you about it.

  23. That Bieksa quote reminds me of 1992-93. Jim Smith of Newsday asked Neil Smith, toward the end of the season when it became apparent that Mike Keenan was on their radar, if he felt the Rangers needed to “hire a dictator” to coach the next season. Neil Smith said No. The story came out that Neil Smith called Keenan a dictator. Keenan was furious.

    Short story long, Smith sold his soul to the devil and hired Keenan anyway, and well, you know what happened.

  24. Repost :

    I agree with you, Carp, when you said “Be afraid of the next guy, Rangers fans.” We will never learn the truth about the real causes of the Tortorella firing nor do we need to.

    I go back (as a fan) back to 1967 a time of steady progress for the team which, at that time was owned by Gulf+Western, if I am not mistaken – pure nostalgia, in my mind. After the SCF with the Habs blown, there were periods of calm alternating with times of petty chaos.

    However, the important coup took place when one Mark Messier single handedly unseated his coach Roger Nielson, as he was supported by the Rangers’ “organization” in doing so. I’d venture to say that there is no “whistleblowing” in the professional sports at all except for cases of child abuse. So Messier’s deeds do not qualify as such, they only appear a bit irrational.

    This, of course, had cleared the way for the “Oilers East” to triumph in the hype crazy New York City in the hallowed A.D. 1994 (The Urbanite Yokels in a barbershop harmony “Now we can die in peace”.)

    In all due respect for # 11 and all that he has done for the “organization” over the years, He (sic) is right to recuse himself from any coaching decisions to be taken now. Not because he thinks he is a front runner anyway, but rather he knows he’s twice guilty. False modesty at last.

    Enter the NYR “byzantine” era. Just watch….

  25. Yergs, I’m not going to pretend to have a clue about what kind of coach he’d be. If we knew he’d be a good one or a bad one, the decision would be easy. That’s the wild card in this whole deal.

    But, while I have doubts, I would never say never about anything to which Messier puts his mind.

  26. Sioux-per-man on

    Eric – nice post.

    Torts takes Vancouver to the next level.

    They have the talent to win, if they could decide who is in net for them.

  27. The Byfuglien thing is interesting. Who gains weight DURING a hockey season? Wouldn’t it normally be the opposite? Has to be genetic.

  28. Funny how someones “bold move” (scratching Richards) is someone else’s (mine) “too little too late” .

  29. With Torts behind the Vancouver bench, it’s going to be really funny to see the Sedin twins parked on the bench a la Gaborik. Maybe we can trade Richards for the Sedins?

    And I agree Carp, I very much trust your opinion and was wondering what you had to say re: Messier. But I guess that was a silly question since obviously no one really knows what he’s capable of, coaching wise.

  30. _Short story long, Smith sold his soul to the devil and hired Keenan anyway, and well, you know what happened._

    No. What happened?

  31. Leetchhalloffame on

    Jason Kidd no coaching experience. Messier no coaching experience. Enough with the re-treaeds. Get ‘er done Slats!

  32. John Tortorella spent yesterday in Vancouver speaking with Canucks GM Mike Gillis about their vacant head coaching job.

    Bob McKenzie said on TSN Radio, “I wouldn’t rule it out but I don’t think it’s a primary consideration. I think Mike Gillis would need to get his head around having that personality dealing with the Vancouver media. It would be kind of fun for us, it would be like walking around a pool of gasoline with an open flame. I get the sense that they are doing their due diligence with every potential candidate out there.”

    He adds, “I think Vancouver is waiting to see what happens with Dave Tippett, if he becomes a free agent then he becomes a primary consideration for Vancouver.”

    Jason Botchford of the Province, in Vancouver, tweeted that bringing in Tortorella for an interview is just Gillis doing his due diligence.

  33. Every day that goes by leads me to believe it will be Messier, and Sather ants to avoid flak for not making gestures to Vigneault, Eakins, Ruff, etc.

    My first reaction was that it would be calamitous, just another showbiz move by MSG. But as Carp wrote above, I’d pause more than once before discounting Messier when he is determined to succeed.

    A bench coach who has been there before as a head guy — Schoenfeld for example —- along with another experienced assistant (not Sullivan) might work. The critical question is how Messier’s demeanor would be game to game to game over 82. You can use the death ray stare only so much before players get numb to it.

  34. Sioux-per-man on

    The Rangers are also waiting on Dave Tippett.

    What’s the Rush, it’s not like they have to “prepare” for the draft this year. HA.

  35. Sioux-per-man on

    CCCP – I’ll take 10-1 odds on that bet. Sorry Manny you priced yourself out of that one :)

  36. nhl draft starts at 3pm on sunday june 30th on nhl network. all 7 rounds in one day.

    rangers wont make a pick to prob 9pm.

  37. Sioux-per-man on

    Not that Torts HAS to coach this year. But I could see him taking the Vancouver position if offered.

    I could also see him taking that team to the Stanley Cup. Just to prove something to Sather & Co.

  38. At first I was a little excited to see who they’d bring in, but as time goes on and the eligible coach list gets shorter, I begin to miss Torts. It’d be funny if Vancouver and New York traded coaches though, or maybe funny isn’t the word I’m thinking of.

    Pär Mårts is one frumpy lookin’ dude.

  39. Sioux-per-man on

    CCCP – with Torts “extension” he has plenty of money to walk the dogs for a few years.

    So you might be right.

  40. 10,000 to 1?

    You must think I’m screwing Rockefeller’s daughter!

    No odds. $100 bucks… Win or lose. Yes?

  41. TRADE ALERT: Flyers acquired (D) Mark Streit from @NYIslanders in exchange for a 4th rd pick in the 2014 NHL Draft

    WOW why trade him within the division with realignment.

  42. czechthemout!!! on


    I echoe your thoughts on Mess. He has pretty much succeeded at everything he has done. With the right assistant coaches, I see no reason why he could not here.

    As for getying rid of Neilson, he was right then and looking back he is still right. 5 minute PP, up by two goals inthe second period was no time to sit on a lead. Neilson did and cost us that game and the series.

  43. czechthemout!!! on

    Another dumb move by the Flyers. Tgey still don’t have a goalie and should be looking to get Ryan Miller and not tie up 5+ million in cap space on a 36 year old. But hey I am a Rangers fan so let them keep doing what they are doing.

  44. PHI will now negotiate a deal with Streit. Have to believe compliance buyouts are in the works for Bryzgalov and Briere to free up cap space per bob mckenzie

  45. BTW, compliance buyouts can’t happen until 48 hours after the end of the Cup final.

  46. I think Isles should sigh Bryzgalov as soon and if he becomes available. I think he will be a good fit there. Less pressure and the media on the Island isnt as retarded as in Philly so Bryz will be able to focus on his game more rather than reading newspapers about his failures as a Flys goalie.

  47. bull dog line on

    I thought Streit was great, and the Rangers should sign him? now he’s old and sucks?
    Firing Torts was a mistake!
    should hire Messier!

  48. Sioux-per-man on

    My best guess. Sather waits to see if he can get Tippet. Messier will get the chance if Tippet is not available.

  49. Rob in Beantown on

    I need more Bryz in my life. Can the Rangers just sign him to a non-cap deal to sit on the bench and open the door for people? That would be ideal.

  50. How can it be possible that players got sick of Torts during a short season? Makes no sense…i think Torts was getting on their nerves over the last few seasons. So he had to go.

    And i know it wasn’t unanimous… i bet Boyle was against firing Torts…i mean, what other coach would give Boyle so much playing time at even strength, let alone on PP! :)

  51. keep in mind streit who knows hes one of the top ufa in a VERY weak class turned down 3 yrs and 15 mil 5 per with isles.

    flyers will prob give him 5.5 per season on 3 yr deal maybe close to 6 mil

  52. bull dog line on

    Tippet is the opposite of the type of coach Sather wants. Tippet coaching the Rangers would be a snooze fest for fans.

  53. Torts’ system was extremely exciting! I think i am still asleep from all the #process #grind #wallplay and #jam!

  54. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Glad we didn’t get streit.

    Hope we don’t get tippett.

    I bet it’s mess, but I’d rather have vigneault

  55. Streit, tippett, mess, vigneault – sound like progressing stages of a venereal disease. so i yeah… i’ll be happy if we dont get any of them

  56. Job opportunities for Torts to consider:

    Yale Bulldogs
    Boston Univ. Terriers
    Southern Illinois Salukis
    U. of Albany Great Danes
    John Jay College Greyhounds
    Iditarod Sherpa
    Cesar Millan Kennel Mucker
    Richie Rich butler

  57. And as far as Avery coming back to the NHL… we will never know if teams would sign him right now since Avery does not want to play. So its not a fair point saying Torts will coach again (since Torts won’t be retiring) versus Avery not wanting to play.

  58. C3, if you change it from $100 to a hot dog, I’ll take that bet …

    and I’d also bet that the guys who wear the letters on the team weren’t in on the mutiny.

  59. Cesar Millan Kennel Mucker! I like that one! They will have to add word “Little” in from of Cesar, tho :)

  60. and to the captain and alternates (and backup alternate), I would also add the best defenseman and the new No. 1 center. So it wasn’t just Boyle, if it was Boyle at all.

  61. Avery played 23 games with Dallas, and tweeted (quote) “To Dallas Stars – Did I ever say ThankU for the 16 million….. hahahahahaha.” What a tool.

  62. 30 teams passed on on Torts too when Torts was working in a studio until we fired Renney… so you know… Torts wasn’t exactly wanted by the NHL, too… and again, we don’t know if any team would sign Avery this time around.

  63. czechthemout!!! on

    Torts coaching ” system ” was predicated on Hank standing on his head night after night. He went from “safe is death” to” if Hank slumps I am dead.”

    Hell no on Tippett. His “style” is no different than Torts. He is softer on the players. Watching them is just as boring as watching us slug around. We have a much better team the them and need a coach who understands that.

  64. bull dog line on

    if Hank was a 1 man mutiny, he better play so well that they rename the vezina to the Lundqvist.

  65. czechthemout!!! on

    Avery retired because he only wanted to play for the Rangers. Since that was no longer an option, he retired. All the crap about Russia was just that, crap. Avery was smart enough to set uo a post hockey career where he did not have to rely on the sport as a source of income any more.

  66. bull dog line on

    I thought Avery retired because he accomplished everything he wanted to in the NHL. won multiple cups. lead league in goals, assists, and points.

  67. czechthemout!!! on


    The same captain who publicly disagreed with his coach and said the team took a step back, not sideways?

    So are you speculating or do you know something?

  68. _and to the captain and alternates (and backup alternate), I would also add the best defenseman and the new No. 1 center. So it wasn’t just Boyle, if it was Boyle at all._

    Is that a fact? Or just another educated guess?

  69. actually bull dog, Avery did accomplish what most of us can only dream of – drove Marty Brodeur completely insane.

  70. Call me a Grinch, but I still think it was more than Hank, if it was Hank at all, other than ancillary. Gut feeling is that Torts got too smart face to face with Glennie. The car seat occupant does not accept being corrected by anyone. He may have signed his NHL head coaching death warrant, ironically similar to his nemesis Avery unless he finds a St. Francis of Assisi GM somewhere.

  71. Carp’s comment is undeniable. Does anyone really think that Callahan, Richards, McDonuts or Steps would be a part of a Mutiny on the Bounty? And does anyone really think that Slats is soliciting advice from Boyle?

  72. i could see briere ending up in montreal with pascual dupuis once he gets bought out by flyers

  73. carp

    no i dont want eminger gilroy hamilik bickel. i dont want del zaster though. i think we could get some pieces for him because of his contract and age.


  74. i thought the nhl doesnt like transactions during cup final. someone forgot to tell garth and holmgren

  75. _Have to admit that I was always entertained by Avery._

    Who wouldn’t! His treatment of Fatso alone should have immortalize Avery as one of the greatest Rangers ever!

  76. Sioux, did you know that Jeffrey Pollack, former Commissioner of The World Series of Poker is Bettman’s half brother?

  77. Can we have a new poll about whether or not to trade Del Zaster? Am I the only one that doesn’t want to trade him?

  78. My two cents – Not overly enthused about DZ, but we are thin at D as it is, especially so if Staal is hampered.

  79. bull dog line on

    MDZ is not an untouchable to me. in the right trade I would move him. not for draft picks though.

  80. Agree Coos, He is the best of a bad lot. As Carp said who else will fill that role? Our cup isn’t overflowing with defensive depth. Hamrlik? come on.

  81. Certainly not untouchable though, in fact I think that list is pretty short. Mc D, Nash, Stepan, and probably Hank make up my list.

  82. bull dog line on

    Nash is not an untouchable to me. not convinced he’s a winning type player.

  83. bull dog line on

    and if Hank does not sign over the summer, it might be time to move him too.

  84. Would Vigneault take an assistant coach job? Is it contractually/legally possible to hire one of Boston’s assistant coaches? If the answer to both are yes, I am not as scared of Messier being the head coach. It will be fun is something off the radar happens, like they sign a Swedish coach with ties to Hank, Hags, Fasth, Stralman and Lindber–or something.

  85. Manny I’m with you, MDZ did not have a good season, in fact often infuriating, but he is 22 with skills to be a no3 defenseman. Giving up on him now is a classic Ranger organizational move and likely to be regretted.

  86. Good afternoon all! Between waiting for the Hawks to talon Boston and news on a new coach, this end of season is making me very thirsty.
    I heard the Stars were interested in Torts. That would be fine by me. Vancouver? I may poke my own eyes out.

  87. As for trades:
    If McIlrath and/or Conner have really good camps, MDZ is being traded.

    If Fasth, Thomas, St. Croix or Lindberg have really strong camps, Hags could be packaged with MDZ.
    Could, not should or will be.

    I would think that if they do a package trade like that it will be for a power forward and a first round draft pick.

  88. If Messier needs all that help (and I agree that he does) what’s the point of appointing him head coach, other than PR and assuaging his feelings? In the end, he might get the GM job (which is what he would prefer) with Slats staying as President, but even as GM, he probably loses top guys who are in-house and in line for that job, so here we go again.

  89. Conner’s a college D-man who they signed at the end of the season. I read some scotting reports that say he’s a strong two-way d-man, plays physical and could compete for a job next season. No idea how accurate that is–never seen him play or heard of him prior to April or May.

  90. Rob in Beantown on

    Connor Allen is the Dman out of UMass the Rangers signed as a free agent a few months ago. Haven’t heard much about him

  91. I made the mistake (and heard about it) of saying Lundqvist disagreed with the coach about the backward step, when in fact he and Callahan both said it was a backward step BEFORE the coach made his comment … so disagreeing is not the exact term. But they saw it differently. I’m sure there were 25 differing opinions in that room. McDonagh, if I’m not mistaken, thought it was a step back too.

    That doesn’t mean that Callahan or McDonagh were in on the mutiny. I’m pretty certain from what I’ve heard that Callahan was not. Would be shocked if McDonagh (or Girardi, Staal, Stepan) were. Shocked.

  92. The other 29 teams didn’t want Avery either, if we’re going to be accurate. He retired because he only wanted to play for the Rangers? Like he had other options?

  93. Breaking News …

    Cookie Monster has been named the head coach of your New York Rangers.

  94. And I know some of you guys hate Del Zotto (just like some hate Boyle, Pyatt, Asham, and pretty much anybody else) … but he’s a legit top five defenseman. Not an untouchable by any stretch, but you don’t just toss him like, to paraphrase, a piece of garbage.

  95. If flyers can offer sheet weber they could do the same to anyone else.

    That franchise is ready to pounce at all costs.

  96. Holmgren appears to be taking lessons from Darth Sather with bad contracts and over the hill players.

  97. except, if Streit’s getting $5M per and the cap’s going down, even with Bryzgalov buyout, does Philly have enough cap space?

  98. >>…And Then There Were [two … or] Three

    I like the title for the subliminal Genesis reference.

  99. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Messier will lead us again!!!"...says Greg L. on

    It funny how people wanna throw MDZ under the bus and trade him …he did play with Stamkos and Tavares in JR. Hes a young fast stud defensman . He is worth lots . Torts screwed him up and if Messier was running the show MDZ could be another Brian leetch ,maybe. Other teams know his potential and trading him would be a step back.

  100. According to capgeek, Flyers have about 62.5 million in salary tied up for likely players for next year. This is without Pronger (ltir). They would need to add at least 3 forwards (probably 4) and 1 dman.

    If they buy out both Briere and Bryzgalov, they bring the cap hit down to 50 million but if they sign Streit, it’s back up to the 55 million neighborhood but now they need to bring in 5 forwards and a goaltender with only 9 million in the kitty.

    Even if they go cheap and do nothing but minimums, the most they’ll have for an offer sheet will be 6 million and then they’ll be all in with a lousy roster and in cap hell with Giroux, Schenn, and Couturier up next year. Can’t see it happening.

  101. MDZ is anything but a fast defenseman. His patented move when racing for the puck with an forechecker is to actually let the guy win the race and then try to hit him.

    That said, the depth chart on this team puts him at probably 5th behind McD, Girardi, Staal and Moore. 6th if you consider him being a LD only.

    The majority of the league has 6th D that have issues. With the lack of depth organizationally on NHL ready D it wouldn’t be the smartest thing to just get rid of him unless you’re getting at least an NHL ready D in return.

  102. Same old stuff. WOW. Some of you still morning Tort’s firing. he’s gone get use to it. Makes no differnce who wanted him out & who didn’t he had to go. By the way MDZ does not like to be hit & he has a crappy shot from the point. Not in my top 6

  103. czechthemout!!! on

    Exactly right. Avery retired because he did not want to play anywhere other than the Rangers. As for what other options he may have had or not, only he and his agent know for sure.

    Hank speaks for this team. If the vast majority did not want him gone, Torts would still be here.

    Torts will not coach an NHL team for the forseable future.

  104. Avery passed through waivers and re-entry waivers 5 times (down from Dallas in 2009, up to the Rangers in 09, down from the Rangers in 11, back up to the Rangers a few weeks later, back down at the end of 11).

  105. czechthemout!!! on


    Torts will be mourned by the same people on here who mourned Prust. Just wait if we should get off to a slow start, you won’t hear the end of it.

    Mdz does not skate well, shoot well, cowers away fron contact, makes terrible decisions, has poor hockey sense. The next time he gets a shot on goal during a pp will be his first since his rookie year. That said, I think Torts ruined him and I am prepared to see what he does with a different coach. However, if a good deal comes along, he can be moved.

  106. ThisYearsModel on

    CARP–I would be surprised if, behind closed doors Cally did not express a concern about Torts. Certainly Richards and Henrik did. All you need is another core guy like Girardi to say something and Slats challenged Torts with it. I would also not be surprised if Torts reacted defensively and got into a spat with Slats. Nobody expected Torts to be whacked, so something profound happened. I recall Torts making some comments about how he was “not the GM” before the deadline. Maybe he and Slats were feuding a bit before the end of the year.

  107. Anyone who thinks that Avery was wanted anywhere at the very end is delusional.

  108. Definately feel that if Mess doesn’t get the job & I think Sather’s trying to convince him not to, that Vigneault will. He’s just the opposite of Rasputin & should do a great job. Could you imagine that he actually rolls & lets four lines play. Younger players will have the chance to play more than 4-6 minutes a game and properly develop Should be good for the younger players. Mess has to much to lose. Somebody had mentioned today or yesterday that we could end up much worse with a new coach. How is that possible.???

  109. In awe of the people who still think letting Prust go over a few hundred grand was a good move

  110. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Clean up this Mess-ier!!!"...says Greg L. on

    MDZ is fast and doesn’t like to be hit..who does? He can be an elite defensman ..with the right coach. Plus if MDZ is so crappy why trade him? Ya wont get nothing for him if hes that awful . I say now that Torts is gone EVERYONE get a clean bill of health .

  111. ZzZz You’re right with a new beginning. The playing field will be changed quite bit

  112. czechthemout!!! on

    Prust got 2.8, we offered 1.8. A lot more than a few hundered grand. Prust left for the absurd contract. He was not let go.

  113. Prust is not, and never was, an enforcer. He is a “stick up for your buddy” player. His value rises when he has had time to develop ‘buddies.’ And, as much as I liked him, that value never approaches 3 million dollars.

  114. Prust took the money and ran. It was a contract that should set him up for the rest of his life. Can’t blame the guy for taking it. Can’t blame any of these guys for taking 8 or 9 figure contracts. Blame the GMs who think they’re a good idea and the owners for letting it happen.

  115. I love it when the Avery guys talk to each other and convince each other that he could have played again in the NHL ever.

  116. IF Staal is back healthy, if Stralman keeps improving and if McIlfists is ready, DelZ might bring some needed help from a team like Philly. He’ll probably get another year here of evaluation, but he’ll want at least 4 million plus after 2014 season and unless he improves definitively, he won’t be dearly missed.

  117. Manny, I too would not trade MDZ.

    As a 3-4 paired with a solid D with size and mean defensively oriented partner, he will be better than anything else this roster has.

    However there is no one on the present roster who fits this description!

  118. CARP, I notice you still haven’t included Pär Mårts as a candidate for the job.

  119. MDZ has all the tools to be an all-star in this league. He is 22 and still getting better. His ceiling is much higher than a #6 dman. He is a #1 pick with ability to score 10+ from the backline in an 82 game season. You don’t trade guys like that…unless you are Bob Gainey

    If the Rangers trade him, it would make as much sense as them firing Torts, after him signing a 3 year extension…

  120. Did any one hear Jagr yesterday? 20 years between SCF, the guy has seen a lot and was really appreciative of being back. Hope he gets one in this series. It seems the last time we had a power play that was actually an advantage Jagr was camped at the dot.

  121. Greg ZzZz, it’s hard to convince Rangers fans of cold hard facts once they have a set agenda. No matter what you say, many here will continue to hammer the point that MDZ is terrible in every way… just like they did with Torts, Boyle, et al…

    I agree that trading him is a step backwards…

  122. Random thought: Just because you have experience being a an assistant coach and have a longstanding NHL career history as a player, it doesn’t automatically make you qualified or successful as an NHL head coach. Case in point: John McLean.

  123. Eric, good job, but who are the Ducks going to trade Getzlaf to, after giving him that beefy extension last year?

    Plus I don’t think the Brooklynders are going to fall that far next year.

  124. Did you ever think in your wildest dreams that Roszival and Jagr would be playing in the Stanley Cup finals in 2013?

  125. my brother in law who works for nbc text me an hour ago he hears the rangers will name leetch assistant coach and will announce it soon.

    can you announce an assistant before head coach. i dont buy it

  126. The Bruins did turn it on. Pretty good first period, fun to watch. Unlike most Ranger games.

  127. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Re mdz

    He isn’t a very fast skater, but I don’t think he cowers from physical contact either tho.

    He is definitely hit or miss with a lot of his hockey skills/sense=inconsistent and I don’t think he is a dog, I just think he is the odd vanilla guy out in a rotation full of vanilla defencemen.

    Like I’ve said, we should have 3 new starting d men next season IMHO.

  128. Leetch told me he’s not sure if he’d want to be an assistant coach, but that he thinks he’d be involved to some degree if Messier is named. But he has no idea if Messier will get the job. This was this past week.

  129. Hearing rumors that the Rangers will name Goofy as the next coach and Felix the Cat as the assistant.

  130. this first 7 mins of 2nd is why i think this series will be awesome. 2 close teams battling for every inch.

    if this was the rangers we be pinned in all night by hawks. it be ugly

  131. The “interference” call was pansification. Not the too many men. Hard to make that too many men call pansification.

  132. Claude Julian, vice president of the No Neck Coaches Club, Barry Trotz is president.

  133. Stranger Nation on

    Whoa! Did I hear right?
    Byfuglien is Byfuglienin available?
    You must be Byfugliening me!
    If we dont sign that fat Byfugliener, some Byfugliener should grab Slats’ Byfuglienin cigar and jam it in his Byfugliening face and scream Byfuglien you in the old Byfugliens’ ear!
    I dont care how Byfugliening fat Byfuglien is!
    He has a Byfuglienin canon of a shot and is a Byfugliening righty!

  134. It’s a REALLY good PK, Olga. I know you LOVE the Blackhawks and all (puke on your face) but the Bruins PK is phenomenal. As is their most important piece to that PK, Rask….

  135. Hitchcock has to be on the no-neck staff. Although I think his neck is suppressed because he always has his arms folded across his man-boobs.

  136. Also, before I stop ranting, the Bruins are going to prove what the Kings proved last year. It’s all about TEAM hockey. Not superstars. The only superstar you need is in goal. Other than that. You just need identity and a solid hockey team.

  137. i just want jagr to score a goal in the playoffs at some point. need to see the salute

  138. Olga Folkyerself on

    True, Manny. Hawks can get puck control, but no lanes and Rusk is using Plexiglas behind him.


  139. Hitchcock and McLean are definitely in it too.

    Hitch and McLean has dual membership with the stache club too with Quenville and Tippett.

  140. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Manny how is that what is so obvious to you has eluded Sather for 13 years?

  141. You know there’s a dish called Julien? It’s baked mushrooms covered in sour cream (I think) and cheese.

  142. Only time to bring up this bizarre stat is now. Road team has won last three Cup final games played on June 12 by a 2-1 score AND won Cup.

  143. I would like to see Jagr get one too.

    But I have to admit I am rooting for the Hahks. If for no other reason than I do not want to see Nosferat-, I mean, Jeremy Jacobs be rewarded for driving the lockout bus.

    Gotta love Jagr going Wolverine-style with the beard. Although it looks like he dyed the sides and left the goatee grey. Did he use Just-for-Men? or Just for X-men?

    He needs a JFM commercial along the lines of that Clyde/Keith Hernandez classic “You’re beard is Weird”.

    Speaking of commercials, did that NHL on the Fly spot turn out the way they intended when Ovie talks about “watching” the playoffs? How appropriate.

    Go Haaks!

  144. Reginald Dunlop on

    No doubt here, Mess would be a good choice if he is surrounded with a couple of good “x” and “o” s assistants……..Mike Keenan wasn’t much of an ‘x’ and ‘o’ s leader either, but with Campbell and Dickie Todd there, well you know what happened, combined with Mess and Kevin Lowe, there was plenty of coaching support to win the Cup in 94

  145. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I’m going for the bruins in this series cuz they have more players I like

    I do like the song the hawks play after their goals tho…

    Eh, go bruins!!

  146. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Aha ha hahaha
    Lw said boobs then cccp said boobs then manny said boobs

    Ha ha haha boobs

  147. Probably the first time in his career that Rozsival has fumbled the puck on the point, creating a odd-man rush the other way.

  148. Tornado in Illinois tonight. Marchand has since been asked to ensure he sneezes into a handkerchief from now on.

  149. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Who was it said no team with Rozival or Redden will ever win the Cup?

    No team managed by Sather will ever win a Cup.


  150. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    where is Wade???? Is he still hurt or did they just realize he sucks? Perhaps he could go to the minors and teach work ethic to the Bruin’s kids???

  151. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    “Tough Hombre” is Shawn Thornton.

    How many of your New York Rangers are described as “tough hombres”????

  152. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    How many of your New York Rangers are described as “tough hombres”????

    Brashear? HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  153. Olga Folkyerself on

    I’m having trouble picking the Black Hawks hero for this game.

    I’m saving Rozival for game 7.

  154. In reality though, CCCP, a lot of people e-mailed me with specific requests like “ice hockey but non contact” or “roller hockey but I can’t skate backwards, not into full contact” etc….Kind of getting annoying to make everyone happy and find a league.

    Pretty sure forcing people to play FLOOR hockey (since most people requesting skating have NEVER BEEN ON SKATES) is the way to go.

  155. How is Pierre McGuire not being considered for Rangers head coach? Guy had a STERLING record with the Whalers (the team was relocated without him) and he’s an ACE announcer!


  156. Remember when Don Cherry called Jagr “Mario’s little sister”? LOL…those were the days!

  157. I dont mind running since I cant skate at all…so floor hockey sounds doable…I don’t mind little contact, either. Problem is…I suck! Last time I held a hockey stick in my hands was about 10 years ago

  158. I don’t care if you suck, CCCP. I volunteered to play goal and every single time I have played goal, in any sport, I have been hit in the Bickels and Face within 30 seconds of entering said position.

  159. trying to conserve energy by not typing.

    good job torts on the toom many men idiot

    did we trade del zaster yet

  160. @ryanwhitney6 19m
    I got Kane Sharp and Frolik for Chicago…Bergeron Seguin Marchand for Boston #playoffs #shootout #NHL

    @Dustinpenner25 1m
    @ryanwhitney6 wanna mix in a couple d-man too while you’re at it to really go out on a limb??

  161. Anybody want to guess what Kreider’s ice time in these few OT’s would be under Tort?

  162. Me too, Wick. Healthy scratch him for the regular season right off the bat. Playoffs only. Love that dude.

  163. I can barely play two rounds of golf in one day, let alone two Stanley Cup Final playoff games.

  164. “And I think it’s gonna be a long, long time
    And I think it’s gonna be a long, long time
    And I think it’s gonna be a long, long time”

  165. “And all this science, I don’t understand
    It’s just my job five days a week
    A hockey maaaaan, a hockey man

  166. Chuck Scarborough now giving the live 1AM news. Guess he will miss his nightly Bronxville cocktails.

  167. Hugo Folkyerself on

    Come on, oh baby don’t you want to go
    Oh come on, oh baby don’t you want to go
    Back to that same old place
    Sweet Home Chicago

  168. Olga Folkyerself on

    Where’s E3? Grading math papers?

    It’s on to Chicago, and let’s win there!


    (Drunk again, and with work tomorrow)

  169. Olga,

    don’t worry, I’ve got Eddie3 under control, tied up in an easy chair, gave him the remote, but he won’t press any buttons – depression probably, because of the better team’s LOSS !!!

  170. Folks,
    Eddiex3 is free, but unable to act on his own, I don’t know why, he lost his will or something, he might be playing a chess game for his life, who knows. Just don’t blame me for this calamity, please.

  171. eddie eddie eddie has solved the Poincare Conjecture and the solution to P=NP. Mere ropes will not contain him.

  172. Cooscoos.

    Eddie3 is not unlawfully detained, he is just struggling with the Goedel principle of unmeasurability, so don’t spread any pseudo-scientific rumours, please…

  173. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Messier for hire!!!"...says Greg L. on

    are they gone yet?

    The folkyerself family …kinda weird how they cheer on Chicago more then they ever have cheered on the Rangers.

    Chicago sure put it to those Bruins!!!

    Chicago in 4

    Kane – GWG

  174. The Captain is now in line for coach following Bloomberg’s appointment of Jason Kidd as coach of the Nets. Vigneault is scaollopini. In fact, Slats and company had made their decision when they fired Torts, this was their strategy, and that is why Kidd was named as Nets coach to pre-empt the Rangers’ big news…I’m steeling up to prepare for the news next week. Rod?

  175. Olga Folkyerself on

    It’s the Finals (plural) Greg. If Sather’s Rangers had even the remotest chance to get there, I’d root for them, too.

  176. Decent game last night eh? It finished after i woke up !! (although thanks to Gamecenter’s stupid blackout rules i still cant watch it!

    Back to coaches and Uncle Larry writes about it this morning, saying pretty much the same as anyone else. Vigneault favourite, Tippett availability clouding the water but Messier/Leetch waiting in the wings

  177. Manny – everywhere i see his name its only in conjunction with Messier and another yet un-named assistant.
    Would love Leetch to be coaching our D and Powerplay!

  178. The way all the writers are talking, if we get Messier as coach, Leetch is a given. Im sure the lure of the Rangers bench is enough for the two to bury the hatchet

  179. Sioux-per-man on

    As much as I like the idea of Leetch behind the bench as an assistant coach for the Rangers Defense.

    I would love him to take Duguay’s spot on MSG, MORE.

    Brian can break down a Defensive play, and give you an idea what a defenseman has to make his mind up in a split second.

    Duguay – well he can pick out a colorful shirt, and make my eyes and ears bleed.

  180. Sioux-per-man on

    UK – I would be alright with the best defensive player the Rangers have EVER had be a coach.

    It’s going to add to the Hype & Hope of a new season.

    Still if Tippet is a possibility, he should be the 1’st choice.

  181. Sioux-per-man on

    ilb – he works for MSG now, and is a part of the Rangers. I could see him being a success as a coach, if he’s up for the GRIND of being an NHL asst. coach.

  182. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    Absolutely convinced the Rangers take either of these teams. We have much more depth, skill, size. Not even close.

    Rangers in 5.

  183. When is the video of Torts going to be retired. It’s nice be sentimental, but don’t you think is being carried a little too far. Something fresh please, he’s reallly gone. Get over it.

  184. Rob in Beantown on

    _He’s gone. Oh why? Oh why?_
    _I gotta learn how to face it he’s gone_
    _Oh why? Oh why?_
    _I’d pay the devil to replace him he’s gone. Oh why?_
    _What went wrong?_

  185. dammit

    i wanted malkin. i always thought he would want to get out of the crosby shadow and have his own team. not surprised he stays forever

  186. Thursday, 06.13.2013 / 9:15 AM / News






    Evgeni Malkin
    The Pittsburgh Penguins have agreed to terms with forward Evgeni Malkin on an eight-year $76 million contract extension, it was announced today by executive vice president and general manager Ray Shero.

    The deal begins with the 2014-15 season and runs through the 2021-22 campaign, and has an average annual value of $9.5 million. He will earn $9.5 million for each of the eight seasons.

  187. can you imgaine del zaster hamilik and eminger playing in that triple ot game. mcdonagh may have played 60 mins

  188. I would have known that except my Twitter account was suspended last night for unknown reasons. Maybe ORR hacked it.

  189. That’s a very long deal for Malkin who was clearly injured multiple times this season.

  190. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    Czech, your ‘source’ might have been a bit off on the Malkin ‘trade’.

  191. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    NOTE TO SATHER: Good GM’s, like Shero, renegotiate IMPORTANT organizational players WELL BEFORE their contracts are up. It might have been wise to consider that last year with #8, but much more importantly, your star goalie, best in the world, has one more year left.


  192. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    Manny, Malkin is one of the world’s best. I can see giving him the contract he got. Sid, too.

    Nash? Gabby? Hahahahs….Richards???
    Not so much. At a different level.

  193. Malkin surely didn’t look like $9.5M player against Boston, did he? But he would get it, if not more, after 2014. That’s the reality. Expect Hank to get similar numbers, perhaps even more.

  194. Rob in Beantown on

    Another team can only offer Hank 7 years. For the sake of argument if they think he’s worth a $9.5m cap hit, that’s a $67m contract. I bet the Rangers offer him $70m over 8 years, for an $8.75m cap hit. Just a guess.

  195. did that game really happen? That was insane. Obviously, the Hawks are incredible, but man the Bs are good. That Lou Cheech kid absolutely brought the ruckus last night. Hossa is an impact player, Hawks never back up and hit everybody. Could any Ranger have made the pass that cut the lead to 3-2 ?

  196. Manny – Now that the season’s over (for us), time for a change to Roadhouse’s Dalton from your Point Break pic?

  197. Rob in Beantown on

    But if the prevailing wisdom is he isn’t worth $9.5M cap hit at market, the Rangers can offer him less I guess. Who knows.

  198. How insane would it be if Mess stepped into Torts’ place and led us to the Cup…Torts would feel mighty low as Mess gave him the glare from the front parade float

  199. What a game that was, fantastic hockey. Fun to watch skilled players doing what they do. With the exception of three too many men penalties, it was everything that is good about hockey. Oh, and pretty much the opposite of what we get to watch most of the year. Is good passing and puck control allowed?

  200. After the even play of last nights game, this series going the distance wouldn’t surprise anyone and I sure hope it does.

  201. Khan, you’ve got Genesis, but you don’t have me. You were going to kill me, Khan. You’re going to have to come down here. You’re going to have to come down here!

  202. Rob in Beantown on

    I’ve done far worse than kill you, Admiral. I’ve hurt you. And I wish to go on hurting you. I shall leave you as you left me, as you left her: marooned for all eternity in the center of a dead planet. Buried alive!

  203. hank needs to get the money he wants and if he were to leave it would set the franchise back 10 years. that said its unfortunate that our best player is a goalie who needs that kind of money and not a forward that could net 40 goals routinely.

    nash at 7.8 makes me sick

  204. czechthemout!!! on


    I guess he was this time. People change their mind . look what happened with Torts. But he was right on the Nash trade. I just pass along what I hear. My other source was right about the dissention in the room as well. He got his info from he who shall not be named.


    I don’t think Hank gets more than 8.3. But you could be right.

  205. Stranger Nation on

    Wasn’t Dipietro the highest paid on his team…

    On September 12, 2006, DiPietro signed a 15-year, $67.5 million contract with the Islanders, topping former teammate Alexei Yashin’s contract signed before the start of the 2001-2002 season of 10 years.

  206. To conclude Nash’s value over a shortened season with minimal playoff experience on a team that was divided in the locker room playing a flawed system is somewhat unfair to Nash.

    The Pen’s Milkman probably got paid too much.

  207. I knew Malkin was going to be resigned by the pens. I didn’t believe for 1 second he was leaving or the pens were going to trade him. I’m wondering why sather hasn’t signed extensions to Mcdonagh, Callahan and lundqvist yet. Why is he waiting? This dope is going to let Callahan and lundqvist hit the open market, idiot. Meanwhile he throws stupid money/contracts at over the hill free agents. I wish that old fart would hit the bucket already.

  208. The silence coming out of the meetings in CA is deafening. Make a move already, any move.

  209. However, you don’t just unilaterally sign players to extensions. You have to negotiate with agents, back and forth which can be time consuming, especially when you don’t have a head coach in place. Remember DelZ?

  210. “Try to remember when life was so tender
    That no one wept except the willow.
    Try to remember when life was so tender
    That dreams were kept beside your pillow.
    Try to remember when life was so tender
    That love was an ember about to billow.
    Try to remember, and if you remember,
    Then follow.”

  211. Long morning in surgery. Finally get to leave. Wonderful nurses. Back in top shape in no time. #motivated

    del zaster had surgery on what. anyone know

  212. That’s from Del Zaster or you, eric? Wasn’t Del Zaster just traveling Europe with Zucc? Maybe he had a zipline incident or paid the wrong girl to come home with him…

  213. DelZ also thanks Perry Ellis and Coach for the new clothes and handbags. Tough getting by single on 2.6 mil without some help.

  214. Nicklaus, disagreeing with pundits, says you can’t win this particular short yardage major leaving your driver in the bag. Hmmn.

  215. How’s that for prevailing wisdom : mr. Wang decides that he finally wants to make some money on his storied franchise when he moves to Brooklyn. He adds a real goaltender in addition to Tavares, knowing he’ll start selling tickets. Garth Snow throws 7 year, $75M at Hank. Far fetched ? Think again. The Rangers need, and will pay him.

  216. new season of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee starts today

    Can sopmeone tell me what the 2023 Rangers jersey will look like, so I can go get my Malkin jersey now?

  217. Fat Guy – I think everyone here is supposed to be Rangers fans first and Blackhawks fans as a One-A type favorite.

  218. Far as I’m concerned, anyone who doesn’t dress for the Rangers is the enemy.

  219. Rob in Beantown on

    I think those weirdos are more Hawks fans than Rangers fans. They dream of poaching Lundqvist for the Hawks

  220. Why wait, Fat Guy? Since the lockout I make my own jerseys with dollar store sweaters and a be-dazzler. Malkin is a pretty short name, it shouldn’t take too many beads.

  221. Yea, Rob. I hate those guys. I tried to puke on them but I just got my computer dirty.

    I am almost on board with that, Coos but there are some players I love that don’t play for us.

  222. Carp, almost 500 posts, please posit anything this format does not lend itself to discourse at this point!

    Please send out a news flash when Messier is crowned the new coach.

    On a serious note what do you believe will be Messier’s reaction if he’s snubbed after having “thrown his hat on the ice”?

    Will he be appeased by being named GM while the Sappy one is retained a President?

  223. Kevin DeLury ?@TheNYRBlog 3m

    Obviously, Del Zotto’s hernia is not from carrying the Rangers defense:

  224. It’s actually funny, ilb, the minute I joined the gym most of my daily aches and pains went away. 5 Days of cardio a week will do that for you.

  225. Julian Assange and WikiLeaks reveal that Ranger defenseman, Michael DelZotto underwent hernia surgery. Patient confirms via tweet. In response, President Sather, while decrying multiple leaks, reluctantly admits that the surgery took place.

  226. Ranger players invoke Fifth Amendment privileges when asked if they have been ordered by management to pretend Tortorella never existed.

  227. Get ready for the worst kept secret in Rangerland.

    With Leetch agreeing to join a staff with Mess as coach can the latest Sappy anouncement be far behind?

    The MSG masters of distraction are warming up the audience as we speak!

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