Throw Dan Bylsma’s hat into the Rangers’ coaching ring


Super Mario Lemieux is not happy, of course, because his Pittsburgh Penguins, favorites in the East to win the Stanley Cup, got their clocks cleaned in four straight by a very, very, very good Boston team. And so coach Dan Bylsma is probably going to soon be available, deservedly or not.

He’s going to be available because his goalies sure put the Penguins in a deep hole early in the series (though Tomas Vokoun surely can’t be blamed for the last two games, could he?), and because some of his top players played awfully (Christopher Letang, fraud Norris finalist) and because there was some lack of discipline and sticking with the system.

He’s going to be available because the ownership led by Lemieux, and GM Ray Shero, went out and made a ton of moves before the trade deadline to make the Penguins the 2009 Yankees, prohibitive favorites to win the Stanley Cup. And somebody other than the owner and the GM is going to take the fall. Stupid as that is, that’s how sports works. And it is stupid.

But that’s great news for the Rangers, who have been slow to choose their next coach, and certainly got slower thinking Bylsma might be available.

Because, if the Rangers are really going to buck the trend – they were headed in 2011-12 toward being exactly what Boston is in 2013, and now all of a sudden they want to be the anti-Bruins – and if they are really looking for the anti-Torts, then Bylsma is probably their guy. Bylsma has the opposite personality of John Tortorella, a soft-spoken guy who actually pauses and thinks about the question before he answers, and a guy who — outwardly at least — appears to be much more of a back-patter than a hammer-wielder.

That said, I don’t know where the Rangers are headed because Mark Messier does want the job, and since he does, I’m hard pressed to believe that Glen Sather, who knows Messier for, what, 34-35 years, is not going to give it to him. Sather and Messier obviously have a tremendous relationship, with admiration and loyalty the key words. I can’t imagine Sather wouldn’t hire Messier.

Speaking of which, forget about Wayne Gretzky. He is not really interested in the job. So count him out.

Also count out, probably, Lindy Ruff. Too much like John Tortorella in style and system, if not personality.

Alain Vigneault, who reportedly has yet to be interviewed by the Rangers despite having arguably the best credentials of the group, would probably be Messier’s top competition for the job unless, and now until, Bylsma comes available.

And Bylsma, who plays the up-tempo style Sather craves,  is going to be on the lists of a lot of teams who need coaches, and some who don’t.

The Rangers will have organizational meetings in LaQuinta, Calif., this week. At that time, Bylsma’s name is going to be spoken early and often.

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  1. can bylsma bring malkin with him.

    im not certain bylsma will be good with a team that has half the talent the pens have. we will see.

    byslma and malkin for del zaster richy and torts ( you never know)

    can you imagine torts in pittsburgh.

  2. I can’t recall a 4 game beat down like that since maybe the Rangers-Islanders round 1 in ’94.

  3. I don’t understand why there’s this sudden fawning over Bylsma.

    He has presided over an incredibly talented team that just hasn’t won much in the playoffs since that 2009 Cup. Undisciplined play, uninspired play.

    THIS is supposed to a coaching gem? Sorry, I don’t buy it. If he can’t get much offense out of that group, what will he get out of the Rangers pop-gun offense?

    And the Pens have NEVER been strong defensively.



    There, that’s my opinion.

    All that being said, it was freaking beautiful watching the Pens get manhandled by the Bruins. Getting completely and totally annihilated.

    Jarome Iginla? Oh, how does Karma taste? Is it bitter? Is it? IS IT???

    And for those Pens fans…the worst fans in sports…how does it feel to have your team get tossed aside like garbage again? Your vaunted team that was supposed to be handed the Stanley Cup because they were Just-Too-Good-To-Be-Beaten?

    I can’t remember EVER being so happy seeing a team that beat US in the playoffs go forward.

    But I hate the Pittsburgh Penguins more than I hate any team in sports.

    And I DO NOT want their freakin’ coach. NO THANK YOU

  4. Nobody bitches about these two more than me and someone else mentioned it, but I almost would have liked to hear Steigerwald and Errey suffer through that series.

  5. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    so much drama for NYR, hire messier and fire him 4 years later, get it over with.
    Its amazing how fans put up with this crap..

  6. I nominate – Robbie Ftorek! We’ll just have to screw the benches to the floor and we’re good!

  7. Good morning, boneheads!

    Why wouldn’t you folks want Bylsma, if he is available? Young, progressive, “players” coach, who knows already how to win in this league. In NY he’ll have what he didn’t have in Pittsburgh- a world class goaltender and a solid defensive foundation created by Torts. He should go right on top of their list, IMO.

  8. And in case everyone forgot. Do you recall how competitive his team was when Malkin, Crosby, and Letang were out for extended periods of time, sometimes two out of three of them over the last three years?

  9. So technically, Wade Redden is going to the Stanley Cup Finals in the season he was bought out by the Rangers. That’s a little cruel.

  10. *Coaching Candidate Update*

    Bryan Trottier is about half-way through his “Why I will make a better coach the second time around” essay. Should be completed just in time for Sather’s dis-organizational meetings at San Quentin.

  11. Czechthemout!!! on

    Bylsma is a great coach! He makes adjustments during games and plays to what he sees on the ice. He was great in the AHL and great in Pittsburgh. I am still not so sure he gets fired. All those trades were stupid. Too many generals, not enough soldiers. Plus they missed Jordan Staal in this series particularly. He has always played great in the playoffs. His size was surely missed. This is why you stay away from all these past their prime players. In this day and age, you go with what got you to where you are. Boston went out and got Jagr to try and fill a hole. And to his credit, Jagr has been great for them. Much better than Iggy. It is why I wanted no part of him.

  12. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    say no to Blysma. He inherited a stanley cup from their previous coach. He has done nothing with all that talent since they won it. If they get a coach that actually pushed the players and taught them a bit…. I dont even want to think about it.

  13. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    Is anyone else bothered that Redden and/or Rosival have a shot at the cup? I dont want either of them back… I’m just saying.

  14. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    So, how did his ‘up tempo’ game work for him? It seems the 3 teams left in the PO play a grind it out, d-first, system. That seems to win in the PO the last few years.

    Arguably the best roster in the game plays ‘up tempo’ and was just swept like meat is ground in a meat grinder.

    And if you play ‘up tempo’ with half a team, where are you going with that? Let’s see now….Crosby, Malkin, Neal, etc., with tons of support … does that compare to Nash, Step, Cally, etc., with barely a 3rd line?

    If he is hired it will be an interesting experiment. The ONLY hope is that it exposes Sather for the flat out fraud he is and Dolan wakes up to signs, banners, chants, and can’t repel the “Sather must go” tide.

  15. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Perhaps someone can help me with this. We actually played more of a defensive style this year. And because of our obvious lack of forward, but especially defensive size, Hank gets shelled even in that style. Big forwards have a field day against us. Quality shots, high percentage shots, up close deflections, etc.

    So, now we switch to an ‘up tempo’ style and ‘open it up’?

    How many more odd man rushes, defensive break downs can a goalie put up with?

  16. I don’t see how anyone can put it on the coach when guys like Crosby and Malkin do not score. It is not like he was minimizing their ice time. They are mega stars with mad offensive skills. Anyone think Crosby might have been re-concussed by that hit last night? He looked bad on the bench afterward.

  17. The addition of Nash actually made this team more finesse than previous year’s, Matty. The demise of Richard’s skills, and an off year for Gaborik made them more defensive by default. They weren’t ready for it, without having a true crease clearer. They need to address that. But with Nash, Brassard, Hagelin, and three very mobile defensemen they can play up-tempo style. I can see MDZ and McD being given more green light. You don’t think Hank wouldn’t mind facing more shots so long as he gets more goals to support him? That would playing to their strength.

  18. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Chicago has great skill, offensive talent, some size up front. Sorry, typing too fast. They’re puck posession, ilb. My bad.

    One difference is their d is put together better and has a bonafide 1 in Seabrooke.

    Hajmarlsson, has good size. Seabrooke, Keith, Oduya can move it up or stay at home. Seabrooke is no peanut, but he is a pure 1 d-man.

    I believe LA of last year still would have played them to 7. A few holes and injuries this year made them vulnerable.

    Bottom line is that we have very little talent compared to the 3 teams left. Can we really be competitive with an ‘up beat’ style and minimal talent/skill/depth??

  19. It’s amazing how the puck bounces. I remember Roenick saying how they were talking in the studio during the 3rd period of game 7 in the Boston-Toronto series about how Claude Julien might be getting the axe for Boston going out early.

    The way it turns out, 3 different coaches Julien, Bylsma and Tortorella) fates may have been affected by 90 seconds of wild hockey, 6 on 5 hockey.

    If the Leafs held on, Julien may have been out. If Bylsma goes against the Rangers or Leafs, he probably wouldn’t be in danger. And if Torts makes past the second round of beyond, maybe things would have been different. Nah…

    OR, since I’m getting all hypothetical, the Leafs hang on, beat the Rangers and then sweep the Pens. Julien, Bylsma and Torts all get fired and Torts goes to Boston, Julien to Pittsburgh, and Bylsma to New York.

    Of all that nonsense, the really far-fetched part is the Leafs making it to the Finals.

    Maybe I shouldn’t have had that second cup of coffee. Chicago-Boston should be a pretty good series.

  20. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    I see your point, Ilb, and Hank will better see shots taken, so it sounds. MacD could thrive. Moore possibly. Staal, who has never fully been given the green light, could be fine.

    Not sold on the lack of speed MDZ shows, but, yes, he does show some offensive gifts.

    Up front we have more speed but no where near the talent of other teams that play well offensively. You can do that with Toews, Kane, Hossa, Handzus, and on and on and on.

    The Pens clearly had no way to penetrate well against Boston. The amount of second chances they got was minimal. That was one of our problems, too. We need to solve that.

    I hope I am way off target, IlB. I just don’t see this roster being able to play that system with success. I’ll be the first guy cheering them on at MSG, but I, for one, don’t see it.

  21. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Chicago Boston should be great. Two excellent teams and great representatives of hockey and their conferences. Great coaching and some talented players.

    Teams that had some down years, high draft picks, successfully drafted smartly and well, and sprinkled in the holes with FA’s and trades. Smart GM’s, too.

    Should be fun to watch.

  22. You forgot to mention the original 6, Matty. Bet you we’ll have our eardrums perforated about that one by the time SCF is over.

  23. for me i would rather bylsma over vigneualt because he knows the division much better and with relaligment that will play a major role

  24. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Ilb, last night sounded loud only after the B’s scored their goal. Otherwise fairly quiet on tv, no?

  25. CARP, ilb, Manny, you guys are forgetting a world class coach far superior to Byslma, Vigneault, or anyone else. Pär Mårts!

  26. In case we forget, Chicago still has to win game 4. But after that, I’m all anti-Boston :-).

  27. Rob in Beantown on

    _That said, I don’t know where the Rangers are headed because Mark Messier does want the job, and since he does, I’m hard pressed to believe that Glen Sather, who knows Messier for, what, 34-35 years, is not going to give it to him. Sather and Messier obviously have a tremendous relationship, with admiration and loyalty the key words. I can’t imagine Sather wouldn’t hire Messier._

    This paragraph made my heart sink. If Bylsma is available and the Rangers hire Messier… Oh wow, look out

  28. Stranger Nation on

    The next coach does not have to open it up, but move a bit more to the offensive side of the ledger. We need better D to do that.
    Our Ds inability to win 50/50 puck battles in corner, spend too much time making snow angels, not make the short smart break out pass forces our forwards to play lower, allows opposing D to press down and prevents a steady attack.
    Liked MDZ’s progress last year, this season he regressed and along with a Girardi down season and Staal’s injury weakenned the back line and led to playing a “Defensive” game.
    Forget forwards, who are the optiond for upgrading the backline.

  29. will root for hawks over bruins. i never root for the east in the cup finals.

    as i said on january 19th hawks bruins cup final with rozival game 7 winner in ot.

    where my love for nailing this final?

  30. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Once the rangers hire the next coach, the next I will have predicted that person.

  31. Stranger Nation on

    Stranger Nation repost
    makes you wonder what could/would have happenned if Richards didnt play the whole series. Their 4th line killed us with Richie at pivot and Krug had a coming out party.

    Do Neal, Dupuis, Iginla, Morrow get to cash their PO checks? Take away time and space from Cindy and Malkinstein and those forwards seem very ordinary.

    No team back checks like Boston. Thoughts Pens D was too conservative after first 2 games, too much space in neutral zone for Bs.

    June 8th, 2013 at 12:10 AM

  32. On TSN Drive with Dave Naylor yesterday, Darren Dreger said that Glen Sather has sent out questionnaires to a list of coaching candidates that could be as high as ten.

    Dreger says, “all coaches were asked to fill out a brief questionnaire, I don’t know how many questions, I was told it was three or four pages long and there were no promises. That is how Slats is weeding through some of the individuals he is not that familiar with. I am not suggesting that he isn’t going to interview Dallas Eakins but I know that before they get to that point they are going to gather all of these questionnaires.”

    He adds that everyone in Rangers management is in California and preparing to start organizational meetings on Monday. They are expected to start going through the questionnaires during those meetings and set up their interview plan from there.

    Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun, who was guest hosting with Naylor, made comments about Sather falling asleep while reading the answers from the coaches and Dreger said, that he knows Sather will do the interviews with the coaches and that this isn’t unusual for him.

    He said, “prior to hiring John Tortorella, he did something similar. It wasn’t through John Tortorella, but I got my hands on the homework assignment that one coach was given a few years before and it was an exhaustive process. This thing was like 20 pages long, but I am told that this one is much shorter. Slats is very studious when it comes to these types of things, it doesn’t mean he makes the right decision but I guess he wants to be thorough.”

    In 2002, Bryan Trottier won over Glen Sather by filling out a questionnaire with over 80 pages detailing coaching strategy. What impressed Sather was that Trottier wrote it out by hand and didn’t type it.

  33. Why would the Rangers add a coach that could not win with an all-star team in Pittsburgh? They should not even consider hiring this bum. A better choice would be an assistant from Boston that has been in the finals two of the last three years

  34. It’s laughable that Unc Glen is even considering anyone other than Olympic Gold Medalist Pär Mårts. I predict he will regret it in hindsight.

  35. Can anyone tell me the score of the 2012 ECF Game 5 heading into the third period?

  36. Balcony Bob on

    At a noon press conference today, the NHL will announce that since the Pittsburgh Penguins were denied their rightful place in the Stanley Cup finals, they will be awarded the #1 draft pick in 2013 and also in 2014 as compensation.

  37. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Latona – in hindsight, I can say game 5 ECF, devils led 3-2 after 2 periods.

  38. I’d like to see what Pittsburgh does with their goaltenders. Last two years they had MAF playing like a back up goalie. This year they had their back up goalie who at times played like MAF.

  39. What a mistake it would be if I corrected somebody by saying that NYR led 3-2 after 2 periods only to realize my mistake and embarrassingly cover it up, eddie!

  40. Rob in Beantown on

    Did you guys watch handshakes last night? Vokoun and Rask shared a nice hug. Then Fleury tried to talk to Rask and Tuukka was like “who are you?”

  41. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Latona – Mistakes happen to some more than others – then there are those that are rarely right, unless, hindsight is allowed..

  42. Bylsma seems like a nice guy…very likable. I’d have a beer with him. Sure…someone who relates to his players on a personal level. The anti-Torts…yada, yada, yada…


    Is he not a coach that presided over his team getting swept in the EC finals… with 2 of the BEST players in the world on his team without a point.

    YEAH! Let’s hire that guy!

  43. I’m not overly enthused with any of these candidates, and while I think Bylsma is a good coach, can I ask why people believe he’s the answer to our prayers? The Pittsburgh people sure as hell don’t feel that way about him. Read their papers and look at the criticism. Too stubborn to change the game plan. Playing right wingers on the left side, where they’ve struggled, as well as other players out of position. Not tweaking the power play one bit. Healthy-scratching guys who could help against Boston. Not demanding his guys crash the net. Team doesn’t listen to him. On and on. All this guy needs to do is curse out Brooksie and it would sound exactly like Torts. Plus he’s presided over 4 straight years of big-money favorites who choke in the playoffs. I still say Mario hangs on to him with the Ranger job open, just as I believe Slats would’ve retained Torts had Philly fired Lavi. But again, I like Bylsma, I’m just not convinced he’s the elixir the Rangers need to improve. Now tell me that Slats is leaning towards Ruff or Messier and I’ll personally drive Bylsma to NY.

  44. Forget coaches. Is this team going to get any players? Because it needs talent badly.

  45. I know the Penguins have serious issues in goal but wouldn’t you expect more offense from Malkin, Crosby, Iginla, Kunitz…etc? I’ll give Boston credit but I’ll also say the Penguins choked. Pitt are the better team on paper, but they sucked…

    Malkin was outplayed by Jagr…

  46. I’m not going to stick around to defend my pointless points, as it’s 10 am, and it’s time for bowling… but before I go..

    I’ll take Bylsma any day, he may have lost his team, but that doesn’t make him a poor coach. The game is decided by the players on the ice, and most players will tell you their play got the coach fired. I’d say Alain Vigneault 2nd, but as Carp pointed out, if the Mess wants it – will Slats say no?

    I wish Torts the best, he might have been a bit of a jerk, but he cared about this franchise and brought back some accountability and pride to this often comically mismanaged organization. Good luck to whomever has to fill those shoes.

  47. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    NYR fan – Jesus, himself, in goal loses a series when your team scores 2 goals. Whatever problems the pens had vs Boston, Goal wasnt one of them.

  48. There’s a lot to admire about how the Bruins have been constructed (I have much more respect for teans who haven’t gone the lengthy tanking route) and are managed and coached. Some very good players, even including irritant punks like Marchand.

    Really wouldn’t dislike them winning it all from here, certainly compared to Entitlementville, Pennsylvania.

    But Jeremy Jacobs being rewarded with another Cup…ugh.

  49. Dallas Stars @DallasStars
    Had Sean Avery on our team. #ImGregoryCampbell

    Sean Avery @imseanavery
    @DallasStars did i ever say #ThankU for the 16 Million……..hahahhahahaha

  50. Let’s get a players coach, who cares about their feelings. Maybe a guy who doesn’t want them to outhit their opponents or block shots. Time for a change… many good candidates out there.

  51. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Can you imagine the cat fight between Crosby and MDZ over MZA? Hair pulling, scratching, slapping….

  52. How can they hire Messier? I guess if he takes the job and does a lousy job after a few ears, Glen would have to retire so Messier can move into GM position instead of being fired.

    Imagine the Rangers firing Messier?

  53. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I always thought because of the 2 superstars and whiny mario, bylsma had one of the toughest head coaching jobs in the NHL.

    He and vigneault are my 2 choices by far.

  54. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Llatona my bro, I have no idea who the hell par marts (related to per djoos?) is!

  55. He’s the coach of the Swedish national team. Has an outstanding record, a groovy name, and a bespectacled visage!

  56. Four lines with size and skill, a defense with depth and a decent goaler. I tell you, this Bruins team is a team I could really root for, if I didn’t hate them so much.

  57. Rob in Beantown on

    I’ll be rooting for the Western Conference champ regardless of who it is. The tears of Boston sports fan _sustain me_.

  58. trying again to avoid the Karp and will say again,that the Rangers don;t “not know how to play” they just cannot control the puck.
    Only the gods know what Torts taught them in practices, but puck control was not one of them.

    Maybe Rod Gilbert, or Brian Leetch can teach them a few things,

  59. eddie eddie eddie on

    Muckler’s corpse is my choice….dead or alive…he doesn’t move

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  64. eddie eddie eddie on

    Dont take chances with your romances….she’s got the devil in her heart

  65. One thing that has struck me about many of the comments on the coaching candidates (potentially) available, Vigneault and Bylsma in particular, is the focus on the lack of recent (or any) Cup(s).

    Also gets stuck on coaches who haven’t had the most talented rosters (Tortorella and Tippett), but even for those with “better” teams, in perception or reality, winning a Cup or Cups just isn’t an easy task given the level of parity/competition.

    There are no dynasty teams and even those with more success have won “less than they should” by some standards. Mike Babcock might be the consensus best coach in the NHL, but the Wings have certainly had several playoff underachievements. The Hawks or Bruins might end up with two Cups in a four year span, but have multiple first round exits and a blown 3-0 series lead between them in the same period.

    I guess what I’m saying in a long-winded way is that the supposed lack of success of what might be a “retread” coach has to be put in some context and I don’t see it as placing more value on an untested candidate like Messier in comparison.

  66. eddie eddie eddie on

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  67. eddie eddie eddie on

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  68. exactly, LW. Bylsma’s three straight Cup-less runs don’t make him a bad coach whatsoever. Maybe Boston should have fired Julien before this season?

    playoff success has become pretty random.

    ps, when did Babcock last win one? Is it time for him to go yet?

  69. Rob in Beantown on

    I told you about the fool on the hill, I tell you man he’s living there _still_

  70. eddie eddie eddie on

    add Muckler’s corpse to that list too…when was the last time that stiff won?

  71. eddie eddie eddie on

    youll never know how much i really love you, you’ll never know how much i care….

  72. Rob in Beantown on

    And when I awoke I was alone, this bird had flown. So I lit a fire, isn’t it good Norwegian wood?

    – MDZ

  73. King with no Ring on

    Bylsma’s team was trampled out of the playoffs two years in a row.

    This year’s version was stampeded with serviceable goaltending.

  74. eddie eddie eddie on

    but till she’s here…..I’LL let you know when she’s come home

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  78. Good point LW, to win the cup you really need a perfect storm of events to happen. Staying healthy, lucky bounces, the right match ups, the perfect storm.

  79. eddie eddie eddie on

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  80. eddie eddie eddie on

    if the rangers had a better second round match up…they beat boston in ECF…and it on to play for the cup….

  81. LW and Carp, not saying you guys are wrong at all. But, doesn’t Bylsma get deserved criticism in the context of not getting any production out of his top players (the best in world)? Clearly, that team was lost. The Rangers looked like more of a team than the Penguins did against the Bruins. I happen to think Torts is a better coach than Bylsma but what do I know…

  82. eddie eddie eddie on

    my brutha…..delusional avery lovers >> delusional torts lovers :)

  83. eddie eddie eddie on

    ahhhh look at all the lonely people…..where do they all come from?

  84. eddie eddie eddie on

    see dub – exactly….rangers beat the bruins in 5…bring on the hawks

  85. I think he deserves the criticism, I think after last years debacle against Philly he and the whole team would have learned not to get sucked into a similar situation and yet they did it again this year. That has to be on the coach.

  86. Rob in Beantown on

    Like Woody Allen said, relationships are like sharks, they need to keep moving forward or they die. The Rangers went as far as they were going to go under Torts, then they went backwards. He lost the team. I like Torts but I don’t think he was going to get them to the promised land. They needed somebody, and that man is Dan Bylsma.

  87. Rob in Beantown on

    Life as a Rangers fan is divided into the horrible and the miserable

  88. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    The pens need to fire bylsma about as quickly as the wings need to fire Babcock as in they shouldn’t.

    Torts got fired because the star player (right or wrong) got tired of his system/personality…end of story.

    Slats decided its a lot easier/more likely to find a coach than it is another top 3 to 5 goalie.

  89. King with no Ring on

    The Bruins have the best combination of ownership, management and coach in sports.

  90. eddie eddie eddie on

    I’m fixing a hole where the rain gets in and stops my mind from wondering…..and it really doesnt matter if Im wrong or right, where i belong I’m right……..Painting a room in a colorful way, and when my mind is wondering……..

  91. eddie eddie eddie on

    looking through a glass onion….here’s another clue for you….the walrus was paul…

  92. NYR_FAN

    Yeah, of course Bylsma deserves (and will get) some responsibility for his team underperforming, as I’d agree it still did since their Cup win. (He looked a much better coach when coping without Crosby and/or Malkin at times, strangely.)

    But it doesn’t make him, Vigneault, Babcock or Tortorella bad coaches because they haven’t been in the Conference Final most years, that’s all. Because there basically aren’t any teams or coaches around who can say they have been.

  93. I imagine we’ll find out exactly what other teams’ GMs think of Bylsma pretty quickly if/when he’s fired.

  94. Bylsma coached the most talented team with huge playoff chokes two years in a row.

    he thinks before he answers questions from the press, so Carp likes him.


  95. Late to this discussion but can it be true of Super Mario’s knee jerk reaction?

    I’m sure he doesn’t realize that the Sather Cup for dubious actions by incompetent hockey execs was retired many years ago.

    Unless it’s like the Stanley Cup with multiple levels in which case his absurd reaction will most certainly earn him the honor!

  96. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    started drinking early today?

    What’s too early ? I just adjust my clocks..

  97. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    Maybe sather should line up all the coaching prospects in a stream , blindfold himself or remove his glasses and cast his fly line and see who he snags.. thats the best way!!

  98. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    A ranger coach should have a steady diet of walter’s hotdogs for Mental clarity

  99. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    As a prerequisite to become a ranger coach..
    Chptr 1 , pg. 1 When demonstrating shot blocking techniques , all ranger coaches be fully dressed in skates and demonstrate shot blocking techniques and methods while players shoot pucks , coaches have to option to wear pads.

  100. went to that website about Sather sending out questionnaires. If you scroll down to the bottom of that page where you can leave a comment,the poster who calls himself stevedrums nailed it to a tee.

  101. In the NY Post recently, Larry Brooks wrote that Capitals center Matt Hendricks has made an impression on the Rangers after playing him in back to back seven game series.

    Brooks says that Hendricks is a “jagged-edge center who kills penalties and fits the Black and Blueshirt mold.”

    He expects the Rangers to place a call into Hendricks if he becomes a free agent on July 5.

    On Hendricks, Karl Alzner told the Washington Times,“it would suck to see a guy like that go. He’s the type of guy that every guy, every team wants to have.”

    Jay Beagle said that Hendricks is the kind of guy who will take a puck in the face if it will help the team.

    Jason Chimera told the Washington Post that Hendricks is the kind of guy that you can’t replace if you lose.

    In the Washington Post, Katie Carrera spoke with Hendricks and his agent and reported that there is nothing going on in terms of a new contract.

    Henricks will turn 32 in two weeks and while returning to the Capitals is his top choice, he isn’t afraid of becoming a free agent and signing a deal that can set up his family.

    Carerra expects Hendricks to fall between the $1.6 million that Nate Thompson signed and the $2.5 million that Brandon Prust signed.

  102. Kreider will perform
    Kreider will perform
    Like a dog without a bone,
    Like an actor out alone,
    Kreider will perform

  103. .

    Bylsma wasn’t strong enough to outshine all the superstars in Pittsburgh. It’s a fine line.

    Tortorella to Pittsburgh makes some sense.

  104. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – she is betting a $5 box exacta on Orb, oxbow, and brad Richards

  105. Marchand disqualaified in gate. His nose is already across the finish line.

  106. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I was out with my wife and her three sisters (all babes) and this guy comes up and starts his non-witty repartee – and then finds out that all 4 girls (women) are sisters – and he says “ohhhhh sisters…..” I started cracking up…

  107. _It’s a cheap, dirty hit. I wonder what would happen if we did it to one of their two whining stars over there. I wonder what would happen. So I’m anxious to see what happens with the league on this. Just no respect amongst players. None. It’s sickening. … Ask the guy who did it. Ask him. That’s one of the most arrogant organization’s in the league. They whine about this stuff all the time and look what happened._

    Past experience tells us that if Tortorella takes the Pittsburgh job, he’ll use the entire team sparingly, eventually cut the whole organisation and send it to Hartford.

  108. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Oh no – he meant – as in him being tied up and abused by “sisters” – no habit required

  109. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    There is a better chance of me being Pittsburgh’s next coach than Torts.

    The torts is dead, long live the torts…

  110. And, eddie, I don’t think Turcotte ever touched him, just hand rode him in.

  111. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Palace malice, go ask Alice, wine in a chalice


  112. 2:27 and change. 1/5 second= 1 length. Palace Malice finishes way down the track behind Secretariat.

  113. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Secretariat is opening up. He is moving like a *tremendous* machine!!

  114. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I’ve watched the 73 Belmont youtube clip about a hundred times. Have you seen the movie “Secretariat”? It’s excellent!!

  115. Hawks/LA at puck drop, Richie Rich just about approaching the quarter pole.

  116. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    To run that fast, unchallenged, is remarkable. Seattle Slew was another beautiful horse – The black jet

  117. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I miss the summer season at Del Mar…. Where the surf meets the turf!

  118. Saw it live; Pretty sure Big Red paid more to place than to win. How I missed the flick I don’t know. Will search out.

  119. Torts to Foggy, Jr. “Any chance I can throw my hat in the ring?”
    Shero: “Don’t try to coach, Torts.”

  120. Rob in Beantown on

    One fewer coach on the market, still a lot of top tier positions open. Might make Pittsburgh think twice about firing the coach they have

  121. Slats to Henrik: “How does Bylsma sound to you?”
    Henrik: “I’ll have to look him up on Wikipedia and let you know.”

  122. Not one Ranger tweet about Tortorella. Either they disliked him en-masse or the infamous old Dolan srangle-hold is in operation.

  123. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – the movie “Secretariat” is incredibly inspirational for horse and non-horse people alike. Great flick.

  124. Eric, “the Ranger mold” line cracked me up.

    That was a funny you were making ,yes?

    The “Blue Mold” would make a great T shirt, Sappy could model it looking in the mirror and exclaiming.

    “Mirror, mirror on the wall, I am the moldiest GM of all”!

  125. Closest thing I’ve seen to a Ranger comment on Tortorella is something Dubinsky (obviously not subject to the Dolan censorship empire anymore) said in a Q&A on the NHL Twitter feed, when he was asked about the firing:

    _Torts was a good man and coach. Media wasn’t always his specialty but he tried to get the best out of his guys. -BD_

  126. Among other things, Dubi also answered questions about his preferred burger toppings, choice of pre-game “pump ups” and the human genome project.

    (One of the above is untrue.)

  127. _Muckler was a man and coach. Being alive while coaching wasn’t always his specialty but he occasionally tried to remember the names of his guys. -RC_

  128. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    LW – players often said that the dead Muckler was far more patient than the live one….

  129. King with no Ring on

    Lundqvist will be looking for a coach that accepts the blame unto himself. His and Tortorella’s similarity of placing the blame unto others clashed too much.

    Lundqvist: “I can’t score goals.”

    Tortorella: “Hagelin stinks.”

    Lundqvist: “You are stealing my shtick of blaming others? I’m going to get you fired.”

    Tortorella: “Tomas Vokoun gave up less goals against the Bruins in four games than you did in the first four games of your series against the Bruins.”

    Lundqvist: “Who?”

  130. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    In fact, Muckler is the only coach to be elected to the hall of fame dead and alive…

  131. King with no Ring is on a mission… i haven’t completely figured out what mission, yet… but he’s on his way, for sure.

  132. Dolan’s NYR payroll in 2000, 13 years ago, was 60 million. Basically, still is. How’s your seat prices?

  133. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Pierre – “once you clinched the series, when did you realize you clinched the series?”

  134. King with no Ring on

    Lundqvist: “I do not allow any goals. Every goal the Rangers allow is the fault of Girardi.”

    Sullivan: “Girardi is not on the ice for every goal allowed.”

    Lundqvist: “When Girardi is not on the ice, he puts the Maloik on me.”

  135. it’s all the buyouts and coach firings with years left on their contracts, coos. your ticket supports Wade Redden, Chris Drury, Bobby Holik, Darius Kasparaitis, Donald Brashear and, soon, Brad Richards. Not to mention Torts.

  136. And I’m still paying for Bobby Bonilla. Thank God A-Rod is someone else’s problem.

  137. Czechthemout!!! on

    That second Hawks goal is how you play this game! Puck possesion! Not the Torts dump and change stupidity. You set up a play, you dont just play hot potato with it. Its called coaching.

  138. I want a team that beats everyone up. Couldn’t care less if we never score again. :))

  139. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Czech – dump and chase is smart hockey. You cannot be scored upon moments after the dump in….

  140. We don’t call it dump and chase. We call it horizontal long distance insertion and recovery.

  141. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Given how well the hawks and penguins are playing, this will be a superb cup final…

  142. King with no Ring on

    Not a good day for my team. Lost in 20 innings and more importantly, stud pitcher left with an injury.

  143. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Seedub – once the pass was on Leetch’s stick, I jumped out of my chair and screamed “shoot” – took all day it seemed…

  144. Even when I watch it to this day it’s the same, shoot, oh please, shoot, please …..

  145. If the Rangers ever win it all, the fans will yell to Zuccarello, “Get In the Cup!”

  146. Surprised the Mets didn’t use Ankiel. He could be their closer of the future.

  147. Leetch was the master of explosive intelligent patience. Just like the way he talks.

  148. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The Bruins maintain a lot of possession. They sure scored a bunch of goals against the rangers but hitting the third man ( trailer) in the zone. And quite a few bruins goals came as a result of throwing the puck at the net OT game 1 vs rangers, OT game 3 vs pens as example.

  149. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The rangers played dump in chase even on the PP – like they were allergic to carrying the puck into the zone – and on the rare occasion a ranger did carry the puck in – it was immediately dumped into a corner.

  150. it may take another 54 years before we win another cup. hawks bruins pens in a diff league then us

  151. Mess shows up at first practice with a carborundum file.
    ‘What’s that for, coach?’
    ‘Gentlemen, we’re going to sharpen our elbows.”

  152. For that commercial to work, it would have to be Chara or Lucic or Parros or Neil or the one of them with a broken nose and the deepest voice.

  153. Crosby is eating crushed Bing Cherries through a straw, listening to Bing Crosby music and wishing his name wasn’t Sidney.

  154. Rahm Emanuel is betting the Boston mayor three drive by shootings against a Boston Creme Pie.

  155. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Did anyone see katheryn winnick on craig ferguson a while back? Wholly Cooke!!!

  156. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Christian Dube
    Jew Dube
    Buddha Dube
    Agnostic Dube
    Jehovah Dube
    Atheist Dube

  157. Geoff Ward would be another good option for an assistant coach but he’s Claude Julien’s right hand man. Why would he leave his BFF? Maybe Doug Houda would jump ships? Maybe Messier would be fine with Eakins and Houda as his back ups. He’d have Shoney to help with the day to day, nuts and bolts stuff too. In my bones I feel Mess is a bad choice but am not crazy about the other options. If they Bylsma or Vigneault, I hope the coach does a great job and makes me feel silly for being a nervous Nancy.

  158. Do you guys know if Redden has played enough games for the Bruins to even get his name on the cup should they win?

  159. These Kings are a plucky bunch.

    No idea how many games you need to play to get on the cup Manny.

  160. I think it’s 41 games with the team in the regular season or 1 Stanley Cup Playoff FINAL game.

  161. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Kopitar was gliding big time on the Hawks last goal. He’s lucky he kind of redeemed himself.

    Meanwhile the Bruins gotta realize Crawford is totally beatable.

  162. Olga Folkyerself on


  163. Crawford = Bag of Holes.

    Shockingly, my wife predicted Boston as the cup champs in our in-house prediction contest. I was wrong all over and she had the Bruins. Mrs. Manny is on point.

  164. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    The NBC CEO has more jitters than the owners of both these teams. 11:30 Saturday Nite Live rarely is moved. Be interesting to see how they play this.

    Anyone remember the ‘Heidi’ game?

  165. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Seabrooke is the total package. MacD could be a mini-Seabrooke. Could be.

  166. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Cant believe they’re not moving this. Cant believe for our unpopular sport they are pre-empting the news and Saturday Nite Live.

    Wow, we are getting places, aren’t we??

  167. Rob in Beantown on

    These teams are on another planet than the Rangers. But the Bestern conference in general has seemed way better than the east this year.

  168. Rob in Beantown on

    I read a funny tweet saying NBC should troll people waiting for SNL by showing Vince Vaughn at the game, since apparently he is hosting the repeat

  169. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    Sather is looking to see whom from LA gets axed before he can ” AXE”

  170. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    35 coaches in 75 years .. some were more than once like the emile cat francis..

  171. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Cant see anyone beating the Penguins. They are playing inspired hockey right now.

  172. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Olga – Pittsburgh will be tough to beat. Crosby and Malkin playing great of late.

  173. Olga Folkyerself on

    I don’t get to wear my Hawks jersey at work to rub it in to all the Pens fans. I don’t think there are many Bruins fans there.

    I’ll wear the Hawks Jersey anyway…

  174. Olga Folkyerself on

    I think Pittsburgh will be out in the first game. I think Crysby and Malkinstein have scored their last goals for 2013.

  175. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    (Said with a Parkinsons’ like babble)

    Bettman – “congratulations to super Mario, GM Shero, coach pepto Bismo, the entire ice chicken franchise, and most importantly to the ice chicken players….Captain hillbilly boy Crosby – come get the Stanley cup”

  176. Olga Folkyerself on

    Hawks-Rangers Final – if only the Bruins fell apart and the Pens fell asleep.

  177. Golf courses are getting a bit more crowded. What’s Quick’s handicap? Any chance we could switch the Richardses in their beds?

  178. Olga Folkyerself on

    Switch the Richards all you want- as soon as they hit NY, they suck.

  179. Olga Folkyerself on

    New York has become the Elephant’s Graveyard for NHL players. They come here to die. It’s the Sather Way.

  180. Olga Folkyerself on

    Well, I’m all likkered up and fat dumb and happy until the finals start. So I gotta saw off for now.

  181. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Crosby and Malkin have no points each last 4 games. How do the hawks stop them? It’s like the titanic. That ship ain’t sinking – period.

  182. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    You could always commute from Syracuse tho… Pretty cheap living upstate.

  183. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    ….and he turned to his disciples and said – take this bread and eat it, this is my body….

  184. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    This is the blood of the new and everlasting covenant. It will be shared by all men so sins may be forgiven…

  185. Palace Malice won the Belmont in 2:30 and 3/5, putting him 33 lengths behind Secretariat.

  186. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Was it that slow? I thought it was 2:27 and change – but I’ll take your word

  187. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The Daily Racing form is a beautiful bunch of paper. I used to pour over it…

  188. Winning team’s share in winning Stanley Cup – 1.75 mil. About $3,000 per game each for about 8 week, say 25 game grind. Only in hockey could owners get away with this.

  189. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    This is the 40th anniversary of Big Red’s trip around the mile and a half track

  190. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hockey players are a special breed. That’s why it’s the best team sport in the world…

  191. 5th slowest in 20 years. Winner was crawling down the stretch and they still couldn’t catch him. Uninspiring.

  192. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Humble, sincere, not bling bling – Canadian farm boys that have manners and plenty of humility…

  193. Richie actually had a shot if he had bothered to get himself in shape. Don’t understand people blaming his being out of shape on missing camp after some 55 live games.

  194. If I owned a Grade A winning filly/mare, I wouldn’t let anyone in the crowd get anywhere near her.

  195. Has to be. MSG is extraordinarily tight-lipped. But, they announced that Hags and Cally had recent operations. It might be mental, or his legs are gone, which does happen to some athletes early.

  196. Guest Bloggers Stink on

    Quick, someone guest blog something about coaches. And mention 1994 while your doing it. And and all of you can say “great job, good read, nice work………..” Very lame you guys.

  197. Carp, yeah actually, it does make him a poor coach when you have THE premier talent in the NHL on the team and have proven to have success in the regular season with said talent and then produce nothing in consecutive playoff series.

  198. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    I agree. Each year there are excuses for the Pens. This year they put it all together for Bylsma with deadline deals that were over the top. Who didn’t pick them to go all the way or, at least, emerge out of the east? They were stacked, Loaded.

    2 goals in 14 periods? Sad. Their goaltending didn’t help them, but it wasn’t why they lost games 3 and 4. They, the best offense in the game, could not produce against a great defense.

  199. I also agree about Bylsma. The dude had a all star team and got swept, knocked out of the first round the past 2 years, so I don’t understand where people on this blog are coming from making Bylsma such a good coach. I also agree with Matty that it’s all about drafting and developing and talent and since there is a cap being smart with contracts which none of that applies to Sather. Let’s face it, the rangers young players are nothing special. This is why the ranger are a mediocre team but as long as they make the playoffs Dolan is happy.

  200. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    If you look at the quality of draft picks on Boston, La, Chicago, Ottowa,
    (Pitt had 3 number ones, so I can’t count them), but so many other teams, heck we are not close.

    The most questionable recent era drafting is Edmonton. Again, just drafting players, no thought to size and grit. Did they learn from Sather??

    I like Henrik, Step, Kreider, Hags, Staal, as draft picks. Perhaps a slow MDZ, too. We did add excellent players like MacD, and an ok Moore.

    The general trend is these are ‘no grit’ players. It’s pretty obvious that ‘jam’, ‘grit’, is needed along with size, speed, skill. We are not tough to play against and, generally, not big enough.

  201. Rob in Beantown on

    Guest Bloggers Stink, why don’t you write something worthwhile, coward.

  202. Guest Bloggers Stink, there are plenty of blogs with no guest bloggers and no new content all summer long. They’re listed on the right ——–> Or I’d be happy to provide you with a list.

    Nobody’s holding you here, junior.

  203. 1994, that’s a vague kind of thinking, isn’t it? The kind that gets you John Muckler. And changes the direction of your franchise.

    How about this? Maybe Crosby and Malkin are no good because they couldn’t win in the playoffs the last three years. Maybe they should trade those guys? Makes as much sense to me.

  204. and I’m not saying he’s a good coach or a bad coach, btw, because I don’t know for sure. but I doubt most of us can say for sure. and no, tomb, I don’t necessarily like him because he thinks before he answers questions. I’m saying he’s the anti-Torts in many ways, and that was an example.

    I’m just saying I believe he’s highly regarded by NHL people who know a lot more about him than I do, and I don’t agree with the Fire the Coach mentality of fans every time there’s adversity or failure.

    Good morning, Sally!

  205. matty, I’ve been wondering for decades why the rangers draft smaller forwards and never big forwards and watch Boston for decades do the opposite. It’s mind boggling.

  206. hey guys guys guys! did you know that the cup final will feature two of the original six teams?! did you?! OMG!!

  207. original six match-up!!! two of the original six teams will square off for the cup! there were six teams in the beginning and two of them will play for a chance to win the Stanley cup! Bruins and Hawks, part of the original six are the last two teams standing and are the two of the original six teams!

    O R I G I N A L S I X!

  208. Obviously, the Bruins are a physical team, but I’m not convinced it’s due to drafting strategy at forward.

    Outside Lucic, I wouldn’t say any of the other draftees (Krejci, Bergeron, Marchand, Seguin) on their roster are “big”. Looking at the last decade or so, you’re only really looking at those four plus Nate Thompson, Kris Versteeg, Vladimir Sobotka and Phil Kessel who’ve (yet) panned out as NHLers.

    Jordan Caron and Joe Colborne might be the only big forwards drafted in that period likely to change that.

  209. _Answer: my rookie year, 1979. NYR-Montreal._

    wow…that long? i was just 2 years old :)

  210. LW LOL! But let’s not pretend it was unfair to make judgments given the timing of those tweets last year.

  211. Carp is it clear what are the exact dates of the compliance buyout window? I heard someone say June 15-30. But then I read something that says 48 hours after last day of stanley cup finals. Which could mean a period as short as 4 days starting June 26.

    Of course it could end up being a dud but personally I’m looking forward to seeing if one or two important pieces to the Rangers puzzle can become available through this process.

  212. I think at this point, once you win a round or two rounds, the blame game shouldn’t exist as much as it does. All any GM and coach can do is put their team in a position to win. There are never any guarantees. That’s why Tortorella’s firing has to have been because the players just went to Sather and said no way are we playing for this guy. It’s also like saying Henk is going to leave if things don’t change. And go where? There are other places that would pay him and have a better shot? Doubtful. The Pens did not lose to Boston because of goaltending. They lost because Boston has a team of 20 guys that have mostly been playing together as a cohesive unit under the same system for nearly 4 years. They have all bought in, there has been minimal turnover, and they are playing the best right now. Personally I’m not sure Chicago has a chance.

    And therein lies the huge problem with having to or worse wanting to change the coach.There will need to be a new system, and now everybody’s face is a new face, and it will take awhile for everything to start working the right way. That was a huge problem for Torts with the roster turnover this year and it will probably be a huge problem for whoever takes over and has to start all over again.

  213. Think it’s 48 hours after the Cup Final ends (Game 7 scheduled for 26 June) up to 4 July, Matteau.

  214. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Pens/hawks – I say pens in 5. Won’t even be close. You cannot stop Crysby and Malkinstein. Impossible. Those two will put up huge numbers.

  215. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Vo coon or MAF in goal? Makes no matter with the pens offense. Prolly good for 5 or 6 goals per game every game.

    60% of the time, it works all the time.

  216. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    MZA – “When the final song is over, and it’s certain that the curtain is gonna fall, I can hide inside your sweet sweet love, my little number 4.”

  217. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Peter, I agree with that. That is one heck of a team, t-e-a-m.

    LW, size is a huge help. Having a Lucic and Chara is intimidating to the other team. And it could be a small part of why they are hard to play against.

    Another part of the formula is team grit. Marchand, Dustin Brown, to a good degree, Cally….they’re not big, but they have grit. Feisty? Tough? Get what I mean?

    As opposed to a Peter Nedved, hate to say it, but Dan Girardi most of the time, roll over and let the opposition do anything they want to you type play. I guarantee you, on Boston, someone gives Gaborik a beating, they don’t have a Girardi (like in Philly a couple years back) on the ice to let it slide. They pummel the guy. Hate to say it, but it’s a game of retribution. No one should be able to mess with your teammates.

    We have too many passive, sans grit, small, non-fight for your team type players, let alone, lacking skill, etc., etc. And we have for years. Over 13.

  218. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Gabby for Lucic would have been a great trade. But the Bruins would have laughed in Slats’ face.

  219. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Matty – you don’t think hags, MZA, MDZ, Stepan, Stahlman, and Girardi are enforcers????

  220. Yeah, agree in terms of the Bruins construction overall, Matty.

    Was just commenting on the specifics of drafting policy relating to forwards, which was brought up. That alone doesn’t really stack up.

  221. Richie – You don’t have to put on the red light
    Those days are over
    Richie – You don’t have to dress tonight.

    I know my mind is made up
    Soon you’ll be all paid up
    You don’t have to put on the red light.

  222. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Anyone ever see some of Nedved’s bouts on hockey fights dot com. I’ve stated it here many times, but Pete Nedved, pound for pound, may have been the toughest rangers since Jean Ratelle.

  223. Imagine there’s no scoring
    It isn’t hard to do
    Nothing to skate or strive for
    And no backchecking, too
    Imagine all the players
    Living life in peace…

    Imagine no crease-clearing
    I wonder if you can
    Never take the body
    A brotherhood of man

    You may say that I’m a dreamer
    But we’re all just having fun
    Just like Pierre told us
    And the world will live as one.

  224. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ricardo – you mostly mean I am awesome, yes? Thank you, thank you very much….thank you,,,

  225. Doesn’t it start after that 48-hour period and end on 4 July (when UFAs can sign), Carp? Page 358 of the CBA…

  226. Not that anybody cares but my wife, if the Rangers don’t buy out Richie I’m done after way too man-years. I don’t want to hear one more year and than we will buy him out logic. 2 weeks n counting.

  227. Could be, LW. The answer that I got was 48 hours after the finals … so you could very well be right. Probably are. I have no idea. And no intention of ever reading the CBA.

  228. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Not that anyone cares, but I just flushed a Guest Bloggers Stink. And it made all the difference.

  229. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – I’d like to a guest blog in the next week or so… Topic would likely be centered around coaches, free agents, and 1994.

  230. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I had a deep tissue massage yesterday – that is one of the best things in life..

  231. On Sather’s radar:

    Stew Ratatouille – Bobby Clarke, Marchand play-alike, look-alike
    Haricot Vert – still green, but plays with his bean
    Gherkin Cornichon – Can come in handy when you’re in a pickle
    Duck Confit – Quack shot from the point, comes with small bill
    Ova Thyme – not yet ready, but…good in the locker room to keep the smell down
    Beef Bourguignon – Huge, meaty Defenseman, enough said
    Chicken Francaise – Gutless, but rarely lays an egg
    Lobster Newburg – Offensive DMan who can pinch on the PP
    Shrimp Scampi – Even smaller than Zuccs, but lots of legs
    Quiche Lorraine – Butt of yolks, but plenty crusty
    Rubber Azz – Good at getting the puck out of his own end

  232. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Oleo – easy answer is he’s won 3 cups in a row and this year the pens could make it 4 in a row. I don’t see the Blackhawks surviving the offensive weapons that the Pens have. Pittsburgh could sweep the finals. LeTang = Conn Smyth winner.

    Even better – Pitt vs Chi = original 6 matchup.

  233. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Tomb – when I was an undergrad I was in a class where another student was going crazy trying to understand why the integral 1/x was lnx + c. And after trying to explain it without success… The prof threw up his hands and said – “it is what it is” you just brought back a memory from eons ago.

  234. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Stiff, Jam, and Balls. The name of Torts’ new band. Torts plays the cow bell.

  235. BREAKING: Bylsma’s wife granted permission to speak with real estate agents in New York.

  236. I marched in the Puerto Rican Parade today in Manhattan. You can only imagine the amount of Seinfeld References I made over those 34 blocks….

  237. Reading backwards after a busy weekend. I saw the “Checketts” and shuddered.

    I should also add, the only thing that stinks about guest bloggers: Guest Bloggers Stink

    Oh, and and I wanted to add that the City of La Quinta, CA has a very strict ban on public smoking, cigars included.

  238. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    If Messier coaches , the bench will need a Kleenex dispenser

  239. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Tomb – thx for enjoying my humor. Their (sic) are plenty of funny mofos on this blog….

    Resign Avery

  240. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Romeo – guest bloggers stinks is a tool. Total coward. If he had one ball, never mind two, he’d do a guest blog and regale us with brilliance and insight.

    Then the guest bloggers stink could honestly critique his own post as utter crap.

  241. La Quinta AVERAGE temperature for June, July, August, Sept: 103, 107, 106, 102. If you want to smoke, just pull out a cigar and it will light itself.

  242. His original name was Abysmal, but he screwed the letters around and gave himself an A.

  243. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Better to be outside the box than stuck in it, trapped. Way off is perfect :)

  244. Buyout window is the later of either June 15th or 48 hours after the conclusion of the cup finals.

    So due to the current finals schedule (game 4 is 19th June 8pm) – 21st June at the earliest (if its a 4 game sweep) or 28th June at the latest, if it goes to 7.

  245. I was in the chess club in grade school.

    Played a few times in college.

    Way too much thinking for no pay.

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