Rangers to host youth hockey camps in July


From the NYR:

Rangers announce 2013 Summer Hockey Camp presented by Chase

NEW YORK, June 5, 2013 – The New York Rangers Youth Hockey Camp presented by Chase returns for the ninth  summer in 2013, providing children with a structured hockey learning experience, focused on teamwork and personal development. The camp consists of four multi-day sessions in Tarrytown, NY. The schedule is as follows:

Date               Location                                             City                                                      Times

July 8-12…… MSG Training Center……………….. Tarrytown, NY……………. 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

July 15-19….. MSG Training Center……………….. Tarrytown, NY……………. 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

July 22-26….. MSG Training Center……………….. Tarrytown, NY……………. 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

July 29-Aug 2 MSG Training Center……………….. Tarrytown, NY……………. 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Through the Rangers Youth Hockey Camp sessions, boys and girls ages 7-15 will receive top level age specific training from some of the greatest role models in the organization and the sport. Instruction will be provided by Rangers alumni and the Rangers Hockey Development Team, and special appearances will be made by current Ranger players throughout each week. Players at every level will be challenged each day during on-ice practices and off-ice training, which includes dryland sessions, off-ice skills, classroom and recreation time. All participants receive a Rangers camp jersey, t-shirt, and equipment bag.

In addition, Chase is proud to extend a special offer to Chase Credit and Debit Cardmembers.  Campers who secure their 2013 Youth Hockey Camp spot with a Chase Credit or Debit Card will receive a $50 discount off admission & a limited edition Camp apparel item.

For more information on Rangers Youth Hockey Camp, or to register your child, please visit newyorkrangers.com/youthhockey or call (212) 465-6553. All sessions have limited openings.


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  1. Cross Check Charlie on

    Took a look at the mofo hockey and I don’t see what’s so intimidating.

    I noticed that they use the floating blue line. If you’re a defenseman and not used to it, it’s going to be tough at first. For forwards it’s great.

  2. Rob in Beantown on

    Your Bonehead team should register for the Rangers youth training camp this summer, to get an edge on the competition

  3. Cross Check Charlie on

    Manny, I live in North Carolina. I play in Raleigh and every now and then in Charlotte. It’s a lot of fun even if I’m going against some players half my age.

  4. Manny – not sure how chemistry can be developed, we obviously would need to change lines whenever we go a period without scoring

  5. I LOVE playing hockey, Charlie. Love it. Floor hockey I find really fun because it allows the most amount of people to enjoy the sport with the least risk of injury.

    Great idea, Draxen. Also, following each game whoever our Coach/Capt/Player-Coach is will have to rip some of the players in the media.

  6. Can you guys imagine if the Penguins get swept? Bylsma gets fired. And immediately hired (w/ Tony Granato) to coach the Rangers?


  7. Carp – want to be our Coach and/or reporter? We could use some game reviews in here.

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m going to go to a game just to yell “SHOOT!” when they are on the PP. I’ll yell it while they are still in their own zone.

  9. I would welcome that Doodie. Can you please come and scream that at us.

    Depending on how we decide to format it I think we should run really simple systems. 3-2 umbrella on the PP. Get Shots. Murder people. Get suspended for life.

    Also, I am really excited to play goalie with pads and stuff. I will probably be awful. So you can scream “MAAAAAA-KNEEEEEEE” at me after all goals.

  10. Rob in Beantown on

    Boneheads lose 12-0. Manny to Carp after the game – “I can’t score goals.”

  11. Who can airbrush a bunch of swedish no name actors and actresses onto my goalie mask for me?

  12. I put out some feelers on the missing AFTER pics for The 4th Sometimes-Annual, 2012-2013, Lockout Shortened, Paul Mara Playoff Beard Contest. If I don’t get them soon I will just put up the AFTER post for viewing purposes.

    I would like to hold off the voting until the Stanley Cup is awarded. I will have a prize for the winner(s).

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    I wonder who would be THE KREIDER on the team? Regardless of who it is, I’m sure Torts hates him.

  14. Jeff in South Dakota on

    A couple of times up and down the ice and I could hurl – do I make the team? Torts hates hurl!

  15. In addition to decreasing the depth of the net, I think they should cut a round one-foot hole back there in the ice so that six jerks in the Garden can yell, after each shot, “Get in the hole!”

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    Can they move the net six feet to the left so MDZ’s shots will go on goal?

  17. Why do I get the feeling Messier is already decided and they are interviewing Vignealt and others just so they can say they did. And otherwise what is taking time is they are finding the experienced coaches willing to be assitants so that they can all be announced together.

  18. manny

    i cant play weekends but how many nights per week would it be. i need you to email me


    dont just send me a link. spell it out for me please.

  19. glad to see del zaster and zucc sharing a vacation together. hopefully they both stay there.

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    eric, if you didn’t know any better, it would look like they are a couple.

    Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  21. Just went over to Modell’s guys. They have a LOT of Rangers stuff (non player paraphernalia) for Dirt cheap $10 or less.

  22. You’re not the last one in, Sioux. So far it looks like not many people grew very effective beards. Nasty is looking tough to beat. I would be tough to beat (because of my manliness) but I barred myself from competition. And, of course, Sally is a front runner.

    I think Carp’s entry will blow you guys away.

  23. MDZ – huge liability. Always will be. Will NEVER learn position and read a game. Despite some obvious, but inconsistent talent for offence,will cost team more goals against than create and/or score for.
    Nothing personal – funny, likable guy (like moving, talking tree stump), always able to stop my poor heart to beat when puck going in his direction.

  24. Zuk, from other hand, I’m pretty sure, given an opportunity of relative freedom and creativity, could be easily our St.Louis, considering his high hockey IQ,real skills and big heart in this small body.

  25. Prust heads off on vacation with Marie- Pier Mornin
    Richards head off with Erin Andrews and Olivia Munn
    Jeter flys away with Minka Kelly
    Jarret Stoll whisks away Katy Cassidy
    And DelZotto books a villa with Zuccarello?
    Sup Wit Dat?

  26. …I heard Torts was already being offered a Principal position in this School.

  27. czechthemout!!! on

    The only hockey Torts will coach in the forseeable future is floor hockey.

    Not a chance he comes back for at least several years.

    This way he can GRIND some coffee beans and have some peanut butter and JAM for breakfest. And for dinner, he can have a STIFF drink .

  28. …”Can Brad Richards be bought out before July 1st?”
    Yep, if Price is right.

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    He’s gotta build up that resume. He could say that he has experience developing youth. Everybody exaggerates on a resume.

  30. Powerhouse former Big Apple Coach, seeking hockey position. Good with dogs.

  31. Last night, Darren Dreger tweeted that Dallas Eakins was in line for a second interview with the Vancouver Canucks for their head coaching position.

    The Province, a Vancouver Newspaper, confirms that Eakins will get a second interview but says that the favorite for the job seems to be former Flyers head coach John Stevens.

    Stevens is an assistant with LA and can’t interview until their season ends.

    Jason Botchford says that Stevens resume and past as a head coach in the NHL is why the Canucks are willing to wait for a chance to talk with him.

    Botchford says that if Eakins is to get the job he will really need to “bring the house down” in his second interview.

  32. Doodie Machetto on

    They want a “win now” coach. Eakins is an experiment, not a “win now” guy.

    Although, frankly, I don’t think Stevens is much of a winner, either.

  33. Rob in Beantown on

    I want to know more about MDZ and MZA’s Italian vacation. What a weird looking pair. I keep imagining them trying to convince Italian girls they’re professional hockey players, but failing miserably.

  34. Maybe Carp can start a Bonehead Report Blog where NYR players and Management can go to critique Bonehead Deck Hockey. It could be like living in a parallel, reversal of fortune universe.

  35. Doodie Machetto on

    Rob, judging by their pictures, I think they would have been better served going to Mykonos.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  36. “Hi, I’m from Norway, and he makes three million a year. Can we buy you a beer?”

    “No thanks, we’re waiting for our wives.”

  37. Rob in Beantown on

    Doodie, I just realized they aren’t even in Italy, which would have made a little sense since they’re both Italian. They went to Ibiza together. That’s even weirder.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  38. Lloyd Braun on

    yeah the Duncan Keith thing isn’t a big deal and if he’s suspended more than a game (for carelessness) it’s absurd

  39. Cross Check Charlie on

    Duncan Keith hit a guy in the face while intentionally slashing him. Whether Keith meant to hit him in the face should be immaterial.

    Using the Hagelin punishment as a measuring stick, I think he should get at least 3 games.

  40. Can you guys believe that Torts got fired RIGHT before they made more room behind the net for offense!?

  41. It is pretty good, Wick. Sorry for not mentioning you. I don’t want everybody around here to start noticing the boner I have for you (in a Manly sense).

  42. Lloyd Braun on

    on that basis, a slashing penalty should result in an automatic suspension

    Keith should get one game max for swinging his stick carelessly. the shot wasn’t especially hard and he clearly didn’t intend to hit him in the face.

  43. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Messier looking situation !!!"...says Greg L. on

    I for one do NOT think we were out of it and couldn’t compete vs Boston. Look at the Penguins? They on home ice can’t even compete. If all this NONSENSE is we don’t have talent ..then the Penguins ‘s blog should be worse then ours? We fried our team and players , saying..too slow…not good enough..HOGWASH . The team whom rises to the challenge and get the most bounces ..win .We did not get what we wanted in those terms so to say we suck and we didn’t have a chance…you my friend are a Ranger “hater”. Rangers did compete and im proud of our boys . We could of had it, Toronto could of had it..so to say we just don’t have this and that…your just looking for a scape goat when in true reality is that we lost to a team who were less tired and more hungrier. Rangers rule whom ever the coach will be..BRING ON MESSIER!!!!!!!

  44. Doodie Machetto on

    ” I don’t want everybody around here to start noticing the boner I have for you (in a Manly sense)”

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  45. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Does anyone know if doodie knows when the buyout window is?

    I actually meant for a “lol” at the end I that post about the contest pics, so lol x 2

  46. Zaster: ‘Get down on the sand and make like spread eagle.”
    Zucc: ‘You startin’ to go all weird on me, bro?’
    Zast: ‘No, man, I just want to show you how to make a sand angel.’

  47. Stranger Nation on

    Richards and Torts seen today on sailboat in Central Park have a splash fight.

  48. Stranger Nation on

    MSG Press Release: Messier put in charge of coach search committee.

    In related news: Mess last seen reading Dick Cheney’s Memoirs in his MSG office.

  49. Stranger Nation on

    MSG Press Release: Messier put in charge of coach search committee.

    In related news: Mess last seen reading VP Cheney’s Memoirs in his MSG office.

  50. Splash fight dialogue”

    T: “God, you sucked this year.”

    R: ‘Take that back!’

    T: “I won’t.”

    R: ‘You better’

    T: “I won’t.”

    R: ‘Okay, then I’m not playing with you anymore.’

    T: “You can say THAT again.”

  51. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Sick and tired of NHL.com posting videos of Tom Cruise and other celebs attending these games. Beckham, Cruise – just tired of it all.

  52. Great story about Celebs:

    My co-worker told me that she and her husband were at the Yankees game last night and Jamie Lannister was in attendance, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, and when they showed him on the jumbotron, all it said underneath was “KINGSLAYER”

  53. I think I would rather listen to Taylor Swift sing than Doc Emrick call a hockey game. He’s THE WORST.

  54. Can Nicklas Bäckström lead his team to yet another season in which they focus on Alex Ovechkin as the key to the team’s success. Can he lead his team to another season in which they don’t win the cup. Can Nicklas Bäckström be any more annoying?

  55. Martin and Letang in this series have made the Girardi-MDZ pairing look like Pronger-Lidstrom in their primes.

  56. So as Ovechkin so wisely said, “one player cannot win a series” but one player can certainly lose a series…

  57. A persons name can become the two most irritating words imaginable when spoken by Pierre, that name and those words…. “Christopher Letang”

  58. King with no Ring on

    The Bruins are trampling all over the Penguins.

    The Bruins are the best team in the East.

    In hindsight, I am shocked the Rangers were able to win one game in the series with the Bruins.

    The Rangers played the Bruins better than the Penguins have to this point.

  59. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Absolute toughness by Campbell. Gotta love the way these Bruins play. Some similarities to the grit our team had….last year.

  60. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Thought it sounded like “Campbell, Campbell” they were chanting. Good for them.

    I prefer “Potvin Sucks”

  61. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Chara = monster. Lucic = monster.

    Difference between our ‘monster sized guys’ (Nash and Boyle), is the grit and how tough it is to play against them. Chara and Luci are ridiculous.

  62. Very true, Matty. Our tough guys tend to be one dimensional. At least the guys that SHOULD have tough potential. We have some tough guys and some guys that can play but rarely do those skill sets overlap.

  63. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Kreider may, over time, become somewhat tough to play against. He has shown some flashes of it. Some solid checks . He is learning the craft.

  64. So who gets paid more in the offseason: Dupuis or Horton? As a follow up, which one gets OVERpaid more?

  65. I love what The Kreider seems to have the ability to be. I can’t wait until Guy Boucher is our coach and lets him go nuts.

  66. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Iginla may have worked out better on Boston. Either way, Bruins are probably quite pleased they missed on him.

  67. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    I think Horton will. Both could be mini-Gomez/Drury moves. They fit a sweet spot on their respective teams. Horton, to me, has a chance to be ok with another team.

    Sorry, but we know what Dupuis is. He is great….as long as he plays with Sid. Otherwise, he’s a 3/4th liner with some speed.

  68. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Boston has SO many big bodies. Jagr might not be scoring but he still is hard to play against.

  69. too many bruins penalties have the pens carrying the play.

    vokoun was great down 1-0 and has played well. bylsma made the right move.

    come on bruins will jagr ever score these playoffs

  70. King with no Ring on

    The Bruins are so much better in every aspect of the game than the Rangers, and on par in goaltending.

  71. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Clowe plays with every bit the toughness that lucic and chara do, but most of you don’t notice because you are too busy complaining that he isn’t as fast as hagelin

  72. Love the Clowe Wicky. I think he would have made a HUGE difference in the Boston series. Sadly, I barely consider him part of our team right now.

  73. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Honest, Wicky, Clowe played so few games with us I barely consider him a Ranger. I was thinking about him and his game, while not as good as Lucic, is not totally dissimilar.

    That said, is he a Ranger?

  74. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    I agree with your point about his speed, however. Lucic is not Hags either.

  75. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Does anyone think our GM approaches Hank this summer about a new deal?

  76. “I can’t wait until Guy Boucher is our coach…”

    I’d honestly take him in a heartbeat over Messier…

  77. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    We may not have won the bruins series with clowe, but it would have been closer and lasted longer.

    He better be re-signed.

  78. wick

    VIBIN on the Clowe! I think it would have certainly been a longer series with him around. NYR missed his presence…

    The only way he isn’t re-signed is if he isn’t considered healthy enough by NYR doctors…

  79. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    I agree he would have made it closer. If healthy. We missed him more than one would have expected given the minimal time he spent with our team.

    If healthy, he is an impact player. The question going forward is whether or not he can be healthy enough to help.

  80. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Everyone made such a big deal in that series that the Bruins were missing their 3 defensemen. One of them was Redden. Really? They missed him?

    In the meantime, we had real injuries to two key players. Staal and Clowe. For us, they have a big impact on the series.

  81. Good thing Torey Krug already is used to a visor since he has played less than 26 games and would have to wear one next season anyways.

  82. Like Torts said, we missed our “Chara” in Staal and our “Lucic” in Clowe….

  83. Can you guys think of anyone that will be a victim of the new Visor rule? Meaning they have played less than 26 games and wil thus have to clip one on? As a follow up, who will be the _last_ player standing as a member of the old visorless guard. i.e. the Ron Duguay of Visors.

  84. I guess, if your Brooks Orpik, hitting the post is better than hitting Crosby in the mouth.

  85. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    NYR@10:10, I didn’t know he had said that. Great comment.

    I will miss his pressers and impromptu statements.

  86. I think it’s 26 games in your career, eric. I bet Bickel has played 26 games at forward and like, 13 on Defense.

  87. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Nice move by Horton. He’s a player. Of course, a year after he signs his 5 year deal, will he play as hard as this?

    Seems a contract year brings out the best for most anybody.

  88. Can someone explain to me why the Penguins are playing wall hockey? Shouldn’t they be forcing the puck to the middle to, um, take away the strengths of Boston?

  89. If you really think about, Guy Boucher makes a lot of sense…compared to many other names

    Boucher is a very good coach who’s never had a goalie. I have to say I was impressed with the Lightning team from a few years back. They looked ferocious, all 4 lines. Lost a tough series to Boston in 7 in the conference finals (GREAT SERIES). Boucher’s fortune would change if he had the best goalie in the world as a coach of NYR…

    Veen-yo had Luongo AND Schneider and still couldn’t get his team to win the CUP.

  90. I really agree, NYR. I think Boucher is young, gets the modern NHL (whereas Grandpa Ruff might not) and if given a goalie and some defense might actually put together a super dangerous team. Plus, the Rangers like taking coaches that once coached the Tampa Bay Lightning. And Guy Boucher had a GREAT Power Play. Great. (I know we don’t have Stamkos but we do have Nash).

  91. Yes we do. I have said it before, I don’t think a “bomb” from the point is necessary for a PP. That is only ONE system (of many) and I don’t think it’s the best. I would like to see this team play a 3-2 umbrella and just have guys on the “points” that can hit the net and move the puck effective. Topo Gigio is perfect.

  92. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    I have to admit I didn’t follow Boucher’s 2.3 years in Tampa. I know his first year was incredible.

    What happened last year?

    This year they had the injury bug, no?

  93. it feels like the bruins will need an ugly one. there last 2 pp were ranger like. god awful

  94. No, Manny, he’s the guy who’s placed in nine international tournaments, with an Olympic Gold and a World Championships Gold among them. He also won an Elitserien trophy.

    You guys think I’m joking, which I am in a sense because there’s no way in hell NYR hire him, but I would be thrilled if Pär Mårts got the job. I followed the World Championships this season especially closely and SWE played such a structured system – they never looked panicked, made smart decisions, and had great zone presence.

  95. Opposite way around, NYR. Three guys high, two low, near the cage.

    Callahan-Nash (slot)

    Boyle/Clowe-Kreider (slot)

    I’m kind of OBSESSED with Right Handed and Left Handed shot balance on the PP with a middle guy that can be R/L. It’s impossible with the current Rangers lineup. Way too many Lefties. These are just off the top of my head though.

  96. Interesting, Llatona. Thank you SO much for your outside the box thinking. That’s what makes you super valuable around here. Like Duckbill.

    I did like what i saw from Sweden but I obviously didn’t follow them as closely as you did.

    Crazier things have happened like the Blue Jackets hiring Jarmo Kekäläinen (proper accentation).

  97. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    I just have a feeling Pen’s win it 18:32 in. (which means it will be won in the first minute by the B’s)

  98. They are charging up him neck bolts between periods, Malkin about six minutes in.

  99. Jarmo made me think of Pär, Manny. European players have had a great influence on the NHL, why not give some Europeans a chance in coaching and management? He’s a vastly experienced coach and he’s had considerable success. Plus he’s kinda dorky and I like that.

  100. @_Happy_Gilmore @Buccigross #bucciovertimechallenge Jaromir Jagr (1992) and Jaromir Jagr (2013)

    Pretty funny.

  101. King with no Ring on

    Could Lundqvist ever hold a full strength Penguins team to two goals against in three regulation games?

  102. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    These are 4 excellent teams in the ‘Final Four’. The interesting thing is that each had it’s down years, high draft picks, and has a core of excellent home grown players.

    This should really make ya think that the FA game may not be the way to win a championship. You can add to your core. But the draft is key.

    (I’m not mocking Sather on that. His didn’t have repeat 1st picks, etc. Ok, Hugh Jessiman was a huge mistake.)

  103. I can’t argue with that, Llatona. The more we add visors and shrink nets to make more offensive room (which means they must be considering rink size) and the more we discourage needless fighting the more our sport becomes European. Probably the wave of the future. Why not get in early.

  104. carp

    took a blast in ankle on pk stayed on callahoan like for 45 sec couldnt move.

    did i tell you i hate the pens

  105. Maybe he could hire some former Swedish Rangers to be his assistants, Manny. Jan Erixon? Ulf Samuelsson? Ulf Nilsson? Niklas Sundstrom? Anders Hedberg?

  106. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    “….and Nash brings it up the right boards, pass to the front of the net and KREIDER SCORES!!!!!”

    oops, sorry. wrong game.

  107. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    uh oh, B’s are getting more physical. Pen’s will shrivel up now.

  108. So Chara (6’9″, 255lbs) is HUGE, right? But Boyle (6’7″, 244lbs) is only marginally smaller.

  109. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    I’d rather have Boyle. He grows a sillier mustache.

  110. If they hire Jan Erixon then we have to trade to get Tim Erixon back.

    Don’t forget guys WOYWITKA a/k/a Woywhatever is a UFA!

  111. All I’m saying about the slight size difference between Boyle and Chara is that Chara is a horrifying, humungous game changer of a size presence. Boyle, at 11 lbs lighter and maybe 1 inch shorter give or take a few cm’s, is ….. not.

    I love Boyle. But Wouldn’t it be great if he played his size?

  112. What in the hell kind of save is that? They don’t teach that in goaltender school either do they, Pierre?

  113. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Horton, with that burst of speed, up to 7 years, $6m

  114. Can the NHL rules committee or sub-committee or sub-sub committee make a rule to use a new puck that simply does not “skitter” ?

  115. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Manny, I’ll take a huge imposing point shot any day for my PP.

  116. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Not too many big names that are attainable. Would have liked Subban. Chara when he was available would have been nice. He was there for the taking.

    Seems like even Boychuk with an accurate shot. There are guys.

  117. The Bruins now have two if Torey Krug is for real. Kid has a lot of flex on that stick.

    PK Subban I would love.

    I really think our guy like that has to be Del Zotto. Sorry guys. On the plus side I think he will be a lot better under a new coach (Guy Boucher).

  118. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Seems to me Bergeron must have lied since game 1. His nose seems it is even bigger than normal.

  119. Bruins have a big shot from the point (a couple if you count Torey Krug who’s suddenly a non factor against a team that doesn’t collapse their forwards in defensive zone coverage). Their PP isn’t exactly automatic.

  120. Olga Folkyerself on

    Sather will get Chara. He’ll give him a 5 year, 6 million offer when he’s 38.

  121. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    And Engelland is still standing????? Wow. Sign him!!!

    Imagine that Lucic move against our d.

  122. Vokoun not playing with a Collar bone protector. I assume that will be grandfathered in…

  123. Olga Folkyerself on

    Boston obviously stole the Rangers PP playbook.

    I’m not into burning books, but there’s an exception.

  124. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    you just cant give a great team like this so many PP’s

  125. If Crosby scored without his dome the NhL would’ve rescinded the visor rule.

  126. Olga Folkyerself on

    Now on to Chicago, and let’s win there!

    Anniversary of death of Bobby Kennedy June 6, 1968.

  127. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Boston is a good team. Happy that the penguins are down 3-0. A sweep would be too cool for school…

  128. King with no Ring on

    Give it up for the Bruins. They are the best team in hockey right now.

    Rask > Lundqvist

    If Sather called Chiarelli inquiring about a Lundqvist for Rask trade, the phone would be hung up on Sather within a minute.

  129. So our crappy team lost to the team that eveyone on this board wished for as a favorable match up for that Rangers and that is now up three games to none on the Pen()s that everyone thought will win it all when they added Ignla? Boy, is it fun the be an expert!! :)

  130. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Never mind, I remember, it was late in the first OT

    And that is exactly how you play D

  131. Rask > Hank?! You put Hank on a team that is playing as well as Boston right now and Hank wins all day everyday day.

    Put Rask on the Rangers and watch him embarrass himself on nightly basis.

  132. Thanx, CCCP. Got to go out to the mailbox and see what came. First time I needed a flashlight in the middle of the day since yesterday.

  133. I hear penguins actually taste more like fish. Even if they are scorched at 4-00.

  134. Just a thought but if Messier gets the job and appoints Ulf Samuelsson and Beuk-a-BOOM! as his coaches would you complain?

  135. ilb – i was out looking for a new broom but apparently they’ve all been shipped to Boston?

  136. Yup, can’t find any. And, apparently, stores in Pittsburgh are banned by Mr. Bettman from selling any either.
    So, how does it look now? After loading up with Iginla, Morrow, Murray etc., they were favorites to win by a mile. Guess what? If you go into the playoffs with goaltending controversy, you are not going too far. Vokoun has been horrible, but he hasn’t stolen any games either. Rask has been great. Yeah, folks, let’s low-ball Hank.

  137. Vokoun *has not* been horrible, I meant.
    Also, for UK, I meant *favourite*. :-)

  138. That’s a great lift to my morning, Rob.

    Ilb is right though. Vokoun has been vintage…someone not named Vokoun. Remember how bad he was on the Capitals. Ha!

  139. Stranger Nation on

    Rask has been good, not great. Lets not get caught up in Pierre’s pablum.

    Bruins forwards all back check and forecheck, players dont go sliding down on ice to block passes and shots, and they have the best Dman in league who seems to out there for 40 mins a game.

    Pens D has been worn down already and B’s centers taking away time/space from Malkinstein and Cindy who are looking fairly pedestrian in this series. Nisky looks especially horrible.

    At least Krug’s glass slipper fell off and Dougie is riding the pine.

    Oh yeah, Pierre is a complete tool.

  140. Where stegerwald and errey losers. Skid and company pushed to the brink. Hopefully bruins can take the brooms and stick right up there butt.

    This is satisfying for us penguin haters.

    One more to go.

  141. Get Swept. Fire Bylsma. Rangers hire Bylsma. Bylsma brings Tony Granato. Messier becomes Asst. Win Cup

  142. BickelsPickle on

    Manny, that’s exactly what I said last night. Bylsma is getting the boot after this, for sure. I think he’d actually be a half decent coach here though we also don’t have their line up.

  143. BickelsPickle on

    I also don’t understand how MAF went from winning the cup to… uh, being a backup to VOKOUN

  144. Cross Check Charlie on

    If the Penguins fire Bylsma then they would be dumber than I thought. He would have another job within a week of being fired.

  145. I like Bylsma but his seat is heating up at least with the few Penguins fans I know. There was some chatter about it before the series started. Then there is that “Shelf life” theory, working against him. If they get knocked out, their PO record over the last two seasons would be worse than ours, and we all know where Musky is now.

  146. I still think it would be a total panic move and a backward move if the Penguins fire Bylsma … of course, there could be the ever popular player mutiny.

  147. BTW, don’t want Bylsma here, if he can’t manage that line up in the playoffs, he has no chance with our collection of misfits.

  148. @RealKyper

    #Bruins Gregory Campbell will see Doctors today to determine if surgery is required on his broken leg suffered when blocking a shot. #gutsy

  149. So I have the AFter pics up. Everyone except STUPID SALLY has submitted one. Thanks Sally.

  150. Gotta give pops Campbell props for those genes, too, Nasty. Remember when, as an assistant coach in Detroit, trying to get Probert’s life straightened out, they slugged it out on the ice during practice, toe to toe, and nobody broke it up.

  151. Byslma’s teams since 2009

    2010: Lose in 2nd round in 7 games to 8 seed Montreal
    2011: Lose in 1st round to Tampa in 7 games, although decimated by injury the Pens did lose a 3-1 series lead
    2012: Lose in 1st round Phily in 6 games with a historically bad performance by MAF

    @MLemieux66 Fire this clown!

  152. Sioux-per-man on

    Manny – I just won my entry fee for the World Series of Poker! Main event.

    Do I start another one?

  153. I think Bruins success will make Sather think he has no choice but to gamble on Clowe.

  154. Sioux-per-man on

    Wicky – just think about it. He took a team with NO owner, no MONEY, spent the least amount of Money and coached a team of players all the way to the finals last year in the West.

    Just IMAGINE what he could do with Dolans checkbook!!!

    Besides he has the Fighting Sioux WINNING Tradition in him.

  155. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I’ll take anyone as long as they didn’t play or coach at North Dakota

    Just kiddind Sioux

  156. Sioux-per-man on

    Greene was a Captain for the Sioux, and a Stanley Cup Champion and wore the A for the Kings last year :)

  157. Sioux-per-man on

    Toews won a Gold medal for Canada, a Stanley Cup, and a Conn Smythe, and he was the Captain for the Sioux!

  158. Sioux-per-man on

    Eddie Belfour – won a Stanley Cup for the Dallas Stars, and an NCAA Championship for the Sioux.

  159. Sioux-per-man on

    Commadore – won a Stanley Cup for the Hurricanes, and was an Asst. Captain for the Sioux.

  160. “It seems I had to fight my whole life through.
    Some gal would giggle and I’d get red
    And some guy’d laugh and I’d bust his head,
    I tell ya, life ain’t easy for a boy named Sioux.”

  161. Sioux-per-man on

    Wicky – I could do this all day. But I’m sure Parise, Oshie, Frattin, Stadford, Kristo, and several other will all get a chance before their careers are over.

    It’s just nice to “cheer” for the kids that were Sioux players when they were in college. Before they were famous on the ice in the NHL. They always bring the cup back to where it started, if they can.

    It’s all about the PRIDE & the TRADITION :)

  162. Sioux-per-man on

    I’ve always wore my Lundqvist Rangers Jersey’s while playing poker.

    Sometimes I’ll wear the Toews, Oshie, Parise if I’m playing in their state. But never if the Rangers are playing that day.

    If you see me on TV this year, I’ll be in my Sioux Jersey :) …….. unless someone pays me to wear their stuff.

    Who passes up $5k to wear their “hat” for a day??????

  163. Rob in Beantown on

    Sioux, let us know if you are ever on TV! Need to support boneheads in all kinds of media :)

  164. Sioux-per-man on

    To Bad the little guy is too old for Ranger Hockey Camp.

    That would be a blast to send him to Rangers camp for a week!!!!

  165. Carp – I haven’t posted the After pics yet because LW3H and Sally haven’t submitted them. I emailed you about the contest details. So, as ilb would say, *e-mail*

  166. Sioux-per-man on

    Will do Rob.

    Best way to follow is through Twitter.

    Sioux_per_man is my handle there.

  167. Sioux-per-man on

    So Manny I have time to put my Green Fighting Sioux Beard on, run to HOOTERS and get my “after” pin in?????

  168. Sioux-per-man on

    Pick in.

    Next year it will be a Father Son beard contest.

    Little man grew just enough for the cat to lick off this year :)

  169. Sioux-per-man on

    Miller would have/ should have/ could have won a NCAA championship with the Sioux….. nope he chose a different path. No Winning Tradition for him.

    I can’t help him now :(

  170. Hey – there’s suddenly alot of love for the B’s on here, and I understand that because, hey, who DOESN’T hate the Pens? But I hate any team that knocks out the Rangers more than I hate the Pems, so I’m still rooting for a miracle. Man the Bs are playing well, though.

  171. Sioux-per-man on

    Fat – cheer for the team that has the Sioux player on it then. Blackhawks have Toews & the Kings’s have Greene.

    Still I hate the Pens more than the B’s. I have respect for the B’s. They beat us fair and square, straight up.

    Nothing funnier that watching Cindy cry his way OUT of the cup!!!

  172. Let me see if I have this right. Keith gets a double minor for high-sticking, which earns him a suspension.

    Cooke,(a serial offender)gets a major penalty and a game misconduct and is tossed out for the rest of the game. Cooke gets no suspension. How can this wide disparity in treatment be justified?

    Oh, I get it. Cooke is Penguin, and therefore is immune from further discipline.

  173. Can’t remember where I read it, but some sportswriter wrote that he was recently on a plane to Boston and before taxi-ing, a baby on board was crying and the pilot (obviously a Bruins fan) walked up the aisle and said loudly, in good humor, “do we have Sidney Crosby aboard today?” Wonder how many got his joke.

  174. Rob in Beantown on

    Manny and Sioux, I’m following you guys on twitter now. Even though I barely ever tweet and when I do its usually (always) boring

  175. That’s you, Rob!? Awesome!!!! Thanks buddy. I’m following you. I love boring stuff. Don’t worry.

  176. Thanx, Dubbb. I got the gist of it from hazy memory, but the effect is the same. Glad to know I didn’t dream it. :)

  177. Read somewhere that Brodeur had something to do with Grand Forks, but maybe that was about dinner. :)

  178. Kreider-Stepan-Cally
    Bryan Bickle (UFA)-Boyle-Dorsett

    Emmy or a yet to be named UFA or waiver pick-up as a 7th D-man.

    If the organization feels they can count on McIlrath, MDZ becomes tradable. If they can trade him for a 1st round pick in this draft, a power forward or maybe a good defensive prospect or a policeman type NHL defenseman, it might be worth it. Trading MDZ is a tough call. He’s young and has a lot of potential.

  179. It’s Bickell. That is why it’s so funny. Our Bickel is ONE L away from being awesome at forward.

  180. @stevezipay

    Other USA junior camp invitees: Zach Stepan (Derek’s cousin), Devs’ Stefan Matteau, D Brett Pesce (Tarrytown, N.Y.) http://bit.ly/191A6C0

    We can trade Marc Staal and just be all Dereks and Stepans

  181. Not totally sold on Clowe. Worried about what he’ll ask for and his health. If either of those prevent him from being re-signed maybe the 3rd line could consist of some combo of Hags, Miller, Lindberg and Thomas. Is it October yet?

  182. “MDZ>Stralman”
    True but Stralman is a decent d-man. This is why trading MDZ is risky. But if the rangers can get good power forward or a first round draft pick for him, it’s really tempting even if it is risky. It may turn out that Moore>MDZ. Jury is still out.

  183. In the latest issue of The Hockey News, Stanley Cup preview, they look at each teams UFAs and RFAs and predict which salary range their next contract will fall in.

    For Ryan Clowe, they project his new contract will bring a cap hit of $3-$4 million per season.

    They project Roman Hamrlik is projected to have a cap hit of $1-$2 million.

    Steve Eminger, Matt Gilroy and Brandon Segal are all projected to get a cap hit between $500K and $1 million.

    For the Rangers RFAs, they have:

    Ryan McDonagh: Between $4 million and $5 million.
    Derek Stepan: Between $4 million and $5 million.
    Carl Hagelin: Between $2 million and $3 million
    Mats Zuccarello: Between $1 million and $2 million

    interesting to say the least. i would love to bridge stepan from entry level to 2 yr deal like sather does at under 4 mil from him making 875k.

  184. who in there right mind would give hamilik 1-2 mil. i for one wouldnt and also i am not for signing clowe for 3-4 mil based on injuries

  185. Stranger Nation on

    Zucc on the 2nd line is a mistake AND Nash plays RW:


    UFA/RFA/Trade PLEASE – McD
    Girardi – Staal
    Stralman / Moore

    McIlbeast as 7th Dman (COME AND GET SOME) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzfkw_H-VRY

  186. McDonuts and Moore are going nowhere but MSG ice for a long time barring injury or complete breakdown. Same could probably be said for Girardi. Others back there are serviceable (still DelZaster possible upside) but nowhere near untouchable.

  187. czechthemout!!! on

    Take this with a grain of salt. From the same guy who told me about the Nash interest two months before the rumors started.

    Possible three team deal.

    Staal and Hags to the Penguins for Malkin and a 2 round pick.

    Staal the Canes for Skinner ,Mcbain and the number 5 overall.

    The price may not be to steep but that is because Malkin will only go here when he hits the market and not sign anywhere else before ufa status.

    Staal is only 50-50 about extending here. Because of that, kind of makes sense.


  188. Atta boy, Anthony. You’re on the list I’m directly recommending to Slats.

    And, yeah, we’d need a big penalty box. I’m sure I could get a major. CCCP would get 17 minutes before the game was 17 seconds old.

  189. Sioux-per-man on

    Put me in coach. I can’t skate. I can coach.

    My team might look like the Mighty Ducks……

  190. Now I am only waiting on SALLY to get her After pic in. We are almost there boys and girls. SO CLOSE

  191. czechthemout!!! on

    If it happens, it will be on draft day or not at all.

    Fasth is the new Hags accept he will score more and is bit bigger.

  192. Sioux-per-man on

    one SALLYmander away from completion?

    That’s it?

    Did you break out the whip?????

  193. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – if you put the Fighting Sioux on the ice. There will be a Fight! Prust saying. It isn’t hockey until there is blood on the ice :)

  194. Sioux-per-man on

    LOL. Coos. When Commadore for ND(played for Carolina), the opponent ALWAYS had blood on the Sioux ice.

  195. Sioux-per-man on

    But that was back in the day, they weren’t suspended for the next game. Now it really has to get nasty before someone will drop them in the NCAA game.

  196. Channel surfing and note with no small degree of astonishment over 400 posts on a press release?

    Desperate times encourage desperate people to seek comfort in nothingness!

    On a hockey note I happened to see Sappy’s remarks about “La Affaire Torts” and I’ll say the same thing to the media that I say often to the fans about protest.

    Get up and walk out, that was the biggest piece of crap interview in a long list of same.

    How do you people allow Sappy to get away with foisting his blather without calling him on it?

    For shame, you folks can at least put his feet to the fire which the fans can’t!

  197. Well everybody, the “After” pic post is up at The 4th Sometimes-Annual, 2012-2013, Lockout Shortened, Paul Mara Playoff Beard Contest Official Website.


    Voting to come following the Stanley Cup Finals!

  198. Manny, those 2 smiling kids in the Beard Contest photos are awesome. If they grow up smiling, the world will be a better place.

  199. Feel free to leave comments over on that site if you guys want. Since you can swear over there :)

  200. bull dog line on

    you have to wonder if Staal is just biding his time until he can sign with the Canes. might be wise to find out sooner rather than later. if Malkin plans on signing with the Rangers when his contract runs out, I would just wait for him, not trade for him.

  201. Rob in Beantown on

    I love Arron Asham on Twitter. Actually, I just kind of love Arron Asham.

  202. Love Ash. Wish he were 23 with a big upside. Unfortunately, he’s 36 with a big downside.

  203. Admiral Akbar on

    They fired Torts for losing a series in 5 games to a team that is destroying the top seeded Penguins?

    Imagine if the Rangers had a mediocre power play the first 2 rounds – THEY could be the ones decimating the Penguins!

  204. Admiral, they play with similar style. Bergeron is such a talent. Very steady, consistent and dependable. Not too flashy but good at most aspects of the game. Stepan is younger and IMO, as a player, has a chance to grow to a similar level.

    Bergeron probably skates a tad better, has more skills and awareness on the defensive side of the puck and seems to never lose a key or important face-off. Steps up during critical moments of games.

  205. I can’t see why any team would give anything of value for Staal right now, his career is in question.

  206. Bull Dog Line, would the rangers take Carolina’s #1 and a #3 for Staal?

    And if you were Carolina’s GM would you do it?

    I would not because I don’t think Staal-ed is even worth the #1.

  207. bull dog line on

    you would not have to do anything with Staal till after next season. he would then have 1 year left on his contract. perfect time to move him or sign him long term. I would not trade him for draft picks. the Rangers are not rebuilding. the only player I would trade for picks would be Boyle, and that is because they may already have his replacement in the system (Lindberg, and Miller).

  208. Malkin only wants to play in NY? He will be a Ranger? That’s not terrible news. I realize it won’t happen until he hits 34 and is well past his prime but still.

  209. I really like Hags but Zucc, St. Croix, Thomas and Fast might make him tradeable. The Rangers could probably get a good deal for Hags and MDZ.

    Maybe Hags, MDZ, and Thomas for the #1 and Jamie McGinn? Colorado said they are willing to trade the #1/Seth Jones.

  210. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    That’s a Pacific Northwest militia, not a Midwest one…get it right!


  211. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I am all for moving Staal this offseason. It isn’t because he plays horribly or that I don’t like him, it is the right thing to do IMHO.

    If he will never be 100% as far as eyesight again, then he may have a not so long shelf life. I move him to the canes only for the best return I can get for a player with his potential and his injury issues.

    It is the right thing to do for him to get the chance to play in the NHL on the same team as his brothers.

    I would trade him for Gleason and a pick or ruutu and a pick if possible.

  212. Mottau’s backing of Dallas Eakins in todays Post very interesting. Have a idea. Why not have Mark as our coach and Dallas Eakins as asst coach/head coach in waiting. Provides a safety netfor Messier and utilizes the talents of somebody who has worked with the development of young players. It could be a win-win situation.

  213. Second period, where is the playful banter? What am I supposed to read during tv time outs?

  214. If that was to be the tandem, would Sullivan stay? Or bring in another coach, with maybe actual NHL coaching experience?

  215. ralph machio an islander fan too. i shouldve rooted for the blond kids. although he lived in miller place and i met him a few times,eh hes ok.

  216. I’m new, a mid season find for me. Reading this blog has become a part of game nights, love it!

  217. would you’se sign frankenweenie to big money deal? i think malkin would really put us near the top and help get us a cup.

  218. Gun shy, I guess. I would love it but I just can’t allow myself to see it working out.

  219. we need someone of his skill cuz without gabby n richie, nash is it. lets face it.

    ohhh damn hawks just took the lead!

  220. Oh, Malkin would be huge. How hard will it be to turn the hatred in to cheering for the guy though?

  221. IHOP special, with no new announcements of who will replace Mr John Tortorella as the next hapless victim of MSG/NYR Byzantine Empire.
    The yentas are stirring….

  222. gotta mow the lawn. big lawn too. gonna see if some kids wanna make 20 bucks.

    i had breakfast already coos. tastes like last nights dinner. wheres eddie been?

  223. Just great theatre When I can’t sleep I just check this out. Like on line Abient

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