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“2013 New York Rangers Report Card” by Mark Romeo

Hard to believe it’s been only five months since we were collectively wishing to see less of Gary Bettman and more of Sam Rosen, but it has been.  Tough to call this Rangers season much of anything other than a disappointment, but I ask you:  on April 1 at 16-15-3, would you have thought this team would make the playoffs, much less advance to the second round?

And if someone told you that Slats was going to trade away the team’s best sniper and bring back two underachieving, former first-round picks and a guy with a broken collarbone, from that hockey hotbed known as Columbus … Plus he trades away picks for a guy who had yet to score a goal all year and was best known around the league for using his stick from the bench to break up an odd man rush in one of the most bizarre plays in hockey history. All of this happens in 48 hours and it transforms the Rangers into a dangerous playoff team.  You would have asked “what are you smoking?“

Having said all that, it was still not good enough.

So as I get set to watch my Mets waste away another summer, here goes nothing:

Arron Asham, C: Not a horrible signing.  Not Mike Rupp, not Donald Brashear.  But like those other two free agent signings, there was not a lot of health or ice time.

Stu Bickel, D: He just did not have enough to offer in order to stay in the lineup.

Martin Biron, A: Provides everything you ask for in a back up goalie.

Brian Boyle, C+: He built hopes and probably got labeled incorrectly a few years back with his surprise scoring.  I don’t like getting into calling guys first-line, second-line or whatever, but we know this:  He is not a number one center.  He has value on the penalty kill and in the circle.  Responsible defensively, good along the boards and he played tougher this year.  So you can see why the coach likes him.  Just don’t look to him for offense in this system.  You need a few guys like this on every team, you just don’t want too many of them.

Derick Brassard, B+: A cautious B+.  Not many of us knew much about the guy.  We saw his skill front and center since he arrived.  He ran warm and hot, but never cold.  A lot of upside, plus he showed a little toughness that we weren’t expecting.

Ryan Callahan, A+:  Full of heart, leadership, relentless effort, courage and determination.  The guy leads by example and shows toughness, skill and accountability along the way.  One of the top captains in the league, ask anyone. Even when he does have the rare off-night, he has one or two special moments that lets everyone know he never quits.

Ryane Clowe, B-: Sort of incomplete, but there was a lot to like in the little time he played (and the little time he played healthy).  His age and health scare me a little.  He is wanted back, but at what price?  It will be an interesting off-season for him and Rangers management.

Michael Del Zotto, C+: For all his ups and downs, this kid has 32 playoff games under his belt and he is only 22.  That can only help him going forward.  True we did see some boneheaded, glaring mistakes at the worst times, but he did play tougher this year.  Needs to produce more offensively

Steve Eminger, B: Played way more minutes than most of us expected.  A depth player, who ideally is not in the Rangers top 6, filled in rather well.

Dan Girardi, B+: Many of the superlatives used for Callahan can be used here, but he did take a step slightly backwards from last year, which I had an A+.  He was one of the most reliable defensive defenseman in the league last year and was a deserving All-Star.  We all like this guy and we all wonder “maybe he was banged up”.  It just seemed like there defensive lapses and bad decisions that were not there last year.  Expect a rock solid 2013-14 from him.

Carl Hagelin, B-: Kind of a sideways year for Hagelin where many of us expected growth, including his agent.  Previously on some lists as an untouchable, is he still?  I am still high on him and his skill, work ethic and surprising toughness.  Despite being slight in size, the guy is not afraid of the dirty areas of the ice.  A lot to like here, it will be interesting to see how much and how many years the Rangers offer him.

Micheal Haley, C: We may see more of him next year, given the fact that Asham has one year left on his contract and hasn’t been healthy much over the last 3 years.  He is depth and insurance if Dorsett gets injured.  Fearless and I think he surprised some people with a few flashes of skill.

Chris Kreider, C: While some people fight over whether it was the coach stifling the player or the player just struggling, the bottom line is Kreider had way more bad shifts than good ones this year.  To use the coach and the lack of playing time as an excuse is well, just that: an excuse.  Maybe Torts’ replacement can convince him the playoffs start in October next year.  He has more potential upside than any other player in the organization.

Henrik Lundqvist; A+: The cornerstone.  If Callahan is the heart of the team, he is the face of franchise.  No. 1 priority for the team in the coming 13 months is to sign this guy.  The fear of him walking to a team that can actually score goals (would Pittsburgh lose a game if he was there?) should be enough for Slats. Sign the guy.

Ryan McDonagh; A: Untouchable.  He will get a good portion of the money freed up by the Richards buy-out.  Not flawless, but pretty darn close.  Mistakes and bad decisions by him are few and far between. Do not let him get to RFA, he is highly coveted around the league, and only 23.  Someone might try to Sakic him.

J.T. Miller; C+: Showed some smarts, skill and toughness, a nice mix for a 19 year old playing at the highest level in the world.  Sprinkle in some typical rookie mistakes in judgment and you have some valuable on the job training, even for a shortened season.  I fully expect him to be in the lineup, come October.

John Moore; B-: Performed better than most of us expected in the wake of a trade that was, well, traumatic for some.  His mostly solid play (and at times showed a little offense and toughness) softened the loss of Staal a little and just in time.  Could you imagine Rangers playing the Washington series with Hamrlik or Gilroy?

Rick Nash; B-: Talk about polarizing.  That being the case, I will toss out opinion and conjecture and go right the numbers.  His 0.95 PPG was his highest total since 2008-09, third highest of his career and the Rangers’ highest PPG since Jagr in 2006-07. His 14 third-period goals were second in the league this year. All of that aside, many of us are wondering why he turned into Jan Erixon in the post season.

Darroll Powe; D: No one expected much out of Powe and that is what we got.  He can kill penalties, but he turned out to be no more durable than Rupp.  Assuming full team health, where does he get playing time or even dress?

Taylor Pyatt; D: Underwhelming.  At times good, at times better than good, but for long stretches of the season he looked a step slow and soft for his size. I think many of us expected more from him. Like Powe and Asham, signed through the end of next season, but will he make it that far?

Brad Richards; F: This is tough, because Richards is one of the most respected players in the league on and off the ice.  I think we all know this respect is what kept him in the lineup way longer than he should have.  Ron McLean and others north of the border pontificated that Richards deserved better than to be scratched in the playoffs.  What they didn’t realize was that he already received way better treatment than just about any other player in the league.  Torts’ admiration and fondness for the man won out over his hockey sense for way too long.  Unfortunately Richards’ best moments of this season came off the ice with the NHLPA and with his selfless hurricane relief efforts.  Bye buy Brad, best wishes.

Marc Staal, A: So darn good when he is in the lineup, we can only hope he is back as close to 100 percent as possible in the fall.  After missing only 7 games in his first four season combined, he missed 63 in the past two seasons.  No other way to spin it:  the Rangers need this guy back next year, all year.

Derek Stepan, A+: The Rangers most valuable skater this season, hands down.  Not only led the team in scoring, but just about any wingers Torts threw his way performed better. Big payday coming for this kid: the rest of that Richards money and then some.

Anton Stralman, B: Quietly has turned into a real find (or stroke of luck) for Slats.  Ate up valuable minutes and does a lot right out there.  I wish he would get more confidence in his shot, because it’s not bad.

Mats Zuccarello, B+: MZA 2.0 was a better version than last year’s.  That is not to say he was bad last year, but this year’s model was a little grittier and at times fearless in amongst the tall trees. He seemed more confident and assertive offensively this year and more than just a trick shot artist brought in for the skills competition that Carp loves so much.  Re-sign him.


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  1. Nice work Mark.

    You guys have seen all the reports about Tortorella also being asked to interview in Dallas and Vancouver, right? No? Oh, I see….

    “His stick, I think I heard, is 5’5”, or something like that?” LOL dude I think you mean 6’5”. A hockey stick should come up to your nose when you are in shoes or bare feet (not skates) so it should be about 4-6 inches shorter than you are. Chara would break his back playing with a tiny 5’5” stick. Zuccarello’s is bigger than that.

  2. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    A little generous with the A’s Eh ?
    Grading Staal A, didn’t play enough
    Callahan and Stephan A + ? I guess he’s they’re in the league of Malkin and Crosby and the elite ?
    Biron A+ ?

    be realistic not a fan

  3. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    “Zdeno Chara, the Boston defenceman, has an exemption allowing him to use a 65-inch stick. He’s 6-foot-9 so you can see he might have to hunch over a bit using a stick that’s a league-maximum 5-foot-3 from heel to handle-end.”

    Nice reach.

  4. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Mark, nice job!!!

    I’d like to see your ratings of Torts and Sather!!

  5. way too many hig grades.

    del zaster should be a D not a C PLUS. kid regressed.

    eminger gets a B. more like C OR C-

    Pyatt should be higher then a D.

  6. The only guy deserving of an A+ is Stepan as he massively exceeded expectations.
    Callahan, B 31 pts is average for him and 7 pts in playoffs is below par
    Staal, B pre-injury was slowly getting back to his best, but not there yet
    Biron, B- (barely enough to judge him on)
    Bickel, D- terrible at times, ok at others, but not given chance to redeem himself
    Pyatt, C, season’s totals as expected but played hot or cold and rarely inbetween, good in playoffs but not great

  7. I agree with Eric. Eminger, C or C- – he was either steady or getting burned by opposition forwards.
    I think he was only there sometimes because Torts didnt like Gilly, and Hammerlick was worse than a pylon

  8. Thanks for the report card Mark – largely thought you nailed it.

    Eric – Pyatt looked better in the post-season but through much of the regular season I noticed his eyeshadow more than his play around the puck.

  9. Rob in Beantown on

    With few exceptions I think your grades are a little high for the top lines and low for the bottom lines. I’d make these changes:

    Nash, B
    Callahan, B+
    Lundqvist, A-
    Biron, B+
    Boyle: B-
    Powe: C
    Hagelin: B

    Also, you didn’t grade Dorsett. I give him a B-.

  10. Well, give it a rest, folks. We all disagree on pretty much everything. Let alone what grades to give out after any season. After this one it’s even more difficult. I thought it was very well written post, with good thoughts.

    Peter- here is the chart explaining stick measurements in NHL. 65in length (5-5) is the exemption that the league has to approve:

  11. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Nice review Romeo, always interesting to see what other people think.


  12. ilb, its fine – we can all agree to disagree, plus if you take everyone into account you get a good average.

    Looks like the manager poll is Vigneault vs Messier, i wonder if thats how its playing out in Slats mind?
    I don’t think Tippett will feature as i doubt Bettman will release him to talk to other teams until he is free (July 1st) which all but rules him out of the Ranger job as Slats want someone in time for the draft, and when has Bettman ever done us a favour?

  13. Nice job overall. My adjustments:

    Boyle & Pyatt – lousy in regular season but excellent post season should result in higher grade.

    Hagelin – I did not think he went backwards at all. Established himself as top 2 line forward.

    Nash – should be higher than B-. Best forward in regular and post season with possible exception of Stepan. Let’s not torture him just yet for not carrying us in post season.

    I would lower ratings a bit for Biron, Callahan, Eminger and Staal.

  14. Cross Check Charlie on

    “Slats want someone in time for the draft”

    I don’t understand why. By the time that 3rd round draft choice graduates from college then spends time in the minors the new coach will have been canned before he ever makes it to the NHL.

  15. ilb, it makes little difference as long as Uncle Glen hires him. Remember that grammar exists not on RR.

  16. Good post!

    Kinda unfair to even grade Miller & Kreider. Crazy Uncle Torts didn’t give them a fair chance.

    Also, I think Asham deserves at least a B. Aside from Hanky, I thought he was our best player in the playoffs!

  17. Unless, of course, we are referring to the North Pole. Then it’s “in the [North] Pole”

  18. Rob in Beantown on

    Also to be discussed at the league meeting:

    *New rule:* The Henrik Lundqvist rule

    For every 20 consecutive saves a goaltender shall make, the opposition team shall lose .5 goals from its score in the current game.

    Now Hank will be able to “score,” and the Rangers can finally win games 0 to -0.5.

  19. BroadwayRoe on

    As much as I wish our boys were in this thing still, I guess we have to take what we can get. And what we can get is watching the Pens and Sid crash and burn, which is supremely satisfying, right?

  20. Cross Check Charlie on

    “GMs also recommended shrinking goaltending equipment, specifically leg and knee padding”

    It’s about time. The pads and gotten so big all a goalie has to do is just stand there and they cover up 90% of the goal.

  21. Romeo, Nice piece.

    But too kind too Nash. I wish je played like Jan Erixon in the post season. For you guys that go back, i would say his performance was closer to Wayne Dillion.

  22. Ah, Wayne Dillon, came to the Rangers with Pat Hickey. For a while, the line was Dillon, Hickey and Middleton. Dillon never lived up to the expectations that many had for him.

  23. czechthemout!!! on

    Nice effort. I don’t ahree with your grades on Hags, Cally, Staal. Hags shou have been given an A-.

  24. Grading is so subjective because everyone has different criteria. I thought your grades were very much in the ballpark. Grading on a shortened season when the team was going through TPF (Torts Personality Fatigue) is not going to be easy.

  25. Sheesh :( After watching the Bruins and Hawks and how they have dominated two highly skilled teams, it’s a glass half empty day 4 me. (The glass may have been knocked of the countertop and smashed on the ceramic tile floor).

    We are a long way off. Lacking quality depth, meanness on the Blue line, size and skill up front.


  26. And don’t see anyone on the prospect pipeline who is going to make much of a difference other than Miller ( jury still out ) and Kreider (head games over, maybe real deal)

    Shheeeeeshhhh. It’s great 2 b a NYR diehard.

  27. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    Papa, you and Kooz awful funny reading early in the am….thanks for the LMFAO’s!!!!!

  28. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I’ve seen enough grading these last few weeks….

    Rangers would beat all 4 remaining teams easily. Had their second round opponent been diiferent – rangers over pens in 5; rangers over bruins in 6; cup final – rangers over hawks in 5; rangers sweep kings.

  29. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I thought Brassard earned at least A, A- . He outscored Gabby after the trade and led the rangers in scoring in the playoffs.

  30. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I didnt see a grade for CABER… What gives?

    Also, Muckler’s corpse is still not listed as a choice in the poll..

  31. Don’t get me started on grading, eddie…Next two weeks is a zoo for me. Hey, maybe I should get a couple of boneheads to help me out. Volunteers?

  32. LMGO @ Muckler getting 21 votes! Did you use every single computer on college campus, eddie?

  33. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ilb – I did vote more than once for the Muck :)

    I have one set of exams left to do – I feel for you – teaching is beautiful – grading blows …

  34. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny – I love floor hockey and street hockey. Will you away games on the west coast?

  35. manny

    i would love to play floor hoackey. when and where would it be. i cant skate well so floor hockey it would be

  36. I’m just putting the team together now, eric. Leaning towards Floor Hockey because of expenses and the ease of putting a team together. Games are in Lower Manhattan either evenings or Saturday afternoons.

  37. Rob – the Lundqvist rule would also stop the inordinate amount of vulcanized rubber that finds itself rebounding of Danny G

  38. @manny how casual or competitive does this plan to be? I haven’t played in probably 10 years

  39. I txted you the link, eric.

    Draxen – I plan to be horrible but very competitive! I’m hoping to get a buddy to play goal (if we choose in line) who has played Div 1 goaltender so we might be like the Rangers. Great in net and horrible elsewhere.

    I really just want to have some fun and play hockey again.

  40. Just filed to @NewsdaySports: sources say #Isles captain Mark Streit will not return. Turned down team’s best offer, will hit open market.
    Retweeted by Steve Zipay

  41. I don’t know how much Mark Streit has left in the tank but if he’s affordable he’s absolutely on my personal Defense Radar.

  42. manny

    anyone needing pp help will give mark streit a big deal. he will get a big contract just becasue ufa d man is not deep. he may get 4.5 to 5 mil per year on a 4 yr deal

  43. That’s a lot but if we have cap space and can do it for 1 year I would be happy to have him.

  44. We should signed Streit instead of Redden. Cheaper and better.

    Now, someone will overpay.

  45. Sounds good, Papa. Do you live around here? I actually plan on having coaches! Suits mandatory. Clipboards mandatory. Freak outs optional.

  46. Czechthemout!!! on

    Streit is too old. Pass.

    I read that Dubi is a buyout candidate in Cbj. How about Dubi as your 3-4 line center @1.5 million and move Boyle for a second round pick. Dubi is a much better option than Boyle on the fourth line.

  47. Not sure yet about Hagelin. He did fine on 2nd line with this thin group of top 6 forwards. Next season will be key to see if he can continue his progress or if he has plateaued.

  48. I would take Dubi back in a heart beat, Columbus wanted to trade him at the deadline but couldn’t so Dubi will probably be bought out.

  49. Stranger Nation on

    Romeo – thanks the input – very interesting. Probably need a reg season grade and PO grade for most.

    Nash: A- in Reg; C-/D+ in PO

    MDZ – many forget how solid he played last year after watching him this season; biggest surprise for me other than Richards completely losing his legs.

  50. Rob in Beantown on

    Manny, that sounds like fun and I’d be all over that if I were closer. Can I be on the Boston taxi squad for all the away games in New England?

  51. Yes, Rob. When we get good enough to dominate in the NorthEast Regionals you will certainly be on the squad!

  52. Well we could just do FLOOR hockey since it seems like a problem to find some people that can skate. I doubt I can skate backwards well at all by this point. I can coast. So I am essentially Ovechkin without the scoring.

  53. Pyatt proved his worth in the playoffs. He can stay as long as his role is on the 4th line. If the 4th line is Pyatt-Dorsett-Boyle then I think this team can go places. If it’s Haley-Newbury-Asham then I will be worried. But optimistic.

  54. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    We play Ice hockey in Danbury CT.very fri @11:30 am. if anyone is interested.
    Its get bare bones this time of 4 on 5 on 5 but still a great workout and good fun

  55. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I’m in on the league!

    We’re you talking about stripper poles earlier?

    No to streit and no to Dubinsky

  56. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Did you say you were doing your player grades post tonight? ;)

  57. Cross Check Charlie on

    We play Dek hockey here in North Carolina. If you’re up for a road trip, we’ll take you on.

  58. We do really need some solid Defense, Wick but you live very far away…… sadface

  59. Rob in Beantown on

    What do you guys think of the discussions about shrinking goaltender pads as it pertains to #30 on the New York Rangers? Is this something the league is actually serious about and how will it affect our $80 million man?

  60. The ‘plus’ surprises to many NY fans: Dorsett, Brass, Stralman, Moore, Ash (not to say Ash will be here at age 36).

    Eminger, Hamrlik, Gilroy cannot dress for a contender.

    The negative ‘surprises’: Richards, Torts

  61. Sather’s comment that Richards’ scratch was a “discussed organizational decision” implies (or does it?) that it was (properly) pushed on Torts.

  62. Keenan: “What’s my first line center’s name?”
    “Panteleymon Rozhdestvenskij.”
    “Would he mind if I just called him Pantie?”

  63. I think it most certainly does Coos. I only wish he would have pulled that stogie out of his maw and made that same recommendation earlier in the season.

  64. Keenan: “We’re down 6-0, fellows, let’s try to pick it up.”
    Player on bench in Russian: “What’s he babbling about?”
    Abutting player: “Who in hell knows?”

  65. Keenan to wife: “How much is 6,000 rubles?”
    “That’s what they’re charging tomorrow for our tour of Chernobyl.”

  66. I am into reducing Goaltender padding. I don’t think it hurts Hank a lot. I think it hurts the guys that make more ugly saves.

  67. Dubbb: If it’s true that Torts protected Richards all year at the team’s expense, he should be fired for that alone.

  68. Stranger Nation on

    Of extra large goalies who predominantly take up space and have limited lateral movement.

    can you say Chad’s Johnson…

  69. good job Romeo.

    in the next edition you need to grade the management team, scouts and coaches.

    It could be hilarious, or sad.

  70. bull dog line on

    don’t know anything about Dubi buyout rumors. to me they don’t make sense. he has only 2 years left on his contract, and when he was healthy he played a lot for them. averaged close to 19 minutes a game TOI. also wore the A for them. I would take him back in a heart beat on the Rangers.

  71. Carp,
    maybe now, after both participants irrevocably left the team, you will give us some Torts/Avery Buffalo conflict details which led eventually to… hah? Please.

  72. ESPN rankings for 2013-2014 goalies. I take umbrage with a bunch of it. But whatever. Discuss:

    1. Henrik Lundqvist, NYR (1)
    2. Tuukka Rask, Bos (3)
    3. Pekka Rinne, Nsh (16)
    4. Cory Schneider, Van (5)
    5. Craig Anderson, Ott (12)
    6. Sergei Bobrovsky, Cls (4)
    7. Carey Price, Mon (7)
    8. Marc-Andre Fleury, Pit (6)
    9. Jonathan Quick, LA (18)
    10. Corey Crawford, Chi (10)
    11. Jonas Hiller, Ana (8)
    12. Antti Niemi, SJ (2)
    13. Braden Holtby, Was (13)
    14. Jimmy Howard, Det (9)
    15. James Reimer, Tor (11)
    16. Jaroslav Halak, StL (41)
    17. Mike Smith, Pho (21)
    18. Ryan Miller, Buf (25)
    19. Cam Ward, Car (NR)
    20. Evgeni Nabokov, NYI (19)
    21. Niklas Backstrom, Min (17)
    22. Devan Dubnyk, Edm (20)
    23. Ben Bishop, TB (32)
    24. Viktor Fasth, Ana (29)
    25. Ray Emery, Chi (15)
    26. Roberto Luongo, Van (24)
    27. Kari Lehtonen, Dal (27)
    28. Martin Brodeur, NJ (31)
    29. Ondrej Pavelec, Wpg (28)
    30. Jacob Markstrom, Fla (30)
    31. Brian Elliott, StL (14)
    32. Semyon Varlamov, Col (38)
    33. Steve Mason, Phi (NR)
    34. Jonathan Bernier, LA (26)
    35. Robin Lehner, Ott (43)
    36. Tomas Vokoun, Pit (23)
    37. Jhonas Enroth, Buf (33)
    38. Jake Allen, StL (34)
    39. Jean-Sebastien Giguere, Col (NR)
    40. Tim Thomas, NYI (NR)

  73. If Islandorks can let their best D and captain go, I don’t see any problem with buying Duby out. Would be funny thou, if he will get “back to where he once belonged” Good story…

  74. Rob in Beantown on

    Manny, what is this list for and what is it based off? Also what are the numbers in parentheses?

  75. @DarrenDreger

    Visors will be grandfathered in. Hybrid icing tested in NHL preseason. Shallower nets to be used next season. All subject to board approval

  76. Manny, if possible, I would like to forego the suit and coach in the Jean-Guy Talbot sweatsuit circa 1978-79.

  77. Rob in Beantown on

    Interesting they are grandfathering in visors. It was probably inevitable.

  78. Indian Scalping Party: “We got Messier, Graves and Daneynko. Now what, Chief?

  79. Don’t cry for me, Sal Messina –
    The truth is I never left you
    All through my wild days
    My mad existence
    I kept my promise
    Don’t keep your distance

  80. Czechthemout!!! on

    The goalie equpment has to be reduced! No more Michelin Men goalies! It is a joke that scrubs like Mike Smith, and several others only have to stand there and let the Puck hit them to have a career.

  81. So, what happens to the rule about instigating with a visor?

    Why do they call it “grandfathering”?

    My grandfather was lucky enough to see the Rangers win 2 Stanley Cups in 54 years. Or, was he?

  82. Rob in Beantown on

    “The concept originated in late nineteenth-century legislation and constitutional amendments passed by a number of U.S. Southern states, which created new literacy and property restrictions on voting, but exempted those whose ancestors (grandfathers) had the right to vote before the Civil War. The intent and effect of such rules was to prevent poor and illiterate African American former slaves and their descendants from voting, but without denying poor and illiterate whites the right to vote. Although these original grandfather clauses were eventually ruled unconstitutional, the terms grandfather clause and grandfather remain in use, with no connotation regarding the justness of these provisions when applied in other areas.”

  83. I believe Henrik will not sign until next spring.

    I believe he will stay in New York City.

    I believe It’s about 50/50 that he stays with the Rangers.

    He decision will be influenced significantly by the following factors:

    1) The performances of the Islanders and Rangers next season.
    2) Which of the teams Henrik determines to be closer to a cup run.
    3) Whether or not not the Islanders are interested in acquiring (and paying for) his services.

  84. ‘No more sunshine
    If you go away
    We’ll cry, Hankie
    till you’re home to stay
    We love you Henrik
    O Yes we do
    We love you Henrik
    And we’ll be true.”

  85. Papa if Hank doesn’t sign don’t the Rangers have to trade him? Can there be a bigger disaster than losing him for nothing?

  86. Paul in sunrise on

    Hagelins last tweet maybe contract information.

    @CarlHagelin: Surgery went well. Thanks for the support guys!! #better #faster #stronger

    Hags is the newest $6,000,000 Man

  87. If they lose him for nothing It’s a disaster for sure, Matteau. I guess one of the options is to trade him, the other is to hold on and hope he ends up re-signing.

    As I mentioned in previous post and thread, there is a risk to the Rangers signing him before he hits free agency as well. Say he gets a max contract this summer for 8 years for $80M and suffers a career ending injury while playing next season, the Rangers Cap will then be in the pooper for a significant period of time with a large portion tied up in a non contributing player. ( This could happen with Nash as well, it’s a risk of doing long term deals that was exacerbated with the new collective bargaining agreement). By waiting until next spring to sign him, Sather is buying down risk and the potential Cap crisis if Hank were to suffer a career ending injury next season during the last year of his current contract.

    Another consideration, what if a new coach comes in and opens the game up? What if Hanks GAA and Save % skyrocket because the team transitions to a “safe is death” style? Hank’s price may go down, which would also benefit the team by freeing up more cap space to sign other players.

    Very tough decisions ahead for both Hank and Slats.

  88. I shudder at the thought of Hank being traded but nice breakdown of the possibilities Papa.

  89. Thanks you very much, Blogmeister Carp. Thanks to those of you who took the time to read it and offered your thoughts and responses. We are all fans and we will all have different takes, this was just mine. I would be pretty boring otherwise.

    The way I look at, just about anything that keeps us boneheads talking Rangers hockey through the summer is not a bad thing.

    I did write it the morning after game five of the Boston series, but as you are well aware, Carp has been a little bit busy the past week.

    Should be an interesting summer. October will be here before we know it.

    L G R!

  90. Sather should offer him 8 years, 8m per, total 64m. It would take another team offering 7 years at 10m per to better the Rangers offer. Highly unlikely a team offers that much. The Rangers can live with the 8m hit. If Hank doesn’t take that offer then it is a very strong signal he wants out. In which case there is no choice but to trade him and maximize value. It would kill me to see Hank traded but if he says no to an offer like that then we need to take the hint or we can be left with nothing.

  91. By the way I’m not sure if he has a career ending injury after a new contract that his remaining contract years would be a hit against the cap. I believe that is only for old contracts.

  92. Papa, you don’t chances with your franchise player. They should know as early as possible what he intends to do. You can’t lose him for nothing. In terms of your arguments. He’s done enough in this league to warrantee max contract. His numbers would really have to drop to AHL’s backup goalie levels to change that.
    In terms of potential injury, you said it, everyone is at risk. But if, heaven forbid, he does sustain a career ending injury, he goes on LTIR and his cap hit can be used fully, no worries there.

  93. I meant Matteau, sirry. Ge is getting 8 years at $9.5-10M I think. $64M would be a huge home discount. I don’t see him doing that.

  94. ilb I value Hank as much as anyone but as a matter of business sense I don’t see how you can justify offering him an amount that a competitor can’t come close to matching. It would take an offer of 12m per year for 7 years to beat 10m for 8 years. No way any team comes close to that. Even Milbury with Snider’s money wouldn’t do that. Point being you can get Hank for less than 10m if he wants to stay in NY. It is one thing to pay your people fairly it is another to waste resources. If Hank demands 10m for 8 years to stay then it also means he is only half serious about winning.

  95. If Hank isn’t a Ranger in a few seasons, it should be because he doesn’t want to be. He’s earned that right to sign where he wants and has been great as a Ranger to this point. This is his team and he clearly calls the shots.

    Trading Hank should be out of the question. You’ll never get anyone or anything close to equal value. If Hank wants to leave, it’s because the NYR organization screwed up royally…

  96. He will ask for his full market value, and will get paid. Most likely in NY. In fact, I’m pretty sure he will stay here.

  97. NYR agree with everything except that if he turns down a major contract it is bad business to not look to trade him and maxmize value. He would be the one putting himself ahead of the team in that case and deserves to be traded. This is all of course assuming the worst, I think the most likely scenario is they are working on an extension as we speak and he will be signed by training camp.

  98. ilb his full market value is what others will pay him. What do you think will be the market for him on a 7 year deal?

  99. It’s not compelling in a dirty play way
    But this is one of the best played playoff games I can remember. Both teams at such a high focused level

  100. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    My brother just got a plane and he sat next to torts. Torts told him that the whole turned on him. He also let him buckle and unbuckle him in the car seat when taking off and landing.

  101. Matteau, he has as much impact on this team’s level of play as Ovechkin has in Washington, let’s say. Why wouldn’t he want similar numbers.

    NYR_FAN, I agree, trading him would be a major disaster and a desperation move. But losing him for nothing would be even worse.

  102. That’s what I mean, ilb. No matter where he ends up he gets paid $9-10M…And, I think it would take a set of extremely negative circumstances for him to really consider another team…

  103. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    From what I hear, hank won’t resign unless Avery is back on the first line. Also give Avery Richards’ A.

  104. The question for Hank for his next contract won’t be about the money or the fame.

    The guy could retire today and have $ millions $ for the rest of his life.

    His next contract will be all about whether or not he truly believes the team he signing with can win the Stanley Cup…at least once in the next 7 years.

    So, if we want to keep Hank, we should win the the Cup next year :)

  105. My brother-in-law’s dentist was on a flight to Stockholm and met Lundqvist’s chiropractor and the chiropractor said something that I can’t tell you because the chiropractor said that it was offered in confidentiality. As a matter of fact, the dentist wouldn’t even tell my brother-in-law, so you got no shot.

  106. Matteau, this is what the new CBA has created. Top players will still get their top money, except it will be squeezed into shorter deals. Hence, very high figures per year. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more and more max contracts (at 20% of total team’s salary). Mid level players will be getting paid less than they were during expired CBA.

  107. ilb and NYR- if another team is willing to give him 9-10m over 7 years, let’s call it 9.5 to keep it simple, that’s 68.5m. I doubt a team would put that much into a 31 year old goalie but ok let’s go with it. The Rangers can offer him 8 years at 8.5m and be in the same place.

    If you are Hank and you are offered 8m for 8 years, do you take the risk of playing this year, having a bad year, getting injured, to make the extra half million a year? An amount which will get dwarfed by the value of endorsements in NY. If so, his agent would be giving him bad advice.

    So why on earth would you offer Hank more than 8m unless you want to just give money away and hurt your cap?

  108. That’s my take on it too, ilb. The middle class gets screwed. The NHL is now a reflection of the American Economy.

  109. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – I just off a plane carrying the penguins. The entire flight all they did was complain about the refs and how unfair they were. Crosby and Letang he’d hands the entire time…

  110. duckbill platypus on

    “Through which, in which and… sandwich.” -Duckbill ’08

    Kindly regardingless,
    Le Duck

  111. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The inflight TV was set to MSG and Crosby couldn’t take his eyes off of Duguay. LaTang was getting very jealous. They started fighting – slapping each other…. Malkin’s bolts were charging up in an outlet. Cooke elbowed both flight attendants in the head – concussed them good…

  112. Actually, just got out of cab I shared with Stan Mikita! Turns out he is a huge Gaborik fan and hates Torts. Long story short, he gives me 2 tickets for Tony Bennett for tomorrow night in AC. My brother and law and I are running a flea market tomorrow night, so we can’t make it. (Yes, we’re selling fleas) Looking for $200 the for the pair.

  113. Damn, I was on that plane, too, E3. I think you saw me, but didn’t say hello so I said to myself, well….him.

  114. Matteau- It’s not a very useful argument until we see what happens. But how about this: mr. Wang decides that he wants to star finally making some money and sell more tickets when he moves to Brooklyn? $75M contract over 7 years. Wang is going to recoup it real fast, so long as he keeps Tavares too.

  115. If Henrik signs with Brooklyn, he’ll insist on Wang signing Asham for 600 grand to walk him to his car.

  116. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I was just in the Kings locker room and they are upset about that late 2nd period goal. Sutter said to me ” Hubba subba rubba roo. Fubba dubba nooba mooba.

  117. Ilb if you’re Hank do you hold out for Wang’s theoretical 75m, play this season and risk a bad season or worse, a serious injury, or do you take Chuck’s 64m and run? I know what I’d do.

  118. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I can’t make it back to my house tonight. Selling two tickets to hang on mu couch…asking $400 for the pair. Email your credit card info at Rip-u-off@gmail dot com

  119. JR: “If LA loses tonight, Darryl Sutter could face some dysentery in the ranks.”

  120. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JR just said – “if Pittsburgh doesn’t win game 3, they can get ready and sharpen their golf clubs”

    No joke.

  121. if hank isnt the goalie in 2 years i give up my season tix because we will flat out suck period.

    8 yrs 72 mil. get it done

  122. Eric if he turns that down, or even if he turns down 64m, he’d be nuts. Short of winning the cup his value will never be higher than it is now. Would he risk 64m to play the season out and jeopardize that amount of money?

  123. duckbill platypus on

    Eddie, Eddie, Eddie, Ilbster!!! My beloved Latona and Mann-ye!! You are all the best!!

    Sincerely others,

  124. I can’t believe I missed that classic LIVE! I was listening on the radio about A-Rod and Braun.

  125. I have longed for your return, kindly egg-layer. Rejoice I shall and bask in your glory!

  126. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Tomb – no one is funnier that a serious JR.

    Duckster – where have you been hiding?

  127. Once while on a plane to Timbuktu, while reading the Sports Illustrated swim suit issue, I turned a page and lo and behold there was a picture of the lovely Kate Upton. As I looked closely at the picture, I heard her whisper “Papa Bear, you bear of a man, I know you are a Mets fan, and that really turns me on. Please, meet me in the bathroom and we can hibernate together.”

    Being a man of discretion, I’ll end here and let you figure out what happened next.


  128. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JR – “what you cannot determine doesnt mean that it won’t happen, it means that anything is potentially”

  129. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I’m in a meeting at work and won’t be able to make it back to Kate Upton’s place tonight. Gladly sell my ticket for $1000 for the night – face value – $4000. Email me at pimps dot com.

  130. JR – “thats some good teamsship right there”

    we should make this a drinking game

  131. Darryl Sutter looks like one of those Darryls from the old Bob Newhart Show. He’s either the other brother or the other brother.

  132. “While riding on a plane goin’ west
    I fell asleep for to take my rest.
    I dreamed a dream that made me sad
    Concerning my team and the last big year we had.”

  133. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JR – “what makes any game 3 unique, is its always the game before game 4.”

  134. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    My sister just off a plane sitting a row behind Sather. She wanted to ask him some questions, but he had to go pee every minute or so….

  135. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    A good friend of mine was at a moose lodge outside of Buffalo and a stuffed Muckler was on the wall. My friend asked the embalmed Mucked if he was interested in coaching the rangers and Muckler seemed to nod yes…. Either that or their was an earthquake jarring the wall…

  136. I robbed Tortorella’s Con Ed bill from his mailbox. Willing to sacrifice for $500 or best offer, $750 framed. Actually has his name on it.

  137. I feel bad for the poor soul typing out closed-captioning for the Daryl Suter pressers. How can anyone understand that blabbering moron?

  138. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Darryl Sutter on his team’s effort in game 3:

    “Yubba yubba fubba roo hoo boo ramma gamma tubby too”

  139. Mrs. Torts: “Where’s Musky?”

    Torts: “We can’t get him out of the tub.”

  140. Bloomberg offers Dolan $35,000,000,000 for coaching job. Mess pulling his hair out.

  141. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    My brother in law just got off a plane sitting next to musky – he’s currently at baggage claim 6.

  142. My uncle’s friend’s buddy from the service is an actual torpedo and he says he has explosive news that will blow everyone out of the water.

  143. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    A good friend of mine is actually the air we all breathe. Sometimes she is very dirty.

  144. I have been earnestly tracking GP’s, G’s, GAs, GAAs, A’s, PTS, PIMs, PPGs, PPAs. SHGs, SHAs, GWGs, GTGs, ENGs, PMs, TOIs, ATOIs, SOGs, SVPs, SOs, PIMs, SPCTs, HMPs, RDPs, DVPs, FWs, FLs, FWPCTs, SHPs, ESPs, and I think I can safely say that I am about to announce something radical if my psychiatrists allow me to publish.

  145. I had to pee on a plane once. The bathroom door said “occupied”. I waited and then I didn’t need to go anymore. So I went back to my seat and continued to read my Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Issue.

  146. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    When I have to pee really badly it make me feel uncomfortable. True story.

  147. I used to think that CORSI was a cute name for golf acreage and that FENWICK was a section of Old Saybrook, Ct. where Katharine Hepburn was born and died. Also thought PPG sold paint.

  148. Also took my original David Hockney paintings down to Sotheby’s when I noticed that there was an N in his name.

  149. Rob in Beantown on

    “Elliotte Friedman at CBC spoke with a source that said being a head coach “now” is about delivering a message no one delivers a message better than Messier. ”

    My biggest problem with firing Torts to hire Messier is I’m not sure he’s the medicine the patient needs. Messier’s biggest strength in my mind is leadership and competitiveness. Is there anybody on earth who thinks the Rangers’ biggest weakness under Torts was lack of leadership? Torts was the coach his guys would take a bullet for (or so we heard). In addition to a lack of production from their key guys, the biggest problem in my eyes was a lack of execution and a failure to make adjustments in games. That would suggest to me hiring a wonkier, more strategic minded coach. Instead we may get Messier, who under the right circumstances could be a good coach, but whose strengths aren’t exactly what these Rangers need most.

  150. @manny, can you post the info for the hockey league you were talking about yesterday? I might be interested

  151. Cross Check Charlie on

    I would think that if Messier was going to be hired that it would have been done already.

  152. Please dear God NO to Messier. Please. That will utterly destroy this team. He will be fired by the 48th game. Which will forever destroy his image in this city.

  153. CCC: Didn’t Slats say something about a meeting in June in the press conference? I had the impression nothing would happen until after their management team convened.

    Personally, I think it will probably be Messier. Not sure if that is the right move or not, but knowing what we know about Slats and Mess I will not be surprised if that announcement happens shortly after that meeting. There will be a big press conference, former and current Rangers will be trotted out. Messier might even cry.

    I just have the feeling Slats is making his last grand move as the Ranger’s Emperor. The doubters/skeptics are out there in numbers, but knowing what we know about Messier, do you really think he doubts himself?

    Few people were born with more confidence and determination than #11, and his ego is just large enough to tell himself that he he’ll be able to what so many other Hall of Fame players could not do: Win behind the bench.

    The obvious question is will Messier, who was better than anyone at leading on the ice and in the dressing room, be able to lead from behind the bench? Torts was quoted many times as saying “I stay out of the room…” or “The players will work that themselves”.

    I just wonder what Messier thinks of the roster. I imagine he knows a little about most of these guys from being close to the team. But I’m sure he will, in a Parcells kind of way, figure out who are “his guys” and who are not.

  154. Rob in Beantown on

    That Mofo league looks like a ton of fun. But a little intimidating. There’s a huge discrepancy between some of the good teams and the bad ones.

  155. agree with Rob in beantown. Looks really fun but kidna intimidating.

    Manny i’ll shoot you an email later on

  156. Don’t worry, Rob. I will be in goal (unless we find someone with experience) so we will be DOMINANT.

  157. It can’t be that bad, Draxen. Those teams are coed. In college I played Floor hockey (with a guy I’m trying to get to join our team as an Alternate Capt. or Capt.) and we sucked but also beat some big time teams once we got a little *chemistry*

  158. it’s not the coach who wins stanely cups it’s talent. I don’t care who the rangers are bringing in as coach, they won’t sniff the stanely cup, never mind win one. Unfortunately you can’t get rid of the owner and the owner won’t get rid of sather. Until the rangers organization and management have people who know how to scout, draft and develop the rangers will be mediocre. To me, it’s that black and white.

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