New poll: Who should be the next Rangers head coach?


You have spoken, and I have listened.

And I really didn’t have much else to do today with the rain and all.

So here’s your chance to vote on which of the usual suspects should be the choice to coach the Rangers.

I resisted the urge to put some of your all-time favorites in there, like Ron Low, Bryan Trottier, John Tortorella. So I’ll take it that a vote for my favorite, John Muckler, is a vote for any of those guys.

Go on discussing.

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In case you missed it, here’s the link to my interview with Andrew Gross and Mark Rosenman last night.

Also, here’s the link to Mark’s interview with Jay Wells and Doug Shedden, who were Mark Messier’s assistant coaches in his only head coaching gig.

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  1. This looks like it can be another vote earl, vote often poll. Carp a lifetime member of the Boss Tweed political machine

  2. Papa you make some very valid points in the case for Messier. I too had an initial negative reaction but am now open to it for many of the reasons you posted.

  3. Rob in Beantown on

    You can click “View results.” I don’t think it counts your vote more than once. I tried voting again and it said it already recorded my vote.

  4. Matteau,

    Definitely a gamble, but at this stage of the game for Sather, a gamble i believe he will Be willing to take.

    Maybe wishful thinking on my part, but with his age, It’s probably close to “all in” time for Slats with the NYRs. If he chooses Mess, he’s definitely “all in”.

  5. Well I’ve be the first to justify my vote. I voted for Genander. He’s familiar with a lot of current Rangers, he’s familiar with the up and commers and I think he’ll be fine with the current stars or anyone they bring in. I figure anyone who could get Kris Newberry to score more than 20 goals on ANY level should get a shot. The others don’t excite me. Vigneault had a talented team in Vancouver who didn’t do well in the playoffs but once. Ruff, is too boring in style. Messier has no experience, and Gretzky was not a good coach (great players are never good coaches). I would love to see Tippet, but it’s not realistic and I’d like to see a coach in place before the free agent period. The rest qre retreads or unrealistic.

  6. If Sather reads the -pole- poll results, he’ll probably immediately drop the leading 3 vote getters from contention.

  7. I think whoever wants to win this vote should get a “Pocket Wizard” for every one, it’s more than just a tip calculator!

  8. Apparently, the poll results from the Quebec Province are coming in earlier than those in Western Canada.

  9. Can we have a run-off of the top 3 candidates if no-one wins a majority of the votes?

  10. Remember the early-2000s Sabres, how fast they were and relentless on the forecheck? They were always all over us. That was Ruff. Point being we can’t call his teams boring, most likely he’s adapting to the talent level.

    A lot to like about Vigneault but we don’t know how he would do without the first line talent.

    Which all points to the fact that regardless of coach we really need more top line puck possession talent.

  11. Carp

    Has anyone actually asked Messier if he wants the job. So far I’ve read a lot of reports saying he’s interested but no one actually quoting him. Maybe it’s a round robin type of thing where one guy posts an inference and then everyone else starts citing that inference as a source. (An internet thing).

    Was it Dreger that actually asked Gretzky whether he was interested and got the reply, ‘No, but thanks for asking’.

  12. Why isn’t Sean Avery’s name on the short list? I find that highly offensive.

  13. Nope. I think the captain is turning down interview requests. I’ve heard that TGO is really not interested. Trying to confirm.

  14. Hey Carp – can you add Guy Boucher so I can vote for him? What about Tony Granato? Doug Weight?


  15. bull dog line on

    couldn’t find a picture of Mess, Gretzky as Rangers? I voted for Allain, and I don’t know anything about him. just don’t want the retreads.

  16. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Ok, so I’m am 100% sure I have the unsubstantiated, not verifiable, unconfirmed, true story about why torts got fired…

    It was one persons exit interview

    Sather saw #16 skating in the playoffs and thought Avery was still on the team so he called him in for an exit interview. Avery told slats the style of play sucked, torts had lost the room, and Avery said fire this clown.

    Slats thought there was no way that Avery could be wrong with all the points he scored during the playoffs.

    Reportedly slats then told Dolan that he was extending Avery’s contract because he would score even more in a non torts system next season.

  17. Define retread. Coaches move around and find success. Scotty Bowman coached dfferent teams, Im sure he was not viewed as a retread. So is winning the cup the distinction, what makes you not a retread?

  18. Fatso Fogerty on

    Maybe Mess could be an assistant to one of the more experienced coach’s?

  19. Instead of *Wayne* Gretzky, can we get *Paulina* Gretzky to coach the team? I think that would really help Del Zaster focus.

  20. bull dog line on

    scotty bowman won a few cups along the way. not a retread. he was successful coach who moved around. if I have to choose between the coaches that have coached elsewhere before, it would be Vigneault. he was in a high pressure place, and did have some success. nobody cared about Ruff, and Buffalo.

  21. Fatso Fogerty? Is that one of the characters from the Jackie Gleason “Joe the Bartender” skits? With Mr. Donahee-hee-hee? And, I forget his first name, Farquar?

  22. If you can’t spell a guys name without looking at it, you shouldn’t be allowed to vote for him. Alan Veenyo.

  23. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    Papa, your statements on rationale behind Mess becoming the coach did make some sense.

    And I do agree it would be an ‘all-in’ move by Slather.

    Like Salty, I said it once and will say it again, I am ready for it. Let it happen. Take the risk, Glen. Have a totally inexperienced coach, but great motivator and hockey mind become your coach. I, for one, don’t think it will work out. And if it doesn’t, it may take a year or two, but I can’t imagine Slather will come up with any other excuse for his poor record.

    Sather may actually have to suggest to Dolan that Dolan fire Sather.

    That’s the positive!!!

  24. Jay Riemenschneider on

    Ruff faurly consistently overachieved and his power play wasn’t awful. He’s also coached an excellent goalie for ages. Surprised so few votes for him.

  25. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    How about John Maclean? He was great for the Devils for the 3 months he coached.

    Actually, he was great for OTHER teams. Some of these guys above may be, too!

  26. Retread – to make over from old, as if new.

    Not exactly like but similar to the difference between a virgin and a ho.


  27. Rob in Beantown on

    Don’t want no stinkin’ frogs coaching this team. Just good old fashioned ‘Murican names. Like Messier.

  28. I think Sather is almost 70. Mess very much appears to be his protege. If he took the coaching job and Slats ever retired or got seriously ill, and some new GM was named, he’d be kicking himself.

  29. Didn’t Renny coach in Vancouver before he came to NY? So we have a precedent for Vee Nay?

  30. At least Hobbit Wizard and Del Zaster are traveling together. Safety in numbers.

  31. Retread – Mark Messier returning from Vancouver for his final stint as a player with the Rangers. ;) retread.

  32. 237 votes so far?

    Must be rampart voter fraud occurring in Quebec Province.

    Many votes originating from lone IP address through multiple e-mail accounts and blog names.

  33. I like you, Anthony!

    I think if Mess wants it, he gets it. Not saying that’s the right move. No idea.

  34. Everything could obviously change, coos, but I think Jeff Gorton is seen as Sather’s replacement if and when that day ever comes.

  35. CTBlueshirt on

    Better hope Zucc wears bright colors out there, don’t want him getting lost at those foam parties they have on that crazy island.

  36. Czechthemout!!! on

    Keith Alain was my choice but he is not likely coming. I am kind of warming to the idea of Vinyoooo.

    Still would like Doug Weight to get a crack as well.

  37. Coos, at least Zucc didn’t go with Girardi. He has a habit of Snow Angel-ing when the check arrives.

  38. CTBlueshirt on

    Gorton should be GM of the Isles so they could truly be Gorton’s Fishermen.

  39. CTBlueshirt on

    Anyone think the Wangers would actually give the Rangers permission to speak with Weight?

  40. I think the KEY is: who does Hank want to see as the next coach. If he’s not thrilled, I think Hank is gonzo. IMHO, Hank’s exit interview w/media was a game changer.

  41. Agree, Carp. Gorton no doubt qualifies and deserves the top job if Glen ever leaves if he wants it, and there’s been nothing written or rumored to suggest he wouldn’t. Still think, though, that this is the job that Messier has been salivating for.

  42. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Any chance we can get the little ball of hate as coach? Lol

  43. I’m 22 years old, am a Broadway starter, have maybe 5 mil in my kick, and I’m going to go on vacation with Zuccarello?

  44. _Anyone think the Wangers would actually give the Rangers permission to speak with Weight?_

    If he knows the Rangers are interested and the Isles know Weight would like to interview, would they really want to P him O that much, rather than just dig their heels in for maximum compensation? Wang can just replace him with Marty Reasoner or something anyway.

  45. Great to see that Clowe is tweeting. Something you don’t choose to do if you have the flu, dizziness, or a bad headache.

  46. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    About zero at this point with the anti-québécois verbiage lol

  47. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    We used GPS to track his cell phone location, he is apparently wandering around an abandoned area of downtown Detroit

  48. Had a relative who played for Detroit. He said Spring Training was the best part of the year.

  49. Are those really the lyrics (other than Montreal?) … I always wondered what the byfuglien uncle Mick was saying in that song.

  50. Carp, Everything is wrong except Montreal. You see Carp, I wasn’t singing Brown Sugar, I was singing “Oh Montreal”

  51. Fatso Fogerty on

    Yeah Carp. Fatso Fogerty was an unseen character on the old Jackie Gleason show. He was always playing mean tricks on people, usually on “The Poor Soul”. I miss that old show….

  52. King with no Ring on

    Hank should be a player coach.

    Each of his press conferences following losses would be the same.

    Carp: “What do you think was the primary reason your team lost tonight?”

    Hank: “I can’t score goals.”

    Carp: “Do you think that you bear any”

    Interrupting quickly, “if you finish that question, I will get you fired,” Hank exclaims.

  53. Would be hilarious to see writers who travel with the team browbeat a more polite, laid-back coach in Pressers. :)

  54. In Surprise Move, New York Rangers Name Mike Milbury Head Coach

    The NBC analyst and former Islanders and Bruins boss steps behind the Rangers bench after a 14-year absence from coaching to take over for the fired John Tortorella.

    Sather wanted a coach that would get the most of a talented roster that had tuned out the combative Tortorella.

    That coach is Mike Milbury.

    “Mike is the exact coach we need for the team we have,” Sather said. “He’s played the game at a high level and knows the sacrifices players have to make to reach the Stanley Cup. He knows the league inside and out as an analyst. Our players respect his three decades as a player, a coach and a general manager and I know he has a wealth of knowledge that can only help us achieve the ultimate goal of a championship.”

    Sather said that Milbury, who made several controversial trades during his tumultuous time with the Islanders, would have input as to what players are retained on the Rangers’ roster.

    “Mike won’t just be a coach for us. His experience as a general manager will be key,” Sather said. “If he thinks a player needs to go, that player is as good as gone.”

    Read more here:

  55. Hagerstown Md Rangers Fan on

    Did I vote for Al Gore or was that a hanging chad?
    Carp, do you think that you will need vote inspectors
    to determine the outcome? I voted for Keenan because
    chaos is good.

  56. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz — BECAUSE I SAID SO!!!

  57. “I’m 22 years old, am a Broadway starter, have maybe 5 mil in my kick, and I’m going to go on vacation with Zuccarello?”

    I think Del Z was just tagging along as Zucc’s wingman.

  58. Maybe Del Zaster will make line in the sand type stand over whether or not the Rangers re-sign Topo Gigio.

  59. Yes, I think so, CCCP. You should have celebrated with them ;)

    Zucc tweeted this last week:

    @MGaborik10 @carlhagelin @hlundqvist30 @bdubi17 @MichaelDelZotto i think we should put this behind us now and really

  60. Ki-wi no-ri,
    are you an idiot or something?
    …and please, spit out this mush from your mouth, before trying to say anything here.

  61. aaawwweee, NYR_FAN…. you sad, bro? Now you will have to search for Torts’ videos and pix online since you will not be seeing him on TV as much :)

  62. Haha! Yeah, sucks for me. From head to toe. I’ll just stay in my own little world and pretend Torts is coaching and put him on a pedestal.

    You’ll miss Torts if Messier gets a hold of this squad…

  63. Papa, thanks for getting that song stuck in my head … but just realized, it’s not Brown Sugar … it’s Honky Tonk Women. And not Montreal.

  64. _You’ll miss Torts if Messier gets a hold of this squad…_

    nah… i don’t think so. we all saw how limited Torts’ coaching abilities are.

  65. C3, be that as it may, there’s an excellent chance the next coach will be worse because of who’s doing the hiring, and the unknown of the favorite candidate(s).

  66. That is true, Carp. I am not arguing about that at all. All i am saying is that not having Torts around is a win win for the players already. So whoever comes in next to coach, players will have a fresh start. And that alone, as i said, is a win win already.

  67. I know you guys hate him, and will probably hate me for saying this, but man is that Crosby great. Not only the best player in the league by far, but he shows up. Whining aside, and special treatment aside, the guy plays tough. Tougher than some guys whose names we won’t mention.

  68. Papa, you really stuck me with an ear worm. Didn’t know it was possible from reading the words to a song.

  69. Boston not showing any respect to the number one seed. Krug looks like he might be for real. Certainly looks like he belongs.

  70. Yeah but meanwhile maybe the Rangers went down to the B’s in 5, but at least they scored a few goals. They did better than Pitt has so far. I think – and thought during the last series – that Boston wins it all. They’re pretty much too tough for anybody rihgt now.

  71. that LeTang play was a combination of a Del Zotto clearing pass and then Girardi coverage down low. But he’s a Norris finalist.

  72. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    someones gonna pay him NYR_Fan. Just a matter of who, dont think the Bruins can fork over 4 Mill for him.

  73. I don’t hate Sidney Crosby. He is very good. Get jealous at times. But respect him.

  74. Don’t hate you for saying it Carp, just think you’re wrong at that one. Crosby is the opposite of tough. He picks a fight with the goalie of all people, and when Chara confronts him he starts yapping. Then when the ref gets between them only then does he start shoving Chara. Man I wish Chara had landed just one punch to his jaw, probably would’ve been the coup de grace. Like that columnist in the Montreal Gazette wrote Crosby looked like a bratty teenager whining at his father. Mario has taught his apprentice well. He was another gutless, whining, entitled puke. Spear people and hide behind his teammates. Hope he joins him in the pressbox soon – permanently.

  75. Rob in Beantown on

    Rangers fired Torts because they lost to a team that is manhandling the Penguins

  76. _Rangers fired Torts because they lost to a team that is manhandling the Penguins_

    Really? You really think that is the reason why they fired Torts? M’KAY!!

  77. Horton would be an excellent second liner for the Rangers, ilb! If he makes to July 1, I’d expect a lot of interest from around the league!

  78. Not_ sorry. He competes. Unlike some skill guys on your team (and by your team, that could mean any team with any superstar in the league). It’s OK for you to hate his whiny ways. But he competes.

  79. Fatso Fogerty on

    Oh yeah, “The B’s don’t have enough skill to keep up with the Pens” That’s all I heard from bandwagon Pit fans. Well, they look pretty skilled now don’t they? LOL

  80. _win-win for the media, too._

    exactly, Carp! You shoulda joined MDZ and MZA on their celebratory trip to Ibiza! ;)

  81. Rob in Beantown on

    CCCP, if the Rangers series with Boston is close I don’t think Torts gets fired

  82. Horton will be the next grossly overpaid player. But he’s a good one.

    Hey, the Penguins have as many goals in the series as the Rangers had in Game 5.

  83. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Muckler’s corpse isn’t an option, how come?

    Penguins will get swept and they score 1 goal in 4 games.

  84. I would, Llatona, but in hindsight I don’t know how to do those things over the A. Or the other A.

  85. CARP, if you not only ignore my pleas to replace “by” with “from” but also refuse to place Pär Mårts in the poll, I may just have to leave RR behind.

  86. CARP, you can just copy and paste any of the “Pär Mårts”s I’ve typed.

  87. clarkson horton get 5 mil easy in this class.

    oh by the way i heard elliot friedman earlier on hockey night in canada radio who thinks bryan bickell will get 3 to 3.5 mil per year after making less then mil this year.


  88. Clarkson and Horton are capable of scoring 30 on a good team and also play tough. $5m cap hit wouldn’t be a problem, would it?

  89. would love horton for rangers but will ask for too much after getting 4 mil this past year after this playoff run and he has history of injuries

  90. 7:32PM: This afternoon on TSN Radio, Darren Dreger said “When I first approached those close to Messier there was resistance because John Tortorella had just been removed and they wanted to be respectful of Torts and wait a little bit of time before they threw Mark’s name into the mix. Only a wee bit of time, but he is in the mix. Whether he is the right man for the job, that is up for the NY Rangers management to determine, but Messier is more believable than Gretzky. I don’t think either one will get the job.”

  91. Not questionining his competitive fire Carp. Just think he diminishes his place in the game by all his pissing and moaning. It’s one thing to get really angry at the refs when they blow a call, as Mess often did, it’s different to be calling them over before the opening puck drop and start whining and telling them “he hit me last game.” You look at the other great players and leaders in this game past and present, and really only Sid and Mario are in this category. Not allowed to touch them. I watched 99 his last year get beaten to a pulp every night while Muckler slept on the bench, and he just picked himself up and went about his business. They are great players yes, but dammit guys, stop with expecting preferential treatment. The guys you’re playing against are pretty good too.

  92. 7:33PM: On TSN Radio this afternoon, Darren Dreger noted that there is a lot of buzz and interest around Eakins and that he interviewed very well with the Canucks.

  93. Pitt’s top three lines to defensive corps in locker room shout-out: “Boys, we won’t be playing much D anymore, so you guys better pick it up.”

  94. Part of the job for guys who wear a ‘C’ or an ‘A’ is to question rule interpretations on the ice. If they’re doing their job, they’re going to be naturally more yappavistic.

  95. I hear ya Coos. Just saying he takes it to another level. I don’t see his counterpart in this series doing it 1/10 as much. Neither does Toews in the Western series whereas Dustin Brown is a bit more vocal. I admit I resent the hell out of Pittsburgh, for tanking twice to win the lottery, for getting rescued by Bettman, for how they’ve somehow become the league’s flagship franchise in that once crappy market. So yep I’m a hater. Not denying it one bit.

  96. Also, have we been over the fact that Kris Letang looks a lot like Xavier Leflemme from the movie Goon?

  97. coming from behind and winning the game 7 in the first round against the leaves really gave Boston a new life because they did not look good in the first round at all.

  98. Whyzerman does Mercedes only sell cars that slide and skid sideways? Do I really want a ($55,000) car that skids and slides?

  99. should bruins hold on and go home up 2-0 i still give the pens a better shot of coming back then i do the kings down 0-2 going home. the kings look worn down like we did when we played devils last year. richards out as well

  100. But the ‘C’s and the ‘A’s get a lot more leniency from the zebras in yapping than others.

  101. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Doesn’t matter who I vote for, whoever Sather picks will be wrong.

    FIRE SATHER! Let the next guy pick the coach.

  102. Carp, I’ve been waiting for years for car manufacturers to suffer a class action suit about their peripatetic ads that promote recklessness.

  103. The problem with the Kings is that Kopitar is NOT playing like a hockey god this playoffs like he was in last season’s Cup playoffs…

  104. Olga Folkyerself on

    Let’s Go Bruins! I’ve got way too many Penguins co-workers with that sappy grin on their faces every year.

  105. Olga Folkyerself on

    I had one guy with a penguin Logo on his hard hat. I told him “You know you have nothing there to protect, don’t you?”

  106. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    No way do I want clarkson, but I would pay Horton…injury issues and all.

    I think slats makes a big signing (or trade) as part of the wooing hank process

  107. The fans at the CONSOL Energy Center will need some consoling after this match.

  108. Pens fans were sounding disgruntled with that power play, try walking a mile in our shoes.

  109. So far after almost two games there is no real sense of this series being competitive. Still early, but the Pens don’t seem to have any answers. Nor does Bylsma.

  110. Credit given, NYR. I think the Bruins will give him credit too. In the way of Millions.

  111. carp

    anyway we could go back to jan 19th predictions thread for cup finals

    i want to see if i was only one who had hawks bruins cup final with hawks winning on an overtime goal by rozival

  112. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I’d take Gregory Campbell’s dad as coach again!!

    Wonder if slats makes a move for Wweber or Ryan?

  113. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Again, why isn’t Muckler’s corpse an option. I voted for the live muckler but only because the dead muckler wasn’t a choice….

  114. Olga Folkyerself on

    That’s what every night will look like if the Rangers lose Lundqvist…

  115. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If Boston scores next, it could almost be possibly, and potentially, maybe, over.

  116. I don’t as bad about the Rangers offense as I did last week after watching Boston handle the Pens

  117. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 10 times, the rangers got a bad draw.

  118. er..I’m rusty. I meant to say: I don’t feel as bad about the Rangers offense as I did last week after watching Boston handle the Pens.

  119. watching pens get beat down in there own building is great wish i could hear steigerwald and errey those two losers calling this

  120. My predictions are always so, so wrong. I said Pitt in five and that Boston will have a tough time actually having to play defense for once. As it turns out, we looked better vs Boston than Pitt does. Maybe we all underestimated the rangers performance and tort shoul still be here?

  121. Dannyboyayyo on

    So with Boston raping the Pens, does it make the firing of Torts a bad decision? Seeing as we at least kept it somewhat close with them.

  122. I wish these dooshy nba guys would stop wearing their stupid fake nerd glasses and now ties and whatnot.

    Nah mean? What had happened was, whatnot, and glory be to G-d

  123. Sather – Ready to choose a coach, Jim?
    Dolan – Sure Slats, I got all the candidates names written down on pieces of paper.
    Sather – OK, put them in the broadway hat, put Mess’s name in there 11 times, and put Ruff in their twice.
    Dolan – Why twice for Ruff?
    Sather – He scored on a penalty shot for the Rangers back in the 80’s, that’s got to be worth something.
    Dolan – OK, can I pick or is this the GMs duty?
    Sather – Sorry, this is a hockey decision, it’s all me.

  124. Looks like there are roughly 10,000 fans left in Pittsburgh’s arena, so that means the Penguins get the #1 overall pick in the draft again, right?

  125. Olga Folkyerself on

    Jagr’s always breaking his sticks. It’s no wonder he can’t score..

  126. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JR – “it’s never over until it’s over. When it is over, however, it’s over”

  127. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    I am still holding to my prediction:

    Penguins in 5!!!!

  128. All the air has been sucked out of the building in Pittsburgh. Usually only happens when Tyler Kennedy is breathing heavily at the end of a shift.

  129. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    The Rangers are looking like a pretty good team now. This is the worst drubbing possible. Both Pen’s goalies are lacking confidence right now. Don’t be surprised to see Torts behind the bench replacing Bylesma on Wednesday night.

  130. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    NHL HQ is not happy. I could see Julien getting suspended for the remainder of these playoffs.

  131. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Rangers PP looked as good or better than the Pens vs. Boston.
    Rangers defense looked as good or better than the Pens vs. Boston.
    Rangers scored more (so far) than the Pens vs. Boston.

    1. Boston is a darn good team
    2. Rangers weren’t so bad
    3. Fire Torts

  132. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    People can say what they want, but to me, as tough as Boston was to play against, they are nowhere near as good without Chara. He is an absolute 30 minute a night force.

  133. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    His stick, I think I heard, is 5’5″, or something like that? His reach, his size, his strength? But you can put all those big forwards together, without him as the anchor, sorry, they’re nowhere near as good.

    And to think, we all know who drafted him. I wonder what GM traded him away?

    Let’s put it this way, I wonder when Millbury is going to mention he was the BRILLIANT GM that traded Chara, Muckatt, and a 2nd rounder (that ended up being Spezza) for Yashin!!!!!!!!

    And he’s on TV???????

  134. Of course it’s not over, but it does not look good for Pittsburgh. The Rangers were down 2-0 vs. the Caps, but the Rangers were at least in the games.

    If this keeps up and it is indeed 2 postseason implosions in a row for Bylsma, with the talent on that team, how does he keep his job?.

  135. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Torts will be behind Pittsburgh’s bench on Wednesday.

  136. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Rangers were not and are not as bad as many of you said!

    Wasn’t just about everyone here lauding Shero a month or so ago?

  137. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Wick, I have to say, I thought they were brilliant, skill and leadership trades. Turned out none of the guys they got were visible in games one or two.

  138. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    I would be very surprised to see Pitt resign Igninla. I fear that our GM likes ‘big stars’ and pray someone takes the pen out of his hand.

  139. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JR – “Romeo – totally. Engblom is the most adismal than Milbury. The are so way stupider it’s funny”

  140. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    It would seem Bylsma would need to be fired if they lose. Man speak of turn of the tide. He was probably thinking he wins another cup a few days ago. He could lose his job now.

  141. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    Two years in a row, now, a team plays physical against Pitt and has themselves a series. Interesting game 1 strategy. Looks like it worked like a charm for Boston. Intimidation.

  142. Bylsma so far seems out-coached. You don’t go center ring and slug with a slugger. Pitt, believe it or not, outhit Boston almost 2 to 1. Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

  143. Rob in Beantown on

    I don’t think Bylsma gets fired because Pitt doesn’t have a goalie that can stop a beach ball

  144. The Penguins defense isn’t very good. The Islanders also put up 6 against them…

  145. To say the Rangers played Boston close is some serious selective memory. They kicked our aasens in every way. Hank made a ridiculous number of saves off quality chances to make it appear close.

  146. Regular season, Boston was 3rd in goals against, Rangers 4th, Pitt 12th. Scoring was our bugaboo. Defense (with a little help from Hank :)) was primo. Nothing new here, but it does speak well of our top 4 (when healthy) Dmen.

  147. If Bruins lose that game 7 against Toronto…what happens to Claude Julien?

    But right now he smells like roses huh?

    Boston seems to be doing alright from sticking with their plan huh?

    and the New York Rangers will be starting from scratch next season.

    I honestly could see Lundqvist signing in Pittsburgh.

  148. Stranger Nation on

    APB issued for a missing person. last seen wearing #71 and playing for the Pissburg Guinees

  149. Olga Folkyerself on

    Lundqvist for Hossa and Crawford. You can have Emory too, Chicago won’t be needing him…

  150. How about Larry Playfair for Coach? He would do anything to gain an advantage over an opponent, even cheat.

  151. Olga Folkyerself on

    Sather to Lundqvist: “Keenan’s coming back to coach NY. You’ll be begging for Tortarella in six months.”

  152. JR: ‘Well no one could describe that Bruins/Pitt game as a cliff dweller.”

  153. Olga Folkyerself on

    My Plant Manager is a Penguins fan. When I interviewed for the job, I noticed he had a Penguins hat on a shelf in his office. I laughed at it and told him I was a Rangers fan. (This was during the Rangers 51 win season , so I had some cred)

    He didn’t smile. Then I said “We’ll at least we can both hate the Flyers”.

    Then he smiled.

  154. Penguins are swept by Bruins……

    Sather calls “Only Kidding” and “do over” on recent coaching change……..

    Torts returns with a vengeance …….

    Torts changes philosophy. Discards collapsing D and shot blocking and employs wide open, safe os death river hockey………..

    New system exposes many weaknesses with his game and Lundqvist’s GAA average and save % sky rocket …….

    The King hits free agency but receives only 1 multi year offer, from Columbus 2years, $3M per…………..

    Torts says, “he better take that deal. see ya Hank!”

    File this under “you reap what you sow” or “what goes around comes around”…..

  155. Oh, excuse me. I got my Horton’s confused. Thought you guys were referring to Willie.

    Nathan Horton = little mistake

  156. “Well, she walked up to me
    And she asked me if I wanted to dance
    She looked kinda nice And so I said, “I might take a chance”
    When she danced, she held me tight
    And when she walked me home that night
    All the stars were shinin’ bright
    And then she dissed me.”

  157. “What’s your opinion of Syria?”
    “None of your business.”
    “Are you planning a trip overseas?”
    “Kiss my azz.”

  158. “What’s your opinion of Red China?
    “On a white tablecloth, it might work.”

  159. Bruins win-out and capture 2nd cup in 3 years.

    Torts becomes the most sort after coach since Mike Keenan signed with Metallurg Magnitogorsk.

  160. Sather: “I’ve come to know and appreciate John Tortellini for some years now and…”

  161. Sather: “I don’t want to get too specific, but I just felt John was beginning to dog it a bit. But that’s not the reason.”

  162. Keenan to wife:

    “Hey Bruno, would you mind shaving the back of my neck?. Thanks big guy.”

  163. Sather on Tortellini:

    “There’s a lot of dog in that bite. There’s a lot of bark on that tree. Pass the marinara sauce please.”

  164. Keenan: “What’s my first line center’s name?”
    “Panteleymon Rozhdestvenskij.”
    “Would he mind if I just called him Pantie?”

  165. Messier logs into Ranger Report and checks current Poll Results.

    He immediately dispatches Dave Semenko, Louie DeBrusk and James Gandolfini to “visit” Mr. Alain Vigneault in Quebec.

    Tuesday Morning, Vigneault pulls name from consideration, says he’d like to spend the next 3 years in Greenland with the family.

  166. Torts on on 1st line Center Panties recent play.

    “Pantie needs to play harder in the slot. He needs to stiffen up and play to contact, stop wilting under the physical pressure”

  167. Keenan: “We’re down 6-0, fellows, let’s try to pick it up.”
    Player on bench in Russian: “What’s he babbling about?”
    Abutting player: “Who in hell knows?”

  168. Pantie concedes that Torts is right and decides to play “commando” style for the rest of the season.

  169. Keenan to wife: “How much is 6,000 rubles?”
    “That’s what they’re charging tomorrow for our tour of Chernobyl.”

  170. Keenan appeared to be brushing up his Russian dialect most nights this season while on the Ranger Post Game Show. So, It all makes sense now. He wasn’t drunk, he was working on his Russian.

  171. Pidto to Keenan: “I didn’t understand a thing you said all year. Senseless.”
    Keenan: “That’s because, uh, you maybe listen a little slow.”
    Pidto: “How slow can I listen? I’m listening backwards already.”

  172. Coos, strike Torts from previous Pantie posts, insert Keenan. I’m getting my coaches mixed up. Gotta remember….Torts just fired, Keenan to Russia.

  173. You guys have seen all the reports about Tortorella also being asked to interview in Dallas and Vancouver, right? No? Oh, I see….

    “His stick, I think I heard, is 5’5”, or something like that?” LOL dude I think you mean 6’5″. A hockey stick should come up to your nose when you are in shoes or bare feet (not skates) so it should be about 4-6 inches shorter than you are. Chara would break his back playing with a tiny 5’5″ stick. Zuccarello’s is bigger than that.

  174. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    “Zdeno Chara, the Boston defenceman, has an exemption allowing him to use a 65-inch stick. He’s 6-foot-9 so you can see he might have to hunch over a bit using a stick that’s a league-maximum 5-foot-3 from heel to handle-end.”

  175. Rangers do not needs any coach, they play better without pressure. Rangers needs only fans who will tell who and how to play.

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