Oddsmaker: Ruff, Vigneault, Messier the favorites


Not that these are ground-breaking predictions, or that anybody knows what’s really going on behind Glen Sather’s curtain … but you can get a bet down (Iegally, of course) on the next coach of the Rangers.

The oddsmaker, in this case, thinks it will be Lindy Ruff, but The Captain is sure in the mix.

Courtesy of Bovada, (www.Bovada.lv, Twitter: @BovadaLV).

Who will be the next Full time Coach of the New York Rangers?

Lindy Ruff                     13/4
Alain Vigneault              7/2
Mark Messier                7/2
Dave Tippett                 11/2
Dallas Eakins                7/1
Mike Keenan                 15/2
Paul Maurice                 8/1
Marc Crawford              17/2
Guy Boucher                 15/1


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  1. Somewhat worrying that Keenan is 15/2 and slightly ahead of Marc Crawford.
    I still think it will be Ruff but after the Trottier choice you just never know when Slats is going to pull a rabbit from the hat (then try and tell you its a bear)

  2. How is this possibly something you could handicap or lay odds on? I guess Vegas is Vegas, baby. But since Larry Brooks is running the team anyway (lets be honest if he doesnt ask Henk about an extension is Torts still coaching?) I’m waiting to see where Dougie Weight pops up.

  3. Stranger Nation on

    Who are the Wings’ assisstant coaches? Any chance to bring that style of play to Broadway? someone learning from the best coach in the biz may provide a viable option.

    Dont buy in to the “lack of skill” argument for our line up. System will stifle skill everytime. Tough to break out while sliding on your belly to block shots.

  4. Stranger Nation on

    Bill Peters – asst coach with Wings, started working under Babcock in the mid 90s

  5. Vegas odds?? Crazy indeed. I hope they explore this list and many other options before the draft

  6. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I don’t like ANY of them.

    How about offering Larry Robinson the first 50 floors of the Empire State Building??

  7. I hope to God It’s Not Me$$ier. It’s critical that the Rangers sign a bona fide coach with a a winning pedigree, The way these coaches hang around the new coach could be Henrik’s last during his prime years. Hank is 31 now and the window for him is closing on getting a chance at the cup.

    If you missed Wednesdays show it was a an old fashioned Hootenanny.

    To listen to the podcast go here :


  8. Good morning, boneheads!

    SN- another associate coach with the Wings is Tom Renney.

  9. Admiral Akbar on

    I wonder how involved certain players — Callahan, hank, staal, Nash, Girardi — will be in the selection process for the next coach.

    I would hope we hire someone with a Detroit pedigree. That’s an amazing franchise that has been a cup contender nearly every year for the past 20 years or so. The Wings have never had to tank a even a single season or more (skidsburgh, Chicago) to maintain excellence.

    Unbelievable hockey über-dynasty!

    I want some of THAT on the NYR!

  10. Admiral Akbar on


    NO to Tom RENNEY.

    Nice guy, decent coach, but not what we need.

    (Maybe good for Jagr, though.)

  11. dont like any either, that’s why the knee jerk to get rid of torts is that much worse. No way on Messier

  12. I was trying to figure out what exactly bothered me while I was listening to Sather’s interview because, in essence, he said nothing. Except this. When asked if he was going to continue with his multiple duties/titles next year, he said, paraphrasing: “What do you mean? I don’t sharpen the skates anymore. I gave it up some time ago”. He sounded annoyed that the question even came up. He probably is annoyed about this whole notion that media and everyone else thinks he is not running this club anymore, and surrendered most of his duties to Jeff Gorton. He isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, folks. I just hope that Gorton doesn’t get fed up and leaves if he gets an offer elsewhere.

  13. I wonder what they will pay out when Sather announces Grant Fuhr as his selection

  14. Of course no to Renney, AA. SN asked about assistants in Detroit. Sometimes we think the grass is greener….

  15. And if not Fuhr I’ve got 10 bucks that says its Ron Duguay (Bill Pidto the new assistant and pp coach)

  16. Rob in Beantown on

    CCC, Carp speculated yesterday they probably have strict instructions from the top not to make any kind of reference to the coaching change over twitter.

  17. I’m surprised Tony Granato isn’t on the list. Granato didn’t do badly in Colorado in his first stint, and he wasn’t given a fair shake in a his second stint there with a team in transition.

  18. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    The non-tweets have to be a Dolan/Sather special. You know there are guys still attached to Torts just like some of the fans are.

    Just more of the MSG Under Dolan Reign of Terror

  19. Rob in Beantown on

    Luckily for Avery, when the Rangers waived him there were still 29 teams rushing to sign him.

  20. How come no mention of GRETZKY? Not that I want him but he has coaching experience, former Ranger and huge cache. He should be in the conversation.

  21. I haven’t been around much lately because of the j-o-b, so maybe this has been talked about, but maybe Sean Avery was more in-the-know about the team than we thought he was.

    I thought he was just spouting off with his twitter post (Fire this clown..) but maybe he had heard a bunch of grumbling from his ex-teammates.

  22. I can’t believe we are still talking Sean Avery. Good for traffic though….Yes, CCC, it was brought up many times before.

  23. Rob in Beantown on

    Yergs, only if NBC hires Tortorella to be its “Inside the Glass” man. Think of the in-game interviews

  24. Great to see the overnight crew get back to line combinations, trade proposals and Corsi ratings last night. You guys rock. :)

    Good morning, Sally!

  25. His name was mentioned by LB this morning, Kern. No guarantee Snow gives them permission to talk to him as he still works for the Islanders.

  26. Doug Weight is in my top 3 choices. None of which are on that list above.

    Nice to see Guy Boucher get a nod. LOL.

  27. @DarrenDreger Rangers granted permission to speak with Dallas Eakins and Alain Vigneault. Eakins in contention in Van, NYR and Edmtn (assoc coach).


  28. Today’s Brooks/Avery double team on Tortarella is about as journalistically bad as it gets. It’s like a John Hughes high school movie, where the geeky dweeb, Brooks, teams up with the tough guy outsider/greaser, Avery, to gleefully celebrate the downfall, which they feel responsible for, of the mean, rich high school quarterback, who’s done both of them wrong. Where the analogy fails, though, is that it’s much more mean spirited than any 80’s teen comedy.

  29. Dallas Eakins, in his only season (more like month) with the NYR, took them to the conference final.

  30. Rob in Beantown on

    Carp, any idea whether the NYR or Vancouver job is considered a better one right now? I’d assume Vancouver cause of the circus that is Sather and Dolan, but I don’t know what the circumstances are out there.

  31. I don’t, Rob. I think Vancouver’s obviously closer, especially with the Rangers probably going through a transition from Richards/Gaborik through the first year of the new cap, and not being big-time UFA players until 2014 at least.

  32. Here’s a simple question.

    Which of these candidates will provide the best PR and the most distraction for the dupes in the seats posing as knowledgeable fans?

    Who will divert the fans attention from reality to that brief shining moment when the Cup was ours?

    While you’re pondering never lose sight of 73&1 and 13 and none!

    In a way this dance is like Wall St. and the Banks.

    The perpetrators remain free and suffer no financial consequences to continue their mismanagement!

  33. CTBlueshirt on

    Would probably argue they’re about the same. Sedins are getting older, Kessler has had injury issues the past few seasons and there’s the little issue of Roberto “My Contract Sucks” Luongo that needs to be resolved.

    Rangers have their fair share of question marks as well, particularly given their impending FAs in 2014 but maybe the allure of the bigger market and an Original 6 team places them higher?

  34. What Brooks conveniently forgot to mention while talking about Avery being waived off the club and out of the NHL midway through the 2011-12 season, is that this was the best season this team produced in decades. Unless of course you delude yourself by thinking that they produced that season in spite of Torts, not because of him. And to support Sean Avery.

    They are both gone, time to move on. So who is our next interim coach?

  35. CTBlueshirt on

    I have to imagine LB had that interview with Avery saved on his desktop and ready to go ever since Avery was waived that one last time.

    Did he ever interview Prucha or Malik about Tom Renney’s firing?

    And for however much Avery claimed to bleed blue, he was more than willing to leave town for greener pastures in Dallas and kick the organization on his way out.

  36. CTBlueshirt on

    Nah, they’d probably be happy when they looked up and saw someone they recognize…that is when they’re done looking at their blackberries.

  37. Maybe Torts can take over the Knicks. I can just see him now, screaming upward at ‘Melo. “If you can’t get back on D, I’ll go with that discount-double-check Novak guy!”

  38. “Oh, that’s uh… what’s his name? Phil Jackson, right?” “Who’d he coach for again?” “Let’s look it up on our Blackberries!” “Let me re-check my emails first.”

  39. Vigneault will be bringing his talents to Midtwon West.

    Hank, Delzotto and Torts will be traded to Vancouver for Vignealt, Luongo and the Bopsie Twins Henrik and Daniel.

  40. Rob in Beantown on

    The Blood and Guts store is pretty awesome. I hope they expand their offerings for more teams. But I’d even wear a lot of the stuff they have already.

  41. whats with this love affair with vigneault. the guy coudlnt win with a roster in vancouver that has much more talent in top 6 then we do.

    1-10 in last 11 playoff games. no thanks. all these choices are garbage including messier who will be better in management i believe then coaching.

    whos going to be eakins ass coaches churla and langdon. god bring back torts and his pathetic system. did we trade that loser del zaster yet


  43. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    How can you not believe we are still talking about Avery when you brought the Avery link into the convo lol.

    Anyone who didn’t like torts always brings up Avery IMHO due to he is the anti torts so to speak.

    I liked churla (didn’t messier really like him as well?). Remember when mess was yelling at guys on the ice from the bench to jump in and help churla when he came back from facial injuries too soon and fought stu grimson? Wasn’t Bruce driver the first guy to jump in lol?

    How about dale purinton as the next coach? At least they would play with jam!!

    I want Colin Campbell again!

  44. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I agree about the top 6 in Vancouver, especially sedins, Kessler, and burrows (although his offencive numbers have been sedin’d IMHO), and the D is better there, but it was grit and lack of overall toughness that usually cost them in the playoffs, so I think he might be a good choice.

  45. wicky

    so we have the advnatage in grit and toughness over vancouver but lack the skill in top 6 then they have.


  46. Vancouver’s “system” is a lot more conducive to goal scoring. Maybe we don’t have the Sedin Twins and Kesler (who is usually injured I thought) and some of the Big time D-Man phhysical presence (Bieksa) but I think that system might actually work with this roster. Especially if Mcllrath gets up here.

    Vigneault would be fine with me. Let Mess be his Asst. Coach. Then we have grit from the bench.

  47. yea, don’t see the rangers making the playoffs next year with the new alignment and I don’t care who is coaching the team. If lundqvist gets his big payday, the rangers will be cap stricken and won’t be able to add talent on the roster. Window is closing fast.

  48. @Manny – I don’t want to trade DZ either though I’m about as disgusted with how he played as I ever thought I Could/Would be

  49. I really hope sather doesn’t make messier the head coach, it would be another brian trottier and a disaster and would put a dent in his ranger legacy.

  50. According to a tweet from Leslie Treff at Hockey’s Future, the Rangers are likely to sign prospect Samuel Noreau to an entry-level deal today.

    The Rangers have until 5PM tomorrow to have all of their 2011 draft picks playing in the CHL signed. He was one of two fifth round picks in 2011.

    For more on Noreau, CLICK HERE.

    In his fourth season playing for Baie-Comeau in the QMJHL, Noreau had seven goals and 25 assists. His offensive output this season was nearly double what it was last season.

    Noreau is 6-5, 215.

    Shane McColgan and Peter Ceresnek are also 2011 prospects that have yet to be signed.

    He had three fights this past season, two last year, eight the year before and 17 in his first year in the Q.


  51. You guys have to think that a new coach REALLY helps out Del Zaster and Kreider, right? Those two guys must be really excited.

  52. The new coach will be whoever Hank hires…

    I wonder what Torts thinks about his beloved goalie now who threw him out on his rear…

  53. Rob in Beantown on

    I love that everybody is blaming Hank when there is zero evidence he had anything to do with it

  54. All will be forgiven if we win a cup and HANK is the Conn Smythe (which he will inevitably be).

  55. if anything, I think when sather did his exit interview with tortorella something happened in that interview for Sather to fire tortorella.

  56. Stranger Nation on

    Stranger Nation: Report – anyone know this guy?

    Bill Peters – asst coach with Wings, started working under Babcock in the mid 90s

  57. I don’t think we need anyone without a full pedigree of coaching/teaching success. Anyone else and we’ll hear two years of excuses. “He’s still learning the ropes, but improving,” e.g.

  58. Rob in Beantown on

    tommyG, maybe Torts punched Sather, making Carp technically correct all along

  59. Stranger Nation on

    Slats: Who do you think we need next season to take us to the next level?

    Torts: I tell you who we don’t need; Kung Powe, Dr Halpern, Pie-hat and the rest of the slugs you brought in here.

    Slats: Hey, all I did was make the call, you told me to get them.

    Torts: Ah, Fugg!

  60. Rob in Beantown,

    HA HA!!! that would be funny, unfortunately we might never know exactly why tortorella was fired, everything that is stated is speculation.

  61. Maybe, just maybe in a Julius Ceasar v Brutus like scenario-Musky is the top candidate and will be the next coach..

  62. Rob in Beantown on

    I wonder if there will be a “tell all” article that comes out in time, describing in detail exactly what happened

  63. Richards to Chris Neil: “How would you like a sharp slap in the face?”

    Neil: “You are truly scary, and I mean that.”

  64. Veen-Yo certainly isn’t on my list of favorites. Vancouver is a soft team with a weak identity that routinely gets smacked in the playoffs…

  65. Shero Family Genes

    Fred “The Fog” Shero – father

    Ray “The Morning Dew” Shero – son

    Ray Jr, “I have a Wet Diaper” Shero – grandson

  66. ThisYearsModel on

    I agree that Avery is a jackwagon. However, when you treat people the way Tortorella treats people, you bring on the gloating and the joy when you get canned. So Avery and Brooks are taking a victory lap. Say what you want…….Avery had some inside information on the pulse of some of the players. I am glad that Torts is gone because I did not think they could win the cup with him. The PP and the system were brutal, and he did not coach to the strengths of his players. Now the next problem…….Sather has to hire another coach. Yikes.

  67. I like the description of this kid, eric. He sounds like a big time addition for our team. He’s big, tough and rough. And….RIGHT HANDED. Sounds like he needs a bit of coaching though. Beuk?

    From Hockey’s Future:

    Noreau is a huge, hard-nosed, stay-at-home blueliner who likes to take the body, as well as drop the gloves and intimidate to protect his teammates. Questions exist, however, as to his skating, positioning and hockey sense.

  68. The thing is… Avery only has a relationship with like 2 players on this team and Larry Brooks. The rest of them couldn’t stand him or didn’t care about him…

  69. Manny, that Avery clip never gets old, nor does the one with him harassing Brodeur.

  70. Moreau is a marginal prospect at best, hopefully a late bloomer, but probably not. Doesn’t skate well enough to be an effective NHL DMan.

  71. “Sean Avery’s comments solely represent his own thoughts and opinions, he did not speak for us as a team when he was here and certainly does not now.”

  72. If they sign Briere Im moving to Colorado and becoming an Avs fans. They just legalized pot so I won’t stress half as much as I do now.

  73. Sense from NYR, Van and Dal is all intend to patient and thorough in process of hiring coach. All also waiting for Tippett and McLellan….

  74. McLellan has 1 year remaining with Sharks. I assume he will be given extension. Same for Tip if Yotes sale goes through. Good times.

  75. orr

    pierre would certainly be intersting to see if he could succeed but i dont think he would either. i would love to see pierre get a job elsewhere to see how he could do

  76. The mere fact that Avery feels compelled to take a “victory lap” proves what a jack wagon-loser the guy is. Time to give it up and let it go Sean. Gloating over the misfortune of others is not very becoming for a Madison Avenue Marketing Man.

    I case you forgot, every organization in the league took the same pass on you that Torts did. Most took it twice.

  77. Stranger Nation on

    Choice between Briere or Hossa as a Ranger?

    Joke right? choice between 34 yr old v. 36 yr old?

    Thought we didn’t want to go there any more?

  78. Rob in Beantown on

    Stranger, as long as they’re short contracts either could be okay. It’s only if they’re for too much or too long they’d be problems.

  79. We need scoring. Yes, I would consider it a joke that Rangers haven’t drafted a 30-goal scorer since Tony Amonte.

  80. @NYRangers

    The #NYR have agreed to terms with defenseman Samuel Noreau, the team’s 5th round pick in the 2011 NHL Draft

  81. Hossa would be great as a short-term contract. I think even after a buy out, he would still be too expensive. If his price was reasonable and the contract was for one year (leaving room for 2014 free agent class) it would help add some offense and keep players from having to move up in the roster to fill spots they are not ready for. The Rangers just need a rental on the wing to fill a hole this year, and a #1 center (lots of those just hanging around) would make this team actually pretty deep.

  82. Carp, short of the Rangers winning the Cup, the Torts firing has to be Christmas in May in terms of blog traffic for you. I am sure that all of us plan on camping here the entire summer what with a new coach, the draft, player reactions to a new regime, new assistants, the Richards buy out and any other personnel moves that the Rangers make before camp.

  83. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – Messier? Does a great player make a great coach?

    Any concerns that he’s never coached before?

  84. Stranger Nation on

    Just to be clear
    Now he are abandoning the build through youth plan because we can’t draft and looking for short term fix free agents?

    Just checking…

  85. Sioux-per-man on

    No Patrick on the list?

    You think he would get a look at with his Ranger history.

  86. Rob in Beantown on

    Well, I think short term free agent signings are fine to fill in holes in the roster. It’s when free agent signings are the whole strategy that there’s a problem.

  87. Sioux-per-man on

    Tommy – His Power Play Potion had expired.

    That and his interview skills probably got a little stale.

    You wonder if Dolan wants Messier in there to help sell some more tickets, and have better pressers after games.

    It’s not about winning, it’s the image that’s most important.

  88. This may get me in some trouble but, here is an “out of the box” approach for the business minded hockey bloggers to consider regarding the Hank contract situation.

    If the NYRs plan on offering Hank a max deal in years and money, why not wait until next year to make the offer, especially if the term and dollars cannot be matched by other teams – a distinct advantage the NYRs hold both now and next year over the competition?

    The obvious answer, if he is willing to bolt for less years and dollars, NYRs risk zero return on their most valuable asset.

    Yes, It would be a ballsy, high risk gamble for sure. But on the other hand, it also has some potential benefit to the organization by leaving additional options and protections in play for another year (trading him during the season, protection against him suffering a cap crippling long-term career threatening injury during the season, the availability of Malkin or like-player iatthe conclusion of next season).

    The bottom line, if Hank wants to leave after next year, it probably signals the season was a disaster and the NYRs are going into another rebuilding phase and he doesn’t want to be part of the wait for the Cup rebuilding will bring with it.

    Finally, if it was Hank who helped usher Torts out the door by going to Sather with his complaints, having him wait for a contract also sends a loud and clear message throughout the organization that the inmates are not running the asylum.

  89. Sioux-per-man on

    Messier would help in the “hype” department, and maybe as a mentor for Ranger forwards.

    Tippet was a better coach for Phoenix, compared to Gretzky results. So one has to wonder how Messier would perform in the coaching position.

    Tippet as the head coach, and Messier as an assistant would make me one happy fan.

  90. Sioux-per-man on

    Papa – I’ve always thought of Hank as a class act.

    I’m not sold he ran the coach off the team.

    Hank is the back bone of this team he needs to be signed asap, if his services come up on bid the Rangers may not win if they don’t have the cap space.

  91. czechthemout!!! on


    I agree with you. Mdz may do better with a different coach. In fact Torts ruined him in my opinion.

  92. Papa, not a bad thinking process. Makes sense, to an extent. I think starting the process of negotiations now gives them a better idea what his plans actually are.

  93. Sioux, if he they pay him max now or max next year, they’ll need the cap space regardless.

  94. I’m kind of upset at how excited I am about the prospect of a new coach, youth and a new system.

  95. Sioux-per-man on

    Tippet, Messier, Patrick – That’s a lot of leadership behind the bench.

    It could happen.

    2 of them have Sioux tradition running through their veins.

  96. Doodie Machetto on

    McColgan and Ceresnak reentering the draft, which is fine.

    From that 2011 class, I’m very interested in St. Croix. He has had a great two years in junior since being drafted.

  97. Sioux-per-man on

    Papa – my ONLY concern if this team doesn’t have Lundqvist. No coach is going to “save” this team.

  98. I’m not all that excited, Manny, personally. Feels like we’re starting from scratch all over.

    Not going into next season expecting much from this team. Hope they prove me wrong. I can easily see this team having their worst season in a long time.

  99. Topic: Noreau

    Manny: “I like the description of this kid”

    Scouting report: “Questions exist, however, as to his skating, positioning and hockey sense.”

    Who else sees the hilarity in the two statements above?

    He is a stay at home defenseman that should just stay at home.

  100. Sioux-per-man on

    ALOT of hype is going to come in with a NEW coach.

    A new system.

    Nash, Kreider, Zucc, Moore, Miller, McIlrath & a lot of new blood in a full season.


    Future is looking bright.

    Now to piece it all together, and make a deeper run.

    It’s never easy. It’s the Cup.

  101. ILB, agree, definitely need to test the waters and explore now, which I think they will do.

    But what if they commit this summer to an 8 year $80M deal and 2 months into the season, he suffers a career ending Mike Riichter like concussion? If that were to happen, NYR cap goes directly down the toilet for the next 8 years and, with the way they scout and draft amateur players, that’s not good proposition for this organization to find itself.

    By waiting, NYRs are essentially buying an insurance policy for a year, the purchase price on the policy being the risk of losing the asset with zero return next July. Very risky for sure. But I’m sure he could be dealt during the season if it looks as if he will not re-up next July.

  102. Stranger Nation on

    Good try but instead of:

    Head coach: Barry Melrose
    Assistants: Milbury & JR

    More like

    Pres. Slats
    GM: Milbury
    HC: Melrose
    AC: Muckler
    AC: Avery

  103. Doodie Machetto on

    After reading that deadspin article on “Broduer”‘s biggest fan, I hope he loses the cover vote by 247 votes.

  104. Doodie Machetto on

    McLellan isn’t an option. Doug Wilson came out and said McLellan was definitely coming back next season, which is a shame, since he would have been my #1 choice.

  105. Dallas Eakins has a pretty hot wife. I’m thinking, maybe he’s the top candidate? Her name’s Ingrid Kavelaars.

    He’s also half Native American. If he coaches with a headdress on, then that’s a huge plus.

  106. Yea. McLellan was my (not possible) #1 choice. I still like Weight, Eakins and Granato.

    I like the idea of bringing one of those guys in. Can’t deal with Lindy Ruff because he’s more of the same.

  107. Anyone else excited to see how Sather has this lineup looking in about 18 months? Only guys signed for 2014-15 are Nash, Staal and Dorsett. Oh my my!

  108. Wow. You were NOT kidding, ORR. Eakins’ wife is a looker. His Native American (First Nation) half will fit well with Asham who is the crucial piece on our team, obviously.

  109. ORR, I agree, don’t think rangers are making the playoffs next year and if Hank signs with rangers for big money the rangers will be cap stricken to add any talented players. Than you add a new coach, it’s down hill from there.

  110. Doodie Machetto on

    Weight is Islanders’ property. There is 0 chance he is allowed to speak with the Rangers. Furthermore, the Islanders are grooming him to eventually take over their head job. I doubt they would let him go anywhere at all at this point.

  111. Isn’t it weird to groom a guy who is only 4 years younger than your current, successful head coach?

  112. eakins wife can stay he goes.


    completely agree next year could be transition= rough year. under realigment i say we dont finish in top 3 of 8 in our div to ensure a playoff spot

  113. our hopes and dreams ended in game 5 last year when del zaster got outworked in corner by gionta who set up ryan carter for gw.

    i will take that to my grave whicj rooting for this team year in and year out means 70 not longer

  114. In the NY Times, Jeff Klein writes that while Mark Messier may be a candidate to become coach of the Rangers there is a former teammate of his who is currently out of a job and has prior coaching experience: Wayne Gretzky.

    Gretzky coached the Coyotes for four seasons after the 2004-05 lockout and finished with a record of 143-161-24.

    He never finished higher than fourth place in the Pacific Division/never made the playoffs
    He finished over .500 once, was one game below in one seasons and three games below in another
    The coyotes jumped from 36 wins in 2008-09 to 50 in 2009-10 with Dave Tippett as head coach.

    Gretzky has been out of hockey since leaving the Coyotes in 2009 and has been reportedly upset with the league over $8 million that he is owed from his time in Phoenix.

    He said in an interview in January that he loves the game, watches it as much as anybody but that he doesn’t want to return to the game right now.

    Gretzky told the Edmonton Sun, when asked if he would consider being a candidate for the Oilers job last year, that he hasn’t been thinking about coaching again, “I loved it when I was doing it. But I feel better now that I’m not doing it.”


  115. eric

    I hear ya, but LA was gonna go thru the NYR like a hot knife thru butter in the Finals, so……

  116. if not mike babcock then torts over these candidates.. not one of these guys vigneault who couldnt win with better roster, eakins no exp, ruff(like the andy reid of hockey) (im an eagles fan) cant win and his def oriented first coach.
    messier no exp would be a del zaster cause great athletes make terrible coaches most of the time.

    i heard davis payne and guy boucher as options.( not appealing)

  117. Messier has disaster written all over it. Gretzky being mentioned is an absolute JOKE.

    I like Eakins and Granato.

  118. anyone have interest in michael ryder hes goin to market not resigning in montreal. pp helP?

  119. And of course, Doug Weight (even though it’s unlikely to happen). I don’t mind Vigneault and Guy Boucher is very appealing to me for some reason. Maybe because he never had Defense or Goaltending in Tampa (but going down that ex-Lightning coach road again).

    We need a great PP and much more offensively aggressive Defensive Positinion.

  120. I’m not expecting sather to make the right moves going forward but I would ask around the league and see what teams are willing to give for lundqvist, if a team is willing to give up allot, I would consider tradi9ng lundqvist, why, if he signs here with a ridiculous contract, the rangers won’t be able to do much else and it will be the same old crap. Sather filling roster spots with mediocre players because they won’t have the cap room to add any talented players.

  121. Depends on the price, eric. He is coming off a season where he was traded in an odd ball trade. But I bet he wants another big time contract. But he is Right Handed and he has scored 30 before.

  122. manny

    you find an apartment. you and mrs could move in. we could watch ranger games and be miserable. you have to help though with my 2 yr old son

  123. I don’t know, Tommy. There is no return in the entire league that could be in the same hemisphere as Lundqvist. Unless Quick and his lower back surgery is involved.

  124. Sounds like a plan, eric. I love kids. LOVE. I also love the Rangers and want to talk about them 24/7.

  125. also would help if sather and his cronies can do a better job of drafting. Next year you will see a organization named the redwings who get it and know how to find diamonds in the ruff year in and year out. Hopefully since the redwings will be in the eastern conference, maybe sather can see and learn from the redwings organization. I can only dream of such a concept.

  126. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t buy this Vigneault more talented roster story. Sure, the Sedins are super talented, but the rest of their roster really isn’t.

  127. Lloyd Braun on

    I wonder if any of the folks feigning outrage about the Avery interview ever had a boss who badmouthed them years before they crossed paths, did everything possible to marginalize them once they were under the same roof, then trumped some nonsense to run them out of a job.

  128. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Slats should have traded Torts to Columbus for Todd Richards and players to be named later. ;D

  129. Lloyd Braun on


    If we’re using the same logic many here have applied to John Tortorella, you trade Lundqvist for any goalie who’s already won a Stanley Cup.

  130. Doodie Machetto on

    You would take Edler or Bieksa over McDonagh? I wouldn’t. On the PP? Sure. But in any other situation?

    And Kesler hasn’t been right since the Nashville series in 2011. Always battling injuries.

    And in goal, it isn’t even close.

  131. I’m not using that logic, Lloyd. In fact, the guys I want to see as Coach have not won a Stanley Cup and some of them have not had long track records as NHL Head Coach.

    I wouldn’t trade Lundqvist for ANYTHING. Unless he demanded it and refused to sign an extension. Then I trade him at the last second on deadline day for a crazy amount of draft picks.

  132. I might be OK with. Lundqvist for Marelau, Niemi, Couture, McLellan and 3 first round picks.

  133. Doodie Machetto on

    I’d also consider Rask and Seguin. Or Rask and Bergeron.

    Crawford and Toews is appealing. Crosby, straight up.

  134. Doodie Machetto on

    There’s a lot of trades I’d make with LA, but there’s just absolutely no reason for LA to ever do a goaltender swap with us.

    Every other team either has the young goaltender but not the elite center, or the elite center and not the young goaltender.

  135. Lloyd Braun on

    Lundqvist in a multi-team deal that brings back Mike Rupp, Ruslan Fedotenko, Ilya Bryzgalov and other Stanley Cup winners

  136. trading Lundqvist… oh boy, people have been partying too hard since Torts was fired. Like all such trades, the return would never be equal. Wouldn’t get the Rangers closer to a cup.

  137. Dan: I completely agree. But Doodie suggested a few that are pretty close. Mostly Niemi and Couture (and McLellan).

  138. Good afternoon all! This reminds me of the Beezer deal…I swore I would swear off the team…off course, I didn’t…..but the prospect of what may happen to our boys this summer makes me very very very thirsty.

  139. That said. I’m not trading Hank. I think this is a “in case Hank demands a trade” last chance, worst case type scenario.

  140. Doodie Machetto on

    Once Luongo gets bought out, I would hate to see him land with the Devils and instantly solve their goaltending dilemma for the next 3-5 years.

  141. Rob in Beantown on

    What do you guys think Lundqvist’s cap hit winds up being? It will obviously be higher than Nash’s ($7.8m). Does it go higher than Crosby’s ($8.7m) or Ovechkin’s ($9.5m)? Do you think Hank wants more than Ovechkin, even though Ovechkin’s deal was signed before the last lockout?

  142. I would assume it’s around $8M. The big issue with the DiPietro and Luongo contracts are the length. So I wouldn’t be surprised to see Hank get 8 years at around $7.8M (Avg. cap hit).

    Pekka Rinne is the highest paid Goaltender (Cap Hit Wise) with a hit of $7M. Hank is already the second highest paid Goaltender with $6.875M Cap Hit. I imagine he becomes the highest paid goaltender but I don’t think he gets Crosby or Ovechkin money.

  143. I think Hank wants to win a Cup and I think Hank wants to be a Ranger. I think the boys in front of him need to help. That’s as many thoughts I have today…..

  144. I still say it’s going to be Ruff (which I don’t really like), but if not Ruff, then I say, it’s none of the above. I think it’s going to be some assistant coach somewhere. How about Gernander, the CT coach? Ranger pedigree, been coaching a few years on the AHL, knows a lot of the young players on the team and those coming up. I know we want an established NHL coach, but looking at the candidates, none seem all that appealing to me.

    As for singing guys like Hossa or Briere or Ryder, please, enough older ice cloggers please. I think it’s time, Ranger fans to let the kids play and bring in a coach who is willing to do it. We’ve seen some good things out of Kreider, JT Miller, etc. We have a couple of other Euro kids coming up. Throw them in with Cally and Nash and Step and Hags, and we might have a good, fast young team. THEN, if the kids work out like we hope, you can bring in a couple of key older players. That’s the way to build teams in the new NHL. It’s cheaper and more coheisive.

  145. It will be really interesting to see what Tukka Rask gets (especially if he wins a Cup) and Sergei Bobrovsky (especially if he wins the Vezina) since they are both getting new contracts.

  146. The one thing with the Noreau signing is that he played a much larger leadership role for his team this year. I think some of the hockey IQ things might be exaggerated. Not a genius, but not as bad as advertised. He is definitely a project, but one that is worth the time. Sakting can always be fixed. Won’t make him a speed demon, but edge work will improve balance and agility. Could be a handy depth D in 3-4 years. 7th D that fills in for injuries and adds a ton of toughness. Never bad having that around. He could also become nothing, but they have nothing to lose. I just wouldn’t expect to see him in NY any time soon.

  147. Rob in Beantown on

    I can’t see Lundqvist getting just $7.8M. He’s clearly the most valuable player on the team, he knows it, his agent knows it, and I don’t think he settles for equal to Nash. But I don’t see how anybody gets $10M under the new CBA. If I had to guess I think somewhere in the $8.5-$9M range.

  148. Noreau sounds like Bickel, big and slow, stay at home defenseman with no hockey sense. He’s a 5th round pick. Making the Rangers would be a reach probably. To me, lack of hockey sense is a BIG red flag. You can’t teach that. You can improve on it somewhat, but you either have it or you don’t. If you are big and slow you better be good at moving the puck quickly…and that’s where hockey sense comes in.

  149. “Rangers haven’t drafted a 30-goal scorer since Tony Amonte.”

    except for Petr Prucha

    are you trying to always be wrong as a schtick, or is ut a real life condition? Damn.

  150. Rob in Beantown on

    New York Rangers @NYRangers
    #NYR forwards Ryan Callahan and Carl Hagelin both underwent successful surgeries to repair torn labrums in their left shoulders

  151. Here is Leslie Treff’s most recent write-up on Noreau:

    Sam Noreau is in his fourth season with the Drakkar. Currently enjoying his best offensively productive season, Noreau has a canon of a shot from the point. The 6’5 defensemen was drafted for more than his offensive abilities though. Tough and big, the Rangers have been hoping that he would grow into a strong defensive blueliner. A player with a high hockey IQ, in the past, Noreau struggled with his positioning and mobility. With an increase in ice time this season (there has been a coaching change in Baie-Comeau, which has been to Noreau’s benefit), it has helped him develop.

    By June, a decision will need to be made by the Rangers about whether to sign Noreau to an entry-level contract. If Noreau continues to improve his mobility and keeps his edge, while showing some offensive upside, he should be signed, but he is expected to spend several years in the system before an NHL debut.

  152. Rob in Beantown on

    Carp, do you know anything about this surgery Callahan and Hagelin had? Isn’t that similar to what Gaborik had last offseason that necessitated time off?

  153. Rob in Beantown on

    _Ryan Callahan and Carl Hagelin both underwent successful surgeries to repair torn labrums in their left shoulders_

    Cute of them to get to the same injury in the same shoulder. I wonder if they held hands during surgery

  154. This is the latest Prospect Park bit on Noreau:

    Noreau ends his season on a down note a -2 on 1 shot and 2 hits but there is no question that Noreau was the most improved Ranger prospect of the year. The one time 3rd pair enforcer worked his way up to a leadership position on the Drakkar, a top 4 defender who was used on both the power play and the penalty kill.

    Noreau posted career bests in goals, points and plus/minus (7-25-32 +19) with all 7 goals coming on the power play with 2 game winners. Has he earned a Ranger contract is a good question but at the very least he is deserving of an AHL deal which the Rangers can convert into an NHL deal down the road IF Noreau earns it. The Rangers aren’t exactly swimming in defensive prospects which means they hopefully will think long and hard on Noreau.

  155. Have we traded Hank yet?

    You *DO NOT* trade your franchise goaltender unless he has no desire to sign. 8 years/$9.5-10M per is my guess. And before everybody gets into “cap going down” convo, next years cap is exactly what it was prelockout year. The numbers aren’t fully out until the playoffs are over, but from I’ve seen, it looks promising. Even if the league doesn’t grow at 7% per year, 5% per will make the cap over $80M in a few years.

  156. I am not saying he is the next Staal, but I think he could be a player down the road and maybe a fan favorite. Big guy that loves to take the body and drop the gloves, and is improving every year? Nothing is guaranteed, but having him as the 6th D with McIlrath playing on one of the other pairs and this team is far more physical on D… a few years down the road.

  157. Couple of comments.

    All this talk of Vigneault not being able to win with a better roster in Vancouver ignores one of the biggest problems he had there, big game goaltending issues. Instantly fixed with the Rangers, there’s not a better big game goaltender currently playing than Henke.

    Second, I’d love to see Luongo go to Jersey, he’d get them to the playoffs every year and then tank, also his contract and Kovalchuk’s would hamstring that club until LL’s retirement party.

    Third, what I hope happens is that Luongo goes to the Islanders after they buy out DiPietro. The irony of that whole deal would make whatever in-season success they had even more hilarious.

  158. So, now we know why Callahan was not himself for many of those games…pretty amazing that he still scores that game 7 goal…What a move…

  159. Andrew Gross ?@AGrossRecord 14m
    Timetable on Hagelin/Callahan recoveries is 4-5 months. So that would mean no training camp, possibly miss start of regular season.


  161. If I’m Sather, this is what I say to Henrik Lundqvist:

    “Don’t like the coach, huh? Don’t like the direction, huh? Well, sign here long term at a *discounted rate* and the team is YOURS…pick your coach, your UFA’s, you can even pick your captain…However, I am not firing John Tortorella because the goalie with a year left on his contract says to do so. Sign long and cheap, help the TEAM save money, and I will help you have whatever kind of team you want.”

  162. aneirin- what makes you think Luongo will fetch a big enough contract to hamstring the Devils? His buy out numbers would guarantee him more than $27M over 18 years. He is 34, he isn’t getting a huge contract again.

  163. “Salty, who said that?”

    the kid with the zuccarello picture next to his name

  164. Doodie Machetto on

    That’s funny because we had a whole discussion a couple of days ago about that, which was cut short by Torts’ firing.

  165. I’d love Luongo on NJD for a few years…keep the rivalry hot after Fat Marty retires.

  166. Doodie Machetto on

    “there’s not a better big game goaltender currently playing than Henke.”

    Jonathan Quick would beg to differ.

  167. ilb

    His current contract runs through 2022 at a 5.3 per cap hit. Vancouver will not buy him out, they’ll try to make aome kind of trade, even a bad one, which is why I think Brooklyn is a possibility.

  168. “R E N N Y ???????????? Seriously ???????

    Remember him? ( Been there – done that!)

    Only if you intend bringing back, er, ah, The Wizard of OZ.

  169. Doodie

    Jonathan Quick has a Cup, Henke has an Olympic gold and two SEL championships, maybe apples and oranges but Henke has won more championships so far than Quick.

  170. I don’t expect any generosity out of Lundqvist, but I’m Sather…I make sure I get what I want before I cut a good coach loose because of what my goalie might have said.

    Say whatever you want, Tortorella did not need to be fired 5 seconds after Henrik Lundqvist says so. A lot more thought should have been out into a decision like that. Clearly it was a move to fellate Henrik. If Sather is gonna do that, he should have made sure he was going to get a little something sweet in return.

    The team lost it’s best coach in decades, and there’s no guarantee that the guy who chased him out of town will even be here in a year.

  171. Doodie Machetto on

    It’s not apples and oranges. It’s apples and nothing. Nothing compares to the Stanley Cup playoffs. Nothing.

    Quick won the Conn Smythe and has been the best goaltender of these playoffs as well. In fact, if LA wins, he probably wins consecutive Conn Smythes.

  172. Doodie Machetto on

    Also, Lundqvist won all that stuff from 2006 and earlier. He hasn’t won many big games since.

  173. “Jonathan Quick has a Cup, Henke has an Olympic gold and two SEL championships, maybe apples and oranges but Henke has won more championships so far than Quick.”


    In that case, I’ve won more than both of them combined.

    Quick sure seems to step up to the plate in the playoffs…much younger too.

  174. Aneirin- respectfully disagree. His benefit recapture penalty is almost $14M, only for Vancouver. Plus, whatever the cap benefit penalty would be for the team he is traded to. I don’t think his contract is trade able.

  175. Doodie Machetto on

    Salty, I’m not sure. One of them might juggle. Then they would certainly have a lot of apples and oranges around.

  176. I can’t wait to see how Lundqvist likes the new coach he demanded. There’s a very real chance that John Tortorella might have brought him as close to a Cup as he’ll ever get.

  177. Doodie Machetto on

    Stefan Liv has three SEL championships! He must be right there with Lundqvist!

  178. Think you’re counting chickens when you only have eggs so far. And Henke is in his prime while playing for a team when most nights if he let in more than 2 goals, it was going to be a loss or tie. His stats the last two years have been astoundingly consistent and I frankly expect more of the same. Let’s see Quick do that for at least two consecutive years before you cackle.

  179. Oh, there I go again. That’s right, we drafted Petr Prucha 240th overall as a legitimate perennial 30 goal scorer with size.
    Sorry, I was so wrong.

    What’s your problem Salty?

  180. Doodie Machetto on

    aneirin, well, he did it once last year to get them into the playoffs, then was the team MVP during the playoffs, and was awarded the Conn Smythe trophy.

    Quick 1, Lundqvist 0.

    Then this year, he is again his team’s best player in the playoffs and has been the single best goaltender in the playoffs, leading in every single statistical category and by a pretty wide margin. In fact, there is an article on NHL.com today saying how Quick has been the best player in the playoffs so far.

    Quick 2, Lundqvist 0.

  181. ilb

    Which is why I don’t think he goes to Jersey, if traded, Vancouver would still be on the hook for part of the recapture but so would the team getting him. It makes it a hard trade but I think Vancouver is highly unlikely to do a buyout if there’s any hope of a trade. Some gm out there, with his job on the line, will bite, LL will not. If he does get bought out, sure everything’s up for grabs but that’s not an assumption I’ll make yet.

  182. Alex wasn’t a 30 goal scorer until he left the Rangers…and, it took him a few years to “get it” in Pitt

  183. Doodie

    Ten years ago, Jose Theodore was the next Patrick
    Roy. How’d that turn out.

    Quick hasn’t won the cup yet this year, even though you seem to be awarding it to him.

  184. Doodie Machetto on

    Luongo is getting bought out. The cap recapture is too poisonous. It would affect Vancouver as well as the team he gets traded to, so why would Vancouver take the penalty? He’s getting bought out.

  185. *Rob in Beantown*

    _Ryan Callahan and Carl Hagelin both underwent successful surgeries to repair torn labrums in their left shoulders_

    Cute of them to get to the same injury in the same shoulder. I wonder if they held hands during surgery



  186. So we will see who’s correct. Goalies just never get paid like a top flight scorer.

  187. Another thing to consider about Luongo- he isn’t playing until he is 44, that’s for sure. Therefore it’s a given that Vancouver, as well as another team, will pay the penalty. I believe they’ll buy him out. But yeas, there might be a crazy GM out there, no question.

  188. You guys realize that in your fantasy trades you have to GET BACK a top flight goaltender or else it’s totally worthless. (Doesn’t include Doodie)

  189. Why would Vancouver pay the buyout if they can make a trade, like I said, there are always desparate gm’s out there. Look what Sather did to get Dunham even though he was a mediocre goalie in a market where starting goaltenders habitually bring back second rounders at best. Someone will bite on the Luongo Legend and to a team like Vancouver the cap recapture is just cap space, a buyout is real money.

  190. Doodie Machetto on

    aneirin, we were talking big game goaltenders. Theodore never did anything in the playoffs. Quick has been nothing but terrific through one and a half playoff runs.

    Lundqvist has had a few brilliant games mixed in with a few clunkers.

  191. Doodie Machetto on

    aneirin, because they will get hit with the cap recapture penalty if and when Luongo retires. Real dollars are less valuable than cap dollars.

  192. Doodie Machetto on

    Vancouver isn’t a two bit franchise like Florida or Phoenix trying to scratch two dollars together. They have the money. They front-loaded his contract. They need the cap space to make a contender.

  193. Doodie Machetto on

    Oh, and Luongo has a little thing called a NTC which he would use to block a move to any city he doesn’t want to play for, severely limiting the potential number of trade partners. You know, like he refused to waive it last summer because he was holding out for a deal to a Florida team.

  194. bull dog line on

    if Vancouver buys out Luongo, and Hank g says he wants to play out contract. sign Luongo and trade Hank. I would not start the season with Hank unless he has signed extension. and if Hank were to be traded, the team to look at would be the Ducks.

  195. Hell, now that I think about it, the cap recapture hit might almost be seen by some teams as a benefit. They get Luongo for 4 or 5 years for an admittedly high payroll number, than he quits on them but the recapture hit stays on the books for x years, without having to actually pay out, you know, money. A team like Dem Bums or some other low payroll team who thinks they might be able to make a splash in the next couple of seasons would be made for him.

  196. I wonder if Cally played with that injury all season. Remember the injury early on

  197. Aneirin- makes no sense whatsoever. They will have to pay exactly the same amount upfront for which they get penalized in the future. How’s that beneficial?

  198. Doodie Machetto on

    “the team to look at would be the Ducks.”

    The Ducks already have two goaltenders making big dollars, plus John Gibson in the pipeline. The last thing they need is more goaltending.

  199. Doodie

    He took a very mediocre Montreal team on his back in the 2002 playoffs and beat the second best team in the league, Boston. A Boston team that a lot of people had going to the finals.

    Now given the curse Montreal has always had over Boston, that might not be so surprising in retrospect, but back then, he was de bomb.

  200. “without having to actually pay out, you know, money.”

    I’m pretty sure you still have to pay the money on a contract. It’s just as Doodie says, cap dollars are more valuable than real dollars…especially for teams that will always be printing money.

    I really wonder what Nashville plans to do with that Weber contract. $7.8M through 2026. Ouch for them.

  201. The time for the Canucks to make a trade with ANY sort of leverage has completely passed. Especially when they promised to make a trade and then didn’t. Twice.

  202. I think Vancouver is filled with buyers remorse over Luongo, and yes they have a large payroll but they are not a big market team like NY or Toronto, they have deep pockets but even guys with deep pockets get tired of having them picked.


    My thinking is that if you have a small market team that is a perennial out of the playoffs team who needs a goaltender, that upfront money might be thought of as a loss leader if it gets them into the show. The fact that the contract might pay for itself for those few years with po revenue and extra season tickets sold and then pay off in cheaper payroll for an even longer period while being able to say, ‘Hey, we gave it a real shot’, to the fans to keep them coming back is a win-win. But I’ve always been a devious sob in my thinking.

  203. Stranger Nation on

    You guys realize that in your fantasy trades you *have to GET BACK* a top flight goaltender or else it’s totally worthless. (Doesn’t include Doodie)
    Top flight goalies can only be traded for and you definitely need a top flight goalie to win a Cup, right??

    Goalie; PO Stats

    Niemi; 2.63 .910

    Ward,2.14 .920

    Fleury; 2.61 .908

  204. Salty

    If Luongo retires, the contract is void, they then only have the recapture penalty in Bettman dollars.

  205. Stranger Nation on

    Remember Cally scrap in Pitt game early in season with Talbot- grabbed shoulder and couldn’t lift arm after…was that the ‘event’ that caused it?

  206. Am I the only one to chuckle every time (and it’s often) that a sportswriter identifies Avery’s occupation as “Chief Strategic Officer? Most of these guys wouldn’t know a business from a Zamboni.

  207. The more that I look at Brooklyn’s situation, the more I think that it’s a perfect fit.

    They trade DiPietro’s buyout to Vancouver, that’s 4.5 off the books and the DiPietro buyout is cheaper than an assumed Luongo buyout for Vancouver plus maybe they get a draft pick. Nabokov’s money also comes off the books, that’s 2.75.

    So now you’re paying 6.3 for Luongo and sure DiPietro’s tab was probably picked up mostly by insurance but you still have to make up the cap space and to compound the problem, Thomas’ 5 million is also coming off. The cap floor will be 44 million next year and Dem Bums have 35 million committed to 15 players with no goaltenders but including DP’s 4.5 million. They need to sign a goaltender, they’re moving into a new arena in a year and want to sell tickets, they’ve got a young star and a tougher road to make the playoffs. Match made in heaven.

    And it has comic relief, just wish Milbury were still involved somehow.

  208. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    How can you guys honestly talk about briere or hossa when Horton could be out there?

  209. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I think regardless of the coach, you have to trade Staal to Carolina this offseason.

    There isn’t a D man on our roster I wouldn’t trade for bieksa

  210. Paul in sunrise on

    Messier wants to coach the rangers. Uh oh. Legacy done unless wins the cup.

  211. FWIW, I’ve been told by an organizational person that I have a better chance of being named coach and getting hit by lightning and winning powerball than of Sather hiring Keenan.

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