Callahan, Hagelin have shoulder surgery


From the Rangers:

SUCCESSFUL SHOULDER SURGERIES                                                                                    

New York, May 31, 2012 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that both Ryan Callahan and Carl Hagelin underwent surgery to repair a torn labrum in each of their left shoulders. The procedures were performed by Dr. Andrew Feldman earlier today at the NYU Langone Medical Center’s Hospital for Joint Diseases in Manhattan.

Callahan registered 16 goals and 15 assists for 31 points, along with 12 penalty minutes and a plus-nine rating in 45 games this season. He led the team in hits (154) and power play goals (six), ranked third in goals, and fourth in points. He also ranked 11th in the NHL in hits, tied for 19th in power play goals, and led all league forwards in blocked shots (66).

The Rangers’ Captain captured the Players’ Player Award for the third consecutive year, and the Steven McDonald Extra Effort Award for the fourth time (2008-09, 2009-10, 2011-12). He tied his career-high with a Rangers’ season-high, seven-game point streak to end the season (five goals, six assists over the span), and tallied 16 points (seven goals, nine assists) in the final 14 games. Callahan also reached several milestones this season, including his 200th career NHL point on January 29 vs. Philadelphia, 100th career NHL assist on April 1 vs. Winnipeg, and his 400th career NHL game on April 18 vs. Florida.

Hagelin registered 10 goals and 14 assists for 24 points, along with 18 penalty minutes and a plus-10 rating in 48 games this season. He was one of four Rangers to appear in all 48 games, and established career-highs in average time on ice (17:18) and shots on goal (132). Hagelin ranked sixth on the team in points and goals, third in shots, and tied for fifth in plus/minus rating.

The Rangers posted a record of 14-2-1 when he tallied a point, 8-1-1 when he registered a goal, and 5-0-1 when he registered two or more points. Hagelin posted a career-high, five-game point streak from February 10 vs. Tampa Bay to February 19 vs. Montreal (five goals, three assists over the span), including a career-high, four-game goal streak from February 10 to February 17 vs. Washington (five goals). In addition, Hagelin skated in his 100th career NHL game on April 3 vs. Pittsburgh, and notched his first career NHL playoff goal on May 2 at Washington.





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  1. Look here..World’s greatest blog..the greatest in the world. which means we’re better than just #1!

  2. Another chapter in the Sather-Messier saga. Before this latest, there was the old guy’s pushback against Mess’s designs on running the front office sooner rather than later.

    Now Messier has clearly thrown his hat into the ring with purpose to several media allies —- which may be seen by Sather as trying to box him in before he has a chance to consider the alternatives.

    If Mess does not get the job? I think the strains between these two men will become unworkable going forward.

  3. Callahan is pretty remarkable if he played with a torn labrum since January. It was Talbot of Philly he got in a scrum with.

  4. Reports or Gretz being interested too. As for Messier, it’s concerning to me. Especially if Sather was foreshadowing with some of his comments and responses. In Mess he undoubtedly sees a leader. one that would be great with the younger guys and conduct himself most professionally on and off camera. And obviously he’s a guy that would know his stuff when it comes to getting players’ emotions and efforts where they need to be come post season…It may very well happen.

  5. Paul in sunrise on

    Ok. This team has a window but hey do we think there is a closing window. Maybe it’s just opening. Maybe the king will be great for 8 more years. I mean that brodeur guy still played well for a long time after 32 years old. Maybe the window starts now. Getting through and developing some players. Nah. No window. It’s been closed since 94

  6. Paul in sunrise on

    Add your dream team

    TGO head coach
    The Captain assistant coach
    #2 assistant coach

    Could it be true?


  7. Starting to think the media roll-out of this thing could mean it is already done. Who would be Mess’s bench coach? If this happens, never will such a supporting role be more important than it would be here.

    Showbiz is all that matters at MSG. Winning is an afterthought.

  8. I can’t see TGO being interested, but I have to admit, the prospects of Gretzky, Messier and Leetch behind the bench is just awesome to think about.

    Granted it has potential disaster written all over it, but for nostalgic purposes, I think it would be AWESOME

  9. Players tweets – absolutely no mention of Torts or good wishes for his future. Not to hear a polite shout out from even one tells you that the old Dolan/Sather strangle-hold is alive and well. Only at MSG could this happen. Can’t imagine in the wide-world of sports anywhere else.

  10. we are sadly becoming a three ring circus with gretzky messier and perhaps leetch. whos next zubov for the pp.

    this is why i am so negative towards the team i live for. they are clueless

  11. I’m with you Eric. It’ll give the media 100 years worth of writing material but we’ll be trapped in the 94th circle of hell…if you know what I mean…

  12. “If Mess does not get the job? I think the strains between these two men will become unworkable going forward.”

    “Starting to think the media roll-out of this thing could mean it is already done.”


  13. Saltey

    If you believe that there has been no tension between Messier’s ambitions and Sather’s desire to stay in power till he’s 112, you may not be delusional but you would be wrong.

  14. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Ok, clearly I’ve missed a few things…what did messier say?

    Have the rangers come out and said who they have or will interview?

    No it isn’t!

  15. BickelsPickle on

    It’s not all that difficult to play with a torn labrum if you still work out the muscles surrounding your tear.

    Source: have a torn labrum

  16. Good point about Horton, Wick. But, I’d be shocked if he makes it to July 1…

  17. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Amidst all the hoopla about bringing in The Messiah, an inexperienced coach, but a great broadway story for those who know nothing about hockey (those that do have to scoff at this silly idea), one of the league’s smart GM’s did something that illustrates the difference between him and an awful GM like Sather.

    As stated on

    “The 33-year-old Regehr would have been an unrestricted free agent this summer, but general manager Dean Lombardi previously said he would aggressively attempt to re-sign Regehr before free agency….. and the Kings are grateful to have a stable veteran presence on the back end.”

    POINT 1: Lombardi isn’t just throwing 6 guys together and saying ‘play’. He has a plan. He wanted a defensive, crease clearing, stay at home defenseman. He has other d-men that needed to be complemented.

    POINT 2: He gave up 2, not 3 draft picks.

    POINT 3: He actually went after the guy BEFORE his value might have become inflated by free agency to re-sign him.

    All pretty logical concepts but foreign to our GM. Lessons on how to build a top flight team. By Dean Lombardi.

  18. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Manny, I agree with you in that I am not ready to give up on MDZ, especially with a new coaching style coming in. He seemed to have lost some confidence through the course of this season. Pretty tentative at the end. If value is out there, it needs be considered but he is still a kid and may respond with positive reinforcement.

  19. I would love to believe that Mess will be a great coach, but shouldn’t pay his dues coaching juniors, AHL, WHL, be an assistant coach for an NHL team? Something? Seems a bit rash to throw him into the fire all green. Remember Bryan Trottier’s hand-written letter? How’d he work out?

    Mess very well could be a great coach–but give the brother a chance let him cut his teeth in an environment a little less stressful than MSG for his first gig.

    Somebody mentioned the coach from Yale. I know nothing about him other than he won a championship this year. But the reasons the poster gave, made him sound like an interesting choice.

    Really curious to see what happens. Not too excited by the free agents this year but am curious to see if the move any body to get a draft pick in this deep draft.

  20. Some trade, I think has to be coming. If they re-sign Zucc do they need Hags, Fast, Thomas and St. Croix?

    I like MDZ and think he has not come close to his potential. When he’s on he creates offense and gets under people’s skin with his physical play.Has Moore made MDZ expendable? McIrather looked good in the few edited together 20 second clips I’ve seen, but I have no idea is he has a chance at the NHL next year, if he does, the d could be interesting.
    If a new coach can get the best out of Kreider, Miller and Brassard, the Rangers might be a much better team next season. So many if’s.

  21. Messier might want to be GM but he’s not going to piss and cry and run away from MSG forever if Glen Sather doesn’t give him this coaching job…and it’s not going to “ruin their relationship”.

    Glen Sather also didn’t suddenly kick Tortorella out of town because Messier woke up and decided he was ready to be an NHL coach now.

    Sather has pushed the coaching job on Messier before and Messier refused it. Even if their relationship was as fragile as it is in your imagination, Messier would have no grounds to be upset with Sather. He’s already had his chance to coach this team and he turned it down.

    Sather may give this job to Messier…but it wouldn’t be because Sather is afraid of losing Messier’s friendship or ties. If anything making Messier coach is basically throwing their relationship in the trash, because as Sather put it 48 hours ago “all coaches have a shelf life”, and rookiecoach Messier is no different.

  22. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Messier watched from his sky box and saw plenty of things he didnt like…

  23. “Messier watched from his sky box and saw plenty of things he didnt like…”

    Like the price of beer and the low quality high cost nachos!

  24. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    E3, right you are again. Two of the playoff games I was at, I saw both of them laughing and talking up in a sky box. Couldn’t see if anyone else was in there with them.

  25. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I don’t think he makes it either!

    I trade the mad bomber in a heartbeat! No t because I don’t like him because I do, but something has to give on that blueline and they are not nearly aggressive or tough enough. To me, the mad bomber is the odd man out!

  26. If Messier is head coach you think Leetch and Gretzky would be his assistants? They’d probably like that.

  27. Hey, need some help…in what game in the Sens vs Habs series did things come to a head and get “out of hand”, shooting pucks at guys, etc….I gotta get a look at all of that.

  28. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Let’s brink back Esa Tikkanen. Surely he could give some advice, too.

    “Hilde, hulde, d’wonna booby”

  29. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    The Edmonton folks move to NYC and win a cup under tutelage of Smith and Keenan, 1994. Then silly MSG management ‘thinks’ these guys can win cup after cup and bring in a litany of players followed by the awful GM, Sather, in 2000. Of course, they don’t win anything, missing the playoffs for 5 years, blaming Smith, his predecessor.

    In an attempt to twist fortune, the GM, out of sorts, brings in the same cast that won a cup her in NYC, Messier, Leetch, Graves along with his old stalwart, The Great One, and prays it will do something, because surely his player and coach picking hasn’t.

    (OK… finish the story…I am laughing too hard)….

  30. So…between Mess and Gretz, if both are hired, how do they decide who will be the head coach and who will be the assistant? Gretz definitely beats Mess in coaching experience and in all time stats, but Mess beats Gretz in leadership qualities and I bet Mess looks a lot better naked than Gretz.

    Tough decision.

  31. Let me say this about Messier/Gretzky/Leetch names being bandied about last day or two. More often than not the best coach in hockey is the one who spent more time sitting on the bench/watching from above, as opposed to someone who played huge minutes because he was a great player. I see it more of an attempt to recreate a romantic atmosphere in the Garden rather than giving this team the best chance to win. Let’s hope Hank doesn’t see it this way too.

  32. There needs to be some kind of NHL Rooney Rule that would mean Glen Sather has to interview at least one candidate who has no previous connection to Glen Sather.

  33. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Coach D Sutter: “Dubbly doobly doop dum dee”

    Soon to be Assistant Coach E Tikkanen: “Hilde hulde halde…”

  34. Rob in Beantown on

    Messier/Gretzy/Leetch would be a poor trio lacking in coaching fundamentals. If Messier does get the job, which I still hope he won’t, he’s going to need two Xs and Os wonky guys with coaching experience as assistants to draw up plays and run practices for him, at least until he gets the hang of it himself.

  35. Mess and Leetch could be Asst. Coaches. Please don’t let them be head coach. Please.

    H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks to GRETZKY being involved. NO, NO, NO.

  36. Rob in Beantown on

    It’s all about balancing out your weaknesses with somebody else’s strengths. Messier is a great leader. That’s his strength, so his bench would be all set in that category. They’d need a wonky guy with coaching experience to balance him out in that category, cause he’s never had to prove he can do that before.

    But I still think Messier is a terrible idea.

  37. I’m thinking that the Rangers should go after one of the college coaches for a couple of reasons.

    First, these guys are used to coaching fundamentals, which the Ranger team seemed to forget.

    Second, they’re not a rehash of just fired coaches who couldn’t get it done with other teams. They just might have some new ideas – some fresh approaches.

  38. Boys, I know great players don’t necessarily become great coaches but let’s be serious; Ruff or Vineualt or Eakins come here, are we winning the Cup? No one can say that for sure and these guys have coaching pedigree. Sather hasn’t been able to formulate a championship team in 13 years so why would you expect it to happen next year or the year after that? Mess &/or Gretzky with Leetch or Booooook as an assistant? Makes great theater and great entertainment!! And no one can question their experience at playing the game and how that would command the players attention. I say, who cares if Mess has no coaching experience and that TGO did a lousy job coaching a lousey Phoenix team!!! Bring ’em on and let’s enjoy the ride!!! This team isn’t going anywhere soon. Heck, 1 Cup in over 60 years? C’mon, let’s be real.

  39. Artie – I see nothing exciting about watching Messier, Gretzky or Leetch standing behind the bench during the game. It’s the product on the ice that I want to see and I don’t have a whole lot of confidence that those guys can improve it.

  40. Any group of students needs to be reminded of fundamentals every now and again. You need a teacher who knows that subject well. At a pro level, however, the same teacher also needs to teach them how to progress to different levels, way above fundamentals.

  41. If after careful analysis, Sather decides to hire Messier or Gretzky as the “head” coach, then that would mean that he thinks coaching has absolutely no bearing whatsoever on the success or failure of a team.

  42. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    There is only one man the rangers should consider. John Muckler. Now you are all going to think – but e3, he’s dead. True, but how many teams have ever had a corpse as coach/manager? Maybe its time to go in another direction….A stiff on broadway is the way to go.

  43. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    There is a brilliant know it all, on this blog, in hindsight, that also should be considered…

  44. Czechthemout!!! on

    Well , it certainly explains Cally’s substandard play in the playoffs. Hags on the other hand played well enough that you could not notice a drop off really. These guys probably wont be ready until the end of October so there is a great opportunity for Fast, Lindberg, Thomas and St.Croix to show what they’ve got. I am still holding out hope for Andrew Yogan. Great size, good skater,is physical just needs to stay healthy and put it all together. Guys like him turn out to be be the Bickell’s and Strahlbergs of the world that we look to sign for 3 milion. Really hope he takes the next step.

    I am torn about Mess being coach. He will forever hold a special place in most fans heart for delivering what so many before him promised but failed to do. He can teach a guy like Nash many things. How to be tough and not let your self get pushed around. The patented Messier elbow for instance. Same with Step and Kreider who is developing a strong physical game. The great thing about Mess is that he has not failed in most of the things he has tried. That is a big plus. They do however need to bring in an assistant coach to teach what Messier will be preaching. That is a puck possesion, fast team that can put the puck in the net while being responsible on defense. Mess’s philosophy on Hockey is quite simple really. If you have a fast skating team that can control the puck 70-75% of the time, you will score a lot and not give up much. That of course means that you will win! Kind of what the Wings have done now for the better part of 20 years. It works now, and it worked with the Oilers back than.

    That said, I am still very much intrigued with Doug Weight. I think he will be a great coach!

  45. Kidding aside, Muckler is only 79. So is Scotty Bowman. Emile Francis is mere 86 yr old. Can you say experience ? :)

  46. Rob in Beantown on

    No craft beer festival for me, sadly :(

    I will have to live vicariously too

  47. Of course, eddie. NYR should consider him for several positions to be fulfilled at once, including general manager, head coach, director of player personnel, and director of professional scouting, to name a few.

  48. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Czech – one thing is for if Mess is coach – the dump and chase era would no longer be in vogue.

  49. Yeah, CTO, Carp-Muckler interviews would make Brooks-Torts interactions look like a preschoolers on playground feud.

  50. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Latona – can you imagine the pressers?

    Reporter – tonight you lost what happened?

    Him – I will tell you in a few days after I’ve had a chance to hindsight it.

    Reporter – why don’t you try to be more present tense?

    Him – clearly you understand how hindsight works!!

  51. Czechthemout!!! on


    The new buzz words will be ” skate,pass,shoot,score,take him out, knock him down,clear the crease”

    No more jam,rim,grind,boards,wall,stiff.

  52. Czechthemout!!! on


    Best thing that could happen to the NHL is if a team could win the Cup playing a similar brand of Hockey as the Blackhawks,and dirty birds play it. This is a copy cat league. Watching teams like the Rangers, Coyotes, and several others makes your eyes bleed from bordom.

  53. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Czech – it’s not just boring – but also ineffective. My wife would constantly ask “why do the rangers just give the puck away?” I would say “no idea”

  54. Mark Messier should go pay his dues and coach in the minors or juniors (or as an assistant) if he wants to be an NHL head coach. If Messier is named coach, that would be good for the nostalgia of 1994 but probably not a good thing for the coach to learn on the job…

  55. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ilb – she doesn’t play chess either :) – but she watched the rangers play and recognized what they were doing was adismal.

  56. _If after careful analysis, Sather decides to hire Messier or Gretzky as the “head” coach, then that would mean that he thinks coaching has absolutely no bearing whatsoever on the success or failure of a team._

    Inclined to agree, but has anyone managed to identify _anything_ that Sather thinks has a bearing on the success and failure of a team in the last 13 years?

  57. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If messier had a wonkish x’s and o’s guy implementing his thoughts it could work…

  58. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If messier is hired, it will only be in hindsight as to whether or not it was a smart move…

  59. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JR – “success and failure are filaments of your imagination. Winning and not losing are the two things that matter most”

  60. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Comma, Dali Lama, I love drama, bahama bomba, rumba is the dance, of romance, take a chance, name is lance, watch me prance, freelance, batter’s stance…


  61. Will the new coach be implicit in what is happening during a potential Ranger disaster? Or more accurately, what is not happening. ;)

  62. JanetGretzky on

    Who wants to BET , that my Waynie gets the coaching job OMG. AC and Fox woods a stone throw away , and a part in Bway play for my gorgeous daughter.

  63. I said it before and I will say it again. There is one ex-player that could coach this team. *CABER*

  64. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Engblom as coach, JR as assistant, and a rock to serve as the brain…

  65. Haha! Manny, I love it. He would make a good coach…maybe show our boys how to effectively play a 2-on-1 or how to rip a blast from the point…

  66. Stranger Nation on

    Richards seen saddling up at Belmont for a quick work out this am and then off to Deep Dale for 18.

  67. Stranger Nation on

    Torts last see in Central Park riding around on a Tricycle with his dog pulling him around

  68. Stranger Nation on

    Mess: Is that all you got out there?

    Nash: Ah…Ah…well…well…um…umm

    Mess: You keep babbling like that, I will take that mouthpiece and jam it down your throat!

  69. Roger Neilson on

    Fire this CLOWN (Messeir)… Players won’t play for his BS and quite frankly, we are out of clinex

  70. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    SNation – torts as the jockey riding Richards could work…the only fear is he’d go to the whip once “riders up” is called.

  71. Stranger Nation on

    Ex3 – Torts would ‘jam’ the rail and ‘grind’ it out down the stretch.

  72. Stranger Nation on

    Drury is going to be team caterer – free pizza when they score more than 4 goals for the team!!

  73. In all seriousness, I am still pretty upset that Torts got fired. The Rangers “country club” culture changed in under a season when he came here. During his reign, players that didn’t fit the new mold were given chances to perform but were quickly tossed if they couldn’t play Torts style or didn’t agree with him (Zherdev, Wolski, EC, Redden, Avery, etc.). He created an identity for the Rangers. And, he wanted the Rangers to respect the city and the fans and the history. “Don’t step on the logo” was about pride.

    Did Hank come to the decision to talk to Sather during the season and was he waiting to do it? I don’t know. The whole thing stinks because it hurts the equilibrium in the room (if there even was any). A lot of players loved Torts and were good soldiers for him. And, it seems to me some players suddenly felt like they could not play for him anymore. It seems reactionary by both the players to complain and management to fire Torts after a loss in the 2nd round to a superior opponent. While the Rangers just might have been out-coached, they were certainly outplayed…

  74. Yeah it’s always nice when your coach forces you to adjust to himself rather than adjusting himself to the players (you know, those guys who actually play) he has. (S)

  75. Whoa, whoa, whoa, stop the clock! Are the Kings/Hawks seriously playing on back to back days? What the fugg?

    I thought Pens/B’s were on tonight, then the other series tomorrow. It’s the conference finals, why rush the series?

  76. Olga Folkyerself on

    My first response to “don’t step on the Logo” would be “Get the effin’ Logo off the effin’ floor, stupid.”

  77. Perfect solution

    Gretzky coaches Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
    Messier coaches Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays
    The players coach themselves on Sundays
    Unless it’s an afternoon game then Sather steps in
    All practices are optional for the coaches
    But mandatory for the players
    For the playoffs, the coach with the most wins gets the nod for the first round
    If they go past one round, they bring in Low
    If they go to the finals
    They wheel in Muckler
    After all he has the most experience

  78. Stranger Nation on

    It will be interesting to see post-haste in retrospect and hindsight what actually transpired.
    Slats may very well have thrown the players under the bus with Torts figuring it would
    a – put more pressure on them to perform
    b – shine the light on them and not the bozo running the place
    c – make it a very convenient excuse and leave his accountability out of the decision “see they wanted him out, not me” type of mindset

    Time will tell as with all of these types of decisions, don’t expect any insight from Glen, JD and the rest of the clown car known as MSG Ranger Mngt.

  79. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    The only way I am ok with Messier being head coach is if his assistants were Scotty Bowman, Mike Babcock, and Larry Robinson.

  80. Larry Brooks had it right in today’s Post when he said ” the Rangers would not be hiring Messier to play center or be captain like in 1991, but to be coach in 2013. Gretzky and Messier’s desire to be coach is driven by ego and would be a serious mistake by both of them to pursue this further. They are revered and adored right now by the fan base. The risk/reward is not in their favor. I would look to hire Dallas Eakins or Lindy Ruff as our next coach. Coaching is not really a glamorous occupation.

  81. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    It would be pretty cool, though, to see Messier give Walkom one of his patented “made for Mike Modano” elbows if he disagreed with a call on one of his players!!

  82. By the way, you got to admire Cally for playing reasonably injured for this period of time. That’s the epitome of “guts” and being a captain.

  83. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    Good luck to Hank for suggesting that Torts go. Yup, let’s take this mish mosh of a roster and play offense first hockey. This year, with a purely defensive system, Hank got shelled with ‘look out’ shots (“Hey, Hank, lookout, here comes another one!!”) when they played good teams all the time.

    In a contract year, if the team in front of him goes offense first, he better be prepared to see that save %age and GA take a mighty climb upward!! Not a good thing for negotiations.

  84. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    Cally is about 4 inches and 40 pounds shy, but he is one hell of a gutsy guy, no doubt. He is a great captain with a huge heart.

  85. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    It’s going to be interesting what our GM does with Richards now that Torts is gone. Either way, this is the kind of decision that makes a GM look bad.

  86. King with no Ring on

    With a new system and potentially less team blocked shots, I do not expect Lundqvist to continue having Vezina award-winning seasons.

  87. Not Stepping/Spitting on the logo plays a large role in the movie “Goon” so it must be a crucial part of a hockey team.


  88. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ricardo- you actually don’t think Engblom should be considered? In terms of IQ, no one holds a candle to that bright bulb.

  89. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    Now that the coach has been fired, the decision on who to pick to replace him is quite weighty. I don’t envy, but certainly don’t feel sorry for, Sather. He has created his own mess.

    I’d be lying if I didn’t say that part of me wants the wrong choice to be made and the team have a sloppy year. The chants of ‘Fire Sather’ coming from the rafters, if this team doesn’t make the PO’s, might be so loud that even Dolan would have to hear them.

    Depending on who the new coach is, the MSG fans may not be so understanding with underperformance next year.

  90. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    Next summer………

    Sather: “well, well, Hankie….your goals against has ballooned to 4.32 and your save percentage is .891. Surely, you can’t blame those stats on the new coach or the offense first system you wanted? How about $2M for 5 years, Hankie?”

  91. Rob in Beantown on

    No stepping on the logo sent an important message about team pride, but in hindsight the “no skating on the logo” rule was a little foolish

  92. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Matty – I’d extend Richards 3 more years at 8+ M. If he plays this well at 33, by his 40’s he’s still better than most players from the 60’s.

  93. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Martty – hanks GAA average likely will go down given the next coach won’t have all 5 skaters in the crease screening him.

  94. “In all seriousness, I am still pretty upset that Torts got fired.”

    I was surprised at first because I thought Torts deserved a full season, but then after listing the things that I didn’t much care for while watching this team play, I’m kind of relieved that he’s gone.

    Among the things that drove me batty:
    The power play!
    Seeing three forwards below the goal line and nobody in front of the net.
    The power play!
    The sliding to block shots and passes. Get rid of the snow angels.
    The power play!
    The dumping the puck out of the zone even when they had time and space to carry or pass the puck up ice.
    The freakin’ power play!
    The appearance of making all players play that defensive game whether it played to their strengths or not.
    Have I mentioned the power play?
    The adjustment made to counter the opposition was shuffling lines rather changing style of play.

    I’m sure there’s more that I’m not thinking of at the moment, but after listing the things that bugged me about this team I have no bad feelings at watching Torts leave.

  95. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts should consider the Olympic swimming coach for his next job. He knows the breast stroke pretty well.

  96. rangers will turn into the jets and mets by the time this is done with this coach.

    really messier gretzky perhaps leetch as an assitant. like i stated earlier whos next zubov for pp and richer replacning allaire

  97. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Wicky – all 4 teams remaining play dump and chase exclusively. Watch the pens especially close. They never carry the puck. It’s cross the red line and dump it in. The pens PP is nothing but dump it in and scoot after it…

  98. Wick – you notice I didn’t mention the dump and chase. It’s OK to utilize the dump and chase, but not by having all of your forwards behind the goal line so that they other team can break out of the zone easily.

  99. orr

    reason why there are both games tonight is united center in chicago was booked last night and they didnt want to start west series tom because they want both series done by wednesday june 12th assuming thats why u see both potential game 7 on same night so they could start cup final on nbc sat june 15th at 8pm for nbc and hockey night in canada. also nbc wants 3rd round of us open golf fathers day weekend june 15th as a lead in to game 1 of cup final that night. the last possible date of cup final is friday june 28th with the draft 2 days later on the 30th in newark.

  100. King with no Ring on

    the Rangers are the Mets and Jets, sadly. it is difficult for me being a fan of all three teams.

  101. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I loved mess as a player, not so sure I want him as a coach.

    IF he’s was names as coach, I would love to see Eakins and bueke or Patrick as assistants

  102. Those gutless underperformers should have had bypass surgery.

    Perhaps then they could understand that “big hearts” not soft heads and queasy stomachs looking at everyone but themselves for answers has figured out!

    Claude Julien understands as he noted when asked about Torts coaching again, “he’ll be back”.

    And could have added “as I was”.

  103. How many coaches does it take for some fans to figure out that wishing for competence at any level is useless when the fish rots from the head?

    Fire the useless GM who allows losers to dictate policy!

  104. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Common sense – just one comment – is it Sather’s fault that the rangers’ D men continually flopped on the ice making snow angels?

  105. King with no Ring on

    The fish rots from the head of Slats.

    Lundqvist distinguished himself this past week by facilitating the firing of Tortorella. Lundqvist does not have that squeaky clean image anymore.

    Whatever coach Slats decides to hire is not going to have as much success as Tortorella did.

  106. BoringSalmonShoeshineBoy on

    Petty, Petty, Petty.

    Looks like you and the gang are committed to the Doctor
    Dentons forever. Yukkk.

    The guy you are presently stabbing (back, front, wherever – take lessons from the head shoeshine lawyer-boy?) is not a lot different from most here, including the Unfunny Gang of Four.
    Sometimes says stupid things, but sometimes doesn’t.
    And he OFTEN takes a stand against conventional wisdom before anyone else does, and sometimes proves to have the best eyes in that particular gossipfest.

    He is consistently more interesting than the four Dentons put together (although P Bear sometimes gets out of his PJs and actually says something worth pondering).

    I sometimes wannna tell your present Mope of Choice to stop defending a bad position (he once said Krejci was a throwaway- ouch!!!).

    Get it?

  107. I have no problem with the system Torts played. He got the most out of this bunch. They went through walls for him and overachieved. He built the attitude we always wanted from our team. But eventually your head hurts from all those walls, and when your reward is getting berated and humiliated you ask yourself why. At that point it’s over. Hank did the right thing.

  108. Carp, any truth to the rumor circulating that Slats will be getting a forced retirement after the draft?

  109. My picks for the Conference finals, in case we go that way,

    Kings in 6
    Penguins in 5

  110. Edward the Third,

    A coach, any coach molds the clay he is given.

    If that clay is of an inferior quality he makes do whilst attempting to place them in a position not to fail.

    When the clay is more soft than simply malleable he must contend with doo doo!

    Caca will float as many of the Ranger over rated D do!

    I’m hoping your intent was to elicit a little sarcasm which I have in ample quantity and willingly provide at the slightest request.

    Bless you my son and btw are you one of those 4 fellows a previous poster was railing against? ;)

  111. I feel honored to be a member of the Gang of Four. But like Chin Gigante, I am always in my PJ’s – rules of the nursing home.

  112. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Common sense – I understand your point – but torts could have tried coaching/teaching just a little – once in awhile, eh?

    No arguing slats is a moron.

    And yes, that cryptic – not cryptic – cryptic – not cryptic message referred to me among others –

  113. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    And bless you too – bless all of you

    Papa – kings and bruins in 6

  114. But Cmsense, are you not a card carrying member of the DelZotto fan club? Is he part of the doo doo and caca you speak of?

  115. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Amazing that MDZ showed more as an 18 year old than he does today…he was never stellar in his own end… but now he is just horrid…

  116. Edward, at the risk of seeming to patronize you, you are far too enlightened as both a hockey fan and a serious intellect to believe that any coach in any sport can teach at the professional level when his job depends on winning.

    One may not agree with this coach’s style but historically when “men” are involved in any endeavor they rightly perceive the instructors intent as tough love. and respond accordingly.

    “Men” respond to this method short of physical abuse, although a little corporal punishment occasionally does wonders.Think of Marine Corps boot camp!

    Pansies whine! ;)

  117. Rob in Beantown on

    Everyone’s made up their minds that Lundqvist got Tortorella fired, but is there any actual evidence that he had anything to do with it? Or are we basing this all off of gossip and conjecture?

  118. Paul in sunrise on

    I looked it on Wikipedia so it must be accurate but slats had no coaching experience prior to taking over the WHA oilers 6 years before they win it all. Not that I am willing to wait six years but coaching experience means nothing to slats. He hired trottier off an essay. He will hire who he wants whether we agree or not. If its messier and they win he cup forget about it. Messier for governor.

  119. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Common sense – you aren’t patronizing – no worries – but I disagree that a professional cannot learn or be taught. Take tennis players for example – every top player in the world, save Federer, has a coach in a sport where the individual stands alone – surely teaching takes place – perhaps not the strokes itself, but tactics and strategy most certainly…

  120. Papa, Yes I do believe in the right environment MDZ will prove out to be a more than adequate D.

    Let’s assume he were in an environment where the coach turns him loose on offense and says, “go for it and make something happen,when you do we will cover your patootie’. MDZ has good skating skills, can be elusive as a set up man and has a good but erratic shot.

    Now don’t choke on your Crown Royal but sort of like Paul Coffey, at least in the objective?

    The problem here is our D is a hybrid D with (redundancy) no clear out, mean sob D to keep people honest. Our D is comprised of finesse players who must then resort to sacrificing their bodies to do what their less than formidable bodies can not.

    MDZ is not the clear out guy nor is he the Coffeyman, but in the right environment as any player must be, he will be better than we have seen here. Here he is asked and expected to do what he is not capable of.

    And that my friend is not due to a lack of coaching, but by not being placed in position to do what he’s best suited for.

  121. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Back to tennis for a minute… Ling after McEnroe was #1 in the world, he went back to his childhood coach, Tony Palifax (sp) because he needed instruction to play the way he used to play….Pros, even the greatest in the world, can always learn and improve. Torts should have ranted less and taught more. Watching him whenever the camera caught him – he was one constant eye roll – absolutely ridiculous…

  122. Edward, indeed “tactics and strategy”, but tactics and strategy in the context of a team sport require the components to implement tactics and strategy>

    So the ultimate question here as always is was this coach provide with the product required to compete for a Cup?

    Carp, has already voiced his opinion in a previous thread.

    Quote, “do you think the Rangers could have competed with any of the final four or five with this roster”?

    Carp will allow a little dramatic license I’m sure, but who doubts it’s accuracy?

    Sather may or may not be impotent with regard to this episode, but he alone is the reason why we are 13&none during his reign of error as were the Oilers after he lost his all world team.

    He is unfit for the job by any stretch of the imagination and were it not for the arrogance and supreme disdain of the fan base by the dwarf would have been dismissed years ago!

    We’ve had players coaches and perhaps a martinet but we still have the same incompetent hack at the top!

  123. “As far as I’m Concerned ” This rag tag team has no star quality , we had Jackomin and we got are butts kicked in the flyers and the bruins.

  124. Eddie, Eddie, Eddie, and the opposite is also true, as witness the attempted batting “advice” of Yankee coach Kevin Long with Jeter, Tex, Grandy etc.

    Repeat after me, “was this roster as provided for by mgmt. capable of winning a Cup this year or any year since Sappy bribed his way into the job”?

    Yes, I’ll agree that some “coaching” may be useful in certain and minimal circumstances.

    But having reached the pinnacle of any sport what you see is what you get.

    The only thing I’ve ever witnessed that overcomes this is incredible physical talent which allows a player to overcome technical faults and general smarts.

    Numerous “old timers” played the game half in the bag and made it work! ;)

  125. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Common sense – I agree the rangers skill set is far below that of the gang of 4, but Torts did not optimize the talent he did have… We can disagree – but, fact of the matter is that a change was made and I think it is for the best…

  126. Yes, a lot has been written that Henrik’s sort of lukewarm answer to signing an extension was what got Torts fired. I doubt that. I think Lundqvist was just giving a truthful answer – that his agent takes care of the contract negotiating and that they’ll have to discuss what it is that they’ll be asking for.

    The prevailing speculation is that there were quite a few players that didn’t give Torts a ringing endorsement and, therefore, his ouster.

    I doubt if we’ll ever really find out the truth.

  127. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Common sense – as I mentioned, whenever the TV cameras caught torts – he made faces that reeked of utter disgust. That was the public view of torts. I bet he ranted like a mad man in the room. In fact, he could probably benefit by talking to a therapist so as to deal with some of those demons…

  128. Emile, true, true but remember it was “you” who traded Curt Bennett to the Flames for Ron Harris after he put a hurt on a few players.

    Emile you never liked tough guys which is why you could not compete with the league “bullyboys” of yore.

    Dale Rolfe will contact you shortly wherever you may be for an in depth review! ;)

  129. King with no Ring on

    Was it not all gossip and conjecture that Tortorella was to remain head coach of the Rangers?

  130. Edward, my nature is to hit the “lob” back but I too will respectfully agree to disagree………….because , “optimizing talent” in the end depends on the talent, all the talent.

    And without the Quisling goalie they would be a lottery team.

    Now what if anything besides some MSG pap do you believe they will do to actually improve the roster?

  131. Carp, re: Torts demons.

    Perhaps you could persuade him to become a regular contributor and poster on the LoHud team.

    Demons are always welcome and he would find much company here! ;)

  132. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Common sense – agreed. Remember tho, there are demons and there are demons…:)

  133. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I am Kenny – go kings – go hawks – go bruins – any team but the penguins

  134. “One day I feel so happy,
    Next day I feel so sad.
    I guess I’ll learn to take the good with the bad

    ‘Cause each night I ask the stars up above
    Why must I be a teenager in love?”

  135. “A teenager’s romance is fickle or true
    A teenager’s romance is red hot or blue
    You’re either in misery or high on a crest
    A teenager’s romance is like all the rest.

  136. “So young
    Can’t marry no one
    I’m I’m I’m so young
    I’m I’m I’m so young
    I’m I’m I’m so young
    Can’t marry no one”

  137. “Hey, put me in, Coach – I’m ready to play – today;
    Put me in, Coach – I’m ready to play – today;
    Look at me, I can be
    Power Play!”

  138. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I wonder wonder wonder wonder who, who wrote the book of love?

    Chapter 1 says to love her, you love her with all your heart.

    Chapter 2 You tell her you’re never never never never gonna part…

    Ch 3 you break up, the meaning of romance?

    Ch 4 you tell her, you’ll give her one more chance…

  139. Kenny – Drove My Chevvy to the Levity. A little lemonade on a warm, dusty day in Gotham. :)

  140. By the way, a caddy I know was working a group including Richards and Eminger on Wednesday (Rangers? Golf? May? A tradition like no other) when the word came that Torts was toast. Apparently the joyful roars from those two made it sound like Sunday at the Masters.

    (Obviously their chances of actually being on the roster next year are about as good as Torts’s are, so……)

  141. Commonsense :

    “as far as I’m concerned ” Harris did put the hip check on esposito which knocked him out of the playoffs and we won,, smartypants. 1972 73 .

  142. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Engblom – “sometimes you literally cannot get the puck out of your glove”

    I wish slats would hire him…

  143. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – I love that song…for real, probably Emily Dickenson. She loved life, was uber positive, and quite possibly the most optimistic writer to ever have pen meet page…

  144. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I have a comment awaiting moderation for, I think, mentioning Emily Drickenson …

  145. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    For the record, I find the Gang of Four always funny.

    I just am not quite sure who the Gang of Four is.

  146. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    There’s no question the Rangers are deeper than both of these teams. These GM’s are awful.

  147. Admiral Akbar on

    Messier should have some coaching role with the rangers next season, in some form. I wouldn’t mind him as head coach, to be honest.

  148. Olga Folkyerself on

    Messier has no experience. I would hate to bank everything on him being a “natural”.
    The window for Lundqvist is slowly closing, we need a coach with experience, we have no time for OJT.

  149. Cmsense, couldn’t disagree with you more on MDZ is a good skater. IMO, he is the most technically flawed skater on the Ranger blue line. But, I’ve stated this several times in the past and detailed my case, which I’m pretty sure you’ve read and commented on before. So, in interest of keeping things fresh, I’ll spare you (and everyone else) the boring details.

  150. Papa, respectfully and yes you have but unless you are a skating instructor or have opinions garnered from same, why does your post imply truth as opposed to simply an opinion?

    Are you sure you were not speaking of McIllrath? ;)

  151. Emile, for shame but you avoid the question.

    You actually think that was good trade by your namesake?

    BTW, exactly what did we “win”?

    Was that the famous Pond Hockey Cup of 72-3 you speak of.

    “Mr. Smarty Pants”, you must be older than Nosen’s wig! ;)

  152. You cannot mention Emily Drickenson or Dirk Butkis. You can, however, say Mister Doinkee.

  153. Cmsense, perhaps you missed it, but my post did include the qualifier “IMO” before I gave comment on MDZ’s technically flawed skating. And no I am not a professional skating instructor however, I’m sure you would agree, one need not be a banker to understand the value of money. ;)

  154. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – I mentioned Emily D. as someone that might have written the definitive book of love. Her zeal, zest for living, optimism, and eternal happy nature allowed her to love, know love, and be loved….

  155. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – MDZ and Boyle are set to enter the mens’ pairs competition next olympics – poised for Gold…

  156. Allow me to qualify my previous comment. I am not a commercial pilot, and I was never in the Navy.

  157. Olga, do you believe that one can sometimes be intemperate in one’s remarks? Think of a window as an orifice and large fingers probing said orifice.

    No you pig, I mean your eyes! ;)

  158. “The frost is on the trees (point up)
    The frost is on the ground (point down)
    The frost is on the window (make window with hands)
    The frost is all around!

    The frost is very icy, (pretend to shiver)
    The frost is very bright (cover eyes with hands)
    The frost is very slippery (slide one hand over the other)
    The frost is very white!”

    We will have a leader
    Maybe Mess or maybe Gretz (raise arms overhead)
    40 to 1 we win the Cup (make sad, sad face)
    Stand up and place your bets.

  159. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Pyatt, Boyle, and MDZ might be the purest pure skaters in the game. How the rangers have all three is beyond the beyond….on the pond, magic wand, blonde on blonde, don-de esta? Blah blah blah, Patrick Wah, FA la la…


  160. Dolan, trying to get into Delta Sky 360 Club without credentials: “Do you know who I am?

    Guard: “You the coach that just got fired?”

  161. “I want to be a professional hockey player.”

    “But you can’t skate.”

    ‘Is that a disqualification?”

  162. 85 today with one mulligan. Nothing to brag about, but better than going in the other direction from last week’s 90 something.

  163. “And here, she’s acting happy
    Inside her handsome home
    And me, I’m flying in my taxi
    Taking tips, and getting stoned
    I go flying so high, when I’m stoned.”

  164. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Cats in the cradle and the silver spoon, little boy look at the man in the moon…

  165. Olga Folkyerself on

    Simply Irresistable- by Glen Sather
    (Best if you play the song and read the words)

    How can it be permissible?
    It compromised my principles,
    Buying UFA’s is unethical
    It’s anything but typical

    It’s a craze you’d endorse, It’s a powerful force
    You’re obliged to keep spending when there’s no other course
    It used to look bad to me, but now I find it

    Simply irresistible
    Simply irresistible

    Buying players is so powerful,
    It’s simply unavoidable
    The trend is irreversible
    Rangers should be invincible

    It’s not against NHL law, but it leaves me in awe
    I deserve the applause, I keep paying because
    Old players looked good to me, but now I find them

    Simply irresistible
    Simply irresistible

    Simply irresistible
    I’m so blind, there’s no telling’ where the money went
    simply irresistible
    We’re way behind, there’s no other way to go

    It’s unavoidable, I’m backed against the wall
    It gives me power like I never felt before
    I’m breaking promises, It’s breaking every law
    Draft picks used to look good to me, but now old veterans are

    Simply irresistible
    It’s all gone, there’s no tellin’ where the money went
    Simply irresistible
    reach the Cap max, there’s no other way to Go

    My methods are inscrutable
    The failure’s irrefutable,
    The playoffs sure are miss-able,
    The Cup is just invisible

    It’s a craze you’d endorse, It’s a powerful force
    You’re obliged to spend cash when there’s no other course
    Drafting looked good to me, but now UFA’s are

    Simply irresistible
    Simply irresistible

    They’re all gone, they’re all going to Connecticut
    Simply irresistible
    The Cap’s all gone, there’s no other way to go
    It’s all gone, there’s no telling’ where the money went
    Simply irresistible
    Fault’s all mine, there’s no money left to blow

    simply irresistible

  166. Actually had a better front nine today than Tiger. Might give up writing and look into the senior tour. :)

  167. I don’t think Boston will be willing to take too many penalties agains the Pens. And Krejci might be a bad matchup against Malkin

  168. Olga Folkyerself on


    Boston up 1-0

  169. If we’re considering the Class of ’94 for the coaching gig, why not Glenn Healy? He went out on a limb to say Crosby was a key to the game at the start of Bruins-Penguins. That sort of insight from ice level could be invaluable.

  170. Papa, so to be clear, you’re not a skating instructor, nor a banker or a commercial pilot, and you are no navy man. How about a clue, sounds like or person, place or thing?

    MDZ has star written all over him, Torts will sign him for his new team! ;)

  171. So if the Rangers hire an offensive coach, and Gaborik scores 40 for CBJ next season, do the Rangers then sign him as a UFA?

  172. By the way, on that Krejci goal. Take a look at who is standing at the right post, waiting for a rebound. Andrew Ference, the R defenseman.

  173. Olga Folkyerself on

    You can have this one too…

    Another Free Agent Bust
    Sung to the tune of Another One Bites The Dust,
    (works best if you play the song, and read the new lyrics)

    Slats looks warily down the sheet,
    Drury’s stats are way down low
    Ain’t no sound but the sound of defeat,
    Buyout ready to go

    Are you ready,
    Are you ready for this
    Are you hanging on the edge of your seat
    Out of Slat’s Office the buyouts rip
    Redden hits the street

    Another Free Agent Bust
    Another Free Agent Bust
    And another one gone, and another one gone
    Another Free Agent Bust
    Hey, I’m gonna get rid of you
    Another Free Agent Bust

    How do you think I’m going to get along,
    Without Brad, when he’s gone?
    He took me for everything that I had,
    And played his way outta town.

    Are you happy, are you satisfied
    How long can you cash those checks?
    Once you were good but now you stink
    Who will I pick up next?

    Another Free Agent Bust
    Another Free Agent Bust
    And another one gone, and another one gone
    Another Free Agent Bust
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    Another Free Agent Bust

    Another Free Agent Bust
    Another Free Agent Bust Owww!
    Another Free Agent Bust hey hey
    Another Free Agent Bust heyyayayayayay

    There are plenty of ways you can drop a star
    And keep cap space around
    You can beat him
    You can cheat him
    You can treat him bad and
    buy him out when he’s done

    But I’m ready, yes I’m ready to buy
    The next will be “The One”
    Out of the doorway the buyouts rip
    Repeat until the Cap is done.

    Another Free Agent Bust
    Another Free Agent Bust
    And another one gone, and another one gone
    Another Free Agent Bust
    Hey, I’m gonna get rid of you
    Another Free Agent Bust [Chorus]

  174. Hugo Folkyerself on

    Up yours Olga…

    (Sung to the Eagle’s Hotel California )

    In a dark Garden hallway, hadn’t scored yet this year
    Warm smell of defeat was rising up through the air
    Up ahead- Sather’s Office, I saw a withering sight
    My contract was heavy and my stats grew dim
    I was benched for the night
    As he stood in the doorway
    I heard Sather yell
    I was thinking to myself
    this could be heaven or this could be hell
    Then he gave me a ticket, and he showed me the way
    I had too big a contract,
    I thought I heard him say…

    Welcome to Hartford (Can’t Afford Ya)
    Such a lovely place
    Such a lovely place
    Plenty of room at Hartford (Can’t Afford Ya)
    Any time of year, we can find you there

    My agent’s definitely twisted, he sold my Mercedes Benz
    He’s got a lot of pretty prospects, that he calls friends
    How they stay in the minors, no call-ups yet.
    Some play to remember, some play to forget

    So I called up the captain,
    ”I can score a lot more…”
    He said, ’we haven’t had that spirit here since nineteen ninety four’
    And Sather’s voice is still calling from far away,
    Wake you up in the middle of the night
    Just to hear him say…

    Welcome to Hartford (Can’t Afford Ya)
    Such a lovely place
    Such a lovely place
    we’re livin’ it up at Hartford (Can’t Afford Ya)
    What a nice surprise, bring your alibis

    I signed a big contract,
    Ended up on Hartford ice
    Redden said ’we are all just prisoners here, of our own device’
    And in Sather’s Office,
    They gathered for the feast
    They slash the Cap with their steely knives,
    But they just can’t kill the beast

    Last thing I remember, I was
    Running for the door
    I had to find the passage back
    To the NHL once more
    ’Relax,’ said Gernander,
    We are programmed to receive.
    You can checkout any time you like,
    But you can never leave!

  175. Carp re: Gaborik re-signing at 8:47……not happening. ;) First he’s not gonna score 4-0 and second, if he did, there will be no cap room with the max out Hank deal and Mister Softies $7.8M hit for the next 5 years.

  176. Carp re: Gaborik re-signing at 8:47……not..happening. ;) First, Gabby’s not gonna score 40 and second, if he did, there will be no cap room with the max out deal for Henrik and Nash’s $7.8M hit for the next 5 years.

  177. bull dog line on

    why did Neal take a run at Lucic? shouldn’t Neal just stand there and take whatever Lucic may do to him? then all the Pens fans can make excuses as to why Neal did not play well. they were hooking him, and holding him, and slashing him.

  178. Richie’s musical ode to Torts

    “Good times and bum times
    I’ve seen them all, my dear
    And I’m still here.
    Plush velvet sometimes
    Sometimes just pretzels and beer
    But I’m here.

    Might have struggled on the Power Play
    But I got paid big ever day
    Saw many dreams just disappear,
    But I’m still here.

    Prustie’s play was none too shabby
    But didn’t last as long as Gabby
    Dubie, Artem didn’t hack it
    Sather told them both to pack it
    We had a rather crummy year
    But I’m still here.

    Tortsie kinda tested fate
    Then he also got the gate
    And from what I hear,
    I’m still here.

  179. Boston, although playing to protect the lead (a bit), are really doing a great job of taking away second chances for the Pens. Not bad.

  180. Olga Folkyerself on

    It’s a dangerous game against Pitt to try and hold a one-goal lead.

    Score Boston, Score!

  181. Marchand not called for interference on that Bergeron breakaway because although he skated 10 feet away to get in Letang’s way, his nose was technically still in contact with the puck.

  182. Is This Real? on

    I haven;t watched much Penguins..I completely forgot what a disgrace Crosby’s “beard” is

  183. Healy just mentioned how the size difference between Chara and Crosby was noticeable. Nothing gets past him.

  184. Crosby isn’t awfully smart punching Chara. One punch back and he’ll remain on liquid diet for the rest of his life.

  185. wow this is hockey

    it doesnt matter what coach we hire we ARENT IN SAME CLASS AS THESE TWO

  186. i wish chara would have speared skid. crack him the jaw either that or end his career

  187. Good evening all! Hartnelling carcillo cooke meat!!!! Go take each other down and out you aassens!

  188. Is This Real? on

    When I was a little girl in Poland, we all had pyrohy. My sister had pyrohy, my cousin had pyrohy… So, what’s wrong with that?[

  189. Sorry for the 3-peat post earlier….moderated and was trying to identify and eliminate the source… ;)

  190. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Crosby is one rugged dude. Task has never lost a fight. Skid showing his brass onions messing with 2-ka.

  191. Olga Folkyerself on

    E3- Don’t mess with the Skid- he’ll take on any goalie in the league!

  192. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ricardo – much earlier when I said the pens play dump and chase, I was being ironical.

  193. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Olga – skid vs Crawford in the finals is the bout we all want to see..

  194. Hugo Folkyerself on

    Crosby has been know to challenge a few of the opposition’s trainers too.

    Yes, right on the bench!

  195. Krejci had just enough pyrohy :-)

    IsThis- it’s called pierogi in Polish. So now I’m not sure what you’ve been fed there. :-)

  196. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Olga – When crosby was a senior in high school he got into a fight nearly every day…… With a 5th grader

  197. Let’s stop all the silliness.. If Messier tells Slats he wants the job, he is the next coach. Done deal.

  198. after watching the games today, I totally support a coaching change. players are attacking the point and the puck carrier.

  199. When I picked before, I was confused with the team colors being the same. So I meant to say Bruins in 5, not Penguins. No really….I really meant to say Bruins in 5 ……No Really.. I did.

  200. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    “If Messier tells Slats he wants the job, he is the next coach.”

    No Cup for you!

  201. Slats should take his sweet time with a new coach. Dan Bylsma may become available real soon. Especially if Pittsburg defense continues to leave their goaltender alone with two opposing forwards, as they did on Horton’s goal.

  202. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Sather needs to make Messier Coach and Gretzky GM. That way he has TWO people to throw under the bus when Dolan asks “What happened?”

  203. Carp, Am I on moderation watch? Comment @ 10:29 I could have said it to Sister Mary Elephant.

  204. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Bylsma is a great coach, with Crosby Makin etc. Like Sather was a great coach with Gretzky, Messier etc.

    My Grandma would have been a great coach…
    My cat would have been a great coach…
    Muckler would have… Never Mind.

  205. King with no Ring on

    Rask showing Lundqvist how it is done. Instead of relying on the excuse of his team not scoring enough, take responsibility for the game outcome and save everything.

  206. Admiral Akbar on

    3-0 Bruins.

    Rask 1st career shutout.

    The rangers were beaten by a really really good team.

  207. King with no Ring on

    A masterful performance from Rask. Sather should inquire about a Lundqvist for Rask, Bergeron, and Krug trade. Slats would be laughed at and hung up on within a few seconds.

  208. Olga Folkyerself on

    “horton will get 5 mil per one of top 3 ufa on market”

    Are you kidding? Sather will pay 7 million for 7 years.

  209. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – he’d been dead over 20 years when he coached the rangers…. He actually looked pretty good considering…

  210. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – that’s a great pickup line – “lets get something straight between us”

  211. Come to think of it, he did look a little pale and stiff, Eddie. At the time, I thought it might have been a problem he was having with the fire water.

  212. King with no Ring on

    The Bruins and Penguins are infinitely better than the Rangers.

    Having watched the Rangers the past several years, I feel deprived.

    Watching the Rangers is comparative to a beat up old clunker of a car, while watching the Bruins and Penguins tonight was like watching a Maserati race a Corvette.

  213. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I still cannot understand why skid dared challenge task. Go to hockey fights dot com and look at some of Task’s TKOs

  214. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    King with no ring – I disagree. Rangers win against any of the 4 remaining teams… They just got a bad draw in the second round.

  215. Stranger Nation on

    Rangers Wall Ball style cannot compete with these 4, but if they were allowed to play pro hockey…yanever know

  216. I can’t wait til tomorrow when I shall awaken and remember that skidney the crybaby got SHUT OUT!!!!!

  217. Boston will fire julien once the playoffs are over…Bobby Orr and Ray Bourqe to arm wrestle for position.

  218. Olga Folkyerself on

    Come on, oh baby don’t you want to go
    Oh come on, oh baby don’t you want to go
    Back to that same old place
    Sweet Home Chicago

    Come on, baby don’t you want to go
    Hida-hey, baby don’t you want to go
    Back to that same old place
    Oh sweet Home Chicago

    Well one and one is two
    Six and two is eight
    Come on babY don’t you make me late

    Hida-hey, baby don’t you want to go
    Back to that same old place
    Sweet Home Chicago

  219. Olga Folkyerself on

    As long as Sather runs the Rangers, you might as well pick another team to root for in the playoffs.

    I picked Chicago. Let’s Go Hawks!

  220. The only way Messier isn’t the next coach of the NYRs is if he doesn’t want to be.

  221. Carp, I have too admit, I am very ambivalent about that. He did bring us our only Cup in 74 years, but no coaching experience.

  222. Olga Folkyerself on

    Messipants will be the namesake of the Rangers. It will be the one thing that finally gets rid of Sather. They will go together. Unfortunately, it will take years, and cost millions of lives…

  223. i see that that there isn’t a new post up today.
    at this moment in Rangerland
    NO news
    GOOD news

  224. Mess wants the GM role. Right now, he will have to settle for coach. So far as Sather goes, if Mess is a successful coach, he’ll stay there; if not, Sather furloughs him and doesn’t have to worry about it one way or the other. If Mess stays put, he’ll probably get his GM job eventually. It will be difficult having a coach who wants you to die. Although Slats might have already have had that in Tortorella.

  225. Notre Dame changed the pronunciation of “Theesmann’s” name to “Thyssmann” so it rhymed with the trophy. True story.

  226. Olga Folkyerself on

    I don’t ever think that Messier will not never win a Cup in NY, but the chances that he will never win a Cup are greater than if he will ever not win a Cup, all things being equal. If, you know what I mean…

  227. Notre Dame put their starting QB on academic suspension (not probation.) Never see that. Bully for them.

  228. I remember the lrg break.
    i was at a buddy’s next door in oollege.nobody saw it but me.

    That includes all announcers.

  229. Notre Dame failed with the Heisman however, Theesman did win a Super Bowl and had a couple of hot wives as well, Sorry to hear that his prostate has taken a turn for the worse.

  230. I just saw Joe Theismann trading a bottle of Super Beta Prostate to Tony Siragusa for a pack of adult diapers.

  231. Honestly Olga, IMO, the NYR are about 8 players and 2 coaches away from seriously challenging for a cup. In My Opinion.

  232. Ineffectual as they were tonight, Pittsburgh is sometimes reminiscent of some old Soviet Army teams. I think they would really roll on the large ice.

  233. Tomb in college at the leg break? I was teaching my 4th born how to drive a car.

  234. Olga Folkyerself on

    Papa, they are just one GM/President away from challenging for the Cup. Then they are about 8 players and 2 coaches away from seriously challenging for a cup.
    Bring on the next guy.

  235. I did not watch all of the game tonight, but I was happy enough when i tuned in to see a dastardly Chara peering down at Sydney in a menacing fashion at the end of the 2nd period. Happy to report all reverence towards Sydney has ended in round 3.

  236. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I’m still impressed with that bad assen Skid. That brutha can throw down.

  237. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Don’t be fooled papa – no way Chara dares go with skid… Maybe Thornton and chara together – that would be a fair fight…

  238. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ali, Fraizer, Foreman, and Skid and not necessarily in that order….

  239. Olga Folkyerself on

    Chicago wins, Boston wins, best of both worlds!

    I’ll sleep well tonight.

  240. Ive been sayin for years messier head coach w graves and leetch as assistants would be awesome, in my opinion…leetch runs PP…richter goalie coach just to top it off…i may be in minority i think Messier could do it and would succeed…imagine the respect hed command from the players…he talked it and lived it and hes the greatest leader in sports history….if anyone would be able to get the boys fired up its him….id rather him than ruff honestly and vigneault better bring awesome PP canucks had w him but sedin twins and their other players (keslee, bieksa, etc) certainly helped over the years….but im def not against them hiring Messier

  241. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Messier coach
    Greg polis and Larry Sac-and-a-rack his assistants…

  242. Eddie, …….Mess, Graves and Leetch? That would be the bomb. Rod Gilbert as the PP specialist.

  243. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Need uplifting light reading – try one of her melancholy tales of despair…

  244. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – I agree. They are smart, tough, accomplished, and tremendous leaders…messier could still kick the entire team’s assen…

  245. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – and for better measure – no suit and tie – instead they wear their uniforms behind the bench.

  246. She had only a handful of poems published during here lifetime, e. When she died, they found a treasure trove.

  247. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – she was such the party thrower too – the Salons in Paris had nothing on the hoedowns at Em’s place…

  248. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    There was a famous party – it was Emily and all the darkness that could fit inside her chalet…

  249. Years ago, I saw a one-person play “The Belle of Amherst” in which the great Julie Harris played Emily.

  250. Have a good friend who played in a card game with Rose at a high level mobsters house on Todt Hill in Staten Island during a Super Bowl week in the mid 80’s. He said he was one of the worst card players he had ever sat with, first guy out.

  251. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I like to play cards – 7 card stud my fav game – but Holdem still the rage ….

  252. Coos , Eddie,

    Opening night, October 2013, behind the NYR bench coaching the team are Mess, Graves and Leetch or Beukeboom. Tell me, are we not the most excited and optimistic air breathing fools around?

  253. They say never name a kid with the same number of syllables in each name, but Julie Christie sounds just about right to me.

  254. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – I grew up in wise guy territory… Goodfellas they were…

  255. Gotta love it for romance. Might be mid season before the too many men problems get ironed out.

  256. Died in ’85. Rose was then mid forties. However, I understand from what you say that it wasn’t Big Paulie’s house.

  257. The good old days. Optimism. Visions of the Cup. It was so easy to get to 1K.

  258. I’ve been told that when you kiss a girl,
    You take a trip around the world.

  259. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    It’s burns like fire when I tinkle – should get it looked at – nearly blind now too

  260. I was moderated 3 times today, for what I am still scratching my -nuts- heads.

  261. Going nearly blind opens up a wide range of sexual partners that you would have never considered.

  262. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Exactly kooz – and in winter – the burning sensation keeps everyone warm.

  263. Doc: Drink this three times a day.

    ‘what is it?”

    “It’ll kill that burning pain in your johnson.”

    “But I’m starting to like it.”

  264. Eddie, it’s a shame if he wasn’t. Unbelievably sexy. Looks just like my wife when I met her.

  265. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I think Tom is playing Queen Elizabeth in the new bio-pic about reign.

  266. Father McByrne said he’s tired of hearing of my indiscretions. No wonder the Church is failing.

  267. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – your wife sounds babealucious – mine is still a beauty – and she looks 20 years younger than she is… Amazing genes..

  268. Forgive me, Papa, for misreading and thinking your beautiful wife looked like Tom Cruise when you met her. Glad you clarified that. :)

  269. I was cruising in my Sting Ray late one night
    When an XKE pulled up on the right…

  270. He rolled down the window of his shiny new Jag
    And challenged me then and there to a drag…

  271. I said, you’re on buddy, if you got the nerve-
    We’ll race all the way…

  272. Eddie, I am quite lucky. while I am married more than 30 years, my wife still looks 25. I’m blessed.

  273. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I go a swingin’ school
    Where the chicks are kicks and the cats are cool…

  274. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – same here ( tho not as long – 17 for me) quite a few people thought she was my daughter when we first hooked up

  275. But I’d she happened to look as old as I am, I would still be blessed! Mama Bear is the Bomb!

  276. All the leaves are brown
    And the sky is gray
    I went out for a walk
    On a winters day…

  277. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    And papa – not one bit of makeup – ever….my wife is delish…

  278. Dated a girl not long ago and the waiter asked what my daughter would have.

  279. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – I’ve heard the same before… Her sisters all look equally delicious as well… Her mom, when in her 60’s, still had her looks…

  280. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Stopped into a church, I passed along the way, got down on my knees and began to pray…

  281. The people on the southern tip of Manhattan are brighter and more electric than others because they’re closer to the Battery.

  282. Eddie, I was at the farmers market with my granddaughter and wife today. We bought Petunias to plant in the yard. The cashier asked my granddaughter if she would be helping her mother ( my wife )or her grandfather (me) plant The flowers.

  283. Hey Nineteen
    That’s ‘Retha Franklin
    She don’t remember the Queen of Soul
    It’s hard times befallen
    The sole survivors
    She thinks I’m crazy
    But I’m just growing old

  284. Vanilla Sky is one of those movies, like Goodfellas, when I’m surfing, I just can’t seem to get past.

  285. “Flyin’ so high with some chick in the sky
    Is my idea
    Of nothin’ to do…”

  286. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    A few months ago, we were walking on the Monterey county fairgrounds and no one was around so we were checking out the stage where Monterey pop festival was held in ’67. And out of nowhere one of the groundskeepers sees us and instead of busting balls he says – check this out – he unrolls the huge tarp covering the stage and right there is the burn mark from jim I Hendrix’s guitar with a knife carving saying “Hendrix” the original stage is still intact.. We were blown away..

  287. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I stood on the exact spot Hendrix stood when he set hus guitar on fire…we totally felt a spiritual vibe… Chills…

  288. Real talent just jumps out and grabs you by the throat. I think that we are presently in a doldrum

  289. “Well I’m not braggin babe so don’t put me down
    But I’ve got the fastest set of wheels in town
    When something comes up to me he don’t even try
    Cause if I had a set of wings man I know she could fly
    She’s my little deuce coupe
    You don’t know what I got
    (My little deuce coupe)
    (You don’t know what I got)”

  290. Just a little deuce coupe with a flat head mill
    But she’ll walk a Thunderbird like she’s standin still
    She’s ported and relieved and she’s stroked and bored.
    Shell do a hundred and forty with the top end floored
    She’s my little deuce coupe
    You don’t know what I got

  291. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Gotta keep those good vibrations… Good good good good vibrations

  292. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Great scene when Annie hall’s mom says “don’t be silly, it’s raining really hard your brother (Christopher Walken) will drive you home…

  293. Woody is a certified comic genius. And the Annie Hall music… captures NY.

  294. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    As the oncoming car approaches, have your ever wanted to turn your car into lights… The ensuing explosion, the fire….

  295. Paul Simon – “Why don’t you guys drop by my pad? Just mellow. Jack and Angelia will drop by.”

    Woody: “We can’t, we got that thing.”

    Annie: “Thing, what thing?”

    Woody: “You know, that thing we talked about.”

  296. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hannah and her sisters captures the city’s architecture … My fav woodman movie

  297. “Call the guy who took you to the Garden to come over and kill your spider.”

  298. “There’s no garbage on the streets out here, Max. They turn it all into TV shows?”

  299. Woody Allen o bisexuality: It immediately doubles your chances for a date.

  300. My relationship with death remains the same – I’m strongly against it,

  301. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    In Hannah … He sees the real fat broad jogging in central park as he waxes philosophic about death – he says “oh god, look at this one, why bother”

  302. Woody: “I don’t fear death. I just don’t want to be there when it happens.”

  303. Woody, moving out, going through possessions, to Annie: “Whose book is this, Death in Venice?”

    Annie: “Anything with Death in the title is yours.”

  304. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Some nice JS Bach in that movie….

    And nothing as small as the rain…

  305. Woody, hiding in bedroom during large party, watching Knicks.

    Soon to be ex-Wife: “There are people out there from the New Yorker Magazine!”

  306. Woody: “Commentary and Dissent are merging. The new magazine is being called ‘Dysentery.’

  307. Haven’t heard of Woody’s band lately. Dingbat Dolan, though, has some kind of band that’s here and there

  308. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    In Hannah, max vin sydow plays the tortured artist

    “I’ve got a lot of space ” (Daniel Stern character)

  309. To Annie: “My Granny never gave gifts. She was too busy being raped by Cossacks.”

  310. Annie: “Sometimes I wonder how I’d stand up to torture.”

    Woody: “You kidding? If the Gestapo took away your Bloomingdale’s card, you’ll spill everything.”

  311. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    You can’t leave me, you’re my connection to the world..

    And, if Jesus came back to earth and saw what was being done in his name, he’d throw up

  312. “I’m gonna give my analyst one more year, then I’m going to Lourdes.”

  313. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Woody to Diane Wiest – what do you have around your neck? A shovel?

  314. Diane Weist in Hannah: “She went to Brandeis, but I don’t think she knows what she’s talking about.”

  315. Woody’s father in Hannah: “How in hell would I know why there were Nazis. I can’t even figure out how to work the can opener.”

  316. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    “Hannah, you’re always putting me down”

    “Leave Hannah alone, she’s going through some tough times”

  317. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hannah’s father – “for all I know it could have been anybody in the actors equity”

    Woodsy father in Hannah – when I’m dead, I’m dead

  318. Woody: “I think people should mate for life, like pigeons and Catholics.”

  319. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    “These are things between me and Eliot, how could you possibly know?”

  320. In ‘Manhattan’ a guy at a party says to Woody: “There is a devastating satirical piece on the Op Ed page of today’s NY Times about neo nazis. It is devastating!

    Woody: “Well, a satirical piece in the Times is one thing, but bricks and baseball bats gets right to the point.”

  321. “No, I didn’t read the piece on China’s faceless masses. I was checking out the lingerie ads.”

  322. “Your friends probably sit around on the floor with wine and cheese and mispronounce allegorical and didacticism.”

  323. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Papa – heading to the upper west side to see about those needles…

  324. Amazed that I was up at 5 AM yesterday, ran a service trip upstate for National Trails Day including a 9.5 mile hike, to bed around midnight and up at 5 AM for early morning exercises and bird walk…Ben Franklin would like this, but I’m no longer in the “young” category. John Tortorella would have liked this during training camp. All this talk of Messier scares me. We all know what kind of results the GO had in Phoenix, and does The Captain have the analytical and organizational skills to be a coach? Agree with most on this blog that would be disaster. Lou Lanaoriello makes Glenn Sather look like a stogie stub when it comes to getting results out of any group of players he puts out on the ice. See you laters aligators. Cold front moving in tonight…watch for ice!

  325. papa bear

    you were teaching who to drive what?

    My bruins buddy was so happy today

  326. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    if the bruins go up 2-0, do you see the Flower coming back as the starter in game 3?

  327. Tortorella did some good things here, but he really lost it this year.

    putting Richards back out there, Hamrlik? really? how did he see more than one shift?

  328. Do you think about Staal not coming back? seriously, I’ll take Staal with one eye over Hamrlik any day.

    I think he was one of the leaders of the revolt. The Bruins kicked our axes. I really think the team quit on Torts.

  329. Carp, 688 posts, might it be time for another commentary on your part?

    How about some simple speculation re: coaches, players, gossip, how you plan to spend the summer?

    Thank you.

  330. Carp… —-

    somebody misses you.

    maybe you can speculate on the Gaborik trade, or the Nash signing… or Tortorella firing….

    we know you are connected.

  331. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    It’s June. Sather’s schedule:

    June2 fish and smoke cigars with Jimmy
    June3 fish and smoke cigars with Jimmy
    June4 fish and smoke cigars with Jimmy
    June5 fish and smoke cigars with Jimmy
    June6 fish and smoke cigars with Jimmy, cash paycheck
    June7 fish and smoke cigars with Jimmy
    June8 fish and smoke cigars with Jimmy
    June9 fish and smoke cigars with Jimmy
    June10 fish and smoke cigars with Jimmy
    June11 fish and smoke cigars with Jimmy
    June12 fish and smoke cigars with Jimmy
    June13 fish and smoke cigars with Jimmy
    June14 fish and smoke cigars with Jimmy
    June15 fish and smoke cigars with Jimmy
    June16 fish and smoke cigars with Jimmy
    June17 fish and smoke cigars with Jimmy
    June18 fish and smoke cigars with Jimmy
    June19 fish and smoke cigars with Jimmy
    June20 fish and smoke cigars with Jimmy, cash paycheck
    June21 fish and smoke cigars with Jimmy
    June22 fish and smoke cigars with Jimmy
    June23 fish and smoke cigars with Jimmy
    June24 fish and smoke cigars with Jimmy
    June25 fish and smoke cigars with Jimmy
    June26 fish and smoke cigars with Jimmy
    June27 fish and smoke cigars with Jimmy, look at names of coaches
    June28 fish and smoke cigars with Jimmy, look at names of 3-6th round draft picks
    June29 fish and smoke cigars with Jimmy
    June30 announce new coach after doing nothing but fishing
    go to draft later in day for round 3-6.
    July 1 fish and smoke cigars with Jimmy
    July 2 fish and smoke cigars with Jimmy, cash paycheck

  332. Matty "HopeNashIsMonsterInYear2"Boy on

    The best thing about Mess being head coach is it will commence the ticking time bomb on Sather’s tenure here.

    The worst thing is it could scar Mess’s memory and reputation around here forever. For now, I look up to the guy and love him for what he did 20 years ago. Selfishly, I’d like to continue feeling that way eternally.

    Not sure how I will feel in 3 years.

  333. Carp, if whoever Sather hires next as coach, fails or fails miserably, does Dolan start wondering if it’s sather? Or is Sather here until he retires? Ah, after 13 years of failure,
    I just answered my own question!!

  334. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    This is the time of year I would like to take a short break from my duties as a fan. It will only be for a few days. I hope I’m not insulting any other fans here. I promise, Za’rat will be back posting shortly to chime in on FA Day. I’m usually active for Draft Day, but we don’t have a first or second round pick this year.

    Until then, enjoy the weather.

    Thank you,
    Za’rat Jones

  335. Is June also the month when Slats does his annual softball-laden interview with a friendly Edmonton writer, or is that usually in another high-profile month like August?

  336. Mess’s name opens up a wide range of disparaging in-season tabloid headlines.

  337. Is This Real? on

    If it’s Mess, this season is a crapshoot. It could be magical but it could also go so, so wrong. I don’t know what he would be like as a coach but he is definitely more Torts than Renney. I wonder if having such a titan behind the bench would be a distraction. On the other hand he is the spiritual leader of the team and has been for some time. Sooner or later though he too will get canned and it would be a shame to see the relationship go south

  338. Lots of folks in Edmonton are pleading for Messier to come back “home” and coach the Oilers. At least those commenting on TSN.

  339. Mess has GOT to have a few seasons as an Asst. Coach. Please. Get Guy Boucher in here with Mess and Leetch or Beuk as an Asst. No ex-players as head coach yet please.

  340. I like your Avatar SeeeDubbb, “There’s something about this that’s so black, it’s like how much more black could this be? And the answer is none. None more black.”

  341. Agreed Manny, Would love to hear something about him not being the coach though.

  342. Moreover it represents that I tried to post an avatar and it came out all black, and well, it’ll do.

  343. It rules, SeeeDubbb. And yea, I would love to read ONE thing from Sather saying Mess has to be Asst. first.

  344. I think if it’s Messier that they are hiring then they would have done it by now. Why interview Vigneault and Eakins if they are going to hire somebody from within?

  345. King with no Ring on

    Mess: “Hank, we do not chide teammates in press conferences. Go out on the ice and stop shots.”

    Hank: “I can’t score goals.”

    Mess: “That is not how a leader conducts himself, Hank.”

    Hank: “I am going to get you fired, Mess.”

  346. messier gretzky leetch the rangers will be the new york jets with the circus like atmosphere. please no messier and leetch beihind bench. this isnt fantasy hockey

  347. how does mike sullivan still have a job as of today. prob be let go but already should be

  348. Rob in Beantown on

    It’s not so obvious that being a legendary player/captain translates into being a good coach. I would argue the skills and qualities needed are different. It’s possible to possess both, but it is not a given. Messier, having never coached before, is a completely unknown quantity. At least with a guy like Roy he did his time riding the bus and coaching in the unglamorous AHL. My problem with Mess is he clearly doesn’t want to do his time and Sather just might award him with an NHL coaching job anyway. What happens next is anybody’s guess.

    Like I said yesterday, if Mess does get the job, I hope he’d at least be smart enough to pick assistants that balance out his weaknesses and can help him along.

  349. If Messier gets the job then he better get some GREAT assistants like Dallas Eakins and Guy Boucher or some guys with head coaching experience that aren’t getting head coaching jobs.

    I can’t believe Sullivan and Richards still have jobs, eric.

  350. eddie eddie eddie on

    “then there was the review for Shark sangwhich, that was just two words, Carcillo Sangwhich”

    “you can’t print that”

    “it didn’t say that”

  351. Not saying Eakins and Boucher won’t get jobs. Just saying, if they don’t, and Messier gets the Rangers job, then he needs guys like that behind him.

  352. Stranger Nation on

    Smoke Gets in Your Eyes:

    Sather spins his web of deception and has everyone discussing the merits of Merrier as coach and no one going ballistic about the ineptitude at the top of MSG. An ol’ shell game played to perfection by the master magician who can make any hope of the future disappear!

  353. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ian – “No no no no no no no no…. It’s that their appeal is much more selective”

  354. “Well, I don’t really think that the end can be assessed as of itself as being the end because what does the end feel like? It’s like saying when you try to extrapolate the end of the universe, you say, if the universe is indeed infinite, then how – what does that mean? How far is all the way, and then if it stops, what’s stopping it, and what’s behind what’s stopping it? So, what’s the end, you know, is my question to you.”

  355. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I, for one, am not sold on mess as coach, but if they hire him, I hope they use Eakins and Patrick (or bueke) as assistants!

    Sooooo…..manny fov’

  356. Nice point Eric 12:43. This could become Tebow-like dog & pony show with Gretzky & Messier seeking the same job. Totally the wrong move for Messier. Somebody made a point earlier about a role player making a far better coach than a great player. I subscribe to that theory as they have to deal with more aspects & adversites of the game and are far more understanding of it’s everyday demands. Eakins or Ruff would be my choice.

  357. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny – your 1:12 is my all time favorite quote.

    “Look who is in here? No one!!”

  358. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Nigel is reading a magazine, feet up on the table

    Ian “how are the accommodations?”

    Nigel “I hardly know where to start (picks up olive and cheese tray) I’ve been working with this for about half an hour”

  359. For the next coach, I would prefer someone with NHL coaching experience. Messier being head coach next year would be a gimmick….that will probably not turn out well…

    I don’t think Lindy Ruff is someone that the Rangers want to pursue right now. While he is a good defensive minded coach and a players’ coach, I think the Rangers want a different personality. If Hank didn’t like Torts’ barking, why would he like Ruff’s? Maybe Ruff is nicer to the media, but I think his style is just as much in the face of his players as Torts’ is…

    I think Paul Maurice makes the most sense and his hiring would be a prudent decision. The guy has coached at the highest level for a long time. Only recently did move to Russia (he coached Zuccarello there during the lockout and look at what a better player he is now). He is familiar with the Ranger brass, especially Adam Graves. His teams have made it far into the playoffs a few times, including a Cup final. His personality is likable and he isn’t a “Torts” or a “Ruff” type.

    I think guys like Eakins, Boucher, and

  360. I want Pär Mårts! Dude’s won gold medals at the Olympics and World Championships as a coach, and placed many other times. Played in Sweden for around 15 years, and has been coaching since the early 90’s. Plus, how cool of a name is that!

  361. I love that JD took a risk with Jarmo Kekalainen. I think we should do the same.

  362. Latona, I don’t think you’d get an argument from Hank or Strahlmon or Fast or Lindberg.

  363. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    John Muckler’s corpse for HC
    Fred Shero’s Corpse, its Assistant.

  364. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    It may be gimmicky – but no other team in any sport has been run and owned exclusively by dead people…

  365. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Serena is a man baby, yeah…. Put some skates on her and we have our hard hitting D man

  366. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    And with the 19th pick in the first rd., the NY Giants select Linebacker, Serena Williams.

  367. Balcony Bob on

    So, what’re the opinions on what punishment will the league give multiple repeat offender Cooke?

    nothing (he’a a Penguin after all)

    1 game
    2 games
    3 or more
    rest of the playoffs

    IMHO due to his long long history of flagrant fouls, he should be given the rest of the playoffs and the first half of next season. Maybe that will finally sink into his brain-dead skull.

  368. Yeah, Tuuku Rust(k), high tempered, hot Finnish boy against slobbery mouthed, Canadian frankfurters poster boy.

  369. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If you penalize the penguins, the league is cutting its nose off to spite its face… Ain’t happening..

  370. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Task wants no part of Crosby. There is just too much man wearing 87 in black. Too strong, too tough, too much snarl..

  371. Dolan, trying to get into Delta Sky 360 Club without credentials: “Do you know who I am?

    Guard: “You the coach that just got fired?”

  372. Richie’s musical ode to Torts reposto

    “Good times and bum times
    I’ve seen them all, my dear
    And I’m still here.
    Dom Perignon sometimes
    Sometimes just pretzels and beer
    But I’m here.

    Might have struggled on the Power Play
    But I got paid big ever day
    Saw many dreams just disappear,
    But I’m still here.

    Prustie’s play was none too shabby
    But didn’t last as long as Gabby
    Dubie, Artem didn’t hack it
    Sather told them both to pack it
    We had a rather crummy year
    But I’m still here.

    Tortsie kinda tested fate
    Then he also got the gate
    And from what I hear,
    I’m still here.

  373. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Just in case the new one breaks down…

    Tiger just got in the hole…

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