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  1. First! Early to bed, early to rise…Ben Franklin would call that “smarter than the average bear!” Sather hasn’t yet tried a YOUNG coach…he had a chance with Tortorella…will be interesting to see what direction he heads in. I’ll find the grub one way or another, even if he hangs it on a line between two redwoods. Liked the youth movement and hope that continues under a new coach. Will take time to instill a new system in Hartford? A fresh, new season in the fall.

  2. I’m thinking the obvious candidate is Lindy Ruff, ex-Ranger, plays a more offensive style, past success in playoffs (and instantly available).
    Vigneault would worry me due to his lack of success in coaching in the playoffs, although he had a very soft team give to him by his GM and has dominated in the regular season.
    Tippett has done a great job with Phoenix but hasnt had to manage many big names like he would have to in NY.
    Messier is the wild card, instantly demands respect but no coaching experience, always though he would be better GM than coach.
    Either way, a coach that puts a bit more faith in his players (esp rookies like Kreider) and plays a more offensive style would please me.

  3. Good morning, boneheads!
    Should be an interesting charp today, indeed. Too bad I can’t make it.
    Was looking at last night’s comments. Great place to be, even though we disagree with each other often. We all have our own opinions, and I’m sure we all think our opinion is the only right one.
    For the record, I’m not happy today. Why should I be? I’m a Rangers fan, and my team just fired the best coach they’ve had in decades. You see, I don’t care about his poor PR skills, his obvious difficulties ( by design) with the media, etc. He’s made plenty of mistakes as a hockey coach too. Plenty. But he was able to put a team together that played like a team, was working hard, and looked like it was determined to win. Did we all forget how this team looked between 97-04, and, often thereafter? I also always thought that the remaining young core needed some stability. I thought he deserved another year. And at the end of the day, I’m not convinced that our GM is capable of making the right decision on hiring his replacement. It looks like Sather is still running this team when it comes to big decisions. Too bad, I was hoping it was Jeff Gorton.
    That said, I’ll be here rooting for the next guy to succeed, and will support his decisions. As long as they stay the course and don’t reverse to their old ways. Let’s hope this wasn’t a mistake

  4. ilb – totally agree with you. Can’t thank the guy enough for building a team we all loved, with homegrown talent, a fearless leader and blue collar work ethic. You only have to see those tweets from yesterday and watch 24/7 to realise the positive impact he’s had on the team.

    I think it comes down to mostly shelf-life, it happens in every sport unless a team is consistently successful. If he’d won the cup last year then it would be a job for life, but because of the slight regression i think the players started to tune him out or resent his handling of Hagelin, Kreider, Boyle, Nash and Richards.

  5. Torts gets a lot of credit for forging the identity. The team we loved last year was due to him as much as anyone including Hank. But it was clear earlier in this season the way the team never came out hard in the first 10 minutes that he had lost the room. No way to give him another year once that happens. But Sather is the guy who dismantled theteam identity and the saddest part about today is that he hasn’t been fired as well.

  6. Norm Merton on

    Returning to the Interworld to the good news of Tortorella’s exit — he’ll land on his feet, I’m sure, and I sure won’t miss that act. I’m glad to see there has been at least a mention of Keith Allain here — I’ve brought him up a few times in the last two months and gotten crickets in response, but I had not heard he was rumored to be the next non-retread in the mix. What he’s done at Yale is remarkable — that program came out of nowhere, and they, along with BC, are the most exciting team to watch at that level. Heaven forbid that solid evidence of knowing how to coach hockey should enter into the decision, but I sure hope he gets an interview, if for no other reason than to know Sather has a pulse.

  7. I don’t know much about Allain but I am all for someone fresh rather than the usual retreads.

  8. Twitter love sonnet from Hartnell to Asham ———————>

    @TheRealAsham45 is the biggest piece of (carcillo) in the NHL, I hated you even when you played on the Flyers. No fans

  9. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    good morning ya’ll. looking forward to this chat today.

    sweet picture Carp!

  10. Speaking of shelf-life. I remember some years ago Jim Schoenfeld said something about it, paraphrasing:”We are all interim coaches. The only full-time coach in this league is Scotty Bowman”.

  11. Had to google Allain, sounds like he has a reasonable resume but i think Slats will want a “big name” like Vigneault or Ruff as they will be more used to ego management.

  12. Stemmer – tweet not from Hartnell to Asham but by some guy called @Cake_Eater_ and tagging them both

  13. IIlb thanks for hitting the nail on the head ! I’ll be rooting again too,but tortorella deserves much credit for the work ethic and identity he installed. Will the next guy bring that same jam??? Hope so…

  14. Norm Merton on

    If ego management is anywhere near the top priority in the next regime, I fear the Rangers will go nowhere. I’d prefer someone like Allain — and I’m sure there are others — who knows how to manage a power play and an upbeat offense, and how to manage a defense that is not predicated on circling the wagons and blocking shots.

  15. I’m all for a young, forward thinking new coach who is experienced with kids and isn’t afraid to play them. But there is something to say about having a coach who can tell his GM that this is how he wants to run things, and these are the players he is going to rely on. Can someone right from college level, a rookie in this league, say that to Sather?

  16. Norm Merton on

    Allain is not young and he has a solid NHL pedigree. He is also an ex-goalie, for what that’s worth in terms of trusting Lundqvist rather than the shotblockers, and he has a very healthy ego. If Miller and Kreider and others need to be in the mix — Tortorella had no idea what to do with them — that’s surely a big consideration in thinking about the next coach.

  17. Cross Check Charlie on

    I have the reason for the firing!

    My investigative reporters unearthed a letter sent to Glen Sather through the internet from an ex-player that cemented his decision to fire Torts.

    The letter starts out “Fire this clown…”

  18. Norm, young not from his age perspective but from his NHL head coach experience point of view. I’m all for hiring someone with his pedigree, I just think it’s too much out of the box thinking for Sather.

  19. Czechthemout!!! on

    Torts does deserve credit for many things. I wont repeat them because they have already been stated by some of his defenders well. I was one of those defenders until mid Febuary this season.

    His stubborness is what ultimately did him in. He refused to adapt to his team and continued to do the same thing on the PP. His bizzare overplaying of players like Boyle in all situations. His continued playing of Richards and MDZ on the PP. His mishandling of Kreider and JT Miller. And his refusal to adjust in-game is what annoyed several players who matter.

    Hoping your goalie stands on his head is not a system it is just plain. Stupid.

  20. The dust has settled. Torts is gone. But with Sather there is, and will be no accountability. He is the Isiah Thomas of the Rangers minus the sexual predatory stuff. The owner loves him and he has a job for life. We all know his report card for free agens signings is an F-. Holik, Bure, Dreary, Nomez,Deadden, Richards. On Drafts he gets a C but there was still Hugh Jessamin and Al Montoya. Trades a B-. We are stuck with Slats as long as he wants to work here and that is troubling to me. That is and will be the problem for a long time.

  21. I would love to see the kids get an honest chance to play every game, make mistakes, and learn. I remember Torts stating The Krieder was the real deal after playing and scoring a goal this year against Marty & the devils, 2 games later sent down.
    Hope Sather & company take the time and get it right.

  22. Czechthemout!!! on

    Gernander would be a great choice. His team lost its last eight games of the season I believe and failed to make the playoffs. A disciple of Colin Campbell?

    No thanks!

  23. That may have something to do with the fact that the NHL version of his team took all his best players and either kept them or injured them.

  24. Gernander would need to do some time as Assistant Coach behind an NHL bench first

  25. CTBlueshirt on

    For guiding a team whose own GM doubted would make the playoffs and take a superior rival to 7 games (even if they blew a 3-1 lead)?

  26. CTBlueshirt on

    Just joking around, CT.


    Par for the course on the worst blog on the internetz

  27. Cross Check Charlie on

    The thing that worries me is that Sather might do something stupid like hire Keenan.

    In fact, I would probably give even odds on Sather doing something stupid.

  28. Rob in Beantown on

    I was a big Torts defender for pretty much the whole season and like a lot of people was *positive* he was not going to get fired. But with the way the season ended and some of the comments out of breakup day my feelings started to change. I don’t think that Tortorella got 100% out of his team this season, and worst of all, I don’t even think he made adjustments to try. This fact stuck out like a sore thumb in the series against the Bruins. On the whole this season, this Rangers team was, sadly, worse than the sum of its parts.

    So in theory, I’m happy that we’re going in a new direction, because I don’t think Tortorella was the one to get us to the next step. However, in practicality, I’m *terrified* that this means now we’re _rebuilding_. I didn’t want to be rebuilding next year. I wanted to be building on success and going to the next level. Now it feels like maybe we’re starting at square one. Worse, does this _rebuilding_ mean we’re scrapping the team, including (maybe) the goalie? If Sather is capable of doing something so unexpected as firing Torts out of nowhere, it makes me afraid what else he might be capable of.

  29. That second paragraph is pretty much exactly how I feel right now, Rob. Very scared that this feels like a rebuild.

  30. Keith Allain would be a great choice. I will say watching his teams play over the years, they are exciting as hell to watch – seen a whole bunch o Yale/Cornell games over the years, and Cornell is big and defensive-minded, almost like the Devils, where Yale is smaller, fast as all get-out and swarms the puck in the offensive zone. Their attack is just awesome to watch and I would love to see how our players did under a system like that. Yale just won the title this year, but they’ve been a top ten NCAA team for 4-5 years now at least, and in fact some of the past teams were more highly-ranked.

    That would be a great hire for the Rangers and with the goaltending we have to act as an eraser I’ll bet that would work out real well. Would also be much more fun to watch.

  31. The Rangers do have roster issues, but I can safely say that all teams do to an extent. Would I like to see Slats go? Yup. That isn’t happening. So, how do other teams deal with the roster issues and holes? Making sure they employ a system that maximizes their strengths and minimizes weaknesses. Although Torts had a system that did a good job of turning things around, it has failed to do much beyond that. Due to the cap, the Rangers are going to have to look inside the system to fill some holes, and I think that is a good thing. Two guys that have played very well in the SEL are going to be playing in Hartford or NY next year: Oscar Lindberg and Jesper Fast. Lindberg is a two-way center that excels of face-offs and has found his offense this past year. At worst, he is the 3rd line center of the future and should be able to be with the team full-time by December. Fast is Hagelin with a touch more offense, so at worst he is more depth and blazing speed. J.T. Miller is also close. Kreider might bloom under a coach that doesn’t punish his mistakes mercilessly while ignoring Richards’. Brassard seems to have found his game in NY and is a legit #2 center. If Step continues his growth, he can be productive on a Brad Richards level very easily. Next year will be all about the kids stepping up. If they do, great year, if not, it will just be the same thing that the last few years have been. The one thing I do not think is needed is massive overhaul. They don’t have the depth or cap space to make it happen and stay competitive.

  32. torts did some good things here so lets not go crazy and say all will work out fine here. this past 4 years with him has been much better then prior 15 years after cup. there was an identity and accountability with this team that we havent seen in years. that said the next coach better hold team the same way regardless of there style. this team cant take a step back in there work ethic otherwise we are screwed.

    that said this roster is still MAJORALLY FLAWED AND THAT FALLS ON SATHER.

    all this candidates you hear vigneault ruff maurice tippett crawfrod and yes messier dont get me too excited.

    messier would be popular but can he in his first coaching tenure have succcess. generally doesnt work out.

  33. Good outside the box thinking, Peter. Allain would represent another Goaltender turned Coach in the NHL.

  34. Cross Check Charlie on

    From what I’ve read, Keenan has an out clause to be able to return to the NHL.

  35. manny

    with phase three of garden transformation being done and completed trust me THERE WILL BE NO REBUILD.

  36. sorry folks, doesn’t matter who the next coach will be for the rangers because the problem is the GM and the Dopey owner.

  37. Rob in Beantown on

    Also, going back to the goalie, even if Sather wants to resign him, I’m afraid he might sense its a rebuild and look elsewhere.

  38. Great write up last night Carp.

    But today I would like to chat about haha torts is gone might as well get rid of him because he only had a year left and we should get rid of Lundqvist and Nash because they make too much and are a dime a dozen then we should try to find a top 5 center in the league who will only want 100 bucks a year because its about efficiency and I know what I’m talking about more than anyone on earth!

  39. The only negative I see with Fast(h) and Lindberg is that they are a bit undersized in the weight category. But they definitely show promise. And Fast(h) is Right Handed which is desperately needed on this team. Lindberg I would really like to see up here pretty soon.

    And Mcllrath, of course.

  40. Nice to see some people in their right minds are posting today. Maybe ill show up for the chat

  41. We should take a 20 min segment of this chat and discuss what ex oilers Sather may attempt to bring in as a coach

  42. has the league passed mike keenan bye. of all the candidates i would bring him back but i feel this league is too new for him since his days

  43. Doodie Machetto on

    No to Gernander. Has had absolutely no success at the AHL level. Good first coach for teaching kids about becoming pros. Bad coach for leading teams to wins. I’d take him as an associate coach (like Renney in Detroit), at most.

    No to Ruff. I just don’t think he’s had it for a while.

    No to Tippett, even though I think he is an EXCELLENT coach. Just not the right guy for right now. If they had hired him instead of Trottier, that would have been an incredible hire.

    Vigneault is interesting simply because the question is whether it was him or the Sedins that were the big chokers in Vancouver. Also, must help to not have any goaltending controversy. I think he’s a good coach and on the right team could do good things. I’m just not sure we are that team.

    Eakins I don’t know much about other than the high praise he gets as the Marlies coach. I’ve looked around a bit on him and he seems to be more of a defense-first guy, and I think that’s just the wrong guy for right now.

    Messier would be a disaster.

    Crawford is finished as a coach. The game has long since passed him by.

    If McClellan gets fired, I’d be VERY interested in him. I think he would be a great fit with our roster. We can play defensive hockey. He can teach us to play offense.

  44. heres my take on vigneault

    he has a much more TALENTED ROSTER in vancouver with the sedins and won 2 pres trophy and yet couldnt win. going back to three years ago vancouver blew a 2-0 and 3-2 series lead to boston. last year as the pres trophy winner and 1 seed they lost to the kings in 5 and this year got swept by sharks.

    over his last 11 playoff games vigneault is 1-10. i dont want on him at all. yes he was in a major market in vancouver but i dont see him taking us over the top by any means

  45. Yea, Doodie. Alain Vigneault is interesting to me because I imagine his offensive style with Hank in net would be very lethal. Might be a huge change. And he coached a team that had multiple offensive threats so no danger of becoming the Capitals. Also, he might request a big time, physical defender like Mcllrath be on the squad.

  46. of all the coaches being listed NONE get me excited. sather needs to see if he could get a coach that perhaps is under contract.

  47. Imagine if McLellan gets fired by the Sharks, hired by the Rangers and Tort gets fired by the Rangers and hired by the Sharks.

  48. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    So I’m going to miss the charp due to this pesky thing called a job.

    Here is my charp contribution…

    Shouldn’t we add some actual physical D men to improve our transition game and let the offencive forwards be more offencive?

    Instead of vanilla soft D that are positionally sound, how about guys that are aggressive and stand up at the blueline or go and knock some one on their butt so the transition game goes 170 feet and doesn’t have to go 200ft every offencive rush.

    Oh, I do everything I can to trade Staal to Carolina this offseason.

  49. So Torts openly admits to his mistakes. Are you still going to blindly bash me. Are some of you guys taking courses in politics 101. Serously ignore all the points and just pick the least meaningful part of a statement and exploit it as much as possible.

  50. How is Mess the leader of the Post “Who do you want as coach” poll by two-fold? Guy’s never coached a day in his life. He did so much damage to the club after the Cup. GM? Yeah, maybe in a decade. Coach? Not if anyone wants to win anything around here…

  51. Doodie Machetto on

    eric, a couple of things.

    First, this story of having a much more talented roster in Vancouver just isn’t true. Yes, he had the Sedins, but after them, things get ugly very quickly. The roster was designed to have a healthy Ryan Kesler, which they basically haven’t had since that beast mode series against Nashville in 2011. Without Kesler, the Canucks had no secondary scoring. Chris Higgins was a second line player there. CHRIS HIGGINS. Other guys who rotated into their second line were offensive dynamos David Booth (also perpetually injured and so bad that even Florida traded him away for a bag of pucks), Mason Raymond, and Jannik Hansen. So let’s get this talent fallacy out of here.

    Second, we don’t know who was the cause of the Canucks’ struggles in the playoffs, him or the Sedins. In the year they went to the Final, the Sedins were still terrible (by their regular season standard). And he managed to deal with the playoff choker that was Roberto Luongo.

    So I think the jury is out on Vigneault. I just don’t think our roster is well built for him. but of the names currently out there, I think he is the most palatable.

  52. Manny – dont want to worry you but Keenan has an “nhl out clause” in his KHL contract apparently

  53. Doodie Machetto on

    Bob Woods is a left field name that would be an interesting hire. He is a Boudreau disciple (went to be with him in Anaheim this season) but has head coaching experience at the AHL level including a Calder Cup. If you want a coach who will just let the players play, it’s a guy like Boudreau.

    Plus, he finished the season in Washington that Hunter took over, so he definitely knows about grind-it-out hockey.

  54. Doodie,

    Agree with you on Vancouver/Vigneault. Disagree on why no beat reporter can ask a simple question of Sather. Again, what would an MSG “blackballing” of a reporter constitute?

  55. Doodie Machetto on

    It won’t be Keenan. I have no concerns about that. The idea was Torts lost the room from beating the team into the ground. You think Torts saying Hagelin stinks on the PP was bad? Wait until Keenan lets the media know how he feels about his players.

    Keenan is like Torts on steroids.

  56. Stranger Nation on

    How about a poll about next Ranger coach options?

    Wicky – Physical RDman with ability to make break out passes. WAtching McD and Moore skate makes GA Girardi and MDZ lack of speed even more glaring.

    IMHO we have up front skill but lack Defensive skill. Low D skill, no break outs, no easy outlets, puck stays in zone, forwards have to come down and support more, forwards need to block more shots, Neutral zone opens up for rushes, no pinching at blue line, no Point on PP, etc., etc., etc…

    Not against moving Hank for right package rather than give him DiPietro money.

  57. Doodie,


    Denial/limiting of access/not answering questions is already in place. It is already the rule. Dolan = Inaccessible. Sather = Unassailable on those minutes every year he grants to the media.

  58. Franklin Kistner on

    Morning BHeads
    As we start a very long road trip (SF-BOSTON) today; I predict Sather will be gone before I get to Ottawa. LGRANGERS!

  59. Doodie – totally agree. It wont be Keenan, he is too similar (if not more extreme than Torts) plus he is not known for good relations with his GM’s either.

    I havent checked on bookies odds but i’d say the favourites are (in order)
    1. Ruff
    2. Vigneault
    3. Tippett (if available)
    4. Crawford
    5. Maurice

  60. The tone of yesterday’s conference call was especially revealing and distressing. Every last guy who got on the horn sounded grateful to be granted an audience. It’s one thing to be neutral. But submissive? Sad
    show in every sense.

  61. Doodie – totally agree. It wont be Keenan, he is too similar (if not more extreme than Torts) plus he is not known for good relations with his GM’s either.

    I havent checked odds but i’d say the favourites are (in order)
    1. Ruff
    2. Vigneault
    3. Tippett (if available)
    4. Crawford
    5. Maurice

  62. Doodie – totally agree. It wont be Keenan, he is too similar (or worse than Torts) plus he is not known for good relations with his GM’s either.

    I havent checked but i’d say the favourites are (in order)
    1. Ruff
    2. Vigneault
    3. Tippett (if available)
    4. Crawford
    5. Maurice

  63. I don’t think Slats will fancy a Keenan redux.

    I’d say these are the options
    1. Ruff
    2. Vigneault
    3. Tippett (if available)
    4. Crawford
    5. Maurice

  64. I give up – awaiting moderation for what? numbers?

    Riff, Vigneault, Tippett, Crawford, Maurice would be my 5 candidates

  65. LOL – apologies for the spam everyone.

    Everything i posted came up with “awaiting moderation”

  66. Maurice – close friends with Graves, pedigree, players’ coach, good with the media – on the list

    Ruff – has some ties to Rangers, was a players coach but knows how to push, experienced with a star goaltender, on the list

    Crawford – similar to Maurice, on the list.

    Vigneault – not a great fit, dont like his track record, not on my list.

    Tippett – under contract through 6/30 and the Yotes want to keep him, not on my list.

    Wild cards – Keith Allain (if I say this enough will Sather hear his name?), Dallas Eakins could both get a good look and these guys might be the best choices. Don’t think it is about the level (NHL, AHL, NCAA) think it is more about whether person has been a head coach anywhere, so to me I think a head coach form any level is preferable to an NHL assistant.

  67. UKR

    “Favourites” instead of favorites: Clear violation of internetz rules and regs. And if you ever post “lorries” instead of trucks? Or “bonnets” instead of hoods? Banned for life.

  68. I like the idea of Paul Maurice. Yes I know, he hasn’t won, and the Toronto experience was nothing to write home about. But he is very
    thoughtful and expressive on the TSN panels, and he has been through enough playoff wars to warrant interest.

    I will always have a soft spot for what his Canes did to Fatso in the last two minutes of their Game 7 a couple of years ago.

  69. It’s true, Rob. But there is some chatter out there that he needs to go because their offense sputtered.

  70. Seems like Sharks fans are already excited about the probability of getting Mr. Tortarella to be their coach.

  71. Rob in Beantown on

    Being a college coach is way different than being a pro coach. Keith Allain had just 4 NHL draft picks on his Yale roster. The rest are kids that will probably work at Goldman Sachs.

  72. Haha next thing you know i’ll be criticised for the colours of my flag, wearing pants under my trousers or waiting for autumn for the hockey season to start!

    By the way, i’m having roasted aubergine and courgette with my tea once ive driven home overtaking lorries and caravans on their way back from school holidays!

  73. Does Rangers’ General Manager/Club President have a shelf life? I can’t understand why Glen Sather still has his cushy job.

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