Egg on my face, mea culpa … I was completely wrong; Rangers fire Tortorella


Sorry I’m late here. Was doing my other job when I got the news, drove back to HQ at about 80 mph, will do the Glen Sather conference call momentarily and will have it on the blog in audio within a couple of minutes of its conclusion.

So stop by here.

And don’t be shy about telling me what kind of an idiot I am.

Though I suspect something might have changed in the last 48 hours.


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  1. Gravy, Just Gravy on


    Stunned. One could argue that Torts got more out of imperfect teams than anyone else could have.

    Carp, I think the thing that changed in the last 48 hours is that Tort(s) isn’t employed anymore.


  2. CARP, you rule … you were wrong, sure, but none of us is a prognosticator of prognosticators.

  3. hank breakup day interview had to play a part in this happening. the last 48 hours something changed

  4. So many angry Rangers fans now have to look for someone else to be angry at now. Ridiculous…

    Torts deserved better.

  5. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Fire this CLOWN, his players hate him and wont play for his BS….

  6. I don’t know why anyone would be shocked by Torts getting fired. He did some pretty crazy things that made no sense much at all. I also don’t think he had the entire room on his side. After reading Lundqvist’s comments about resigning I wondered if Torts was safe.

  7. Sather said Tortorella was “shocked” when given the news. New coaching search to begin soon, hopes to be done by draft

  8. Carp, you weren’t the only one. Gross and Strang were on the same page as you.

  9. So, we traded Gaborik because the coach we were about to fire in 5 months didn’t like him.

  10. Does that mean you can be wrong about Richards, too? Or did Sather fire Torts because the coach wanted Richards and the GM didn’t?

  11. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    _Larry Brooks ?@NYP_Brooksie_
    _Any media outlet that would hire John Tortorella should be ashamed_

    We get it Larry.

  12. I think he had just next year left on his contract and without an extension would have been a lame duck coach. Firing him now, allows Sather to have first shot at available candidates.

  13. gregm_oldsection403 on

    No need to apologize, Carp. You based your prediction on logic. Clearly there was little logic behind this move

    This is typical blame the coach carcillo. Scotty Bowman couldn’t have gotten this flawed team past the 2nd round.

  14. Maybe Torts mistook Ranger brass for reporters-wonder where Richards will be playing next year? On another note: it drives me crazy that resign(to give up your position) and resign (to extend your contract) are spelled the same way- lets fire the guy that did that!

  15. Here is the million dollar question – How many more coaches does Glen Sather get to hire/fire? If you count the first time Sather “fired” Tortorella (2000 interim for the final four games), Slats has fired five coaches. The only coach he didn’t fire was himself after he replaced Trottier.

    I hope we don’t go the multi-retread road (i.e. Ron Wilson). If you are going to go for more offense then hire someone who has been with an offensive team, like Tony Granato.

    Sather would never think out-of-the-box so AHL coach Dallas Eakins doesn’t have much of a chance.

    My wildcard – go after University of Wisconsin’s Mike Eaves. He did a great job with Ryan McDonagh and Derek Stepan.

    No matter who is the coach, it will be the third system the Rangers have installed in the space of less than a year.

  16. Just stunned. Given how important training camp is to his program, the lack of one this season and the relative success they’ve had over the past four years, I’m shocked.

    Will be fascinating to hear reaction from the players in the days ahead, but have to think that the commentary/discussion about letting the offensive players focus on offense more plus if hank lost faith that they could win a cup in Torts’ system, might have been impetus to pull the trigger.


  17. Rob in Beantown on

    New York Rangers @NYRangers
    #NYR GM Glen Sather announces Pierre McGuire will be the new Rangers head coach

  18. This is about Hank and the PP.

    But as someone referenced earlier, perhaps Avery knew more than anyone expected.

    At least the PP might improve. Though who becomes coach? Slats?

  19. yea nyrfan, now we have no torts for no gaborik, a limp richards, and a sad hank. and the man to save this team is glen motherbyfuglien sather. just shoot us now

  20. what a great day to be a ranger fan

    this ratface clown has poisoned this organization with his egomaniacal garbage for too long now.

    he had his chance and enough is enough.


    see ya

    makes is so much sweeter to send in my check for season tickets next week.

    also, wont have to read carp’s inexplicable defense of this clown day in and day out.

    the sin is shining@!!!!!

  21. I’m not going to shove it down your throats, but thank god he is gone. I’ve been saying this for half the year. Now please get a coach that first and foremost know the game of hockey, has a wee bit more class, and knows about PP’s for heavens sake.

  22. “No need to apologize, Carp. You based your prediction on logic. Clearly there was little logic behind this move”

    When your star player no longer wants the coach there and your PP is pathetic year after year, the decision is easy.

    I fully expect both Lindy Ruff (along with James Patrick) to be hired pretty soon…

  23. Which means you can be resigned over having to resign because you weren’t going to be resigned….

  24. avery doesnt know jack. but he stayed at a holiday inn express last night he knows if holiday inn has free continental breakfast and free oj refill.

  25. Know this Carp: if we bust your chops a lot this week, it’s “we’re hanging out having a beer and busting on our pal who said Torts wouldn’t get fired” without an ounce of malicious intent. At least most of us.

  26. I’m pretty surprised. I don’t know, but do the Rangers do end of season private interviews with management? I wonder if things came up in those. Hank’s comments definitely had something to do with it, as was the Hagelin stinks comments. I got the feeling that Torts was a desperate man by the time the Boston series hit and even more so after dropping the first 2 games especially game 2. I like him as a coach, but I really think he lost the team, and it showed in the playoffs. His constant line combination changes led to absolutely no symmatry between teammates. He burnt out McD and Girardi for the second straight season. He had no clue on how to run a power play, and even the PK was suffering by the playoffs. I figured he was getting a chance to at least start next season. My gut tells me it’s going to be Lindy Ruff. He’s a former Ranger, a player’s coach, and his time with the Sabres gives him an MSG connection, so management knows him (and you know Dolan owns the Rangers because it came with the Knicks, no other reason, he has no clue). I don’t see them signing the former Vancouver coach. The Rangers usually don’t hire French Canadians due to having to deal with the press (when was the last FC coach, Jean-Guy Talbot?) I’d love to see them bring in Jim Schoenfeld, but I get the idea he doesn’t want it.

  27. Torts Fired
    Richards Bought Out
    Gaborik Traded
    Avery Salty
    Henrik Leaving
    Gomez Worthless
    No Show Nash

    Someone tell me why I should go to a single game until Sather is fired?

  28. bull dog line on

    Ruff was a Ranger for about 2 seconds. Michele Bergeron was probably the last french canadian Ranger coach.

  29. I know I’m in the minority, but I actually think torts did a good job given the talent level the last two years…guessing the players non- support did him in. I hope that Mr Sather has a plan, though I doubt it.

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, As one of my old professors used to say “mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa”

  31. They need to find somebody that can utilize a more efficient defensive system and stresses scoring. The one thing I have never seen with Torts is the fulfillment of the, “safe is death” comment when he was first hired.

  32. ABIndy – The pronunciation of resign doesn’t even make sense. Nor the definition considering what sign means. But to sign again is spelled re-sign with a hyphen (probably only because of resign). Just misused by a lot of people.

    Will miss Torts, unless Ruff is hired.

  33. Best Ranger coach in the last 40 years:

    “Tortorella led the Rangers to the playoffs four times, including 2009 when he took over midseason for Tom Renney. In 2011-12, New York won 51 regular-season games, second-most in franchise history, and advanced to the conference finals for the first time in 14 seasons.

    Prior to joining the Rangers, Tortorella was head coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning for seven seasons, leading the team to the Stanley Cup championship in 2004. He won the Jack Adams Award that season as the NHL’s top coach.

    Tortorella’s 410 career wins are the most in NHL history for an American-born coach…”

  34. Its going to be so gross when Torts turns around the underachieving, defensively hopeless Flyers within the next two years.

  35. I think Tortorella deserve 1 more year. It is not his fault that Richards struggle and this most affect Gaboric and some Nash production. Nash is only an actual 1st line player. Stepan, Brassard or Kreider are not ready yet, they needs 1-2 years more. Also 4th line is not so good and cannot play more than 3-4 min per game. Most of the teams will not be in play-off with the same situation. His fault are: PP’s, dump and chase, give up blue line and may be PK’s not so effective like last year.
    Lindy Ruff is a best replacement candidate.

  36. Avery is Hank’s buddy
    so maybe
    Hank was voicing his displeasure
    at having to saving the team’s aassen
    each and every game
    and despite his public quotes
    about enjoying the pressure
    really would have liked to deal
    with a 2 or 3 goal lead on a consistent basis

  37. I forgot about Bergeron.

    Yeah, I know Ruff is defensive minded, and I’m not necessarily pro-Ruff, I just think that’s where they are headed due to the relationship with the Rangers and MSG and his experience. Another guy I thought about was Laviollette who also has a Rangers connection and some success and he coached some fairly uptempo teams.

    One of Torts’ problems was, that the team two years ago really overachieved, but, part of the reason it did was Torts overplaying his top defenseman and having his forward block shots until they hurt.

  38. Will admit that I am currently here only because of Tortorella being fired. Wasnt going to be here till July 1st after my trip was over but a text from a friend changed that. Also wont hide behind the fact that Carp was wrong and all the defenders of the almighty coach having an egg on their face at this moment has brought a bit of a smile to my face.

    You cant have a tyrant yelling at his own players, disrespecting the media (part of his job), telling his players that their teammates being injured is “none of their business”, calling his players “dumb”, making the coach more important than the superstar player (Gaborik), etc.

    If it was Hank’s comments that did the coach so be it. I am glad he is gone. No coach is more important to the team than its best player. I dont have a replacement in mind right now but out of the guys apparently on top of the list (Ruff, Vigneault, and Tippett) Id probably choose Alain Vigneault.
    Good news is whatever happens our PP will be better. Cant get much worse. I guess Sullivan hasnt been fired yet because of his work with the D-men. They seem to love him. I do expect him to leave though as he does have his loyalty ties to Torts.

  39. Rhode Island Ranger on

    Torts was long on balls and jam and short on creativity, strategy and positive personality. Is the room unanimous in their support of their fallen leader today? Not likely.

    The Rangers (especially Hank) and Rangers fans deserve better. Hope Sather finds it.

  40. TortsReform on

    This isn’t how journalism works.

    Carp, if you ever want to be a real journalist and not a two bit hack blogger, you’re going to have to learn a few things.

    You can’t report something as backed by sources (“the Rangers will not fire Tortorella”) when all you’re doing is using your own, clueless, and in this case, apparently uninformed, opinion.

    For example, I can’t say “Fatt red faced pudge Rick Carpiniello dies of a heart attack” no matter how much I wish it to be true, then later on say “Oops, my bad, that wasn’t actually true.”

    You are an embarrassment and should be ashamed of yourself. It’s no wonder you liked Torts so much, you’re a fraud just like him.

  41. They said sather asked all the players and the players voted overwhelmingly to get rid of him

  42. Lloyd Braun on

    that shelf life comment has to mean players and Sather to an extent were sick of Tortorella

  43. Malt O'Meal on

    Wow. Can’t say I’m totally surprised but I didn’t believe all the Canadian hype — or the projections of some of the haters on this blog. I think this must have had something do with much more than the obvious (system, Richards, Gabby, etc.) and that all the detractors just got lucky on this one.

    Carp, no worries….I thought your position made logical sense and I’m sure this wasn’t expected by some of those who even work within the organization.

    No matter, I think Torts did a great job and is a great coach. I also grew weary of his idiosyncrasies – playing players in positions they’re not comfortable with or the constant line changing etc. – but habits are not unique to Tort’s coaching style and after all, they probably know better than us fans. Still don’t think you can slam the guy for performance and to think we woulda one a cup – let alone beat Pitt or Chicago/LA this year under a different coach is a bit of a stretch. He did good for this team and should be commended for that…now it’s time for a change and that change will certainly not stop with the coach.

    “TortsReform” — you’re hilarious. Do you even watch hockey?

  44. jay reimenschneider on

    How could they not dump him? And this flawed team would have “skated” past both Boston and Wash if they could only have scored a damn power play goal once in every six tries. Ridiculous that with the talented and speedy forwards they’ve got they couldn’t even muster a 15% number, and that’s nobody other then John Tortorella’s fault. I like a lot of what he’s done as a coach and I actually appreciate his succinct style and lack of puffy puff media dribble “dump it in, work hard” blah blah blah but he simply didn’t do the job he was hired to do and needed to go. I’ll bet a finsky we get Ruff.

  45. “Fire this CLOWN. His players hate him and wont play for his BS…. @imseanavery is #winning.

  46. boxcareddiehospodar on

    ha ha good riddance.

    when u bench kreider and miller; overplay 4 defensemen; constantly beat the heck out of gaborik,knock avery and your powerplay stinks you get what u deserve!!!!

  47. boxcareddiehospodar on

    oh yeah and when you put that much faith in boyle you get what u deserve

  48. Doug Lowenstein on

    I am amazed how many people want to cut Torts slack. Yes, they got to Game 6 of the Conference Finals but in the process he ran down his best players because he didn’t trust anyone else. He destroyed Gabby’s confidence, has made the young talent like Miller, Kreider, and even at times Hags so scared to make a mistake because they know they’ll sit at the end of the bench. He has sucked the creativity out of the skill players with a system that is the opposite of safe is death…more like boring is bliss. His failure to design a PP is inexcusable after 4 years. His throw your body in front of pucks defensive style creates high risks for players and teams figured it out this year and it was far less effective anyway. Truthfully, can anyone really say the Rangers were an exciting and fun team to watch the last few years? After watching the Isles vs Pitt in Round 1 it was striking how dynamic and entertaining they were; same with Boston, and many other teams. He was a coach who gave us some excitement but he wore out his welcome and absolutely lost this team.

  49. First—-those of you taking cheap shots at Carp should be embarrased—-you enjoy this blog all year long—then treat the man this poorly? Says a lot about your lack of character.
    Second—-how many of you ever coached ANY sport at Any level? And yet you speak as experts? Typical fans—-you want a hard-nosed coach when You want Renney fired, now you wanted Torts gone. You got your wish—-you want the game “opened up”— what do you say next year when the 5-2 losses pole up or the players start to “float”? Short memories—remember 7 years of bad hockey? Torts will wind up elsewhere and be successful.

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