BREAKING NEWS: Rangers fire head coach John Tortorella


After a second-round playoff exit, the Rangers on Wednesday fired John Tortorella as head coach. Tortorella had one year remaining on his contract.

The Rangers, who lost to the New Jersey Devils in six games in the NHL’s Eastern Conference finals a season ago, were dispatched from the playoffs in the second round by the Boston Bruins in five games.

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  1. A little surprised….no doubt changes needed to be made, but I thought he would start the season on a short leash.
    Hank’s comments and vagueness about signing new deal…may have been the reason.
    Now you can guarantee that Richards is a goner as well.

  2. I’m surprised. Don’t think its necessarily the right thing, but I wouldn’t be against watching a coach more willing to let potentially good young players play over mediocre or worse veterans.

  3. Torts brought it on himself, though you can’t fault him for being who he is. When was the last time a coach had this much success and was canned?

  4. Thank God……Its about time……told you Car for the past 2 months……i guess he cant mistreat the media anymore.

  5. I was eager to see Torts get one more full season to show what he can do. We had the best post-Cup seasons with him as our coach. He was a leader through and through. This stinks.

  6. yes sather has conf call with media at 215. francessa will have it right after its concluded because he cant carry it live

  7. Young players have to be infused into the lineup…Torts was reluctant to do that…wears out his core players each year.

  8. from the NY Times:

    Tortorella coached the Rangers for five seasons, starting when he became the midseason replacement for the dismissed Tom Renney on Feb. 23, 2009. His record is remarkably similar to Renney’s. He won 171 and lost 144 regular-season games (Renney won 164 and lost 163). In the playoffs, Tortorella won three series and lost four (Renney won two series and lost three).

  9. _When was the last time a coach had this much success and was canned?_

    What was Vigneault, last week? Two weeks ago?

  10. If he didn’t think this was possible — and I think he got so self-inflated that he didn’t — then Torts was due. Too self-important. I liked the fire
    and the energy. But he hasn’t made anyone forget Toe Blake or Scotty Bowman. You can’t slag people the way he did and have the results he did.

    Here’s hoping Sather is next.

  11. Why is this Bruins guy still in the widget?? Get him out!

    In my opinion, I think they should give a new guy a shot, instead of going after Veen-Yo, Ruff or Tippet.

    Who that person is, I don’t know.

  12. Am I the only Ranger fan that thinks this is a mistake? How do you fire the guy who led the team to the #1 seed and the conference finals last year, and then to the 2nd round during a lockout shortened season this year? I think this goes beyond the results of this year or Lundqvist’s comments. Upper management simply don’t want to or can’t put together a roster that would fit in Tort’s system (like last year’s team) so I think it was probably a mutual decision to part ways.

  13. _His record is remarkably similar to Renney’s. He won 171 and lost 144 regular-season games (Renney won 164 and lost 163)._

    Sentence 1: Their records were similar

    Sentence 2: Numbers showing lack of similarity

  14. _Larry Brooks just popped the cork on his best bottle._

    Think so? Brooksie just lost his go to story and his place inside the narrative.

  15. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    Does this mean that we are 2-3 years away from another strong run at the cup? We are definitely hurting for prospects and draft picks. Could it be even longer than that? New Coach, New System, New style?

  16. i am not a lover at all of vigneault in vancouver. he couldnt win there with more talent then we currently have. vancouver was 1-8 in last 9 playoff games over last 2 years.

    ruff is a veteran but doesnt get me too excited.

    i want mike babcock should he want to get out of his contract with detroit.

  17. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Stunned. One could argue that Torts got more out of imperfect teams than anyone else could have.

  18. My wife, a recent hockey convert and avowed Tortorella fan, says she doesn’t understand why the Rangers would fire him.

    When I told her “Know how every time you watched a game with me you would always ask why they don’t play in the other team’s zone? Or you asked how can their PP be so awful all the time?”

    Her response “I see your point”

    Tortorella wore out his welcome, and I DEFINITELY think Lundqvist had plenty to do with it. Rightly so, too. You have to almost try to be as bad offensively as the Rangers have been under Tortorella.

    Dave Maloney a few weeks ago said it best (paraphrasing) – “The Rangers have to work so hard to score just one goal that it seems they exhaust their gas tank while other teams have no problems at all.”

    We have a great goalie…a very good, young defensive corps…and some good young talent up front. But the team “system” of dumping the puck in (and quickly losing it) and collapsing into our zone allowing the opposition to get all 5 of their players into the zone to make as many passes/plays as they want…that’s not a system that’s gonna win anything in this league.

    So the team’s best player pushes a coach out of town…a coach he probably thinks won’t lead them to a title…

    C’mon Carp…let’s hear the ’92-’93 comparisons. :-)

    All this being said…Sather needs to GO. Nearly a quarter of a century without leading a team to a title. Time for someone else to step in and do the job (and also…I don’t know…appear in front of a microphone more than once a year)

  19. The only way that firing Torts is a success is if the team scores more goals while not giving up more next year. I have no love/hate for Torts. I do think that the Rangers may have gone as far as they can with him, though. PP kept getting worse and the team kept struggling to score. Last year was an aberration and can’t really be viewed as part of the picture. I have no idea which coach should be next. You have to think the Rangers do have a direction in mind already.

  20. Shocked and awed. A little nervous and a little excited. Didn’t see that one coming at all.

  21. Paul in sunrise on

    May have already been said but think its how torts handled the younger players like Kreider, MZA, Gilroy. No patience to develop them on the fly. But I thought he was a good coach. Don’t know who they can get that’s better.

  22. The Lundqvist comments were definitely a factor here. But Torts also complained constantly about “lack of depth” that “limited his flexibility” with the lineup. That was a shot at the GM. Sather would be fine with it if the Rangers were winning but once the Bruins finished off NY, Tortorella was exposed with no one protecting him.
    I am certain, however, the HL comments scared the bejezzus out of management.

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