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  1. Will admit that I am currently here only because of Tortorella being fired. Wasnt going to be here till July 1st after my trip was over but a text from a friend changed that. Also wont hide behind the fact that Carp was wrong and all the defenders of the almighty coach having an egg on their face at this moment has brought a bit of a smile to my face.

    You cant have a tyrant yelling at his own players, disrespecting the media (part of his job), telling his players that their teammates being injured is “none of their business”, calling his players “dumb”, making the coach more important than the superstar player (Gaborik), etc.

    If it was Hank’s comments that did the coach so be it. I am glad he is gone. No coach is more important to the team than its best player. I dont have a replacement in mind right now but out of the guys apparently on top of the list (Ruff, Vigneault, and Tippett) Id probably choose Alain Vigneault.
    Good news is whatever happens our PP will be better. Cant get much worse. I guess Sullivan hasnt been fired yet because of his work with the D-men. They seem to love him. I do expect him to leave though as he does have his loyalty ties to Torts.

  2. gregm_oldsection403 on

    Hank wants to win, period.

    He won’t sign this summer and he will wait and see how this team performs with a new coach. Once he realizes it wasn’t the coach, it is actually the flawed team that has little chance of winning the Cup, he will sign somewhere else next off season.

    I wish it wasn’t true, but why would Hank sign on for 8 more years of mediocrity?

  3. Cross Check Charlie on

    I have to say that I’m surprised, but not shocked.

    I thought he got the most out of a mediocre group last year.

    However, I didn’t think he did the same with this year’s team.

    When you see the way the top teams play, with discipline and with a system, then watch the Rangers looking like they’re playing in a pickup game something had to be done.

    I hope gone are the constant dump and chase. The cycling. The three players below the opponents goal line. The three players above the circles on the power play. The lack of pressure on the opponent’s point.

    I really didn’t care that he was a jerk to the media. I did think calling out players as dumb and that they stink to the media was not appropriate.

    So, now we have something else to discuss beside Richards’ buy out and Hank’s contract.

    By the way, I’m going to apply for the job as I have excellent penmanship.

  4. Leetchhalloffame on

    Such cloak and dagger nonsense from Sather, a la Torts. For the fans sake this Belichek-like nonsense has to stop.

  5. carp

    its these damn videos. im telling you ever since the blog change format crashed every 5 min it seems

  6. Doodie Machetto on


    The way it affects the Rangers players is that Torts probably won’t be on the coaching staff if he is unemployed as a coach in the NHL. Plenty of American coaches with NHL jobs to go above him (Bylsma, Laviolette, Rolston, Richards, Capuano).

    If Bylsma ends up as head coach, he might take Orpik and Paul Martin with him. Richards would take Jack Johnson (who I think makes the team anyway because USA hockey loves him).

    I actually think Stepan has the best chance of all of the Rangers, simply because USA center depth is pretty poor.

  7. What’s with Sather being so evasive about everything? Is that his final say on why he dismissed Torts? We don’t even get specifics about what went into the decision? I don’t really remember many of his comments when Renney was fired, was it a lot of the same type of general, politician, “says a lot of things but doesn’t really answer the question” type of answers back then too? I found that really annoying.

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    Jeremy, as I recall he didn’t give much more then, but since he basically had Torts hired at the same time, he was able to draw a contrast a bit of what Torts would bring that had been lost under Renney.

    Since nobody is there this time, and since it was a knee-jerk reaction to possibly losing Lundqvist, he didn’t really have much to say.

  9. Pat Leonard @NYDNRangers

    I’m told several current Rangers players believed prior to Wednesday’s announcement that Tortorella was going to lose his job

    Let’s call a spade a spade. He lost the room at some point this season.

  10. _McDonagh is more of a lock than Stepan, but both will go._

    I wish neither would go. Just more chances to get hurt.

  11. Knee-jerk reaction or not, and i think not, once again no coach should be held above the star player of a team. Especially when the star is basically THE team. Plenty of reasons to get him fired. I realize most people here dont care how he treated the media but guess what it is part of his job and the people in the media have their jobs to do as well. So they care. More important though is his relation to his players and that clearly has soured very quickly.

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    Stemmer, there are a lot of available players for the US defense. Suter is the only lock in my opinion. It just depends on the management and coaching staffs, who they like, and who they know. Don’t forget the important of name recognition, which McDonagh is lacking.

  13. Retire Brad Park's #2 on

    Larry Brooks didn’t ask any questions during the conference call.

    I guess it’s tough to hold a telephone while you’re doing cartwheels.

  14. This conference call was awfully revealing. The elephant in the room —- Sather’s thirteen year reign of error —– is ignored by all. Oh, the angst the beat reporters must feel in evading the simple question that is in everyone’s mind but generated too much fear to ask:

    “Glen, how would assess your leadership as Rangers GM, and do you think that GMs have a shelf life as well?”

    Polite, professional, straightforward. Why can’t it be done?

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    Stemmer, because MSG has blackballed for less. Furthermore, they kind of hit it in a roundabout way by asking him what his role would be next year.

  16. why we breaking down usa olympic team on a day torts gets fired.

    ruff and vigneault dont excite me at all

  17. Doodie,

    If you think McDonagh is somehow under the radar with US Hockey, much less the NHL, I think you are dead wrong. He is not a secret.

  18. any reporters chuckle at Tort as he boxed up his desk and Michel Bergeron started putting up HIS pictures in the office?

    Behind the scenes, this whole Richards predicament must have been a clusterf*** of bad feelings and arguments

  19. I agree with Mister D, as a ranger fan I don’t want any of the ranger star players playing in the Olympics, they could get hurt and that would screw up the rangers roster and chance of being good. Look what it did when half the rangers team went to the Olympics when Jagr was on the team. They all came back and were spent, reason why they got swept by the devils, screw the Olympics.

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    eric, I’d much rather have Ken Holland if we were going to pach from Detroit.

  21. I think it was Stu Bickel’s exit interview that got Torts fired.

    Seriously, what the heck is Brad Richards talking about how “well, this changes the relationship for sure” (paraphrasing). If anyone was loyal to Richards, it was Torts who kept rolling his ineffective butt out there all season to try and get him going.

  22. Who the fugg cares who makes the American team right now?

    When’s the last time you had a reporter reveal names in a tweet/report of the like? Probably not making it up as a) probably is some journalistic integrity left b) no real feud between him and Torts.

  23. Kind of shocked. Other than ornery fans I dont think anyone saw this coming.

    Carp I’m curious as to what your thoughts are. Does this have to do with something that went on behind closed doors? Do you think Lundqvist had some influence or perhaps a few players did?

    And could Messier be a candidate here? SO many questions.

  24. Stemmer, 3:28.. I was listening to the audio and anticipating someone would bring it to Sather, ask him about his performance and his shelf-life. Couldn’t agree more. What a bunch of sissy’s.

    Guess we’ll have to wait for Hank to bring it up during next years break-up day pressor.

  25. Hate to say it but I said it when Avery originally made those tweets, it’s not like he’s not still tight with Lundqvist and other Rangers. They probably did all vent about it.

    I just dont see who you replace with. Ruff? No thanks.

    Vignault? There’s a guy who has had STACKED teams that continue to phone it in in the playoffs.

    Annnd we get further away from that 2012 team we al fell in love with. That was a team to be proud of.

    I can’t believe: No Gaborik, No Richards, No Tortorella.

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    Stemmer, you’re talking about a program that in 2010 originally named Mike Komisarek to the roster. 2010 versions of Mike Komisarek.

    First of all, how any version of Mike “lightning” Komisarek could be considered for the Olympics is beyond me. He was just a big name.

    Second, they also had Erik Johnson there, despite the fact that Erik Johnson never became Erik Johnson. He was just a big name.

    Meanwhile, Keith Yandle was passed over. Dustin Byfuglien was passed over (although, in total fairness, he was more of a RW that year). Tyler Myers was passed over that year (you know, the one when he was actually good).

    A lot of this is name recognition. Chris Drury made the team. Jamie Langenbrunner was the captain! Scott Gomez was an alternate.

  27. Very surprised doesn’t describe it. Shocked. Thought he would get at least one more season. Deservedly. I hope they are not making a big mistake. Some stability was this team needed. Something must’ve happened that made them change their mind over the last couple of days, we may or may not find out.

  28. bull dog line on

    what I got out of Sather’s comments is this.
    did not like the system they played.
    felt Kreider should have played.
    felt Richards should have been scratched sooner.

  29. Carp are you seeing posts that we don’t? I don’t see Lloyd’s post that you are referencing @ 3:39???

  30. yea, the way I see it, it’s all down hill from here. Future isn’t looking so bright, cap going down, players up for new deals the next 2 years, wings and bluejackets playing in the eastern conference, not to mention teams in the eastern conference will be getting better. Wake me up when sather is gone, that’s the only thing left to look forward to.

  31. next coaching staff in no particular pecking order – Keenan, Messier, Leetch

    I hope Tort takes this fuggin new blog format with him…it’s killing my office computer

  32. Wow, bull dog! What I got out of his interview was this

    my left testicle is itchy
    I think I only took one cigar with me
    I wonder if my wife wants me to buy milk on my way home
    I think I forgot to purchase a new fishing license….

  33. czechthemout!!! on

    I think his handling of Kreider and his stupid comments on Hags finally did him in among other things.

    Hags is a very popular player in the room.

  34. Doodie Machetto on

    Can we all agree, that last year’s team (not this year’s team), was the hardest working team that we have seen since 1994?

  35. Could Tortorella have been pushing to keep Richards around next year?

    This is a crazy day. Pretty frustrating…I just can’t find any positives here.

    They must be in the hunt for one of these obvious candidates, to make this move so soon.

  36. Admiral Akbar on

    If this means they’re keeping Richie Rich at the cost of Tortorella — this franchise cant get out of its own way.

    What a joke.

  37. there’s no way they are keeping Richards, who knows, maybe it was the whole Richards debacle that got tortorella fired.

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    Akbar, I think it’s the opposite. I think this clearly signals Richards is history.

  39. bull dog line on

    it was an organizational decision to scratch Richards. that tells you a lot.

  40. CTBlueshirt on

    Yeah can’t imagine Richards has the backing of any of the higher ups in the org at this point.

  41. Lloyd Braun on

    The post I believe Carp was referncing is one I said that Sather’s comment about coaches having a shelf life means that some players and Sather himself were sick of Tortorella.

  42. Doodie Machetto on

    You know, there could be a different way to spin the “organizational decision.” Playing devil’s advocate, what if
    Torts scratched Richards without the approval of management. So to look as if he still had complete control of the team, Sather says it was an “organizational decision.”

    I don’t believe that was the case, but it is plausible.

  43. Jeff in South Dakota on

    I vote for Mike Keenan – for the comic relief alone – if we can get him back from Metallurg Magnitogorsk. ;-)

  44. Doodie Machetto on

    I only want Keenan back if he comes with another amazing intro video like the one for Metallurg.

  45. _Could Tortorella have been pushing to keep Richards around next year?_

    When Dreger’s report came out, this was my guess too, that Torts was willing to go down with ship Richards. Would be (1) tremendously loyal and (2) a tremendous disservice to the notion of a coach putting out the best team possible.

  46. Lloyd Braun on

    very odd that Tortorella would even be in a position to fall on his sword for Richards after making a move that basically sealed the dude’s fate as irrelevant to the team’s future

  47. Rob in Beantown on

    Eakins and Tippett seem like good choices with a lot of upside. I’d be okay with Ruff if he comes with James Patrick. Not at all interested in Vigneault. No thanks.

  48. CTBlueshirt on

    I thought the Canucks were looking at Eakins. Can’t imagine the Rangers opening things up under Tippett.

  49. What I got from all this- Sather is the sheriff in town. The four years we spent thinking that he and Torts had a good relationship and were on the same page was inaccurate.
    He still desires to be the GM who brings a Cup to New York and therefore they’re going to do things the way he sees fit. And Torts obviously wasn’t in agreement with how things needed to be gone about in the future. This wasn’t because of this seasons performance. This was because Torts got on the bad side of at least one person if not several. Mark my words there will be a new coach who has a different style and will be more of a puppet just like those prior to Torts. And we’ll still be winning and losng 2-1 games. you wait and see.

  50. Also, make no mistake- players and what gets said and done behind closed doors plays a big part in all of this. From Lundqvist to Nash to Kreider right down to the captain of the team. Maybe it wasn’t any “one thing” but it was at least partially what most fans and media are guessing were reasons.

    and allow me to add- if this was something you were considering- why trade Gaborik away?

  51. Doodie Machetto on

    Lloyd, the move may not have come from him. Orders could have come down from the top.

  52. First of all, I don’t think Torts was forced into sitting Richards…he has complete control over ice time and he had completely relegated him to 4th line mins plus PP to begin with so benching him, to me, was somewhat inevitable.

    Second, I think there is still a chance that Richie comes back under a new system with a new coach who might allow the offensive players to play more offense. With all due respect to Carp, who has been emphatic about the fact that Richards will get bought out as he was about Torts not getting fired (I agreed with Carp’s assessment pre-firing), I think they may give Richards another year to figure it out and take the risk of him getting injured and thus not having the ability to buy him out. Not likely but depending on new coach, wouldn’t be shocked at all.

  53. So Dreger was on to something a couple weeks ago after all when out of the blue he suggested Torts could very likely be on life support. Many jumped him for blind speculation but as Carp said he is connected in a way that few around the NHL are.

    Who was his source? Maybe Sather, maybe Gorton, maybe Messier. But in any event the fact that Dreger was on this that long ago suggests this
    firing was not conceived of in the last 48 hours as so many are supposing.

  54. Lets be honest with ourselves here. This organization has won 1 cup in the last 75 years, which was bought from a successful team trying to get rid of aging stars. Outside of that, the Rangers (and Knicks) have been essentially mediocre franchises. When you look at the business side though, they make a lot of money are are definitely in the top 5 for success.

    Not to say they don’t want to win, but when you make money whether your team is good or bad, there isn’t incentive to actually build a team. Just get flashy names, make the fans happy, and hope you can piece together a team with whatever money is left over.

    That’s the reason why Carmelo came here, why Gretzky put on a blueshirt to get one last pay check, and plenty of other cases. And it’s why the Rangers and Knicks will go another 50 years without a title. It’s about marquee names and having bottom line success than actually winning and there are no signs of that changing.

    So no matter the coach, the players, or the GM, this franchise will always be mediocre because ownership is technically “successful”.

  55. At least Torts got the chance to publicly declare his love for Richards in his going away presser. Not everyone gets that chance!!

  56. _and allow me to add- if this was something you were considering- why trade Gaborik away?_

    Hindsight being what it is, we’ve lost 1 year of Gaborik at $7.5MM for a legit 2C, a Prust replacement, a 4/5 young D who can play on the PP and (if you value the two roster spots at the minimum) over $3MM in cap space. Seems to have worked out pretty well despite my initial vomiting. On the long list of things Sather can’t do, trading isn’t there.

  57. Lloyd Braun on

    Tortorella, who was supposedly in charge of everything under the sun, was told by Sather to scratch a player? I don’t buy it

  58. And I hope the people saying Brian Leetch and Mark Messier aren’t serious…

  59. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    Sather is next and should be on the ledge … this time next year one of Dolan’s flunkies will be making the announcement .

  60. Lets play along with that victim label. The first thing Tortorella said when he took the job was that he wanted a more transparent coach-GM relationship. If the Gaborik, Nash, Richards, and 2011-2012 free agency situations (to name the ones that most standout) were not in 100% agreement between coach and GM, then he has already failed. That is without taking into account his individual treatment of players, the media, representation of the organization, and simply not winning a Stanley Cup which all coaches are ultimately judged upon.

  61. Guess you’re right there Mister D. I think the fact that Clowe is probably not coming back just makes the team look kind of bare right now. Nash Zuccaello Callahan Kreider is a pretty shaky top 4 wing crop. Stepan Brassard and Boyle aren’t exactly a trio down the middle to brag about either. Especially in the East.

  62. The basis is certainly there for Sather to attribute the firing to a totality of circumstances as opposed to a single incident (lost the room, heavy style wearing on star players, aimless PP) but I can’t help sensing after listening to the call that this decision was made in the last 24 hours based on the way Slats, at the 15:50 mark in the above file, characterized it as “something that has happened, something that occurred” (while he was denying that there was a single dominant factor, of course). It was odd phrasing, and could simply be the result of fatigue in deflecting the same question over and over. But it’s hard to believe Lundqvist’s deferring the question of contract extension didn’t become a factor with Sather because, well, it *should* have.

  63. I too hope the Messier and Leetch suggestions arent serious. 1994 has been milked enough. Give Messier the coaching job and Leetch and Graves the Assistant titles and you have the laughing stock of the league.

  64. “Torts scratched Richards without the approval of management. ”


    No chance. Torts kept Richards in the lineup WAY too long and that scratch should have come in March.

    NYR Brass probably wanted Richards out and Torts fought it, if anything.

  65. Lloyd Braun on

    I would bet money Tortorella was 99.9% of the reason Brad Richards wasn’t a healthy scratch until mid-May

  66. Bad move only Ranger team that played tough D out hit the opposition, blocked crazy shots, grinded with mediorce talent. I guess the Tort haters will love the soft team we are due for. Wasnt perfect but no one better out there as of now. Sucks… BTW the ’94 team had unbeievable talent.

  67. That’s what the Avs are doing and it’s working so well for them…

    I’m a huge fan of Leetch and Graves (not the biggest fan of Messier), but they should not be coaches. Not at least until they’ve proven they can do it at the junior and minor league level.

  68. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    Torts had one year remaining on his contract .. if you’re going to dump him , now is the time. You don’t want a lame duck coach especially this guy.
    Would reward him with another contract ? No , so goodbye.

  69. _James, are you really trying to portray Tortorella as the victim here?_

    In a tangible W/L business, one of the most successful coaches over the last few years gets fired. And the basis for celebration for a lot, it seems, is that he wasn’t “nice”. So victim might not be the right word, but you can argue the merit or fairness.

  70. Gaborik’s deal was a good one. The Rangers had (and will now have again) a hole at the Center, which Brassard filled nicely, not to mention the acquisition of John Moore and Dorsett who are both effective players. That’s also not to mention that Gaborik would be entering the final year of his deal, where it’s a well known fact that he’s fragile and getting older, and not part of the master plan. Good for Sather for being able to acquire such a bounty.

    Without Richards the Rangers are now going to be looking for some depth at Center. Assuming Stepan centers Nash and someone else, that leaves Boyle and Brassard as your other two options. Boyle is the defacto 3/4th liner. Which means there is a hole somewhere that needs to be filled immediately

  71. Doodie Machetto on

    “a legit 2C,”: very debateable. Another way to look at it, the Columbus perspective, is an underachieving malcontent who asked to be traded over a year earlier.

    “a Prust replacement,” remind me how many penalty kills, goals, and blocked shots Dorsett had. Because those are the things Prust did in addition to hitting and fighting. And Brassard didn’t even throw that many hits relative to what Prust used to do, and what Callahan and Boyle actually did. But sure, he TOTALLY replaced Prust.

    “a 4/5 young D who can play on the PP” again, from the Columbus perspective, a spare part that was a healthy scratch more often than not. Granted, Moore has been better than I think any of us expected, but you have to think in terms of what Columbus thought they were giving up, which is to say, not much.

    “and (if you value the two roster spots at the minimum) over $3MM in cap space.” It’s only 1.7 in cap space. And it’s only for one year. Then Brassard and Moore are RFAs and will command raises which will eliminate all savings, and then some.

    The bottom line is they could have and should have gotten more for Gaborik.

    Oh, but I forgot the 6th round pick. That evens it right out.

  72. Sather Must Go on

    Even if a new Coach brought a system that fit Richards PERFECTLY (or if Torts remained), the contract almost has to be eaten b/c of salary cap (hank/Nash/Restricted guys) plus all the draft pix lost for Nash/Clowe –

    no young players = more expensive players

  73. “Torts kept Richards in the lineup WAY too long and that scratch should have come in March.”

    So, they trade Gaborik instead?

  74. Repost

    My,my, my – What a shame don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Torts. Goes to show you that bullying doesn’t work in today’s world and has very little shelf life. Apparently, not as many players like playing for him as much as his supporters thought. His personality and coaching philosophy just doesn’t work in modern day hockey. I guess Carp’s source at the Garden was not that reliable. Torts did more to impair the development of many players and hurt this team in the long run. I think, Messier, Lundqvist, possibly and Richards indirectly had a lot to do with his firing. In the final analysis his methods were worn thin and nobody heard his voice.

    May 29th, 2013 at 3:52 PM

  75. The 94 team was loaded with talent because we bought half of the Oilers late 80s roster. Our boy Sather was trying to rebuild his Oilers while saving money and gave away all his stars for prospects.

    That’s not going to happen again. Although we seem to have bought half the Blue Jackets roster…

  76. Lloyd Braun on

    Brandon Prust is a 5-goal scorer but somehow, in Ranger lore, he’s been transformed into Gordie Howe.

  77. Not being “nice” is probably around 7th or 8th on the list of reasons. And how much of that success you mentioned was basically Lundqvist standing on his head?

  78. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    I think the real culprit might have been the benching of Richards especially if Tort’s wanted him signed..
    Joe Torre who won 4 rings batted ARod 8th and got fired. so its firing by benching. maybe Torts had enough.

  79. Sather Must Go on

    Doodie – good assessment of the trade – I tght they HAD to get a first rd pick for Gabby and they traded him to a team that had THREE of them this year…

    I wonder which player Columbus wanted to hold on to the most? My guess is Dorsett

  80. some of you really don’t know a damn thing nor do you live in reality. You moan and groan about and use cutesy little phrases like “efficiency ratio of talent and contracts” and talk about the shelf life of players and coaches as if you have some wondrous knowledge that no one else in the hockey world or who follows and understands the sport will ever be privileged to. Torts’ contract has nothing to do with it. just like trading Nash isn’t realistic just because Columbus paid him more than NY may have. Jesus.

  81. Brandon Prust, quite the difference maker in the series with Ottawa. Really showed those Senators what is up with his classy remarks. Then was nowhere to be found when his team got embarrassed both physically and on the score sheet.

  82. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    I still question how much better/worse a coach can make a team. I’m not saying that I could coach the Rangers to a Cup (I can, but I’m not saying it). But, would Scotty Bowman get this group any further?

  83. Doodie Machetto on

    “Not at least until they’ve proven they can do it at the junior and minor league level.”

    I disagree as to Leetch. I think he would make a good second assistant. As a player, he clearly understood the game and thought the game at a level above most other players. The question as to whether he could make a good coach is whether he can communicate that thought process to his players in a way that they would understand it and be able to implement it. That was the problem for a guy like Gretzky (aside from lack of commitment to the job alone). Almost like, “I understand this, why can’t you?” Well, Wayne, it’s because you’re the best ever.

    It boils down to communication. And I think Leetch would be able to do it well.

  84. whomever the new coach and coaches are for the rangers, I hope they can teach some structure on how to get out of your own end, not back everyone up to screen lundqvist or constantly chip the puck along the boards like there killing a power play and to have some sort of structure in the other teams zone, ditto with the power play.

  85. Would like to have Lindy Ruff as our new coach. He might be good in the development of all our younger players. He’s well liked in the Hockey community and probably more media friendly. Change at this time was really needed

  86. CTBlueshirt on

    How much of any coach’s success during his playing career here will be based on Lundqvist standing on his head?

  87. Doodie Machetto on

    Lloyd, sure he had 5 in his last season with the Rangers, but he had 13 the year before.

    But let’s just look at the last season: 5 goals and 12 assists from a 4th liner who hits everything that moves, throws his body in front of any shot, is out on almost every penalty kill, and fights 20+ times a season is pretty much the ideal 4th line role player.

  88. Probably not as much if you dont have 6 goalies on the ice at one time.

    Lundqvist can and will do his thing no matter the coach. Get a coach who decides it is ok to play more than 10 minutes of a game (and not after you are down a goal or two) in the offensive zone.

  89. “So, they trade Gaborik instead?”

    I’ve noticed you’re not too good at picking up on details, such as the difference in the contracts for starters.

    Keep talking, I’m hoping for more pearls of wisdom out of you.

  90. Lundqvist standing on his head can not be the reason why this team became the hardest to play against last season, can it?

  91. CTBlueshirt on

    Leetch, Zubov, Richter and Kovalev, all pretty big parts of that 94 team were still homegrown.

    And they still had enough homegrown guys to engineer the trades that got them all the rentals (Granato and Sandstrom for Nicholls that turned into Messier), Amonte and Weight.

    Neil Smith pre-Cup did a pretty damn good job. Afterwards, not so much, but I’ve always suspected Messier had his fingerprints all over a lot of the moves that were made post-94.

  92. Doodie – Leetch was considered a poor captain because he couldn’t communicate well with the players.

    Either way I do agree that he could be a solid assistant. You can’t just throw him behind the bench as a head coach with no experience though. I’d feel the same way if it was any former player.

  93. CTBlueshirt on

    Get a GM that understands that the best way to acquire 30 goal scorers is to grow them yourself.

  94. Doodie Machetto on

    Jonny D, Leetch was considered a poor captain by outsiders because the team was losing and he wasn’t a rah-rah locker room guy. I said he could communicate the game, not be a cheerleader.

  95. Doodie Machetto on

    “Get a GM that understands that the best way to acquire 30 goal scorers is to grow them yourself.”

    This. The Rangers problem will forever be Dolan.

  96. Doodie …

    Brassard: I knew I’d get called on this and I won’t fight it. He’s a top 9 forward which is probably what I should have said to be understated. If he’s the type who plays up to the level of the game and fan interest, that’s probably an overall flaw, but one that shouldn’t hurt us in NY.

    Dorsett: Didn’t play this year, but look at last year’s stats against NYR Prust. More hits by like 50, 10 less blocks, a few more minutes in PK time and 12 goals. When I was whining (incessantly) about us not signing Prust, Dorsett was the guy I kept bringing up as the only true comp in terms of fighting + PK + rough play + competency to play on the 3rd. He’s a great replacement if you’re one (like me and I think you) who believe’s Prust left a hole.

    Moore: Getting scratched by Columbus doesn’t sway me much either way, we have no idea why he was. Looked like a nice 3rd pair guy at worst in his time here.

    Cap: Its $1.7MM in straight dollars, but you’re ignoring that its 3 roster spots versus 1. The cost of Gaborik and filling those other two as cheaply as possible is $9MM, give or take, while the three that came back fill 3 slots for $5.8MM. Apply that to a 4th spot and you have $3MM more to spend. You can’t ignore the numbers unless your contention is that Dorsett and/or Moore aren’t legit 20 man roster players.

  97. Id easily argue that, yes, a Vezina winning year was the reason that in Rangers fans opinions, opinions that think Prust is something that he isnt, the 2011-2012 Rangers were the toughest team to play against.

  98. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Re torts handling of kreider (who admittingly I thought needed more time in the “A”, and still might) reminds me a lot of melrose getting fired over the stamkos handling in Tampa.

    Not saying kreider = stamkos btw

  99. Take out Richards couple of clutch goals last year in playoffs, Gaborik’s 3OT winner, and something less than a Vezina winning Lundqvist and we are not in the ECF.

  100. _How much of any coach’s success during his playing career here will be based on Lundqvist standing on his head?_

    Worth noting Hank upped his game under Torts too.

  101. Doodie Machetto on

    Mister D, OK, I’m convinced on the Dorsett-Prust comparison. However, a 4th liner, a malcontent, and a healthy scratch do not equal a potential 40 goal scorer, I don’t care what his slump or contract status is. Ryane Clowe, he of 0 goals, got a 2nd, a 3rd, and a conditional 2nd, based on his prior 20 goal seasons.

    Gaborik is a guy with several prior 40 goal seasons, including 2 in the past 3 years. The return should have been greater. End of story.

  102. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Melrose is drying out and should be ready in a couple of weeks to interview.

  103. What is that now Carpiniello?

    Torts will not be fired?

    How many times did you say that with certainty?

  104. Little to no power play for how many years? What little coaching being done was a joke and certainly proved useless and fatal. No desire to have a 3rd coach on the bench? Called out on national television? Forget the he said she said and political mutiny that may exist, the power play issue is grounds for dismissal on its own.

  105. Doodie Machetto on

    Lyova, but those things did happen. Take out Olli Jokinen not missing in the shootout and the Flyers don’t go to the Cup Final the same year.

    One moment affects a lot after it.

  106. Mister D – wasn’t that the argument the other way for the Nash trade? You were getting one guy to produce for 3, so it was worth the added cap hit since you could find cheap players to fill the spots missed by Dubi and Anisimov?

  107. Can I not read English, was it?

    “And don’t be shy about telling me what kind of an idiot I am.”

  108. Carp, just returned from an outstanding lunch with a dozen other friends greeted by the headline of Torts being fired.

    This useless tool of a GM has once again thrown a coach under the bus without accepting that he is the bigger problem.

    OF course when you have the worst owner and easily the most arrogant in the NHL it compounds the “felony”.

    However I save my greatest scorn and level of disgust for Lundqvist who in the phony guise of the team’s indispensable leader gives the outrage a wink and a nod of acceptance.

    And who knows damn well that he is simply sucking up to ownership for a new grossly overpaid contract!

    Simply another greedy tool looking out for himself.

    Perhaps he, Junior and Sappy would like to say something more cogent than, “every coach has a shelf life”?

    This is why this organization is cursed, may lies and greed follow them to hockey hell!

  109. BMac – the PP is definitely on him, but as a professional hockey player if you cannot figure out that being a man up means you have open space to skate to, no amount of coaching is going to help that.

  110. Lloyd Braun on


    Would you have prefered Sather to say:

    Most of us in the organization are sick of his act and hope the door doesn’t hit him in the ass?

  111. CTBlueshirt on


    Trust me I was livid when I heard the Gaborik trade news. However, who knows how many teams were willing to meet the asking price for Gaborik in terms of assets and had the cap space for the remainder of the season and next.

    If cap space was the issue for this season than buying out Richards should have been the first option. Still, they could get something of a return on Gaborik and they weren’t getting anyone to take on Richards.

  112. Doodie Machetto on

    BMac, yes, when Boston’s PP in 2011 was a pathetic 11.8%, good for third worst in the playoffs, they certainly should have fired Claude Julien when the season ended, solely because of how poor the PP was, especially given that they had traded for Kaberle to help the PP out.

    And LA’s meager 12.8%, good for 12th in the playoffs last year, should have been the sole reason they needed to fire Randy Carlyle.

  113. Right, they did happen. And they certainly were far more important in this team going where it did last year. Not because subjectively this team was “the hardest team to play against” because Brandon Prust was on this team.

  114. Doodie Machetto on

    CTB, I know they could have gotten more for Gaborik. Last year, Paul Gaustad got a first round pick. PAUL GAUSTAD.

  115. Lloyd Braun on

    perhaps part of the problem was that John Tortorella still hasn’t figured out that offense is needed to win hockey games

  116. Darryl Sutter is the coach of LA, Doodie. Wrong California team (although Carlysle was fired from the Ducks last year haha)

  117. Doodie Machetto on

    Lyova, it wasn’t just Prust. The whole team was tougher. Girardi was tougher. Dubinsky was tougher. Boyle was tougher. Callahan was tougher (and scored more). Del Zotto wasn’t absolutely terrible in his own zone.

  118. Post of the century

    This isn’t how journalism works.

    Carp, if you ever want to be a real journalist and not a two bit hack blogger, you’re going to have to learn a few things.

    You can’t report something as backed by sources (“the Rangers will not fire Tortorella”) when all you’re doing is using your own, clueless, and in this case, apparently uninformed, opinion.

    For example, I can’t say “Fatt red faced pudge Rick Carpiniello dies of a heart attack” no matter how much I wish it to be true, then later on say “Oops, my bad, that wasn’t actually true.”

    You are an embarrassment and should be ashamed of yourself. It’s no wonder you liked Torts so much, you’re a fraud just like him.

    May 29th, 2013 at 2:54 PM

  119. Doodie Machetto on

    Jonny, thanks for the correction. Don;t know where my head was at on that one.

  120. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    James g
    I don’t think gabby and torts had anything to do with one another on the trade front.

    Like I said before I think it was solely done as a last second deal that was presented by one party to another and the rangers got the best return they were going to get for gabby over the next year or so.

    There were zippo rumours going around about any of the players involved in the trade prior to deadline day and up to the trade itself. That makes me think it wasn’t premeditated, just a spur of the moment deal that both teams thought was a good one.

    Gabby was either going to walk for nothing or get dealt at next years deadline for a couple of drafts picks.

    Even if a first round pick was involved, I would rather have the nhl players we got for him that a pick or 2

  121. Or Lloyd that Torts knew that he didn’t have the horses (no Richards pun intended) to play the offensive style he coached in Tampa.

  122. Kind of think maybe Torts won the argument on trading deadline and got what he wanted- Sather wins the argument today. Or maybe Slats and Ranger brass were watching game five seeing Kreider steamroll a couple of Bruins and had the same reaction I had, “How the hell is this kid not good enough to play on this team?” And then decided they didn’t want to entrust these kids to Torts… still won’t go on the record as for or against until you tell me who next coach is- I’m definately not part of the “anybody but him” camp.

  123. _Mister D – wasn’t that the argument the other way for the Nash trade? You were getting one guy to produce for 3, so it was worth the added cap hit since you could find cheap players to fill the spots missed by Dubi and Anisimov?_

    Well I was always staunchly against Nash so my argument always ran counter to that; jamming such a huge amount of money into one roster spot is a pretty terrifying thing to do. I imagine that and the fact that we were losing Gaborik soon anyway might explain why I’ve come around on the trade. Of course, two additional factors are in play, namely Nash vs Gaborik and Dubinsky/Anisimov/Erixon vs Brassard/Dorsett/Moore. I like the side we came out on in both instances, especially once you consider total cost.

  124. Kind of agree on Lundqvist being the scummer in this situation with the veiled threats.

    Hope he’s really ready to play behind a team that wont be so focused on defense. Guy better have a hell of a year after this…might eventually label this guy a coach killer because he sure didn’t endorse Tom Renney either.

  125. Doodie M — Julien ought to have been fired after winning the Stanley Cup?

    Carlyle? Or maybe you meant Sutter? They do look alike….

  126. Sioux-per-man on

    3C – no it doesn’t.

    I was a fan of Torts, I thought he was the perfect fit for Ranger hockey.

    If only, he could fix the power play!

    Carp & Torts didn’t see this coming!!!


  127. _CTB, I know they could have gotten more for Gaborik. Last year, Paul Gaustad got a first round pick. PAUL GAUSTAD._

    You’re using an immediately and universally panned outlier to prove your point here. No one outside of one GM thought Gaustad was worth a 1st. Its like saying Gomez was(and Gomez types are) worth was a top D prospect because that’s what Montreal paid like dummies.

    Seriously (yet impossible (yet appropriate, since you used the term *know*)) … what better could we have gotten for Gaborik? I imagine this comes down to how important we think malcontent Brassard is going forward. His role in allowing NYR to painlessly cut bait with Richards is pretty huge, atleast in my mind. Before, you’re looking at one of forcing Miller, overplaying Boyle or risking overpaying on the market to fill that 2C. Now you have a guy who can fake it as a 3C at worst, play it legit at best.

  128. (That’s not to say we wouldn’t have amnestied Richards without Brassard, it was happening anyway. But we’re left in a far less desperate position having Brassard on the roster.)

  129. John Gianonne himself tweeted “John Tortorella WILL be back next year” a few days ago…I’d consider that pretty sourcey.

    Not to say Tortorella wasn’t in a bit of a hot seat heading into next year, but truly no one (no one legitimate) saw this coming. This materialized very quickly. Something went down.

  130. Not sure how some of you are surprised. Or maybe just saying that to be nice to Torts, but the team underperformed all year and It was very clear the team wasn’t responding to him or his play style was just not effective anymore for our players.

  131. Marc Crawford won the Cup in 1996 and is interested in the job apparently, so there’s that. I guess Torts winning a cup 10 years ago with a lineup of Richards, Prospal, St. Louis, Lecavlier, Boyle, and Vezina Khabibulin is somewhat relevant then.

    Doodie, no, ill still argue that a Vezina Lundqvist was more important to padding Tortorella’s winning percentage than the team being a bit more physical.

  132. CTBlueshirt on

    Furthermore if getting Moore allows them to cut bait with MDZ and balance out the D it will also have a nice ripple effect on the line up.

  133. _Kind of agree on Lundqvist being the scummer in this situation with the veiled threats._

    Would you rather he left and we found out later it was a him-or-me scenario that he never presented the front office? Much as I like Torts, I’m not picking him over Henrik.

  134. CTBlueshirt on

    If that’s the case then we all missed one of the greatest Torts moments he will ever have given us.

  135. Sioux-per-man on

    Well you can’t blame Sather, when he brings in Nash, Richards, Gaborik. Makes a trade to get rid of Gomez & bring in McDonagh and co.

    This team went backwards.

    Who’s going to come in a shake it up?

    Ruff or Tippet would be my front runners.

  136. Mister D

    I tend to agree with you, and far be it for me to take up for the oft-misinformed Doodie. But the return for Gaborik —– given especially what Pominville brought back ——- was less than it ought to have been. Not a terrible trade. But a first rounder absolutely should have been involved.

  137. Serious question: Is there anyone here who believes Del Zotto at $2.55MM wouldn’t get 29 claims if he were on waivers?

  138. Hey, guys, two things:

    Live Chat tomorrow at noon to discuss this.

    and, I wasn’t guessing about Torts. People in the organization, close to the situation, thought he’d be back for sure. So either A) Sather acted on his own on this (and that’s got to be frightening for you guys) or something changes in the last 48 hours or so (players complaining and/or Tortorella not on board with the Richards buyout). I am speculating on those things because I do not know.

    I also tend to tell you guys when I’m speculating and when I know something, and I did know something when I was saying he’d be back. Only it changed.

  139. The irony was that I was working on my opinions of Torts’ Good, Bad and Ugly, things he did well, things he did poorly, and things he needed to change.

  140. Maybe the better question would be would any playoff contending teams pickup Del Zotto, and I think we all know the answer to that.

  141. Stemmer: Nash is better than Pominville (and Gaborik) and didn’t return a 1st rounder.

  142. Jeff in South Dakota on

    CCCP I fell for ya man…Also Torts hates “insert player’s name here” has lost its luster.

  143. Czechthemout!!! on

    So they are saying on the NHL network that Torts handling of Kreider, his collapsing everyone down low and his lack of an offenseive strategy, developing a reasonable PP in over four years are the real reasons he is gone.

    Also, Darren Dreager said that Torts lost the lockeroom in late Febuary, around the time many of us felt that the team lookedas if they tuned him out. The Gabby trade gave them a bit of a jolt but at the end of the day, Hank had had enough.

  144. Marian Gaborik ?@MGaborik10 53s

    Everything happens for a reason…


    hahaha there you have it! I cant wait till the reason he got canned gets out.

  145. My guess is this..

    Hank didnt like Torts, and the style of play and the way things were going. He spoke up, and said things need to change or Im out.

    Hank now needs to sign an extension this summer, or we need to start looking at a trade to get something in return.

    I dont like the “lets wait and see,” with Hank. We could get a good asset for him right now. If he doesn’t resign after next year, we get nothing.

  146. Gaborik seems to have had very good relations that he has continued to maintain with the players on this team right now. He probably knows something.

  147. there goes that article carp !!! I like what matt Harvey told francesa – ” if they get the cup next year then i’m on board with this move ” me too …

  148. Mister D

    In Nash’s case, there was one buyer and one buyer alone. Totally
    different sitch than a deadline deal.

  149. The free agent class for 2014 is loaded. Hank needs to get in now, or make way for us to go after someone else. I expect him to be signed, or gone by opening night.

  150. “Mister D, OK, I’m convinced on the Dorsett-Prust comparison. However, a 4th liner, a malcontent, and a healthy scratch do not equal a potential 40 goal scorer, I don’t care what his slump or contract status is. Ryane Clowe, he of 0 goals, got a 2nd, a 3rd, and a conditional 2nd, based on his prior 20 goal seasons.”

    So, you only care about Columbus’ view of their roster, but not NYR’s view of Gaborik?

  151. Man, I have no idea how I forgot about our 1st in the Nash deal. Scratch that comment hard.

  152. “CTB, I know they could have gotten more for Gaborik. Last year, Paul Gaustad got a first round pick. PAUL GAUSTAD.

    You’re using an immediately and universally panned outlier to prove your point here. No one outside of one GM thought Gaustad was worth a 1st. Its like saying Gomez was(and Gomez types are) worth was a top D prospect because that’s what Montreal paid like dummies.

    Seriously (yet impossible (yet appropriate, since you used the term know)) … what better could we have gotten for Gaborik? I imagine this comes down to how important we think malcontent Brassard is going forward. His role in allowing NYR to painlessly cut bait with Richards is pretty huge, atleast in my mind. Before, you’re looking at one of forcing Miller, overplaying Boyle or risking overpaying on the market to fill that 2C. Now you have a guy who can fake it as a 3C at worst, play it legit at best.”


  153. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – I’m with ya.

    Surprised that Sather shared that Tort’s was surprised.

  154. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – Does the Vancouver coach come in? Ruff? Tippet?

    What other top names are out there?

  155. One last thing on not getting enough for Gaborik. Post trade …

    Player A: 13 GP, 5 G, 6 A

    Player B: 12 GP, 3 G, 5 A

  156. Lloyd, you are actually defending Sappy and fail to see him once again throwing a coach under the bus as he did with Renney?

    You actually believe any coach can change the culture of “averageness” that has produced 73&1 and 13 and none?

    If I am wrong about your direction in that strange post I apologize.

    If I judged it correctly immediately seek medical assistance to remove your head from your lower orifice!

  157. Marian Gaborik ?@MGaborik10 1m

    What happens in Vegas,stays in Vegas or in NYC??

  158. Gabby’s next tweet: what happens in vegas, stays in vegas, or in NYC???

    who knows what it means but I am sure it is in reference to torts

  159. Czechthemout!!! on


    MDZ has sucked since his rookie season. He had some stretches where his play was bearable but that is not saying much. I think he may benefit more than many other players by Torts being gone. This kid’s offensive confidence is gone. Not a good thing when your forte is as an offensive dman.

    I also expect Tort’s other son, Brian Boyle to either be gone or have a greatly diminished role on the fourth line where he belongs and not on the PP and certainly not get 18 minutes a night.

  160. Doodie Machetto on

    “No one outside of one GM thought Gaustad was worth a 1st.”

    That’s the point, though. It only takes one crazy GM to inflate the price of a player. Sather did not create that market for Gaborik. He moved him quickly.

    The return Columbus got for Nash was a king’s ransom in comparison to what the Rangers got for Gaborik… and there was basically only one team that Nash said Columbus could trade him to. And at the time, everyone said how Columbus got fleeced on the trade. Yet, they give up significantly less for Gaborik, when the player wasn’t driving a trade to only one team, and the Rangers somehow won that trade too?

  161. Doodie Machetto on

    CTO, I thought MDZ was excellent last season. And if you don’t then you’re just blind with hatred for him.

    He was terrible this year. But don’t even try and say MDZ wasn’t excellent for a third year defender.

  162. CTBlueshirt on

    You think Boyle would have gotten that many minutes if Richards was playing than Boyle?

  163. Dont know about Gaborik but Justin Bieber just got served with a paternity suit.

  164. Doodie Machetto on

    And while I agree Boyle’s role should be diminished, he was definitely our best PP forward this year. I know, damning with faint praise, but I liked what he brought to the PP, in terms of attacking the net.

  165. Doodie Machetto on

    Certainly, no team tooling up for a playoff run could have ever used Marian Gaborik. Not like the Canucks weren’t desperate for scoring outside of the Sedins or Minnesota for any scoring whatsoever. It’s not like St. Louis wasn’t flush with defensemen (including those that could run a PP) but lacking an elite offensive talent.

  166. Nope, dont see any reason why Gaborik, or anyone else that has something to say about Tortorella, should keep their mouth shut. Tortorella sure as hell didnt when he was coach. God that feels good to type.

  167. Doodie Machetto on

    But why investigate options and shop guys around when Columbus comes calling with some spare parts of theirs?

  168. Doodie Machetto on

    Lyova, at least Torts had the balls to speak his mind completely, not in veiled BS.

    I even respect Avery’s tweet over Gaborik’s BS.

  169. What’s with Gaborik tweeting “everything happens for a reason” – is that directed at the Torts firing?

  170. Always felt Torts was one ‘kiss my ass’ away from telling that to the wrong person. May be that simple. If so, you’ll never hear of it. Was a time when a couple of my ‘friends’ paid a large price for a comment as (in retrospect) as innocuous as that.

  171. Oh please, you just want to find out why Tortorella was suddenly fired as fast as you can. Gaborik probably does know but it’s not his place to reveal it. Wait a couple of days and you’ll know. As far as having an opinion, why the hell not? Just because suddenly you’re in the minority you’re going to be all sour grapes?

  172. Simple reason of him being a tyrant whose voice has become tuned out, embarrassing powerplay, and relations with players/media should be enough. How’s that for not dancing around it?

  173. Czechthemout!!! on


    I have no hatred for MDZ. If you thought he was excellent, you standard for excellence is very low. MDZ was at best a #6 last year. He was awful in the Devils and Caps series last year. His regular season was pedestrian at best. MDZ had a great rookie season and instead of accentuating his strengths and working to improve his weaknesses, Torts publicly berated MDZ and sent him down to Gernander,another idiot who has no clue about hockey. MDZ may yet be the offensive defenseman the team envisioned when they drafted him. Or his ship. Has sailed here as well.

  174. Doodie Machetto on

    Lyova, nothing to be sour grapes about. If you’re a man and you want to talk, be a man and talk. That’s what Avery did. I respect that.

    If you just want to just chirp nonsense from Twitter, than you can be Marian Gaborik. I do not respect that.

  175. Doodie Machetto on

    Gaborik was certainly not a spare part for the Rangers. He was an underperforming part, but not a spare one. In fact, nothing could have turned the team’s offensive performance this season around like Gaborik or Richards suddenly playing up to their expectations. Neither ever did. But you can’t for a second tell me that Gaborik playing up to his potential wouldn’t have helped this team more than Brassard, Moore, and Dorsett.

    You also have to remember that at the time of the trade, the scouting report on Dorsett was that he was out for the season. His return was earlier than expected.

  176. I didn’t say that, sir. But a pure goal scorer who isn’t scoring goals and does little else, is injury prone, and wasn’t in the organization’s long term plans sounds like a spare part at the time of the trade. For the argument that Gaborik drew top pair defenders, the point is that he’s supposed to be able to score against them occasionally. Same with Nash in the playoffs. Unacceptable from both players. Gaborik was once a 40 goal scorer, sure, but Richards was once a pretty good center too. Should we be able to trade him for a sizable return because of one bad season by using his past as a selling point?

    I think there was a better return out there somewhere as well, but I don’ think Gaborik was worth much more than what we got in return. When you trade players from a position of weakness, you generally get a crummy return.

  177. Jon Paul G. on

    Enough with the bullspit, Carp. Man up.

    You clamored for a year that Torts would not be fired. You had no information from sources in the organization when you initially formed your stance that Torts would not be fired. You had your own faulty logic.

  178. Errrr, this website is killing me on my mobile. Randomly closes the keyboard.

    Anyway, do you guys think Torts’ firing had anything to do with his exit comments about needing guys who played tougher (believe he said stiffer) and some of the guys in the room needing to learn that too? Guess it could be seen as a shot at management, but just curious what the rest of the boneheads think.

  179. Doodie Machetto on

    CTO, I think you’ve got blinders on with him. He was fantastic last year. His 10 goals were tied for 15th in the league among defensemen. His 41 points were 18th.

    And his defensive zone play improved drastically. It was without question his best year on the defensive side of the puck.

    Defensively, his playoffs were poor, I’ll admit that. At least he still brought some O to the playoffs. 4th in scoring among defensemen.

    But look at Stepan’s playoffs last year. Those were far worse. Doesn’t mean his whole year was bad as a result.

    These are young players. You have to give them time to grow. MDZ is less than a year older than Kreider!!

  180. Wow, it’s funny reading all of these different articles and feeling the dislike for Tortorella between the lines. Must be a happy day for Rangers beat writers everywhere.

  181. Jon Paul G. on

    How quick was Carp to shoot down Avery’s “Fire this CLOWN!”

    How often?

    Sean Avery has more inside sources than Carp.

  182. Doodie Machetto on

    Lyova, yes. I respect that article. a lot, even though he didn’t name any players. At least he gave some actual information instead of some BS veiled hints.

  183. So….Wow. This was completely unexpected. I was totally wrong that his job was secure and boy does this say loads about Gaborik leaving and Tort not even sticking around to coach the replacements. Guess the organization was low on Gaborik from top to bottom.

    I can’t even speculate as to who they would put behind the bench. I guess if Sullivan is sticking around then Ken Gernander and Jeff Beukeboom would be a nice addition with Gernander being HC. But who knows.

    I really, really didn’t expect this. But honestly, as shocked and upset as I was at first, it’s exciting to think that we might have a more offensive minded system next season and possibly more offensively positioned D-Men.

    I really hope this isn’t a Hank vs. Tort situation because I hate the idea of Hank being such a prima donna.

    Firing the Coach really feels a whole lot more of a rebuild than trading Gaborik. Back to square one. We have no team identity (unless Callahan becomes player coach).

  184. Del Zaster scored 41 effing points. There is no reason to trade this kid. He’s 22!!!!

  185. Jon Paul G. on

    Power play never improved, Hank the main reason for winning. Does not coach the power play or x’s and o’s.


  186. I think JT’s took a few shots at management over his tenure, Jonny D. Can’t really blame him because I also think most of them suck, but.

  187. boxcareddiehospodar on

    maybe the next coach will realize hagelin,stephan and zucc are 4th line players.

  188. Czech – you get crazier and crazier. Saying Del Zotto sucked or sucks is just poppycock.

  189. Jon Paul G. on

    Del Zotto is a below average offensive defenseman and below average defensive defenseman.

    The only thing he has going for him is that he is 22.

  190. And CCCP, the Islanders do have the horses to play uptempo, that’s why they do it. That’s why they had success against the best team in the NHL even though they were an 8 seed. The one game they tried to play more defensive hockey, they got blown out. The ones where they played their game and used their offensive skill, it was a track meet with the Pens.

    The Rangers don’t have anywhere near the speed or skill to be an offensive minded team. There are maybe 3-4 guys on the roster that can play that way. Outside of that? Huge drop off in offensive talent.

  191. Llatona – well I agree. I wonder if he was on board with the Nash trade. I’d assume he was because him and Dubi had some clashes in the past, but after letting him “jam” guys walk like Prust and Feds, I’m wondering what his thoughts were on the offseason.

    I also think he knew he was gone otherwise he wouldn’t have said what he said about management and the players being too soft for the playoffs. I think we know which “superstar” he was aiming that at too…

  192. Torts got paid $7.8 million to score 1 goal in the playoffs.

    …oh wait, that was Rick Trash.

  193. Jon Paul G. on

    Torts buried Kreider in the minors much of the year.

    Torts buried Miller in the minors in the tail end of the season.

    Torts railroaded a 40 goal scorer out of town.

    Torts brought Mr Ed on board.

    The power play stunk under Torts.

    The offense stunk under Torts.

    The team only wins games due to Hank.

  194. I’m a more than a little bit byfuglien’d by this I have to say….

    Really? Fischler gets the second comment…..? Cripes…

  195. TO think the downfall started by trading Rupper…

    I can’t believe not one of the NYR beat writers asked Glen about Gaborik…unreal. What a bunch of softball questions…

    Manny is right. Rangers have lost their identity. No more jam. No more bite. No more balls as big as the building. This really feels like we are the Blue Jackets.

    Anybody who wants Lindy Ruff as coach and thought Torts’ brand of hockey was boring is in for a rude awakening if he’s hired . Lindy Ruff hockey is purely defensive-minded grinding style.

  196. I’m still listening as I catch up after work, but so far I’m not hearing much of an answer to anything…..

    Fire Sather!!!!

    Though….interesting answer to Gross’s question about Sully….If I were Sully I’d be interviewing real estate agents?

  197. “maybe the next coach will realize hagelin,stephan and zucc are 4th line players.”

    HAHAHAHA.. Is this a joke?

  198. Doodie Machetto
    “a legit 2C,”: very debateable. Another way to look at it, the Columbus perspective, is an underachieving malcontent who asked to be traded over a year earlier.

    “a Prust replacement,” remind me how many penalty kills, goals, and blocked shots Dorsett had. Because those are the things Prust did in addition to hitting and fighting. And Brassard didn’t even throw that many hits relative to what Prust used to do, and what Callahan and Boyle actually did. But sure, he TOTALLY replaced Prust.

    “a 4/5 young D who can play on the PP” again, from the Columbus perspective, a spare part that was a healthy scratch more often than not. Granted, Moore has been better than I think any of us expected, but you have to think in terms of what Columbus thought they were giving up, which is to say, not much.

    WOW, Doodie way off base here. John Moore looks like the real deal. He is one of the best skating d men I have seen in a long time. Can’t teach that stuff. I think Dorsett played very well in the playoffs albeit a small sample size. I think he gives much of the same things that Prust did. And Derrick Brassard didn’t show enough in the playoffs that he could be a legit #2 center, really?

    Talk about a glass half full type of guy…

  199. i think sather approached torts on tuesday after break up day and wanted to bring in someone to work the pp and torts disagreed. also sather wants more time for the kids and torts says he will coach how he likes to who and play the team he feels give best chance to win.

    hankie comments on monday didnt help torts cause. there is more to this story and with gabby tweets something inside happened that we wont know about

  200. Interesting to hear that Tortorella signed an extension during the year. Something definitely must have happened these past 1-2 weeks or the top players went and complained to Sather/Dolan.

  201. Torts has to lay off 2 Pit Bulls and a German Shepherd. Press conference at Westchester APSCA.

  202. Come on Dood, you really think St. Louis would have offered up a good young d-man as part of a better package if only Sather had called? Or that Vancouver would have jumped to beat Columbus’ offer? Sather takes a ton of “heat” and deservedly so at times, but to pretend he decided at 2:50 to trade Gabby and called one team is dumb.

  203. But that’s the thing. You bring a coach in to implement a style and build around that. Last years team overachieved because it was perfect for Torts’ system that he put in place.

    They were tough as nails, blocked everything, and extremely deep. Instead of leaving that alone and keeping it as a base and making small moves, he goes out and trades for a soft overrated superstar and lets a bunch of other guys walk.

    I’m not saying Prust, Fedotenko, or Mitchell are great players because they aren’t. But they fit the mold of the team that made it successful. To get rid of all of that and replace it with softer guys that don’t play that “it’s just pain” style was going to be a disaster for this coach.

    But this happens all the time with Glen. Renney had a great run with Nylander/Jagr/Straka and the rest of the Czech Mafia and Sather broke up that team for Gomez/Drury/Zherdev/Naslund. That team can’t play Renney’s style so he gets fired and they bring in Torts, who finally gets his clean house two years ago and has a team he truly wants. He coaches them to an ECF game 6 and Sather goes and restructures the team again. Whoever this new coach is might have some success with his new roster, but there is going to be some guy that Sather wants to buy and he’ll clear a team just to get him, no matter the identity.

    That’s why Pittsburgh and Boston and LA and Chicago will yet again be successful and continue to, because the base/core players and style had been and will be the same until it doesn’t work anymore. It won’t end because their GM feels the need to prove he has deep pockets by spending money on another big name.

  204. I would like to know what clauses are in these contracts that coaches can be fired, even with an extension, at the drop of a puck….

    Wow, bold question Gross!!! Fire Sather!!!

  205. “I don’t want to be too evasive about it”

    are you hartnelling kidding me…..Evasive is now spelled Sather

  206. Most likely it’s going to be Ruff or Vigneault, somebody who’s been around for years that Slats knows. The only time Sather hired someone he didn’t know well was Trottier, and he got burned. So I think we can scratch the idea of some top young assistant somewhere being considered, or even the name I see being thrown around as a wild card, Mike Eaves, from the U. of Wisc. Highly regarded in hockey circles, Stepan and McDonough would obviously love it, but when was the last time a U.S. college coach made a successful jump to the NHL? Bob Johnson 30 years ago?

    I am not crazy about any of the names so far. There are a lot of people who despise Torts and think it’s sheer addition by subtraction and that a monkey can coach this team. I think in the end we’re all going to end up disappinted with the results. Wish I had the confidence that this organization is smart enough to make the right choice.

  207. Steve Zipay ?@stevezipay 20m
    He’s available RT @keithdouglas: @stevezipay any chance of getting Paul Maurice out of the KHL?

    No there’s a name I like as a replacement. Well balanced personality. Good coach, IMO. He knows Zucc from KHL.

    Side note – Maurice is very good friends with Adam Graves…

  208. johnny D, that’s why sather needs to go and until he does the same nonsense will continue.

  209. Jon Paul G. on

    Sather scapegoats coach after coach.

    When will Sather scapegoat Sather?


  210. Ugh. Now the Torts is Evil morons at the Nothing But Crosby Sports Network, Milbury and McHugh, are pushing the Rangers to hire Guy Boucher. So, Torts’ system was too defensive, and the solution is to hire the guy who is so defense-first that in one game Philadelphia actually refused to engage, holding the puck in their own end for several minutes, as a form of protest against his ridiculous style? GREAT suggestion. Only Ron Wilson would make me unhappier.

  211. tell me the last time a GM got to hire 6 coaches in his tenure without winning. the next coach is number 6 in the sather tenure.

    if vigneault who had more talented roster in vancouver then here couldnt win why would he here. he was 1-8 in last 9 playoff games

  212. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Torts puled Avery out that one year…as bad as Avery was , Torts had to disciple him in the playoffs!!??? Sit him out!!?? Torts is too much. Over the top. My boys , Hagelin,Gaborik ,and the dog house flavor of the month was really wearing on me. I know Delzotto threw a bad pass up the ice so Hank had to make a HOF save. Delzotto should NOT be sat for his mistake. Looks like dumb coaching to me . Yelling at Gaborik on the bench last year!!??? I bet he made Gaborik cry , Gabby was never the same. Tort , I admire your tanacity but on my team …noway you had to go.

  213. You can bet the Ranchero that Torts has a firm contractual clause that precludes criticism of the organization. If he wants to go on food stamps, he can say whatever he wants. He’s probably explosive and egotistical enough to do it, but very unlikely.

  214. If you want to criticize Torts, walk a mile in his shoes. That way, he’s a mile away and you have his shoes.

  215. Czechthemout!!! on


    I will repeat! MDZ sucks! Torts ruined him after his rookie year. You are delusional if you think MDZ is a top 4 dman. Now that Torts is gone, he is perhaps young enough to recover the swagger and confidence he had in his rookie year, assuming he is allowed to make a play and not get yelle at if god forbid he makes a mistake.


    Laviolette is a better coach than Torts. He was successful on the Island. He won a Cup in Carolina and he was in the finals with the Flyers. This despite not ever having a real goalie in Philly. Michael Leighton was their goalie in the finals for god’s sake.

  216. whats not blame torts for del zaster. del zaster sucks on his own. he had every opportunity to play pp and defend and he cant do either

  217. Stranger Nation on

    Not sure where to go with this. Speculated last night that Slats would throw Torts under the bus using Richards as the expensive anvil ($48MM) around his neck. Not benching him until Game 4, down 0-3 was the final straw IMHO. Playing GM/Coach was a losers game since Slats wasn’t going anywhere.

    Very hard to assess the skills of this team given system they have been playing in, but watching other teams play this Spring makes me believe that there has to be a better way to play offense, especially on the PP. Not saying our talent level is the same as chi or la or det or pitt, but there is talent on this team.

    Thought Torts brought out the best in those who bought all in, but that list was a short one. Obvious media relations issues, overall personality disorder, and general distaste for anyone holding him accountable.

    Playing Miller and getting nothing out of him for 2 months
    Not giving Kreider top 6 minutes until the very end when it was too late.
    Overplaying GA Girardi (though not many options at RD, made worse when Staall was out)

    They have one guy signed currently after next season; Nash – only one guy. They can completely revamp this team. Seriously tank this thing; trade hank for a #1++, Trade MDZ for a #2++, trade Staal for a #2+, trade Richards…(Ha!) Not saying they would or should do it, buy they could now…

    Last season they were lucky with pitt and bos getting knocked out early so do not look at ecf as a given this season so no real step back; same style with similar results.

    just surprised Slats/Dolan let him walk. Must have been a hell of a talk between Slats with Hank, Cally, and Nash yesterday…

    safe is work…guess not…

  218. Czech

    You arguments on Lavy being superior is weak. Torts has more NHL wins. Torts won a Cup too. And, the Rangers have owned the Flyers since he was coach…

  219. Admiral Akbar on

    Torts will go to another franchise and win.

    Im all for exploring potential trade suitors for Lundqvist. Its not like he pulled what John Vanbeisbrouk did for the Florida Panthers in the late 90’s, taking the team on his back to the SC Finals. If we can save on LQ’s cap hit with and get a nice package of young talent in return, why not?

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