Re-signing Lundqvist is necessary, but may not be easy for Rangers


Here’s my notebook from The Journal News and today (unedited version):

By Rick Carpiniello

GREENBURGH – Henrik Lundqvist enters the final season of his contract in September. The best and most important player the Rangers have didn’t sound anxious, or convincing, when asked about whether he hoped to get a long-term extension before the deal expires.

“Um,” he said, hesitating. “I’m going to talk to my agent and we’ll see. I had such a great time here in New York. From Day 1 they treated me really well and given me an opportunity to play a lot of hockey, so it’s been a lot of fun. I have one more year on the contract so I’m just focused on – well right now I’m just trying to get over this year – but we’ll see.”

As competitive a person as Lundqvist is, he surely doesn’t want to say anything that will hurt his bargaining position. But the Rangers will surely go to the wall to re-sign him, and Lundqvist probably won’t be giving a home-team discount.

Goalies play well into their late 30s, so Lundqvist, 31, still has a fair amount of prime left.

He disagreed with coach John Tortorella, who said this season was “not a backward step.”

“It is a step back,” Lundqvist said. “Conference final last year, we had high expectations on ourselves this year. It’s tough to make it there, though. You can’t just expect it to happen. We definitely hoped for better this year. … I don’t think it was good enough for us.

“Every year is important. It doesn’t matter where you are in your career. When you have an opportunity to go forward to win, you need to grab that opportunity. Last year was one of those years. This year I think we had the team to go for it.”

Also up for contracts are unrestricted free agents Ryane Clowe, Steve Eminger, Matt Gilroy, Roman Hamrlik, and restricted Derek Stepan, Ryan McDonagh, Mats Zuccarello, Carl Hagelin and Michael Sauer, who may be forced to retire. McDonagh is eligible for salary arbitration.

Clowe, McDonagh, Stepan, Hagelin and Zuccarello all expressed their desire to return. Stepan went as far as to say “I want my career to end here.”

Injury update: Marc Staal said the vision in his injured right eye may never be 100 percent again, but that he expects he can still play at the level he always has. A tear in the eye, from a deflected puck March 5, caused Staal to have recurring pressure spikes the eye, which led to disorientation, cramps in the eye and blurred vision.

Clowe would not say he suffered a second concussion, but hinted that he had; Darroll Powe admitted his injury was a second concussion, and that he was close to returning. Anton Stralman said his injuries, from a hit by Milan Lucic, were a fracture in his face and a separated shoulder.

Self-evaluation: Brian Boyle said “I sucked this year” and that “I let myself down, let my teammates down, the organization.” … Rick Nash, asked to rate his playoff performance (one goal in 12 games), said “good.” When the question was repeated, he nodded and said, “good.”

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  1. Carp

    Liked your lid in the video I saw this morning of you by Hank’s
    side as he discussed the season on break-up day.

    If Hank is not happy with Torts, and makes that known to Sather, Torts
    will either address those things that Hank is not happy about at once, or
    say goodbye to his job. And if Hank doesn’t think Torts can change those things Hank is not happy about? Dead man walking. A new guy will be blowing the whistle in September at training camp.

  2. Cross Check Charlie on

    Before I go back to work…

    Re: Richards buyout – they’ve got to buy him out or else plan on having him on the roster until he’s 39. If you thought the 32-year old Richards was bad, wait until you see the 39-year old version.

    Somebody refresh my memory. Wasn’t Richards held out a couple of games because of a suspected concussion or am I thinking of last year? If so, could it be that the concussion was worse than he thought and he tried to play through it?

  3. Thanks, Stemmer. I like free lids.



    If he had top-notch skill, the team would play more like his old Lightning teams.

    They have to play this way.

    Can of worms re-opened.

  4. I do remember Richards had the flu during the quickie camp in January, which clearly set him back. Still……

  5. Cross Check Charlie on

    Who would have the cap space to sign Lundqvist that would be a Cup contender?

  6. I’m guessing by the CAPS you have been asked this question before.

    Crawford’s contract ends the same year as Lundqvist’s…lots of possibilities for Hank.

  7. _Who would have the cap space to sign Lundqvist that would be a Cup contender?_

    Anyone that signs Lundqvist would be a Cup contender.

  8. It’s hard to blame Tortorella for the team’s failings. I don’t particularly like him as a coach, but he’s probably doing the best he can with the talent he has.

    They’ve gone through a lot of coaches during Glen Sather’s tenure, and not very much has changed. This seems to indicate something at an organizational level unrelated to head coach.

  9. Couldn’t Henrik live the NYC life he loves and deal with all his business interests in Brooklyn? Don’t know what their cap room is like but since they had to take on Tim Thomas to get to the cap floor, I’d say they have room.

  10. CTBlueshirt on

    I agree with Carp’s assessment that Lundqvist has every right to demand top dollar from the Rangers. Odds are they’ve been budgeting for his next deal the past couple of seasons and there’s very few players that mean more to their teams than Lundqvist does to the Rangers. He’s seen major bucks doled out to players that weren’t even close to being as good at their job as he is at his. They have no backup or prospects waiting in the wings if he decides to leave so another big bargaining chip in his favor.

    Then again it’s not like they haven’t tried to put good teams in front of him, signing Gaborik/Richards, trading for Nash.

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    Briere is likely to bebought out. I’d bring him in on a short-term deal. Guy is a big-time gamer in the playoffs and can play center or wing. Of course, the drawback is he is pretty fragile and his skills have definitely diminished in the last year or two.

  12. the thing at the organizational level, Jeff … well, there are multiple things, but the main one … is that they have not drafted or developed a top-line, 30-goal, 80-point type of player since, when, Tony Amonte, Doug Weight and Alexei Kovalev?

    SO they are constantly overspending to try to get guys like that. Maybe Stepan will be one.

    All the other Cup contenders have superstars on their top lines.

  13. Isles will have cap room but Brooklyn won’t be an attractive landing spot for Lundqvist after they miss the playoffs next season.

  14. Isn’t the lack of drafting a consistent top scorer somewhat directly linked to recent success? If we list out all of the guys who fit the 30/80 criteria, how many did we ever even have a shot at?

    (I know, I know, Giroux. I mean overall.)

  15. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    So, Carpy, one question. Who is the person responsible for putting together a team in which:


  16. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    Let me take two stabs. Is it Brian Boyle? Nooooo…..

    Is it Torts? Noooooo…….

    Then, who is it????

  17. Doodie Machetto on

    Mister D, if you are going to include the 2003 draft, the answer is many of them.

  18. No prob Carp.

    They better sign him long-term this offseason. If he goes to FA, it becomes more difficult (obviously).

    I’m watching Lundqvist as the years go by, and each time he gets more and more dejected. I know the Rangers will most likely give him the most, but, does he hit a point where a couple of million here or there doesn’t mean anything? The Cup may be the top priority.

  19. Mister, that sure is part of it … that the Rangers never had a lottery pick or a really high pick since, what, the Lundmark-Brendl draft?

    Maybe they should have been tanking all those years they were missing the playoffs but not being in the bottom three or five.

    They have also traded a fair share of first-round picks, cough cough, Rick Nash.

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, in fact, since Weight did it in 92-93, only one Rangers draft pick has scored 30 goals for the Rangers. Any guess as to who?

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, and don’t forget that the one time they took the super-high upside forward, the kid went and died on us.

  22. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    Geee, I guess it’s right under our noses……hmmmm……

  23. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    Oops, gee, look at that picture to my left….my avatar!!!!!

  24. Doodie, that was tragic and so I never want to say anything negative about that poor kid … but there’s no way to know that he was going to be a superstar.

  25. Sioux-per-man on

    Lundqvist will be a Ranger for a VERY long time. As he should be!!!

    I don’t even want to think what a Toronto team would pay for his services.

  26. That certainly is a problem Carp, but I hesitate to call it the “main one”. The main one, at least in my cynical opinion, is that this all appears to be “good enough” for ownership.

    That’s what’s scary and why this middling existence the Rangers live in is particularly frustrating.

  27. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I never said he would amount to anything, just that he is the only super high upside forward they have drafted since Lundmark and Brendl.

  28. I am not sure the ownership looks at this as good enough, though. Just that ownership has no idea how to make it better, and worse, no idea who can have the idea to make it better.

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    BTW, footnote on Prucha-Amonte discussion: Since 92-93, only four Rangers draft picks have scored 30 goals in a season, for ANY team: Amonte (6 in Chicago), Kovalev (2 in Pitt, 1 in MTL, Prucha (NYR), and Dave Gagner (32 with Dallas in 93-94).

  30. I like Briere and the way he competes. but he’s a concussion waiting to happen, he might get more than one year elsewhere, and he’s another little guy for Lucic to eat for lunch.

  31. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, it only took Sather 4 tries to get a decent coach in Renney. It stands to reason that it would take him at least 20 tries to get a roster right.

  32. Sioux-per-man on

    Nash – Richards – Gaborik with a line like that we all thought this team was going to be better this year.

    How do you ever REALLY know if your team is going to be better than the past year.

    Your STARS still have to “shine” in the playoffs. Our’s didn’t!!!

  33. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, as I said, there are no FAs that I would sign for the price or term that they would get on the open market.

  34. I hate to lay it all at the feet of Sather, because it’s not exactly like MSG was the home of champions before he came… but yeah, I think more was expected from him than he ever showed he could accomplish, and now it just seems like someone doesn’t want to admit that they made a big mistake.

  35. “Carp, and don’t forget that the one time they took the super-high upside forward, the kid went and died on us.”


  36. Sioux-per-man on

    Tort’s has to fix the power play. They need a canon from the blue line, and a 4th line that doesn’t get dominated in the playoffs.

    With the Cap going down, the draft is going to be even more important. Too bad we don’t have any picks this year.

  37. czechthemout!!! on


    Cally also said it was a step back not sideways. And I agree wirh both of them.

  38. Sioux-per-man on

    It was a step back. ALL YEAR LONG!!!

    This years team didn’t even play like last years. #1 in the east, to fighing for the #8 spot, days away from not making the playoffs at all. We got lucky to get the 6th spot, had we had Pittsburg in the 1’st round we would have been one and done.

  39. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    Carp, you remember the sign in 1994:

    ‘Now, I Can Die in Peace!!’

    Relatively close second seeing you state the above.

    As Cmnsnse said the other day, Torts is a butcher and is being asked to make filet mignon from chopped beef.

  40. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    Sometimes I think that playing in NY or rather paying in NY kills the desire to win a championship , I still can’t fathom why Richter and leetch stayed NY so long without chasing another Cup , whilst the rangers missed the playoffs ,money and adoring fans I guess.

  41. Far as I’m concerned, in an effort to see what they had or didn’t have long term in Richards, either Torts or Sather (or both) successfully sabotaged a season, one that might not have gone further than it did anyway, but they saw to it that it didn’t.

  42. czechthemout!!! on


    I think this team is back to the drawing board in many ways. We need two forwards who can score. Kreider may be one of them . That leaves one more. That could be JT Miller or Jasper Fast. Big questions if they can step in and do it next season. They also need one big time offensive dman like big Buff or a Letang. Those don’t grow on trees. There is nothing in the system like that and no UFA like that as well. I know that playing the system we played this year is nithing more than spinning your wheels. It will take us no where. It is also precisely the reason it is nit so far fetched that Hank would leave after next season.

  43. Doodie Machetto on

    “We got lucky to get the 6th spot, had we had Pittsburg in the 1’st round we would have been one and done.”

    I don’t know. If Nabokov had even been mediocre, the Islanders would have won that series.

  44. Sioux-per-man on

    Doodie – We couldn’t beat Ottawa all year long, and they “matched” up well against Pittsburgh but that wasn’t much of a series.

    I’ll give Pittsburgh credit, their stars scored goals. Crosby was putting up hat tricks. Our star got 1 goal in 12 games. You just don’t win to many playoff series when your stars don’t score & your power play is 2-36. Our best player all year long was Henrik, and that’s the reason the Rangers went as far as it did. Just imagine this team without him.

  45. Doodie Machetto on

    CTO, what would you do to get us that stud offensive defenseman? What trade or signing would you make to make that happen?

  46. buyout richards bring in hossa after he gets bought out by hawks and since they will owe him tons of money he will prob not get big time money.

    i also want matt hendricks. said it early in year when we couldnt replace prust.

    sign alzner to offer sheet

    trade del zaster for a pick and clear space for alzner.

  47. Lest we not forget, NYR’s do have an in his prime, #1 overall pick on their team, one who has been referred to often here as a “superstar”……..and we didn’t have to tank a season to acquire him.

  48. This is only devil’s advocate and might be potential blasphemy, but I found it interesting. There was literally zero correlation (-0.003) between a team’s point total this past season and their average goalie cap hit (by games started).

    Bottom 5: WSH ($765K), FLA, TBL, TOR, LAK ($1.66MM)

    Top 5: NSH ($6.3MM), NYR, MTL, MIN, BUF ($5.2MM)

    I would expect most other cuts (highest scorers, highest D TOI) would show positive correlations.

  49. Either trade Delzaster or send him for skating lessons, a crash course in Hockey Sense 101 and give him a Brian Leetch Autographed copy of “An Idiots Guide to Playing Defense in the NHL”

    He already has the tweeting thing down, so we’re okay there.

  50. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    This would be a good time for Sather to kind of…step up….admit it was all a nightmare for everyone involved…and go to that big lake…in Canada….where he can fish eternally….And let a real GM take over.

    The guys on NHL Radio continue to get a good chuckle almost daily at his expense!! If it wasn’t my team, my heartstings being pulled, I’d be laughing, too!!

  51. CTBlueshirt on

    Don’t think the Rangers can send out much in the way of offer sheets given their lack of early round picks this year.

  52. CTBlueshirt on

    Mister D,

    I wonder if took the average age of a team’s highest 6 cap hits and plotted that against point totals and see what you get. My initial guess is the younger the average age of those 6 players the more points the team has.

  53. More goalie numbers: Of the 13 teams that paid more than the average per game, only 6 made the playoffs. Of the final 8 teams, half paid in the bottom 1/3 per game.

    (Its very possible the takeaway is “if you have a great goalie, you have to pay him, but if you’re paying a great goalie, you can’t optimize your roster construction”. Call it the Catch 30.)

  54. Carp – I’ll gladly bet you a pastrami on rye that the Isles make the playoffs next year. Might be an 8 seed again, but they’ll get in.

    And I’ll ask again, if you switch Nabokov and Lundqvist this year, who finishes higher, the Rangers

  55. Jeff, but it was the home of a champion under the guy he replaced, built in large part by the guy that guy replaced.

    Papa, but it kinda cost them this season, to an extent, to get that No. 1 in his prime guy.

    Czech, drawing board, yes. Blow it up, no. I think this core and the young guys coming and this goalie are plenty good enough if they had a legit first line. Now, how to get that first line …?

  56. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    Czech at 3:37PM, the forwards you’re talking about, one of them is the right size and is talented. The Kreid’s!! He could well be the real deal!!! Congratulations to Gord for picking him. We got a taste of what he can do with has last 3 games and it could be special. He and THE NASHER, together, wow!! What a goal in OT!!!

    The other, Fast(h), did you see Torts response to him??? He looked at him and sent him down. Just a tad on the small-ish side, no?????

    But everyone has been talking up our d as being one of the best in the league? I’ll agree, MacD is special. Staal, Girardi, when not abused by minutes, really, really good. Ah….Ba-Dump-ah!!

    Stralman fit in some good minutes. He’s a good 6. MDZ is a good 5-6, currently. It’s sad we lost Sauer, who could be a 4, but sadly, he seems he may be done.

    It is a poorly put together D. 6 guys ‘thrown’ together that play defense do not make a solid defense corps.

    Then, let’s not talk about Eminger, Hammer, Gilroy, Bickel, etc. All garbage.

  57. Delzaster off-season hat trick (not to be confused with the Gordie Howe Hat Trick):

    1) skating lessons
    2) crash course in Hockey Sense 101
    3) copy of ‘Idiots Guide To Playing Defense in the NHL’


  58. _I wonder if took the average age of a team’s highest 6 cap hits and plotted that against point totals and see what you get. My initial guess is the younger the average age of those 6 players the more points the team has._

    I’d expect more of a bell curve. If players peak around their first UFA years, having your money concentrated around those peak years should optimize the roster.

  59. Jonny, make it whole wheat and you have a deal … don’t forget, with realignment, no such thing as top eight anymore.

    The Islanders will not make the playoffs.

  60. Doodie Machetto on

    Jonny, the Rangers still finish higher. Nabokov was fantastic for the Islanders during the last two months of the season. Look at that swiss-cheese defense in front of him and he was still great.

    Regular-season Nabokov has always been a beast.

  61. bull dog line on

    my thoughts on Hank,
    I think he will resign this summer. if the Rangers believe that Hank wants to test the market, they should trade him this summer. I would not let him leave as a UFA, I would trade him instead.

  62. Matty: Sauer makes all the difference there, especially as a righty shot. McDonagh-Girardi, Staal-Sauer, Stralman(McIlrath)-MDZ is an awesome corp (that we’ll likely never see).

  63. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – just imagine if our power play was 20%?

    How many 1 goal games could we have won, if we got just 1 extra Power Play goal. I would go so far that we would have beat Boston, if we had a power play goal in 2 games.

  64. _if the Rangers believe that Hank wants to test the market, they should trade him this summer. I would not let him leave as a UFA, I would trade him instead._

    I would love to see what sort of return Henrik would bring while still under contract. Wouldn’t want to do it, but I’d love to know.

  65. CTBlueshirt on

    Depends on whether the GM was smart enough to give players their big paydays while they were still at an age where they’d actually live up to their cap hits. Look at LA, 4 of their biggest cap hits are still at an age where you’d expect them to remain productive.

    For the Rangers to start out this year you had Nash, Gaborik, Lundqvist, Richards and Callahan.

    Nash was already questionable at $7.8M, even if he did essentially earn his hit this year. Gaborik and Richards were question marks, obviously Lundqvist more than earns his and ditto for Callahan.

  66. CTBlueshirt on

    Maybe the Rangers with a better PP finish 5th and then lose to Boston in the 1st round.

  67. bull dog line on

    I would not want to do it either, but the team to look at would be the Ducks. they have the big goalie prospect (Gibson), and 2 very good Dman prospects (Lindholm, and Vatanen).

  68. Whole wheat? You got it.

    And I still think they will. Only guaranteed playoff team is the Pens and maybe the Caps. That leaves one more spot open and I think the Isles can get that. I don’t think the “wild-card” team will come from their division. The Devils will probably compete again next year for that 3rd spot if try can stay healthy, possibly the Rangers and Columbus too. But I think the Isles will lock it up.

  69. Rick Nash thinks he had a good playoffs…

    THAT is the most disconcerting thing to hear out of breakup day. Not Tortorella and his asinine “sideways” comment…not Hank hinting he might look elsewhere…

    Rick Nash, he played as soft as you can play considering his size. And he actually thinks he had a good playoffs?

    Brian Boyle all but flogged himself with a rusty chain in regards to his own performance. Hank is known to let every defeat get to him.

    Rick Nash? Nope, he’s just fine. Thanks for asking.

    Ugh, what a waste of size and talent.

    If only The Wizard could give him a heart. Or courage. Or a brain to stop him from saying such stupid things.

  70. Also another team Henke might look at is St. Louis. Talented young team, good defense, just need more consistent goaltending.

    Devils might try to get him to replace Marty too since they currently have no real succession plan.

  71. CTB: #7 was Clowe and that would only look worse if he resigns. In a perfect world, McD is a top 5 cap hit going into next season, preferably #3 overall, because it would mean we got a nice looooooong term.

  72. Sioux-per-man on

    Matty- you forgot Moore in your D-Man. He looks to have a REAL upside, and at 22years old. The kid skates like the wind, makes sharp passes, and has a GOOD shot from the Blue line.

  73. Top 3 from each division go. Last 2 spots go to the best record left in each conference.

  74. Players on Ranger Roster who were 1st Round picks and there place selected:

    Biron -16
    Boyle – 20
    Brassard – 6
    Delzotto – 20
    Eminger – 12
    Hamrlk – 1
    Kreider – 19
    McDonough -12
    Nash -1
    Pyatt – 8
    Staal -12
    Moore – 21
    Miller – 15

    We have plenty of 1st Round draft picks on our roster.

  75. If Rick Nash said he played like a huge pile of poop, it wouldn’t change how he played. Nor does him saying he played good. Probably just a dude who wants to avoid the headlines that come with saying “I sucked”.

  76. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – where you in the room for Nash’s “GOOD” comment on his playoff performance?

    How can he give himself a good with 1 goal in 12 games?

  77. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    I may be over-simplifying, but if we say on average, that Lunqvist lets up 0.5 goals less than the average goalie, then his value is equivalent to that of a 40-50 goal scorer.

  78. _We have plenty of 1st Round draft picks on our roster._

    Sure, but like 2/3 that list is late first, over the hill or busts relative to draft position.

  79. (I’m now thinking that was your point, having 1sts on the roster doesn’t equate to anything. I feel dumb.)

  80. Sioux-per-man on

    Papa – nice post.

    Even a rusty Hamr was only 1 goal behind Nash. Perhaps we should bring him back. Ha!

  81. Briere..another tiny forward that is not physical enought…and has a history of concussions…we need size

  82. I don’t recall ever feeling as disappointed with a player as I currently feel with Nash.

    And, level of disappointment was definitely raised when he described his play as being good on break-up day.

  83. I think Rangers have to sign long-term and big-money contract to nobody, even to Lundqvist.

    I do not why, but Rangers players are very easily spoiled by good contracts, they relaxed too much and stop to produce. May be some specific atmosphere, more media attention or celebrity nightlife in NYC affects them?

  84. I think people are making too big a deal of this Rick Nash “I played good” thing. In remembering most of his post game interviews, he sucks at post game interviews. I think he’s just not a good speaker.

    Like MisterD suggested above, I think he just didn’t want to come out and say what Boyle said. Especially once everything is said and done, I’m sure that we all are talking about it a lot more than the actual players are. They most likely just want to go home and get it out of their systems.

    Also, in defense of Nash, Cally, and everyone else that should have scored more… they spent SO much time in their own zone trying to clear the puck FOR the defensemen that they burned themselves out before they even got into the offensive zone. How are you supposed to maintain any kind of forecheck or sustained offensive pressure if you’re always in the defensive zone?

    Look… it’s a collective failure. The offense did not challenge the Bruins which makes it harder on the Rangers D. But the D was awful which makes it a lot more difficult on the Rangers offense. They both share the blame.


  85. CTBlueshirt on

    Probably because players are in the middle or exiting their prime by the late 20’s/early 30’s when most of them are up for their big pay days. I don’t buy that there’s more pressure or attention in NY than there is in Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver. The Rangers are at best the 5th or 6th most followed team in NY.

  86. _I do not why, but Rangers players are very easily spoiled by good contracts, they relaxed too much and stop to produce. May be some specific atmosphere, more media attention or celebrity nightlife in NYC affects them?_

    This feels like an argument for why its worth signing Lundqvist to a huge deal. If “most players” fall into the trap above while Lundqvist is making a ton already and playing at an elite level, doesn’t he prove immune to the trap?

  87. Odd – well part of it is that players always say its a first class organization and I think it’s because they do get treated very well. It’s not about the winning and losing (although the players definitely do want to win), but it’s a place they can get paid and get taken care of.

  88. Tony, please.

    While he didn’t have much to show in way of results, Callaghan sacrificed his body and put himself in harms-way more during any single game than Nash did the entire playoffs. Let’s not make excuses. Nash is paid as a superstar, a former # 1 overall pick, who was brought in by management to perform, especially in the playoffs. There is a reason Nash was sent packing by Columbus, a team he made the playoffs with once in 10 season. We saw why in the playoffs.

    Nash has a serious aversion to physical play.

    I’ll forgive and forget (probably not forget) the good comment. But his play speaks for itself, speaks pretty loud and clear to me.

  89. If they lose Lundqvist it’ll set this organization back 10-15 years.

    Much as I’ve said through the playoffs the last 3 years- how could you fault him for leaving when he’s wasting his prime playing for an organization that doesn’t build the team in front of him? How bout some dmen that’ll work better to clear his crease and keep him from getting run over? or perhaps work on some offense so that he doesnt lose in OT during games that he posts a regulation time shut out?

    They need to sit down with him and work on improving this team the right way. no More Stralmans Gilroys or Del Zottos. You build your team from the goaltender up. So that makes him the general. get the guy some soldiers.

  90. Papa Bear, you’ll get no argument out of me. I was one of the few who didn’t want nash because for the contract he has isn’t worth it. I argued and argued that Nash is not a super star, decent player, likes to go one on one allot and isn’t anything special, if he was, Columbus would have been a better team while nash played for the Bluejackets. Nash will be the new whipping boy going forward.

  91. CTBlueshirt on

    I think they’ve gone to great lengths to build a better team in front of him. Between signing Gaborik, signing Richards and trading for Nash those are 3 pretty significant moves. It just hasn’t worked out for them as well as they were hoping.

  92. RE Brian Boyle: He earned himself a reprieve with me. His reemergence in the playoffs and the fact that he knows he was unprepared for the season and sucked says to me he should be back as a solid role player. and a healthy one at that.

    Plenty of other issues to keep them busy anyhow.

  93. _I was one of the few who didn’t want nash because for the contract he has isn’t worth it._

    I was on this boat before the trade but I’m pretty much off it now. He’s a really, really elite talent. Not worth the entirety of his $7.8MM hit, but most of it.

  94. If Henrik ever left, and with a lesser netminder, Torts would be forced to initiate a defensively oriented team with everyone collapsing on D, diving in front of screaming pucks, not able to challenge point shots, and having difficulty establishing a potent offense. :))

  95. Papa Bear –

    Oh, you’re right. I’m not trying to make excuses for his actual play. But I really don’t care all that much about what these guys actually say to reporters. It’s nearly always bs, cliche type stuff. Granted, saying that you played “good” isn’t a cliche, I’m betting that he’s a lot harder on himself than that. At least I HOPE so.

    Look, he absolutely did not play as well as his salary says he should have played. I guess in some ways he’s like a Gaborik. If others do work he can make the other team pay for it. It’s not like he had a million opportunities. Sure, he should have created more. He doesn’t play as big as his size. I agree with that. Neither does Boyle, and Boyle plays bigger than Nash.

    Either way, I guess singling out Nash IS fair because of what he said and what he is paid. But all I’m saying is that it’s hard to just stand out (in a good way) while everyone else sh**s the bed too (aside from Hank).

  96. It wouldn’t take 10-15 years. More like 5-7, but it might be the best thing for the organization. I don’t want Henke to leave, but if he does then the team will finally be horrible enough to draft in the top 5 and get bonafide superstar prospects to build around. Not trading for a 1st rounder at the end of their prime, but actually getting star players under age 25 and less than $4 mil to build around.

    Then instead of patching a team together every year, they can have a base to build around and compete every season.

  97. Nash will be fine. The guy had no actual playoff experience and is exactly the players Torts was talking about when he said that guys didn’t know what kind of level they needed to play at in the semis.

    He’ll pot 40 goals next year and yous will all love him.

  98. Johnny they had a base to build around and they went off track. I don’t think getting rid of the franchise goalie in his prime is the best way to go about fixing that problem. Montreal thought it was the right thing to do with Roy back in the mid 90s and look at how their “5-7 year plan” has worked out.

  99. Doodie Machetto on

    He can score 100 goals in the regular season and it won’t make a difference if he thinks this was a “good” playoff performance.

  100. When you have only one potent scorer on the entire team, he can usually be effectively stymied in the playoffs by various methods and without enormous difficulties.

  101. Listen, with Richards and Gaborik out of the picture they’re back to square one from two years ago. They need two players that can fill out a legit NHL first line. Stepan has made tremendous strides and Kreider won’t take too much longer to find himself playing top 6 minutes. But I’ll spend the whole summer arguing with everyone here that Stepan in between Kreider and Callahan is a legit SECOND line for this team and should give them an idea of what they need in a first line.

    Brassard replaces Dubinsky in an ideal 3rd line center role and Dorsett hopefully plays the role that Prust did. Those are the other regular season issues up front that should be put to rest.

  102. Tony – that’s the point though. Nash will never be worth his contract. It’s the same thing the Rangers went through with Drury, Gomez, Kasparaitis, Holik, etc. He played the way he always played, if anything he overachieved in the season and I think next year he’ll be back to 30-35 goals and 60-65 points.

    Only difference here is that we didn’t pay him, Columbus gave him that contract. But yet again we have one on the books where a guy puts up decent stats but get paid more and people expect him to drastically improve and he gets booed for not being a player that can live up to his paycheck.

    If anything, the only player that the Rangers had recently that were worth their contract not named Lundqvist were Jagr and Gaborik and they were both run out of town when their play declined.

  103. JonnyD –

    Letting Hank walk would be a serious mistake. Any winning teams starts and ends with their starting goaltender (see Philadelphia Flyers).

    Franchises wish and hope to be able to find a consistent Vezina trophy winner like Lundqvist. I know that there have been some ‘not so spectacular’ goalies win cups over the years but those teams seem to come and go. Look at a Brodeur and how he has kept the Devils consistent every single year that he’s been there. Look at where Hasek played and how those teams did. Roy. These legit goalies give their team a chance to win every night, and every year.

    If we lost Hank we’d be wishing we had him back for years. Even with a mediocre team, which the Rangers DO have, he got them to the 2nd round of the playoffs. It may not be a Cup, but hell, it ain’t the Florida Panthers.

  104. …Because that’s exactly how he feels, right Doodie? we’re sure of this? No chance the kids just inexperienced with handling the media and fans in a big market that hang on every word especially during and immediately following the post season?

    I’m going to be irrational about the situation and think maybe he just didn’t know what to say and is going to learn what it takes now that he isn’t on a Columbus team that historically has played more hockey on x box in the spring than they have playoff hockey over the last 11 years.

  105. Again, those of you who want to argue what a player needs to be producing based on his contract just do not get it. Nash is a legit first line player in the NHL. They paid him as one.

    Drury and Gomez etc were role players who had some occasional offensive production at some point in their careers. If the league operated off of your rational there’d be about 14 NHL players making over 5 million dollars.

  106. Boyle had a bad season but was great in the playoffs and Nash the opposite. Our D Corps is good if Staal comes back healthy.

    We have to say how much the rough start was down to the lack of preparation for the short season and the lack of time between games to rectify problems. I’m not sure if they pull the trigger on Richards this summer or give him the chance with a full camp to earn the remainder of his contract as a Ranger. It will be tight to re-sign everyone and I think Clowe would sign elsewhere as someone will probably overpay him or give him 4 years.

    The one thing that MUST be rectified is the power play. Moore and McDonagh have to be in there, no Richards on the point and MZA is the most important guy to get the puck to, him and Brassard were the ones to find the holes and shift the puck quickly

  107. But isn’t the point to win the Cup? We don’t have the talent to win one and there are no signs that they will come close anytime soon.

    I’m just saying that Pittsburgh and Chicago tanked for a few years, picked up Crosby/Malkin/Staal and Kane/Toews and built around them and they seriously compete every year. Last year was the 1st time the Rangers were actually a cup contending team since 1996. That’s 1 in the last 12 years and to me, that’s just not good enough. Patching it together won’t help.

    And not for anything, but Hasek, Roy, and Brodeur played in a non-cap era so they could still afford to build a solid team around them.

  108. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    Sioux @4:38, realized that after. You’re correct!!

    Yes, he is a good skater and time will tell. Perhaps a 4-5-6 type.

    However, it’s the chemistry of the ‘d’ that’s the problem. Others here have said what I have say. Crease clearer’s, PP point men, overall toughness, speed, etc. Not just a ‘bunch of guys’, calling themselves a defensive unit.

  109. Sioux-per-man on

    Papa – Nash needed more than one goal to be good. That’s for sure. Some credit would have to the Bruins defense and Chara out against him. Nash wasn’t all that Nashty in the playoffs.

    I’m a little shocked by his performance. After all those 3rd period goals to start the season off with. Not one in the playoffs, one really nice assist that lead to a game winning goal. Rangers needed more out of him in the 3rd period & overtime.

  110. So I guess we’re all in the same place as Sather is then. What to do?

    Do you start fresh and just depend (mostly) on homegrown talent?

    Anybody worth anything is gonna warrant a big contract that Rangers fans will never forgive the player (or the GM) for.

    Do we really have anyone in the minors worth talking about? I mean someone that SHINES? Not just, “He may be good”. I’m tired of “He may be good”! How the hell does Pitt consistently get these good players from their own system and we get crap? Do our scouts know anything?!? I’m not even talking about a Crosby or an Ovechkin. I’d take a James Neal.

    We all go back and forth on what to do, who sucks, who has to go, who has to stay, etc. The reality is this ‘core’ that everyone loves so much (Cally, Staal, McDoughnut, etc.) are good. They aren’t great. They need a lot of help. Lundqvist needs a LOT of help. Where is it coming from? Because Nash sure isn’t bringing it. Richards sure didn’t bring it. Are we really hanging out hopes on Kreider and Miller? Because that ain’t gonna cut it either.

    Seriously frustrated.

  111. Nash Scouting Report:

    This player has very good skills. Flashy and capable of scoring highlight reel goals. On the down side, may have a tendency to disappear when ice and space are being aggressively contested by the opposition. Good in transition and prefers to play in transition, on the move and off the rush. Tends to play along the perimeter in the O-zone and on the Power Play. Too much coasting on the back check. Usually will not initiate contact with opposition.

  112. James – that’s fine, but Columbus had to pay him because he was their only star. He was only worth $7.8 million to them, not any other team in the league.

    And while he is a first line talent, you fully expect to get top 5 numbers in the league from him considering how much he makes.

    In a cap era, it’s about efficiency. For what he gets paid, he sure isn’t efficient. And based on only numbers, Nash put up similar numbers to Gomez when he was a UFA. Better goal scorer, but overall on points it was a career average of about 65. So if you think Nash is a 1st line player, then Gomez was too. Neither is worth $7 mil though.

  113. CTBlueshirt on

    It would be one thing if Nash had a good showing agains the Caps and then got shut down against Boston and you could attribute it to Chara. But he didn’t look all that great against the Caps except in flashes in a couple of games.

    I’m not going to say he lacks the drive or heart to be a winning player, and I’ll excuse him for not playing playoff games in Columbus because of the management that ran the team during most of his tenure. He had a subpar playoff performance and I’ll leave it at that.

  114. Jon Paul G. on

    The Carpettes launch to Carp’s aid at the first hint of criticism. Stiffness.

    The Rangers will be worse next year than they were this year, unless something unforeseen happens in the offseason.

    The kids should get an opportunity next year. No more of the Hamrliks.

  115. And I will say, we still need another 2-3 years at the minimum to see if the Nash trade was actually worth it. While he had a successful regular season and a disappointing postseason this year, it could very well be flip-flopped next season.

    Tough to judge based on 48 games and another 12 in the playoffs.

  116. See Carp I don’t know that I agree. Who are Boston’s forwards that are so much more elite than the Rangers’? The Rangers started the season with Gaborik, Nash and Richards. Those guys are or at least were elite players. Granted the team hasn’t drafted or developed any elite forwards but it is too late to do that for Lundqvist now anyway. (BTW they should have – and I said it at the time – taken Pacioretty instead of Cherepanov). If you have an elite goalie, shouldn’t that give your team the freedom to take more chances offensively? do the Rangers never have an odd man rush or even simple numbers entering the opposing zone because they are so untalented, or because they are all parked so deep in the defensive zone? By playing the way they do they give away all of their offensive zone time and space. So they get to Boston’s blueline, its a 2-on-4, and they dump it in, giving up possession so they have to go back and get it again.

    I dont know maybe none of these guys are any good but I think, for example, its obvious Rick Nash needs time and space to do his thing and you have to operate in a way that gets him that.

    The way the team is coached basically denies the principle that you need time and space which is the whole point of the game when it comes down to it. It’s as though their best player is the goalie, so they are built to allow no goals. But your goalie is there to keep you in the game, not post mad stats. Who cares what his GAA, save pct and shutouts are? He gives them chances to win.

  117. Those who may be candidates for replacement:

    Hammer – forget it
    Gilroy – ditto
    Eminger – close to ditto
    DelZ -unlikely to be dealt, but could be
    Clowe – no fault of his own
    Ash – could keep on 4th line
    Haley – ditto
    Richards – gone
    Zuccs – sad to say

    Richie’s money will go to McD, Steps, Hags

  118. James G…maybe you don’t get it. …

    a “superstar” first line player, brought in to be a leader, being paid the highest salary on the team, commensurate with the top 5-10 players in the league, of course we have expectations.

    Expectation 1) show up and play hard.
    Expectation 2) lead by example….
    Expectation 3) accept responsibility
    Expectation 4) play in traffic

    Maybe you don’t get it.

    Why is everyone on the buy out Richards Bandwagon? Maybe because he has not lived up to his contract and the expectations associated with that contract? In a cap system, a player who is earning a large % of the cap, needs to perform commensurate with his salary. This is not baseball and we can no longer eat underperforming contracts.

  119. Fact: Nash is here, is our best offensive player and is not going anywhere. Next.

  120. Carp

    I know I’m late to the argument but let’s turn that skill problem around about 90 degrees. THIS TEAM DOES NOT HAVE THE SKILLSET TO SUCCEED USING THE CURRENT SYSTEM.

    This team’s best forwards are either small or play small (Nash). Every worthwhile forward they have in the pipeline besides Miller and Kreider is smallish. If you task these guys with forcing the puck out of the zone or scoring by grinding and cycling on the boards, they ain’t gonna physically cut it.

    And no, Tort’s Tampa Bay system was an absolute disaster when he tried it here with the team he had 4 YEARS AGO. And that system hadn’t worked in Tampa Bay itself since the lockout rule changes – no red line (a) and the loss of Khabibulin (b).

    But it’s not an either or situation, there are very simple adjustments that must be made, like keeping one forward (the fastest on the line) in the high slot in the defensive zone. It will force the other team’s defensemen to play honest and it will still give a 4 on 3 defensive advantage down low. Stop playing this ridiculous puck pursuit (Muckler) defensive system. Have them play smart positionally in the areas where the puck has to come for a scoring chance. Do you see how Chicago and Detroit play defense. One guy pressures the puck carrier and the rest of the team go to a position which flows with the position of the puck. When it works perfectly, I swear it’s like sychronized skating. They let the puck come to them and it’s quickly out of the zone because they support each other constantly and consistently.

    x’s and o’s

    It’s the way hockey is played these days.

  121. Coos, you may satisfied with his effort. That’s nice if you are. I’m not. Next.

  122. It will be very interesting to see which p layers get cut loose by amnesty. There is still hope of adding a premier talent like Hossa who is not only a top talent but also can mentor Nash on what it takes to win in the playoffs.

  123. Chicago and Detroit have skilled forwards who have speed and great puck skills. The Rangers don’t have that.

  124. Chicago and Detroit have both highly skilled forwards and muckers and all lines play as if they have great puck skills because they are coached to play that way and they are drilled to play that way.

  125. I understand your frustration, Papa. Nash isn’t a pugilist. It is what it is. He played more aggressively and crashed the net before he was constantly hand slashed, elbowed, manhandled, and pushed around with no penalties and no retaliation. When people were harassing Marchand, Thornton was sent out to set the record straight. Who did Torts send?

  126. In Emile Francis’ day the Rangers were known as a team that made short, concise passes to move the puck quickly up ice. Ted Irvine was not a skilled guy by anyone’s imagination, but he could play that way, the personnel constantly changed from year to year, but the Ranger’s always played a crisp, precise passing game under Francis because they drilled in playing a crisp, precise passing game. It’s hockey, not rocket science, it’s muscle memory, not understanding string theory.

  127. I would have certainly preferred the clumsy-ish Bickel to that old toad Harmlik for multiple reasons.

  128. bull dog line on

    Marchand is 5 ft 9. Nash is 6 ft 4. if Nash needs protecting he’s got bigger problems than scoring in the playoffs.

  129. Oh, and one other thing, I’d argue that it takes a hell of a lot more speed (and skill) to be constantly chasing after the puck than to wait for the puck to come to you if you’re defending an area where the puck has to come if someone wants to score.

  130. Coos, Point taken on the lack of an enforcer or old time policeman on current NYR team and the fact that Nash would be afforded more space with one in tow. But nonetheless, I see signs with Nash,that disturb me.

    Most stars suffer focused attention and physical abuse during playoffs. Some are able to play through, some are not. Admittedly, I was not familiar with his play at all before he came in the trade, perhaps the most I saw him play was during the Olympics on a bigger Ice surface.

    I hope I am wrong, but my gut is strong on this one.

  131. You don’t pay someone 7.8 million dollars a year to punch people. You get and use a $700,000 goon.

  132. Czechthemout!!! on


    I have to think about how to get that stud dman here. First, I would want to see what it would take to get Buff here. It maybe impossible but you never know.

    Bagosian is not the answer either. Has all the tools but has MDZ hockey sense. Pass!

    Yandle would be ideal but will cost way too much.

    Streit is too old! Pass.

    Here are a couple of out of the box ideas. The Sabers gave a stupid ten year contract to Chritian Ehrhoff. He is a mobile dman who has a cannon of a shot and has a little “stiffness” to his game. He will most likely be bought out. Think Seidenberg with more mobility and a better shot.

    Another idea would be to look to move Marc Staal to the Canes for Justin Falk and the fifth pick in the draft. They may do that deal for obvious reasons. Faulk is a stud in the making but Staal would be too good of player for them to pass up now because they are a good team with a number of good prospects, young vets and a great goalie. They would certainly be a threat in the eastern conference. With the Fifth pick, I would draft Darnell Nurse. He is what they hoped Mcilrath would become. A tough great skating crease clearing dman who is probably only a year away.

    I would move MDZ for a late first or early second and look for a player like Josh Morrisey or an Andre Burakovsky from Sweden. The first guy skates great, has a cannon of a shot, is not a coward like MDZ and can drop the gloves too.

    So what you have now is Erhoff and Faulk in, MdZ an Staal out. You also have an excellent prospect or two in Nurse and Morrisey or Burakovsky.

  133. Matteau, I’d love to add Hossa if that were possible. One of my favorite players.

  134. Final thought on Nash and then I’ll move on.

    Perhaps he is not suited to headline a team. Seems quiet, maybe introverted. NYR’s may need to acquire a more flamboyant player or two to lead they way and let Ricky play 2nd or 3rd fiddle, like he did in the Olympics.

  135. You’re a coach. Your best player is being slashed, harassed, challenged, elbowed in the chin and verbally abused. What’s your solution, tell him to toughen up and spend 7 minutes in the box along with some opposing goof three times a game?

  136. Czechthemout!!! on

    Hossa is too old! We have to stop with the old guys crap already. As a rental when the Cup is in reach? Yes! But not for another 5-6 million per contract.

    Plus the Hawks wont buy him out until after next season.

  137. Papa, again, I don’t direct that to you, but rather to Torts and others who don’t seem to see the situation for what it is.

  138. Coos, thanks for the Nashtheraphy. I’m feeling better about -MisterSoftie- him already. ;-)

  139. Then DelZ could give up the puck in center ice instead of so close to the crease. I like it.

  140. But, I don’t think you can get me to budge on Delzotto. I’m like Gibraltar on Delzotto.

  141. “He had a subpar playoff performance and I’ll leave it at that.”

    Well, I’ll take it a step further and say he should go back to Europe…and work on that spin move we all love, where he backs up in the slot and lets off a weak shot…

  142. SIGN HOSSA! Assuming he can be had. Always wanted the guy.

    I actually think we have a good chance at getting him…assuming we shed some dead weight…

  143. bull dog line on

    nobody slashes Crosby, or Towes, or Malkin right? you have to fight through it. I have never heard more excuses for one player before. he’s playing hurt, the bad guys are slashing him. toughen up and produce!

  144. bull dog line on

    for the most part I am usually in agreement with how you see the Rangers, but trading MDZ for draft picks I am not on board with. would I trade MDZ for the right players, sure, but I want them to NHL players, not draft picks.

  145. I don’t remember seeing a pro team so coached to not take penalties that they end up playing like a college team. I understand that they are not scoring, so D is a priority, but
    little wonder that kids like Kreider have played so tentatively.
    Torts has even turned Haley and Asham into confused altar boys. Introibo ad altare dei.

  146. Reporter: “Hey Rick, what do you think of NYC spring weather?”

    Nash: “Good”

    Reporter 2: “Rick, how do you like living in NYC?

    Nash: “Good”

    Reporter 3: “Do you think you’ll be more comfortable next year, over a 82 game season?

    Nash: “Good”

  147. Toews also has but one playoff goal this season, bull dog. Doesn’t seem like he’s doing much fighting through it either.

  148. Reporter4: Rick, what do you think of your performance during this interview?

    Nash: Ah, maybe not so good?

  149. Pitt got James Neal for a bag of pucks from Dallas. Where was Slats when that deal was being shopped?

  150. Maybe this is just the way Nash is…he really does think he had a “good” playoff. He scored a bunch of goals in the regular season, and in the last few playoff games he had a goal and an assist on a big OT goal. As a fan of the team it worries me that he may really believe this and be satisfied with his playoff performance. Kind of tired of the “playoff experience” line. How many playoff games before a player is acclimated? Makes me wonder how long he would last on the team if this was 20 years ago and Messier was the captain.

  151. bull dog line on

    so we bring in a Nick Fotiu type, and he drops the gloves with who? Lucic? like Lucic would do that. or maybe he can drop with Thorton. proving what I don’t know. Nash is going to have fight through it. like every other top player in the playoffs.

  152. Ddollie fights through the playoff muck and mire. We need more players like Ddollie.

  153. leetchhalloffame on

    What happened to Beuk mentoring/coaching McIlrath this season at Hartford? Does this kid have a chance to be on NYR next season and give us the tough d-man we desperately need?

  154. You don’t send out Dale Rolfe to protect Tie Domi because Rolfe is 6’4.

  155. bull dog line on

    Towes also has a CUP to his credit. so maybe he did fight through it to win it.

  156. Aside from the 1 game, I thought Lucic was pretty pedestrian against NYR…just sayin’

    I was far more impressed with Marchand’s play and toughness…

  157. bull dog line on

    you are right coos, its just to difficult for Nash. the league should step in, or Nash should quit. hooking, holding, and slashing. poor baby.

  158. In McIlrath’s twitter avatar, he’s not clearing the crease or scoring, he’s duking. :))

  159. Nash’s only previous playoff experience was on a crummy CBJ team which got dominated by the Red Wings. He should have single-handedly willed them to victory, no?

  160. bull dog line on

    he should perform! and if somebody stepped in for Crosby, did it end the slashing and the hooking? or did his talent rise above it?

  161. bull dog line on

    if Nash thinks like you guys, he will never have playoff success. he was carried to the 2nd round of the playoffs.

  162. CTBlueshirt on

    You don’t pay someone 7.8 million dollars a year to punch people. You get and use a $700,000 goon.


    You’re right, they paid Holik $9M a year right?

  163. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    “Chicago and Detroit have both highly skilled forwards and muckers and all lines play as if they have great puck skills because they are coached to play that way and they are drilled to play that way.”

    No, but coaching does help. These two teams have excellent organizations and great drafting. Take a look. Datsyuk? Zetterberg? Lidstrom? Kindl, Abdelkater, Franzen, Howard? Home grown. Not first round, either.
    Saad, Shaw, Smith, Toews, Kane, Bickell, Crawford, Seabrooke. Someone’s doing their job.

  164. Czechthemout!!! on

    Bull Dog

    No one would trade us a bonafide NHL player that is nothing more than what we already have a lot of, 3rd line players. At least we can draft some good talent from this draft and develop it. But hey, if someone or some team was out to lunch during the playoffs and most the regular season and is willing to trade us a good young prospect or vet,I am all for it.

  165. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    Hey, BullDog, just playing devil’s advocate, but ever hear of a pretty darn good defenseman named MacDonough? He was traded here.

  166. OK Papa so let’s make sure I “Get it”

    Nash isn’t worth having around because he makes 7.8 Million dollars and isn’t a top 5 goal scorer in the league. He scored 42 points in 44 games but this is about efficiency. I think I follow so far.
    OK so from there, he went to the playoffs for the second time in his career first time in the Eastern Conf playing in a system he hadn’t played previously in his career and struggled. Then he said to the ruthless media that tore him apart all post season that he felt he played “good”. Did I leave something out?

    Like I said- if guys like you had it your way there’d be about 14 guys making over 5 million dollars in the league. So what’s efficient? Would you prefer Vanek for 6.5 million?

    Look, I never said his performance was acceptable. But some people just wont ever be satisfied with what we have. as if other top players in this league dont come with flaws.

  167. trade del zaster when you still may be able to get something. give the minutes to moore who can skate better

  168. CTBlueshirt on

    I think the NHl would want one of the Wings or Hawks to win the West. So they can show prime time games for the finals.

  169. love seeing scott gomez on the bench still playing while we are trying to figure out how we can get hossa or trade the del zaster :)

  170. Stranger Nation on

    Reporter: What did you think or your Playoff performance?
    Nash: Good
    Reporter: So you feel it is good to play below fan expectations?
    Nash: Good
    Reporter: What was your opinion of Richards’ play?
    Nash: Good
    Reporter: OK, I think I understand now. If “good” is Richards play, bad play is…?
    Nash: good
    Reporter: What will you do this offseason?
    Nash: good
    Reporter: How do you like Torts’ offensive coaching.
    Nash: good; very, very good
    Reporter: I completely understand

  171. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Eric, I will guarantee you there is a good sized market for a 22 year old defenseman who seems to have some offensive ability.

  172. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Perhaps having Moore, MDZ is more expendable. Perhaps. But a trade of a kid that age can really hurt you later on.

    He sure seemed clueless the last half season and PO’s. His first half he was pretty good.

  173. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Man, these two teams, LA and SJ, are SOOOOO stacked. So deep. So BIG. So talented.

    Kills me to see how good they are.

  174. James, again here are my expectation for Nash that I posted earlier:

    1) show up and play hard…..
    2) lead by example….
    3) accept responsibility…..
    4) play in traffic….

    Pretty basic and simple. I’m not into counting points or goals. Just expecting him to have more of presence and imprint during the game. If points and goals result, that’s great too.

    As for his personal history, I don’t really care nor do I need to hear about his lack of playoff experience. He’s a 10 year veteran, former #1 pick overall, who has played in the Olympics. He is not Chris Kreider stepping out of Boston College and into a playoff game for the 1st game of his career or Krug stepping into the lineup for a depleted Bruin team.

    And, I wish I felt bad that the big bad ruthless media asked him what I believe to be a legitimate question after the series. But I don’t. And I also thought the media was fair with him during the course of the 1st and 2nd rounds, but again that’s just me.

    As for being satisfied? Apparently, you are and that’s fine. I’m not and that’s fine too.

    Hopefully, he learns from the experience and steps it up next year. After all he will be 29 years old and in his 12th season in the league. That steep learning curve should be fairly flat by next years Play-offs, don’t you think?

  175. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Gomez looks like a freaking thug on the bench. Reminds me of ‘George ‘The Animal’ Steele’!!!!

  176. Stranger Nation on

    Nash was constantly praised by Torts through out post season. This team is in one very big pickel if Nash thinks his play and effort were good.

    Did Gabby leave himthe loafing goal scoring star handbook in his locker?

  177. You know how everybody says NY fans are the greatest fans in the world? And, how Rangers fans are the most passionate and loyal in all of sports? Yeah? Ok…

    Well, I just think Rangers fans are the angriest fans in all of sports…does that necessarily make them “the best”?

    I’m +not+ saying the element is here at Ranger Report but there is too much anger among the fanbase about certain personnel. Too much anger leads to false blame. Just sayin’…

  178. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I’m not saying Nash had a great PO, or even regular season. But there could be reasons the guy wasn’t amazing all the time. Let’s face it he was keyed just like Towes has been. What are his ‘stats’??

    He is slashed, held, interfered with, plays the top d pairing, etc.

    We saw glimpses of greatness at various points of time. Some of his most awe-inspiring plays were one’s he didn’t connect on.

    I do think he can’t do it alone. Unlike the true greats, Gretz, Mess, Hull, Orr, etc, he doesn’t create all the time. He needs help. He did not mesh well with Gabby or Richards (although if Richards was the player he was, they might have, IMHO). And, he earns like he should be able to create all the time. Let’s give him a little support (the GM’s job) and a center that he develops some consistency with and re-evaluate.

    That being said, he is a damn good player and I’d give him a full season before writing him off.

  179. hi folks…anyone know how many picks per round we get this year,of course w/o our nos.1-3….how many 3s do we have…thnx

  180. NYR, angry for sure, but all this team does is bring me heartache and agony and yet I keep coming back for more. I tell you, if NYR were my wife, I’d have left her a long time ago.

  181. Who says the Rangers fans are the most passionate and loyal in all of sports?

    It is deafening silence every time I visit MSG for a Rangers game. I attended every game at MSG this playoffs.

  182. Hey, eddie, did you see what your friend Doodie had to say earlier today?

    “Carp, and don’t forget that the one time they took the super-high upside forward, the kid went and died on us.”

  183. Olga Folkyerself on

    So how do all of Sather’s trades/UFA’s/Drafting look now with all the rose colored glasses off?

    Wait ’til next year.
    And next…
    And next…
    Until Sather dies.

  184. Kings and Sharks, wow. What a great series and a great game seven. Do they know they aren’t playing “the right way” ?

  185. Matty – Nash is a very good player and he does need help. But we can’t get him help because he gets paid too much for

  186. …His production.

    Pittsburgh has two once a generation talents that they can afford to pay and build around since they net 100 goals a season by themselves.

    The Kings, Bruins, and Hawks won because they spread the money out where the top contract might’ve been at most 7 million (Chara is the only one I can think of), but most top deals were around 6 mil. Then after, guys got paid either with that team or elsewhere, but they were able to get better talent because they had the money for it.

  187. Olga Folkyerself on

    Kings, Bruins, and Hawks have a GM that doesn’t spend on Overage UFA’s with the hope that if you pay them more, they will produce more.

    It’s The Sather Way.

  188. what a battle. by the way for us ranger fans WE ARENT IN THE SAME CLASS AS THESE TEAMS PLAYING

  189. I will say getting rid of Richards contract will help since that’s 6.7 mil to use to help the roster, but with UFAs we usually overpay.

  190. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    agreed, Eric. Size, drive, skill, DEPTH, system, all go to LA and SJ over us. Not even close.

  191. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Interestingly, the teams that have had multiple high first round picks are doing pretty well. Pitt, Chicago, La, and Boston (to a lesser degree). Building with draft picks does work.

  192. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Yea, Stranger, I wouldn’t want that bum Kopitar on my team. Only 2 goals. Awful.


  193. Compared to the rest of the final 8, except perhaps Ottawa (who we couldn’t beat this year) we suck. And for the record, I’m not angry when I say that. I’m sad.

  194. Stranger Nation on

    Rangers will have ONE player under contract in 2014-15 prior to signing any of this year’s RFAs (Step, Hags, McD) after the Richards’ pending buy-out; Mr. Rick Nash – that’s it folks…

  195. Olga Folkyerself on

    Sather will be out there, cash in hand, shopping at the scratch and dent sales. He continues to buy old players and damaged goods at top dollar prices.

    Either that, or he’s skimming over the waiver wire feeling bodies to see if anyone is still warm.

    Then he let’s go or trades RFA’s because he doesn’t want to pay them.-Parenteau, Dupuis, Savard, Samuelsson, Umberger – to name a few.

    And don’t even start about his drafting over the last 13 years.

  196. I’d consider the suggestion that we tank for 3 or 4 seasons so we get those lottery picks, but we’d probably lose the lottery. We suck at the lottery too. Not being angry, just feeling sad again.

  197. Stranger Nation on

    Papa – everyone complains about oru lack of scoring but the need IMHO is on the backline.

    1st Pair:
    McD + ?
    Stall + Girardi
    Moore + Sauer/McIlbust

    We need to package MDZ and something for a big RD banger to play top minutes with a wicked slapper and crushing right fist.

    We can dream, can’t we?

  198. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Were I Sather, I would lock up the goalie ASAP. Like discuss it over the summer and be done with it. Agreed we lose him, we are nothing.

    However, I am not Sather and his track record says he lets Hank go to the very bitter end and pisses him off on the way to that, too.

  199. Stranger Nation on

    Olga – do your think Torts’ has a lot of influence in player signings – Richards, Hamr, Nash, Gabby out??

    Realize Slats is the man in charge, but not he has conspired with Torts to bring in players who play the ‘right way’ and when the shat hits the fan, he can lay blame at Tort’s feet.

  200. Strange, that’s a good plan. We need a first pair right handed D with loads of nasty and a canon from the point. Push GMan down to #2 pair.

  201. Olga Folkyerself on

    SAther can’t even tank right. Look at 2000-2004. Not a single playoff game and he still didn’t get a top draft pick.

  202. Olga Folkyerself on

    Stranger- Sure, Torts has his say on who he wants/doesn’t want. Like Keenan did in 1994. But the buck stops with Sather, as it has since 2001. Tortarella didn’t have any say on all those personnel decisions before a couple years ago.

  203. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Olga, check out Carpy’s comments earlier today….about Sather. You would appreciate them.

    i did :)

  204. Olga Folkyerself on

    Papa- scratch and dent sale. I’d like the #1 overall for 2013 but that’s a moot point too.

  205. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Don’t worry, Sather will throw Torts under the bus when the time comes, then dust off his hands and tell Dolan who’s next.

  206. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    It was great being at game 4 with us winning on that great Kreids from Nasher goal, but part of me was wishing we’d be blown out and the “FIRE SATHER’ chants would begin.

  207. Sure Henrik deserves to be paid, but he can’t (hopefully) expect to get a max contract (which is 20% of the total team cap) from the rangers or any other team for that matter and expect the team to be competitive. given Henrik anywhere near the max and it means goodbye to one if not both of cally and girardi, unless they are expected to take discounts while Hank does not.

    crosby and malkin won’t make that much in their next contracts.

    Cap or no cap, marty never demanded huge money from the devils, while Hank already did so as a RFA. hopefully cooler heads prevail and he will accept around $7M/yr

  208. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Sather would be an idiot if he let LQ’s negotiations drag until free agency. OTOH, Sather IS an idiot. If Hank makes it that far, he’s a goner, or he gets a substantial raise.
    How often does a Vezina winning goalie come up on the market? He would have his choice of places, and if he really wants a Cup he will leave NY.

  209. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    Look at Chicago- all they need to get $10 million is lose Hossa and Handzus. They could even lose Crawford. They wouldn’t need him…

    I’d swap them for Lunqvist 100 times out of 100.


    Just trying to reopen the old can of worms – Pandora’s box ???

  211. Good morning, boneheads!

    Great game last night. Kings sure look like they are ready to challenge again. I think Hawks-Kings would be a great WCF matchup. But so would be Detroit-Kings.

  212. Sioux-per-man on

    There’s alot of upside with this team. Defense is still young, and with Staal healthy to play it is alot better. McIlrath could add some much needed snarl and Grit.

    Young guns in Kreider, Miller/Lindberg as a center could be an upgrade over Richards play this year.

  213. Stranger Nation on

    Different take:


    Safe is work…

  214. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp – Do you think Zucc earned himself an contract with the Rangers?

  215. What a surprise, the Sharks choked AGAIN. Well, at least they’re consistent. Now it’s time to play: Where Will Scott Gomez Go?

  216. Rob in Beantown on

    Carp, are you planning on doing an end of season Live Charp? I’d like to, um, clear my calendar in advance.

  217. planning on it, Rob … but “my other job” is really biting me in the behind, way sooner than I thought it would.

  218. Cross Check Charlie on

    Gary Thorne – decent announcer, but I always thought he was about to pop an artery for screaming at the top of his lungs over routine plays.

    Yeah, if it was only 5 feet to the left it might have had a shot to be gloved by the goalie.

  219. Funny, I think Doc “Waffleboard” Emerick is about to do the same thing. “OOOH AND AN ICING BY THE DEVILS!!!!!!!!!!!”

  220. Rob in Beantown on

    Del Zotto with a DRIVE .. it goes wide right. Waffledboarded off the boards by Boyle and out to the point. Moore with a DRIVE .. OHHHH AND IT WOULD NOT GO. Recovered by Zuccarello and passed along now to Boyle OHHH HE HIT THE POSTTTT.

  221. Doodie Machetto on

    Yergs, is it really a choke by the Sharks? They were the underdog and forced a game 7 after being down 2-0. And it wasn’t like the series wasn’t competitive.

    If the Hawks lose, THAT would be choking, especially Toews, who has done nothing but choke in this playoffs.

  222. Doodie Machetto on


    correct that to “OFF THE PIPE WITH THE SHOT!”

  223. Doodie Machetto on


    I hated Thorne. Guy knows absolutely nothing about hockey. He’s got an AMAZING play-by-play broadcasting voice. I’ll give him that. It’s like it’s out of a movie. But his actual commentary is totally brainless.

    Exhibit A: “No more 1940!”

    Another, much less notable example that has stuck with me over the years, back when Zetterberg was a rookie, Thorne was calling a Wings playoff game and mentioned Zetterberg and said “Zetterberg plays like his name sounds.” Really? What exactly does a Zetterberg sound like? He clarified that it was “fast.”

    Zetterberg sounds like fast. Got it.

    Zetterburger sounds like HAMBONE.

  224. Yeah, I guess it wasn’t quite a choke by the Sharks. Still, they make the playoffs every year with a great roster and yet they come up short every time. You’d think they would’ve made the Finals at least once in the last 5 years.

    Hm… this sounds familiar…

  225. Rob in Beantown on

    Carl Hagelin @CarlHagelin
    Not sure if this is @SteveAngello or @zuccarello36

    Marian Gaborik @MGaborik10
    @CarlHagelin @SteveAngello @zuccarello36 hahaa. Where did he buy that jacket? Gap Kids? Lol. @zuccarello36

    Mats Zuccarello @zuccarello36
    @MGaborik10 @carlhagelin shhhhhhhh

    Good times.

  226. cant bury the sharks like years past but i will say that jumbo soft joe came up small yet again with zero shots on goal last nigth

  227. Only Doc could turn the word “Helicopter” into a verb. “Edzo” is even worse though. What a clown!

    After a goal: “Now, I want EVERYBODY to look at our satellite image of the rink right here. Look at this play Callahan makes. I’m sure Sidney Crosby could do it better, but for now let’s look at Callahan”

    Pierre: “Oh yeah Doc and Edzo, that’s Callahan from the Guelph Storm in the Ontario Hockey League.”


  229. Rob in Beantown on

    They’re still going:

    Marian Gaborik @MGaborik10
    @zuccarello36 @CarlHagelin Did @HLundqvist30 help u pick out that outfit? Lol

    Marian Gaborik @MGaborik10
    @zuccarello36 @CarlHagelin hahaaaa. U bought that at Toys r Us? Lol

    Mats Zuccarello @zuccarello36
    @MGaborik10 @carlhagelin and note sure if u wanna say that again? Cuz i will come 4 u!! #ninja

    Marian Gaborik @MGaborik10
    @zuccarello36 @CarlHagelin oooh buddy,did i hit the nerve? I still love u and miss u.

  230. Rob in Beantown on

    Gabby’s actually being pretty mean. Isn’t Zucc really sensitive about this stuff?

  231. Cross Check Charlie on

    Players just aren’t as dedicated these days. They should be in the weight room right now getting ready for next season instead of wasting time on twitter.

    How can they be happy? The nerve…

  232. Why are the Kings so much better than the Rangers? The teams are almost mirror images. The only thing they have that we don’t is Doughty’s shot from the point. But their PP still isn’t nearly as good as the Sharks. It’s frustrating.

  233. Manny

    The Kings and Rangers are mirror images. How did you concoct that one?

    You are the one that said the Senators were the best all around team and had a great chance to defeat the Penguins.

    You are the one that said that the Bruins were a better matchup for the Rangers than the Leafs.

  234. There was no room on the ice last night in any zone. Both teams, but especially the Sharks, are GIGANTIC. Will Pavelski ever sleep again after flubbing that open net?

  235. _Gabby’s actually being pretty mean. Isn’t Zucc really sensitive about this stuff?_

    They could be really good friends. One of my best friends is a Zucc (and a cop) and the jokes would sound brutal to an outsider.

  236. Maybe cause there’s no New York pressure on them to be good, so they play really loose and build that chemistry. Plus, I don’t think their coach drives them 6 feet into the ground.

  237. Do they? I don’t think the teams are that far off. I assume coaching is the biggest difference.

    Bruins were a better matchup. Didn’t work out. Thought the Sens were good enough to give the Penguins trouble. I was wrong. No big deal.

  238. I agree with you Manny, I thought the Bruins were a much better match-up. The Leafs gave us a hard time this year. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out.

    The Kings play with more creativity, passion, and strength. On paper they may not be better, but perhaps their coaching and their style of play are what makes them far better than the Rangers.

  239. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, I agreed with your assessments. I still stand by them. I think the Rangers just didn’t adjust their approach on attack or defense to attack the Bruins’ weaknesses and defend their strengths.

  240. Sioux-per-man on

    Manny – I think the Kings Defense is harder to play against, they play the body more than the Rangers. I would give the Rangers the edge at shot blocking. Similar styles and chemistry of the team. However, their top players score in the playoffs. Rangers not so much.

    They Kings have a way to dial it up a notch in the playoffs, and a big reason why they won the Stanley Cup. The right people at the right time. Carter was a big addition last year, and Williams sure made a difference last night for them.

  241. Wow. Thanks guys.

    The not adjusting thing was brutal. Good point. And yea, Yergs. The Kings have a lot of creativity and offensive ability.

  242. Oh right, Carter. And Dustin Penner, the guy who is a healthy scratch during the regular season, is a Golden God in the Playoffs. And hilarious on Twitter.

  243. None of that is accurate. The Bruins are a more skilled, bigger, deeper team with better goaltending than the Leafs. The Rangers could not adjust because they did not have the sufficient personnel to adjust.

    The Kings are more skilled than the Rangers. It’s not even close.

  244. Doodie Machetto on

    Kings are absolutely more skilled. I don’t see why we would even compare the two.

    But I think there were simple adjustments the Rangers could have made and could have been more effective. For instance, I thought the Bruins were very vulnerable to our skaters in possession, using speed and skating right at their defense, especially guys on their defense who were inexeperienced (Hamilton, Krug, Bartkowski), or a step slow (Boychuk, McQuaid, Hamilton). I think Hagelin and Kreider were both very effective for doing that, and I think Nash and Callahan had their best moments when doing the same, and were much less effective otherwise.

    When we tried to play dump and chase, grind it out hockey against them, we played into their strengths of size, strength, and board play. They are a team that is much better suited for that game.

  245. Good points, Doodie. All of those adjustments would have helped. Even Chara got caught flat footed by speed a few times.

  246. Rangers are not as skilled as LA or Boston. Let’s not overrate our players. We are at least 2 top 6 forwards short of those teams.

  247. Doodie Machetto on

    The other area Boston was vulnerable was in front of their goal. For as big as some of their defenders are, their coverage in front of Rask was brutal. But our team sucks at going to the net, and so that adjustment would have been much harder to make. Still, Boyle and Pyatt both scored doing exactly that.

    If you look at the goals Toronto scored against Boston (and there were many), mostly they were either speed plays by guys like Kessel and Kadri, or goal mouth plays by guys like JVR and Lupul.

    Pittsburgh is not a grind it out team. I expect Dupuis to have a BIG series.

  248. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    Manny, I get what you are saying. Rangers, Bruins, Kings all built with the same general idea of defense first. We do block more shots. They do take the body more.

    We have the better goalie (for now), but man, that said, Quick has been lights out and deserves much acknowledgment as a top flight goalie!!

    The comparisons stop there, however. The other two have much better team d and the defensive corps are put together well. Not just a bunch of guys thrown together. Especially the Kings. Watching them this series, they are deep, talented, unified, bruising team. You KNOW you played them after a 7 gamer. They have 5 guys that could knock you into tomorrow. Two PP point players with booming shots. And you don’t control the front of their net. They do.

    If the Bruins wore us down, can’t imagine what the Kings would do. SJ didn’t choke. THey got beaten by a better team. They are a solid crew, too.

  249. To put things in perspective, on Boston, Stepan would be 3rd line center. Cally 3rd or 4th line RW depending if you rate him above Jagr. Hagelin would be 3rd or 4th line LW.

  250. Can’t really say a team that fought back from 2-0 and 3-2 down to tie the series choked. If anything had the Kings lost that would have been more of a choke.

  251. Doodie

    I agree that the Bruins team is better suited for that game, but the adjustments you suggest would not have made any difference in the outcome of the series.

    The Rangers are not skilled enough to compete with the Bruins. Skating right at the defense doesn’t do much good if the players can’t finish.

  252. Doodie Machetto on

    Matteau, if Richards and Nash played like RICHARDS and NASH, then I would say that our team had the two most offensively skilled players in the series. If Gaborik was here and was GABORIK, I would have said the top 3. Boston doesn’t have any elite offensive guys, just a lot of very good ones. They go 7 forwards deep on very good offensive players (Bergeron, Marchand, Seguin, Lucic, Krejci, Jagr, Horton). If everyone on our roster were to play to their expectations, we would go only 5 (Richards, Nash, Callahan, Stepan, Brassard). Their 7 guys showed up and our 5 did not.

  253. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    Precisely, Matteau. How many of our players are true first liners? I know we have a first line, but yes, on another team, they are not on theirs.

    Nash and possibly MacD. That’s all I see. Of course, Hank, too. If Staal is healthy, he’s close to top pairing, at the top of his game.

  254. Doodie Machetto on

    Jon, that’s fine that you disagree that it would have affected the outcome. I happen to think it would have. But at the end of the day it’s all pointless to argue about, so I won’t.

  255. Doodie, Nash is the only Ranger who could crack Boston’s top 6. Not sure even last year’s version of Richards gets in their top 6. Yes coaching matters but let’s be realistic about personnel, it doesn’t have to be one or the other.

  256. There is nothing to disagree about. The Rangers can’t and didn’t score enough to stay with the Bruins. Nothing was going to change that.

  257. Carp,

    I am fairly new to the blog. What is this other job?

    Soylent Green Distributor?

  258. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    Boston’s guys have been playing together for a while, shared a Cup, etc. They know each others moves. It will take another year for Nash to know all the moves around here. That said, we do not have the Bruins depth.

    We are light years away from the Kings, Chicago, SJ, Pitt.

    Sorry, that ain’t coaching!

  259. Doodie I don’t agree it’s pointless. Hypotheticals and theorizing are what make this fun. Could care less when posters say “move on because it’s past” or “it aint happening.” Heck I still want to talk about what a dumbass move it was to let Prust go over a couple hundred thousand dollars and how ridiculously illogical people sound when they try to deny the impact that had on the team this year.

  260. Stepan- 18g, 26a, 44 points
    Bergeron- 10g, 22a, 32 points
    Krejci-10g, 23a, 33 points

    Perhaps sometimes we undervalue what we have too….

  261. If Nash, Richards and Gaborik were playing like we thought they could then I think we’re wondering how the Rangers can steal a game or two in Pittsburgh and maybe the series.

  262. Nash is the only current Rangers player comparable with any of those seven Bruins players listed.

  263. Add Prust back in the lineup and keep everything else the same and you’d get essentially the same results.

  264. Matty agree we’re light years way but I don’t share some of the doom and gloom about the future because I think this amnesty process is going to open up some interesting opportunities to get skilled players who can be layered on top of a solid foundation and instantly make our player compositon as competitive as any. I keep repeating this but it’s going to be very interesting to see what players get cut loose. If not this year def next.

  265. Stepan is the other current Rangers player comparable with those seven.

    Stepan will be very good for a long time.

  266. CT maybe, maybe not. If he is still on the team maybe other moves aren’t necessary. Maybe bottom 6 and team still has balls, they grind other teams dmen, and it helps scorers. Maybe Gabby doesn’t need to be traded. But I know you and I come at things differently, I’m not as into “production.”

  267. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    ILB, he is a terrific young player, Step. He may possibly get to the level of first liner on a ‘real team’ with depth. Time will tell. I don’t see a team that would take him and throw him, right now, penciled in, on their first line.

    As a matter of fact, as much as I like the guy in ALL ways (two way, personality, etc, he’s great!!!!), if we could trade him for another teams 23-25 year old first liner, with size, strenght, compatibility with Nash, a TRUE first liner, I have to make that deal.

    But, Step is awesome, I agree. Resign him long term, Sather.

  268. Rob in Beantown on

    How much of that amnesty buyout money though can be spent on new skilled players and how much will need to be spent on raises for the current talent? When you look at who is due for a raise and the lowering cap, that money evaporates really quickly

  269. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    Rob, part of the reason Richards needs to go.

    He, of course, provided other evidence as well :)))

  270. I can only guess what would happen within a few months after Krejci became our first line center. Can you hear “he stinks”, and “he is too small to compete at this level” remarks? That “grass is greener” syndrome is more dominant among NY fans than in any other location.

  271. Saying Prust would not have helped beat Boston has zero to do with whether we should have let him go. There are elite players you can say would not have made a dif against Boston.

  272. If there’s a way to put a positive spin on 2 players combining for over $14M in cap space and collectively producing 2 goals in 22 games then I’m interested in hearing about it.

  273. Matty "SatherShouldHaveKnownBetter"Boy on

    Jon, looking at stats, Richards had a hat trick this year. If you saw the hat trick you realize it was the luckiest ever and meant nothing about some positive movement in his game.

    Stats are something to look at but do not provide the whole picture.

    But, Step is moving in a very positive direction. And, he’s a great, hard working kid.

  274. Rob when Richards gets bought out there will be enough money, even with raises to the RFAs and extension for Hank. We’re in decent cap position.

  275. Yes, he could move up to 4th if Malkin leaves the Atlantic after next season.

  276. _That “grass is greener” syndrome is more dominant among NY fans than in any other location._


    “What we need is a young defenseman who can start the rush like that guy Michael Del Zotto on the (not Rangers) … and he’s only 22!”

  277. Doodie Machetto on

    Jon, I think Stepan would be the Bruins’ second line center ahead of Krejci. And I don’t think it’s close. Krejci had a huge series against Toronto, no doubt, but otherwise, Stepan has pretty consistently outplayed him this season.

    As for Richards, if Richards was BRAD RICHARDS, he would be Boston’s #1, with Bergeron more of a #2.

  278. To be clear, I’m not trying to belittle Stepan and what he accomplished this year and how things look for him going forward. Still, it’s tough to say most people would pick him ahead of Crosby/Malkin/Tavares/Giroux that’s all.

  279. How about another STAT to support a NY “grass is greener syndrome”?- Brassard is number 8 on the list of point getters these playoffs. More than Couture, Zetterberg, Hossa, Lucic, Sharp, etc, etc

  280. Stats provide most of the picture.

    The absence of Prust had little to do with the team’s misfortunes this year.

  281. 60-70 point Richards and Bergeron would be a 1/1A situation. Put Bergeron out against the Crosby/Tavares/Giroux lines and Richards against the 2nd lines.

  282. _Jon, I think Stepan would be the Bruins’ second line center ahead of Krejci. And I don’t think it’s close._

    To the few Bruins fans who pay attention before the playoffs, Krejci is a streak scorer who disappears for long stretches and is mentioned as their half of almost every goofy trade proposal. “If St. Louis doesn’t think they can keep Pietrangelo, what about we send them Krejci and that other guy we offered for Iginla and a 4th.”

  283. Doodie Machetto on

    CTB, he may be the 5th best center in the division, but centers 1-3 are in the top 5 of the entire league (Datsyuk and Toews are the other two top 5 guys), with two of them being Hart finalists, so it’s not really a fair comparison.

    For the record, I rank them: Crosby-Datsyuk-Malkin-Toews- Tavares. Stamkos is a close 6th. I wouldn’t build my franchise in that order, but until I see otherwise from Datsyuk, there’s no reason to doubt him.

  284. No chance Stepan is ahead of Krieji or Bergeron for one year. Please these guys are winners besides being 2 way talents. Nor is Richards, even last year version. Who would you rather have for the future is a different question.

  285. Doodie Machetto on

    Mister D, exactly. If the Bruins had Stepan and Krejci, they would not have had Krejci past the trade deadline and if they did, I imagine they would work like hell to move him through next summer, and failing that he would be a compliance buyout.

  286. Jon Paul your opinion is against the evidence which includes Torts’s own statements.

  287. Doodie Machetto on

    Matteau, you clearly have no idea regarding what Krejci actually is. Mister D summed it up perfectly.

  288. Doodie I was trying to illustrate the point that as good as Stepan has become and might become in the next few seasons, you only have to look in the Rangers own backyard to realize they’re still a ways off in terms of elite talent. And when it comes to competition throughout the season and potentially in the first few rounds of the playoffs it’s one area where they don’t match up favorably.

    Not saying they can’t compensate for that gap in other areas, but down the middle they come up short.

  289. Doodie Machetto on

    CTB, 60-7 points Richards would be 1-1A with Bergeron. But 60-70 point Richards isn’t RICHARDS. He was a 75+ point player once upon a time. Not to mention the typically elevated playoff scoring.

  290. Funny Doodie I was going to say the same to you, I like Stepan but for a series to win now to suggest Stepan is ahead of Kreiji is laughable. Future is a different story.

  291. Doodie Machetto on

    CTB, I happen to think the jury is out on Giroux. Sure, two years ago he was incredible. But I think Stepan was better than Giroux this year, not just in terms of offense, but as a complete, two-way player. Now, I think Giroux has more of a pedigree, had a bad season (due to inconsistent linemates and a losing team), and Stepan had what may end up being his best statistical season of his career. So I’d still, as of right now, take Giroux over Stepan. But if their careers continue to trend in the direction that they are trending after this season, then Stepan will pass Giroux in terms of quality by the end of next season.

  292. I was thinking more along the lines of what was reasonable to expect from Richards for the first couple of years of his new deal.

    When Richards signed the first 3 seasons of his new deal were the most important given that was what remained on Gaborik’s and Lundqvist’s deals. Around 70 points per season would have been acceptable, with hopefully more in the front end of that span.

  293. I’d say Bruins fans think they can afford to deal Krejci because going forward they can slot Seguin as the 2nd line center and dealing Krejci for top pairing D isn’t the worst idea as Chara continues to age.

  294. Doodie Machetto on

    Krejci is so streaky though. 0-4 in the series with the Rangers after all of those points against Toronto. And only 33 points in the regular season. He has been a very streaky player throughout his career. Last year he only went 1-2 in 7 playoff games. The year before he went 1-0 in the first series against Montreal (7 games), before exploding in the rest of the playoffs .

    The guy is streaky offensively, and not really that good defensively. Fans in Boston trade him every other week. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up traded or a compliance buyout after next summer simply because of that hefty contract that he carries.

  295. If Krejci put up his same numbers and Stepan put up his, but they switched teams from birth, would Stepan be better because now he’d be the WINNER(tm)?

  296. Maybe, think how long MAF was regarded as an elite goalie in the league because of 2009.

  297. _Stats provide most of the picture.

    The absence of Prust had little to do with the team’s misfortunes this year._

    I agree with the first, but probably not the second because I don’t think we’re far enough into assigning individual credit for defense. If you look at atleast the last two seasons (I haven’t gone back further yet), goal prevention has a tangibly higher correlation to winning than goal scoring. In fact, GS/G was closer to PK% in terms of correlation to points than it was to GA/G. And Prust was a big part of a PK that went from 5th with him to 15th without. So just shrugging off Prust because he doesn’t have the points isn’t exactly embracing stats, right?

  298. The math (2012-13, 2011-12) …

    GS/G: .55, .55
    GA/G: .80, .68
    PP%: .24, .21
    PK%: .50, .47
    FO%: .31, .26

  299. Doodie Machetto on

    I’d say that after realignment, and based on current performance, Stepan is the 10th-13th best center in the Eastern Conference, depending on what you think of certain comparable players and what position you think of certain players as (Seguin, for instance, I think is currently more of a winger than a center).

    Based on current performance, I’d slot him in after Crosby-Datsyuk-Malkin-Tavares-Stamkos-Bergeron-Zetterberg-E.Staal-Giroux-Spezza.

    Just a couple of caveats, I give a lot more credit to goalscoring centers than to playmaking ones, and to two-way centers than to pure offensive guys.

  300. Doodie Machetto on

    Spezza is the only guy on that list I’m doing purely on past performance since he really doesn’t have a track record from this season to grade him upon.

  301. Those tweets over there to the right tell you everything you need to know about last year’s team chemistry

  302. Doodie Machetto on

    Yes, Llatona. Clearly that’s exactly how I meant that. Yes.

    Of course, I wouldn’t expect anything less from the guy that even eric (who is one of the nicest people on this blog, if not in the world) thinks is a jerk.

  303. I wanted to see him get another full year to see what they could do……The Messiah behind the bench?? haha

  304. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    i am not around a computer to be able to check. my son ALSO texted me that Henry said he is not resigning after next year. Anyone hear this or is it rumor?????

  305. So is this a simple “Vigneault is available and we really like him” or “we really don’t like Torts”? Man. I need a sandwich to think this over.

  306. Holy hartnelling hartnell! I just heard the news on radio and had to pull over…..sigh…….

  307. Doodie Machetto on

    This seems like a dumb move unless they have his replacement already lined up. I’d take Vigneault or Dallas Eakins (although I don’t think Eakins is technically available yet).

  308. Wow – I’m surprised but I’m not surprised. Maybe he is paying for the inability to have a power play, which cost this team games in the regular season and the playoffs?

    I bet Keenan is kicking himself for taking that job in Russia!!!

  309. Doodie Machetto on

    kern, not just to this blog. Brooks said Torts would definitely be back.

  310. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m surprised they didn’t do what is the new trend in the league of firing the assistant before firing the head coach. Especially given that Sullivan was supposedly the special teams coach.

  311. Doodie Machetto on

    CTB, if you count Sather as interim coach, it would be his 6. If you count Torts’ 1 game as interim coach, it would be 7.

  312. bull dog line on

    Sather hates the style of hockey the Rangers played under Torts. Sather has always believed in an pen style of hockey.
    please, please, don’t let the new coach be Lindy Ruff, or Ken gernander.

  313. While I think we should’ve given Torts ONE more year, I agree with this move. The Power Play, the Richards situation, and even the Kreider situation are all on him and he failed. Plus, with the personnel we have and will have, Torts’ system simply does not work!

  314. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Torts: Glen, we have no depth.

    Sather: Ok, you’re fired, too!! Don’t need no stinking’ complaining around here.

  315. bull dog line on

    Torts did have a lousy year behind the bench. I though he would get another season. when Torts said “ask the GM” in response to a question about Richards, that kind of told you something was not right between them..

  316. czechthemout!!! on

    Darren Dreager right on the money too.

    Lay off Carp! Tge guy gave you his opinion. Geez

  317. Lindy Ruff?
    Lindy Ruff?


    what has he won?
    he’s a name that people can latch on to but has he shown that he was some sort of coaching genius. he had his version of Hank with Hasek and then mediocre years and the goal that killed us in the playoffs
    but he’s not all that and a bag of chips

  318. Admiral Akbar on

    i cant believe this!

    they fired the only coach other than keenan who got these guys to play hard – just about every game.

    I wonder if injuries blocking shots also had anything to do with this?

    I wonder what lundqvist thinks? what role did he, callahan, nash, etc have?

    they got rid of gaborik for THIS??


  319. Admiral Akbar on


    Worse than Lindy Ruff, I remember someone on this blog throwing the name of Ted Nolan around a couple of weeks ago…


  320. Doodie Machetto on


    Coming from Admiral Akbar, this is the best comment, ever.

  321. So after just one half season Nash has chased another coach. This team was terribly put together and greatly over paid. But it is a Dolan/Sather recipe. The writing is on the wall. If Hank leaves after next year this team goes back to beig a joke. Sorry but just when will Sather get fired or retired. And if players can walk, so can fans. I for one would follow Hank long before I follow whatever Sather puts out in the ice.

  322. bull dog line on

    they got rid of Gaborik because it made sense. cap going down, not going to resign him when contract was up. plus they got real good value for him.

  323. Doodie Machetto on

    On the bright side, you figure this more than clears the way for Richards to be bought out. Nothing owed to Brad at this point other than money.

  324. Doodie Machetto on

    CTO, Elliotte Friedman saying it was Henrik’s contract comments that really stoked the fire.

    Lundqvist just got a coach fired for the first time.

  325. I am surprised thought he would get and deserved a full year with camp. No crazy about Schoenfeld being bandied about. What did he ever do and he hasn’t been a head coach in over a decade.

  326. Jack Klompus on

    WTB is this team doing? So reactionary, so stupid. Would love to see what coach they can get that can take guys like Hamr and Eminger as 5/6 Dmen to the cup.

  327. Doodie Machetto on

    bull dog, we continue to disagree on the value of the Gaborik return.

    Again, I don’t think trading him was the wrong move, it just seemed rushed and not properly done. I know we could have gotten more of a return than Columbus’ spare part defenseman, their underperforming malcontent center that requested a trade over a year earlier, a 4th liner, and a 6th round pick.

  328. Admiral

    jpg’s sis
    just mentioned Nolan (and then laughed!!)
    she doesn’t want Ruff

    definitely hoping that they don’t keep Sullivan

  329. ThisYearsModel on

    Fire This Clown!……oh wait. They DID! Guess Avery has the pulse of the room correct CARP!

  330. i mean…lets face it… it was enough of Torts… he had ONE good year as a coach (Thank you Hank for having Vezina year) here and everyone is eating up his shorts… thanks for your time, Torts… let someone else try it now.

  331. Doodie Machetto on

    Schoenfeld has no interest in being behind the bench. He has made that clear on more than one occasion. He wants to be a front-office man.

  332. Nash may not have gotten him fired but throughout his career he has been through more coaches than most players.

  333. About 4-5 years ago, Renney was fired for the same problems..not enough offense but a good defense. Tortorella came in, and said “Safe is Death”.

    Here we are, a second round exit, the same as Renney’s last full year. And the offense was completely paralyzed.

    Meet the new boss…same as the old boss…

  334. Hate to say this but in a media heavy market like NY, his demeanor at the press conferences and relationship with the media probably did not help him. Always enjoyed listening to Joe Torre after a Yankee game explain some of the decisions, plays, etc. I couldn’t stand watching Tortorella’s post game interviews, etc so much so that I stopped watching the post game altogether. With that type of persona, he would have had to win the Cup or take the team very far to stay on.

  335. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m just really surprised they didn’t fire Sullivan first. That seems to be the trend right now, firing assistants before firing the head coach. That goes double in this case where the assistant was in charge of special teams and our special teams were so bad.

  336. Doodie Machetto on

    Mike, that’s not entirely why Renney was fired. He had completely lost the room. There was zero effort from the players and they were trending downward to miss the playoffs.

  337. At Evrock Bottom on

    I’ve been avoiding the blog for a bit, getting over the loss and just wanted to take some time off from the Rangers. But, thankfully, “every action has an opposite but equal reaction”. Rangers lose…. sad. Torts is fired… I’m Happy!

  338. Rob in Beantown on

    Elliotte Friedman
    Lundqvist comments after season “changed everything,” according to a source

  339. Doodie Machetto on

    joetex, being among the final 8 teams is not very far?

    And the local media actually was more of the belief that he would return rather than be fired.

  340. Doodie Machetto on

    I trust Friedge. To me, he’s the #1 NHL insider. If he says it’s true, then it’s true.

    I’m still shocked. Oh well.

  341. leetchhalloffame on

    Rangers luck says Torts will be coaching Isles to Stanley Cup next year.

  342. czechthemout!!! on


    After hearing Hank, I knew that he was not that happy with what has gone on here.

    As for Avery, like I said at yhe time, Hank and Gabby are very close to him particularly Hank.

    Lets hope for the best.

    Also, the Captain had a hand in this I think. He also said in direct contradiction to Torts yhat this season was a step back.

  343. Hey Doodie, New York’s a media driven town, his personality gave him a much smaller margin of error than the final 8. That and a disappointing regular season on the heels of our high expectations from last year left him vulnerable.

  344. I said it in March right here on this Blog.

    The only hope we had was if Hank turned on the coach.

    Well guess what?

    Hank turned on the coach!!!!!

    Praise to Hank for telling the truth.

    Yes Hank. This season was a step backwards.

    No Torts. Not sideways. Backwards.

  345. Sioux-per-man on

    Carp do you think this is because:

    1) Power Play was the worst in the league.
    2) Could NOT get Nash, Richards, Gaborik going.
    3) Brad Richards fallout.
    4) Coaching the youth – Krieder/Miller
    5) Sean Avery said …… :)

    Makes you wonder if Hank’s words rung a bell somewhere else?

  346. Doodie Machetto on

    CTO, look, I’m not saying any of that isn’t true, but I think it’s one of those situations where they would be able to come into next season with Torts still as the head guy, but with new assistant(s), and if the team didn’t come out firing, then they could let him go.

    It’s not like Torts’ training camp would have been a bad thing for this or any team.

  347. As sweet punishment for this year, NBC should hire Tortorella and put him between the benches with Pierre McGuire.

  348. If Hank wanted him gone (which seems to be the case), then that’s good enough for me.

    MSG is his kingdom after all…

    hoping Darren Dreger is WRONG WRONG WRONG!!

    what reason is there to keep Sully?

  350. Doodie Machetto on

    joetex, but none of the local media was calling for his head. In fact, most of them thought he would be retained. So I’m not really following your argument.

    ORR, *CLASSIC* stuff.

  351. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Sullivan? Great? On the PP we can shoot at Hank and go in reverse now.

  352. i’ll comment on the Torts losing the locker room thing at another time
    until we actually hear QUOTES from players
    i think it’s just a lot of carcillo
    put out there by media types who don’t like Torts

  353. Doodie,

    Completely agree about Renney. I know he lost the team…

    I’m just saying Tortorella came here and said the team would be more aggressive. This team was scared offensively.

    Also, I’m saying we are right back to where we were with the team philosophy on the ice and elimination position.

  354. Rob in Beantown on

    The allegations square with what we’d expect though, first thing I thought when I got the phone buzz Torts was fired was “I bet it was Ludnqvist’s comments”

    Lundqvist > Torts, all day long

  355. bull dog line on

    who are the hot assistant coaches out there. or the hot AHL coaches out there. I personally do not want a retread.

  356. Doodie Machetto on

    I wonder if this was one of those situations where Sather came in and said, “John, Sully is out. Now, we can either fire one guy today or two.” and Torts, fresh off of sandbagging Richards, stood up for his guy in Sullivan and got canned also.

    Alternatively, it would be something if he rallied against buying out Richards and fell on the sword defending him.

    I doubt it, but it would be interesting if that were the case.

  357. “Welcome, to Coaching Jeopardy”

    Answer: “Ba da dump. Ba da dump, Ba Da Dump”

    Question: What is the sound made when Slats throws Torts under the bus?

  358. bull dog line on

    you can now kiss Boyle good bye. he was a Torts guy. Boyle will be traded in offseason.

  359. Its logical, its time to somehow take the next step and that was not going to happen with Torts. His buddy buddy act with Bucky didn’t help. Messier will sell tickets.

  360. Doodie Machetto on

    As far as hot assistants, until this season, Sullivan was one of the hotter names out there.

  361. bull dog line on

    what do you know of Eakins? is he an offensive guy, or a trap guy?

  362. I don’t know if anyone else saw it, but here was video of a Slats interview between the 1st and 2nd rounds where he was glowing with his praise for Tortarella. Glowing.

  363. bull dog line on

    I saw Tippets name mentioned. if you thought Torts was to D minded, wait till you see Tippet.

  364. I love how he was fired conveniently during the Subway series which will still dominate the headlines.

  365. Lloyd Braun on

    this is a very surprising move. I thought Tortorella was a dead-end for this team and hated his taskmatering and bullying, but I thought he was safe until at least partway through next season.

  366. Doodie Machetto on

    Don’t know much about him, unfortunately, but I believe he is more of a defense guy.

  367. Jack Klompus on

    John Tortorella : Jack Adams finalist 2013/14. Unless NBC throws crazy money at him to “analyze” with JR, Milbury and Joneszy.

  368. Sioux-per-man on

    Right now I’d go after Dave Tippet.

    Rangers need some Fighting Sioux in their blood if they are going to win the Stanley Cup.

    Tippet has back to back 50 win seasons, coached Phoenix to a playoff team. I wonder what he could do with a team that will get him the players he wants.


  369. Sure its a surprise Doodie to all of us, including the press. I am just saying that his demeanor with the media reduced his margin of error & when you add in factors like how far they went in the post season and perhaps having different plans for Richards than management wanted, you wonder if MSG decided that he wasn’t worth keeping, and that the negatives outweighed positives that he has. Just speculating. Only management knows for sure.

  370. Wait a minute: Wasn’t Carp basically telling us these past weeks that he had sources in the organization telling him the organization had made up its mind that Torts would be back next year no matter what happened in the playoffs?

    Maybe I read too much into it, but that was my take-away form the many, many times Carp kept saying Torts was not getting fired.

    Either way, I’m really shocked at this.

  371. bull dog line on

    I would be surprised if they don’t go with an offensive minded coach.
    thanks for the info Doodie.

  372. Lundqvist to the media: “We’ll see, I’ll talk to my agent, took a step back, yadda yadda…”

    Lundqvist to Sather and Scjoenfeld privately:


  373. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    First of all, not sure I’m a fan of the move depending on who becomes the new head coach, but I hope it isn’t sully. Hell, if rather have melrose than sully!

    I put most of this on hank like some of you do. I don’t think hank hated torts, but he hated the D not standing up at the blueline and the 5 players collapsing on the net D system making the offencive transition game go 200 feet every damn time.

    Also, like I said all along, the gabby trade had nothing to do with a coach or player hating each other. Gabby was not going to be back after next season regardless. Columbus offered a very good deal at the last minute and we wisely took it. The chance of getting a return anything close to 3 good young nhl players was not going to happen again. Especially since everyone knew he wasn’t coming back to the rangers.

  374. Sioux-per-man on

    Bulldog – Tippet HAD to be defense first. He works with the lowest budget in all of hockey.

    He is one H$ll of a coach. Just win baby, that’s all Ranger fans want.

    Hank isn’t going to stay if this team is going to take a step backwards.

    I think that is evident now.

  375. Doodie Machetto on

    bull dog, I would be, as well.

    Bearing that in mind, I have to think Vigneault is at the top of their list in terms of known quantities.

  376. He was still better than Renney, who would have Voros and Zherdev getting top line minutes night after night, then give his “it is what it is” post-game conference speech after every consequent loss.

  377. bull dog line on

    so all you Avery fans out there that are celebrating, you figure the new coach’s first phone call will be to Avery, begging him to come back.

  378. Sioux-per-man on

    Rangers need a POWER PLAY coach.

    Fix this, and you solve alot of problems the Rangers had this year.

    Just in the playoffs alone. That one goal could win a series.

    Torts & Sully just couldn’t coach it.

  379. Boneheads have spoke.

    Boneheads have been heard.

    Long live the Boneheads!!!!

  380. czechthemout!!! on

    Hell no to Tippet! Awful move. This team needs a coach who is capable to adjust during games. They need someone who can also adapt to the talent on his team.

  381. Doodie Machetto on

    Sioux, the PP coach is the reason I’m surprised it wasn’t just Sully getting fired and replaced, rather than dumping Torts as well.

  382. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Sather will do everything to deflect anything away from his own incompetency

  383. _He was still better than Renney, who would have Voros and Zherdev getting top line minutes night after night_

    Yeah instead of Voros and Zherdev Torts would send Boyle and Pyatt shift after shift out there and then tell everyone in their face to F off in the post game…

  384. Lloyd Braun on

    someone just criticized Renney for playing Zherdev and Voros. did you miss when Tortorella dressed Michael Haley in an elimination game

  385. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Kreider and JT and the young players in the organization must be ecstatic.

  386. Doodie Machetto on

    Also, Tippett’s system is heavily reliant on a goaltender who can handle the puck (e.g. Turco, Smith). Lundqvist is NOT that guy.

  387. Sather Must Go! on

    Dallas Eakins and Lindy Ruff two former rangers “greats”

    ..from earlier Draft/Player Development – drafted Jessiman ahead of D Brown/Parise/Getzlaf; Sanguenetti ahead of Claude Giroux

    two isolated incidents, but combined with awful UFA signing – how is Sather holding the press conference today instead of being the topic???

  388. fivefootzero on

    YERGS: your comment about Larry Brooks made me laugh! No doubt Torts is looking for his bus stop!

  389. Doodie Machetto on

    Yeah, I think what this just underscores more than anything is that the Rangers will be stuck with Sather forever, and they will never make any progress as a franchise as a result of that.

    Only two other GMs have been employed longer than Sather: David Poile and Lou Lamoriello. Lou has won three Cups and took his team to the Final last year. The Preds have been a fairly consistent playoff team over the course of their existence, all while being a low-budget team.

    Sather got to spend like wild for 4 seasons and missed the playoffs every single time. He has hired 6 coaches and is about to hire his 7th. He has exactly 5 playoff series wins to show for it.

  390. bull dog line on

    I agree with those that feel Hanks comments were a big part of the reason Torts was fired. I also think the Richards situation was a factor, and Kreider was a factor. sather had said about Kreider early in the season, that he believed that he was one of those players that would be better at the NHL level than the AHL level. Sather wanted Kreider up, and playing.

  391. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I also think this team after the trade deadline was BETTER than last years team and more talented. Injuries, while part of the game, really hurt us (no pun intended).

  392. Doodie Machetto on

    I take that back, there are a few others. Jim Rutherford (two Finals appearances, including a Cup win). Ken Holland (do I even need to list his laundry list of a resume?)

    And then there are guys who are like Sather: Regier and McPhee, who both should have been canned a long time ago.

  393. bull dog line on

    but they did play for him. did you not see them comeback against Washington? they could have quit on him in that series, but did not. Avery is, and has always been a CLOWN. that will never change.

  394. Lloyd Braun on

    My fear now is that Brad Richards’ 2013 will be blamed on Tortorella and they won’t buy him out

  395. I think, Lloyd, just the opposite … that Tortorella didn’t want to go along with the Richards buyout … just speculating. They are buying him out (though I guess some of you won’t be believing me for a while :)

  396. bull dog line on

    I agree wicky,
    the trade deadline moves got the team into the playoffs this year, and put them in position to be good next year.

  397. Doodie Machetto on

    “I also think this team after the trade deadline was BETTER than last years team and more talented.”

    Could not disagree more. I think they were clearly less talented, and clearly worse.

    You have to remember that last year’s team had an excellent Marian Gaborik, and a still decent Brad Richards. That right there is more talent than what our entire team had to offer this year.

    Add in that all of our defensemen, especially Girardi and MDZ, were much better last year than this year.

    Finally, last year’s team had infinitely more depth than this year’s team, which is why it was such a better team.

  398. Lloyd Braun on


    That’s interesting.

    And I don’t doubt you that they’re buying him out, just more a case of believing it when I see it.

  399. Doodie Machetto on

    They started the series flat against Boston, but they certainly did not quit.

  400. czechthemout!!! on

    Mesdier the master mitivator as head coach.

    Leetch the teacher, tactition and PP coach.

    Beuk the defense and pk coach.

  401. Not saying Haley is better than Voros (although Haley played better than anyone’s expectations in the regular season games) or should have played in the post-season. Just that Renney was terrible and I’m still convinced he tried to lose on purpose.

  402. Doodie Machetto on

    Lloyd, if anything, I think this clears the way for the buyout. Before, there was the Torts loyalty. Now it’s just a guy and some money.

  403. czechthemout!!! on

    Messierr the master motivator as head coach.

    Leetch the teacher, tactition and PP coach.

    Beuk the defense and pk coach.

  404. Lloyd Braun on

    the group that was “such a better team” and had “infinitely more depth” won 5 more postseason games. let’s not get carried away.

  405. Doodie Machetto on

    5 more games but a whole other series. And two wins from the right to lose to LA in the Cup Final.

  406. Last year’s team was in first place by January and didn’t look back, over a full season.

  407. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    REporter: Torts questioned the depth on this team.

    Sather: That’s why I fired him

  408. Towards the end of the season, Torts started to publicly question the make up and depth of the roster. While he was appreciative of the players acquired at the deadline, he lamented the fact that he was hamstrung during the season by not having certain types of players on his roster. This public inference was a clear shot at the GM and his team for failing to acquire the right players to replace Prust, Dubi, Feds and others. I believe, this was the beginning of the end for Torts. A coach can never win that type of battle.

    If he wanted to keep his job, it was stupid to publicly imply that Slats and staff were not on the ball in player acquisitions and that the team was essentially flawed by not having enough grit, starch, jam.

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