Happy Memorial Day! … Season wrap-up continues


Please take time today to remember the people who sacrificed so much for us.

While you’re all grilling your burgers and chicken, I’ll be at break-up day, posting audio, maybe some video, later on. And I’ll tweet the big stuff, if there is any, as it breaks (@RangersReport).

The good news is that, even though the Rangers were eliminated on the exact same date as last spring, the off-season will be shorter. No lockout on the horizon.


Here’s my column from The Journal News and LoHud.com today:

By Rick Carpiniello

BOSTON — With a whimper, a handshake line and some soft-spoken soul-searching, the Rangers walked off into what is going to be a complicated summer.

So many questions. So many holes and flaws. So much mediocrity over 48 lockout-season games and 12 more in the playoffs.

They’re not that far off. They’re not that close, either.

You didn’t need to be a genius to figure that this season was going to be a lot more difficult than the previous one, in which the Rangers were a team nobody wanted to play, and thus a team that won so many games that could have gone either way. Those Rangers overachieved, yes; they were a young team that arrived earlier than expected in a dream season.

But that wasn’t going to happen again. Then the Rangers hit this season, and you didn’t need to be Scotty Bowman or Al Arbour to see the woes in the roster, suddenly not snarly at all. Their bottom six wasn’t nearly as good or effective. Worse, their top six fell apart when top-liners Brad Richards and Marian Gaborik didn’t produce.

So how can the Rangers fix everything, with Gaborik (traded) and Richards (to be bought out) both gone?

While the Rangers got deeper and a tad meaner around the trade deadline, they still lacked, in coach John Tortorella’s term, “stiffness” in the playoffs. They were bounced around by Boston. And they still had their scoring issues, which won’t go away, minus Gaborik and Richards.

In the Boston series, the Rangers scored 10 goals, which is as many as the Bruins’ defensemen and fourth-line center Gregory Campbell had by themselves. The Rangers scored four of those in one game, which included Carl Hagelin’s 2 mph gift goal on Tuukka Rask’s “buttstumble.”

The cap is going down. There aren’t many attractive first- or second-line options available in free agency. The Rangers are going to have to address their needs largely from within, which means Chris Kreider and maybe J.T. Miller or a couple of other kids are going to have to be impact players — a dangerous proposition.

Last season, the Rangers led the league in fights. This season, only six teams had fewer fights than their 18. Fighting isn’t necessarily needed, but guys who will drop the mitts now and again are generally the type of players who can play rugged, “stiff” playoff hockey.

The Rangers acquired Ryane Clowe at the deadline, but now he’s had two concussions, and he’s an unrestricted free agent. He could be a huge risk to re-sign, especially if he gets three- or four-year offers. Maybe the concussions will make him more affordable, but can he play his game with that history? And, again, why did a San Jose team that felt it could win deal Clowe, an alternate captain, for draft picks?

The Rangers got Derek Dorsett in the Gaborik deal, and he will be a fighter for them, but he has to be able to play, too. In the Boston series he fought and he played, and while he took penalties, Tortorella’s comment that “It’s much easier to have a player that way and try to tame him than to try to build a player (to play tougher)” was clearly aimed at his top, tame guys.

There were Rangers who played “stiff” — their top defensemen, forwards Ryan Callahan, Brian Boyle, Taylor Pyatt, even Derick Brassard had some push-back, and of course Dorsett and the guys who went into the lineup late in the Boston series. There were some who did not, like Richards, who found himself not dressed for Games 4 and 5, like Rick Nash and his one goal in 12 games and Michael Del Zotto and his turnovers.

If you’re not going to play that way, the way some of the Rangers’ top offensive players didn’t, well, then you’d better kick in some goals. Now the Rangers also have to replace what Gaborik and Richards were supposed to be.

It’s not a complicated game, but it will be a complicated fix.




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  1. Anyone is going to Sochi in 2014? Got tux for a few preliminary round games, still waiting for the schedule.

  2. Czechthemout!!! on


    So now the new buzz word is “stiff”? Last couple of years it was “jam” . Hey, maybe when you speak to Torts later today, you can suggest a couple of buzz words that actually mean something.

    How about ” offense” .

    Maybe follow that one up with ” score ” .

    And than just for kicks ” power play “.

    Those ” buzz” words actually mean something. The other words is not a descriptive with regards to how ou have to play. It is actually a descriptive word on what we have in the organization. We have a lot of ” stiffs ” in the front office, who cant draft or sign UFA’s , two ” stiffs ” behind the bench who cant coach, and a number of “stiffs ” on the ice who cant play.


  3. I wasn’t high on resigning Clowe but now that he has suffered 2 concussions in less than a month I would not resign him but knowing Sather’s history get ready for another bad contract and a disaster.

  4. Czechthemout!!! on


    Here is one more buzz word you can also mention.

    The word is ” adjustment ” as in the one he never makes during games that dont go his way. Oh, and when he says he does make adjustmensts by changing lines around, you can tell him this from me that this is called spinning your wheels. ” adjustments” are changes to in games strategy and tactics, something he and his vaunted ASSistant never make.

    Thanks Carp, and have a joyful day.

  5. I don’t see how you don’t sign Zucc. One of the few guys who delivers a semblance of and vision in these trying times.

    He was crucial toward making the playoffs down the stretch, and, unbelievably, I’d say he was one of our stiffer forwards in the playoffs.

  6. i am one of the minority probaly on here who dont want zucc back. in my mind he is too small and doesnt have enough finish abaility. yes he can skate and make subtloe plays with the puck but zucc and hags are both guys who lack finish. keep hags let zucc walk.

  7. Carp, in the Daily News today, the results of a Keep ’em, Dump ’em poll revealed 71% of fans want Torts dumped!! Can’t understand that. However, his system of bend, don’t break, D first, does show that when the playoffs come, the team runs out of gas! No way Torts is gonna change but we need bigger bodies not smallish players like Zucc

  8. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    Sounds like an excuse to me.. Sather still can’t build a team, although he did fool us last year with the Presidents trophy which looks great on Dolan’s desk..
    the team lacks the consistency and depth that the winning franchises have . Pens, detroit, even the devils had etc.

  9. Speed and creativity, might help with the chronic goal drought they seem to encounter every spring.

  10. Skill with the puck, ability to posess and make and receive passes, number one need.

    If Hawks buy out Hossa we should give it serious consideration as long as no more than 3 years.

  11. Zucc was a difference maker in the regular season, I thought he was a big part of getting us into the post season. Not a playoff forward agreed but a regular season talent and a BCATHGE threat.

  12. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Yes, CTB, that’s right. But what OneCup….said is true. If you are going to give Sather credit for building last years team, he built this years team, too. So, spread that credit a bit this way, too.

    In fact, the coach took a bunch of guys, last year, and molded it into what was a hard team to play. The team had the same flaws last year but they were magnified Sather either let guys leave to FA or traded them. The ‘core’ was different and the bottom six was weaker this year.

    For anyone to expect Torts to make this year’s bunch better that last is expecting beyond Herculean. It’s just he’s more visible and because of some of the things he says and does that he’s an easier target.

    In fact, had Sather (or the brain trust) NOT rescued this year with the seemingly well done deadline Gabby trade and received 3 players, this team probably wasn’t even good to make the PO’s!! Anyone remember about a month ago?? So, please, don’t lay this all on the easiest guy to punch in the face. He wasn’t given enough by the 13 years and counting GM to make something out of it.

  13. Cross Check Charlie on

    While watching the Sharks-Kings game last night I noticed that both teams rarely had two men behind the opponents goal line. In fact, they usually only had one if they were chasing the puck after a dump in. Otherwise, they had two people in front of the net, two on the point and one either along the boards or in the high slot.

    That’s the way to play offense, not sending three forwards behind the goal line to cycle until you lose the puck.

  14. Yea Carp, you give it to Torts about his ineffective strategies and general coaching decisions!

    I’m sure he’ll smile and then present the middle digit and a loud “va fon culo”!(Bear, please check the spelling) ;)

    Good luck, and seriously tell him that most fans do or should understand that the coach is like a butcher.

    He can’t make prime out of horse meat!

  15. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Guys that have watched the game for a long time, and I don’t know them, but ‘Suffering’, ‘OneCup’, ‘Cmmnsnse’, we all see the same pitiful things. That’s what amazes me when you take a 35 year plus GM and he can’t see what we see?????

    We have the best goalie in hockey!! How about decreasing the angles from which the opposition shoots on him with?? Get 1, or 2, crease clearers and the other team, with some Torts adjustments shoots LIKE WE DO, from the side. Are those lower percentage opp’s??? You betcha!!

    This game is not that hard. Look at Boston, Toronto, Ottowa, Pitt, with at least a couple of those guys, and it makes players like Nash, Zuccs, Step, Cally, struggle for space in front of the net WHERE THE PERCENTAGES ARE HIGHER.

    Combined with the best goalie in the world, now you’ve got something.

    The points on PP’s we’ve talked about…this isn’t rocket science. You just have to have someone put it together.

    Let me be clear, after the protection of Richards this year, the inability to mold your game plan to your players, I am no great fan of Torts. But, you have to be a bit objective here and realize he is getting three quarters of a team to coach each year.

  16. Cross Check Charlie on

    Zuccarello? Let him go back to Europe and the bigger rinks where he can thrive. Sorry, but I’m not impressed. Yes, he’s a decent passer, but he’s not a scorer, can’t kill penalties, gets knocked off the puck too easily. I like the guy’s heart, but I don’t think he’s what this team needs.

  17. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    GS: “Ok, Torts, here’s some Volkswagen parts, make a Mercedes.”

    JT: “Huh???”

  18. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    THe other defensive need, I believe we have gotten, which is some puck carrying, creative defensemen. They need to be let loose by Torts, with a stay at home partner, at times, to begin a rush. But, if trained appropriately, and trusted, they have MacD, MDZ, and now, Moore, that can bring the puck swiftly up ice. Staal is good at this, too. Coach has to trust these guys and implement.

  19. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Sharks/Kings is the best series of these playoffs. Tremendous hockey in all zones by both teams.

  20. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    GS: “John, we have some prime chopped beef, make a filet mignon!”

    JT: “Not this again…”

  21. Maybe Nash needs to go to Europe so he has more room to do that half spin and try to back his way into the slot for a weak shot.

  22. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Engblom – “if the sharks and kings can win game 7, it will interesting to watch”

  23. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JR – “Engblom wouldnt know how to score a goal even if he shot a puck into an empty net”

  24. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Give Nash time. He will be ok. He could use a first center like he was told he would have. Richards = bust.

    But with either creative and/or big forwards with some talent, he will get his room and be ok. Again, here, too, the GM has failed us.

  25. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Engblom – “listen to how stupider JR is. He has no idea about something any time.”

  26. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    This team has a really good core. If Kreids steps up, like it sure looks like he can and JT is smarter next year, there will be mistakes, but they’ll be ok. While putting down the GM for missing such obvious parts of a good team, I do have to be fair. Since Gord is here, the drafting is better.

    Kreider really impressed me when Torts took the reins off. He’s seriously talented. Still has a lot to learn, but I feel he will and be a terrific player.

    Good draft there!!

  27. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Eddie, next year, you’re buying me seats at the Sj v. Rangers SC finals out there. You’re covered here, my friend.

  28. Nash has 700 games and 10 seasons under his belt he doesn’t need more time.

    He scored at about a 40 goal pace with a past his prime Richards this year. He needed to raise his game in the playoffs and it didn’t happen.

  29. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    SO, two days ago, I heard one of those Canadian talk show guys saying Gomez looks great out in SJ and he is free of the chains he had on him while playing in NYC.

    Speak of New York hatred. Correct me, but didn’t Gomez play in Montreal for a bit?

  30. Was that TSN or CBC? Either way nothing ever goes wrong in Canada according to some of those dolts like Ron MacLean.

  31. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Nash has played his entire career as the only offensive option on his team. He is keyed on, best d pairing, best of everything on him. Slashing, hooking, etc.

    Put him on a team with options for a whole year, which we barely have, but we have some, he will be ok.

    Gotta give him a training camp and some time.

  32. Gomez will look good when Thronton, Marleau, Pavelski and Couture are drawing the other teams’ best defensive lines and he’s matched up against 4th liners.

  33. Nash has played his entire career as the only offensive option on his team. He is keyed on, best d pairing, best of everything on him. Slashing, hooking, etc.


    Top offensive players will get that treatment no matter where they’re playing.

  34. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I think anyone that saw that Nash to Kreider OT goal the other night has to be salivating a bit to see two players on that level play together in NYC. They are both way beyond what we have had as a tandem in a while.

    Gabby could see the ice as a star player but never had anyone talented enough with him. By the time Nash came around and they understood each other Gabby was not himself.

    Kreider/Nash….could be special.

  35. CT just hates Nash because Nash made his computer look bad in predicting this season. ;)

    That being said, as one of the leaders of the get Nash brigade, I was surprised at the playoff performance.

  36. boxcareddiehospodar on

    i would not sign zucc.

    i would trade hagelin and stephan. they are the same players and neither are a factor in the playoffs. 3rd line at the very best. 4th line a better fit for both.

    maybe make an offer for ovechkin.

    if miller,kreieder,mcilrath aren;t playing next year forget it.

  37. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    The games leading up to the PO’s, Nash got slashed hard 2 times that I saw, on his wrists, in Philly.

    Then he had that game in TO where he hit the boards and did something down low.

    I think he was being very mature and covering when he said he wasn’t injured. He had to be ‘sore’ at the least.

    That being said, aside from a couple of great passes, he didn’t do what an $8m a year player is supposed to, for sure.

    I still say, give him another year. If he still is like this, then decisions can be made.

  38. Hagelin’s role ideally would be a speedy pesky wing on a 3rd line with 2 others with size, snarl, and some scoring ability. Frankly if we had enough top line depth I think Boyle (playoff version) Hagelin and Cally would make a good 3rd line. But we don’t have the depth to have Cally play 3rd.

    Jury is still out on Step ceiling, he’s still young.

  39. I don’t hate Nash, I was quite impressed with his performance this season (well regular season at least). I’ve remarked that he was one of the few players that exceeded expectations this season on offense.

    But I still maintain he’s not a top 10 player in the league and he needs to perform at least at the level he did this season to make him worth the cap hit and the way players age in this game makes that an uphill climb.

  40. I’m fine with Stepan being a 3rd liner if the Rangers get 2 of the 10 centers in the league that were productive than him this year. I’ll go with Stamkos and Tavares.

  41. Step is at least a 2nd liner, jury out on whether he’s a first line impact player.

  42. Well with the Richards buyout looming Stepan is pretty much competing with Brassard for 1st line duties. At this point he’s at worst a 1A center on this team.

  43. Nash skating bothered me more than anything else. Seemed to lack that acceleration he showed in regular season. Also didn’t move his feet that much. Could he be that much of a loafer? I have a hard time believing it. I still wonder about his groin problem earlier this season. Carp was told no injury but that doesn’t mean the source knew for sure, only one person does.

  44. Whether Stepan has to pay 1 because the team doesn’t have the horses, or whether he is a legitimate 1, are two different things. We will know a lot about prospects for 2014 by the ability of Step and Brass to compete for a legit no 1 spot, and Kreider to be a legit top 6.

    I think Nash needs a Cup winner other han Richards. Every good player had that mentor who knows what it takes to win in playoffs. I think Hossa if he’s cut loose is worth a serious look.

  45. Nash himself said he wasn’t injured. Charitably speaking “injured” could mean whether or not he was hurting enough to not play. It’s admirable that even if he was banged up he’s not using it as an excuse.

    I’m sure he understands his role as the top offensive threat on the team, presumably he’s dealt with that his entire hockey career. And it’s not like he didn’t try throughout the playoffs but the Rangers hitched their wagon to him at least offensively. So fairly or unfairly the fingers will get pointed at him when the offense sputters.

  46. I think Step was our leading goal scorer in this years abbreviated playoffs. 22 years old and a hell of an uptick from last years play. I’d sign him.

  47. Sure there’s a difference between being a 1st line center (there’s 30 of them) or being a 1st line center on pretty much any team in the league (considerably fewer).

    But suggestions of Stepan being a 3rd liner or perhaps 4th liner at this point should maybe only apply in the context of fantasy hockey, all star teams or Olympic team selections.

  48. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Happy Memorial Day to all of you!!

    I was curious about something from the game the other night, in the handshake line which bruin gave dorsett a hug? Was it Thornton?

  49. Re:Nash, While note a fan of the Clowe deal perhaps with him on a line with Nash, that much needed space might appear. Nash like Gabby needs someone to distract his checking forward and occupy the opponents D in front of the net while he he works his obvious scoring skills.

    Matty, very good posts re” the coach and the “macro” view of the roster!

    The problems are, the prospects are either more smallish player like Miller or a McIllrath who apparently has limited hockey skills and that’s being charitable

    Combined with the weak FA class, the cap and limited trade possibilities , how do we improve?

  50. Could you guys imagine if they didn’t re-sign Stepan? I mean they will. God is that kid good.

  51. Can you imagine how many GWG goal predictions will be changed if they trade Stephan?

  52. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I understand Nash has been in the league for 10 years, but in all honesty he was pretty much a playoff rookie, so I can see him needing a little time when we are talking about the playoffs.

    Clowe brassard Nash was a hell of a line

  53. nash playoff performance he says was “good”. hey rick you were average at best i wouldnt say “good”

  54. i said back in february to sign matt hendricks. could help with depth and does many good things. pk faceoffs jam

  55. Rob in Beantown on

    Rangers Report @rangersreport
    Staal: eye won’t heal 100% but should be able to get back to his level of play.

    Staal the new poster boy for wearing a byfuglien visor. It’s amazing the teams don’t require the players to wear them since they’re investing so much money in them

  56. I’m fine with Hendricks on the 4th line. I want a REAL 4th line next season. One that plays more than 8 minutes. Dorsett on the RW and Haley on the LW unless something better is signed.

  57. Brassard was a playoff rookie and he did a lot better.

    Lets not even get into Torey Krug.

  58. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    At the time of the Staal injury, weren’t we told that he would 100% recover? Prust saying…..

  59. Is This Real? on

    as if getting dismantled by boston wasn’t depressing enough- redden and roszival still playing

  60. break up day is so depressing. seriously once the season ends after cup final the rest of the summer is boring.

  61. CTBlueshirt on

    If you’re giving 18-20 mins to your top 6 and 10-12 mins to your 3rd line how many more mins do you want to give your 4th line?

  62. Clowe, Brassard, Nash line was working. Plus, a guy like Clowe afforded Nash some protection from being gooned- up. Ironic that Columbus searched all over for a center for Nash and had Brassard all the time. Ours isn’t the only coach with a blind spot (see Richards, DelZ on the PP all year with McD available.)

  63. clowe 2 concussions cost him millions. i bet at most he gets 2 yr deal. if i am the rangers i offer 2 yrs 4 mil at most. let someone else give him more

  64. After watching 90% of experts here confident that Nash will make rangers “instantly” better and then fell silent as he performed on the par with Richards, I’ll be a contrarian again-give Richards one more season to prove himself, stop bolting different direction each year.

  65. Can the Rangers roll 4 lines next year?

    Kreider – Stepan – Nash
    Hagelin – Brassard – Callahan
    Zuccarello – Miller – Clowe
    Pyatt – Boyle – Dorsett

    I think they can. I want to see that lineup for a full season, assuming the kids are ready. We may have a real first line without having to break the bank. Stepan is your 1st line center. Kreider looked very good with Step in the last few games. This isn’t a bad team at all. I think Nash will have a big year next season. I just have to hope Nash is better in his next playoff run as a Ranger.

    Rangers need to sign Zuccarello and Clowe, IMO. Especially Zucc…he makes things happen on the PP. He is a great player when he has space to make plays. And, still entering his prime, he can only get better right?

  66. You know, I actually thought Pyatt was good in the playoffs…one of the better forwards…

    I really liked the Zucc – Boyle – Pyatt line…

  67. This whole salary cap thing is probably illegal if vigorously challenged. Who ever heard of General Motors telling Ford they can’t hire any more expensive executives? The League and the owners have their arguments, but let them defend them against vigorous legal counterpoint. The National Football League, believe it or not, is legally a “non-profit” organization.

  68. Anyone who is predisposed to turnovers should be called ‘Calzones.’ See Richards, DelZ.

  69. Is This Real?
    as if getting dismantled by boston wasn’t depressing enough- redden and roszival still playing

    Don’t forget Scott Gomez too.

  70. when we getting some sound from these clowns

    boyle “i sucked” at least he knew he was brutal for a period of time. not all the time

  71. Like Zucchorello but we need more size up front…if they resign Clowe it has to be at a reasonable price….if not would rather look at Bickell or Hendricks

  72. A Nod to Memorial Day and Our Brave Veterans Dead and Alive:

    A hundred and eighty were challenged by Travis to die
    By the line that he drew with his sword when the battle was nigh.
    Any man that would fight to the death would cross over,
    But him that would live better fly
    And over the line went a hundred and seventy nine.

    from ‘Remember the Alamo’

  73. In game 5 on two separate occasions, it’s been well chronicled that MisterSoftie was knocked down by Lu Cheeze, who then hovered over him and dared him to step up. Nash, meekly backed in to the bench cowering the whole way. So, I agree, he needs an enforcer to play on his line next year.

    However, just as alarming to me, the next time he cuts from the wing into the offensive zone center ice / slot area while carrying the puck on the rush during a playoff game will be his first……Unfortunately, , an enforcer on his line will not provide him with the necessary desire and fearlessness required to carry the puck into high risk areas. That can only come from within.

    For me the most disappointing takeaway from this playoff year is the complete lack of balls shown by MisterSoftie (and I am certainly not referring to his unwillingness to fight – which I could care less about). He was quoted as being “heartbroken” by the loss to Boston. Is he kidding? MisterSoftie, You need a heart before it can be broken.

    Too all those who take a positive from his play during the playoffs, more power to you. I fear we have another highly skilled player who doesn’t have the intangibles necessary to be a winner. His record during the course of his career speaks for itself, and this year, his former team seemed to play better without him.

    Hey Slats, lets try and bring back Gaborik. Maybe we can get him straight up for MisterSoftie. Than again, with JD calling the shots in Columbus now, probably not.

  74. If Richie comes back, we’re paying for him. If he’s bought out, Dolan is paying for him.

  75. Jim Cerny ?@JimCerny 15m
    Torts said future of Brad Richards will be discussed at organizational meetings in late June “I do think he will rebound”

  76. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    fair to say krug and brassard didn’t quite have the pressure Nash did

  77. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Doodie – you should do a guest blog – that way you and your alter ego can criticize each other. How jockular (sic) is that?

  78. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    Number one need in the off season..playable toughness and two tough no nonsense D men that stand up at the blue line instead of making our transition game have to go 200 feet every offencive possession

  79. Jim Cerny ?@JimCerny 41m
    When asked about his relationship with Torts, Richards said “relationships come and go”, though Torts said their relationship was good


  80. Richards will rebound … in Calgary or Toronto or someplace. It won’t be here. Tortorella also deflected question to Sather about Richards’ future. so …

  81. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    “coach – Harry Nads, LA Time, how would you describe these 6 games?

    Darryl Sutter – “well, there have been 11 to 12 goals, 9 goals, 10 to 12 goals, 9 to 12 goals, 11 to 12 goals scored – hubba, wubba, wooby rooby rumba dumba mumba drumba”

  82. carp

    when sound being posted.

    torts on nhl radio next for 10 mins xm 92 replay from earlier

  83. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    “Coach – Phil Bush, SJ Merc, what is the mindset of your team going into a game 7?”

    Sutter – ” the mind is always the same rub wub bub tub hub fab gab dab hooba hooba shanooba”

  84. Wicky©Love the Clowe!! on

    that would be awesome

    I’d love to see one or both of them behind the bench for us next season.

    I think sully needs to be gone IMHO!

  85. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    NyR fan – a big drawback to the zuc Boyle Pyatt line is their utter slack of speed and an inability to stay upright and/or on the puck.

  86. Listening to Torts on NHL radio. He definitely deserves a 3 year extension.

  87. The fact that Nash says his performance in playoffs was”good” either shows an extreme lack of self awareness or an inability to own up to failure.

    At least Boyle wasn’t afraid to express his suckiness

  88. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Wick – but that comedic scene near the end of game 3 when sully and torts were drawing pictures and playing hangman as opposed to drawing up a play was priceless.

    That aside, sully must go-ee

  89. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    interesting comments from Richards. How could he be the only one not thinking he sucked this year?

    Yes, he will land somewhere, just good lord, please not here.

  90. I need to disappear for a few days. I am way too depressed about the season, the playoffs and the NYR franchise’s ability to move forward with success under the current coaching staff and management group.

  91. At least Boyle knows he sucked and admits it. If Nash really thinks his playoff performance was “good,” that’s worrying.

  92. Pyatt showed pushback and stiffness ? Sorry Carp but he is the Willie Huber of forwards.

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