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  1. Lloyd Braun on

    Crappy end to a fairly middling season – really thought they’d beat Boston since I thought Washington was the worse matchup (I picked the Rangers to lose that series in 5) and figured they’d turned the corner once they managed to win a round. But they were never really that good in this series and Lundqvist was outplayed by Rask.

    Was nice to see Tortorella finally doing something about Richards but was way too little too late to make a difference. Once they were down 3-0 this series (and season) was over and I think the Richards scratch was nothing more than a gesture. I lay as much of this season’s performance at Tortorella’s feet as at any of the players since he never really figured out how to coach the group he had and instead tried to make them play like the team from a year ago. In my book that’s lousy coaching but I’m sure many here will say he’s brilliant and given the long leash he most likely has from Sather and co., he won’t be going anywhere for quite a while.

  2. Carp- was in adks over weekend had to watch them lose in a small tavern…anyway I want to thank you for all YOUR effort day in- day out your work ethic and loyalty to the boneheads comes across in all you do…
    Thanks to all- almost all- the rest of you guys for the hockey info, debates and for keeping me in stitches . Eddie and coos- always a pleasure! Don’t worry carp I’ll be visiting as always…

  3. Keep seeing plenty of comments that the Bruins are a very good team. Am I the only one who wasn’t very impressed with them in either round? I think that CHI, DET, SJS, LA, STL, and ANA all looked better than any of the Eastern Conference teams.

  4. Stranger Nation on

    Stranger Nation Repost

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and this blog offers a valuable outlet for those longing for good info on your New York Rangers. You get to see the variety of perspectives from people following the same team and watching the same games. When you take a step back, it really is amazing. Just goes to show that the past, present, and future are all viewed through the eyes of the beholder.

    Thank you Carp for providing the forum and facilitating, moderating, and “policing” the exchanges amongst the blueshirt faithful along with the rare wayward troll. Have fun on the links, stay out of the lumber yard and remember 99.99% of short puts don’t go in the hole.

    May 27th, 2013 at 7:50 AM

  5. Daily News, NY Post polls blaming Tortorella overwhelmingly. Though I have no dog in the fight, NY fans have spoken loudly.

  6. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Carpy, thanks again for all that you do. The new site is really good. Good luck ironing out the few techno issues that remain.

    To everyone on this blog, thanks for presenting your thoughts. We all want the same thing, and that is for the team that is in our hearts to go all the way!!

    Look forward to draft day….er..ah…not really……to FA opening up!! Hope we find something that might help us somewhere!!!!


  7. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    DC – the pleasure is all mine. Glad you find my nonsense funny. Humor is everything.

    Matty – NY/SJ ticket swap is on for next year….

  8. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JR – “anyone notice that Engblom isn’t just really stupider. But he is really really stupider. I can’t believe therefore.

  9. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Carp – I’m hearing that one of Brad’s teeth will be hanging from the rafters if they can get a big enough crane to hoist it…. You hear anything similar?

  10. Paul in sunrise on

    Disappointed – check
    Expected – check
    New Off season expectation – check
    Bad roster moves at free agency – check
    Rfa missing camp – check

    As the hockey rodent says “wash rinse repeat”

    This is rangers hockey for all my years except 93-94

    Mannish tannah

    But I bleed blue and watch anyway

    Lets go rangers.

  11. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Engblom – “it looks the there be a game number whatever comes after 6 between chi and Det.”

  12. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JR – “Engblom is so stupider he doesn’t been know 8 comes after 6, hahahahahahahahahahahahahah”

  13. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Engblom – “JR, I’ve about had with you. You are so stupid it’s funny”

    JR – “sorry, but you are stupider. Anyone with a part of a brain knows you are adismal”

    Engblom – “you are so stupider. Adismal isn’t even a word. Its spelled Adissmal”

    JR – “you are stupider – you are a moron”

  14. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Liam – “no offense, but you both are complete idiots”

    Engblom – “Liam, haha, I’m only a partial idiot”

    JR – “I’m only half an idiot, you little dweeb”

  15. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JR – “in order to win in the playoffs, you cannot lose”

    Engblom – “first smart thing you’ve said all night”

  16. what did i miss? what are the new lineups? who’s the new coach? who’s our new first line center? is Malkin a Ranger yet? Did we fire Sather? Is Dolan dead yet? What did we get for Delzaster? Is this still the worst blog on the internets? What about chat? Is it live now? And Sauer? Any update on him? Clowe? Is his brain in tact? Stawhl… is he ready to come back?

    Clue me in!

  17. 3C tunes in his homemeade blogoloradiotronic alien- aided communicator from Roswell, N. Mexico, finds himself twelve years older, but stuck still in present time. You time travel for twelve years, come back, say ‘what’s new?’ and everyone just shrugs his shoulders.

  18. no time machine can take to the time where rangers is a dynasty…where Sather and Dolan rule no more… where i go to Odessa at the snap of my fingers…where money mean nothing and where i feel completely free.

    where is your glass, coos? let me fill it up…

  19. Is This Real? on

    what do they pay richards anyway, like 8 mil. insane stuff huh? he needs to a renaissance like what occured to jagr. take some selanne notes. or his future is bleak. maybe he would rather cash checks and play golf. blame him.? that is what pronger is doin. he aint hurt. he is faking it, there aint no headaches, his headaches are over, no more plane trips, no more coaches, no practice, just that disability check and a fake headache. no interest in playing hockey.

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