Game 5: Rangers-Bruins in review


A picture is worth a thousand words, and the picture right here, well, just wow. Look at the five Rangers around Henrik Lundqvist and Gregory Campbell, look at who they are in a must-win Game 5 of a second-round playoff series, and how nobody can prevent the fourth-line Boston center from scoring the Series … Winning … Goal.

Again, wow.


1) Think about what had to happen for those five guys to get on the ice or in the game. Brad Richards and Arron Asham had to be healthy scratched, Marc Staal and Anton Stralman, Ryane Clowe and Darroll Powe had to be injured. Not an excuse. But, geez. And some of the guys who played on lines or defense pairs ahead of the guys on the ice there weren’t a lot better, especially No. 61 and No. 4. Actually, that series-winning goal looked a lot like the goal that eliminated the Rangers last year, only the pedigree of those on the ice last year made it more unforgivable.

New York Rangers Vs. Boston Bruins At TD Garden2) I am not jumping on Roman Hamrlik for the two turnovers and the bad defensive read on the GWG. There is no way in hell that guy, 39 years old and scratched forever by Washington, then by the Rangers, who quickly determined he wasn’t in NHL condition, should have been expected to jump onto a speeding playoff train, against a beastly team like the Bruins, and survive it, or not eventually cost the Rangers. It is their fault to a very large degree that he was their best option in this game.

3) It sure didn’t look very good when the Bruins had three D-men out, two of them not very great, either, and yet they were able to summon Torey Krug, Mark Bartkowski and Doug(ie) Hamilton.

4) The Bruins just wore down the Rangers. They were more skilled, too. But it was men vs. boys for way too many minutes of the five games, even though the Rangers could easily have won a couple of those games with a power-play goal or a big play. They really could have.

New York Rangers v Boston Bruins - Game Five5) I thought that this was easily Rick Nash’s worst game of the series. Don’t know if it was Del Zotto’s worst, but his was putrid too. And I imagine those were two of the guys that John Tortorella was thinking about when he talked about how it was his fault that he couldn’t get some of his top players to play at the level he needed them to play.

6) So, since organizational depth proved to be quite an issue this season, and since Richards and a few others are going out the door, and since there aren’t going to be many top free agents, and even if there are, the Rangers are going to be too close to the cap to make a big move, then, well, next year a bunch of kids are going to have to make the jump. Right? And that might be a good thing.

7) The fourth line, despite that Campbell goal and a couple of penalties, sure got things going for the Rangers in Game 5. They fought, they hit, they made their presence known, which isn’t easy to do against the Big Bads.

New York Rangers Vs. Boston Bruins At TD Garden8) You know who had big games? Jim Ramsay and Cas Marques. Rammer had to sew up Derek Stepan, who took that Ryan McDonagh shot to the mush, and Cas had to deal with Lundqvist’s multiple equipment malfunctions and fashion a helmet and full shield for Stepan.

9) You know who else I liked? Chris Kreider, start to finish. Yeah, he turned one over at the blue. Who didn’t? Early in the game, Nathan Horton elbowed Nash in the faceoff circle. Kreider skated right up to him and  slashed him on the back of the leg. Horton spent the rest of the night chasing him. And later Kreider bowled over two Bruins on the same shift, including Horton. I personally hope the kid figures it out by next camp. I think he will.

10) Captain Callahan had a strong game, too, starting stuff every shift, drew David Krejci into that penalty on which the Rangers scored, had that breakaway late. The power play that scored, by the way, was the real No.1 unit: Girardi and Del Zotto at the points, Mats Zuccarello, Boyle and Kreider up front. Move, move, move. Puck and feet. Del Zotto moved it up ice. Boyle moved the puck and goes to the front, Zuccarello moved it to Girardi, who had moved his feet to get open for a one-timer. So very simple.New York Rangers v Boston Bruins - Game Five

11) Hope we’re not going to go on that “fatigue” tangent again. They played 12 games. They had three days off between Game 7 and Game 1, then two more days off between 1 and 2. If they were tired (other than Hamrlik) then they will never win anything.

12) That Lundqvist save on Milan Lucic after the delzasterous Del Zotto turnover in the first was one of the best ever. Had Lucic looking to the rafters.

13) Lucic=Monster. No. I mean he really is a monster. Like, made out of nuts, bolts, and beast parts.

14) Torey “John Druce” Krug. What a series for the kid. The play I really liked, which showed his poise, was puck on his stick last seconds of the second period, on the power play, and he stopped and looked up at the clock. Wow.New York Rangers v Boston Bruins - Game Five

15) By the way, when and why did the NHL go to this idiotic practice of not announcing the visiting team’s starting lineup?

16) The new Boston Garden is just as bad as MSG in terms of fans being quiet until something big happens. … but at least MSG doesn’t leave your ears bleeding from the speakers being cranked about 10 notches too high. And uses fully-clothed T-shirt tossers.

17) I’m in the minority on this, but I think Boston has a shot against Pittsburgh. Of course, I thought Ottawa had a shot against Pitt, too, and that ended with Teddy Roosevelt saying, “I hope they don’t bill us for the clinic.”

18) Stick around during the off-season, which still doesn’t start for a while. I’ll have a bunch of analysis coming, hopefully, and break-up day will probably be Monday, so we’ll have a lot of stuff from there, and probably at least one Live Chat coming up this week … and of course, this place never goes dark. Dull at times, maybe, not never dark.

19) Special thanks to everybody who helped, who did guest posts during the off-season and the lockout and even during the season, to everybody who helped out with the Three Stars (especially the real Kenny Albert, Josh Thomson, 26, and RangerJHW, who took the job seriously, W, L or OTL). And to all you guys who make this place, in someone’s words, the “worst blog on the internets.”

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Ryan McDonagh.New York Rangers Vs. Boston Bruins At TD Garden
2. Derek Stepan.
3. Henrik Lundqvist.
The real Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Chris Kreider.
3. Ryan McDonagh.
RangerJHW’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Carp … for another stellar season (editor’s note: Thank you).
2. The Boneheads … for having to endure a lockout and a mediocre, soft team.
3. The King … for allowing us to even believe we had a chance … and he does it every year!
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist (25.0%).
2. Chris Kreider (21.43%).
3. Ryan McDonagh (17.86%).

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  1. not dancin larry on

    Boy this team really lacked a sniper to put some in the net. Should get one like gabor..oh. Is that the Nash we will expect on the next playoff run?

  2. great review carp. cant believe the difference from the startof the season just a few months ago to how we ended this year and look like we got set back 5 years with some regressions of players and other factors

  3. Thanks for the analysis, Carp. Last year was devastating this year was resignation. In hindsight I don’t know if the Nash trade was worth it. The team had an identity and purpose last season. This team felt like a bunch of parts not working in sync. One step forward, two steps back.

  4. thanks Carp.

    the worst blog on the internets, totally.

    I am at peace, we deserved to lose and we are guaranteed to get better .

    Have a great weekend………

    Are we allowed to say political things on Memorial Day?

    I just wished my Mom a happy Memorial Day. She has told me stories of Hitler’s armies marching through her streets in Holland. She hid her brothers from them.

    My Dad crossed Normandy beach and saw thousands of dead American kids. This holiday means more to me than most. I bet you have family who know the experience.

    please thank them all this weekend.

  5. bull dog line on

    just wanted to take time to say thanks. what you do here is tremendously, tremendous.I always look forward to your game reviews. great place to talk with other Ranger fans. you and I don’t always see the game the same way, but I respect your opinions ( as wrong as they are), and your knowledge of the NHL.

  6. Norm Merton on

    One last quibble for the road. “The fourth line, despite that Campbell goal and a couple of penalties, sure got things going for the Rangers in Game 5.”

    That’s being a bit charitable. They barely played. Dorsett’s fight bought time for Step, but can’t think of another important contribution. Failed to shut down the B’s 4th, bottom line. Pun intended.

    So that’s my last in-season contribution to help make this the worst blorg on the interwebs, and thanks again, Carp, for making my mornings all these months.

  7. Nash….

    Messier and Sather knew what he was all about, nobody here probably did.

    Management knew he had no playoff experience, in those great International tournaments, his history is checkered. I never researched before today, but his history with team Canada isn’t’ that great.

    from wikipedia…..

    In Nash’s second junior season, he was chosen to play for Team Canada’s junior squad in the 2002 World Junior Championships, scoring 3 points in a silver medal effort.[19]

    Nash would make his senior international debut for Team Canada at the 2005 World Championship, leading the tournament in goals while earning his second silver medal.

    In 2006, shortly after returning from an injury, he was selected to play on Team Canada’s Olympic team, but managed just one point in a disappointing seventh place finish.

    The following year, Nash captured his first gold medal with Team Canada at the 2007 World Championship in a 4–2 victory over Finland in Moscow. Scoring two goals in the gold medal game against Finland and 11 points total, Nash was named to the tournament All-Star Team and earned MVP honours.

    Nash appeared in his third World Championship in 2008, but failed to repeat as gold medal champion with Canada, earning silver. In the championship game against Russia, Nash attempted to clear the puck in overtime, but accidentally shot it over the glass, resulting a delay of game penalty. On the powerplay, Russia capitalized, defeating Canada 5–4. Despite his misplay, Nash was named to the tournament All-Star Team for the second consecutive year, finishing with 13 points.

    On December 30, 2009, Nash was selected to play for Team Canada at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.[20] After starting the tournament on Sidney Crosby’s wing, he was switched to a line with Mike Richards and Jonathan Toews, who was named Best Forward. Nash earned his first Olympic medal in the tournament as Team Canada went on to win gold.

    Nash was named captain of Team Canada for the 2011 IIHF World Championship. Canada finished fifth in the tournament.

  8. King with no Ring on

    “Torey Krug, Mark Bartkowski and Doug(ie) Hamilton.”

    You watched 5 games and you did not know his name is Matt, not Mark?

  9. thanks carp for another great job this year… this place adds this whole other aspect to being a ranger fan, it really is great. thanks so much for the time you put into this.

    as for our boys, that first picture sums it up, if those guys are on the ice then you know you’re in a lot of trouble.

  10. King with no Ring on

    The team was gassed at the end. That is what happens when you play better teams and are consistently scrambling around defensively without possession of the puck.

  11. Still love the name on the front of the Sweater, not too sure about all of the names on the back.

    Had such high hopes for this team going into last off season. Seems we took a couple of steps back.

  12. a very flawed hockey team in the rangers took us as far as they could. like the coach said we had some injuries but all teams do. the bottom line is we dont have the depth that these other teams have. it killed us last year vs devils with there 4th line in carter gionta bernier and now this year with guys like krug( next john druce) and 4th line and d of the bruins.

    cally nash were avaerage at best and richy not being richy is a big hole in lineup.

    first thing i do is there is interest in del zaster and there will be i look to move him. he may be the only trade chip and with cap going down maybe we could get big buff in winnipeg to run the pp.

  13. Thanks for your analytical and insightful blog posts this past season, Carp. I think part of the problem is too many new parts trying to work together without time for proper testing and debugging. The shortened season was not kind to the Rangers. I really think that a full pre-season camp and time for the newcomers to gel (including Nash, who was shifted from line to line over the season and the playoffs) will make them a contender next year. Without Lundqauist they are finished, all this assumes King Henrik re-signs long term and stays focused. With Staal, Sauer and Stralman back, the defense is solid with offensive upside. Their mid-level talent decreased in average age and increased substantially over Prust et al. (Prust always misses significant time due to injury from his passionate, selfless play) Kreider has a chance to make the jump from the AHL…I like this core. The Bruins had very little change in line chemistry over last year’s (aside from losing some key players due to injury) and they had a deep talent pool to draw on…similar to the Rangers’ last year, when the call ups always seemed to play beyond expectations. I’m looking forward to the next season. I agree with Carp that the Bruins can beat the Pens…I like their goaltending, and that can be critical in the playoffs, and they are stronger and more skilled than the Senators. I hope Sather et al. stick with this group for another season.

  14. Stranger Nation on

    only difference between this year and last year was top teams getting knocked out early and us scoring some OT goals. Team was flawed last year and still is.

    Starts at the back line. If you have a healthy Staal, you have 1 too many LDmen with McD on 1st, Staal on 2nd, and Moore or MDZ on 3rd. mThats a pretty solid Left side on D if Staal is healthy.

    The right side is missing a first pair player. If you get that guy, Girardi does to 2nd pair and Stralman to 3rd. Actually really feel Girardi is a 3rd pair guy, but you could live with him on 2nd.

    Their biggest challenge was starting a break out. mdz and girardi happy to redirect along boards, never making it easy for their partner or forward to get it out of the zone.

  15. I still can’t understand how 44-44-15-28-32 were on the ice at the same time. THAT will get most coaches fired.

  16. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    Team isnt flawed , the palyers are what they are average.
    What is flawed is the GM and coach and Dolan.

  17. Did someone just say an all-star D man, who scored a couple goals in these playoffs is a 3rd pair Dman?

  18. Torts was bad. It took him until Game 4 to figure out Kreider needed to be turned loose? Sather was good and bad. He traded Gabby for Brassard, Dorsett, and what turned out to be a season saving Dman in Moore. But Signing Hammerlik and trading for Clowne was crippling. Clowne was damaged goods. A sucker trade. And finally (with a few exceptions) the players were bad. Richards, MDZ, and even Nash were inexcusably horrid.

  19. I would really like it if somehow the Rangers could get John Davidson, former goalie and not the old TV host, into the organization. Sadly it’s probably not happening anytime soon with him recently joining Columbus.

  20. Thank you Carp, for another exciting season and top notch sports reporting! While I really didn’t post much, I still read your blog everyday and will continue to do so through the off season. Thanks again!

  21. Gregm-section403 on

    This team deserved to lose, and i don’t feel bad for the team. I do feel bad for Henrik. He deserves better.

  22. Nash, the worst slats’ trade, which was cheered by almost everyone, ever. The core homegrown talent, 1 round pick flushed down the toilet. But dont blame slats, he did what you all wanted him to so. The only one who had good season? Carp.

  23. Well, I actually had Boston over the Rangers in 6. Not what my heart wanted, but what my brain thought logical. I thought the Rangers had the advantage in goal and defense. I thought Boston had the advantage in forwards and forward depth. Turns out that Boston had the advantage on defense, as well. Put the King on Boston, and this would have been a sweep where the Rangers don’t score in any game. He is just that good, and they are just that bad in front of him. Time for Miller and Kreider to be full-time… mistakes and all. It will be interesting to see what happens to Clowe. Has he become glass? Not good for a guy who needs to be physical. This team also needs to improve to at least average on the Power Play. Michael St. Croix is the guy in the system that is a PP specialist. Just finished his junior career and will be in Hartford next year, along with Jesper Fast. Seems like some forward depth is on the way. Defensive depth is now a glaring need. Emminger is fine as a #7. If Staal can come back, then the Rangers might be OK. Staal, Moore, Girardi, McD, DZ, and Strahlman. Not too bad, adding depth still a must. I would like to see Moore after a full camp. He could end up pushing DZ down to 5th.

    Anyway, GO BOSTON… against the Pens. I will root for anybody over the Pens!!

  24. Czechthemout!!! on

    Some thoughts on each player. I will start in numerical order.

    4- Putrid all season long. As Dave Maloney said, he plays in panic mode all the time. He plays scared. He cowers away from contact and holds his stick as if his life depends on it. I think the coach ruined this kid. Nd a special thanks to the idiot GM for drafting him over John Carlson. He is a major liability and needs to go.

    5- Was very inconsistant this year. Too cute with the puck when passing it out of his zone and try to tip it out way too much. Is overplayed by the coach and it is starting to show. One of the most courageous playerson the team. Needs to be better next year. Will be and should be back!

    8- A dime a dozen player. Has no offensive game at all. Should be gone!

    14- Slower than dripping molassas. If they gave an award for hugging the wall, this guy would win it. If it were me, he would also be gone but I think he comes back. Too bad!

  25. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Good morning boneheads! Really interested to see what happens during the offseason.

    Look at the bright side, this stupid Bettman shortened season is over for our Hockey Club, and now the real 82 game season is a few months away.


  26. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Final WBM (c) of the season :(

    0) Boyle
    1) MDZ
    2) Nash
    3) Hamrlik
    4) Girardi
    5) Pyatt

    Haven’t been on much during the last few games, but a big problem was that Brassard and MZA didn’t pick up any of the slack for Nash like the last series.

    This team will always have a shot with Hank. Hopefully Miller can be more consistent and step in for Richards. Not sure what changes we’ll see in the bottom 6. Hendricks a possibility as a 3rd/4th line C.

    It will be interesting to see how the Clowe free agency market plays out. I don’t see the Rangers being the team that shells out $4-5 million for 5 years. If he’s back, I think it’s closer to $3-3.5M or he’s gone.

    Most other guys are signed in the bottom 6, so I don’t think we’ll see major changes there.

  27. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    Oh, and of course, thanks to Carp for all the stuff he does that makes this THE place to be on the internets.

  28. I never wanted the rangers to trade for Nash. What you see is what Nash is and that’s a decent player, nothing great, likes to go one on one and make his fancy move towards the net and not much else. Than you add his cap hit of 7.8, as far as I’m concerned another bad decision by Sather. I predict Nash will be the new whipping boy next year and with the redwings and bluejackets coming over from the eastern conference I bet the rangers don’t make the playoffs.

  29. obviously I meant to say “coming over from the western conference”, still waking up.

  30. The only thing left for me is, when is dolan going to finally say, enough is enough and fire Sather because 13 years is enough already.

  31. Assuming we keep Nash, Cally, Hags, Zuc, Step, Boyle, Brassard, Dorsett, and Kreider. That’s 9 in the next 3 we need a scorer and more than that grit. So Clowe fills a role, but the Cap space and his end of the yr. It’s a 10 foot pole thing unless it’s one year. We need a couple of players. Making less than a million is UFA Matt Hendricks …. He would have looked good against the B’s.
    Lastly as a big MDZ fan I wrote yesterday he was on Blotto. I have now joined the ranks of packaging this kid out of here. His hockey IQ is zero, work effort questionable, recipe for Disaster. I liked at least last year when he hit Neil and other folks, this year he was running for the hills.
    Bottomline our big players ave. To play a whole lot bigger. Nash at the top, but Cally, Step Brassard Hags were not nearly good enough. More talented GRIT. Not easy to find

  32. Lastly after 36yrs of being a active fan, and now being a realist and not living up there anymore. If they don’t buy out Richards this yr. I’m DONE. Only way to fix a lot of this is starting right there. And Hank should be done as well.

  33. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    This team had no business signing guys like Nash and Richards. In the words of The Great Mike Francesca, “THEYYYYY STINK!!”

    It happens here all the time. Just recently too. Gaborik was great. Came here, sucked. Richards was great. Came here, sucked. Nash was great. Came here, sucked.

    Oh hey, but that blow job, John Tortorella sure can’t be blamed. If not for his coaching expertise, we fail to make the playoffs. its a genius system. Its called “Ride The Hanky Train And Take All The Credit Until He Has A Bad Game Then It’s His Fault” That fool probably thinks he should get a Nobel Prize for that plan.

    If he doesn’t get fired, he’s gonna have to worry about fans throwing water bottles at HIM. That perennial LOSER!

  34. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    Hank is going to ask for a ton of age 32 / 33 ? I don’t think it wise to tie up money long term , two year deal at the most.

  35. BigBadVinny on

    Carp, thanks for running what might be the “most therapeutic blog on the internets”. Looking forward to your end-of-season reviews.

    Kreider sometimes looks like a playful big puppy who doesn’t realize how big & strong he is. I didn’t see the play where he gave Horton a slash but if he can develop that attitude a little bit, he can become a real beast; this guy can hit, Lucic style!

  36. Good morning, boneheads!

    Great review, Carp!
    Thank you for spending all that time with us, you’re the best. I hope you have as much fun with it as we do. And sorry that there are still plenty of jackwagons out there who make your life miserable. I wish we could help you getting rid of them.
    Looking forward to all your offseason reviews, and looking forward to discussing it with the boneheads! You’re guys are awesome. At least most of you.

  37. “6) So, since organizational depth proved to be quite an issue this season, and since Richards and a few others are going out the door, and since there aren’t going to be many top free agents, and even if there are, the Rangers are going to be too close to the cap to make a big move, then, well, next year a bunch of kids are going to have to make the jump. Right? And that might be a good thing.”

    Next year Miller, Kreider, along with first year players Fasth, Lindberg, St. Croix, Nicohlls, and returnees like Thomas, Hrivik, Yogan are all going to have cracks at roster spots.

    I expect the two Americans and also the two Swedes to have a very good shot at being on the opening day roster.

  38. CARP,

    Before I forget … thanks so much for all of your hard work.

    This blog is the antithesis of bush-league. (The team is the definition).

  39. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on


    Another great review!! 12-0 in the post season!!!

    Atta Boy, Carpie!!!!!

  40. A lot of emotional comments, I see. Some are good, some irrational. Let things settle first. Inevitable happened. This team wasn’t going to do much after short season started, and two of their first line players faded away. We will have plenty of time to discuss it, but I believe the least they do this offseason, the better. Things need to be addressed, but don’t expect any major moves, let alone an overhaul.

  41. Kreider is starting to look like he will finally make it full time next year. They need to have a structured offseason with him.

  42. Great review Carp. 59 great reviews. I liked thoughts #6 & #9.

    I may be in the minority, but I am still okay with the Nash trade. As much I miss having a guy like Dubie as part of the team from a character standpoint, I think we all can agree that the team missed Dubie a lot less than they missed Prust. And many have speculated Prust wasn’t coming back anyway.

    And if Sather and/or Dolan truly have no intention of making a coaching change, and given the toxic nature of the Torts/Gabby relationship, I think Slats got some good pieces in return rather than nothing when Gabby walked after 2013-14.

    Regarding the Coach, I have been a supporter of his, but I am beginning to wonder this going to work out. I just wonder how long a coach can continue to have his players buy into a scheme that chews up their bodies. How do you continue to sell the idea to the Callhan’s, Girardi’s and McDonagh’s: “All the physical sacrifice, it will pay off, trust me.”

    I’m not going to say the window for Hank is closing, but when you have the goalie on the planet you have to take advantage of it.

    2012-13 was a perfect storm of personnel and performance and still they came up six games short. Many of us knew this year’s team was flawed and went further than I thought they would. In some ways, with the lowered expectations going into this post-season and the general feeling going into last year’s playoffs that “this was our year”, I feel this year’s team out performed last year’s team in the post-season.

  43. Czechthemout!!! on


    15- did some good things and some stupid things. He is no Sean Avery in terms of skill and the pain in the assen factor, if that is what they were hoping for. He is useful and will be back.

    16- Very pleasantly surprised as he rose to the occasion in the playoffs. Kid has been inconsistent through out his career. If the playoffs are an indication of his consistency, than he is a legit #2. Will certainly be back.

    17- A revelation! Was very good to excellent from the first game he played here to the last. The coach should use him on the PP but as we all know, he is a stubborn buffoon so that’s that. Should had MDZ ‘s spot as a top 4. May make the Gabby trade worth it in terms of talent that came back.

    18- Had a so so start but really came on the ten games before his injury. The second best dman on the team was really missed in the playoffs. The series may have been different if he was in the lineup. Will be back assuming his eye heals . By all indications, it should.

    19- I have no words to describe his fall off from last year. It is as if he aged by 10 years in six months. Putrid all season long. Will and should be bought out!

    20- The next kid on the way to Torts’s ruin like MDZ. This kid should have been parked on the left wing with Nash and Stepan from day one. Like I always say, you can teach a monkey to play defense and back check. But you cant teach speed, skill, and scoring ability. The kid was the best forward on the ice last night. One the best the night before. He is an elite talent that thinks and plays the game at a much faster level than the scrubs that the idiot coach played him with all season and in the AHL. He better be back in a much greater role!

    21- Really stepped up! Is now firmly entrenched as the number one center. He is playing like one too. The numbers proved it. Excellent all around player as I always knew he would be.

    22- Was awful during the season and the first half of the Caps series. Really stepped up after that and was one of the better forwards. That said, he gets way too much ice time and does not produce enough to warrant it. I ould look to move him but if Torts comes back, so will he.

    24- the captain had a mixed year. His stats were way down as was his consistency. I fully expect a bounce back year from him next season. He is a great leader by example.

    27- The best dman on the team and one of the ten best in the NHL! Not much else to say except that he needs to be on the PP. His offensive skills need to be tapped because he has many.

    29- Would have been good to have him in the Boston series. He could have neutralized Lucic and a few of the others. Two concussions in three weeks? No way should he be signed to anything more than a 1 year deal. Too bad we did not get the Clowe from three years ago. Than again SJ would not have traded that guy. Overpaid for him because of injury. Too bad.

    30- The name of Torts system. Best goalie in the world who gets next to nothing in offensive support. If that does not change next season, he will leave. If he does, we are toast.

    38- Boy did we miss you!

    41- you suck!

    43- good back up. Should be back.

    47- Very good prospect. Showed a lot of good things. Needs to be left alone and allowed to find consistency. A good coach would teach him when he makes mistakes and not bench him the moment he makes one. Should make the team next year and be a significant contributor.

    61- Was all we could have wanted in the regular season and more. As he got more ” coaching” he stopped bullying his way to the front of the net. That needs to stop. Was not good in the playoffs and needs to make up for it next season assuming we even make it again.

    Forgot one.

    6- Had a great season and a fantastic playoffs. Very underrated player who will be back. He is another dman who should be on the PP instead of MDZ. A keeper.

    I will have separate thoughts on the organization including the coaching later on.

  44. I think it’s easy to point at the coach or the top skill players after a series loss and say ‘they have to go’. The reality is that 29 teams don’t win the Cup every year. That doesn’t mean their coaches deserve to be fired or all their players suck.

    Do I think Tortorella has his flaws? Absolutely. Example – I still like what I see from Kreider, they need to find a way to get him minutes. He also couldn’t do much about the injuries the team experienced. I’m semi happy that he made the tough decision to bench Richards, even if it took top long.

    Did some players need to step it up? Again, absolutely.

    While I’m not convinced the Rangers could have won the series, it could have been closer. Lundqvist had two pedestrian games to start the series. If he played closer to his peak and you get one skill guy going, this series would have looked a lot different.

    Everything and everybody needs to be firing on all cylinders to win four series. It wasn’t meant to be for the Rangers.

  45. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    Anyone else get disturbed that when they won game 4, they celebrated like they won the cup in OT? I guess it’s a Dolan thing. Knicks did the same thing last year winning game 4 vs Heat.

    Who the hell celebrates not getting swept? Especially in a game where the opposing team looked drunk!

    Losers! All of them! They embarrassed themselves yet again. They owed the fans more after letting the punk devils take a series where we shut them out 2 of the first 3 games!

    Prosperity just kills this franchise! They puke at the very smell of success! I’m convinced we will NEVER win again. The world will end way before our losing streak does!

    If anyone disagrees with me, then your just stupid.

  46. Romeo, that’s exactly what it is. Gaborik wasn’t going to resign/be resigned after next season anyway. They got a good return, considering the circumstances. Brassard has been their leading point getter, Moore can turn into a solid NHLer, and Dorsett is a solid energy/tough guy.

    Torts will get at least one more full season. And rightfully so, IMO.

  47. Thanks again Carp for another great year. You were, yet again, the MVP of the playoffs.

    I think I was one of 3 people against the Nash trade since I thought it was important to keep a team together and have them continue to grow and develop. But I will say that there is a slight chance they do improve (I personally think it goes downhill from here) and we can’t realistically grade the trade for another few years.

    I do think the Rangers will be in cap hell though sin

  48. Thanks again Carp for another great year. You were, yet again, the MVP of the playoffs.

    I think I was one of 3 people against the Nash trade since I thought it was important to keep a team together and have them continue to grow and develop. But I will say that there is a slight chance they do improve (I personally think it goes downhill from here) and we can’t realistically grade the trade for another few years.

    I do think the Rangers will be in cap hell though since Nash will only get his 35-30-65 and eat up almost 15% of cap space next season. That’s why I didn’t think he was worth it to begin with because the production isn’t worth the price. We’ll see what happens next year though with a full training camp.

  49. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    DIsappointing loss when you think back to the end of last years playoffs. If you readjust your sights to this year’s start, it seems even making it to the second round was a bonus!! A matter or perspective!!

    Over and over again, the depth issue has been obvious. We were one injury away from oblivion for two months. The key play in the series was in game 3, the Lucic hit on Stralman because it completely exposed one of our many, many weaknesses. Lack of NHL defensemen.

    That picture way above showed 2 of our ‘replacements’ Eminger and Hamrlik. All I can say is SHAME ON THE GENERAL MANAGER FOR ALLOWING THIS TEAM TO HAVE THIS LITTLE DEPTH. I have been trying to be nice, but let’s get serious. Look at the depth Boston has. Look what we have. Look at other final 8 teams. Ottowa is so stacked down below, watch them evolve over the next 2-4 years. Pitt? Chicago? SJ?? it’s all about depth and we have almost none.

    Folks, it’s about drafting (getting the picks and using them wisely), picking the right FA’s for the right $$$$ amounts, and it’s developing. We are pretty weak in all 3 and you get what you pay for. This organization, from top down is not well managed, starting from the guy who probably has a ‘gone fishing’ sign on his door already. It’s band aids from year to year.

    Our best player is our goalie. Damnit, get him a few lugs that can clear the crease, already, will you???? And how about one, just one, that can handle the point the right way, with vision, accurate passing, shooting, and keep-ins, that is not 38????

    The concepts should not be difficult. Especially if you have been a GM for 35 years. Learn something?

    Last year, this team overachieved. They did so because of with will of the players and, yes, the coach. Not because of the team that was presented to him, because as far as teams go, it was quite flawed.

    This year, this team continued to have obvious flaws, and a good move at trade deadline helped to give us hope. Despite that, the overall lack of depth is unmanageable after a few rounds, and again, The GM has failed us. Torts was not lily white this year. He made many mistakes as has already been discussed.

    But if a GM hands him a team that can play, that has balance, size, hands, he can coach. And he’s already proven he took a not so good team and helped them to way overachieve last year.

    It aint the coach people. The fisherman needs to head north for good.

  50. Some people (Za’rat) don’t deserve to ever see their team win. I have barely begun to skim the comments, but I’m sure this will be one of the dumbest of the day.

  51. Romeo, I still think you make the Nash trade every time. No way to foresee the one goal in 12 games. But a lot of good to great players have had a playoff like that…

    Good morning, Sally!

  52. Sioux-per-man on

    Great review Carp!

    Spot on with Boston out working us, yes many of the games could have gone either way. But The Bruins 4th line dominated the Rangers. The Kruger kid had a hell of a series. Lucic is the player this team is missing. I thought we had him in Clowe – but then there was no Clowe, or Nash, or Staal, or Gaby.

    But ther are only 4 teams that are better than the Rangers this year. So you can’t say the season was a failure. It just needed Its Stars to shine a little brighter.

    I truly have enjoyed all the conversations I’ve had with educated / diehard Rangers fans. It is what makes this blog the best in the Business – thanks Carp!!!

    Have a Sioux-per Weekend!

  53. Wow, Z’Arat actually had a previous comment dumber than the most recent one. I can’t wait to scroll down some more.

  54. LMAO at Vinny’s comparison of Kreider to a big puppy. Very descriptive and accurate. If they can get him to just go on the paper next season I think he’s going to be a really, really good NHL player for a long time.

    That despite the fact that I “hate him.”

  55. The drafting had been much better and is part of the solution not the problem. The UFA depth signings need to improve. The organization is bringing in about 8 rookie players next year; Fasth, Lindberg, St. Croix, Nicholls, Kantor (for the AHL) and on D Hughes, Allen, and most likely Noreau. If Myles Bell is one of the third round picks or a UFA and same with Brock Beukeboom, they’ll be here too. Gotta sign the right UfAs not the biggest name ones. The Marc Mathiots or Anton Strahlmans of the world. Value in a cap league.

  56. I didnt let that loss ruin my day (mainly because I fell asleep before gametime). Sunny and hot here in Israel. Starting my bike tour in a couple of days. Have a great summer guys. See you on July 1st.

  57. Hope you have an awesome time, Lyova. You will.

    Za’rat, too early to predict a winner, but you are heavily favored.

  58. Delzasters trade value? After the regular season and horrific playoff, don’expect much of a return.

    As I said in January, the player doesn’t skate well, and is miserable with coverage and reads in the DZone, always caught in-between or a step or two behind. He added as the season went on the propensity to needlessly turn the puck over time and time again in all three zones.

    Our only hope is some fool GM places more value on his meaningless career point totals than his actual play.

  59. Thanks, Carp, for passionately providing this worst blog on the internets!!! It is where I go, first thing in the morning!!! Appreciate it greatly and it helps to bring me back to earth after taking the losses so personally!!! I’m afraid my team will never qualify for a Cup the way they are lead right now. Can’t believe it’s been 20 years since “Now I Can Die In Peace”!!!

  60. I’m really getting tired of watching Henrik so frustrated, angry, and disappointed year after year. The guy shows up EVERY game, gives us a chance to win, yada yada yada… it’s the same thing every year. I feel so much for that guy, and I hope he gets what he truly deserves.

    This whole season just didn’t feel right to me. Shortened season and all. I’m excited for the first post-lockout full season! Bring in the young’uns!

  61. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    It’s in the bag Carp. Wanna know why? Cause I’m a winner. I go out, and I win. You won’t see this poster celebrate not getting swept. No no no sir. It’s all about winning to me.

    Za’rat = Winner

  62. Papa, I’m not defending Del Zotto, but I think plenty of teams would take him and give something in return to get him, and then be happy to have him as their No. 4 or 5.

  63. And Carp, seriously, thank you for all you do game in and game out. I’m sure it wasn’t easy during the lockout but you still had me coming back to this website to hear what you had to say despite there being no games to talk about. Your even-keeled, intelligent, and at times, humorous Rangers analysis is the best Rangers coverage on the internet, and the fact that you interact with us boneheads in the comment section and live chats makes it even better. So thank you!

  64. You really saw them celebrating not getting swept?

    I saw a team that showed some onions and won a game the hard way, and should have been proud of that.

    so, no, I don’t agree with the Winner part. What’s the opposite of winner? …

  65. Carp – I still don’t think the Nash trade is worth it, only because its a cap world now and you need efficiency in regards to production.

    Nash gives you numbers equivalent to Justin Williams, Andrew Ladd, and Blake Wheeler, but he makes twice as much money. If he was a $5-$6 million player? I would’ve loved the trade. But the fact that its $8 million lessens his value immensely for me since you need to find more depth scoring for cheaper.

    Just think, his cap hit is only a million less than Crosby’s, but on average he gets 15 less goals and 40+ less points. That’s just not worth it in the cap world.

  66. While the jury is not back yet, MisterSoftie has certainly shaken my belief in the old hockey adage that the team who gets the best player in a multi-player deal wins the trade.

    What a major disappointment he was in these playoffs. For me, there were lots of signals with his on ice play and body language which leaves me with serious concerns moving forward, Especially at an annual $7.8M cap hit for the next 5 years.

  67. I won’t fight the Nash trade argument on the salary cap side of it, Jonny. You are right. I think a lot of us, or some of us, said this was a really good player they were getting, but not a top-20 player in the league (just like Richards). If they could just once every decade or so draft and develop a 30+ goal scorer they wouldn’t have to spend that kind of crazy cash on a guy like Nash. But they haven’t drafted that guy in a long time, and so they needed a player like that.

    again, definitely not saying he’s worth $7.8M. Not at all.

  68. Now if this were the old days when money was just an object to the Rangers? Well then I wouldn’t care since they have endless pockets and can pay to fix mistakes…although that never worked well haha

  69. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    I believe that would be “Loser”

    Yes, I saw a team celebrate beating, what appeared to be, a drunk bruins team. A goalie falling on his bum. A seven foot strong freak of nature handing a puck away. That’s not a gut wrenching fringing windy celebrating, they actually embarrassed themselves.

    They should’ve had that look in their eyes of “ok, we stole one, whatever. Now it’s time for business”

    But nooooo. They came running off the bench like they were the 2007 NY Giants.

  70. It has rarely worked well for the Rangers or any team in hockey, nor for most teams in other sports (see: baseball).

  71. johnny D, 100% agree and that was my argument when the rumors of the Nash trade was going around the league. Nash is not malkin or Crosby but gets paid like a super star. Another bad contract under sather, it’s time for sather to go and the rest of management/scouts.

  72. The Rangers don’t “suck” as an organization. The curse is mediocrity.

    Everyone take a guess at how many times in their history the Rangers have chosen 1st in an NHL draft. The answer is at the bottom of this post.

    This curse dates back to the days after WWII when the Canadian teams had “territorial” choices that “didn’t exist”, wink wink. This despite taking turns with Boston and Chicago to miss the playoffs in a 6 team league.

    Expansion brought 6 new teams in 1967, all in their own division (hello, realignment) picking ahead of the Rangers.

    The worst period of all was the 1975-1993 “Legacy Division” era, where the Rangers stacked up in the Patrick Division with the Isles, Flyers and Flames competing for 3 playoff spots, and would miss the playoffs with 93 points.

    Meanwhile Chicago would finish 1st in the pathetically weak Smythe Division with 72 points. This would earn them a bye in the 1st round, while they would draft ahead of the Rangers and select players like Denis Savard and Dirk Graham.

    In order to compete for the Cup, history shows us that the Ranger MUST go out and find older or damaged talent that is not available to them due to draft position. The names change over the years: Harvey, Geoffrion, Esposito, LaFleur, Dionne, LaFontaine, Gretzky, Kurri, Lindros, Bure…

    Of each of these players, my Dad would say, “…if we had gotten him at 30 instead of 35”. Until Messier, of course, who was 30 years old. Guess what happened.

    No, it’s the Rangers middling performances that cement our “loser” legacy. The problem is that we never actually hit bottom, always think we’re to players away (although those 2 are Bobby Orr and Gretzky in their primes).

    What we don’t have is that season that the Islanders and Penguins specialize in, where they are getting that first pick that cements their franchise. The Midtown address forces the team to try and complete every year. And that continues the cycle.

    No, we’re never in that position, that is except for one time: post lockout 2004, where the Rangers had the worst record in the NHL, and somehow ended up drafting 15th in the Crosby year.

    How did that happen, and how did it work out?

    And now for the answer to the number of times the Rangers have drafted 1st: —ZERO—

  73. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    *That’s not a gut wrenching grinding win. By celebrating, they actually embarrassed themselves.

    I think I must be drinking Bruins beer. It messed you up.

  74. Carp, I respect your opinion. But you and I see apples and oranges with Delzotto. Always have and always will.

    Not likely but, with a full and healthy blue line, (Staal, Sauer, Strallman) and if either McIlrath or Skeil crack the line-up next year, Delzotto is a 7or 8 DMan on this team.

  75. I’m with Romeo and Sioux: no way this season was a failure. We got to the second round and could have gone further but for injuries, bad breaks, and Bruins players coming out of nowhere (Krug) to perform! Nash was a monster for us this season and i agree with Carp that plenty of top players have had worse playoffs. I like having Nash on this team. I like the additions we made at the trade deadline. I’m convinced Clowe and Staal would’ve been difference makers in this series I’m hopeful we can get Staal and Sauer back next year at 100%. Thanks, Carp, for a great blog.

  76. Had to record the game to watch later…..knew the final score and couldn’t get through the 1st period.

    It’s always disappointing after elimination, but have to look forward to changes. Like reading all the opinions on what needs to change.

    Thanks Carp, while the season was disappointing the Blog of the Boneheads never does…another great year. Great job.

  77. That’s definitely true Carp, and I agree 100%. I think that might happen in the next few years though. I know this sounds completely crazy, but if this team can’t truly improve it might be best for Lundqvist to go elsewhere for both him and the Rangers.

    1) If Lundqvist leaves, he’ll get a chance to truly play for a cup in his last few seasons since I’m not sure that this team is ready for it in the next 5 years.

    2) without a true franchise goalie, the Rangers might actually be terrible and get to draft in the top 5 for the first time since I can remember. The reason why teams like Pittsburgh and Chicago are consistently great now is because they were brutal for a few years in the early and mid 2000s. They racked up two early first round picks, drafted a few sure thing studs, and now compete by building around them.

    Not saying I want Henke to leave or want that to happen, but the reality is it might be the only way this franchise can build a true contender.

  78. Papa, again, I think Del Zotto was good early in the season and regressed and was awful in this series. I think he’s better in his own zone and without the puck than he is in the offensive or neutral zones, or with the puck. Which is kinda the opposite of what he was supposed to be.

    And I’m not stomping my foot and saying you’re wrong at all in your assessment. But I’d wager a hot dog that he will be a better player than Skeil for their careers. Maybe McIlrath, too.

  79. Gotta go take my little princess out of the house, but I promise to chime in on the Cap issue at some point. Briefly, I don’t think it’s bad at all. It’s set at $64.3M next season, after that it depends on how the HRR grows. We’ll have the numbers after this season is over, but from some numbers I’ve seen so far, it looks promising.

  80. Yergs, I don’t think it’s hostile except for one self-smitten winner.

    actually having some good give-and-takes for a funereal Sunday morning.

  81. Just thinking….

    Always felt that the Western conference was more wide open style than the tighter checking East.

    Any correlation to the big players we brought from the west….Nash, Gaborik, Richards, etc. Can’t handle the different style..


    Is it Torts system?


  82. One change I’d like to see is 2 assistant coaches next year…with none of them named Sullivan.

  83. Richards had no issues playing in the East when he was on Tampa.

    And despite the notion that the East is “tougher”, the West is probably more physical overall. Difference is most of those teams have physical guys who can still get you points. The Kings, Ducks, Blues, Sharks, and even the Stars a few years ago were teams that would beat the hell out of you and have guys who can get on the scoreboard.

    The East doesn’t have too many of those teams, which is probably why the West has won more cups lately.

  84. Lundqvist will get max term deal 6 or 7 years. The expectation is that he will go the Brodeur route – good until late 30’s. He will retire a Ranger, bank on it. This is the franchise’s Derek Jeter.

  85. Hear ya Jonny..

    But Richards ha been there (In the West) for a while. So do you think it’s Tort’s system?

  86. eddie eddie eddie on

    The caps series was great to watch. Back to back shutouts against a team that can score – pretty dang good…..Boston was just too much – too much depth, too much speed, too much skill, too much toughness……

    The sun rose today – and it will again….

    Lets go Rangers

    Carputha, my brutha….thank you for all you do…

  87. eddie eddie eddie on

    JR – “Engblom proved over and time again, he is so much stupider than I could ever want to be”

  88. he will probably be better than he was here, tommy. But the buyout is necessary. they can’t possibly have him on their books for seven more years, no matter how good he is next year.

  89. Cousin Tom, awesome post. Thanks for that.

    Carp, kindest thanks from/by me.


  90. Thank You Carp. Thank You!! This place is a haven for life long Ranger fanatics.

    I really believe this tough playoff experience will be a positive long term for Nash. This guy’s going to give us some good moments. The whole MDZ thing is mind boggling. Not only has he lost his game in just about every aspect, he’s not always going at 100%. From what we thought he was going to be to where he is today, extremely disappointing.

    Long Live the King!!!

  91. Richards deserves the most blame. From #1 center to healthy scratch. Killed them.

  92. Richards will never be the players he was, but he isn’t this bad. I think with the offseason to get in shape, he’ll be back to being a 65+ point guy (he was on pace for 60 this year and he was horrible).

    That being said, with the cap situation he has to be bought out. The Rangers need to space.

    And back to the Nash thing, while I know he was supposed to be their 30+ goal scorer, they did have Gaby coming off another 40 goal campaign.

    Mind you if Gaby plays this year the way he had earlier in his Rangers career, then this team would’ve been drastically different and better than they were. So I guess from that perspective, it was more on Gaby’s lack of production than Nash (which you’ve said all season and I agree with).

  93. That Krug kid is scary good. What composure. What a freakin’ shot! Del Zotto can learn a thing or two from him.

  94. Another big thanks to Carp for providing what is hands-down the best Rangers blog on the web. I only post occasionally but I read every day. This is really the only site worth coming to for Rangers info and opinion. I read other Rangers blogs too, and I see them (and other bonehead fans on Twitter) still speculating as to whether Torts will lose his job, whether Nash was injured, whether Richards will be bought out – but we already know the answers to those questions, thanks to the guy who runs this blog. And they would too if they would get a clue and come here.

    Also, thanks to all the posters here – some of you guys really crack me up big-time.

  95. Hagerstown MD Rangers Fan on

    Carp I want to thank you for what you do. You do a great job with this blog. I for one greatly appreciate it as I look forward to reading your analysis every day. You are definitely correct about the men versus boys analysis. I had been thinking the same thing. Our boys sure for the most part got pushed around way too much. Now it’s time for a long summer. Who do you think besides Richards will be shown the door? Is Sauer finished? Is Staal finished?

  96. I also think that if the Rangers don’t show a massive improvement next year, all of the King’s gold couldn’t get Henke back in a blueshirt. They would have to massively overpay, but I think there are many teams that are more competitive that will pay him a decent amount of money to tend their net.

    Either way, there is no way he’s taking a hometown discount just to be disappointed for the rest of his career. He wants to get paid, but he wants to win more.

  97. You know, Carp, I have the same frivolous hope in this blog as I do in NYR. Each morning I awaken with the prospect of seeing “from” in the subheader. At least you let me down easy.

  98. I had heard some rumors that Dubi might be bought out from Columbus. Anyone think the Rangers kick those tires for the right price if he is bought out?

  99. I don’t think Hank wants to be anywhere but NY. I think he will be expensive, but not obnoxiously so.

  100. bull dog line on

    I am more of a glass is half full opinion on this team right now. they need a rugged stay at home Dman in the worst way, and obviously a power play QB. I like where they are at with there forwards. both presently here, and on the way. I don’t think they are that far off.

  101. Not ready to give up on DelZotto….still only 22 …took on alot of extra minutes he usually does not see due to Staal and Stralman injuries

  102. Bull Dog – They need McIlrath to turn into that rugged stay at home Dman in the worst way. If he never gets it together that will be a big blow.

  103. Let me provide the opposing view on Hank: he is 31, needs the Cup to cement his legacy, as has a potential inflection point in his career when his contract expires.

    I see him moving on if he believes he can’t get that Cup here, no matter how much he likes the NYC lifestyle.

    If a team is on the cusp, needs an elite goalie, and has cap space, it’s the play that needs to be made.

  104. If the Devils or Islanders offer him a decent amount of money, you don’t think he’d jump ship? Especially if the Isles keep improving and have a team that offers him top line scoring talent? Pretty sure he’d be gone at 12:00 AM on July 1st, 2014.

  105. bull dog line on

    Hank will sign this off season. torn on MDZ. sometimes I see what Carp sees, but most of the time he is not very good. Boyle is a tough one. he plays to much in the regular season for what he produces, but he does play well in the play offs. also I noticed with Boyle, that he seems to be a team leader. tough call on him.

  106. Islanders are still way behind the Rangers in terms of being a contender.

    and I agree, he stays a NYR for his career. They’ll pay him.

  107. bull dog line on

    the Islanders were helped by the lockout. if it was a full 82 game season they are in the lottery again. they will take a big step back next year.

  108. (1) Carp, your the best. Thanks for giving us this place to chat and for all your hard work.
    (2) thanks to all the boneheads and the (g)jibberish. You all make the season more fun no matter what happens on the ice.
    (3) thanks to the team. No matter what, there is a lot of good things to look forward to. There are pieces needed, but others in place. Some guys truly care that we have something to root for, as a fan that’s what matters most.

  109. I don’t agree with that Carp (as you know haha). Would the Rangers have given the Pens fits like the Isles did in the first round? I’m not sure the Rangers wouldn’t have been swept, let alone take it to 6.

    Plus with De Haan and Reinhart coming up, the Isles D is going to improve a lot too. I think going forward with all of the young talent in their organization, they are setup to be better than the Rangers in the next 5 years. So they might not be better today, but they will be.

    Add Henke to that mix and its a guarantee.

  110. Bull dog, I actually think they were hurt by the short season. They started off real slow and then got it going down the stretch. I think they had one of the top 3 records in the second half of the season.

    If they had a full season, they probably wouldve finished in the 6 or 7 spot and had an easier playoff run.

  111. eddie eddie eddie on

    Engblom – “someday some of you will realize that I was the glue that taped those great Habs teams together”

  112. eddie eddie eddie on

    Carp – any word as to whether or not the car seat will do any kind of meet and greet over the off season?…..a tour of the city maybe?

  113. bull dog line on

    Johnny D,
    the Islanders did not have enough depth to last in a full season. much like the Habs, who also would have missed in an 82 game season.

  114. again, my agrument against Islanders vs. Rangers theory:

    I’d trade anybody except maybe Lundqvist for Tavares.

    but after that, for which Islanders other than Tavares would you trade Nash, Stepan, McDonagh, Callahan, Kreider, a healthy Staal?

    My answer: None.

  115. Carp – was talking about the Isles there. If they had a full season, I think they would’ve been a 6 seed. Think the Rangers would’ve barely made an 8 and gotten swept by the Pens.

  116. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I don’t think one can let their emotions get over on them. MDZ is a serviceable NHL 4/5/6. He is a kid and he should stay right here. He needs to be coached. He can do better. This kid was confident early in the year. He was playing well and active offensively. Something changed after about 20 games. I believe he can get back to that.

    Moore was a nice pick up and he can ‘challenge’ MDZ as they go forward. Let them push each other to succeed. A couple of young guys. Nice to see.

    We need to bulk up the d some and add depth organizationally.

  117. How do you really analyze average?

    While scorn is heaped upon Nash, Richards, MDZ, and the coach mouths his prepared script courtesy of MSG that Staal and Clowe would have made the “difference”.

    The bottom line for all but Junior and the accountants is, another year of personnel turnover and the same strengths and weaknesses this organization has always had but as always profitable!

    Over rated D needing to block too many shots because they have neither the size strength or mobility to keep people away with their skills.

    Forwards with similar issues of size, strength and speed to do likewise, notice how many times our forwards were mauled by the Bruins forwards and D.

    Our only natural scorer a finesse player whose skills might be better shown with an opposite side forward who might provide a distraction for opponents.

    Two creative but smallish centers and overall the issue of constant turnover of personnel.

    All of the above compounded by cap restraints, salary needs to resign our own players, very limited help in the pipeline to fill our obvious needs.

    And arguably the worst GM in the last 25 years.

    73 and 1, 13 and none, who really believes the pieces are in place to contend for a cup?

    Yes it is hard to analyze average, especially when your fan base lives in “we’ll be better next year” land.

    No we won’t unless a legitimate house cleaning is done starting at the top.

    What are the odds?

  118. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Hey, E3, I gotta tell you, I so appreciate your posts, my friend. You are brilliant, humorous, and one heck of a creative thinker and writer. Keep the faith. Before 2040, I do believe…I can predict….I am very sure…we will win a cup.

    I am not too sure what cup…but a cup of some kind…I believe!!!

  119. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Carp, word has it Ryan Miller is available. The two teams that might like him could be Isles and Frilly. He changes both immediately.

    What say you? You hearing same?

  120. tomb, your 6:34 harrowing. And appropriate for this Memorial Day where we honor those noble and brave souls who made our freedoms possible.

  121. Carp – that’s only talking about the top few players. That’s doesn’t mean the Rangers are drastically better. Plus like I said, this is about the future.

    Moulson makes 2.5 a year and puts up the same numbers as Nash. Grabner is a lot like Kreider, fast skater and ton of offensive potential (Kreider has a higher ceiling). Okposo and Nielsen are quality scorers as well.

    Not to mention, Tavares is a top 10 player and is only a $5.5 mil cap hit. They have top talents like Reinhart, Neiderreiter, de Haan, and Strome coming up. The move to Brooklyn should increase revenues and give them more to spend since they are way under the cap. With their ability to score, if you put Lundqvist on that team, they are a very dangerous matchup for anyone.

    Even this year, if you switch Lundqvist and Nabokov, you don’t think the Islanders would’ve been better than the Rangers?

  122. Matthew Arnold, ‘Dover Beach’:

    “Ah, love, let us be true
    To one another! for the world, which seems
    To lie before us like a land of dreams,
    So various, so beautiful, so new,
    Hath really neither joy, nor love, nor light,
    Nor certitude, nor peace, nor help for pain;
    And we are here as on a darkling plain
    Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight,
    Where ignorant armies clash by night.”

    On the other hand, I figure with a legitimate sniper, a healthy Clowe and Staal, and a re-vamped defensive corps, we are golden. :)) cheer up, me boyos!

  123. Anyone care to speculate on what Torts meant when he said before game 2 that the team had some issues off-ice that needed to be addressed? Pretty sure he said it in the “Hagelin stinks on the power play” press conference. After that the team played well for two periods, then fell apart defensively in the third period, then rolled over in game 3. I’m still wondering about what that was about.

  124. there are going to be a lot of goalies available, Matty. Is Garth Snow a good enough GM to get one? The right one?

  125. Oh and one thing I completely forgot to mention yesterday, but is it any coincidence that once Gaborik got traded, Nash started to struggle scoring? Not saying it wasn’t a necessary move, but it seemed like after Gaborik left, he started to struggle and it continued into the playoffs.

    It also didn’t help that he scored 75% of his goals against non-playoff teams…

  126. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Cmnsense, I have to say I agree. It starts at the top. But he gets the biggest pass any GM has ever gotten. 13 years and counting in an environment where he can do as he pleases. No matter how much input Torts had in the Richards debacle, the GM CAN say no. The GM went along with it. Is he not accountable?

    Add to that, did this team not completely overachieve last year???Please don’t tell me that was because the GM helped them to do so? That was the players, the system, the coach. They lacked the same depth on D and had no 4th line, then, too.

    So what did he do to improve the team? The deadline deal with Columbus righted one of his wrongs, for sure. Still lacking in size, depth, skill.

    And, I agree, an overrated, small D.

    Ba-dum-ah!! Bupkas.

    How many more years of this GM?

  127. “Lucic=Monster. No. I mean he really is a monster. Like, made out of nuts, bolts, and beast parts.”

    Carp, that quote from you is Priceless. I almost spit my drink all over the computer when I read it.

    The Bruins were deeper, nastier, and now on to the next round. I don’t know if we win this series with Clowe and Staal, but it is a closer series with the two of them in. Also, I am not buying Nash not being hurt. Not one bit, even if he says he wasn’t. I would bet top dollar is wrist is injured as well as his knee. Everyone is going to argue maybe we shouldn’t have traded for him, but I really don’t think the same exact team from last year goes much further than the team we had this year.

    I think Torts is back to at least start next season and the more I think about it Carp is probably right that Richards is gone. I am not 100% convinced of that, but it makes a lot of sense for that to be the case.

    This team is not far away for a cup folks. They are close. But I will say that if Torts is the coach to start the year, he needs to adjust his system to the players in it. He can’t expect every team he coaches to be able to play the same way. That is on him.

    The Gabby trade at the end of the season for the guys we got, I liked it then and continue to like it now.

    I know some disagree, but as long as he isn’t going to take the spot of Kreider on the one of the top two lines, I am all for bringing Clowe back at the right price.

    It is going to be interesting to see how the summer pans out for our team. The draft is sooner this year, right? I wonder if we see some movement by our team then?

    Either way, as always, and although I don’t post as much as I used to, I still enjoy reading this blog each and every day. Thank you to Carp for doing it, and thank you to all of the every day steady regulars who post. Some of you are bat carcillo crazy, but that is what makes it fun.

  128. bull dog line on

    Nash struggled to score because he stayed on the perimeter, and when he had chance he was to fancy. tried a toe drag yesterday from the top of the slot. just snap the dang thing.

  129. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Carpy, I think he will improve the team, Snow. If he gets a quality goalie, they’re here to stay. Tavares is a top 5 to me. Special player with some excellent skill AND grit. He makes those around him better.

    We will be better, too, hopefully.

  130. Matty, I will tell you what I absolutely know to be true, from here on, Sather is like George Steinbrenner in his final years. He’s holding the title, but all the important decisions are now being made beneath him. I’m sure he still does a lot of the bargaining in trade talks, because he’s a hustler by nature, but he has really ceded most of the responsibility to Jeff Gorton and Co.

  131. Kreider was a beast the last two games… ironically, the last two games is when he finally got to play top minutes…did Torts apologize for that too? I missed the eulogy :)

  132. Rob in Beantown on

    I have a question for the armchair GMs and CBA-geeks amongst us. Are there resources other than CapGeek that you guys look at for information? Also, are there good resources online for player data that you recommend?

  133. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    That is uplifting, Carpy!! He is a pretty stubborn negotiator. Has little clue about how to put together a team for any decade but the 70’s.

  134. Carp,

    What did Stepan do to earn a star? I would vote McD, Lundqvist and either Krieder or Girardi? Rangers had no D depth in Hartford. They needed to be able to dig down and get a D man out of Hartford laet in the eeason and in the playoffs. They only seem to be developing forwards other than McI. Thanks for all your coverage!!

  135. Stepan took a shot to the mush, got stitched up, came back, took a stick to the mouth, came back with a full shield, and I thought played a hard game. Showed me some onions. I like that. So I gave him a star.

  136. _Kreider is still going through the process._

    aha… process called “If your name ain’t Brad Richards then you ain’t my friend” ;)

  137. Bull dog – I agree, and he was trying to do too much. But even at the end of the season, teams started closing him down. Not having Gaby helped the team, but hurt him I think since teams were able to focus solely on him.

    And it no surprise he tried to do too much. He always tried to be a human highlight reel on Columbus (didn’t help that his supporting cast wasn’t great). He needs to learn that it’s a team game and when you have less space, you need to use your teammates.

  138. i go on record right now and say with the new realigment where top 3 in your division make the playoffs and then next best records in east the rangers will miss the playoffs.

    pens boston
    washington detroit
    phil ottawa
    isles toronto
    rangers montreal
    columbus tampa
    carolina buffalo
    devils florida

    pens caps phil are in 1-3 boston detroit ottawa 1-3

    isles and toronto beat out rangers and montreal.


  139. Once thing that this year’s playoff run had in common with last year’s the way the team looked completely fatigued in the final game. The style of play that Torts prefers just chews these guys up, I guess.

    Given the way the Rangers played for stretches of the regular season, I think you could say they overperformed reaching the semis. Given the way the roster looked at the beginning of the regular season, the getting ousted in the second round is a total disappointment.

    Watching the end of last night’s game really made me wonder how Lundqvist puts up with such little goal support every year, and whether he’ll eventually be one of those players that was universally recognized as the best at his position, but never had the supporting cast to win a Cup.

  140. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    You have to love Stepans game. He is 22. I have a son his age. I get it. THat is incredible grit and talent. Here, I will say it….a GREAT DRAFT PICK!!!!

    We have a nice foundation of young core. And Kreider has emerged. It is his and Miller’s time. Enough of the emotional bounce around. Kreider looked like a thoroughbred out there.

  141. it was two draft picks for clowe and a 3rd if he resigns. sorry clowe must go. didnt see enough to bring back. he may need to accept a one yr deal to show teams he isnt hurt.

    by not making conf finals this year we get a 3rd round pick from columbus via the nash trade

  142. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Eric, check it, but I do believe the clowe deal have SJ getting 2 picks plus a conditional 5th round in 2014 when we did not win the second round. I think it’s a total of 3 picks

  143. I’m stuck in an airport in Mali (snow) and am willing to part with two $240 ducats to Torts/Ovi car seat race on the 28th. Asking $750 for the pair.

  144. I can honestly say that the recaps were more entertaining than the games, for the most part.

  145. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    I’ve been sitting and thinking. Long and hard. Pondering ideas and thoughts of the next 3 seasons. I’ve come to a dire conclusion on how I am going to perform as a fan for the next 3 seasons.

    I’ve calculated the talent on hand, and the talent coming up. Possible coaches and possible scenarios.

    They’ve all been developed in to, what I like to call the GTS play or “Go Time Strategy”.

    This strategy will be in stages. Bith in and out of the arena. Home games and road games.

    STEP 1: attend or watch games

    STEP 2: cheer them on no matter the score.

    STEP 3: boo the opposing team

    (This next step being vital)

    STEP 4: after the final buzzer, look at the score, bend over, take it in the bum, smile, wait for the next game, and repeat steps 1 through 4.

  146. From the April 2 post …

    Now confirmed that the Rangers completed a trade for tough winger Ryane Clowe from San Jose for a second- and a third-round pick in 2013, and a 2014 conditional second-rounder if the Rangers re-sign Clowe, who will be an unrestricted free agent this summer, or if they win two playoff rounds. If not, the conditional pick is a fifth-rounder.

  147. clean up the language, Za’Rat. Thank you. That’s two today. You should be able to determine the line you crossed.

  148. SufferingSince79 on

    Have stayed off the blog the last couple of days but been reading. Trying to keep my emotions in check. Given some of what I’ve seen posted here, blogging and season ending loses don’t mix. What to say…

    Carp – Review was great again. Thanks tons for what you do and for giving us the forum to blah, blah blah in.

    NYRS – Moments like the OT win in game 4 do enough to remind me of why I root for this team (any team for that fact). The other four games, the opposite of that. I am no English major but winning is great and losing sucks (to coin a phrase). And criticizing profession athletes for celebrating an OT win is well, hard to understand. I can see Captain Cally skating into the pile of his screaming teammates now…”Hey guys, take it easy…they’re watching. Don’t go crazy, it’s only one game.”

    And if anyone disagrees with me, then you’re just stupid. Got you with that one. Bet you changed your mind.

    Boneheads – its great to come to a place and commiserate with other fans who share a similar passion. The opinions and level of knowledge vary enough to make it interesting and enjoyable and ever so often a place where wish you punch someone through the computer.

    Troll-heads – You know who you are. Thanks for playing. Now back to your own team blogs…if you can find them, or get a reply back before the start of the 2013-14 season.

    You know…I’m not done rooting for the sweater yet and most of the guys in it are guys I can get behind. I’ll keep coming back because of the chance that one day it might all be worth it. The stars will align, they’ll get it right and get a little lucky and get themselves The Cup. I’ll yell, cheer, curse and cry along the way and occasionally come here to share.

    And a last thought for today…it’s only a sport and you’re only along for the ride. You didn’t wake up this morning with a concussion, missing teeth, cut’s, stitches, injuries that require surgery and God know’s what else. I know, I know they get paid a lot but let’s remember who we all are here.

    Have a happy and safe rest of the weekend and summer. Hope to see most of you here again soon and of course, there’s always next year. Thank a vet, hug your kids, tell your parents you love them. Say please and excuse me and hold the door occasionally for someone. You’ll feel better (or better than you do today).

  149. Carp, thanks for all you do. Another successful season for you. You are the best in the business and we all appreciate it. Great review, as always.

  150. I am beyond disappointed with Nash. He sucked in most of his minutes except for a few. He should have scored at least 5 or 6 goals in these playoffs. He is a pansy who doesn’t like to play physical or get dirty and he didn’t start really engaging until late in the Washington series. The fact that he wasn’t hurt is a mystery… How was this guy a captain? Is he really worth $7.8m for 5 more years?

    Nash was outplayed by Brad Marchand.

  151. Nash is exactly the player I thought he was and is the reason why I didn’t want to trade for him. All the ranger fans who wanted him should not say one negative word about Nash but I know that won’t happen, Nash will be the new whipping boy.

  152. The PP MUST be fixed for next year. We need to do whatever we can to get Dustin Byfuglien (or Shea Weber, if Nashville can’t afford the contract they had to give him by matching Mr. Snider’s offer sheet).

  153. Clowe was really bad for the sharks. He was slightly better for the rangers. I don’t think he should be resigned. He wants a ton of money for a player of his calibur. A counterarguement could be that trade looks even worse if you give up those picks for a guy that plays less than 20 games but i think it’s time to cut their losses. Too slow and on the wrong side of 30. I’d like to see them try to sign Hendricks and/or nystrom. They could help the pk which was not up to recent standards.

    Is their any chance lundqvist privately asks for a trade? He is visibly frustrated often. I think hejustwants to win and maybe he doesn’t think it can happen here.

  154. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    I probably could’ve substituted that part with:

    STEP 4: after the final buzzer, look at the score, scream, cry, and kick the seat in front me, smile, wait for the next game, and repeat steps 1 through 4.

    But somehow I didn’t feel that would be true. I don’t wanna lie to fellow fans. I feel we all have been through enough pain and ire. I myself, have been getting all kinds of stupid texts from Bruins fans. I didn’t know I knew any. All of the sudden these CLOWNS (better word?) start sending me YouTube clips like this one
    Pictures of Henrik playing golf. Putting Torts’ face Dos Equis pictures saying “I don’t usually win, but when I do, I choose golf” these same fools, as Al Michaels once said, “don’t know the difference between a blue line and a clothesline.”

    So, in conclusion, I felt it was a necessary, calculated, and long thought out post.

  155. So not only did the Rangers backtrack from last season, they now don’t have any picks in the 1st 3 rounds? Thought it was only the 1st two, but wow, that is horrible. Thanks for reposting that Carp.

    Looks like yet another mediocre year next season. They probably won’t even make the playoffs.

    For the record, Columbus has 3 first round picks. Last year I see them finishing below the Rangers, but if Bobrovsky re-signs and they kee building that team, they might end up being better than the Rangers for the next decade.

  156. Torts needs to let go of his old “Tamp Bay Days” players. Richards is done, as is Hamrlik. The only one we should have held onto was Prospal.

  157. Mats Zuccarello (1 G, 5 A) and Derek Brassard (2G, 10A) led the Rangers in points in these playoffs…both outscored Nash

    Kudos to Zucc and Brass but Nash has to be your primary offensive threat….

  158. Carp, you seem to be diminishing Sappy’s role as the GM ,but then say he has a role in “bargaining” in trades.

    So in effect are you saying he’s removed from the drafting process only, because he’s for damned sure not “removed” from FA dealings?

    While sketchy drafts are indeed part of the personnel problems here, his FA signings and trades have not exactly solved squat, yes?

    13 yeaers and no real #1 D, no large, mean sob on D, no PP QB on D.

    Forwards, no true power forward who has coring ability, no large center at least on the third line.

    Boyle essentially sucks overall!

    No real physical deterrent especially regular season, despite Sappy’s many plunges into the marketplace and wasted millions!

    Redundant and repetitive but without Lundqvist this team and organization is below average”

    And he may leave unless the fools grossly overpay………..and with Sappy at the helm why not since it’s Junior’s money!

  159. billy C, not to mention all the nhl draftee experts has this years draft as a deep draft, stupid, desperate trade, just to make the playoffs. The insanity keeps on going.

  160. rangers won’t make the playoffs next year and I can see lundqvist leaving for a better chance of winning a cup.

  161. CTBlueshirt on

    The PP MUST be fixed for next year. We need to do whatever we can to get Dustin Byfuglien (or Shea Weber, if Nashville can’t afford the contract they had to give him by matching Mr. Snider’s offer sheet).


    You’re aware that the Preds don’t exactly light it up the PP even with Weber? And what exactly are you going to give up to get him?

  162. CTBlueshirt on

    Gregory Campbell scored as many goals in game 5 as Nash has scored in 16 playoff games.

  163. Draft day will hopefully involve us trading players (Del Zaster, maybe even Staal) to recoup squandered draft picks so it’ll be worth watching.

  164. TommyG, he now has 2 concussion in a months time on his résumé to boot!

    I’m as upset as anyone about the season ending. Yeah, this series pretty much cemented the rangers image as pretender instead of contenders but the have won 3 playoff series in 2 years. Not a lot of teams can say that. There is a weird neurosis in fandom these day: youre either winning the championship or you’re pure carcillo and should be rebuilding. if you broach every season as THE year and anything less than a championship is unacceptable , you are going to take a lot of fun out of rooting for a team.

  165. The Rangers have no depth outside the kids and pretty much have to sign Clowe (assuming he can play). This year’s FA pool is pretty miserable…

  166. Always a great read Garp. A half a Cup would be a better than no Cup.All the what ifs. Its over Johnny. Long live the King and our NEW YORK RANGERS. Tomorrow is really going to suck. Stay thirsty my friends. See every body next season.

  167. Not to mention that Weber and Byfuglien might help the PP, but it doesn’t fix the 10 other problems this team has.

    And would you really get rid of Kreider, Miller, and a pick for one of those guys? Maybe substitute DZ or Staal for one of those guys?

  168. The FA pool is very weak but it is also evolving with compliance buyouts. Which, from a league wide perspective, could be interesting. Given NYR’s FA track record they should probably stay away from bought out players.

  169. bull dog line on

    MDZ, and Staal for draft picks? are they rebuilding? somebody mentioned Clowe wanted to much money. I don’t remember hearing what it is he asked for. can you tell me?

  170. CTBlueshirt on


    You want to sign Clowe and meet the conditions for the extra draft pick, 2nd rounder in 2014? Some of the comments were made about him being an Adam Graves type player (I fully understand that does not mean he’s Graves himself). Look at how Graves declined after he hit 30. I suspect Clowe follows a similar path.

  171. CTB

    Yes. Team needs guys like him, even if on the 4th line. Unless, you can find someone younger and/or cheaper that can play like that.

  172. bull dog line on

    Graves scored 38 goals at 30, and 23 at 31. fell off after that. but I think with Graves you have to take into account his personal tragedy, his game fell off after that.

  173. #4 OK as a a 5 compared to what we have there.
    #5 Slow, but game. Fine if paired with #17 or #27.
    #6 Keep him unless D is greatly upgraded.
    #8 ?
    #14 Ok on wall, but hands of stone.
    #15 Need him to replace Prust. Few realize yet what an
    effective pest he is.
    #16 Could be the real deal.
    #17 like McDonuts, a gift.
    #18 Desperately needed. Will he recover?
    #19 ‘Nuff said.
    #20 May be on brink.
    #21 Sign him long.
    #22 Proved his grit, worth. Not untouchable.
    #24 The Captain, the engine.
    #27 The stolen child. RFA
    #28 Bargain at 600M. UFA in 2014
    #29 Needed if healthy. His bad luck will cost him.
    #30 Who?
    #32 Only 600M, but UFA.
    #36 Question mark.
    #38 Probably gone forever.
    #40 Need we discuss?
    #44 Can’t cut it here.
    #45 Most likely gone; served a brief purpose.
    #61 We got him, ride him. Protect him. He’s not here
    on a checking line, no matter how big he is.
    #62 He’ll do. Still upside.
    #97 Wad appears to be shot.

  174. I’d much rather keep our 2nd round pick than re-sign Clowe. Players like Clowe are a dime-a-dozen. He’s done anyway. His career can’t go anywhere but down.

    It’s not worth wasting yet another draft pick on a player that is damaged goods. I would’ve rather paid Prust than pay him. At least Prust gives you 2 more years before a declines.

  175. CTBlueshirt on

    If he’s willing to come back for a year deal under $2M then it could make sense. And who knows if that’s all he can ask for given the injuries he suffered at the end of this season. But on a team that’s not particularly blessed with speed outside a handful of guys, I don’t see him being particularly helpful.

    Boston isn’t a particularly fast team, but they were still able to exploit the Rangers lack of speed in the transition game.

    Again, I’ll refer to what Carp said earlier this year about Fedotenko, you’d rather let him go a year too earlier than a year too late.

  176. Also the guy had another concussion. That can’t be good for his career. He gets another one and he’s toast. That’s a waste for a 2nd rounder.

    This team isn’t going to be drastically better with him. The pieces aren’t there for a deep cup run. Why waste a draft pick on that when it’ll just guarantee continued mediocrity?

  177. bull dog line on

    I would like to see Haley on the team full time next year. play him 50, 60 games. finishes every check. makes the other team keep there heads up. 1 year left on contract. give him a good look.

  178. Bull dog line,

    Over 4 years and over 16 million for clowe’s demands. And that’s a low estimate because I can’t find an article.

  179. The only team that would give up three top 3 picks for a “character guy” who does not pose a big time scoring threat are the NYR!

    Observing some of the posts here you’d think we got Cam Neely!

    They will have to resign him or Sappy’s legacy takes another hit, which is hardly unique! I’m betting three years and 12mm.!

    Double down when it’s not your dough!

  180. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    Quick tally.

    If Lundqvist mentions his desire to be traded OUT WEST for a chance to win before its too late, do you support him anyway? Would any of you support him? Or root against him?

    Of course, if we were to go head to head in a cup finals, he’s boo’d relentlessly. I’m asking if we did not meet up with him.

    My choice is: I would buy his new jersey anyway. My king is my king. That’s my thought process.

  181. CTBlueshirt on

    Haley could be useful as a 13th forward, especially during the dog days of the season. I’m not completely opposed with them rotating Haley, Dorsett and Asham on the 4th line.

  182. CTBlueshirt on

    I’d say Rangers fan would root him the way that Bruins fans rooted for Bourque to win.

  183. bull dog line on

    if the Rangers don’t sign Clowe, he will end up in Philly and will torment the Rangers for years.

  184. I wouldn’t blame Henke at all. In many seasons, he’s the only reason why we were in the playoffs and in some cases, won a round. He deserves better than to keep having to bail out a mediocre hockey team year after year.

  185. bull dog line on

    I agree CT,
    he is a 13th forward, but I like his game. does Asham have another year left on contract? Dorsett is going to play all the time.

  186. Clowe isn’t ending up in Philly. Philly is looking yet again for a goalie and a d-man to replace Pronger.

  187. I guess it all depends. I think a 1 or 2 year deal makes sense for Clowe…but Slats might go in another direction if the Clowe camp demands are out of line…

    maybe Rangers take a look at Nathan Horton if he makes it to July 1??

  188. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Great review and thanks for another great season here (even a bettman’d one).

    I am working all weekend, so my “analysis” will be in a couple of days.

    Just a couple notes…
    Our number one priority ( A & B ) needs to be addressing the lack of toughness on D in the offseason and re-signing Clowe ASAP.

    This team IS NOT in as bad of shape as some of you seem to think. Brich needs to go. So does mdz.

    Have a happy Memorial Day weekend folks!

  189. Sather/Torts bring in Haley, Ash, Dorsett, Clowe, Newberries. What does that tell us about what they thought was a major weakness?

  190. Lundqvist will stay a Ranger unless the Rangers do something to completely insult him. He is too classy to just run away. I think he loves NY too much to leave unless he feels he isn’t wanted. He won’t be cheap, but he will not be outrageous $$$. He is the only superstar on this team The only guy worth the money he is getting.

  191. CTBlueshirt on

    I don’t disagree that they felt the grit element was missing from their team, but they also couldn’t score more than a goal or two in a lot of games in the playoffs this year. A lot of that rests on the guys that were getting paid big bucks to produce offense but scoring is still their primary concern as it’s been for many years.

  192. Rob in Beantown on

    I sincerely hope Sather resigns Lundqvist to a long deal this offseason. It would be the smart thing to do and would be take a huge question mark and uncertainty off everybody’s mind next season. But because its the smart thing it probably won’t happen

  193. Rob in Beantown on

    It won’t be fun if all next season we have in the back of our minds “will he or won’t he?” Sign Lundqvist to a long term deal now

  194. Good afternoon, Carp?

    It’s all over so now we can actually start to enjoy our summers. Gonna go put on my cutoffs, grab some vodka, and watch 15 episodes of Arrested Development.

    Next season? Let’s see what we can do about getting some Brandons back.

  195. Also, big thanks for everything you do here, Carp! You are still the awesomest! Hey, remember that time we met outside MSG?

  196. Chris Christie could fill our net for less money. Imagine him with the new pads?

  197. Rob in Beantown on

    Christie might not be in game shape next season, he had that surgery.

  198. CTBlueshirt on

    I’d fear that with Christie in net the ice would permanently be tilted against the Rangers.

  199. Is “cutoffs” on the banned word list? You got something against Never Nudes? There are *literally dozens* of us.

  200. It is ASTONISHING that people are talking about trading Staal. Unless you are sure that he isn’t going to resign here and wants to join his brothers; you don’t trade that guy. He was having a FANTASTIC year before the unfortunate injury.

  201. I do recall that, now that you mention it, Sally! If memory serves you were wearing some sort of Brandon jersey. Duh.

  202. Who exactly are these other teams with really bad goaltending but with everything else in place for a Cup run that Lundqvist would go to? Unless he goes to Pittsburgh, there are none. The idea that he would leave NY just to “win the Cup” is comical.

  203. The Blues. They need a goalie and they are set. Possibly the Caps too, but I don’t think Henke would want to play there.

  204. CARP, your 12:24 re: fatigue.

    Fatigue? It doesn’t have to present itself due to an accumulation of games played and I don’t think people here are arguing that the Rangers were fatigued because they played X number of games in X number of days.

    With the NYR’s, fatigue becomes a factor within the current game, the game they are playing. It is attributable to many factors within that particular game – including but certainly not limited to their size, conditioning, lack of depth, uneven allocation of ice time, lack of puck possession time, hitting, etc.

    Its Torts Kool-aid to say the NYRs are world class athletes and therefore never fatigued. The way this team is coached, the system they play, their lack of size, etc. During the critical crunch time in 4 out of 5 games in this series, the NYR’s looked tired, fatigued and a step behind the surging and fresher Bruins.

  205. so why weren’t the Bruins equally fatigued?

    I am not buying it, after 48 regular season games and eight or nine playoff games. Just not buying it.

  206. why were they not fatigued in the Washington series?

    why weren’t they fatigued coming down the homestretch of the season?

    still not buying.

  207. Rob in Beantown on

    Sb1, exactly. That’s the thing I hate most about the idea of Lundqvist bolting in order to win a Cup somewhere else. The Rangers are at least as close as a lot of other teams. There’s no guarantee that leaving would put him closer to winning a Cup than staying. It’d be a huge crapshoot. And most of the top flight teams already have a serviceable tender, the big exception being Pittsburgh.

  208. Lundqvist isn’t going anywhere, IMO.

    One of the big reasons for the Gaborik trade was to clear space to sign him and the RFAs.

  209. I agree Carp, but you have to admit that if he isn’t happy with the direction of the team, he isn’t staying for cheap. It’s going to take a record contract to keep him here
    I also don’t think he signs come January 1st and will wait until after the season.

  210. You guys just don’t get it.

    This team is not fatigued … it’s bush-leagued.

    I hand you a shot of absinthe if you think this team is going any deeper next year with this same set of no-talents.

  211. He will probably wait until the summer, and it might not be a record contract, but there won’t be a discount.

  212. CTBlueshirt on


    Do you think that they had to consider Richards as a buyout candidate when the compliance buyouts were structured into the CBA? Regardless of how he performed he had to be a buyout target based on the cap recapture provision that penalizes the cap cheating deals.

    The Lundqvist, Cally and Girardi deals don’t expire until 2014 in which case Gaborik would have been off the books anyway and they could buyout Richards so that class of FAs would not have been an issue.

    In a discussion I had with a friend last night I proposed that Richards was the reason that Gaborik got dealt. When it became apparent that Richards had lost his game they felt the need to acquire another established skilled center. Even with his no trade clause, Gaborik was still a relatively trade-able player (Richards was not getting moved with that deal) given that he only had 1 year left and he was a high enough profile player to fetch a return involving younger skill players.

    Granted, if Gaborik was in 40 goal form you could probably live with Richards not producing.

  213. Rob in Beantown on

    This is the part I don’t get. As part of the compliance buyout, the Rangers still need to pay a certain percentage of Richards’ owed salary right? So that’s cash the organization needs to pay out IN ADDITION to the salaries they expected to pay under the salary cap every year for the next decade, since they’re still going to have to pay those. I’ve heard speculation that when Richards was signed they knew going in he’d have to be bought out at some point. As a strictly business transaction it makes no sense. That’s like $40m flushed down the toilet.

  214. Rob in Beantown on

    Doesn’t it also create kind of a perverse incentive if, say, an owner cared more about the bottom line than winning? They might not use the compliance buyout and just live with the bad contract for its duration. Or am I missing something?

  215. CTBlueshirt on

    Compliance buyouts still involve paying the player. The benefit for the team is that they don’t have a cap hit associated with them like traditional buyouts (Drury).

  216. I do, CTB. I thought they were going to give him one more season, with a summer to work out and a full camp. I was wrong. At that point he was just having a bad year. And then when his game completely dried up. He can’t skate anymore.

    But whether he had a good year or a bad, I think they had to buy out that awful contract in one of these two summers.

    Not sure I follow with the Richards being responsible for Gaborik being traded, but people in the organization insist they had to get Gaborik’s contract out of here because of the situations upcoming and the cap dropping.

  217. In any buyout, the player gets two-thirds of his remaining contract spread over double the number of years. With the compliance buyout, it comes off the salary cap. With the others it doesn’t.

    Richards is owed $36M for the next seven years, so he will get $24M over 14 years. But he will no longer count on the cap. If they wait until after the compliance buyouts expire, his $6.67M per for seven years stay against the cap.

    That’s how I understand it.

  218. Eddie,

    All that was left was for me to also mention “amateur-hour” in the same posting.

    Ps. I’m now on hour 8 of a shopping tour-de-force with the fiancée … someone please hand me a JUG of absinthe.

  219. Dolan has a ton of money so buying out Richards wouldn’t be a problem. It’s all to get rid of the cap hit.

  220. Rob in Beantown on

    I get the part about it not counting towards the cap. But on a strictly cash basis that’s $24m extra dollars the organization must pay out, hence it being a very poor business decision. But maybe that $7m/year disappears in the overall budget for MSG Dolan, Inc. I don’t know.

  221. CTBlueshirt on


    Gaborik/Richards this year reminds me of the Drury/Gomez situation after the 08-09 season. Both pairs weren’t producing and at least one of those contracts needed to be moved I think it came down to which player they could find a taker on.

    However, given the choice if they could have gotten rid of Richards and the long term implications of his deal and kept Gaborik and rolled the dice on him for just another year would they have done that?

  222. CTBlueshirt on

    They would have paid him that money if they didn’t buy him out. In fact they save some money since they only pay 2/3 of the remaining salary.

  223. Rob in Beantown on

    The buyouts are probably budgeted for in advance in a line item called “Sather mistakes”

  224. Rob in Beantown on

    But under the cap the amount of money they pay in salaries is fixed. So in addition to paying Brad Richards to not play hockey, they’re going to be paying somebody else under the cap to play. So they’re paying twice.

  225. CTBlueshirt on

    Drury $35M won 1 playoff round
    Gomez $51M won 1 playoff round
    Redden $39M won 0 playoff rounds (with him actually being on the roster)
    Richards $60M won 3 playoff rounds

    $185M for 5 playoff round wins over 6 seasons.

  226. carp…good job as usual………do you think the rangers can,or should,go after ryan ellis of Nashville to run the pp…..he was supposedly on the block at the trade deadline…former no.1 (’09 I think) pick who has a reputation as a pp wiz….he has so far underachieved as well,but look at moore…a change of scenery can do wonders….

  227. God afternoon all, not! Carp, I can’t even read you review yet. The first graf made me want to jump out a window….Happy Memorial Day to all….especially wicky!!!

  228. Tough to say, CTB. The coach clearly preferred Richards to Gaborik as players. Me? if I could have dumped Richards, knowing the buyout was coming anyway, and kept Gaborik, I would have done that.

    I think Gaborik is going to be a 40-goal scorer again, and he would have been here, too.

    But I doubt they were going to resign him after next season. So now they have cap options. Let’s see what they do with them.

  229. Yes, Rob, it’s a bad business decision, but as I said the other day, if Dolan didn’t have a cap (he didn’t want the lockout or the cap), he’d probably have two or three or four Richards-type contracts. He’d probably have been around $100M for this season instead of $72M.

  230. Don’t know if Ellis is that good, or if he’d be available, emikey. And I’m sure Nashville would start where everybody else does: McDonagh. Kreider. Stepan.

    just got word that Breakup day is indeed tomorrow. So Happy Memorial Day to me and the rest of us slobs who get to stand in piles of media humanity in a smelly lockerroom to record cliche-riddled sound bytes all day.

  231. Marion Hossa could be an interesting option of he is bought out. Along as not more than 3 years.

  232. CTBlueshirt on

    It’s a tough choice to make Carp. The end result being the same where you don’t have either player going into next offseason and one of them is gone going into this offseason.

    No idea what they even would have gotten in return for Richards had they ever been able to make a trade. As long as they weren’t getting a substantial dud of a cap hit back in return it would have probably been a winner of a deal.

  233. My boss is flying me out to Jakarta with SECSTATE (Kerry) to deal with some pressing issues, so I definitely won’t be able to make car seat race. Willing to sacrifice 2 tix at cost ($480.) Bummer.

  234. King with no Ring on

    The questions for this offseason will be whether or not Mark Staal or Mark Sauer can make a full recovery and be on the ice for the Rangers next season.

    Rangers management should explore signing Mark Lundqvist to a contract extension this offseason rather than waiting until he becomes an unrestricted free agent.

  235. The Tooth is toast. His missing Cap hit will just about cover McD, Steps, Hags deserved raises. Now what?

  236. LMAO, Coos.

    When it comes to the cap, the Rangers are going to have a root canal this coming offseason.

  237. boxcareddiehospodar on

    I’m not sure kreider needs to figure anything out.

    maybe the coach needs to figure somehting out.

  238. Kreider’s a better player now that he’s learned to take the body. He was floating, disorientated. He’s skating in the right direction. He went from untouchable to touchable to semi-untouchable.

  239. Got the tomato plants in, mowed the north section of the prop, made myself a home brewed iced tea and now reading up on what I missed on Ranger Report. What a life.

  240. Carp, sorry I’ve been in and out today.

    Re: your 2:34 re: why weren’t the Bruins equally fatigued?

    Again, my argument is the NYR’s were gassed at critical points in the 3rd period and OT during 4 of 5 games. Not due too the cumulative number of games played during the season and playoffs. Due more to what transpired during each specific game.

    Why were the Rangers fatigued and not the Bruins? Obviously, due too many factors and differences between the two teams including: size, depth, style of play, allocation of ice time across the line-ups. Clearly the Bruins are more suited to play a physical game across their line-up than the NYRs. Every line bangs, hits and forechecks. NYRs Dmen were consistently pounded into submission and struggled to get the puck out all series long. NYRs forwards and wingers were being crushed along the walls by pinching Bruin D and forechecking forwards. The NYRs exerted much more energy in simply clearing the DZone than the Bruins had too in clearing their zone.

    In the Neutral zone, the Bruins aggressively challenged the NYRs puck possession at every opportunity , confronting the puck carrier and taking away weak-side options. Bruin neutral zone aggressiveness resulted in turn-overs or mostly weak dump-ins. NYR forecheckers were mostly late and often arrived without substance.

    Conversely, the Bruins were often able to cruise uncontested through the neutral zone as the Ranger D conceded space and Ranger forwards lagged behind.

    Due too a lack of puck possession, NYRs spent much effort and energy in pursuit of the puck. Bruins not so much.

    Tortarella , by putting Newberry and Haley into the line-up, conceded he needed to roll 4 lines to keep his team fresher through the game. While it may have improved his depth, it certainly didn’t come close to matching the Bruins quality depth.

    You watched the games. You saw the difference in play as each game progressed. Did the Bruins all of a sudden become more talented and skilled in the 3rd period or did the NYRs suddenly forget how to play in the 3rd? My belief, when the games got late, unfortunately fatigue became more of a factor and ultimately made a difference in the NYRs inability to match the energy level and effort of the Bruins during crunch time. The Bruins badly outplayed us in the 3rd period all series long. Fatigue was indeed a factor.

  241. Girardi and McDonuts could certainly be considered candidates for late game fatigue considering their minutes. Never remember being fatigued at their age, but wasn’t getting slammed around in St. Cup playoffs, either.

  242. I remember as a teenager watching football with my uncles and them oohing and aahing at big hits, saying ‘How did he get up from THAT one?’ I thought then, big deal. Now I know.

  243. Za'rat "The OTHER GUYS Greed" Jones on

    I sure hate to add this bit on Golf Day, but someone has to do it. Sometimes, one must sacrifice in order to help others. I took it upon myself to be that guy. Every foot needs a big toe. I will be that big toe. It’s not by force. Nor is it being done for contraversal purposes.

    It’s being done for the sake of our own pride. To preserve what pride is left. To be the … (Well you get it)

    MSG is a public traded company. Shareholders will be very angry if it squanders $24 million dollars. Richards will not be bought out.

  244. Ralph from N.M. on

    it seems that CCP & I are on the same side of the table.

    I don’t enjoy the non hockey portion of this blog , But I do enjoy our friendly verbal dueling matches.

  245. carp

    i can never open the sound bites on my computer. what you need to have. only can listen to the videos.

  246. Even this year, if you switch Lundqvist and Nabokov, you don’t think the Islanders would’ve been better than the Rangers?

    May 26th, 2013 at 12:06 PM


    When healthy: McDonagh/Girardi Staal/MDZ Stralman/Moore

    The Isles defense isn’t even close to this.

  247. Giannone tweeted this a little while ago. ”
    Coach/system. Know this, NYR fans, Torts WILL be coach in October. And system DOES work. Bruins just played it. Much better than NYR did.
    Star power: coach said he needed to ensure stars (Nash, Cally, etc) play more consistently. Does that mean allow them freedom w/in system?”

    So there is that. I am pro Torts so I would like to see him back and have the chance to have his full camp and pre season. I know many of you want him gone, but you don’t just cut loose a coach like him. Yes, you can fault him for some things, like being stubborn and unwilling to change his system to suit the players on this team this past year, but he openly admitted he was wrong in doing so. I think we will see him change the system a bit and you will get to see some of the skill guys given the green light to go out there and be much more creative than they were this past year. With Hank back in the net, I see no problem opening it up a bit and taking more chances. I really liked what we saw from Kreider, especially him using his size and throwing some pretty big hits. I think in a full season, the line of Stepan Nash Kredier could be very effective.

  248. Or Brassard in the middle, Nasty1. Another player I’m anxious to see going through 82- game season/ preseason under Torts.

  249. While I really liked what I saw from Brassard and hope that he can take the next step next year on a consistent basis; the guy that blew my socks off was John Moore. You can’t teach skating ability like he has. He is one of the more powerful skating defenseman I have seen and I have been watching this game for a very long time. I think in the long run, he alone will make the Gabby trade a good one for the Rangers.

  250. still don’t see it, Papa. Sorry. The Bruins also dominated early in some games, and the Rangers got better late in some games. If you’re asking or saying Boston was better or stronger and physically wore out the NYR, OK. To me that’s a little different than saying Rangers were fatigued because of how they play.

  251. Za’Rat, still out in front by a lot, now throwing a new entry into the race … as if Dolan would ever care about the shareholders or his cable customers on a tiny bill like $24M.

    and would you also like to wager a frank on the Richards buyout?

  252. eric, maybe it’s your browser? i’m probably the last person to be answering tech questions. can anybody help eric?

  253. You know, way back on opening night-a Saturday night 3-1 loss in Boston-my expectations were so lowered, I had to fight the urge to overreact and quote the line from “The Fly”- “I’m a fly, who dreamed he was a man, and now the dream is over.” Melodramatic, yes- but I don’t think I was that far off in my sentiment. Last season was an illusion- a happy confluence of grit, determination, and a system that nobody bothered to figure out yet. Well, you don’t make money handicapping races that have already been run. Time for a new dream- I think we’ll see by mid season if it’s time for a new dreamer as well.

  254. Carp, Perhaps our disagreement is as much about semantics as it is about substance? You say the Rangers were being worn out by Boston………I say the Rangers being fatigued. …..Worn out …..fatigued? I think we may be saying the same thing. Potatoes / pototoes? Tomatoes / tomotoes?

    And I do attribute the worn-out / fatigue factor to a combination of:
    1) the physical pounding Boston put on us
    2) the system / style of our play which leads to physical abuse of our defensemen and smallish wingers along the wall and too much DZone play
    3) our lack of quality depth in comparison to a team like Boston (not so much Washington)

    Definitely not because the Rangers train any different or don’t train as hard or have less committed athletes than other teams. More because of size, depth and style.

    Two years in a row, when we met our fate, we were definitely a team which was more fatigued // worn down than our opponent.

  255. Stranger Nation on

    Great post mortem heads – sure more to follow.
    UNDER THE HEADING: Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics
    Re Nash and his 75% of goals against non-playoff teams
    Other similar stats:
    Ovi – (15 Gs out of 23) last 2 mos 66% vs. non=PO teams
    Kane: (9 Gs out of 13) during last 2 mos vs. non PO
    Stamkos: (17 out of 29) for entire season v. Non PO

    there is a reason goal scorers score more often against poorer teams; their D stinks. Just a dumb stat trying to make a dumber point.

  256. Stranger Nation on

    Papa – agree style is a huge factor. If you are getting pounded all game and in turn having to chase and pound the other team when they have puck; you will tire more easily.

    Re MDZ: Last year he played very well defensively and more under control offensively. this year took a HUGE step back, he must know it and has to somehow come out next season with something to prove all J Moore will be taking his TOI

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