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  1. Norm Merton on

    (Re-post) Papa, I promised some snotty put-downs yesterday after the toothfest, and I have made good. Pompous moralizing now over, I will answer your questions. I think the Rangers, on the strength of their last game, need to gamble to win this game, that they have no chance other than a Lundqvist miracle to beat the Bruins at their own grinding game, that they need all the skill they have at their disposal. I would have gambled on Richards rather than Newbury, but it is entirely reasonable for Tortorella not to have taken that risk. Richards is not a bad player, he’s just a once-great player who makes—ooh, Bayern just scored—occasional good plays that players like Newbury don’t even know about.

    As to my bona fides, my first Ranger game was on a school night, when a teacher took me and friend to see the triple-OT Stemmer game vs. the Hawks. I thought that’s the way Rangers hockey would always be, so, yeah, I got it bad.

  2. I really like when we all disagree. It makes for interesting conversation. Good work, boys.

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