Game 5: Bruins 3, Rangers 1 … post-game quotes


Courtesy of the Boston Bruins:

On his team’s performance…
This was definitely our best game. It was just tough that the push came too late. We should have been playing like this our first couple of games, which we didn’t. It’s tough to get out of a hole when you’re down 3-0, even though we showed a lot of character. It’s a great group of guys in here, and we almost came back. Again, I think we’re all disappointed we didn’t play this way to start out the series.

On why the team played better later in the series and not the start…
That’s a good question. I don’t think we were tired from the first series. I mean they played seven; we played seven. I think it’s just a matter of maybe we just didn’t have the aggressiveness we needed to play in their zone. Maybe we gave them a little too much respect. It hurt us.

On what problems the Bruins caused for them…
They did a good job of breaking out of their own end. I think that was key for them so their D [defense] could join, because we did not sustain enough pressure. We didn’t make their D [defense] work, and that’s why it was easy for them to join the rush.

On his team turning over the puck a lot…
Yeah. Maybe, maybe not. I don’t think that was our biggest issue. I think it was more our dumps, and we made it easy for them to break it out.

On what the feeling is like when you work so hard and it comes to an end…
It’s just disappointment and emptiness. You want to keep playing, there’s no doubt about it. But the push came too late.

On the biggest difference in this series…
Just the way we didn’t’ create enough offense. We got a lot of good scoring chances, just more the fact that we didn’t sustain.

On his feelings after the series…
It’s heartbreaking. We have a good team, good season, and we just couldn’t get the job done.

On if he was dealing with an injury during the series…

On the momentum of the game…
Well, I think when they scored their second goal they got a lot of momentum, I think they really pushed hard after that. I think the more the game goes the level of energy is going to go a bit down because you always try to push and try to get a forecheck. I think after the second goal, you know, they play really tight and they make a big push and we couldn’t find a way.

On whether it was more what the Bruins did or what the Rangers didn’t do…
Yeah I think they have some good structure, and they have good defensemen. And what I noticed was that every time we tried to get a battle in front of their net, they’re pretty big and they compete hard. I think the Game 1 and Game 2 – we didn’t give those games to those guys, I think they did play well and play a little bit better. I think that’s where the series got going. But all credit to them. You know they found a way. The last playoff series that they played against Toronto they came back to go into the seventh game, and tonight they found a way to close the deal.

On what he learned from this playoff experience…
Yeah well you know, it was my first playoff experience. And we found a way to win the first playoff matches, and I think just learning how hard it is and all the little details. I’m just looking forward to this summer to work hard, and now I know what to expect. And going into next season I think I am confident I want to be part of this team, and I think we have a good group here and we can do something special. It’s been a lot of fun.

On wondering how things could have played out if the effort was there earlier in the series…
You wonder a lot of things, you review the whole year. You wonder how many more you got left you know. It’s a really difficult feeling. You wonder, you question yourself – it’s difficult, especially the next couple weeks. The group in here, we came together pretty good and we believed in one another that we got to turn this into a series.  It didn’t happen for us, but there’s a group in here that’s a privilege to be a part of.  We didn’t quit and I’m lucky to be a part of that.

On if this is the best series Boston has played since the Cup…
Yeah I don’t know.  I mean they played really well, but I mean I don’t pay that much attention to that team.  They played really well and they deserved to win obviously. They’re a really good team. You can make that argument I don’t really have – we just worry about us in here – difficult thing to swallow.

On if there was a specific point where it went wrong for New York…
A series is a lot of ups and down and mistakes and we make plays and make mistakes. There’s not really one place it’s a series.

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  1. Carp, make sure you offer to help Torts carry his belongings out to his car. It’s never easy to lose your job, and he’s probably got a lot of boxes.

  2. lol, jeff. thanks. will do.

    guys, sorry, but I’m up to my eyeballs tonight.

    but we will have a chat during the coming week. Monday looks like breakup day (happy holiday!). So will have a bunch of audio out of there. then a chat. at least one.

  3. Pretty reasonable by Tortorella, taking responsibility for the lack of identity and lack of production from his best players. I could have done without the Top Eight stuff, this being a team that won 5 playoff games after winning 10 last year, with what was supposed to be a better roster, but, hey, he’s just had his clock cleaned, so pretty good.

  4. I was actually hoping he did have one, that would’ve explained things better.

  5. In all seriousness, though, thanks for the nice blog and all the hard work you put into it Carp. Enjoy the offseason.

  6. Onecupin74yearsandcounting on

    Carp , you can use the same template for all the other previous years , take your pick , all you have to do is change the players names and the team that they lost to. saves a ton of time

  7. Would have been nice to have Richards out there on the ice for his last Rangers game, but that’s only if you knew you were going to lose. The “safe” gamble of playing non-entities Newbury and Haley, along with the silly Dorsett penalties, backfired but Tortorella was trying to win the game by his lights, so fair enough.

  8. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Nash had to be injured. He must be saying no so as to not make an excuse…. He just cannot be this bad…

  9. Nash was not hurt on the skate-stop-shotpass to Kreider on Thursday. Boston Chara’d him out of the series overall.

  10. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hope Del Zaster is gone. That is one guy who played small and scared this playoff season.

  11. Czechthemout!!! on

    Just a few thoughts.

    Fire this clown!!!!!!!

    Take MDZ with him!!!

    Eminger gone!

    Pyatt gone!

    Richards gone!

    Boyle Gone! He did have some good ames in the Payoffs.

    Sully gone! And take that garbadge PP with you!

    This team needs a coach that understands offense,defense and the PP. Torts is clueless on all of these .Shot blocking and an unrealistic reliance on your goalie is not a defense first system. It is a system you call Lundquist.

  12. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    CTB – do you think Torts is a good coach? His style of play a good thing? I’m curious..,

  13. The Ring Around Lundqvist Defense has to stop one way or the other. So many problems with it. Screens a great goalie; wears down your most admirable players, the ones willing to sell their bodies; invites the points to close in; worst of all keeps you in your zone longer than you need to be. How the hell you expect to score is beyond me.

    I don’t mind putting in a Lundqvist System — he’s your best player — but how about actually relying on his talent and taking a chance or two at the other end?

  14. CTBlue — said it before, will say it again. CT’s own Keith Allain, former NHL assistant, 2 Olympic Games, current NCAA champion, knows how to get tempo out of his players. Get him before someone else does.

  15. Czechthemout!!! on


    His being gone is a given.

    I want to see Mcilrath here next season. This is a first round draft pick. Play the kid. At least he is tough. He cant be worse than MDZ,Hammer,or Eminger. At least he is tough and takes the body and will be tough in front of the net. Or is Sather afraid that yet another one of his 1 round draft picks is a bust?

    By the way, thanks Glen for drafting MDZ instead of John Carlson. Smart move.

  16. Rob in Beantown on

    Its a huge difference coaching college kids and pros, does Allain even want to coach in the NHL?

  17. I don’t necessary think it matters whether I think Torts is a good coach. I don’t write his checks or make the hire/fire decisions for the Rangers.

    I think he was saddled with a flawed team and for all the talk of him strangling the offense guys like Stepan and Nash had pretty good years, especially on a pro-rata basis. Cally/Hagelin did about what you’d expect from them. The rest of the roster wasn’t exactly brimming with offensive talent in the bottom 6, something it took them about half the season to address. They relied on Kreider being better than he was to start the year and Gaborik and Richards had poor years.

    As I said earlier this week the big 3 of their offense was based on:
    1. Gaborik coming off a severe shoulder injury
    2. A 32 year old Richards who had already showed signs of decline last year, not declining further
    3. Nash reversing the trend of him becoming a 30 goal/60 pt player in the previous 3 seasons.
    Only one of those 3 went in their favor (Nash had a good season as compared to how he’d been trending).

    I mean we can talk about how the Bruins tossed them around and imposed their will, but they only scored more than 2 goals once this series.

  18. Jeez…if Nash wasn’t playing injured, what’s the excuse? He was below-average, at best….

    LOL, agree Orr. I hope Chara makes Skidney cry! I actually want Boston to win from here on. Go B’s!

  19. eddie eddie eddie on

    torts said in his presser he liked dorsett’s intensity, even the penalties, as its its easier to tone someone like that down as opposed to trying to get “others” to play with similar emotion,,,,,very interesting,,,,to whom was he referring praytell…?

  20. Allain would make no sense if he didn’t have the NHL background. He’ll want to coach in the NHL if you offer him an NHL salary. And he’s hardly the only candidate, but someone will try to lure him eventually. He made Yale a champion out of nothing.

  21. eddie eddie eddie on

    well, i wish babcock was the ranger coach. i think he would have had better results with this flawed roster….that will never happen tho…

  22. Rob in Beantown on

    I would just worry the skillset to be a college coach is way different than coaching in the NHL. You’re basically your own GM and coach, since you have to recruit too. I’d prefer somebody with more of an NHL pedigree who stuck around the league. But I don’t know anything about Allain, he could be a good candidate.

  23. Probably it’s because the Rangers have always felt they could throw enough money at any issue, but I just don’t see them making an outside the box hiring decision like that. Last time they tried something like that they ended up with Trottier.

  24. eddie eddie eddie on

    latona – he wondered if anyone was still hoping to sniff brassard’s jock that he left in DC…

  25. Lamoriello came right out of Providence College to be GM of the Devils, with no NHL experience at all. Bylsma came straight from the minors. A good hockey guy is a good hockey guy.

  26. In hindsight that was probably a foolish thing to say eddie. I think he also posted that Sauer shouldn’t even be considered an NYR. Abject disgust at that one.

  27. Rob in Beantown on

    I would also be concerned that the skills required to get results from a roster of 18-22 year olds is different than the skill set needed to get similar results from a pro roster.

  28. Not saying that your choice couldn’t work Norm, just saying that the Rangers have rarely shown that sort of creativity with their management/coaching decisions. They’ve tended to go for the name brand options.

  29. You think senior college hockey players are still 22 in this day and age? Allain and his peers are coaching guys like Kenny Agostino, who was in the Iginla trade.

  30. eddie eddie eddie on

    As far as the roster handed to torts, its probably safe to say that part of that blame rests with torts too…..richards being the obvious example

  31. Sather's Wrap-up on

    Hello there Ranger Fans!!!! WELCOME BACK! Wait! You didn’t go anywhere. The Rangers were the ones who disappeared. It was nobody’s fault but all of us here are sorry. Truly Sorry. In fact we’re the sorriest bunch of turds in the punch bowl.

    But that’s already behind us and your New York Rangers will be back on the ice next season. So buy your tickets early. We’ll try and keep it to a 50% increase, but Dolan wants mahogany and teak wood on his new yacht, “Nixuk”. (We told him it was the name of the Egyptian God of Champions)

    Speaking of dopes, I’ve spent over a billion dollars of the Big Guy’s money already without a hint of a championship, and at the end of each season, HE thanks me! What a Maroon!

    Just look at that list of UFA’s I signed over the years. It’s a regular Hockey Who’s Through! Wait until you see who I make Queen For A Day this summer! Now, I don’t have any money, I just sign Dolan’s name. You know how to fake his signature? Hit your hand with a hammer and keep writing until the pain stops. That’s how I got a lot of those UFA signings through the front office.

    Mess! Hey Messier! Run down there and get me a few of those $19 horse-meat sandwiches. And tell them not to put any of that stinking sauce on them this time! I think that’s what made my prostate end up prostrate.

    And just for the record, I was the one that finally benched Richards, not Tortarella. He’d kept playing Richards like he was beating a dead horse. (I think it was the teeth) But I knew in my heart Richards was all done. My first clue? Me giving him a big contract.

    Jeez Look at Muck! He gets uglier every day! We had to take him off the Dreams Come True Charity, he was making the blind kids cry. Why, last time he was at the house, the grand-kids pushed his face in some dough and made monster cookies. Even our dog has to close his eyes when he humps his leg. He opened the fridge and all the milk turned into yogurt. Now that’s ugly!

    Well anyway, cheer up Ranger Fans, You got your stick salute, don’t be greedy! Next time for sure! I’ll get you a Cup or die trying. My contract is that good.

    Uncle Glennie.

  32. And how are those name brands working out? Retreads can work out — think Joe Torre, for instance — but so can other avenues. I’ll grant you that name brands are big on the Island of Big Egos, though, and I would not expect anything interesting either.

  33. Fair enough, but were you expecting the Rangers to stand pat after they bought Drury out?

  34. Goodnight boneheads, been a fun, frustrating ride. Thanks, Carp, for the venue and all that hard work.

  35. eddie eddie eddie on

    but like you, i suppose, its not my job to sign players and make personnel decisions

  36. No it’s not all on Sather, but when the list of the biggest buyouts in the history of the past 2 CBAs resemble his annual summer shopping spree he deserves a fair share of the criticism.

  37. Rob in Beantown on

    I follow a good deal of college hockey, enough to know that the game is very different from the NHL game. There are some 24 year old seniors, but there are also a lot of 18 year old true freshman and kids who are never going to play in the NHL. The pace and tempo of the game is way different. A college coach’s job is way more about player development than an pro coach. I’m sure there are guys who could make the jump, all I’m saying is I’d be hesitant for my favorite team to be the one to undertake the experiment.

  38. If I had to guess Torts probably goes after next season when the team is going to have go under a partial reboot anyway.

  39. eddie eddie eddie on

    well, let’s hope next season end better….i think dave maloney would make a good coach…his insight is the best in the business…

  40. I wish Bruins all the best, they were much better than Rangers, but they do not have chance against Penguins.
    May be they will get chance,if Fleury come back to the net?

    Penguins over Bruins in 6

  41. greetings*

    anyhow…don’t forget to tune in to the ECF series next week where you can see how well coached and well ran ateams play a game called hockey #builttherightway #firetorts #freshstart

  42. Nash os a big highly skilled *soft* player who prefers to play his hockey along the perimeter or off the rush. he did not seem comfortable in the tight checking and hard hitting playoff contests.

    Nash a superstar? Definitely not in my book. A player who failed big time in his first trip to the playoffs for the Rangers.

    What a major, major disappointment MisterSoftie was during both rounds.

  43. Delzasters value on the trade market? After the season and playoff he had, probably the lowest its been since he arrived as a promising rookie.

  44. I can nit-pick the use of Kreider, Boyle and Hamrlik, or McD on the powerplay, but this team wasn’t winning four in a row.

    I think we are set up for a run next year with all in-house talent. That has been a rarity since I have been following. Health issues didn’t really hit us last year until the playoffs. This year was a little worse.

    This is a young team, I think next year we will be a lot more dangerous. May not make it any farther, but when I think back on the last four break-up days, we are pretty well set.

    gone: Hamrlik, Richards, Gilroy, Sauer (sorry), Eminger.

    re-up: Stepan, Hagelin, McDonagh.

    keep?: MZA, Clowe

    Trade?: Pyatt, Asham, Powe, . I’d get rid of them for nothing if possible.

    Del Zotto had a rough end to the season, but I would love to have him as 5th D-man.

  45. Rob in Beantown on

    There are probably teams still playing with blogs you can troll, King with no Ring

  46. King with no Ring on


    You are right. Good call. He is dating a Victoria’s Secret model.

  47. Harvey’s a lifelong Ranger fan, attends games at MSG and various hockey games on the road when opportunistic. Friends with Boyler and Hank.

  48. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Bruins were the better team. No denying that. But, a game 6 at home would have been fab..

  49. e3, I read your earlier comment and heard Torts talking about Dorsett. Very astute comment on his part, I would say.

  50. Thanks coos.

    Now that I think about it. I’ve heard of him, I’ve seen somewhere on my PC, thought he might be shortstop of the Mets or something.

  51. was it here that I saw people ripping Dorsett?

    Didn’t he fire up the team, didn’t he draw the penalty that lead to a pp goal?

    OK. back to the bottle. enjoy the weekend folks.

  52. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – it was indeed. Nash and del Zaster were likely 2 he intended..

  53. Evrockbottom on

    Does anyone who actually watched the game or even just heard about it agree with Hagelin that this was their best game? smh

  54. Dorsett will fill our Avery/Prust role, only better than either, IMHO. If Clowe is okay, he fills another important hole. We need a sniper and a re-vamped defense unless we get back our two concussed.

  55. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The rangers had only good moments in the series. There were no best games. The first period today was the most exciting period of the series. But on the whole, the rangers were dominated. They just couldn’t establish a forecheck and had a miserable time getting out of their own end.

  56. Problem is, you can’t hear the damned questions at the Pressers and you have to try to figure out who in hell is being discussed using ESP and by intuiting from Torts’ answers.

  57. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I think Sauer is through. I really liked him too. Staal may not ever be the same. Vision is everything to an athlete. And his may be compromised. Clowe, my fav player, hopefully heals and is healthy come September…

  58. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The PP was much improved these last 2 games. Coincidence or not, it looked better without #19. Next year’s team will have a slightly different look. Maybe another Assistant to help the PP get completely untracked.

    And as bad as I feel, it pales in comparison to what Toronto’s fans are going through…

  59. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz -?go to Katie Strang’s site on espn… She wrote up a nice piece… Which is where I read that bit on Dorsett. Carp probably will shed some light tomorrow…

  60. Duguay and goon emeritus Daneyko tonight advised hiring Leetch to coach power play. First time I heard that other than on this blog.

  61. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    That car seat will be somewhat lonely for the few months…. No need to worry about strapping him in for at least a month or so…

  62. At Evrock Bottom on

    The Rangers were actually dominating until that 1st penalty. then everything went off the rails. today power-play goal by Krug was entirely Lundqvist’s fault. He has to have wanted that one back. It was the first shot by Krug that Lundqvist saw all the way; no deflection and no screens. Didn’t make a difference apparently. But he was the main bright spot on the Rangers roster today. Other than that first goal he stood on his head in that game.
    I don’t know who I want our of town faster, Richards or Hamrdik. Hamr was easily the worst signing for the Rangers after Gomez and Redden. But unlike Hamrprik, the other two never really actually hurt the team.

  63. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Sad ending to the year tonight….I thought there was a chance the Rangers could still get it to a 7th game.

  64. Tried to find it, e3, but patience wore thin and will re-attempt ‘tomorrow.’

  65. I think Dorsett, though not here long, tonight took over the PIM lead for the year.

  66. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    EV – that missile that krug launched was a heat seeking ICBM. Krug’s shot was quick, heavy, with extra mustard. Handcuffed hank – too good. Hank played a great game…needed to be perfect and lucky and was neither…his D didnt help much. Maloney on radio wanted to strangle MDZ.

  67. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Dorset Haley and newbs could make a good 4th line with a lot of hard work bad attention to detail….

  68. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Anyone still up for chatting? Otherwise I’m going to play chess,,,

  69. From SB Nation: It was the 2008-09 season; the Tampa Bay Lightning had this really good 18 year old center named Steven Stamkos who had a bit of a rough start to his season (2g 5a 7pts in 21 games) and Tamp ownership began shopping him around to the rest of the league.

    Enter Cigar Chompin’ Glen Sather who began chatting up the Lightning ownership over in Europe while the two teams opened the season in Prague. Sather kept at it even as the two teams came back to North America and an outline of a deal was in place where the Bolts could choose from a list of Evgeni Grachev, Michael Del Zotto, Brandon Dubinsky, Ryan Callahan and Dan Girardi.

    From Sather himself:

    “How close did we come?” Sather asked rhetorically, repeating the question we posed to him as the Rangers practiced in Tampa on Thursday. “We shook hands on it, that’s how close.

    “I’d been on it since Europe. I had an agreement with Len Barrie. I asked him if he had the authority to make the trade, and he assured me that he did, because he was an owner.

    “But the next day, I found out that he didn’t. He went to run the deal by [GM] Brian Lawton, who wanted no part of it. As I understood it, the way it was told to me, Barrie was still going to make the deal, but then he was told that he couldn’t unless he got the approval of [co-owner] Oren Koules.

    “Koules shot it down,” said Sather. “That was the end of it.”

  70. At Evrock Bottom on

    Lundqvist was down on the Krug shot. I have no idea why. He wasn’t screened and no reason to be that low. If he was up on his skates he would’ve had it.
    But that’s not why they lost, by far. For some reason every single payer on the Rangers have Krug add much room as he wanted and as much time as he needed to take his shots. Somehow, even after getting constantly scored on by him when he had the time and space, the Rangers never adjusted and continued to lay off him. Hopefully next year’s team will learn to put some pressure on the points and at the blueline, at both even strength and on the pk. That backing up on the blueline maneuver is a killer.

  71. At Evrock Bottom on

    Coos, I remember reading about that when the story first came out. Kinda sounds like the deal Calgary and Boston had in place with Iginla before he suddenly wound up in Priksburgh.

  72. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Evrock – krug is a better skater with the than any of our boys… McD could win sprints with krug – but controlled skating with puch mo into open space / it’s krug hands down..

  73. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Too bad we never got to see krug play any defense aside from shoving Pyatt into the net…

  74. Admiral Akbar on

    Krug was more effective against us than Mike Green, and more effective than the sens’ Karlsson last year.

    But I still contend Krug will come back to earth, much in the same was Kreider has since last year’s playoffs.

    That said, I think Krug will be a pretty good defenseman for the Bruins.

  75. Admiral Akbar on

    Eddie –

    Exactly. Krug, Campbell, Bartkowsky (or whatever his name is ) never really had to play tough defense against a team with a sustained forecheck, or even a team that plays wide open hockey in waves (islanders).

    Skidney and Co will make life very interesting for these young players.

    I predict Priksburg and LA in the finals.

  76. Evrockbottom on

    You stole my “Priksburg(h)! lol
    Hey Triple E (my favorite of the various abridged nicknames available for your blog persona), what does Krug’s skating ability have to do with the Rangers players giving him so much time and space?

  77. Krug seemed like he always had ten feet of open ice….. I would probably get off a shot…

    I never practiced one-timers and when I tried them in games, I realized I am glad I was never a d-man.

  78. Brassard>>Nash?

    we paid for the wrong guy.

    Nash had a good postseason, I expect more next year. much more. He has room to grow.

  79. Are we allowed to say political things on Memorial Day?

    I just wished my Mom a happy Memorial Day. She has told me stories of Hitler’s armies marching through her streets in Holland. She hid her brothers from them.

    My Dad crossed Normandy beach and saw thousands of dead American kids. This holiday means more to me than most. I bet you have family who know the experience.

    Please don’t give away this country to losers like your mayor.

  80. Thank You Carp. Thank You!! This place is a haven for life long Ranger fanatics.

    I really believe this tough playoff experience will be a positive long term for Nash. This guy’s going to give us some good moments. The whole MDZ thing is mind boggling. Not only has he lost his game in just about every aspect, he’s not always going at 100%. From what we thought he was going to be to where he is today, extremely disappointing.

    Long Live the King!!!

  81. Matthew Arnold, ‘Dover Beach’:

    “Ah, love, let us be true
    To one another! for the world, which seems
    To lie before us like a land of dreams,
    So various, so beautiful, so new,
    Hath really neither joy, nor love, nor light,
    Nor certitude, nor peace, nor help for pain;
    And we are here as on a darkling plain
    Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight,
    Where ignorant armies clash by night.”

    On the other hand, I figure with a legitimate sniper, a healthy Clowe and Staal, and a re-vamped defensive corps, we are golden. :)) cheer up, me boyos!

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