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  1. Paulina Gretzky on

    from now on, instead of saying someone “sleeps with the fishes”, we have to say he “skates with the scratches”!

    plus, this new blog format, on my office computer at least, is still absolutely infuriating…if my porn sites worked this slowly, I’d go celibate

  2. Canadian media is over the top with all this nonsense that Richards “deserves better”.


    You know what “deserves better”? The NYR powerplay…

  3. Stranger Nation on

    GReat format for asking questions – WTB?

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to have a “pooled” audio/video or staging area instead of all the reporters reaching over each other with hand-held devices capturing what he says.

    Hope everyone is following proper hygiene edicate…

  4. Richards is a likeable guy, does great stuff for charities, really cares … and that’s what the Canadian folks know. They haven’t seen his play very much this year, obviously … and to say that he’s been disrespected by a coach who stuck with him for too long is just woefully inaccurate.

  5. The Canadian media is so high and mighty about “their” game of hockey. If they weren’t so drunk all the time on Molsenn Golden, eh, maybe they’d have spotted one or two of his drop passes to the black hole, eh?

  6. Nice job on the video Carp. The personable Torts leaves me all warm and fuzzy. 6-8 more fluky goals and this series is ours!

  7. Yeah, Carp. I get where it’s coming from but what they fail to grasp is that Tortorella loves the guy as a person too and that this was 100% a hockey decision that was long overdue…

    Yes, Stranger…we do deserve better…

  8. yes – all we need is for Zuccarello to sneak over and tie Rask’s laces together again, and we’ll break out on top in Game 5

  9. Norm Merton on

    A mea culpa from Tortorella (too late getting McD on the PP). Not every day you get that from him. Encouraging.

  10. Stranger Nation on

    Canadien media getting on Torts for benching Richards is just crazy. The guy game him EVERY and we all know, EVERY opportunity to break out of his funk and it never happened.

    One thing about Richards which was very curious was his appearance. The media guide says 6′ 196 lbs, but my guess is he doesn’t weigh more that 170 soaking wet. While he was never a strong player, ultimately the legs are what really gave as evidenced by his inability to stay up on his skates.

  11. With that background in Tort’s video above, it’s like an Al Davis press conference, greasy hair and all

  12. also, NYR, Tortorella put what will be $48 million of Dolan’s cash in Richards’ pocket, $20M of that within 364 days of his signing.

  13. Irony at it’s best? How about Richards signing with CBJ after the compliance buyout and centering Gaborik all the way to the playoffs with Dolan’s cash in his pocket?

  14. Mr. Ed is is from Prince Edward Island. You think that’s how he got the nickname?

  15. … and if anybody wants to disrespect me that way, please step up. I’ll even take a little less.

  16. Richards takes home $20 mil in 2013 alone. $12m salary and $8m in signing bonus, according to CapGeek.

  17. yeah, a little less, actually, because of the lockout shortened season. But he got his $8M on July 1, after $12M last year.

  18. Sorry, I’m wrong…it’s $12m, and $8m of that is bonus….not $20m…but like Carp said, he gets nearly $50 mil for 1.5 seasons…

  19. carp, I can imagine Dolan can’t be to pleased with another terrible shank of a contract and I’m sure tortorella was the one who wanted him and convinced management to get him. I also wonder how Dolan feels about tortorella’s FU comment on nbc.

  20. Carp, every time I’m done withTorts and his narcistic egotistic personality you post a video where he shows a little human qualities and it pulls me back in.

    I still don’t agree with his defensive zone system. In fact, I’ve always despised it. But, I can live with it if they win. :)

  21. TommyG, imagine the speed at which Slats throws Torts under the bus when Dolan demands to know whyRichards is stealing $48m of his daddy’s hard earned coin.

  22. Anyone watch any of the Penguins Senators series. I swear the refs are back to 08-09 season form. When the Pens are in trouble they smother any momentum from the opposition by calling obsurd penalty’s. This is no conspiracy theory. It’s very obvious while watching the games.

  23. Norm Merton on

    Mr. Ed is is from Prince Edward Island — HA, HA! Sorry, I’m a little slow. You’re saying that because they’re both from PEI and one of them has long teeth and the other is a horse, that means that Richards is… a horse! How do you dream these things up? I’m thinking of calling Richards Mr. Teeth of Horse from now on, using my sense of humor.

  24. I wonder if tortorella also pushed management to get clowe, if he did, tortorella is 2 for 2 in shanks.

  25. The reason you don’t see Dolan holding Glen or Torts accountable for contracts is because Dolan is very much a part of the decision and in fact often calls the shots.

  26. Those Canadien writers are implicitly making a statement about NY and their fans. We should be on thierry comments sections rebutting the stupidness being spouted.

  27. I’ll agree that Dolan calls the shots for the knicks but I don’t agree Dolan calls the shots for the rangers, he leaves that up to Sather.

  28. Matteau!,
    I’ve learned by reading comments from canadien fans on tsn that they for whatever reason do not like the rangers or new York city, not sure why but that has been my impression.

  29. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JR – “Craig Button is more stupider than I remember. Look, Richards has been adismal this year. I will also say that just because someone is stupider than someone else it doesn’t mean anything therefore.

  30. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JR – “here’s the thing, eh? Some of the stupidest people in world are just not smart. So what? What if I know something you don’t? Does that make you stupider than me? Yeah!!! I thought so”

  31. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JR – “torts is collecting perspective in this entire Richards inflammatory. Engblom is not the sharpest card in the drawer either. He is really stupider.

  32. Dolan signed off on it, tommy, and he lets Sather do pretty much what he pleases. He’s had what, 16 home playoff games since signing Richards … and he actually saves money by buying him out for slightly less than $48M total as opposed to $60M. If you look at it strictly as cash-out and not performance-for-dollar, Slats saved him money and made him money.

    I’m sure nobody at MSG minds the coach fighting for his team with the officials, and you have to be pretty stupid if you think NBC didn’t want to catch Torts or Humpty II or somebody else using racy language by putting that mic there.

  33. Those TSN posters regarding Richards are a bit over the top. “Richards deserved better” Come on, how many chances does one deserve? I guess one more according to them.

  34. carp, that’s why I always liked tortorella, he has that north eastern edge, tells it how he feels and like you said, fights the refs for his players. That’s why I couldn’t stand Renney, total opposite.

  35. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JR – “I’m personal on a level with Richards. He doesn’t deserve what happened. Bottom line – you win by winning”

  36. for all the things Tortorella does wrong with his personality, he treats the officials with the utmost respect … until he feels they really eff-up. I guess that’s a good trait. You can’t just always be teeing off on the zebras and expect anything good to come from it.

  37. They are painting a picture of Torts being disloyal and humiliating Richards to make a statement about team failure. The irony is that loyalty and history has caused Torts to over use and rely on Richards to his detriment.

  38. the irony also is there are so many negative things you can say about Torts and be completely accurate, and this one thing is just completely incorrect.

  39. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JR – “Richards deserves not what happened. Someone is the blame here. I also think Engblom is really the stupidest of all. Plus my hair is way better.”

  40. Not even the dumbest of owners would claim victory on a Richards buyout which cost $48M for slightly more than a season and a halfin games and 4 playoff rounds plus 3 losses..

    Slats saved him money and made him money? Carp, c’mon, that’s absurd.

  41. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JR – “carp – I’m tired of your bloggers making, for all intensive purposes, comments about me. You think you are smarter than me? Haha – you aren’t. You are stupider than Engblom and I didnt think that was probable”

  42. Carp completely agree. You know, on the other hand, that’s what happens when you act like a jerk with people, it makes people want to ascribe bad motives even when they’re not deserved.

  43. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JR – “I’ll make a deal with you carp. You let me do a guest blog and I won’t even do it adismally. I have thoughts that I will use”

  44. I was speaking on a bottom-line, admittedly out-there thought, Papa. $48M is better than $60M, and that is the bottom line … Not saying he’s claiming victory, but if the owner doesn’t care a whit about the player’s performance, $48M is better than $60M.

    and I’m definitely not saying Dolan doesn’t care about the performance part. I’m just saying that buying his way out of a bad contract isn’t the worst thing in the world, especially for a guy who, if there was no salary cap (and he didn’t want a cap or a lockout), would probably have four or five Richards contracts on his payroll.

  45. Dolan wanted Richards and was fine with the deal. He is the worst but not the type of owner to blame someone for something that was his decision. He is very involved in every big Ranger contract.

  46. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JR – “sorry matteau but in this example you are wrong. The fact of any matter is exactly. I can’t even believe I’m arguementing with such dis informed people”

  47. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JR – “the rangers have to bring their physical presence with them for game 5. If they can do that – there is anything that can happen”

  48. In 2010 the Bruins lost the fourth game to Philly in OT, so the Flyers were hanging by a thread just as these NYR were and are. I still think the odds of the Rangers pulling this off are astronomical —- but if they do win tomorrow? The B’s will be gripping in a major, major way. Just human nature.

  49. Yes, Matteau, and I’ve said this in the past, both ways. If you’re a jackass as a person, you won’t get the benefit of the doubt when things go badly. Guys like Renney did get the benefit. Roger Neilson, even Colin Campbell. always treated people around them with respect, and probably didn’t get hammered publicly. Torts has lost that benefit of the doubt long ago.

    but fair is fair. You can’t criticize him for scratching Richards, and in fact, that’s what you want in a coach … a guy who will make tough decisions for the good of the team (in this case, too late). He loved Drury, liked Rupp and Dubinsky, loved Prust and Anisimov. Didn’t let those emotions get in the way of making the right call on all of them.

  50. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JR – ” funny thing is I used to respect torts. I now unrespect him for his undeserved treatment of Richards. Everyone sees what happened. The whole thing is ludicrously hysterical”

  51. Torts has a history of poking people in the eye. Giving the opportunity to poke back, most will. It’s to be expected.

    Anyway, who cares what the elite Canadian Hockey media writes, prints or says about him. Poll the NY beat writers and Ranger fans who have been closest to the action and have witnessed the season first hand. I’m sure those results would be contrary to the “he done Richards wrong” lunacy spewing from north of the border. “It’s about time he put the team ahead of his personal friendship and loyalty to Richards” is probably more like what you’d hear down here. “Wasn’t $48M of Dolan’s fortune enough?”

  52. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Stemmer – one shift at a time. Rangers seem to prefer facing elimination. I am betting on Hank out pitching Task in game 5.

  53. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JR – “papa. Sorry but you are way off the path here. Richards doesn’t deserve what transposed in game 4. Anyone without a brain can see that.”

  54. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JR – “I played the game. I often know about stuff you can only imaginate. For one thing, I played the game.”

  55. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JR – “no way the rangers can win any game if the bench Richards. Then we all will see the mistaken Torts for who he is. I played the game and I know stuff.”

  56. Carp, I get it. I’d rather not lose any, but losing 48 is better than losing 60. That’s the kind of owner I’d like to work for.

    Matteu, I find it really difficult to believe that Dolan is at the forefront of deciding who the Rangers should or shouldn’t target in FA. As someone said earlier, maybe the Knicks, not theRangers.

    Does he authorize the allocation of finances? Most definitely. But I’m sure he doesn’t authorize or green light a zero return on his investment.

  57. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JR – “I would take pannger over hank and day. What has hank ever done?”

  58. Czechthemout!!! on

    It must be great to work for an owner that lets you keep your job after you spend Eli Manning dollars for Mark Sanchez performance over two season.

    $48,000,000 for two seasons! That is a firing offense if I have ever seen one.

  59. No one is suggesting he scours capgeek.com to see who the available FAs are for next year. But for the big contracts he is very involved, does his diligence, and he makes the call. He is a big boy enough to know there are risks involved in giving a large long tern contract to a free agent.

  60. When yours GM has a definitive CAP to work within, the only thing an owner can complain about is results.

  61. Carp, tell Gross he cracked me up in that video….and to now chew gum :)

    who are the two statutes next to Torts’ who were right in his face but said nothing?

  62. Signor Bear, the language I was speaking was responded to by the resident “Italiano Scrivere”!

    Tu si agitatore, Urso!

  63. Carp, I am somewhat confused re: your most recent comments about the coach.

    From past comments I was under the impression that you approved of him as a coach, but would not be taking a cruise with him anytime soon?

    What’s it to be, good coach bad manners, or he doesn’t have high threshold of pain for media BS and pandering and should be fired?

  64. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JR – “who is the stupidest blogger here? Many of you quantify for that title. I played the game”

  65. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JR – “norm – so what, Richards has big teeth. Is that a crime? Put a sock over it for the tenth time.”

  66. When Richie put a tooth under his pillow as a kid, the tooth fairy left him $70,000.

  67. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    JR – “norm – have you ever considered that everyone has parts of their autonomy that aren’t perfect?”

  68. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    The funny thing is (well at least to me ) when I’m playing men’s hockey and I screw up on the ice, turnover etc. I say to myself “Tort’s wouldn’t like that ” and I concentrate a little harder.

  69. JR: “I decided to get clean. I joined Alcoholics Unanimous. Can’t figure out why everyone shows up drunk to the meetings.”

  70. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    have you seen Richards movie ?
    Around the gums in 80 days

  71. Richie wanted to go to Colgate after high school, but his senior incisor told him he needed to brush up on some academics.

  72. Richies teeth cleaning…..he runs through the car wash with his mouth open

  73. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    HEYYYYY , YOOOOOOOO , whhhooooooaaa ….ease up on the Canadian media folks . They are from Canada BUT , big BUT they don’t own Canada’s thoughts and certainly mine.

    TSN canada crew are full of clowns. Seriously they purposly act the fool and are not representives of how other Canadians think. Darren Pang said to ” put a fork in us” cuz were done!!?? What an idiot , if hes Canadian…then that proves it . All Canadians don’t act that way ,little pip squeek Pang never watched a Ranger game and hes spouting that? In Canada we have free speech too and that guy is a moron.

  74. Richie became a Buddhist and refused novocaine for his root canal because he wanted to transcend dental medication.

  75. Norm Merton on

    Jeez, I go outside to do a little weeding, and I miss all the funny comedy jokes. Glad to know we’re all in touch with our inner adolescents here! But while we’re on the subject of Richards’ teeth, have you guys noticed how short Zuccarello is? Wait, we don’t hate him… I know, Del Zotto’s name sounds Italian! He probably likes to eat spaghetti!! Del Pizza! He eats big pizzas with his average-sized teeth! No wonder he can’t play hockey well!

  76. ZzZz NYR ZzZz©" Don't Stepan the logo!!!"...says Greg L. on

    Richards fav show…HEE HAWWW!!

    You guy are too funny..Pappa bear ,cooscoos and one cups 2 hours to smile is LMAO ..loved it!!!

  77. Torts to Richie…. Don’t bother bringing your saddle to the rink, we won’t be riding you tonight big fella.

  78. little Zucc likes to climb on Ritchie and play giddy-up horsie in the locker room.

  79. Richie to dentist: “How much is this gonna cost me?”

    Dentist: “How much do you have?”

    Richie: Sixty million.”

    Dentist: “Well, that should just about cover it.”

  80. Zucc is so short he’s only 2 inches taller than Tortorella, the other guy who likes pizza

  81. Norm Merton on

    C’mon, coos, pick up your game, we’re in OT! I’d help, but I’m busy chowing down with Mr. Richards, who popped over for a visit. At the moment he is is showing off to my kids out back, eating some corn on the cob through a chain link fence.

  82. Ron McLean and Craig Button prove that as long as you’re on time for wardrobe and make-up, watching a few highlights is all it takes to get on the air and talk hockey.

    I’ve been a fan of Brad Richards for years, a pros pro. He made a lot of fans in New York and New Jersey last summer, going above and beyond with his tireless work in the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, more of it off-camera than on. So much so that it made me wonder if (and this is in no way intended to criticize) that contributed in some small way to his slow start.

    But to suggest that just because he is a great guy he should stay in the lineup tells you why Ron McLean is sitting next to Don Cherry and why Craig Button is sitting next to Kathryn Tappan.

  83. Norm, stop horsing around. Is he really trotting around out back with the kids?

  84. Norm Merton on

    Sandy Relief, Schmandy Relief. Have you gotten a hold o’ them choppers? Get with the program, Romeo.

  85. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Marchand’s nose and Brad’s teeth on Holik’s head and you are looking good….

  86. Hey don’t get me wrong, I like Richards, but Torts should have benched him in March and the Rangers better buy him out this summer.

    Plus, you should never make fun of a Canadian’s teeth.

  87. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Brad’s con Ed bill over $5000 every time he uses his electric brush.

  88. Transcend dental medication? LOL

    Coos, if that’s an original from your fertile mind you are wasting your time on this blog!

  89. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    ….speaking of car seats “open the ******* windows, I need air”

  90. Brad dating Sara Toga and took her to a Dion and the Belmonts retrospective.

  91. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts “lets get one thing straight, when I get out of my car seat at night, brad Richards is a hell of a hockey player”

  92. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    If brad ever got hit in the face with the puck and lost teeth, he’d bleed to death.

  93. i just saw that transcend dental medication … and roflmao.

    this is like the blog used to be. mucho j(g)ibberisho.

  94. Still thinks Babe Tooth was better than Roger Maris. Sorry, I’m running out of intelligence.

  95. & always great when the car seat (not Ovechkin’s) makes an appearance.

    If only we could get a visit from Uncle Glennie or Capt. Clutch in the Clutchmobile with a new clutch.

  96. Okay, I’ll bite…no pun intended.

    If the puck hits Richard’s teeth, splits in half and one piece goes in the goal and the other piece does not, is it a goal?

  97. Norm Merton on

    OK, it’s been fun, but there’s still enough light for me to head out and paint our white picket fence. Wait, that’s not a fence — it’s Brad and his family.

  98. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts – “all you in the media can unstrap me from my seat and kiss my assen”

  99. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    When brad was nursing as a baby, he accidentally bit his mom’s breast clean off….

  100. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Torts – “what do you mean I can’t bring my car seat on the plane? Go **** yourself, you ******* piece of ****”

  101. Stranger Nation on

    Torts: Brad, I am going to sit you next game

    Brad: Let me chew this over

    Torts: Sorry, we don’t have time for that

    Brad: Ok

  102. Richards teacher…”wipe that silly smile of your face. Oh……Okay, try and put your lips together. Oh… …ok………Have you been to the dentist?

  103. Norm Merton on

    Exorcising my big-tooth demons. I’ll get back to the snotty put-downs eventually.

  104. Stranger Nation on

    Brad Richards: favorite movies
    ‘The Elephant Man”
    ‘Count Dracula” ‘
    Big Bad Wolf’

  105. Zucc to Ritchie.. “Even though you’ve been scratched, can we still play giddy-up horsey after the game tonight?”

  106. OSHA demanded that Richie’s car seat come equipped with a swirling spitting bowl and a paper cup.

  107. Norm Merton on

    My apologies — a hockey bit — back to tooth puns soon… As brilliant a poach as that was by Stepan last night, how much cooler would it have been if it had been Zook? Can you imagine the Chara quotes afterwards? “I didn’t see him. Hell, I still can’t see him.”

  108. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    Finally fav 60’s band Spooky Tooth , they really did exist

  109. Jack Klompus on

    I hope the Canadian Press will be all over the Canadian GMs when none of them get Richards this summer and he ends up in Tampa or Florida…or maybe back in Dallas.

  110. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Brad needs 2 gallons of Novocain for every 5 minutes of dental work.

  111. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    They don’t use laughing gas for brad – but rolling on the floor in a fit of hysteria gas

  112. Richie’s last backcheck came in ’07 when he overdrew his Chase account.

  113. Air Force Veteran to Richie’s tongue: “You every fly?”

    Tongue: “No, but I’ve spent a lifetime inside enormous choppers.

  114. A dejected Richie checks his phone, sees a text from Avery that reads:

    “Me and Voros are hitting Mexico in July. You should come. Don’t bring your golf clubs.”

    (Richie smiles)

  115. Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and richies tooths.

  116. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Dirk – “are you hungry?”

    Jesse St Vincent – “starving”

    Dirk – “then feast on this”

  117. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Put Brad’s teeth on Chris Christie and imagine that girth – that’s a lot of chewing

  118. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Dentist to brad’s mom – “his adult teeth are coming in too soon.

    Brad’s mom – “these are his bay teeth”

  119. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Great white shark upon seeing Brad surfing off Bodega Bay

    “Nice – want to join me?”

  120. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Dave – or the LA Kings (for the crowns) or the SJ Sharks (kindred spirits)

  121. Stranger Nation on

    odds laying 150 to 1 Richards playing tomorrow in Boston

    odds 15 to 1 Richards placing in the Belmont Stakes

  122. Ode to Torts

    They got little hands,
    Little eyes,
    They walk around
    Tellin’ great big lies
    They got little noses
    And tiny little teeth
    They wear platform shoes
    On their nasty little feet
    They got little baby legs
    That stand so low
    You got to pick em up
    Just to say hello
    They got little cars
    That go beep, beep, beep
    They got little voices
    Goin’ peep, peep, peep
    They got grubby little fingers
    And dirty little minds
    They’re gonna get you every time
    Well, I don’t want no short people
    Don’t want no short people ’round here.

    courtesy of Randy Newman

  123. Funny evening, Papa. Even Norm chimed in with Richie eating corn on the cob through a chain link fence and mistaking his white picket fence for the Richards family.
    Many yuks.

  124. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    It’s Richards and and secretariat setting a tremendous pace and they’ve run 3/4 of a mile in 1:09 – Richards begins to pull away but secretariat won’t let em go, torts goes to the whip…. It’s Richards and secretariat neck and neck and at the mile in 1:34, turcotte urging his horse on, torts switching hands on the inside, it’s Richard by a tooth length beginning to open it up at a mile and a quarter in 1:59 it’s Richards beginning to make a move as he has a 3 tooth length lead ….. And down the stretch they come and it’s……… Richards winning the belmont in 2:24 over secretariat by 5 tooth lengths…

  125. Just my take but ripping on Richards for a page worth of comments seems moronic. Guy didn’t hurt for care or class. I do believe he’s a good Ranger albeit a poor player THIS season… Feels like a filthy blog when Miami’s the optimist/nice guy. Lets go Rangers – pretty confident the series comes back to the Garden. Starting to believe a little magic is possible…

  126. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – you want to see an athlete? Youtube Belmont 1973.

    And secretariat is moving like a trendies machine…

  127. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Tomb – funny, I’m more relaxed going into game 5 than I have all series…by afternoon tho, I expect that to change…

  128. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The mind is a terrible thing on paste, which is why I eat crayons…

  129. Fair enough. Go Rangers and here’s to hoping we tie it together today… Feel like we might pull the same “jam” that treated us so right in game 7 vs. the conspiracy theorists.

  130. Dudley watch out for Sharks on that beach you’re on! Very sharp teeth.. Like guess who?

  131. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Call me crazy, but I think the rangers in 7 is what’s gonna happen…

  132. eddie, I was there. Secretariat 1/10. Had the exacta. Twice A Prince, I think second. So many people bet Secretariat to win, he paid more to people who bet him to place. :))

  133. I have nothing personally against Richie Rich. Just don’t want him in my garden if he’s taking up room from a productive tomato plant.

  134. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    My sister used to live on the street perpendicular to the backstretch ….

  135. I suppose all the pressure is on Boston. But after hearing all ther “experts” say how the Rangers got lucky, Boston will easily win the next game, etc. I expect a bloodbath.

    If we get a couple early goals……… then I will start drinking.

  136. Coos, now refering to Richie as a garden weed. Norm’s not gonna be happy.

  137. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Secretariat, slew, and affirmed… 3 triple crowns in 5 years…. Loved slew – but I had Alydar in every race against affirmed…

  138. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I got to meet one of Spectacular Bids offspring – beautiful horse…

  139. eddie, re: your sister, friend of mine was a visiting writer resident at Yaddo (Saratoga). He was assigned a small cabin for August to write all day, but every afternoon all he heard was the roar of the crowd.

  140. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    All the “experts” also picked us to go to the finals At the beginning of the season. Sounds like “bandwagon” experts to me :-)

  141. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    There is nothing like the sound of that thundering herd as the roar down the stretch unless its the garden game 7, cup finals, national anthem….

  142. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ria – I really think the rangers can do it. Tomorrow’s game (still Friday night here) can’t come soon enough…

  143. Had Alydar in the Belmont, e. Thought he was due since all the other races were close and the extra distance would help. I think it might have been a photo finish. Rip up the tickets again!

  144. if we don’t a couple of early goals, I will start drinking then too.

    I guess I decided what I’ll be doing tomorrow.

  145. Two peanuts were walking through Central Park and one of them was a salted.

  146. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – that’s what I thought too…I bet a load to Alydar to win and Boxed them both in a $10 exacta – forget what it paid but it wasnt much….

  147. I used to live near a fire hydrant factory. Couldn’t find a place to park.

  148. I just bought me a racehorse and I gotta take care of him. What do you feed a
    horse anyway?

  149. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I drive a stick – not easy with only 1 leg… But I get by ok…..

  150. Torts: “Hey Ash, you’re not dressing and you’re on the books for a cool million. Muck out Richie’s stall, Slats says he’s checking out.”

  151. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Ok – I have to knock it off on the #19 jokes … Bad karma – dont need the bad energy 15 hours before game time….

  152. Ria( the silent bonehead) on

    I hope so e3. Yesterday get in the car what comes on the radio “Don’t stop believing” ,go to the market today get in the car ,radio on yup you guessed it the same song sang it all the way home. :-)) Think its an omen?

  153. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Believe and it will happen. A lot of money being bet on Boston – I’d take the rangers @ + 130….at the MGM mirage + 155

  154. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    We need to make a trade with Van. They have grant clitsome – we need that guy…

  155. Buttman would like to change the name of the Stanley Cup to the Sidney Cup.

  156. Zucc and Ritchie got caught playing Giddy-up Horsey in the locker room again today.

  157. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Game 5 – Ruukka task needs to let in a pair of softies…. To be up 2-0 in the second period and a 3-0 lead in games…..and be hypnotized by hags whiffle ball shot – will definitely mess with his head…

  158. Mets rained out, postponed, tied after 8. Ike already has 4 K’s, going for more tomorrow in game resumption, then another 4 in regular game.

  159. If Boston falls behind by two, they will try to goon it up with their big goons, but our mini- goons only fight at home when behind. We have a very sophisticated Dracula corps.

  160. Still haven’t received an answer on why MSG is so quiet. New acoustics, Wall Street takeover, or both?

  161. One thing I’ll say, all of our pugilists (Dorsett, Ash, Haley) can skate. More than can be said for the pachyderm slugs other teams send out there.

  162. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Kooz – it wasn’t good for the hockey vibe to do a lets pray for the Oklahoma tornado victims – while we all feel bad and sympathize completely – lets go rangers just didnt have the same intensity during the anthem.

  163. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    You and I have said all along that newbs and the comet should be in the lineup.

  164. Brass and Nash make some slick passes. Better things are on the horizon if we can solidify our final 2 D.

  165. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The D needs major upgrades. McD and Moore are keepers… Girardi if he stays upright…. The other 3 are useless…

  166. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I think it’s brass with cally and hags… Step Nash and the kid…

  167. Good point about the “prayer.” Every game could have a prayer about something. If MSG were sincere, they’d just have a ten second announcement that 20% of the night’s gross receipts would go to victims and leave it at that.

  168. Would have loved to see Newberries and Haley all year. Combined with Dorsett, no matter where they are in the lineup. It keeps the opposition constantly on edge, which, as Martha Stewart says, is “a good thing.”

  169. If we can squeeze by this series with Hammer and Eggs on D, it will be a miracle.

  170. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    I think it’s a great 4th line. Next year – pyatt out miller in…. Ash out – one of the swedes in

  171. Torts is close to the team he wants, but until the D is re-arranged and Pyatt, for one is replaced with someone who functions like him, but with some speed and hands, and the DelZ experiment is ended, he won’t have it. Newberries should have replaced Richards long, long ago. Coach is delighted with the new arrivals, Dorsett, Moore, and Clowe.

  172. You mentioned the fork. I thought it was your ability to see things that haven’t yet happened but are about to.

  173. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Forgot about Clowe – hopefully he heals thyself and comes back healthy next year….

  174. If prayers work, some few should be reserved for him (and for us, needing his services.)

  175. Wow, it’s 3 AM? I have a meeting at noon. Entertaining jibberish and seriosity today. Buonanotte!

  176. M/A/U/R/E/E/N Carp on

    If anyone gots a problem with my hubby our home address is

    25 P/A/R/R/Y R/O/A/D
    S/T/A/M/F/O/R/D C/O/N/N/E/C/T/I/C/U/T

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