Game 4: Rangers-Bruins in review


Is it possible? Um. Probably not. But ya boys can sure make things interesting if they can somehow win Saturday evening in Boston.

Like Derick Brassard said, “We’re looking forward to going to Boston. The pressure is on them. Toronto came back from 3-1 and it’s possible. We just want to bring it to a seventh game and anything can happen.”


1) The events of the day were pretty bizarre, from the morning news that Brad Richards was being scratched to the obvious fallout that includes the almost virtual certainty that he will be bought out this summer, to the newly built fourth line … which, other than Kris Newbury’s needless and costly penalty, was pretty decent.

2) I don’t really have much to add about Richards. Kinda said it all yesterday. Kinda been saying it all season. Kinda started saying it on July 2, 2011. Just never though it could possibly happen this quickly, or that the Rangers would have this gift of an opportunity, thanks to Mr. Jacobs’ lockout, to get out from under that contract. Imagine seven more years?. Ooof. And I thought it was OK and kinda cool the way Tortorella got a lot off his chest about his relationship with Richards afterward. Though he didn’t need to be such a jackwagon about “kiss my ass” to the press … I don’t think there were many stories claiming he blamed Richards. The rest wasn’t anything we didn’t know, but he probably needed to say it. And as I’ve said about Richards all season long, the guy cares.Boston Bruins v New York Rangers - Game Four

3) Chris Kreider. That goal, and actually the way he played the entire game, after playing well between being promoted and taking that stick to the eye – the gash in his left eyebrow was pretty nasty, BTW – sure opened up the old can of worms about him playing here. I know he’s been bad both here and, reportedly, in Hartford this season. And whether he’s ready or not is debatable. But the kid is sure going to be a good hockey player, and the Rangers sure don’t have enough guys who have all the tools he has. He created some chances all night, and the goal was a beauty. Can’t wait to see him with a training camp under his belt. (Check out the photo gallery of his OT goal in the post below).

4) Rick Nash. Fought the puck a little bit, but made some plays, too. Robbed by Tuukka Rask a couple of times (needs to shoot more softly, like Hagelin). Great pass on the GWG.

5) Also great pass up ice to start the play by Ryan McDonagh, who had an enormous game again. That penalty he took? Pansification. But you have to like where he was when he committed it. Whatever you guys think of John Tortorella and his system, he wants his defensemen engaged in the offense, joining the play. McDonagh is their smartest defenseman, their best-skating D-man, and I don’t think his puck skills have scratched the surface yet. Would like to see more of him up ice.Boston Bruins v New York Rangers - Game Four

6) So the Rangers’ PK gave up, for all intents and purposes (or as Jeremy Roenick might say, all intensive purposes) three goals. Yikes. But their vaunted power play, minus Richards, got a fairly enormous goal. Brian Boyle, playoff specialist.

7) Speaking of which, Taylor Pyatt became a player this postseason. If only he could skate better. Imagine if the Rangers were built properly at the top of the lineup so those guys could be the fourth line that Boston has.

8) Carl Hagelin stinks on those 2 mph backhanders. What a gift. Give the Rangers credit. They were being spanked when that puck crawled over the goal line as Tuukka Rask was sitting on his wallet. They got a break and used it. Good for them.

9) Brassard and Stepan, the No. 1 and 2 centers by default, were sure good in this game. Or most of it. Brassard provided another comic moment when he dropped the gloves with Brad Marchand, then had to go get them and put them back on as Marchand skated away.

Boston Bruins v New York Rangers - Game Four10) Stepan made a No. 1 center play on Brian Boyle’s PPG, and picked big Z’s pocket on the wrap-around goal. Chara doesn’t look right to me. Then again, 7-footers on skates don’t look right. That was a terrific hard-work, don’t-quit goal.

11) Hey, Roman Hamrlik was hardly great, but given where he was and how he had to jump on this moving train, and log some minutes, against that team’s forwards, not bad. Right?

12) Derek Dorsett kinda showed he can take a hit, didn’t he?

13) Last but not least, Henrik Lundqvist. Now 4-11 in overtimes. It’s a silly stat. The guy played a great game except for the Nathan Horton shot between the pads from a bad angle. He saved their season with the late-third stop on the Krug kid who has just killed them in this series.

14) They didn’t quit. Guess the coach gets one more game :)

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Chris Kreider.
2. Derek Stepan.
3. Derick Brassard.
*************************************kreider star
The real Kenny Albert’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Derek Stepan.
2. Derick Brassard.
3. Chris Kreider.
4. Henrik Lundqvist.
Josh Thomson, 26’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Chris Kreider.
2. Ryan McDonagh.
3. Derek Stepan.
RangerJHW’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. The King
2. Kreids
3. Stepan-Chara will be dreaming about you
HM-Boyler…great effort
Hey Torts-thank you…you were right about that #!?## icing!
Your poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Chris Kreider (25.0%).
2. Derek Stepan (16.35%).
3. Henrik Lundqvist (14.42%).

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  1. Onecupin73yearsandcounting on

    I think Torts has to go with the flow give Kreider and the other the ice time and good thing can happen.

  2. Good morning, boneheads!

    Great review, Carp!

    Nice game to watch live, my son and I enjoyed it tremendously. All we asked for was one more game. They delivered. Off to Boston. Have an easy drive, Carp :-)

  3. One game at a time….and you r playing a team who collapses….and apparently so does their AHL team. Intents and purposes…I had that wrong…too!

  4. I’ve been saying it for almost a year…biggest mistake they have made was not keeping Brandon Prust. What a difference he would be on the PK. Shoulda paid him.

  5. Ranger Rick, I know Ranger Rick, and…oh well. And where is Prust skating this week?

    I thought the Rangers would simply fold after being down 2-0…nice comeback last night. Can’t figure out what it is with Richards, and whether a full training camp would make a difference. Know you have been warning about his contract from the start, Carp…he was going to be the center that helps Gaborik light up the goal lights, at a high price. Will be interesting to see how Sather handles it…I’m not convinced it is a certainty they will buy him out over the summer, but I’m not a hockey business expert. I’m a black bear.

  6. I can only imagine what the “Go Time” post looked like. Can you say bipolar?:-) I’ll check it out if I have time.

    It’s funny how one can see things differently when you watch the game live as opposed to on a big TV. The details elude you when you are at the game, you see a bigger picture. Unless, of course, you’re a pro.
    Boston is a better team, folks. Nothing wrong with saying that. They are big, and they’re skilled. Also, they’ve been playing together for years. There is no doubt that when their forwards dump the puck, or seemingly put it in an empty space, their teammates know exactly where to go. They know each other’s tendencies and speed.

    There is also no doubt that the reason Stepan’s line is the most consistent because they’ve played on the same team for awhile. Brassard ( best forward on the team during POs, IMHO ), MZA, Nash, Kreider look like freelancers. Effective at times because of their skills, but not in synch. Not yet.

  7. Norm Merton on

    Savory write-up as always — intensive! It will be interesting to see what adjustments Tortorella makes for the next game. Probably the same line-up, but if it produces in Boston the game it delivered last night, there will be no OT, so something will have to change, at the very least the team discipline.

    The Bruins, let’s face it, gave the Rangers the game. The first two goals were donated through comically poor defending, and the third was handed over through generically poor defending. GIve Stepan and Boyle credit, though, and the OT goal was as unstoppable as it gets. What hasn’t changed is that the Rangers best hope for the game ahead is that Lundqvist steals one by himself. That or the Bruins start doubting themselves a little bit, especially Mr. Rask.

  8. Wow, what a great, fun game to be at. Nights like that are why I am a Ranger fan. No, the team usually doesn’t win the Stanley Cup. But it’s late May, my team is playing playoff hockey at Madison Square Garden in the second round against a definitely elite team and last night’s game was a blast. If the only time this is enjoyable is when they win it all then why bother because for 99% of teams 99% of the time they ain’t winning it all. Sure beats the snot out of 1999, or 2001, or 2003, or 2010 for that matter.

  9. Norm – Most goals in the NHL are gifted by the defending team in a sense. How many of Boston’s goals in this series came off of poor coverage, or defensive mistakes, or ones Hank should have stopped. At this level it is always a game of mistakes and capitalizing on them. I prefer to look at it more as though the Rangers finally got a break.

  10. RangerSwedgian on

    Good on me for opting not to watch this game. I’ll sure watch an eventual game 7 loss in OT.

  11. bull dog line on

    another backhanded compliment for Stepan, ( and Brassard for that matter) 1st and 2nd line center by default. but MDZ is a star in the making, right!

  12. Admiral Akbar on

    Norm —

    You have to be lucky to be good, good to be lucky.

    Good teams capitalize on mistakes.

    The Rangers played well last night, well, at least after their first goal.

    I would like to see a harder forecheck next game. Boston defensemen have had an easy time of it this series. Their youngsters in particular need to be hit hard and often. NewBerries’ hit on Pierre’s man-crush Kruggie early in the game needs to be repeated and often. There is no reason to allow rookie defensemen to skate around so freely.

    Again, a good game. Lets do it again.

  13. Norm Merton on

    Peter, you are right, and goals like Kreider’s stand out as a result. It would have taken perfect defense or a penalty to stop that one, and it’s the one we’ll remember as a result. But the 2-0 goal was not a defensive break-down — it was a bizarre play that might as well have been the Bruins saying, “Hey, you guys look depressed. Sorry to have flattened you in your own house. Here, have a goal. Let’s make it interesting.” And then Chara of all people: “I didn’t know he was there.” ?!? It’s to the Rangers credit, though, that once it got to 2-2, they truly went after it, and that you can’t take away.

  14. Cliche or not this is absolutely a one game at a time scenario and last night they worried about just that. Two ugly/lucky goals but take it and figure out a way to win one in Boston even if it’s kicking and screaming. They do that and they have a chance to go home and tie the series.

    And how great did you feel for Kreider? I figured if Bull Dog was going to stop by to deliver a random criticism instead of engaging in conversation today it surely would be about that kid :). He sure seems to have some playoff moments in his blood.

  15. Admiral Akbar on

    I don’t think the 2-0 goal was a defensive breakdown. Hagelin was well covered and did not get off a clean shot. Instead, the puck slid towards the goal (like a nasty change-up)… I’m wondering if the change-up shot of Hagelin’s didn’t startle Rask suddenly enough for him to catch his skates on bad ice and fall over.

    Chara had his “knuckle ball” shot through the King’s legs in Game 1, so now Hagelin has his “change up” goal in game 5.

  16. On the GWG, MisterSoftie, staying wide, used his brains and took advantage of the space gifted to him by a backing in Chara and made a pretty pass to the Kid.

    Hagelin’s goal was a fluke of course, but Brassard feathered a difficult headman flip to spring him on that play.

    It seemed like Eminger ( and Hamrk?) were caught on the ice and couldn’t get off for about a triple shift in OT when the puck was pinned in the Ranger zone. I thought for sure the season was going to end on that shift.

  17. That OT goal was some goal, eh? The way Kreider gave the give and go to Nick Rash, flew up the LW, ate up Dougie Hamilton and got textbook perfect body positioning on him and then that pass and that awareness by Nick Rash. And, of course, that was some skillful redirection.


  18. Heres some rare but actual analysis from The Pimp:

    Funny how you put The Kreider on a line with other talented players and the man comes alive. That’s just the type of olayer he is. He needs to be surrounded with capable linemates. So stop fighting it and putting him with no-talents on the 4th line.

  19. When you think about it, a couple of crazy bounces in a different direction and this series could be 2-2, or even 3-1 Rangers. Only game 2 was a blowout. Scorewise they were in games 1 and 3 until the end. Boston wins game 3 on a fluke goal. We finally got a bounce or two last night and we win. We played a lot better after that fluke goal and were actually forechecking and winning corner battles. Probably not gonna happen but at least get this game back to MSG and make the series look respectable.

    People, we are not that far off. Nothing that can’t be fixed with a little better scheme and more experience. I still think of this team as the 1992-93 team. We win the Presidents trophy the year before, then have this disappointing season, and the next year, everything clicks.

  20. Nice to read a ‘Happy Recap’, as Bob Murphy would say, for a change.

    Play like this Saturday and maybe cut down on the penalties and we will see Monday.

    Kreider made a subtle, instinctive adjustment on the fly, gaining inside position. Nash saw tape and his pass may have looked fortunate to get through, but with his massive reach, maybe putting the pass closer to Charra’s leg he avoids that massive reach.

    Let’s hope this flips a switch for Kreider and we see more of the north-south speed we saw last night and last spring.

  21. Hagerstown Md Rangers fan on

    The Rangers displayed mucho character. They were DOA until that flukey goal. That is the kindof thing that happens to them not for them. Nice to get a break. I wonder if the Bruins are thinking about 20110. This is the way it began in to unravel for them in the Flyer series.

  22. If I’m Richards,
    I’m even more embarrased by Torts
    post game Ode To -Billy Joe- Brad Richards rant.

    Too much information, Coach. (from the coach who doesn’t like to inform)
    The guy has played poorly
    His play has hurt the team
    It’s obvious how much you -favor- believe in him
    *And how hard this was for you to do*

    Enough said.

    What a tool.

  23. boxcareddiehospodar on

    #1 At least newbury tries to make something happen. Hagelin and stephan avoid contact and avoid going in front of the net.

    #3 Kreider’s worse game is better than most of the other Ranger’s good games. Should have been up here the entire year.

    Let’s see if Torts plays it smart and stays with the same lineup. Let’s see if the Bruins try and intimidate again on home ice.

    Kills me to say it but Boyle is actually playing well!!!

  24. Thought the MSG post game guys nailed it. The Hagelin goal was what Pat Riley called a “Thunderbolt”; the break that comes out of the blue and provides an opportunity. The team, thus, has to be ready to take advantage of that opportunity. To the Rangers’ (and Torts) credit, they did. It woke them up and woke up the sleeping Garden crowd. Step’s goal was awesome and loved that Nash whack on Chara. About time we showed some grit and fight.
    Which brings me to my point. When does this Krug kid get a “welcome to the NHL” hit? When does he get plastered. It is getting tiresome listening to the NBC crew slobber all over him. Why is he being allowed to cruise in unmoletsted and let one go from 40 feet in front of a screened HL?

    Loved McD taunting Marchand(?) after the latter visibly slowed down on the icing and allowed McD to touch up. Then Marchand cries to the ref he got there first while Mac whispers sweet nothings in his ear.

    On to Boston…LGR!!!!!!

  25. good morning boneheads!

    I expect tomorrows game to be their best played game of the series.

    Anyone see Dolan with those two swimsuit models last nite? What a lucky guy!

  26. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Carpy :))

    Great write up!! Atta Boy, Carpy!! 11-0 in the post season!!!

    The best!!

    (hope we see a few more of them!!!)

  27. Carp, as always, there is nothing like reading your game reviews. They really are the best! I am usually in section 115 for the games, but on Tues, I was in section 214 because I wanted to bring my daughter to the game and the guy I have the tickets with used my ticket to take his son. I was right next to the press box and was looking for you. Didn’t see you? Would have loved to say hi and thank you for this crazy gathering place you have here! Again, thanks.


    1. The garden was weird at the start of the game, so many empty seats? A strange atmosphere of people being at a wake. And, the MSG rennovation needs some work as the roof was leaking on us. Yup, water driping down throughout the game. Complained to Garden services and they said, sorry, no where else for us to put you. Ughhh

    2. The first period was putrid. I just don’t get it. Elimination game and you play a period like that? Very strange.

    3. The Brad Richards situation. The NHL is a speed league. The guy still has skills but was never a great skater. As he is getting older, his legs seem to be deteriorating. Can he still be a serviceable and maybe even good player? YES, in my humble opinion. If he was here for 2-3 years making $2.5-$3 million, he would get a very long leash. With his contract $$’s and the length; the situation is untenable. He has to be bought out. Personally, I think a kid like JT miller can be a Richards type player. The rangers have a lot of talent in the pipeline with JT, Kreider, Jesper Fast and Oskar Lindberg.. Richards leaving opens up some room for the kids.

    4. John Moore: I am in shock! The rangers have stolen another defenseman. Love Gabby, but as his body breaks down over the coming years, John Moore will be an important piece on this team. He is just an eye opening skater. I have said this over and over again…. MOORE AND MCDONAGH ON THE POINTS ON THE PP!!!!!! He sure has looked poised for a kid going through his first playoff. I think he has earned the trust of Torts, something that is clearly not easy to do.

    5. THE KREIDER: The kid is not a 3rd or 4th line player. He needs top six minutes to succeed. He got them tonight and was skating as good as I have seen all year. He drove to the net hard on the winner. It was a GOAL SCORERS GOAL! I think he is the real deal. HE is big and strong. He needs to develop a mean steak and use that body to throw checks. He will benefit from a full camp and I think he will be an important player on this team. Seems like a good kid that his teamates are really pulling for.

    6. STEPAN: It is very easy to forget how young he is. He looks like a 10 year veteran out there. His pass to boyle on the PP goal was a thing of beauty.

    7. Boyle: Why can’t he play this way during the regular season. He can really be an important guy on the team, but he can’t dissapear as he did this year. A HUGE puzzle. (pun intended)

    8. Favorite moment of the night.. The crowd cheering for Henrik after the bruins scored the third goal. IT was a huge love letter from the fans to the guy who DESERVES it. Henrik is a WARRIOR. WE are blessed as a fan base to have him.

    9. I was so disgusted with game 3 that it left a foul taste in my mouth. I am so happy they stepped up and showed HEART. They will probably lose this series, but PLEASE go down with a fight.

    10. The Bruins: They are a really, really good team. So many good young players. Sucks for us. We will need personel upgrades over the comming years to hang with them and the other top teams in the league.

    11. Torts: Can he be an As- sometimes? YES, big time. But I guess I am in the minority. I like the guy. I think he is a good coach. The rangers have won a lot of big playoff games under his tenure. 3 Game 7’s in two years! I hope he stays for awhile, I think he can lead us all the way in the not too distant future. Guess I am a glass half full guy.


  28. Sioux-per-man on

    Morning boys!!

    Great review Carp!!!

    THE KREIDER with the GWG!

    The 4th line had some Jam last night.

    Gotta give Tort’s some credit for pulling Richards, and finding a way to win. Nice to see it pay off.

    1 shift, 1 period, 1 game. Can’t afford to take any off. Can’t wait to go to Boston.

  29. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Awesome feeling at MSG last night. The first time I have heard the crowd somewhat resemble what it was 20 years ago. Until the piped in music drowned out most chants, there were spontaneous chants. This team, call it what you want, has engendered emotions from it’s fans. You gotta love Nash to Kreider, who tips it in, in OT, one of the nicest goals we have seen this year, this decade, for this team. Period.

    To look at the nucleus, after falling behind 2-0, to claw back any way they could, against a deeper, stronger, tougher, more talented team. Sure, Norm, some ‘fluky’ goals, but you can’t discount the hard work.

    I loved what Boyle did last night. What a freaking bull. Pyatt, that 4th line sans stupid penalty, was ok.

    Brassard had a crossbar. Boyle a spot on right blocker save. Kreider a speed rush down the left with a shot (the kid is here to stay, folks!). And don’t forget Henrik, who got an emotional ‘Hen-rik, Hen-rik’ chant after letting up the 3rd goal, when the fans showed their appreciation for what he does each and every game.

    But that Nash-Kreider goal hooks us in. This could be a fun few years. There’s some real talent there!!

  30. That was AWESOME Matty (The Henrik Chants after letting up a goal). Chills. That Kreider goal was amazing. We saw it last game: he and Nick Rash really have some chemistry right now.

    Somebody let ORR know that there’s a nice looking female in the background of the photo up there.

  31. Guys: Calm down about Kreider. I too would LOVE to see him play 1st line LW next season with Nick Rash on the right and Stepan in the middle. But let’s not get crazy. He’s looking good right now because: a.) Rangers have last change and got him out there against the 3rd D-Pair; and b.) Bruins double team Nick Rash leaving Kreider open to blow down the LW at top speed.

    That said, that was in the running for prettiest goal of the post-season. The tic-tac-toe goal with Ovechkin coasting (controller disconnected) is the competition.

  32. Low life Jacobs gets another home game …was probably pulling for the Rangers last night

  33. Dorsett = Tough = 4th Line RW for NHL-life (which might not be that long given how physical he plays).

    How about Brassard trying to drop the gloves with Marchand!? Kids gotta be a bit smarter than that. But showed some Bickels to attempt it.

  34. Matty, I am surprised by your comments about the crowd. MSG sounded like a library when the Rangers were down 2-0 and I did not hear the crowd do anything to get the team going. It was mentioned a number of times by the announcers. Looked like a lot of Bruins fans in the stands. Glad the Rangers rallied and hope they can bring it back to MSG on Monday night!

  35. Stranger Nation on

    BTW – sure opened up the old can of worms about him playing here. *I know he’s been bad both here and, reportedly, in Hartford this season*.

    Have to disagree. Don’t believe Tort’s ‘hates’ Kreider, but he only has love for those who “play the right way”, which means Torts’ Wall Ball where you keep everything to the outside and have your forwards and D play Goalie even though we have a Vezina winner in the cage.

    Kreider was playing with 4th liners here and I would challenge anyone to show anything playing with Powe and Halpern (remember them????).

    Just as I have stated before Richards would be the anvil around Torts’ and by default this hockey club, neck. His handling of Kreider has been atrocious. Not saying he is bad with young players, but he has been bad with this player. The kid can make hockey plays that not many on the squad can.

  36. Stranger Nation on

    Dougie Hamilton and Chara are the 3rd pair now?? Wow….that Krug kid is really moving up the rotation.

  37. still alive for another 36 hours. great seeing ilb at the game and carp as always. what i like the most from last night is the fact that the rangers gave an effort all night long and didnt throw the towel in like i did. I emotionally checked out after game 3. lets not jump to conclusions we are still in MAJOR TROUBLE. if some reason we could win tomorrow i may statt to think about doing the impossible that sad i dont like the chances very much tomorrow. the bruins will smell blood.

    much like quick last night for the kings hank may have to be perfect tom night and pitch shutout

  38. Stranger Nation on

    Miami Pimp
    Heres some rare but actual analysis from The Pimp:

    *Funny how you put The Kreider on a line with other talented players and the man comes alive. That’s just the type of olayer he is. He needs to be surrounded with capable linemates. So stop fighting it and putting him with no-talents on the 4th line*.

    A thousand times, Pimp. Well said!!!

  39. D-Pairs were mixed in OT. Hamilton is the #7 D-Man for the Bruins. He’s their Kreider. Kid that hasn’t been what they hoped for this season.

  40. we seemed like a much bigger team against the Caps…did we stop making big hits, or is it that my TV is crusted with gravy?

  41. How great was it that Pierre wasn’t between the benches?! I actually enjoyed that game because of it.

  42. About the game though:
    1.) See what happens when you put Kreider on a line with superstars? Good things happen.

    2.) The crowd was awfully and understandably quiet throughout most of the game, but man when they started chanting for Hen-rik after that 3rd goal… so many feelings!

    3.) If this is the only game they win this series, I’m glad they did it at home and in that dramatic fashion.

    4.) I hate to say it (and I know I’ll get some Cooke for this), but I think you gotta put Richards back in the lineup on Saturday. Put him on the 4th line. I don’t think he could be any worse than Haley or Newbury. Yes, the 4th line played pretty well last night, but that’s only because a.) they actually got decent ice time for once and b.) Dorsett played physical and got into the Bruins faces, trying to pick a fight. I didn’t see much from the other guys to convince me that they should be in instead of Richards. I hate to say this too but yes, Richards is a game changer and if he’s in the right mindset, he can be the difference maker (just look at Game 5 against the Caps last year). He’s a veteran, gotta put him in. Ugh I can’t believe I just wrote that.

  43. Lundqvist had to be sensational and he was. The difference between the two teams is remarkable. Some real head scratching passes last night, still…a positive win for the young guys as they build playoff experience.

  44. Stranger Nation on

    Ass-ham healthy scratch; according to Tortles eh didn’t have that jump. To Ass=ham’s credit he really defended Richards’ and his contribution to team.

    Think they sent him to eye doctor for a check up.

  45. CTBlueshirt on

    Well they’ve lost 2 OT elimination games in the post lockout era. 2008 against the Pens and last year vs the Devils. Did one of the Flyers series in the 90s end in OT?

  46. Kurtlove666 on

    Torts gets blasted by many in the media for benching Richards and moving Kreider up, then Kreider scores the GWG. Watching Richards look lost on the ice all season, meandering and being indecisive, was sickening and frustrating. Wondering why Slather continues to gamble on high-paid high-risk contracts truly boggles the mind. The only rational conclusion to this conundrum is that Slather puts big names on the roster in hopes of getting big returns at the gate.

    And you can blame Richards for the crappy power play all you want, but at some point, Mike Sullivan HAS to go. If you or I were as ineffective at our jobs as he is, we would get canned in a second.

  47. The cheering after Henrik gave up the 3rd was why Ranger fans get it and are still the best

  48. Anyone ever think that Prust actually wanted to go to Montreal? Closer to his home and his gf lives and works there as a tv personality.

    So while he got a lot of money, he may have wanted to be there anyway.

  49. CTBlueshirt on

    Looking at the replay of the Kreider goal and looks like Chara was all set to pull a flamingo on Nash’s pass.

  50. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    Yev @ 8:07.


    I agree with EVERY one of your points. Every one. Man, was game 3 putrid. Almost didn’t want to go last night, it was THAT bad.

  51. Stranger Nation on

    Bruins D has trouble with speed – we need our small, fast players to stop playing into their hands on the wall and get their feet moving to put pressure on them.

  52. Stranger Nation on

    Yev – you are so spot on…

    4. John Moore: I am in shock! The rangers have stolen another defenseman. Love Gabby, but as his body breaks down over the coming years, John Moore will be an important piece on this team. He is just an eye opening skater. I have said this over and over again…. *MOORE AND MCDONAGH ON THE POINTS ON THE PP!!!!!!* He sure has looked poised for a kid going through his first playoff. I think he has earned the trust of Torts, something that is clearly not easy to do.

  53. I dont want to wish anything horrible upon Craig Carton but maybe he could just like die peacefully in his sleep or something. And his loved ones can just stay calm and realize it’s addition by subtraction within their family…?

  54. Rob in Beantown on

    Guys, I was reading last night’s game thread and I realized the obvious that the troll named “King with no Ring” is actually mothballs under a different name.

    Here’s the post that gave it away:

    _King with no Ring_

    _Seguin nets it! Remarkable effort._

    _May 23rd, 2013 at 9:09 PM_

    Exact same diction and style as his troll posts from the Washington series.

    Anybody disagree?

  55. Matty"Sather should have known better"Boy on

    Kurt, you make some good points. Sullivan may be lured away anyway. How great would it be to have, some of our other talent, and maybe TWO assistant coaches?

    I am in the camp that Torts, despite many stubborn moves, should stay. But, he needs help, especially on the PP. Face it. With a pretty flawed roster, we have moved into the second round twice in 2 years. That last series, call it ‘Hank’s will’, but to win games 6 and 7 facing elimination, Torts has to be doing something right.

    Again, if it was solely his decision, that was a tough one on a guy who he loves and respects as a player and person, Very Richie.

  56. Yergs
    About the game though:

    2.) The crowd was awfully and understandably quiet throughout most of the game, but man when they started chanting for Hen-rik after that 3rd goal… so many feelings!

    Spot on Yergs!

    The Garden Crowd can really be a drag sometimes. The ticket prices really crowd out the TRUE fan. But, I gotta tell ya… I had chills when the crowd was chanting for HANK after the B’s scored the third goal. IT WAS PERFECTION! I was so disappointed that the reporters after the game didn’t ask him one question about it. At least in the clips I have heard.

    It was a big wet kiss from the fans to Hank and the guy freaking DESERVES IT.

    Back to back shut outs in elimination games in 6 and 7 in the first round??? That is just freaking UNREAL!!!!

    I just pray that they add the right pieces in the next few years while we still have hank at the top of his game! That is the key…

  57. in hank we trust. he deserved the standing ovation as more as a thank you should we not have rallied down 3-2 at that moment. i know i stood up and thought we were done and i had to say thanks because without you we prob arent a playoff team

  58. Asham looking “slow”. Please. When you play an average of 6 minutes 40 seconds per game speed isnt what you are concerned with. Especially with bigger guys like Boyle and Pyatt in the lineup. They have played very well to their credit. You cant actually believe that speed is the reason Asham was scratched. He basically won us that Game 7 game against the Caps. Team was dead until his sick shot and Holtby’s poor play. Still believe that he spoke up in the room, maybe in defense of Richards, and Torts wasnt really a fan. Off-ice issue.

    Anyways, im off to the airport for the next segment of my life. Dont know how often ill be around here but Lets Go Rangers.

  59. Much agreed, Yev. Hank will be on the top of his game for a while, I think… he’s ALMOST as good as your Lobster Bisque.

  60. With Moore and Bickel, the Rangers have the makings of a great defensive fourth line

  61. the question is, why is this mothball or whatever he calls himself still able to post on this blog? That dope should have been banned long ago.

  62. McDonagh and John Moore are BOTH left handed shots. It wouldn’t make much sense to have them both out on the same PP unit. You have to split the with Girardi and Stralman (or whatever rightie replaces Stralman).

  63. I think Asham is still having lower back spasms. I think that’s why he gets scratched. Because he can’t be his usual physical self. Just a guess obviously.

  64. Gravy, Just Gravy on

    As bad as the team played in the the first 3 (2 and 3, extra terrible), that was a gutsy and prideful win, especially being 2 goals down.

    I’m sure it won’t take the bitter taste away for most, but it helped me a bit. And good for Kreider getting the GWG because his last 2 games have been really good.

  65. Rob: I think that Mothballs is a few people. Didn’t make that connection. Thankfully you made it for me. Great sleuth work!

  66. I think the Soup Nazi a/k/a Yev Kassem made Crab Bisque. Isn’t that what George gets in trouble for?

    No Soup For You! and all that jazz.

  67. Rangers in 6.

    Manny, I was told Asham was healthy. I don’t know then what the answer is … though it’s pretty common for a team to make as many changes as possible after going 0-3 … also, not blaming him, but Asham was horrid on that fourth line with Richards in the first three games.

  68. Stranger Nation on

    Nanny – yes, they are both Left handed shots, but you need to go with your best stick handlers and passers up top and Girardi is NOT that guy, not by a long shot.

    McD had a couple of nice slappers as well. Just an absolute stud the last two games. What a mix of skill, effort and toughness.

    Torts is holding him back on O…discuss amongst yourselves.

  69. Stranger Nation on

    _________ was horrid on that (fourth) line with Richards

    insert any name you may want, but only one constant in the statement.

  70. Rob in Beantown on

    Marc-Andre Rask has a few more bonehead plays in him I think. Hopefully they come in Game 5 and the Rangers capitalize

  71. The Rangers seem to like one D-man on the PP. I think that’s rather common. Moore is awesome because, while he may not be the best stick handler, his speed makes him able to cover up for his mistakes. I would assume they slap a Forward with a Right Handed shot out there (which we really don’t have) if they get one.

    Moore is *not* the best stick handler. Not even close.

  72. Rob in Beantown on

    Andrew Gross @AGrossRecord
    Henrik Lundqvist is 5?0 with a 0.98 GAA, .966 save percentage and two shutouts in last five home playoff games with #NYR facing elimination

    He sucks though. Where’s the ring???

  73. CollegeRanger on


    Put Richards back in? You must be joking.

    The fourth line finally brought some intensity to the game last night and played pretty well. Not to mention we won the game. Richards is an incredible liability on the ice and should stay in the pressbox where he belongs, as much as he ‘cares’. I hate being harsh but the man has become a really bad hockey player and will hurt this team (partially because Torts feels the need to put him on the PP over and over again because of their romance in Tampa)

  74. Moore has tremendous upside but man, he needs some work next season. I have faith he will be terrific and very good at the offensive aspect, but he needs some help.

  75. bulldog, earlier, if there was a back-handed comment re: No. 1 center, it was aimed at the former No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 and now No. 4 center. The guy who was supposed to center the BIG LINE with 10 and 61.

  76. Hey Carp: Do you know why the Rangers never use their Heritage Sweaters in the Playoffs? Or maybe they do and I’m just slow…I would assume those would get used a lot against an ORIGINAL SIX TEAM.

  77. First game I’ve seen Nash actually do a few things that were meaningful. Not worried about the scoring, but instead of trying to make a selfish play, he actually looked up and let the game come to him. Didn’t seem like he was rushing it like he has been all playoffs long.

    That’s really all I ask of the guy. Stop forcing things that aren’t there and play to your strengths. I thought at times he did that last night, specifically on the GWG.

    I had Bruins in 6, I’m sticking with that, but let’s not kid ourselves that the B’s outplayed the Rangers for most of the game last night.

  78. Rob in Beantown on

    They had a Sunday home game aginst Washington last series and they still didn’t wear the heritage sweaters. Its clearly a policy they have that they stop wearing them in the playoffs

  79. Stranger Nation on

    Carp – yeah, but McD does not join the rush; he has to cover for Girardi all game.
    Seems like only time McD joins rush is in the last 30 seconds of a period or when things are beyond desperate (like Game 4, down 0-3 in games and 0-2 on scoreboard)

  80. Rob in Beantown on

    In related news, I recently bought a lettered heritage sweater of #30. Since this is a once a decade purchase for me he better stick around past next year.

  81. I have never been able to pull the trigger on buying a Sweater. They are just so much money…of which I don’t make a lot.

  82. Carp — number 14 is ridiculous. No way he’s getting fired this year. You’re way off base with that one.

  83. Manny join me in my efforts next fall to buy one of those Rangers player T’s. I’ve invested over 600 bucks in my last three Rangers sweaters….Lindros, Prucha and Drury. nuff said.

  84. tommyG, thanks, but Jeff was also being sarcastic. He has to re-start his countdown at three periods after having it all the way down to one last night.

  85. I will start saving now, James. I have a jar of change. That might help me get there!

  86. “Richards. Put him on the 4th line. I don’t think he could be any worse than Haley or Newbury.”



    Exactly how many sticks of dynamite have to go off in your ears before you start thinking clearly?

    You clearly just don’t understand some core concepts going on, even with Tortorella spelling it out for the idiots last night.


  87. You can always buy that $400 Stralman Winter Classic jersey I joked about last year.

  88. With it all said, I think #27 should be the next player to wear an A.

    If you’d told me it would be available after the regular season, I’d have said Nash…but Ryan McD has played like a true blue Leader in the playoffs.

  89. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, there is a rule that teams are only allowed to wear two sweaters in the playoffs. They can choose the third sweater over the home one, but then they would have to wear it for every home game, which they obviously would never do.

  90. Last night before the third period I turned to the guys next to me and said I hoped that wouldn’t be our last 20 minutes of hockey for the season. OT was not what I had in mind, but it sure worked out ok.

  91. Rob in Beantown on

    Well, I wouldn’t want them to wear it every game, but I do think our heritage blue sweater with the cream trim is the sharpest looking sweater in the league. I hope they wear it for a few more years

  92. Didn’t the Canucks and the Wild opt for Third’s at home this post season? Why wouldn’t the Rangers do that against ORIGINAL SIX?

  93. Ah so that’s why the Sharks have been wearing their black jerseys at home.

  94. Yev, I was sitting in 214 with my son too. So was eric. Next time you go, let me know.

    Rob- yes, it’s the same troll from Washington series. He is also using another name too this time around.

  95. It was going to be $399 then he switched numbers so that was worth the $1 premium.

  96. LMGO, CT.

    Tony showed us some site that makes knock off Sweaters (China) and ships them to the US at about $40/Per. He sent me a photo. Didn’t look bad.

  97. Doodie Machetto on

    Because the Rangers classic blue sweater can never be replaced.

    Also, Rob, I like the look of the heritage sweater, but it is in no way the best sweater in the league.

  98. czechthemout!!! on

    Dougie Hamilton has had a great rooke season. He has played very well against us this year in the playoffs as well. He is far from their seventh defemseman.

    Chris Kreider thinks and plays the the game at an elite level. He needs to play with players who can do the same. He still needs some work on his back checking. And he will still make a mistake every now and than, who cares! He can do what very few players on this team can do. You can teach defense to anyone but you can’t teach offense. You either have it or you don’t.

  99. Rob in Beantown on

    Doodie, I said they were sharpest looking. I don’t know if they’re the “best.” If I were to say best it might be Detroit or Toronto. I like those classic two-color original six jerseys.

  100. Here we go again!

    If only we had Prust! Look how far he took the Le Herbs! They are on their way for a deep postseason run! Oh wait…

  101. Blackhawks red is the best in the league for me.

    Original 6 teams all at least get ranked in the top 10, I actually like the Red Wings white better than their red. Leafs blues, Habs reds, Bruins black.

    I like the color scheme of the Nucks jerseys, don’t like the orca logo. Their C with the hockey stick alternate is better.

    It’s nice when the Kings wear their retro gold and forum blue get up.

  102. Speaking of exhausted. Carp, how much sleep did you get? You aren’t 26 anymore. Oh, wait…

  103. Rob in Beantown on

    Manny, I ordered one of the knockoffs from China when unbeknownst to me my fiancee had already gotten me a nicer Premier jersey as a gift. I took pictures comparing them in case you’re interested:

    The knockoff was only “okay.” I was hoping it would be nicer. Ultimately, I’m going to return the Premier jersey which she got from the NHL shop and replace it with one from a custom shop that has better embroidering. I think that’s your best bet.

  104. I have to say something. For any grown many to be referred to on a regular basis as “Dougie” is absurd and embarrassing. sheesh.

  105. Rob in Beantown on

    For pretty much the same price as a screenprinted jersey from the NHL shop you can get one with sewn letters. For the price it’s a way better value.

  106. I’m kind of surprised more hasn’t been said about the Rangers first goal. Not only did Rask fall down, but he had more than enough time to handle the puck. Instead, he kind of just watched it slide by him.

    It was really bizarre and should be a bigger deal. He essentially couldn’t be bothered to move, and it cost his team a playoff game.

  107. For jerseys I go through a variety of sources

    add dot com to:

    Look for coupons on

    Amazon also sometimes has good deals, ebay as well

  108. Thank you, Stranger Nation.

    Let me add that I still think this “team” is going down like the Titanic tomorrow. But at least The Kreider came through.

  109. Rob,

    Most immediate difference in those jerseys is definitely the white coloring on the knock off is a true white vs the vintage/cream white on the real one.

  110. Paulina Gretzky on

    If the Rangers come back to win this series, everyone gets to take me home for a day…like the Cup, but without the polish

  111. Rob – that “Fake” Jersey looks pretty nice. I mean, for the price. Fight strap? Inside numbers? That’s impressive.

  112. CT – you could just pour some tea on the white parts to get the coloring perfect.

  113. @Rob:


    And that is why I got chills when the Garden was chanting for Hank after the Third Boston goal. I hope it made hank feel good. He is beloved in that building as he should be. The guy is just everything you want on your team. A true warrior and one of the fiercest competitors I have ever seen in professional sports.


  114. Paulina Gretzky on

    I hate to say it, but Boychuk really did annihilate Dorsett on that hit…although he didn’t stay down or show any pain…so I guess that takes away a bit from the hit. But Holy Cheese and Crackers – he lit him up like Tort’s Happy Days pinball machine

  115. Rob in Beantown on

    The issue with the white color really bugs me. I won’t wear it outside, but I did wear it during last night’s game and they won, so maybe it will serve a purpose after all.

  116. sportsk claims that they get their jersey straight from the manufacturers. I’ve bought a jersey from them, compared it to one I got from and it was legit. They do their own stitching if you want, Nasty got it done from them but they couldn’t match the color on the WC jersey so he sent it back.

  117. I really need to make sure my PRUST Sweater has a Fight Strap. I will be doing a lot of Prust like fighting in it.

  118. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rangers need to come out of the gate full of piss and vinegar. Score first and dont look back. The Bruins, until last night, were still pumped from that game 7 vs Toronto. All we need is to do is plant nano seeds of doubt especially concerning one ruukka Task. He can be beaten. Hank has been terrific this post season and game 5 will be the best game of his life. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see shutouts in game 5 and 6. Game 7 – whatever happens happens. I wouldn’t bet huge money, unless the odds were insane, on the rangers still winning the series but that isn’t the immediate goal – one shift, one game at a time. The rangers have proven over the last 2 years that they do have an extra gear when it is must win. We got a couple of breaks last game. Let’s hope for a few more. Rangers in 7?? Crazier things have happened.

  119. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Brassard is starting to get good looks. He is due. As our new PP QB, it’s on him to slow things down and calm the pace of play. Biggest problem on the PP, particularly with MDZ and Richards on the point – is that the setup has been far too herky jerky. It’s ironic that torts sees Hags as the jitterbug on the PP when it reality it has been 4 and 19. By slowing things down, showing patience with the puck, and crashing the net with bodies, only positives result.

  120. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Paulina Gretzky

    If the Rangers come back to win this series, everyone gets to take me home for a day…like the Cup, but without the polish


  121. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Hank is one of the best big money players in any sport. Dude is huge and clutch when it matters. Reminds me of the jack Nicklaus story – coming down the back 9 in a major tied with another – jack knew he was going to win, the other guy knew jack was going to win, and jack knew the other guy knew that jack was going to win.

    Game 5 is next up. I’m betting on Hank.

  122. Jeff in South Dakota on

    Marilyn Monroe knew a Jack too….Happy birthday Mister President…

  123. Haha! I knew I would get some Cooke for my total 180 from yesterday. I probably would agree to keep him in the press box for the next game, but my argument is, I don’t think he be any worse than Newbury or Haley. Seriously. The only player I noticed on that fourth line all night was Dorsett.

  124. If Kreider can be a legit first line LW and work with Nash it changes the whole outlook and future prospects for this team.

  125. can you imagine stu bickel on the bluleine last night. he is just awful. hope to never see him again

  126. I can’t be the only one trying to rattle Bruins fan friends with texts like …

    SB: Roberts (1)

    … right?

  127. Is it just me or does that new Stars logo Manny posted the link to look a lot like the Brooklyn Brewery logo?

  128. czechthemout!!! on

    Yes Manny. Hamilton gas been good. Your definition and mine of what good is maybe different but from my point of view, there is no question that he has been good.

    You and I just see things differently. You think MDZ is a good player. I think he is a quasi scrub. He proves it every time he is on the ice. That said, I also believe Torts has totally mis handeled him just like he has mis handheld Kreider.

  129. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Yergs – even the great horses Seatle Slew and Secretariat stopped racing at some point. #19 is in the barn – never to be saddled again.

  130. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Manny – having 2 left handed shooters on the point isn’t such a concern to Torts. There have been ample PPs where all 5 shooters on the PP were lefties…

  131. Torts on McDonagh: “I think he helped us on the power play. It’s me, I screwed that up not using him early enough and I should have.”

  132. Or, if you prefer it this way, czech, MDZ is about .148x the player Hamilton is.

  133. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Most athletes play better from behind. The hardest thing to do is close out a match, win that last game, or win a won game. Say what you will, but the pressure is on the Bruins. They are at home. They let the leafs back in with a 3-1 lead and game 5 in their house. Hank must be their best player. This series is far from over. There will be a game 6 at the garden and the atmosphere will not be funeral like.

  134. czechthemout!!! on

    Torts finally taking responsability for a mistake.

    Hell has frozen over.

  135. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Czech – Latona : agreed on MDZ. He is not first ballot HoF material.

  136. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    MDZ is god awful in his own end. Not physical, doesn’t make good decisions with the puck coming out of scrums, and allows opponents to park in the crease without nary a nudge most times. Of course, every so often, he’ll cross check a Neil like last season. But more often than not – he just stands there….

  137. del zaster error hopefully ends soon enough. too many uncertainties on defense will prob keep his sorry behind around.

  138. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Sticking with Richards as long as he did – huge mistake. When the gas tank is empty, it’s not so easy to get it in gear. And Richards hasn’t seen a drop of gas, much less a full tank, since game 5 against the caps last year.

  139. Carp

    Was Brooks near you in the post game presser when Tortorella seemed to address his Richie remarks to a fairly fixed, um, target?

    I like Tortorella. And the media is completely guilty of not shining the same light on its own shortcomings than it shines on everyone else. But where on earth does he get off in suggesting that the beat writers were blaming Richards above all others for the 3-0 hole the NYR were in? Huh? The reporting I read was pretty basic: The guy has slowed to a crawl on the ice. He has not produced at all on the PP. He cannot defend. Where in God’s name did read that on top of those facts that Richards was the main reason the team was down in the series?

    Same with Kreider. Torts’ logic was incoherent. “Yeah you guys have been killing me for not playing him. Well I guess I showed you, didn’t I!”
    Huh? You gave Kreider the chance that voices in the media have been
    urging ….. and somehow you’re expressing bile at them for having had a sense that you did not?

    Again, I like him. I think he’s pretty straight-ahead. But the self-pity he can be guilty of at times ain’t good.

  140. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Stemmer – 5 bucks says sather told torts to bench Richards. That presser was very revealing in a pseudo psycho kind of way…

  141. James Duthie was on TSN Radio this morning and spoke about Brad Richards and John Tortorella.

    Duthie said that when Tortorella worked for TSN, prior to becoming the Rangers coach, there wasn’t a player that Tortorella gushed about more than Brad Richards.
    “His face lit up like a high school crush when he talked about Brad Richards. For it to come to this, this is something that, no matter what you say about best for the hockey team and I love this guy, this is a huge embarrassment for a player of that level. I would guess that even though Torts will try to make things better that their relationship gets severed, relationships get severed from things like that. It’s a gutsy move, it didn’t matter in the hockey game. I think he will find a way to get Richards back in the lineup.”

    Duthie went on to say, “hockey players are proud to the point of petty and I bet that that relationship isn’t repairable. When you embarrass a player like that, and I’m not saying it was the wrong move. Richards had an awful season and an awful playoff and was doing nothing. If you don’t think he can play in the top six then there is no point in putting him on the fourth line. He is not a fourth line player. If you take all the names and relationships out of it I don’t think it’s the worst coaching move ever, but when you embarrass a player like that they don’t recover. I bet that relationship is forever torn.

  142. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Rob – only those that give 2 hoots concerning where anyone lives…

  143. Got the feeling Torts’ impassioned eulogy was directed not about Richie, but about himself sub-consciously. Never read anything about bona-fide reporters saying Torts ever really blamed Richie for anything; never was it reported that Torts said Rich was the reason that they were losing. The lady doth protest too much.

    Thank you,
    Dr. Freud

  144. czechthemout!!! on


    I actually think Torts ruined MDZ. This kid came in with a cocky mindset. His oofensive game was his strenghth. Instead of nurturing that part of his game and teaching him the defensive positioning as things progressed, Torts sent him down and ripped him a new one everytime he made mistake. You will recall the game on NBC when he humiliated him to the point of tears on national tv. Mdz grasps his stick as if he is holding on for dear life. He is scared to death to make a play or to take a shot. It has gotten to the point that his strengh has now become weakness. His offensive game is basically gone.

    Krug is playing the way we all hoped MDZ would.

  145. Hey, Troll. Get help. If you’re broke, the County Medical Center will assign you a free psychiatrist.

  146. I really like when Stu Bickel punches people directly in their mouth/face though. I’m fine having him around as a 13th forward.

  147. That may be true eddie but last time I checked the Rangers PP sucked. Maybe go textbook and simple until it gets going?

  148. Leetchhalloffame on

    Torts needs some psychiatric help. He’s sounding more and more like Capt. Queeg from the Caine Mutiny. “It was the strawberries!” Get Lindy Ruff in here.

  149. Krug isn’t even guaranteed a spot in their lineup next year. But he sure looks good.

  150. Leetchhalloffame on

    Would have campaigned for you Carp but know you are busy. Know it’s not happening but if Torts were fired who would you want?

  151. Rob

    Thanks for that Boyle screen gif. What an amazing angle —– and more
    evidence that a shot from that far out, no matter how pin-point —— doesn’t go in if Hank can see it.

  152. Well, if people think Torts is boring hockey, they’ll want Ruff out by the end of the preseason.

    and based on history, they will probably choose the wrong guy if and when Torts is ever kicked out.

    maybe we should ask those Einsteins, Brett Hull, Marc Savard, Craig Button, Ron MacLean and of course #16.

  153. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    The Triple Lindy. Perhaps the greatest dive off the ten meter platform I’ve ever seen.

  154. Rob in Beantown on

    Stemmer, yeah, I mostly just thought it was a cool angle that you don’t always get to see. And a pretty impressive slap shot off the one timer that goes on net.

  155. By the way, Bruce Beck has really raised the level of questions issued by the media in the post-game pressers, hasn’t he? (Ahem)

  156. and I like Ruff. I think he’s a really good coach, and a really good guy. I covered him when he was a Ranger.

  157. “…..and based on history, they will probably choose the wrong guy if and when Torts is ever kicked out.”

    Holler back: Larry Popein, Ron Stewart, JG Talbot, Ron Smith……etc

  158. Stranger Nation on

    CMO – not sure why MDZ is what he is, but the guy is an ABSOLUTE mess on the PP. In many ways, just like the Richards clutterbuck, we can ALL see MDZ PP performance (let alone 5v5) does not warrant the PP TOI.
    We have a better replacement with Moore who is our BEST D-man puck handler, makes good decision and can hit the net with a hard low shot.

    Richards’ fate was sealed when Bros-hard was brought in and maybe Gabby’s fate was decided after telling Torts he had to stop babying Richards and that Richards play was impacting his performance and the team.

    Torts’ rant in the post-game was a joke. The guy sounded like a crushed little school girl talking about crush gone bad. He needs to lie on a couch and talk to a pro about these issues. Dont’ think he is a bad guy, but they should can his arse after this season.

  159. Stranger Nation on

    No-berries cemented his staying in the line-up when he steamrolled Krug last night

    need more of that

  160. I think we have the Bruins right where we want them…

    Believe in Hank…Bork, Bork, Bork…

  161. Teams do not enjoy playing against Newberrys, Dorsetts, Marchands, Callahans, etc., etc. Today’s Richards is a non-factor in three zones.

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