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  1. My favourite part of that Ron MacLean article is this:

    _I saw that Steve Emminger (sic) was staying at Brad’s. Training together, eating right and talking hockey 24/7. Emminger has played magnificently as the Rangers fought through the loss of Marc Staal._

    Now, I quite like Steven E. Minger in a he’s-not-Bickel-or-Gilroy kind of way, but magnificently must have a different definition in Canada.

  2. Boston Bonehead on

    Did anyone else see Marc Savard’s tweet saying Torts should get fired immediately after the game, and that Richards will get 80 points next season? What games has he been watching??

  3. Hull is F0S. He wouldn’t even hire Brad Richards to clean out his gutters if he thought he might owe him even $10,000 if he fell off the ladder.

  4. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Richards benched – Kreider playing with Brass and Nash?????

    Torts must have gotten an earful from slats!!!

  5. Everyone across the league is laughing at the almighty and yet some here still think he can do no wrong. It’s really funny at this point. Quite a lineup he’s sending out there.

    Asham not in warmups? Again, would not surprise me one bit if the off ice issue last week was Asham speaking out against the coach.

    Congrats on becoming a league wide joke.

  6. Who will be the first to defend the coach and attack Savard’s comments with something relating to Savard’s numerous concussions? Or who will link him to Avery?

  7. Who will be the first to defend the coach and attack Savard’s comments with something relating to Savard’s numerous concussions?


    frankly, it was my first thought.

  8. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Lyova – bill clement just said on NHL channel re: Patrick Roy and “today’s” head coach – “you have to communicate and it’s a two street – not like when I played”

    Except on the rangers.

  9. Be interesting to see the players response tonight . I’m thinking if they lay it on the line they understand the move and support it. If they lay down like dogs then there’s more going on in the locker room regarding torts . Hoping to see the former LGR !!!

  10. Oh, you know, just about everyone. Like the league jumping through hoops not to suspend guys, we have people jumping through hoops defending disrespect to the media, insults to the players, questionable lineup choices, and the like. But, hey, he won a cup in Tampa!!!!

  11. Leetchhalloffame on

    So after a season and playoffs (particularly this round)of getting pushed around the Rangers have decided to goon it up in the last game of the season. A case of way too little, way too late. Michael Haley? Give us a break. Hope they address the lack of toughness before they hit the ice in 2013/14.

  12. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    Bring Avery back!! Having two number 16s on the ice might confuse Boston.

  13. Anything said against him is viewed as having an agenda against him. Yet no one has any problem having an agenda towards Richards for example. Richards couldve easily avoided the media today and several times this year. Media has to guess what mood the coach woke up in every day. Quite the leader.

  14. Eddie Eddie Eddie on

    His name strikes fear.

    A grizzly runs from him.

    He can bend by looking at it.

    Stay thirsty my friends.

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